Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War Soulstorm-RELOADED

Posted March 6, 2015 in REQUEST ACCEPTED

Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War Soulstorm-RELOADED


Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® – Soulstorm is the third and final expansion to the genre-defining…



Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® – Soulstorm™ is the third and final expansion to the genre-defining and critically-acclaimed RTS, Dawn of War. In Soulstorm, two new armies are introduced, raising the total number of playable armies in Dawn of War to an unprecedented count of nine while also adding additional units to all existing factions. The revolutionary meta-game that was introduced in Dark Crusade is further expanded to an interplanetary scale, allowing players to battle across a star system. Combined with its sister products, Soulstorm makes Dawn of War the largest and most detailed RTS ever released.

  • Two New Armies – Two new armies open up a world of strategic and story possibilities. Raising the total number of available armies in Dawn of War to nine, these two new factions fight with a new resource derived from the souls of the faithful and the fallen.
    • Sisters of Battle – The Chamber Militant of the Emperor’s Holy Inquisition. Limited in numbers but incredibly powerful, the Sisters of Battle are second only to the Space Marines in terms of sheer fighting prowess. Ranging from the Sisters Repentia with their devastating ceremonial eviscerators to the awe-inspiring Penitent Engine, the Sisters of Battle are truly a power to be feared.
    • Dark Eldar – Twisted and corrupt cousins of the Eldar, these terrifying raiders from the furthest reaches of the Webway are feared and hated by all. Their incredible speed and reliance on close quarter combat, stunning and poisoning abilities allows them to quickly strike an enemy and be gone before reinforcements can arrive.
  • New Air Units – Strategic warfare in the 41st Millennium gains a whole new dimension as each army gains new air units to rain death from the skies.
  • Brutal Domination – Wage war across an entire solar system as the metagame map introduced in Dark Crusade is expanded to an interplanetary scale. Liberate, enslave, or destroy entire worlds as you unleash your armies fury across the galaxy. Players will now strive to conquer an entire solar system with multiple planets and moons to be conquered — in total 34 maps are available to the player (25 for DC).
  • Enhanced Customization – Customize your hero’s weapons, items and abilities as he grows in power and personalize your army’s insignias, colors, banners and names. Earn and unlock achievements and medals as you prove your superiority online.

Title: Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War® – Soulstorm
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Relic Entertainment
Publisher: SEGA
Release Date: 5 Mar, 2008

Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War Soulstorm-RELOADED
Size: 4.3 GB













    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP or 2000
    • Processor: 2.0 Ghz Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon XP or equivalent processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 64 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible AGP video card with Hardware Transformation and Lighting, DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card, 16 bit
    • DirectX Version: Microsoft DirectX® 9.0c (included)
    • Hard Drive: 3.5 GB uncompressed free hard disk space

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP or 2000
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM (required for 8-player multiplayer games)
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 3 or equivalent with 64 MB of Video RAM
    • DirectX Version: Microsoft DirectX® 9.0c (included)
    • Hard Drive: 3.5 GB uncompressed free hard disk space
    • Sound: Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ series

Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War Soulstorm-RELOADED
- Extract
- Burn or mount the .iso
- Run setup.exe and install
- Copy crack from CRACK dir to installdir
- Play
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  1. Zero (07 Mar 2015, 17:58)

    Start downloading it, thank you so much.

  2. Arzen (27 Mar 2015, 10:18)

    So glad to found it, skidrow never disapoint me, thank you !

  3. Leo (25 Apr 2015, 14:27)

    What is the product keys @@?

  4. xK1LLJ0Y77x (06 May 2015, 5:39)

    4EB6-B754-37D4-9CE3-DD10 try this I used it off youtube and it worked for me

  5. Djed (15 May 2015, 1:14)

    I hope this works,

  6. Lobster (30 May 2015, 9:49)

    how come there’s nothing in my crack folder???

  7. John (05 Jun 2015, 16:30)

    The game crashes whenever the intros end and the loading screen appears…I installed the crack before this error.

  8. 'Slegs Eldar' (06 Jun 2015, 8:29)

    Thanks, I have all the original DoW games, however my Soulstorm disc is damaged. (Really thought I took care of them well by storing them safely). Anyway, still enjoy coming back to this game from time to time….

  9. zazzael (18 Jun 2015, 3:44)

    Does the mods work with this?

  10. juan (26 Jun 2015, 11:57)


  11. Surso (28 Sep 2015, 17:44)

    Question, Is This A Virus? I Want A Reply Soon, Or I Know It Is.

  12. leonman (03 Oct 2015, 15:26)

    buena pajina exelente felicitaciones

  13. AxelMarcel (31 Oct 2015, 19:54)

    Seend pliz

  14. -_- (04 Nov 2015, 7:07)

    fix torrent please

  15. Interested individual (17 Dec 2015, 15:47)

    When i mount the image and run the executable – automatically – it fails claiming that the file “autorun.exe” is missing; could i get some assistance with this issue? much appreciated

  16. Anon (21 Dec 2015, 20:16)

    How to work multiplayer? And will it do multiplayer matches with steam users?

  17. Kamil (29 Dec 2015, 2:52)

    What is CD key???

  18. Inervath (16 Jan 2016, 7:10)

    Filesystem.dll is missing, any help?

  19. Russ (17 Mar 2016, 15:53)

    thanks great stuff

  20. Brolyking (09 Apr 2016, 17:57)

    Thank you it’s great!!!!

  21. Evan (13 Apr 2016, 10:39)

    can anyone tell me what version is this?

  22. Broses (15 Apr 2016, 12:22)

    Where is the instaldir located? And do i just copy the stuff in the ‘Crack’ folder into it?

  23. Kraig (27 Apr 2016, 20:33)

    where can I find the cd key?

  24. b0ssPls (12 May 2016, 20:05)

    Ehm.. No patches? I can’t find them anywhere.. Guess i’m gonna have to wait up and buy it from steam when i have money, just don’t like tossing in money to a game that i might not like with the intended mod,I really detest the limits that the game has as to how many units you can build..

  25. Talmon (14 May 2016, 17:56)

    ya ljublu bolshie chleny
    moja pisja kak u konja

  26. Hasengard (19 May 2016, 20:05)

    Muito obrigado, funcionou muito bem.
    Usei a KEY (BEEF – B00B – BABE – CAFE -80F1)
    Bom trabalho!

  27. Aleksandar (13 Jun 2016, 22:33)

    This game does not work on DVD

  28. mkymnzns (23 Jun 2016, 14:38)

    It works. Just open the disk from my computer then run setup.exe use the key given above.

  29. littleG (30 Jul 2016, 9:47)

    respect and ty 😉

  30. Ryanmede (07 Aug 2016, 13:45)

    Is this include Winter Assault and Dark Crusade?

  31. LightTemplar (12 Aug 2016, 15:23)

    look at xK1LLJOY77x’s comment. That code worked for me to

  32. BEN (14 Aug 2016, 7:42)

    Hello. Thank you for your efforts.Please version of the game “winter assault” on the site give

  33. s harh (16 Aug 2016, 20:58)

    i downloaded it but it doesn’t work, it says that the CD is not inserted

  34. s harh (16 Aug 2016, 20:59)

    it says the CD is not inserted

  35. WTF (13 Sep 2016, 1:38)


  36. Xobolo (17 Oct 2016, 17:36)


    I got the same probleme as WTF and s harh. The fact is I am on MacBook Pro. So I DL DoW and mount the iso then I wrapped everything in wineskin and use the file “setup.exe”. Then is made but when I start me wineskin it is said that the CD is not inserted. So I am sure I didn’t install the crack itself. But when and How I install the crack when I am wrapping DoW with Wineskin.

    Hoping someone will help me. I just love this game too much and I sometime regret to have a Mac…


  37. Ezay Malic (30 Nov 2016, 9:48)

    Okay guys, the savior is here! Since I had experienced all of your problems, and I want also want to share my blessings to you. Just follow my instruction.


    After the setup, move everything to the crack folder, when i say everything, i say “Everything”
    and then put everything inside the DOW folder(2nd folder inside the crack folder)

    Make sure you’ve extract every file the is good to be extract so you can get all the necessary file and dll.

    after that you can now play the game, but there’s another problem that you’ll be encountered, and that is “Can’t make a profile.”

    To fix this, Simply make a look for profiler.dll and rename it to profile.dll copy and paste it to every folder that you have inside the crack folder, and then create a Profiles folder in the root directory of the game. make sure the name of the folder is Profiles with s, because the application of the game was made to look for a folder named specifically and that is Profiles..

    If this help you, please follow me on Instagram @ Ezay Malic

  38. as9 (25 Dec 2016, 14:16)

    How did you guys manage to copy all your files to the “crack” folder. I have tried it and a notification saying “no space, 4,28gb needed”

    My computer has plenty of space but the “driver G” that comes up when the application is open does not.

  39. SoGood (30 Dec 2016, 0:03)

    Everything seems to be working fine for me. No installation or in-game errors so far. Thanks Skidrow!

  40. Joseph (01 Jan 2017, 1:20)

    I have had an issue when copying in the Cracked version after patching and its says install point not found. when I have tried to patch the cracked version it says: “Version mismatch please reinstall Dawn of War SoulStorm.”

  41. Mr Sad (01 Jan 2017, 9:33)

    How come i still dont have all the races unlocked for multiplayer?, i thought reloaded, allows me to play all races, otherwise game works fine, but i really wanna play the other races in multiplayer, specially for LAN, my friends also wanna play but it sucks if theres only Dark Eldars and Sisters, Pls help.

  42. Koros (19 Mar 2017, 19:50)

    is this file safe? i tried to scan with antivirus avast, i found a trojan virus inside the dirextx 9c folder!

  43. Tedd (03 May 2017, 8:46)

    The CD code is at xK1LLJ0Y77x .. it worked for me

  44. Tedd (03 May 2017, 9:37)

    CD NOT INSERTED… please help

  45. DeMaggior (17 May 2017, 9:34)

    Sorry don’t speak english. Ho installato il gioco e fino ad ora tutto okay, solo che vorrei giocare online con tutti i popoli, c’è un modo?

  46. bblad (06 Jun 2017, 1:39)

    the best stratogy game ever

  47. axanh (06 Aug 2017, 6:46)

    DLC V1.0 working fine ..

  48. it wont work (11 Jun 2018, 16:13)

    it just wont work i dont understand

  49. Gon (29 Jul 2018, 9:54)

    Hey guys,

    I’ve installed the game and when i click to the play bottom, the system says that the CD is no inserted, it is not the correct CD.

    What can I do to fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance

  50. CD not inserted(solution) (15 Aug 2018, 22:02)

    Follow the instruction and move file from crack folder to your game folder. Don’t swap files, leave them both in folder.

    I have a different problem, when I install patch 1.10 on already cracked game it doesn’t run, saying some path or whatever from simengine.dll is missing. I found simengine.dll file in the internet and swapped it, now after opening game it just shows intro and loading screen then exits.

    Can anyone help me with that?

  51. beun (18 Sep 2018, 16:46)

    cool and good

  52. ajay (24 Nov 2018, 13:09)

    Incroyable de trouvé un topic de ce jeu en 2017/2018 dow vivras à jamais

  53. Nyemerts (09 Sep 2020, 5:56)

    Mr. Skidrow most of the games i have played this past years came from you and I thank You soo much, if there’s a chance can you add the master collection of dawn of war i really want to play it, since it’s my first time playing this game and i wanna work it up until i play dawn of war 3 to know the story and feel the gameplay, thank you so much for this games and for future games to come 😁

  54. Someguy (09 Jun 2021, 8:07)

    Do not download this. It contains a backdoor.

  55. Kook (15 Mar 2023, 0:14)

    All Dawn of War scene releases are cd releases, no one ever uploaded steam releases. The problem with cd versions is that they contain securom 7 and require cd keys, its best to update Soulstorm to 1.20 this removes the drm but not the cdkey. If you want to play online tough luck, you can easily buy it off steam as a sale bundle.

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