Forza Horizon 3-CODEX

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Forza Horizon 3-CODEX


THIS IS YOUR HORIZON. Youre in charge of the Horizon Festival. Customize everything….



THIS IS YOUR HORIZON. Youre in charge of the Horizon Festival. Customize everything, hire and fire your friends, and explore Australia in over 350 of the worlds greatest cars. Make your Horizon the ultimate celebration of cars, music, and freedom of the open road. How you get there is up to you.

Title: Forza Horizon 3
Genre: Racing & flying
Release Date: 9/27/2016

Support the software developers. BUY IT!

• This game requires Windows 10 version 1607 or newer to play.
• The game is updated to the latest version (v1.0.119.1002).

The following DLC included and activated:
• Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels
• Forza Horizon 3 Blizzard Mountain
• Forza Horizon 3 1972 Ford Falcon XA GT•HO
• Forza Horizon 3 2015 Volvo V60 Polestar
• Forza Horizon 3 Duracell Car Pack
• Forza Horizon 3 Mountain Dew Car Pack
• Forza Horizon 3 2016 Bentley Bentayga
• Forza Horizon 3 2016 Cadillac ATS•V
• Forza Horizon 3 1955 Porsche 550A Spyder
• Forza Horizon 3 1960 Porsche 718 RS 60
• Forza Horizon 3 1990 Renault Alpine GTA Le Mans
• Forza Horizon 3 Porsche Car Pack
• Forza Horizon 3 1972 Hoonigan Chevrolet Napalm Nova
• Forza Horizon 3 1979 Hoonigan Baldwin Motorsports Loki K5 Blazer
• Forza Horizon 3 Alpinestars Car Pack
• Forza Horizon 3 1990 Mazda Savannah RX•7
• Forza Horizon 3 1967 Ford Falcon XR GT
• Forza Horizon 3 2016 Dodge Viper ACR
• Forza Horizon 3 2016 BMW M4 GTS
• Forza Horizon 3 1979 Talbot Lotus Sunbeam
• Forza Horizon 3 1998 Nissan Silvia Ks
• Forza Horizon 3 1965 Pontiac GTO
• Forza Horizon 3 2014 Morgan 3 Wheeler
• Forza Horizon 3 1992 Toyota Supra 2.0 GT Twin Turbo
• Forza Horizon 3 Logitech G Car Pack
• Forza Horizon 3 1996 HSV GTSR
• Forza Horizon 3 2017 Jaguar F•PACE S
• Forza Horizon 3 2017 Mercedes•AMG GT R
• Forza Horizon 3 Horn Unlock Accelerator
• Forza Horizon 3 • Halo Warthog
• 2016 Mercedes•Benz C 63 S Coupe Preorder Car
• 2016 Jaguar F•TYPE Project 7 Preorder Car
• Forza Horizon 3 Treasure Map
• Preorder Car • 2016 Ford Mustang GT350R
• 2016 Audi R8 V10 plus Preorder Car
• 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB Preorder Car
• Forza Horizon 3 VIP
• Forza Horizon 3 Motorsport All•Stars Pack
• 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Preorder Car
• Forza Horizon 3 Duracell GTA Spano
• Forza Horizon 3 Hoonigan Car Pack
• Forza Horizon 3 The Smoking Tire Car Pack
• Forza Horizon 3 Rockstar Energy Car Pack
• Forza Horizon 3 Playseat Car Pack

Forza.Horizon.3.Crackfix-CODEX { Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download }

Forza Horizon 3-CODEX
Size: 65 GB






















CPU: i7-3820 @ 3.6 GHz
RAM: 12 GB
GPU: 4 GB, NVIDIA GTX 970 or NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD R9 290X or AMD RX 480
OS: Windows 10 Anniversary Edition 64-bit 14393.101
Store: 55 GB
Résolution: 1920 x 1080

Forza Horizon 3-CODEX
- Extract
- Burn or mount the .iso
- Run SetFH3.exe and install
- Let our installer copy the crack for you!
- Play from Start Menu Shortcut!!
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  5. WeBad (12 Jun 2018, 22:59)

    First 🙂

  6. Lock (12 Jun 2018, 23:01)

    Why there is only “uploading” in link? Anyone can help?

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  8. Obs (12 Jun 2018, 23:16)

    Um,m…where be the links???

  9. Oggs (12 Jun 2018, 23:34)

    65gb of pure tripe lol…….Automobilista AMS and Assetto Corsa crap all over this little babies game lol

  10. snyperdrake (12 Jun 2018, 23:37)

    uwwwoooooo…… at last…….
    Thank you so much………….

  11. Lee (12 Jun 2018, 23:49)

    is the Regalia in this one

  12. BloodShark (13 Jun 2018, 0:00)

    This version fix the perfomance problem? The one that 1 core of the CPU was always on 100%??

  13. Nero10 (13 Jun 2018, 0:10)


  14. FoxyLover (13 Jun 2018, 1:08)

    This include the full Hot Wheels DLC? Not only the cars, Im talking about the map and levels.

  15. Migalo (13 Jun 2018, 1:11)

    great! ty

  16. Kruger (13 Jun 2018, 1:28)

    Great now Recore ( i know its shit but not yet cracked only emulated) and we good after 2years lol.

  17. zuma (13 Jun 2018, 1:28)

    This crack 1 month block like before or fix crack?

  18. kombat (13 Jun 2018, 1:43)

    Forza 7 plzz

  19. tejas nayak (13 Jun 2018, 2:05)

    its have include hot wheels tracks

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  22. joe mullins (13 Jun 2018, 3:38)

    ok this is epic

  23. Xander (13 Jun 2018, 4:15)

    THANK YOU fot accepting my request. God bless u skidrow

  24. atahualpa (13 Jun 2018, 4:19)

    Thanks Codex ! You are the king !!

  25. Ahnaf Bin Rahman Parbon (13 Jun 2018, 5:25)

    Is there any regalia car dlc in this version of forza horizon 3 codex

  26. Moti (13 Jun 2018, 6:38)

    And where is forza 7?

  27. wifi (13 Jun 2018, 7:53)


  28. gow 5 d xbox one s tb (13 Jun 2018, 8:56)

    worst game ewer

  29. Anormalia (13 Jun 2018, 10:38)


  30. Anormalia (13 Jun 2018, 10:40)

    And BTW… I forget to tanks for the upload guys/page… Thank you guys! Have a great day, bye 😀

  31. karlz (13 Jun 2018, 10:42)

    can gtx 1060 3GB play this game?

  32. jr (13 Jun 2018, 11:22)

    when i open it goes to intro screen and Pooffffffffff gone,…its doenst start, do we need to shut down all Xbox shit on win 10 ?

  33. Overseer (13 Jun 2018, 13:09)

    No exe file, just 59GBs of garbage.

    Downloaded for nothing.

  34. KbeçaCorDeAbroba (13 Jun 2018, 13:13)

    God exists, and His name is Codex!

  35. leboss95 (13 Jun 2018, 13:23)

    It’s weird, when I go to the DLC Hot wheels, the cinematic starts then the screen goes black with the sound of the radio.

  36. vali (13 Jun 2018, 14:12)

    Codex, you take money from devs to keep games uncracked until the next game in the series is announced, little bitch. You suck everyone’s dick, fagot kid. The devs have bought you good. 😉

  37. Murasaki (13 Jun 2018, 14:13)

    erm what’s with all the weirdly named files it’s installing? doesn’t look right to me xD

  38. ALBoy (13 Jun 2018, 14:32)

    Seed me that baby pls !

  39. Dami (13 Jun 2018, 14:59)
  40. Bogdan (13 Jun 2018, 16:05)

    Not working.

  41. Gamer (13 Jun 2018, 16:25)

    It does not work, after proper installation only the welcome screen is displayed, after which the application process is killed.

  42. thisguy (13 Jun 2018, 17:03)

    does this game have car customization ??? and how deep

  43. Pike (13 Jun 2018, 17:36)

    Did all the steps but the game crash on the first intro after see PLAYGROUND GAMES… HELP

  44. NotWorkingRightNow (13 Jun 2018, 18:33)

    Not working…Crashes to desktop after intro. Also tried manually cracking with no luck.

    Those complaining about not being able to download and test a game before you buy it need to show some appreciation. Who cares if Codex is getting paid. Sounds like a winner to me..

  45. Joserin (13 Jun 2018, 18:45)

    Same. Game crashes when it reaches the “Playground Games” logo. Roughly 10 seconds after launch.
    I’ve tried disabling the Xbox services and specifically turned on Firewall just to block the game from accessing the internet, to no avail.

  46. Jargs (13 Jun 2018, 20:49)

    Very bad optimized for PC

  47. Bogdan (13 Jun 2018, 21:12)

    optimization for u pc…. around 50% 60 % … down

  48. colruyt55000 (13 Jun 2018, 21:22)

    Same prob crashing after playground logo . Opusdev version was working find to me . This codex release is bad and should be nuke

  49. BlOoDy (13 Jun 2018, 22:02)

    Hello all,

    I started Forza Horizon 3 from the start and finished the first showcase (with the jeep on the helicopter).
    After this you get to drive the Centenario to a yellow drivatar circle. However, upon arriving the drivatar you have to challenge never spawns.
    Because of this, it is impossible to progress in the game.
    I tried restarting and reinstalling but nothing helped.
    Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance!

  50. kurtgan (13 Jun 2018, 22:12)

    please,only carck

  51. Bauan (13 Jun 2018, 22:22)

    no one seedding??
    i give 5mbps up load only 15kbps download?!?!?!

  52. Vals Night (13 Jun 2018, 22:46)

    after installation,the icon dont appear in the start menu,what can i do?

  53. Coconou (13 Jun 2018, 22:53)

    Hello, is it possible to change the name CODEX! ingame? thank you

  54. randogirl (13 Jun 2018, 23:50)

    @BlOoDy same problem!

  55. randogirl (13 Jun 2018, 23:52)

    @BlOoDy same problem! Please read his comment. That’s the same exact issue I had. Where the challenger never spawns. No crashes for me.

  56. Vals Night (14 Jun 2018, 1:49)

    when i was about to challenge the first drivatar,the same dont appear,how to fix this?

  57. In5anity_Pl3a (14 Jun 2018, 2:40)

    Game installs and works perfectly. 60 FPS on ultra. But just as @BlOoDy says, you can not move past the stage where you have to challenge your first racer. I can not think of a fix because it utilizes your “friends” list for most of these challenges. Kinda hard to do when playing “offline”.

  58. Ric (14 Jun 2018, 3:40)

    Does anyone know how to cheat infinite money in this version? thanks

  59. Guilherme (14 Jun 2018, 4:01)

    I am trying to install mine but it crashes in instalation it gives me a message that it contains a virus or a something that is not ”welcome” . what can I do?

  60. BabuRa0 (14 Jun 2018, 5:58)

    Recently Microsoft started pushing a new security update (KB4284835) for Windows 10, which basically stops most CODEX Windows Store cracks from working on some machines (not all). This update is the hidden one and not visible in Windows Update Control Panel. You should uninstall it manually.

    Run command line window as admin and type:
    wusa /uninstall /kb:4284835

    Wait until it completes and reboot.

    (saw this on fitgirl…thx 2 them)

  61. Cyl3ne (14 Jun 2018, 7:18)

    Didn’t had the first Drivatar problem : it spawned normally when i arrived on him with the Centenario, just had to press X to challenge him. Don’t know why some have this problem and others don’t.

    Anyway, is there a way to change the username from “CODEX!” to anyone else ?!?

  62. CrisAdi (14 Jun 2018, 7:32)

    If u dont get the red ferarri to spawn at the second race ( the one in the yellow circle ) just go to the folder that u set for your savegame and delete the contents of it . U will start again and this time should work.

  63. Anormalia (14 Jun 2018, 9:14)

    @Overseer, U right, ”there is no .exe”… All u have to do is go to search bar/windows bar/Cortana don’t know how u call that shit, and write Forz… And there u have it, the .exe’s game :). U welcome ;). All I have to say is this shit put my lil i5 on around 70% in this game, sometimes jump even to 100% but most of the time is like 60 something … around 70%… with 8 Gb of RAM this eat like 3.x-4.x even ~5GB ofr RAM sometimes… I don’t know, I just play it @60FPS and look like works, but my pc Is like a turbine with this game open… BTW If u got some crushes or something like that, it’s just cuz the game have to make a ”optimization” of your my specs, so I recomend u to close everything/programs/navigators all the stuff so make u sure the game works, after that lil optimization it gonna run… But I told u, I guess this game it’s not for all the PC out there… It demand tons of hartdware, but looks fk great 2… if u have some proble with controlls just move around options, and change some shits there… When I play 1st time I had to press space bar for make a hand break, or that stuff I don’t know XD And I was like: o_O WTF? controls are fk annoying (maybe just for me, maybe cuz I don’t play to much racyng games, I don’t know) if u don’t move around options and change some stuffs there, so yeah. Ohh and one more thing CODEX! Name will follow u all over the game, I don’t know why, I guess It can’t be changed, maybe not just for the moment, who knows? After all ty skidroreloaded for the posts :). Keep it up! Have a good day guys.

  64. goto1234 (14 Jun 2018, 10:01)

    How to install this game but on the other partition then C?
    I installed it on my D drive, no icon in the start menu at all.
    Please help.

  65. bijobar (14 Jun 2018, 10:39)

    its dont open me the setup file … any one know why?

  66. DENNY (14 Jun 2018, 10:45)

    failed to play…after intro, then crash..same like state of decay 2 …why CODEX????

  67. N.N (14 Jun 2018, 11:33)

    Installed and works just fine here. on the latest Windows 10 build. No issues at all, not even lagging. iam on 1080Ti.

  68. Sir Yips A Lot (14 Jun 2018, 11:55)

    The OpusDev version works fine on my windows
    on the other hand this one does not as the majority of
    the people , which makes me conclude it is something to do with the crack.

  69. Mexo (14 Jun 2018, 13:36)

    Crashing on first screen where u see the speedometer. Dont know how to fix, tI try to unsitall this win update but its all the same.

  70. Mandrake (14 Jun 2018, 13:59)

    1- Verify version of Windows 10 (must be above version 1603).
    2- CPU has to have 4 cores (works with 2 cores, but after a few minutes crash).
    3- Memory above 8 GB.
    4- Graphics card even with 2 GB of memory is already little.
    5- This setting is the minimum of the minimum.

    Thank you so much guys

  71. JuanPa (14 Jun 2018, 14:04)

    Friends, sorry for my english. its a permissions problem. When the iso is mounted the game works well. Its a crack problem.

  72. FFF (14 Jun 2018, 14:41)

    Windows 10, no thanks.

  73. TheDoomedChild (14 Jun 2018, 15:20)

    For those willing to change their username: Just go in your forza horizon 3 folder and open the file: Xbox_live.json here you can change your username.

  74. anon (14 Jun 2018, 17:28)

    guy try to disconet the internet this work for me

  75. Anon (14 Jun 2018, 18:28)

    unfortunately, the dlcs don’t work. I get a parental control error when I try to access them.

  76. K'k'K (14 Jun 2018, 21:20)

    suttering as shit … gtx 1060 6gb and i5 7600k, how is it even possible suttering in this game LOL

  77. In5anity_Pl3a (14 Jun 2018, 21:53)

    @CrisAdi You are the man… or woman. Either way, that worked. Thanks.

  78. Cry_Sis (15 Jun 2018, 11:21)

    Guys, please upload Crack file only….

  79. Cry_Sis (15 Jun 2018, 11:25)

    I accidentally deleted my crack file, so i tried to download crack file from installer but it wont make crack files.. Please upload crack file only too.

  80. Soptik1290 (15 Jun 2018, 11:30)

    How Can I copy save from Opus release, to this?

  81. whot (15 Jun 2018, 12:15)

    GTX 1060 6GB and Ryzen 3 1300x stuttering af, almost unplayable (fps stable 60+)

  82. Ariwii (15 Jun 2018, 12:19)

    After installing the game, shortcut to the game doesn’t show up..i tried reinstalling 3 times.
    But i still couldn’t find the Forza icon in the startmenu.
    Anyone has a same problem ?

  83. Lanlong (15 Jun 2018, 12:38)

    ANON is correct, just disconnect the internet

  84. Skull2candy (15 Jun 2018, 13:11)

    It’s still not working .. Already done all the process but that red ferrari is still not spawning
    Tried several time.. Any solution?

  85. Zenkls (15 Jun 2018, 14:14)

    Hi guys,

    i have windows 10 pro but when i try to mount or open the SetFH3 appear this error:

    This program does not support the version of Windows your computer is running.

    It’s a joke right? HELLLLLLLLLP

  86. Macadelic (15 Jun 2018, 14:43)

    @ariwii i’ve the same problem and no solution… need help :/

  87. In5anity_Pl3a (15 Jun 2018, 18:46)

    @Zenkls… you need to manually update your version of windows 10. I had too as well. This game works. I’ve tested on 2 machines. 1 with i5 8400/GTX 1060 6G 16 GB RAM on Ultra 60FPS and the other system is i5 8600k/GTX 1080ti 32 GB RAM on Ultra 60FPS.

  88. K'k'K (15 Jun 2018, 19:19)

    Yah @whot thas ridiculous … We can’t play that game with so much suttering, and it doesn’t STOP man .. wtf is this ..

  89. Vals Night (16 Jun 2018, 0:42)

    for those with the problem in the first drivatar that dont show up,do this: uninstall the game and delete the save file,restart the pc,then install the game again and apply the crack,when you open the game dont change or enter in any options,dont modify anything,just play the game until the second race and the drivatar will show up,this works for me.

  90. odombones94 (16 Jun 2018, 5:07)

    I’m pretty sure the hot wheels dlc doesn’t work. On my end, it says “not available due to parental controls”.

  91. MIZA (16 Jun 2018, 7:54)

    Any Fix for DLC blocked bt parental Controls and any way of transferring games of opusdev to this version. THX

  92. Kazzar (16 Jun 2018, 9:39)

    so for some reason i just cant get it to work… every time i try to run the installapp.exe i get this message.

    registering universal app…failed!
    at installapp.main(string[ ] args)
    press any key to continue . . .
    anyone got an idea on how to fix it?

  93. Jake (16 Jun 2018, 14:14)

    Im having issues with the “install app, it keeps saying failed…. why arent you asnwering the multiple issues people are hasving this with this release

    this is the ONLY codex game thats been awkward to install / run

  94. MIZA (16 Jun 2018, 17:31)

    Hi, As you progress in game the DLC’s will become available from map so all is working.

  95. Francisco Restivo (16 Jun 2018, 17:34)


  96. TeQifshaRropt (16 Jun 2018, 18:31)

    I install it, but when it finishes the files disappear by themselves, leaving just an empty folder named DLC1 in the games directory.
    Any solution?

  97. ozdan (17 Jun 2018, 3:01)

    If anyone is crashing back to desktop after intro, I figured it out, as long as you have followed all install instructions, and still crashing to desktop, when you launch the game from start menu it starts in windowed half size, all you have to do is maximise the window and the game will work, it’s a bug in the transition from intro to game menu.

  98. Mounteaa (17 Jun 2018, 3:49)

    Game work perfectly but, still to many crash when custom car while saving, and and while driving around the map. please fix it Codex, great work!

  99. helper (17 Jun 2018, 4:10)

    review after installment and playing for a while:

    yes you need more then 8gb of ram
    yes you need a good gpu
    yes you need 4 cores
    but most importantly make sure you don’t overkill the specs if you crash turn things down a little bit !
    i had 1 crash cause i was maxing out everything.. came back edited the setting and voilla runs as smooth as can be @ 60fps (turn off shadows , turn down anistrophic or msaa etc..)
    also block the game from going online.

    you’ll be just fine..
    tyvm codex ! <3

  100. Crono (17 Jun 2018, 7:29)

    Is there a way to unlock forzathon cars like opusdev version?

  101. paktani_pcgames (17 Jun 2018, 9:03)

    g4560+ram 16gb+1050ti
    running well, just uninstall AVAST :v

  102. Gus (17 Jun 2018, 14:17)

    I have already downloaded it twice. It Always crashes at the installation process. Gives an error message: runtime error 35.106

  103. ADK (17 Jun 2018, 14:37)

    @BlOoDy I had the same issue, turns out you are missing a Drivatar file, i dont think i can post a link here but just search something like Drivatar file fh3 pc download and put that file in C/Users/(username)/AppData/Local/Packages then there should be a file called Microsoft.opus.release or something along those lines and put the Drivatar file in there. It should work now, also now you will see drivatars driving around. Hope i helped!

  104. ADK (17 Jun 2018, 14:49)

    For anyone not having the first drivatar spawn, there is a yt video called ”Forza Horizon 3 Bug Drivatar does not spawn” in the comment section someone posts a mega link with instructions, just follow along and it should work. Note the file name according to his instructions, found in C:/Users/Username/appdata/Local/Packages/ wont be the same, for anyone with the cracked version, the last file will be named something like Microsoft.Opus…

    @BlOoDy @Skull2Candy

  105. Zeltrax (17 Jun 2018, 15:47)

    When I install the game I can’t find it anywhere, not even when searching for it or going to Menu Shortcut. Anyone please help!

  106. Zeltrax (17 Jun 2018, 15:50)

    Help me I can’t find a way to start the game, can’t find it on Menu Shortcut.

  107. hani (18 Jun 2018, 1:52)
  108. 232323 (18 Jun 2018, 11:13)

    this program does not support the version of windows your computer is running
    how to instal forza in win 7 ?

  109. Dirk (18 Jun 2018, 20:25)

    When you can’t find the shortcut after the installation you have to disable the Xbox services. Click on the Start button and type “Services”. Scroll all the way down and you see the Xbox services. Right click on every single one and choose to disable them. After you’re done the shortcut of Forza Horizon 3 appears.

  110. bosman (19 Jun 2018, 12:22)

    seeding 247 thanks boss

  111. Chris (19 Jun 2018, 12:35)

    Any chances to be banned from xbox live ?

  112. kwchum (19 Jun 2018, 13:44)

    HI, i have install the game and i try to start the game, there in black screen in 2 second and the jump back to desktop…. Can someone help me..

  113. kwchum (19 Jun 2018, 15:41)

    HI, is me again, i can play the game now but i can see any car around the street and the driver ( Red Ferrari – NPC driver) on the gsme screen when i saw in youtube channel other player gameplay. Is the crack problem or game problem or my computer (Laptop) problem? Can someone settle this problem or solution?

  114. Xierra (19 Jun 2018, 16:02)

    Anyone can get around this error? Using the RemoveApp does nothing and the window closed instantly. I tried installing OpusDev before.

    Registering universal app…failed!
    System.Exception: Windows cannot register package Microsoft.OpusPG.6b20d09cff because it is in development mode and the package is already installed. Increment the version number of the package to be registered, or remove the old package for every user on the system before registering this package.
    at InstallApp.Main(String[] args)

  115. Bakuretsu (19 Jun 2018, 16:29)

    The game works just fine with all the DLCs, 60fps NO stuttering. And if you cant access the Blizzard Mountain and Hotwheels Expansion from the main menu you can go to the location on the map and start it from there.

  116. Riski (21 Jun 2018, 9:04)

    force close in the beginning

  117. pouya.tabriz city (21 Jun 2018, 17:56)

    urah-whooooooooooooooo-thank you 👏💋❤👏👏👏👍👌

  118. Eyeshawk (23 Jun 2018, 8:46)

    the game run flawless on ultra details until you upgrade your car. every time i try to upgrade it or modify the settings, the game gets stuck on saving screen and finally i have to restart the game. the only bug that i faced till now.
    specs: windows 10 pro 1803(something), gtx1080 sli, 64gigs of ram, i7 7700k, 500gb samsung ssd

  119. moo (23 Jun 2018, 14:25)

    installer freeze, anyone solved this ?

  120. kwchum (25 Jun 2018, 9:50)

    There have a problem, there no Drivata around biginning from starting,please fix it CODEX.

  121. martin (25 Jun 2018, 11:05)

    bilizzard and hot wheels not working… 🙁

  122. zenkls (25 Jun 2018, 18:53)

    i reinstalled many times but i have the same bug or glitch, no names drivatar and no drivatar in open world, i think: ah the drivatars in openworld, doesnmatter but when i do a champioship there are no result or point and i can’t finish the champioship…
    Help, thanks

  123. Pellagra (29 Jun 2018, 10:13)

    File SetFH3 does not work. I have Win 10 1806 version. I need help

  124. FLiNG (29 Jun 2018, 12:36)

    Forza Horizon 3 Patch Fix
    Game working fine. Thanks A lot Admin. [S.R] and [CoDeX]
    Forza Horizon 3 Patch Fix link:
    Runtime W10 link:

    Our original crack had a Windows 10 v1607 compatibility issue.
    This is fixed now.

  125. tejas nayak (29 Jun 2018, 15:09)

    hey i want to know how to fix crashes in car modification

  126. Boi (30 Jun 2018, 13:47)

    FLiNG link does not work, can u upload one more time? thx

  127. Riski (01 Jul 2018, 13:47)

    how to crack fix?? where directory ?

  128. rapsbob (02 Jul 2018, 12:35)

    Many Tsanks for the Patch to FLING !!!
    Game finally works. Yeah! 🙂

  129. gthorizon (02 Jul 2018, 12:36)

    The game works, but for a few brakes, it lacks many cars like: Lamborghini Sesto Element, other Porsches like the GT Carrera, Bentley Continental Supersport and other cars, when I had in OPUSDEV! …….

  130. kb (02 Jul 2018, 21:21)

    dosent work at all, ( worked 1 time and crashed after 30min) reinstalled the game 6 times, tryed everything. dosent work

  131. FLiNG (06 Jul 2018, 3:23)

    @Boi: Here you go, another link. Sorry for late re-upload, been busy lately.
    I don’t know, why nowadays RAR SFX always tagged with virus infected file by online storage.
    GD link:
    MF ink:

    Good Luck 🙂

  132. forest (11 Jul 2018, 0:49)

    @FLiNG links are dead again

  133. Games world (12 Jul 2018, 16:35)

    It work’s on windows 10 1607 and 1803 or newer.You need turnon the windows developer mode after that close your anti virus (if it detect as false positive virus). After that insatall the “Installapp.exe” in FH3 “App file” in your game directory. If it not works you need to download “Auto FH3 v10”. After that it works.Start Forza Horizon 3(FH3) From start menu.

  134. Gabriel (23 Jul 2018, 14:53)

    My installer don’t work, still idle.

  135. Games world (25 Jul 2018, 1:23)

    Its only work on windows 10 home version 1607 or newr.
    It.does not work on windows 10 pro,(Professional).
    So check your system caee fully before download it.

  136. Games world (06 Aug 2018, 12:05)

    Don’t update the game on August updates….
    It will crash…play only codex update…

  137. darden (07 Aug 2018, 17:18)

    wtf ?? when i click the icon its open image only :/

  138. Games world (08 Aug 2018, 18:04)

    Use codex fix crack and use “install appexe” in your crack directory after that start the game from start menu….and don’t use internet while playing the game.

  139. darkmatter (22 Aug 2018, 20:31)

    so i try to launch the gamebut then i get some picture that opens and closes after a couple of seconds

  140. Adrian (18 Sep 2018, 13:08)

    How transfer savegame from opusdev to codex?

  141. Gerard (27 Sep 2018, 23:50)

    mine got stuck in opening screen , help please.

  142. Simple (04 Oct 2018, 8:18)

    so i update my win10 to 1809 oct update…and the game just not working anymore hahah…start the game and it crash at loading screen when microsoft play showing….god dangit

  143. Loader (05 Oct 2018, 18:52)

    Same here! After updating to win10 1809 build the game suddenly crashes during initialization. I hope codex can find a work around :s

  144. Dominikku (05 Oct 2018, 20:31)

    After latest Windows 10 update (1809), the game crashes at intro video.

  145. Gerard (06 Oct 2018, 13:47)

    mine also..crashes during intro video :/

  146. CuartiansPain (18 Oct 2018, 4:47)
  147. Saad (18 Oct 2018, 18:24)

    The game is crashing as soon as it starts. What to do? I want to play this game so badly……..but I cannot afford to buy the original copy. Please tell me a solution for this continuous crashing. FYI the antivirus is disabled too.

  148. Leo (18 Oct 2018, 20:41)

    “CuartiansPain” did not solve it for me.

  149. Ipun (25 Oct 2018, 7:53)

    Registering universal app….failed!
    System.exception:deployment register with target volume C: on package microsoft.opuspg.10f456e554_1.0.119.1002_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe from : (appxmanifest.xml) failed with error 0x80073CFD.

    How to fix this?

  150. david (30 Oct 2018, 18:24)

    please help. crushing

  151. Predaaator (06 Nov 2018, 14:30)

    For those who has this problem “setup should not initially be run elevated” just enable the UAC for W10.

  152. forzanerd (13 Nov 2018, 10:52)

    Registering universal app …. failed!

    I have the same problem!!!!

  153. nekoizmase (18 Nov 2018, 10:47)

    For those having “Registering universal app…failed, system.exception….”
    You don’t have Microsoft Store (probably using Enterprise LTSB version of windows 10, or your store app is damaged), try finding on internet guide how to install Win Store on Enterprise LTSB or LTSC, or reparing Win Store…
    I added store to mine Enterprise LTSB.
    I am having now a different problem, game runs, it shows Forza logo, and notify me that I have unsupported graphic card (I have I7-8086 cpu with Intel gpu), and I click ignore and continue and the window closes and nothing.
    My friend has amd A8 cpu 7600 and the game runs, also notify that the gpu is unsupported but runs we see loading screen and it optimizes pc with the numbers going from 00 to 100% very slowly though… 🙂
    So this game is badly optimized and that sucks and is not worth wasting your time.

  154. Jakub (18 Nov 2018, 11:22)

    I been installing the forza 24hours now… It’s on Finalising Installation and this been now for like 12hours…. Anyone had the same?

  155. proto (18 Nov 2018, 15:54)

    both dlcs fail to install……how ca solve this problem

  156. ronad (03 Dec 2018, 16:27)

    hi, anyone could help me seeding this fh3 in torrent plz??
    i struggle at 80% download with no one peers uploading/seeding.
    big thanks in advance.

  157. iobiscion3 (21 Dec 2018, 1:56)

    @cuartians Pain your link works, it helped me to pass through the splash screen but now it crashes right after Optimizing for your PC loading screen 🙁

  158. Shark4898 (26 Dec 2018, 17:47)

    @iobiscion3 I have the same prob, did u ever fix it?

  159. vin (30 Dec 2018, 10:05)

    does anyone else’s windows defender detects the crack as “Trojan:Win32/Bluteal.B!rfnvirus” ?

  160. Assterix (29 Jan 2019, 19:07)

    or type to youtube “FORZA HORIZON 3 CODEX WINDOWS 1809”

  161. iDEK (31 Jan 2019, 0:57)

    anyone know how to get the hot rod dlc and the ice mountain dlc to work?

  162. epicenter (13 Feb 2019, 17:44)

    Hello. Installation stopped at “Finalising Installation”. Can anyone solve this problem? I have Win10 Education 1809.

  163. epicenterr (13 Feb 2019, 17:46)

    Hello. Installation stopped at ” Finalising installation…”. Can someone solve this problem?

  164. Javier (14 Mar 2019, 20:45)

    Like another posts, I have the problem on windows 10, ver 1809,

    The solutions works only for the base game, you cant not use dlcs, hotwheel and blizzar mountain. :c

    Skridow can upload a complete crack for win 10 1809, and working dlcs

  165. dsa (14 Mar 2019, 21:54)

    Can someone fucking help me this shit of a game crashed all the time so i reseted it and its gone from start and i cant run this shit pls.

  166. DipNutGrl (25 Mar 2019, 15:49)

    @Assterix Win10 found Virus

  167. Mr.B (06 Apr 2019, 21:53)

    i dont recommend download this vesion, its broken or crypted files, there are not names of files, just letters, its not EXEcutable 🙁

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