Lords Of The Fallen-CPY

Posted 26 Jul 2015 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Lords Of The Fallen-CPY


In the Time of the Ancients, the Worldly Realm was ruled by a God of pure evil, who…



In the Time of the Ancients, the Worldly Realm was ruled by a God of pure evil, who enslaved all humankind under his Dominion. But fear turned to anger as rebellion grew in the hearts of men – until the dawn of the Great Rising, when the fight for freedom began.

Title: Lords Of The Fallen-CPY
Genre: Action, RPG
Developer: CI Games , Deck 13
Publisher: CI Games
Release Date: 28 Oct, 2014

- The game is updated to the latest patch (1.6) and includes all DLCs,
- To change language, follow instructions inside CPY.ini

Lords Of The Fallen-CPY
Size: 17.2 GB
























    • OS: Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8 (only 64 bit OSs
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 @ 2.66Ghz or AMD Phenom II X4 940 @ 3.0Ghz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 25 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card with Latest Drivers


    • OS: Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8 (only 64 bit OSs
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 @3.5 GHz or AMD FX-8350 X8 @ 4 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 560 ti or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 25 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card with Latest Drivers

Lords Of The Fallen-CPY
-Burn or mount the image
-Install the game
-Copy the crack to your game dir
Posted by Skidrow


  1. nysong (26 Jul 2015, 16:29)

    shizz nice nice

  2. bleh (26 Jul 2015, 16:32)

    whaaaaaat???? when it says “bye denuvo”, you mean this has been cracked?

  3. Kastiel (26 Jul 2015, 16:33)


  4. Eddie (26 Jul 2015, 16:35)

    Is this for real!!! Denuvo has finally been cracked 🙂

  5. Skidrow (26 Jul 2015, 16:37)

    Yes, Good-Bye DenuVo! 😀

    – Download
    – Burn or mount the image
    – Install the game
    – Copy the crack to your game dir
    – Enjoy

  6. djchris (26 Jul 2015, 16:40)

    i love skidrow thanks im cry

  7. Mo-45 (26 Jul 2015, 16:40)

    This is Amaaazing

  8. Pegaso2015 (26 Jul 2015, 16:40)

    And for Batman arkham knight?????? Denuvo?

  9. Rusk (26 Jul 2015, 16:52)

    Not Skidrow, CPY cracked this drm!

  10. Asfand (26 Jul 2015, 16:54)

    Finally Cracked By CPY Thanks a lot . 🙂

  11. Proo (26 Jul 2015, 16:57)

    To all those who said that denuvo will never be cracked go f…k yourself

  12. samiur (26 Jul 2015, 16:58)

    super nice at last denuvo reign broke apart so its only matter of time we get our hands on other denuvo fucking protected games cheers and job well done 🙂

  13. Mody (26 Jul 2015, 17:00)

    two more games to go:
    battlefield hardline & batman arkham knight

  14. Darlber (26 Jul 2015, 17:00)

    Batman Arkham Knight is not going to be cracked till the original game is fixed

  15. ino (26 Jul 2015, 17:07)

    thnxx a lottt man now battlefield hardlinee :DDDDD

  16. John (26 Jul 2015, 17:11)

    Cracked after giving up, and deleting the game.

  17. DarkLord (26 Jul 2015, 17:12)

    finally left you is beast 😀 thanks

  18. birillo (26 Jul 2015, 17:19)

    yeah skidrow RUUUUUULEEEZ

  19. ady (26 Jul 2015, 17:19)

    bravo baieti.hai si cu battlefield hardline.

  20. Vraciu (26 Jul 2015, 17:26)

    “Good-bye Denuvo!” CPY found a way to crack Denuvo? This will still make problems in future?

  21. ulvi (26 Jul 2015, 17:41)

    fuck you denuvo thank you skidrow reloaded you are best !

  22. Predaaator (26 Jul 2015, 17:45)

    THX!!! FINALLY!!!

  23. ulvi (26 Jul 2015, 17:51)

    battlefield hardline also plase skidrow reloaded you are unstopable

  24. Fuck Yeah! (26 Jul 2015, 18:00)

    Fuck yeah! been wainting since the launch. Tnx skidrow. U the Guy!

  25. Repentless Slayer (26 Jul 2015, 18:13)


  26. hasib (26 Jul 2015, 18:28)

    It is really cracked ???pls anyone clarify this.

  27. Skunk (26 Jul 2015, 18:30)

    Oh great, i’m cry now, with Battlefield Hardline it will be perfect ^^

  28. Said (26 Jul 2015, 18:31)

    yes its cracked bro, and good bye now to DENUVO!
    waiting for Batman Arkham Knight & DA:I & Battlefield Hardline
    CPY u are the best (y)

  29. seed (26 Jul 2015, 19:04)

    seed ppl, seed it! 🙂

  30. ady (26 Jul 2015, 19:06)

    battlefield hardline………you are the best

  31. Bobba (26 Jul 2015, 19:17)

    Actually ive waited more of this than batman arkham knight so for me this is epic

  32. Repentless Slayer (26 Jul 2015, 19:18)

    Dark Age Inquisition is already cracked by 3dm buddy.
    Let’s see,which of the groups will be able(and if…)to crack the Mad Max first!
    If it supports Sli,i’m going to buy that anyway…but a “test drive” before spending money,would be very welcomed!

  33. sasa (26 Jul 2015, 19:21)

    Is there a crack only work for the 3dm version

  34. Said (26 Jul 2015, 19:24)

    guys who have old 3DM Release, u need to re-download the whole game because u need the last Update and u cant get update only because its inlcu in all files of the game
    so u need to download the whole game
    copy crack

  35. DAVill (26 Jul 2015, 19:25)

    U RE AWESOME!!! thx again for your great work!!!!

  36. noname (26 Jul 2015, 19:39)

    that crack alone can run previous versions We a few months ago Download ????

  37. Steven (26 Jul 2015, 19:41)

    woooooo work great for me
    really thanks CPY Group u are the best
    now we are waiting for batman arkham knight & DA:I & Battlefield Hardline

  38. Steven (26 Jul 2015, 19:43)

    it will not work because the game is cracked with last update & all dlc
    that why u need to re-download whole game again
    btw the crack is working great

    Well if you read the steamforums the game is very unstable and crashes a lot so i bet the problems are game related and not crack related

  39. Genjuros (26 Jul 2015, 19:44)

    Once again, thank u so much guys! Greetings from Spain ^^

  40. noname (26 Jul 2015, 19:58)

    Thanks for the tips @Steven

  41. sasa (26 Jul 2015, 20:04)

    thanks said for telling me.. but i am really sad that i got to download it again :'(

  42. JustaGuy (26 Jul 2015, 20:05)

    I wonder if cracking Denuvo permanently is the reason for the holdup on TS4’s DLC and updates. Well back on topic, I hope DAI gets the same treatment so we can get the latest updates.

  43. RIPDenuvo (26 Jul 2015, 20:08)

    Outstanding…CPY are geniuses!!

  44. arougami (26 Jul 2015, 20:34)

    REALY ?

  45. homeless man (26 Jul 2015, 20:56)

    when I finally buy this game you guys crack it the next dayXD

  46. oussHYK (26 Jul 2015, 21:00)

    At LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST! Oh! f*********! I am excited like a kid this can’t be real! 😀

  47. Grego (26 Jul 2015, 21:05)

    Everything working like a charm 🙂
    Thanks to CPY 🙂

  48. Rhys (26 Jul 2015, 21:13)

    I knew the Old Skoolers CPY would be the ones to kick Denuvo’s ass!! Nicely done… CPY!!

    Also to Pegaso2015 do you not read the Steam articicles regarding the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight and that it still isn’t available on steam???!!!

    Nobody in their right mind would spend their time trying to crack a game who’s data is actually buggy to the point that it has actually been removed from purchase all together..

    I.e Wait for the ACTUAL game to be released before you start nagging eh?….

  49. Al (26 Jul 2015, 21:16)

    Oh wow! Great work, guys! Personally, I’m not gonna play it, but you guys are great! Great work to show them that invasive DRM like Denuvo is not the way to go.

  50. Filip (26 Jul 2015, 21:56)

    So this means that Arkham Knight will be cracked as soon as WB and Rocksteady releases the August patch as they said recently. Because that patch will fix the game absolutely, so it logic to be cracked then, not now when it’s still kinda broken.

  51. OsamaCreed (26 Jul 2015, 21:59)


  52. Zinka (26 Jul 2015, 22:42)

    This is awesome. I recently purchased Batman arkham knight and it has lots of bugs i suggest we wait for patch before playing, cause u will definitely hate batman.

  53. Nosky (26 Jul 2015, 22:53)

    Thought There will never be able to crack it! It took so long! But I ‘d like to thank you for what you’ve done so far, and for what you will do next I mean Batman arkham knight and battlefield hardline!
    Keep up the good work! You’re the best!

  54. SAMUELS SAMERS (26 Jul 2015, 23:06)

    thanks ,,, very nice ,,,

  55. aaaaa (26 Jul 2015, 23:07)

    Fucking amazing, I can’t wait. Maybe this game will kill me 295×2.

  56. fifo5220 (26 Jul 2015, 23:30)

    Our solutions have kept the biggest-selling video games safe for over a decade. Now we’ve set our sights on B2B software pirates, and we’re eager to protect your programs and increase your revenue.And counting. That’s how long one of the latest Denuvo-protected games from CI Games (Lords of the Fallen) has gone without being cracked.

  57. Mirao (26 Jul 2015, 23:42)

    thanks a lot CPY really iwant cry u cracked Denuvo so every coming game using Denuvo will be cracked fast thanks again
    guys i download Part 1 & part 2 & part 3 & part 4
    and i extract without prb
    mounit install copy crack & play

    btw try to download last version of winrar

  58. Grego (26 Jul 2015, 23:47)

    Best for extract files in parts is 7-zip 🙂

  59. CrazyMetalMan (27 Jul 2015, 0:06)

    You are the best !!!!! Thanks for the efforts !!!!

  60. wangrisson (27 Jul 2015, 0:18)

    Hail to the king, baby!–(y) tanks skidrow……….

  61. Majki (27 Jul 2015, 0:28)

    OMFG! o_O I rubbed my eyes in surprise :-p Big thx guys

  62. Grosoxx (27 Jul 2015, 0:47)

    Great work CPY And SKIDROW!!!

  63. casiop (27 Jul 2015, 1:08)

    seed please!!!

  64. MarshellBruce (27 Jul 2015, 1:13)

    Nossaaa!! muito obrigadoo!! tava na espera, quando vi deu até vontade de chorar. :”)

  65. yiga (27 Jul 2015, 1:42)

    Fuck yeah

    Thanks guys !

  66. Based (27 Jul 2015, 2:05)

    And yall thought it wouldn’t happen. Patience is a virtue

  67. Liand (27 Jul 2015, 2:41)

    Battlefield hardline??? Is it cracked??

  68. Shade (27 Jul 2015, 4:58)

    Wait For battlefield hardline

  69. jon_21 (27 Jul 2015, 5:11)

    batman arkham knights pleaseeeeeeee

  70. one (27 Jul 2015, 5:16)

    daaaammnn skidrow really?? you are that good??? damn guys just how you did it? all hail skidrow..

  71. one (27 Jul 2015, 5:20)

    sorry forget… all hail cpy

  72. zeka (27 Jul 2015, 5:22)

    Skidrow i love you all !!!!

  73. Raiyan (27 Jul 2015, 6:00)

    Not working on windows 10 preview build 10240 with nvidia 353.56 driver
    crashes after character selection

  74. Rhatz (27 Jul 2015, 6:03)

    battlefield hardline please 😀

  75. Skidrow Fan (27 Jul 2015, 6:22)

    Thank you guys for all the efforts you put into this one, and god knows it wasn’t easy to crack. Anyway thanks a lot guys, thanks a thousand times. Does it mean that BF Hardline and Batman Arkham Knight could be cracked in the future ?

  76. dasuki (27 Jul 2015, 6:39)

    please give update 1.1 – 1.6 because i have from 3dm, cannot play that crack

  77. gerchooo (27 Jul 2015, 7:11)

    CooL! But what about BF Hardline? 🙂

  78. Paolo (27 Jul 2015, 7:22)

    CPY we love you…

  79. Yuusha Elric (27 Jul 2015, 7:35)

    Wow I must appreciated for your dedicated to hack it, while this game was the first that contain denuvo on it in 2014.

  80. Cobble (27 Jul 2015, 7:56)

    How do u dl it ? Every link are ” uploading “, sorry if im asking something dumb its one of my first times on the site

  81. Kyinareth (27 Jul 2015, 8:24)

    you guys are GOD!

  82. @Pegaso2015 (27 Jul 2015, 8:38)

    fuck off and enjoy what you have been given or go buy games

  83. Arkinhas (27 Jul 2015, 8:49)



    Now seriously, We FUCKING love you! :O I thought I would never play this game in my life! :O

  84. Snakeripper (27 Jul 2015, 8:59)

    Thanks a lot, not for this game, but for all the work!

  85. mcparadise.pl (27 Jul 2015, 10:00)

    Really works? I hope that’s true.

  86. alex (27 Jul 2015, 10:18)

    This is the way that games should be cracked, leave the game uncracked for a year, the game will sell copies for those who have money, and then crack for us that we cannot buy it, anyway thank you hackers

  87. Its420Somwhere (27 Jul 2015, 10:30)

    i was waiting aswell… till my bro told me he has it on steam, *familyshared* and then i played it… its not that impressive at all :U … my opinion, but the graphics are nice doe~

  88. Sbramone (27 Jul 2015, 10:45)

    An “ITALIAN” TEAM!!!

    ALWAYS THE BEST!!!!!!!

  89. Teoiulian94 (27 Jul 2015, 10:57)

    soo it took you guys almost 9 month to beat to shit denuvo ? Well others could take the eternity of shit doing this 😉

  90. arougami (27 Jul 2015, 11:00)

    plz the game work or not ?

  91. KiRuR (27 Jul 2015, 11:39)

    you guys are fucking awesome i also bought this on steam sale but without DLC so fuck it, im downloading this beauty!

  92. D1ablo/LL (27 Jul 2015, 11:44)

    Ok Why I’m the only one that this game is crashing please tell me ? how to fix please guys help!

  93. Underage Kike (27 Jul 2015, 11:47)

    No freakin’ way. This is something big! Thanks!

  94. kagarut (27 Jul 2015, 11:47)

    Everything’s correct during the installation but when the game it’s going to start it crash
    I have win 8.1 64bit
    Someone has the same trouble?
    Thanks a lot for your job 😉

  95. Samuel (27 Jul 2015, 12:17)

    How do I change the caption and interface to Portuguese ?

  96. metalfreeza (27 Jul 2015, 12:52)

    crack only?

  97. TLMB (27 Jul 2015, 13:10)

    Finally! Been waiting for this. Thank you! Thank you so much! T-T

  98. Pedro (27 Jul 2015, 13:10)

    I already heave downloaded 3dmgame, i can crack with CPY crack?

  99. PEOPLE (27 Jul 2015, 13:16)

    nobody is siding ;__;

  100. Red (27 Jul 2015, 14:08)

    Lmao! I just can’t stop laughing. 3DM and Skidrow, you guys kick ass. Unstoppable!

  101. Red (27 Jul 2015, 14:09)

    *And CPY

  102. madmax (27 Jul 2015, 14:19)

    will they crack batman arkham knight after the coming patch get released or what ?

  103. killer633 (27 Jul 2015, 14:29)

    Bye Bye Denuvo :$

  104. mahdi238 (27 Jul 2015, 15:34)

    Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss plz crack batman:arkham knight

  105. Atke car (27 Jul 2015, 15:41)

    And i wanted to buy this game bcs it was on sale. And i know now why.! BUAHAHAHAHHAAHA.!

  106. Abisha (27 Jul 2015, 16:14)

    Great work, wanna request if you can crack Star citizen i wanna see why someone pay 10.000 for a ship those fools.

  107. CallMeAFake (27 Jul 2015, 16:53)

    Thank you CPY…Thank u guys very much…All the best wishes for u guys…
    Btw, anybody knows CPY???? Are they newcomers or oldies???

  108. Nairys (27 Jul 2015, 17:51)


    It seems like that is a great game and i really enjoy to dowload it, thanks guys, but it’s only 23 ko/s… Very few seeders :'(

    GO ON SEEDERS ! Help Dowloaders ! 😀

  109. heeeeeelp skidrow (27 Jul 2015, 18:02)

    lordsofthefallen.exe has stopped working ….( just after i pressed the game turns black screen and says that ) please help me..

  110. kenshin (27 Jul 2015, 18:17)

    Please Help me…. I have downloaded the full unlocked, then mounted and installed with crack. But not start the game. It do nothing when I start on icon. Have W8.1

  111. Fujiroko (27 Jul 2015, 18:51)

    I have downloaded the game, install it and put the crack were it said the game launch but the game crash every time at the loading screen where they give you hint got the last driver install for my video card don’t know if that I a problem of compatibility with Win 10 x64

  112. harry (27 Jul 2015, 19:15)

    torrent sloooooooooooooow. seed moar moooooooooooooooooooooooooar moooooooooooooar

  113. Amuro (27 Jul 2015, 19:34)

    change language? i don’t 🙁

  114. Geralt (27 Jul 2015, 19:56)

    Denuvo rekt 😀

  115. Shahab (27 Jul 2015, 20:06)

    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks a lot

  116. Botticelli (27 Jul 2015, 21:06)

    It´s not opening for me. Windows 8.1.
    I -Downloaded -Mounted -Installed -Copied Crack to dir
    But It didnt work. Suggestions?

  117. Cristian (27 Jul 2015, 21:22)

    Anyone have a problem that when it loads it stays with in black screen with music? If anyone knows how to fix it please help

  118. Lorenz (27 Jul 2015, 21:38)

    Fifa 15 Cracked
    Dragon Age Inquisition Cracked
    Lords Of the Fallen Cracked

    Remain just Batman: Arkham Knight and really bye bye Denuvo! 🙂

  119. DEVILDOLL (27 Jul 2015, 21:54)

    THANK U!!!




  120. Elias (27 Jul 2015, 22:02)


  121. PROFESSIONAL GAMER (27 Jul 2015, 23:28)

    Thank cpy

  122. rojanne (28 Jul 2015, 0:17)

    cadê o the sims amiga

  123. Tatox (28 Jul 2015, 0:39)

    don´t work w7 8g ram cpu fx8350 r9 270x

  124. Extremum (28 Jul 2015, 1:00)

    it works windows 8.1??

  125. Gamer (28 Jul 2015, 2:12)

    Finally Denuvo DRM have been altered. Thanks a lot CONSPIRACY and SKIDROWRELOADED for provided this long waited game.

  126. Roger Sebert (28 Jul 2015, 3:12)

    Just letting everyone know, Denuvo is different for every game. So don’t miraculously expect every game using it is going to magically get cracked. This game just so happens to have been different.

  127. SesChan (28 Jul 2015, 4:59)

    A mi no me arranca… win 8.1 alguien más le pasa?

  128. Lord Crusader (28 Jul 2015, 5:23)

    Congratulation Guys!

  129. cage (28 Jul 2015, 9:41)

    anybody got the “lordsofthefallen.exe has stopped working” error? i’ve been trying every possible fix and i still can’t get the game to work

  130. poker (28 Jul 2015, 9:54)

    Doesn’t run on Windows 8.1. You must run in compatibility mode with Windows 7 or 8

  131. conan (28 Jul 2015, 10:08)

    for those who can’t start the game
    “Run it as administrator”

  132. coderx182 (28 Jul 2015, 11:12)

    Look everything that has software on it is crackable just give it time and it can be done, that includes your modern car with software in it, your cell phone, your credit/bank card,your smart elctical meter hooked up to the net, your smart tv, refrigirator, pc/consoles,printers, routers,modems,navigation all the way to sat tv transmissions, everything with software is crackable/hackable if you don’t believe that then you watch to mutch positivo virus news and belive it to mutch.
    So keep this in mind everything with software is hackable, it just needs some ones attention to do it and spend some time on it.

  133. Unic (28 Jul 2015, 15:03)

    I have Windows 8.1 and it doesn’t start when i click the launcher.

  134. alex (28 Jul 2015, 15:03)


  135. Max Bonassi (28 Jul 2015, 15:34)

    Não funciona, instalei coloquei o crack e depois instalei as DLC’s. Quando tento abrir não acontece nada e quando executo como admin trava tudo e aparece a tela azul de erro

  136. Jit (28 Jul 2015, 15:35)

    For those where the game is not opening in win 8.1,just launch it with a compatibility mode for win7. If required run it in administrator mode with compatibility mode for win7. That will do trick.

  137. anonymous (28 Jul 2015, 16:21)

    hello the game not saved and not saved changes in graphical options.
    every time I open the game changes back to HIGH instead of VERY HIGH.

  138. anonymous (28 Jul 2015, 16:21)

    otherwise the game is cool but not saved

  139. MAXXPRO (28 Jul 2015, 17:10)

    win 8.1?

    cant run the game?

    windows 7 compatibility will fix


  140. Max Bonassi (28 Jul 2015, 17:21)

    Valew Jit, funcionando perfeito Dell 15R 5537 R9 m265x

  141. X'z (28 Jul 2015, 17:37)

    Does CPY has their own WEBSITE???

  142. Extremum (28 Jul 2015, 17:45)

    DOES NOT WORK WINDOWS 8.1 !!!!!!

  143. Akiro (28 Jul 2015, 21:00)

    Oh god! Thank you so much! 😀
    Goodbye denuovo, goodbye night. 😛

    P.S. Does this inculde DLCs?

  144. Akiro (28 Jul 2015, 21:01)

    Nvm, seems like i’m blind… Thanks again

  145. poksie (28 Jul 2015, 22:16)

    it Works on Windows 8.1. Just run it on compatibility mode with Windows 7 or Windows 8.

  146. FoN (28 Jul 2015, 23:47)

    After playing between 5-15 minutes my computer shutdown, someone with the same problem or know how to solve ? Altrough not the best computer, have managed to play all the latest games between high and medium for hours and this never happened with another game .
    Ty guys

  147. Kancho (29 Jul 2015, 0:37)

    Congratulations CPY Group. Born a new legend…

  148. Louis (29 Jul 2015, 0:39)

    God bless y’all , thanks guys you are truley the best ! and i mean every warez group

  149. viga.s (29 Jul 2015, 5:44)

    tnx skidrow waiting for FTP LINK TNX

  150. Mathieu7 (29 Jul 2015, 8:21)

    Denuvo ? WE REKT IT !

  151. crowfather (29 Jul 2015, 15:16)

    CPY you rocks thank you so much and denuvo FUCK YOU

  152. Cristian (29 Jul 2015, 15:46)

    I run the game with win 7 compatibility and as admin and after the tittle the screen goes black and I can hear the music, anyone knows how to fix this? sorry for my bad english

  153. RR (29 Jul 2015, 17:06)

    Thanks, it worked. 🙂

  154. Ali (29 Jul 2015, 20:38)

    Many many thanks!!

  155. aliendon (30 Jul 2015, 5:09)

    Works Perfect on Windows 10 for me, Thank you so much, been waiting for ever for this game to be cracked.

  156. Mykhael (30 Jul 2015, 7:10)

    The game is awesome and works like charm but it really needs a WORLD MAP!

  157. Owner of WOODEN PC (30 Jul 2015, 8:53)

    Game is crashing when loading……… Is because of my ultra low specs?

  158. Effect (30 Jul 2015, 9:56)

    Guys if you downloaded the game via torrent please dont delete it…. seed when you play since most of us cant download it. My dl speed is 70 kb/s tops when i should have 1Mb/s at least .
    Thanks in advance

  159. Ali (30 Jul 2015, 11:19)

    I’m on windows 8.1 and game wasn’t launching… I opened steam and launched the game from the application and now works smoothly!!
    Thanks again Skidrow team,you did a great job for the community

  160. Anegk (30 Jul 2015, 15:59)

    where is crack?

  161. BananaHead (31 Jul 2015, 1:10)

    I installed on windows 8.1 no problem.
    It did crash once right after character creation for a new game.
    Restarted again and all worked fine after that. No problems since.

    Am running Radeon HD6970 on medium settings with no issues.
    Saw post in steam forum if you run on high expect occasional crashes and glitches.

  162. SkidrowDaBest (31 Jul 2015, 4:56)

    i had some problem with the 2nd torrent link to be honest i tried chaning multiple setting still getting the “stoped working” so i would suggest you guys to take the first one since i didn’t have any problem with it 😉

  163. darkassasin025 (31 Jul 2015, 6:46)

    Thank You……………….but,when we will get battlefield hardline??????????????

  164. TaTaN (31 Jul 2015, 7:04)

    Mine is windows 7, And when I run it, wont launch,

  165. drew (31 Jul 2015, 7:15)

    hey guys, thanks for the download, i really wanted to try this game. i am seeding and supporting you guys. hey i have a problem. install and everything works and even crack the file but now it wont start, even as ADMIN. I DONT KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS, all my drivers are updated and never had a problem playing any other games i have downloaded. THIS GAME would just not start even when i uninstall and repeat all steps required. ANY HELP GUYS???

  166. squally (31 Jul 2015, 14:04)

    seeds plsssssssssssss i wanna get this game by torrent.

  167. Tristar (31 Jul 2015, 16:40)

    Just in case people have problems with the game check
    for solutions and i had the problem of game not starting at all too i changed compatibility of the app icon to windows vista and it starts now 🙂

  168. wawan_los (31 Jul 2015, 19:01)

    crack and patch fix dong…please

  169. wawan_lost (31 Jul 2015, 19:02)

    crack nya dong om…

  170. TaTaN (31 Jul 2015, 19:31)

    I had the same issue.
    Edit settings.ini , and make game windowed,not full screen!
    And make it full screen in game options menu.
    You have to do this just for first run.
    This worked for me, the problem gone.
    Thanks for this great game

  171. Drew (31 Jul 2015, 19:54)

    Thanks Tristar. i will check it out. its just the start up not responding and always shutting down.

    ANYONE has a way to fix this problem, start up crash

    again, thanks skidrow, cyp you guys are godz man. support guys support

  172. Mirao (31 Jul 2015, 20:11)

    GUYS i hope this help u but not sure if it but it work for me
    Game stop working in startup because i change language in CPY file to French
    but after i change it again to English it work
    try dont change language.
    if not working

    change comp to W7 & run as admin

  173. tc_freedom (31 Jul 2015, 22:10)

    denuvo is still crying :))

  174. rocker (01 Aug 2015, 16:34)

    – everyone tells about denuvo? who is denuvo? anyone can explain?

    – what is different between content files of “torrent” & “another torrent’?
    Which should I choose? Which best recommendation to download?

    Thank you so much.

  175. TheRed4123 (02 Aug 2015, 8:09)

    Great game ,works fine – some little bugs here and there and the game freezes and crashes to desktop from time to time besides that im rlly enjoying this game , thx 🙂

  176. Thready973 (02 Aug 2015, 14:05)


  177. Lemonstar (02 Aug 2015, 14:15)

    Thanks a lot Skidrow!

    And at last, worked like a charm under win7 64bit.

  178. paththe (03 Aug 2015, 8:46)

    where is the crack link???

  179. XX (04 Aug 2015, 12:55)

    Then if denuvo was broken give me Dragon Age Inquisition proper crack. 🙁

  180. LoStDr3aM (05 Aug 2015, 19:49)

    I already have played batman, finished lords of the fallen, smashes people in fifa 15 and got bored in dragon inquisition that much, that i believe someone found the key to unlock denuvo.

  181. Nowee (06 Aug 2015, 5:56)

    GUYS can you help me? i downloaded the torrent link and after i finish downloading it i extract the file into winrar then i open the folder Lords Of The Fallen but i dont see any app it it, then i open the bin folder i saw the app but when i double click it it wont work i cant open the game. please help me fix it thank you so much.

  182. ZaMo (06 Aug 2015, 21:17)

    @Nowee You haven’t installed the game, just extracted. Rather get a repack, much easier for people new to pirating games

  183. ahmed (07 Aug 2015, 6:48)

    LordsOfTheFallen.exe has stopped working help

  184. Luis (09 Aug 2015, 0:09)

    ME funcionaba perfectamente en windows 8.1 x64 pero lo actualice a windows 10 x64 pro y solo se puede jugar una parte de alli se sale del juego y no quiere cargar la partida guardada, por favor alguna solucion.

  185. PtiThom (10 Aug 2015, 11:55)

    Woh ! Thanks Skidrow 😀 He Work ! <3

  186. SAJID (11 Aug 2015, 5:11)

    WON’T LOAD !!!!

    Is there any good soul who could advise me / give me a solution
    The game wont start at all

    I’m using Windows 8.1 x 6bit
    GT 730

  187. JRSLX (12 Aug 2015, 0:20)

    Guys, for those of you having the game crash on startup, this fixed it for me. I went into the settings.ini in the game installed folder and changed the preset resolution to match my desktop resolution. It worked fine for me after that

  188. Nagreil (12 Aug 2015, 13:10)

    damn, dudes out there, need more seeds! this thing goes too slow! I deleted the last 3dm version now ı started to download cpy version. This game must be mine as soon as possible, ı cant wait to play this

  189. U.reallydid.IT (13 Aug 2015, 0:22)

    Seed guys , and great work!

  190. bad/bad/ (14 Aug 2015, 12:44)

    thnx for the crack and the up… helluva job guys

    thing is got the black screen after i launch the game ( audio is available and i have the pointer ) any fix or sumthin ? pretty plx

    thnx in advance

  191. Siigma (15 Aug 2015, 4:01)

    Hello everyone

    Can u said me where is the crack ?

  192. Nagreil (18 Aug 2015, 13:22)

    @Siigma bro go to my computer and right click on the lords of the fallen then click on open, dont make double left click on it, crack lies there.

  193. Mr.Z (18 Aug 2015, 18:35)

    Please give some crack ? Some crack upload on other link?

  194. mr. law (19 Aug 2015, 9:39)

    hey guys need help game is keep crashing. CPY please give a solution to it.

  195. Nekromat (21 Aug 2015, 17:03)


    Thx for the game crack.

    Same here. Game working, but after 5-10 min game the hole computer crashes and reload.

    Plz write some solutions.

    I have win 8.0.


  196. bib (22 Aug 2015, 21:17)
  197. Nekromat (23 Aug 2015, 18:27)

    Not working.

    And i dont have a crash to the windows. I have a complet computer restart after 5-10 min game.

    I have a i5 processor, a AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series video card, 4 gb memory so i shouldn’t have problem with the graphic requirement.

    Skidrow plz replay for this problem.


  198. Silmeria (24 Aug 2015, 16:25)

    Works perfectly here, crackwise. I can play the game in top quality and all. But I think the game itself has bugs, not CPY fault. I found a door I need to get through and when I click to open it, nothing happens. I can keep walking around and the game doesnt crash, but the door doesn’t open. I hope they release a 1.7 patch >_<

  199. bruce (27 Aug 2015, 22:15)

    I update 1.8 patch

  200. nekromat (29 Aug 2015, 15:46)

    I noticed that when i start playing, the video card’s activity and heat greatly increase (from 44°C to 60°C). Propably this is why the computer restarts after a certen temperature. Previously i mentioned my PC gear and i don’t think that this game explain this temperature growth.

    Does anyone have similar issues?Can anyone give a useable sollution for this matter?

    Thx for the reply.

  201. Bananahead (29 Aug 2015, 21:15)

    nekromat those are perfectly reasonable temperatures under a load … it should be able to handle that no problem. my radeon hd6970 gets up to 70 sometimes with no issues. generally once you get past 75 though performance will decrease and if you reach 75 -80 could risk damaging the card.

    if you have a fan control setting in your video card software you can overide the auto fan control which and put it on manual to 100% ona ll the time

    – make sure your video card fan and cooling fins are not clooged with dirt
    – add additinal fans in your tower to push the air out faster
    – your stock cpu heatsink fan can contribute greatlly to the heat buildup especially if overclocking without an aftermarket quality cpu cooler. get a better cpu heatsink cooling system will keep cpu temps down to help overall cooling and random crashes / restarts

  202. Mauro (29 Aug 2015, 21:57)

    ye..thx for bobrowser malware!!

  203. Rileyesco (19 Sep 2015, 16:12)

    any idea why i cant get out the door after the first boss, get to the end, door says “leave” but i click and nothing happens, just keeps me in that first part of the game all day. plz help

  204. ShadowImp (22 Sep 2015, 13:53)

    I already have the game installed in my pc but i can’t make the game run. i tried all the ways to put the game rolling and nothing… someone can help me? i realy like this type of games and i want to try this very bad
    help pls

  205. Riptor72 (29 Sep 2015, 2:53)

    crashes on the keeper boss fight, anybody

  206. Juris B. (08 Oct 2015, 5:32)

    Guys I have problem to run game! When i launch it nothing happens. I opened task manager and launched game again and it was in tast but it disappiered from it… like game crosing it self or idk… I tryed to use compability option to win7 and vista and still nothing happens! Im using fresh 2day old win8!

  207. Arnolio (10 Oct 2015, 2:01)

    I actually did not intend to download this game but i saw bye denuvo and i suddenly want to play this game just to tell the companies to f off

  208. EGOMAN! (10 Oct 2015, 16:30)

    Don’t dl this.. there is some kinda browser malwere… and game it self does not work.. even tho i posted my issue no one does gives a shit.! waste of time..

  209. kevin (19 Oct 2015, 5:14)

    best game of the year for me. thank you for the fine work. hoping to see the complete addition when its released later this month!

  210. adnansen3 (24 Oct 2015, 16:51)

    harikasınız çocuklar! winrar’ı yüklerken .iso’ya da tik at kurulum anında winrar program listesinde o zaman bu dosyaları rar ile açıp kurabilirsin. bu arada süpersiniz cpy’yi seviyoruz, geçen yıl da 3dm götürmüştü bu işi,ondan önceki yıl ise reloaded süpürdü ortalığı. Çoğu Rus bunların bu crackerların yani.
    thanks a lot skidrow, cpy, reloaded, 3DM etc;))

  211. Danilo (01 Nov 2015, 0:46)

    I’ve downloaded, I start the game,try to select the kind of character i’ll play with, then when the game is about to start (that screem with the cards showing hints about the game) the game get stuck there and after some minutes it crashes…

    Can anyone help me fix it?

  212. helper123 (07 Nov 2015, 7:02)

    Issue with black screen and game shutdown without any progress as reported similar times by other users here….

    Helped to me:
    setup in settings.ini resolution to be equal to your desktop resolution and voa – la … it work fine

    Thx to JRSLX and TaTan.

    Big thanks to Skidrow! Love your work!

  213. GAME OVER (17 Nov 2015, 22:17)

    Thank you so much Ilike you

  214. Said Ramadhani (29 Nov 2015, 10:30)

    this is new repack link just 6gb and installation tutorial https://youtu.be/HSirUoUmsE4

  215. Arthoryos (08 Dec 2015, 13:20)

    Hi all.. this game have Black Screen Error, any fix for this error?

  216. Totoch (11 Dec 2015, 16:21)

    Game is working for me (english and french tested), but unplayable.
    The character is just to slow than the original game.

  217. Grelinin (13 Dec 2015, 20:22)

    Hello, i unpacked it and still it dosn’t work for me.
    What should i do?

  218. Bri (18 Dec 2015, 5:19)

    Hi! This is the first time that i will try to download at your site. I was able to download and install this game. I followed all the instructions but whenever i try to start the game. It says the game has stopped working. What should I do?

    My pc specs :
    Intel i5 3.2ghz
    12Gb Ram
    2Gb video card Gtx750ti
    Windows ultimate

    Thank you for your reply.

  219. Ambesh (31 Dec 2015, 13:15)

    Hey I tried all but game won’t start plz
    Thanks in advance

  220. Bane (03 Jan 2016, 10:18)

    Nice game but i cant continue its says that i need the Ancient Labyrinth to load/or to have dowloaded.How cna i fix that need halp? 😀

  221. Predaaator (04 Jan 2016, 18:21)

    If you have problems with start the game (crash at start) this works for me:

    -In ..\Documents\Lords of the Fallen\settings.ini change set this command to window_mode = Windowed, close the game and change to window_mode = Fullscreen

    -Make the .exe compatible with windows vista

  222. Bane (05 Jan 2016, 11:13)

    Predaaator i have a problem with continueing the game,cant continue where i was left last time its says that i need expansion.But i will try your answer

  223. Geralt (09 Jan 2016, 16:50)

    I know it’s quite late but I just bought a new PC and desperately want to play this game. I would be grateful to anyone who seeds the game. So pls pls pls seed!

  224. Geralt (09 Jan 2016, 16:58)

    I know it’s quite late but I just bought a new PC and I really want to play this game. But the download speed is very slow (26 kBps only). I would be grateful to anyone who seeds the game. Pls pls pls seed the game. Thank you.

  225. vince (17 Jan 2016, 7:31)

    how am i copy the crack on the game i cant found it :/ kind of newbi sry

  226. Jackson (29 Jan 2016, 5:06)

    Okay so i had the same problem as everyone else. The way i fixed it was that i ran it as admin and windows 7 compatibility. Also i went into the INI file and made run in windowed mode. That fixed it for me.

  227. sam (16 Feb 2016, 21:04)

    how can i get the crack only.???

  228. wannabe (11 Mar 2016, 14:26)

    where is the crack? dont have in the torrent, installing but wonder whether or not can play it…

  229. Angel (23 Mar 2016, 13:58)

    Excellent work *-*

  230. GMV (06 Apr 2016, 16:45)

    can anyone tell me why when i try to launch the game it opens its steam store page an nothing happens?

  231. henrique (09 Apr 2016, 23:55)

    i followed all steps and still when i run the game it opens the steam page. anyone knows what to do?

  232. Madpower (10 Apr 2016, 13:11)

    I´ve been waiting for this one for so fu…ng long…even DL withouit crack, but thyen completly forgot and give up on it…thankfully you guys didn`t…

    Thank you so much…DLing 🙂

  233. waled (11 Apr 2016, 21:06)

    hey guys plz more seeders i cant w8ting for 2 weeks to play this game come on seeders help us

  234. Captain (16 Apr 2016, 3:48)

    Similiar to Dark Souls, but kinda more bulky. Slower pace.
    Somehow this game is harder at some points


  235. Slimee (10 May 2016, 12:28)

    Hardline? I played hardline like 2 months ago -.-

  236. lotfi (09 Jun 2016, 12:28)

    please show me haw to setup the game to play

  237. Leandro (19 Aug 2016, 1:30)

    Hola tengo un problema no se me ejecuta el juego, no se si por que no es compatible con windows 10 o cual es el problema, tengo todos los drivers y los requerimientos recomendados

  238. anabel (29 Aug 2016, 2:58)

    hola quisiera saber como cambio el lenguaje a español?intente con un video de youtube pero me dice ”este archivo es de solo lectura” :/

  239. Noontron (08 Sep 2016, 20:29)

    For me not work :/

  240. Noobatron (08 Sep 2016, 20:32)

    okey its working 🙂

  241. ML (10 Sep 2016, 12:33)

    Why nobody is answering about the solution for the problem for Steam page??

    For me it’s the same, every time I run the game, steam page opens, how to fix this?

  242. aasdasdasd (12 Sep 2016, 8:37)

    It crash when i try to launch it… Dunno why, just installed it and copied the crack.

    Some solution?

  243. jim (23 Sep 2016, 11:42)

    hey guys i just mount iimage, install game, copy the crack to the game folder and when i click to play it takes me to to steam an it shows me to buy the game… what can i do? do i have to unistall steam???

  244. Tomi (29 Sep 2016, 11:09)

    hi guys! how can i change the resolution? the game resolution is too high that my Monitor can’t handle the games resolution .. pls help thanks you

  245. RodboxX (20 Oct 2016, 22:24)

    thx! 100% works.

  246. ali (11 Nov 2016, 17:27)

    haw i krac it ??

  247. Load-Save-Problem (22 Nov 2016, 13:34)

    i cant continue my save game. it says please activate Ancient Labyrinth, But when i choose new game at the beggining of the games all dlc are unlocked. when i try to quit and load it says please activate Ancient Labyrinth. CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. m4r (04 Dec 2016, 2:55)

    As a lot of comments already said it. Has a gameplaying style of dark souls but with easier fighting (Keep the difference between a hard enemy that is hard to avoid and hit. And a high level enemy with high stats). At some points the enemies double their health and damage. Making them take from 1/4 of hp in one hit to kill me instantly, forcing me into grind some areas (Maybe . Because I have not enough stamina to fight one armor shieldearer, one axe enemy and a sniper backward at the same time.
    Though the grinding is pretty fast and challenging too so it doesn’t lose the interest and there are challenge rooms to help level up if needed and can be done countless times if required. Overall pretty good game.
    Tip: Don’t fight facing east if you don’t want the sun to blind you.

  249. THEMIST6 (03 Jan 2017, 3:17)


  250. GameIsLife (04 Jan 2017, 2:20)

    Happy new year guys!
    pls seed, i love this game

  251. Bigboss (25 Feb 2017, 16:46)

    Is it okay having 4gig ram playing this game?

  252. Mr. Worldwide (10 Mar 2017, 6:06)

    i downloaded it using torrent file but it doesn’t contains the iso file……..there are only alot rar files and r30 r31….etc. files…………………..what will i do??

  253. TheGreatHadoken (30 Mar 2017, 21:36)

    @Mr Worldwide

    Right click on the very top rar file, select extract to a new folder, then wait. When it’s finished you should end up with the installer package itself.

  254. Rob (03 May 2017, 15:26)

    Hello, I purchased the game but it did’nt come the activation cd key. How does one get a cd key to install the game for Steam? It keeps asking for the Activation Key….

  255. LordDakeKai (20 Jun 2017, 20:50)

    CPY torrent from Zippyshare doesn’t work. Spent the last 24 hrs trying to get it to work. Game seems to not have a valid executable once installed after crack. Sad now…this is the first one from CPY that doesn’t work.(for me)

  256. njwride1979 (26 Jun 2017, 7:03)

    I am looking forward to see what this game has to offer with the DRM crapware removed. I made the mistake of buying this game on Steam and after 20mins of playing I got an Accessviolation error (0xc00000005) in a BSOD. When I rebooted there was no signal from my GPU to my monitor.

    My 4 month old GTX970 was no longer working. I took it back to the shop and the tech examined it and sait a power surge was triggered by the PC crashing and fried the ports (the 2x DVI ports and also the HDMi and DP ports were rendered useless. Denuvo strikes again. I got a new GTX970 on RMA, and never played LOTF again.

    Now I have a liquid cooled GTX1080, so I made sure LOTF was uninstalled from my Steam permenantly. I am looking forward to playing this game again without worrying about my expensive video card being destroyed by Denuvo: Digital Cancer!

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