Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist-3DM

Posted 09 Dec 2016 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist-3DM


Relive past Dueling glory against Yu-Gi-Oh! characters from the past and present!…



Relive past Dueling glory against Yu-Gi-Oh! characters from the past and present! Compete against other players online with your custom deck, then challenge them in Battle Pack Draft and Sealed Play!

Title: Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Other Ocean Interactive
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
Release Date: 7 Dec, 2016

Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist-3DM
Size: 731 MB



































    • OS: Windows 7×64, Windows 8×64 (64-bit OS Required)
    • Processor: 2.5GHz CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB DirectX 11.0 compatible video card
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 11.0 compatible sound card


    • OS: Windows 8×64 (64-bit OS Required)
    • Processor: 3GHz CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB DirectX 11.0 compatible video card
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 11.0 compatible sound card

Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist-3DM
- Extract
- Play
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Dan (09 Dec 2016, 5:24)

    please let this have all the DLC… i want this game so much, but 90 dollars of dlc for the cards is BS

  2. Skidrow (09 Dec 2016, 5:31)

    Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!


  3. Boss (09 Dec 2016, 5:40)


  4. afafagagag (09 Dec 2016, 6:00)

    is this include all DLC?

  5. Zam (09 Dec 2016, 6:05)

    Thank you Skidrow!
    Does this have the DLCs?

  6. Afterglow (09 Dec 2016, 6:16)

    Thank you Skidrow

  7. Karim (09 Dec 2016, 7:36)

    DLC Please 🙂
    Thanks ..

  8. Gerry (09 Dec 2016, 8:05)


  9. Ryan (09 Dec 2016, 9:29)

    is this really 3dm crack? are they back and does it include dlc?

  10. BlackCat7 (09 Dec 2016, 10:42)

    a 100$ for the full game, A RIPOFF! thx skidrow

  11. Charles (09 Dec 2016, 10:44)

    Please! all DLC :c

  12. Ryan (09 Dec 2016, 11:47)

    is it normal for this game to start with 810 cards i feel like you shouldnt start with that many.

  13. Ryan (09 Dec 2016, 11:55)

    Just confirmed. look under the CONFIG file. it will show there are 18 DLC’s added.
    Hence why the extra cards for pre made decks.

  14. fred1357 (09 Dec 2016, 12:00)

    i know is stupid , but is any way i can play this game with my friend(hamachi/gameranger etc) ?

  15. Berna (09 Dec 2016, 12:05)

    3dm back? :OOOOOOOOOO

  16. Nes (09 Dec 2016, 14:36)

    If someone find a way for multiplayer, that would be cool.

  17. SamuraiRed (09 Dec 2016, 14:51)

    i got error 0xc000007b

  18. Z3r3ph (09 Dec 2016, 14:51)

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is guys Multiplayer cracked – Steamworksfix –


    Enjoy online with ur friends 😉

  19. basim (09 Dec 2016, 17:05)

    your crack didn’t make muliplayer work !!

  20. Amrou (09 Dec 2016, 18:11)

    the multi player kinda works but i can’t find people online , not sure if it works or not

  21. Irina Akashira (09 Dec 2016, 19:24)

    Thanks for the game

    Anyway I have a problem

    When I try to begin, it say something about need a MSVCP140.dll in the system

    Someone know something?

  22. Spanz (09 Dec 2016, 19:43)

    So, how do you turn DLC off? I dont really like idea of having 800 starter cards.

  23. LUL (09 Dec 2016, 20:47)

    To anyone whos wondering about MSVCP140.dll
    just google the file and install it and copy it where ever your game folder is
    also i have a problem with 0xc000007b

  24. Sholenkz (10 Dec 2016, 1:59)

    Great Berooo

  25. dereth (10 Dec 2016, 2:41)

    This Game is not in English?

  26. THEnoob (10 Dec 2016, 3:01)

    do you have your own character or do you play as the MC on the show?

  27. REsz (10 Dec 2016, 3:57)

    Nice … Thanks SKidrow

  28. Phoenix (10 Dec 2016, 5:29)

    Does anyone know how to turn on/off the dlc? I like to build my own decks from scratch

  29. The DudXD (10 Dec 2016, 10:13)

    IRINA AKASHIRA just go to google and search the file then download the dll missing and then extract it and past it in the game. Hope that helped XD

  30. fred1357 (10 Dec 2016, 11:26)

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6tpyuQrdX8xdEIxS19UR3BnejQ/view ,
    i downloaded steamwork version and the crack fix from z3r3ph , i put together and , i can see everyone who use steamwork and i tink you can duel your friend in this way 😀

    Short version: yugioh lan version :))

  31. Amrou (10 Dec 2016, 14:46)

    Fred1357 Will your link give me an active multiplayer fun or i need to add friend somewhere for it to work

    Thank you

  32. papari (10 Dec 2016, 15:16)

    so please help me i downloaded the game ( its says extract in info section but i havent seen anything for extract) so i just clicked the game to open and to play it. then it popped out that i need the msvp140.dll, i downloaded this clicked the game and it popped out that i need api-ms, i downloaded this and it said that i need another api-ms, long story sort i have downloaded over 10 api-ms and nothing happend it keeps telling me that i need more api-ms , so what’s the problem here guys? i never have this type of problem

  33. Himai (10 Dec 2016, 15:44)

    i downloaded the game clicked to play it and it popped out that i need the dll file so i download the file and then it said it needed the api-ms file, i did the same and long story sort it force me to download 10 api-ms dll and finally it said to me invoke_watchon something like that, anyone got any infos?
    please help me

  34. reda (10 Dec 2016, 19:09)

    0xc00007b problem dont work dont dawonlod it guys this game is not working

  35. fred1357 (10 Dec 2016, 19:21)

    from what i see i can see people play , and i can invite them to duel … i see majority of them have name iogggames , i have steamwork version and i get a very similar name that i use on my steam account …. and you have a console .. when people will fiugure how console work in yugioh maybe you will can duel and ip or something …. i dont know for sure .. but you can host a match but you cant play on the server …. i need to do more test how i can duel with my friends ….

  36. eva66 (10 Dec 2016, 20:17)

    Just update your VCRedist and DirectX mates

  37. evillancer (10 Dec 2016, 21:58)

    so we can’t use 3dm version for multiplayer (Lan version)?

  38. phamdoanw (11 Dec 2016, 4:30)

    hi i seed file in torrent and run game but errors : version of file not comparable with version of windows your running !! pls help me fix

  39. Saturn (11 Dec 2016, 6:57)

    Z3rnph thank you so much !!

  40. Devil (11 Dec 2016, 9:34)

    I won’t buy a game with $80 of dlc, that’s supporting the wrong policies, I’m sorry skydrow

  41. dumdum (11 Dec 2016, 9:45)

    @papari you need a new pc LOL

  42. Amrou (11 Dec 2016, 13:03)

    if someone can get multiplayer to work please share the detail how

  43. deadlygunner2 (11 Dec 2016, 13:59)

    Whoever wants to play online download steamfix (https://openload.co/f/76ItmiRdIU4/Yu-Gi-Oh%21.Legacy.of.the.Duelist.Steamworks.Fix.Z3r3ph.rar) and add me on Steam (deadlygunner2)

  44. valak (12 Dec 2016, 13:04)

    no dlcs included : (

  45. dave davisss (12 Dec 2016, 17:26)

    Any body got any tutorial for online method the pc multiplayer doesnt even exist on youtube

  46. Enginman (12 Dec 2016, 18:34)

    how i cant start witout the lot of cards unlocked? i wanna get it all playing

  47. ayrton bobadilla (12 Dec 2016, 19:04)

    add me ayrtonbobadilla on steam

  48. John (12 Dec 2016, 23:13)

    Is there a way to turn off or remove the DLC? Would like to enjoy the game without so many cards to start with.

  49. Fedi (13 Dec 2016, 1:54)

    Let’s try it online add me on steam Fedi.Violonist

  50. DarkCloud (13 Dec 2016, 3:34)

    need help i can play without any problem but the game has no sound at all, any may know a reason or how ot fix it?

  51. ayrton bobadilla (13 Dec 2016, 15:44)

    with the creack i cant change the lenguage

  52. Jenifer (14 Dec 2016, 7:09)

    I both the game on steam but i want to add the dlc’s from this game, any idea how to do it? This game has a config ini wich the original game don’t have (can’t find it). There in are the dlc’s listed, i want to copy that section to my original game. But need to know where the original config ini is stored.
    And yeah, i want to support the developers and buy the game but not if they are overgreedy. If they would sell all dlc’s for about 20€ i would buy it, but not for 90€. Thats just overgreedy.

  53. keftedios (14 Dec 2016, 18:16)

    i heard the in order to play online, u have to be friends on steam with the other person. add me on steam for online battles
    NAME: keftedios

  54. MayMory (15 Dec 2016, 11:03)

    mena_moner2005 add me for duel

  55. hdvd2309 (16 Dec 2016, 15:31)

    How to disable DLC:
    1. Open CONFIG.ini
    2. Delete lines with DLC, for example: DLC001 = 523500. There are 18 DLCs
    3. Enable this line (delete #): bUnlockAllDLC=false
    Tell me if it work 🙂

  56. Voidmaster (16 Dec 2016, 19:31)

    Does anybody know how i disable the dlc contents? have tried to set the dlcs in the config file to 0, didnt help

  57. Voidmaster (16 Dec 2016, 19:33)

    Does anybody know how i can disable the dlc content?

  58. DarkVoid (16 Dec 2016, 19:46)

    Any possible way to start the game without the dlc enabled?

  59. Edel Raid (17 Dec 2016, 4:52)

    All DLCs were included! Thank you very much!

  60. Voidmaster (17 Dec 2016, 12:00)

    ahh now i see, i forgot to enable the bUnlockAllDlc=false >.< thx hdvd2309 ^^

  61. Thomas (17 Dec 2016, 13:54)

    Is it possible to turn the game into french ?
    Thanks for your answer !

  62. Jaden23252 (18 Dec 2016, 4:53)

    guys why when i go to multiplayer i found the list of host players with no names when i click on any one i can join the host but the game never starts? any fixes?

  63. Ashudow (18 Dec 2016, 7:22)

    I got all DLC! Thanks

  64. Zotyx (18 Dec 2016, 15:36)

    The game does not start. I double-click the icon and nothing happens. I have also tried starting as administrator

  65. Calafriok (20 Dec 2016, 16:47)

    hdvd2309 you have any social network that can send me the config file? I’m not getting..

  66. Calafriok (20 Dec 2016, 16:58)

    hdvd2309 do you have any social network that can send me the config file? I’m not getting..

  67. aquaactress (22 Dec 2016, 9:32)

    @ Himai : minimal windows 7 SP 1 64 bit with Direct X 11. Back then i also got this problem (i am using Windows 7 64 bit) , then i update it into Windows 7 Sp1 (and the latest redist vc++) then it works

  68. Trung (22 Dec 2016, 13:44)

    please help me with this i miss file api-crt-win-runtime-l1-1-0.dll and i search and add it to system32. after that i have the problem the procedure entry point ucrtbase.abort could not be located in the dynamic link library ….. please help me

  69. MayMory (24 Dec 2016, 7:29)

    anyone need help about game or how to play online add me Skype : maymoryforhope

  70. player (24 Dec 2016, 11:09)

    this game is running. but I got an error here. This game doesn’t have a sound! I’ve downloaded another cracked but the result was the same. it doesn’t have a sound. But for other games are okay..
    please someone help me to solve it. Thanks!

  71. Bast (27 Dec 2016, 0:13)

    how to get the bonus cards off without turning off the extra duels from the dlcs?

  72. Dat Kewnay (29 Dec 2016, 4:00)

    I wonder where is the save location ? I couldn’t found it although I tried alot

  73. Shadowless (29 Dec 2016, 21:57)

    Ello, I have s question regarding this game issue because I installed a torrent which contained a repacked version (installed because I used other versions for PC), even though I tried every other one, and not doing anything plus I added the updates, preformed the windows update security update which was a failed option since I use a pirated windows and every time my Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit begins scanning the updates get stuck but I have not received these issues with other games that I download only with this one my PC uses low specs I use 4 GB RAM, Intel(R) HD Graphics, Dedicated Video RAM uses 512 MB overall I use a low spec PC but I’m still enabled to play this game due to back grounded check up so anyone who knows how to deal with this please I need your help.


  74. vishalvinod (09 Jan 2017, 9:28)

    play yugioh

  75. Zero (21 Jan 2017, 10:04)

    hey skidrow i downloaded fitgirl verison says included 18 dlc sets, but i installed it and i dont know how to enable it do u k now how to solve it?

  76. FeDo (18 Feb 2017, 9:26)

    guys i have a problem that > cant start the app! is steam running
    please can u help me

  77. Jean666arg (21 Feb 2017, 7:35)

    Works perfect, I did’t test the multiplayer,
    at leas all fine:
    All DLC,
    You can play with the character’s deck or create you own deck (I did that to use the fuckim 3 white dragons huahuahuahau)

    no dificulty change, that is very good… till get a good deck you will your ass kicked a few time.

  78. Someguy (04 Mar 2017, 5:18)

    Is there anyway to use the DLCs in this with the actual Steam version? I just wanted to make a Shaddoll deck, but some of the good cards are DLC only

  79. Aicalos (10 Mar 2017, 17:57)

    I moved this game to another pc but it started from the beginning. any solution ?

  80. Elguayo (07 Apr 2017, 18:21)

    Hello all. Add me to play online duels, my id is dracozero7

  81. jklk (16 Apr 2017, 11:37)

    can anyone share link for steamwork fix? i need that one

  82. Stephhawk (04 Jul 2017, 11:49)

    I have made a group to found some player: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1335133513270689/

  83. PrinceZuko (26 Jul 2017, 11:53)

    add me for duelz —-> PrinceZuko on steam

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