This Land Is My Land Founders Edition v0.0.2.11473

Posted December 27, 2019 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

This Land Is My Land Founders Edition v0.0.2.11473


Experience the frontier as a chief of a Native American tribe and resist….



Experience the frontier as a chief of a Native American tribe and resist the onset of the settlers. Explore the vast world full of hostile humans and animals while defining your narrative through the decisions you make. Survive, hunt, craft, unite and lead the tribes to take back your lands.

Title: This Land Is My Land
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Early Access
Release Date: 20 Nov, 2019

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This Land Is My Land Founders Edition v0.0.2.11473
Size: 3 GB



















































    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 2.8Ghz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce GTX 950 or AMD equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 12 GB available space

This Land Is My Land Founders Edition v0.0.2.11473
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  1. SvenSki (27 Dec 2019, 11:27)

    Funny how they think they’ll sell an “EVEL WHYTE MAN” game to a predominantly white market and think it will work.No wonder the game tanked so hard.

  2. infring (27 Dec 2019, 11:43)

    yeah because the white man was so good to the native americans right?

  3. KingOfEveryThing (27 Dec 2019, 13:03)

    First game about the truth! Nice!

  4. Paro (27 Dec 2019, 13:04)


  5. InfringCuck (27 Dec 2019, 13:08)

    @Infring Yea we all know these savages were running around and picking flowers until the evil white man came along.
    Fucking retard.

  6. White_man_did_nothin_wrong (27 Dec 2019, 13:22)

    A seven native american army cant stop white people

  7. white_man_savage (27 Dec 2019, 13:32)

    White man was just nothing but savage, and had no civilisation, how did white man navigate to Europe, by stealing the maps ofcourse which existed thousands of years ago.

    Event Antartica was mapped out, white man was just savage and it is because of India he could learn to write, read otherwise had no discoveries for thousands of years.

    How did white man sudenly become genius after 1600s only?

  8. white_niggers (27 Dec 2019, 13:33)

    “Powerful Empires existed and flourished here in India while Englishmen were still
    wandering painted in the woods, and while the British Colonies were a wilderness and
    a jungle. India has left a deeper mark upon the history, the philosophy and the religion
    of mankind, than any other terrestrial unit in the universe.

    While we hold on to India we are a first rate power. If we lose India, we will decline to a third rate power.
    This is the value of India”

    Lord Curzon, British Viceroy, 1901 Delhi Durbar

  9. ExfoliationWithCrushedGlass (27 Dec 2019, 13:38)

    white american master race im alright?

  10. tears (27 Dec 2019, 13:49)

    The gaming market is not for white males only or gamer(lol)gate would never happen. No the game have not damn tanked either. All I see is the same bigots crying over a world that is slowly changing around them and they cant take it.

  11. richardt (27 Dec 2019, 14:05)

    donald trump’s first problem 😀

  12. Afrikano (27 Dec 2019, 14:11)

    Both sides did bad things, natives screwed eachother over way before the white man showed up and kicked it up a notch.

    But lets be fair, white man was evil during this time. They sure as hell didn’t take all that land peacefully and continued expanding while shitting on treaties they signed with the natives in the first place.

  13. kiki (27 Dec 2019, 14:19)

    I don’t know what being white got to do with the game. It’s a digital representation of reality. Nobodys skin got nothing to do with it. Try to get over it.

  14. Bawkbagawk (27 Dec 2019, 14:36)

    Sorry we were better at all the stuff Natives were doing to each other for 10 000 years before white people got curious about the horizon. #LearntoSmelt

  15. ItsOktobeWhite (27 Dec 2019, 14:46)

    Take a deep breath and relax, it’s just a game and it’s okay to be white!

  16. Quasar (27 Dec 2019, 15:18)

    “They” have a plan… hundred millions black and color people can stop and destroy white people…

  17. Chief Golden Rain (27 Dec 2019, 15:40)

    @SvenSki Why not? White Americans aren’t the only people with an ability to buy games. There are dozens of countries in Europe and pretty much almost every one, aside from the UK, has no big love for the American subhumans. I’ll gladly buy this game in future, when it becomes better. Fuck murrishits.

  18. Fuck You (27 Dec 2019, 15:48)

    Are these cucks really arguing that the white man didn’t (and still doesn’t) do anything wrong? Lmao.

  19. Hmmmmmmmm (27 Dec 2019, 15:52)

    Are these cucks really arguing that the white man didn’t (and still doesn’t) do Horrible things? Lmao.

  20. chewback (27 Dec 2019, 16:06)

    how dumb are u guys to think white people did any good to the native ameicans. and why are u arguing about something like that here –‘

  21. Sha (27 Dec 2019, 16:14)

    “evil white man” LOL
    SJW detected.

  22. FuckWhitePigs (27 Dec 2019, 16:23)

    I love this game. Shows the truth. I bought 3 copies. FUCK the white dogs.

  23. Bacchus (27 Dec 2019, 16:33)

    how about you little pinheads keep your real world opinions to yourself, and spare us your undeniable genius. Simply say thank you, or nothing at all. Thank you for posting this game.

  24. snow light (27 Dec 2019, 16:34)

    the native americans actually had around 370 treaties with white people and white people was the one that broke them all. That speaks volumes.

  25. cam (27 Dec 2019, 16:41)

    its just a game from another perspective to experience something else other than your life….thats what games are all about, fuckin mouth breathers

  26. fuc usa (27 Dec 2019, 17:37)

    why this guys are arguing about the “white people” fuck white people and fuck all the white americans. This game is about culture and a fat guy behind the computer doenst understand how big is the world and how disgusting is the story of your country

  27. The Blade of Allah (27 Dec 2019, 17:50)

    The Indians/Poos were nothing more than motes of filth crawling in their shitty jungles, before the Mughals and later the British enlightened their dark souls and minds. Now that both have left, you can see the Shitdians returning to their historical roots, drowning in literal shit and rot, living in poverty and defecating on the street in a broad daylight. Filthy and disgusting creatures they are. The shitspawn.

  28. Samwise Gamgee (27 Dec 2019, 17:52)

    @fuc usa

    because they are butthurt as fuck shitskins that have nothing better to do with their lives(which they failed).
    fuck usa tho

  29. Fart Simulator (27 Dec 2019, 18:55)

    nice game

  30. Europoor (27 Dec 2019, 19:37)

    Where are these retards coming from?
    The vast majority of the first and second world is predominantly white.
    Pretty much the only other game market worth any note is the Chinese and honestly, fuck the Chinese.

    So no. This game won’t sell well because the people it tries to pander to either aren’t in the gaming market at all, or even if they are, they won’t pay a single dime for it.
    Get woke, go broke and all that.

    And if any o’ y’all retards think the argument of “I BOUGHT IT THREE TIMES” on a fucking Pirate website holds any merit… boy you are even more retarded than you let on

    Regards: A white European male.
    And fuck immigration! Stay on the other side of our fence

  31. domin (27 Dec 2019, 19:43)

    do you have spanish

  32. Hmmmmm (27 Dec 2019, 19:45)

    @The Blade of Allah

    True, especially what Hindus are doing to Muslims this moment.

  33. CryptNyte (27 Dec 2019, 20:09)

    WOW, a lot of haters on here on both sides, from people that didn’t even exist or lived during those times. It is common knowledge that history has been written in each and every country from the viewpoint of the beholder at the time and it provides no conclusive evidence of being a fact. It was a fact that Pluto was a planet and now it’s not, just to use a stupid example. Even stories of today and news by the media with all its fancy technology and footage get manipulated,… it is, however, an actual fact that good stories sell better if the actual truth is too boring. You all acting like a bunch of retards, ROFL and all of this over a game. IDIOTS. leave the past in the past and enjoy the free upload and say at least thanks to uploaders.

  34. Pesimista (27 Dec 2019, 20:51)


    btw 😀 i feel sorry for most american indians :/

  35. Marcos (27 Dec 2019, 20:57)

    At last! A game where I can stay in the right side of a war. I’m brazilian, I love natives, your stories and adventures. American natives has a rich culture, traditions and wonderful songs of flute. Simply, I love it.

  36. Lich (27 Dec 2019, 21:51)

    Virtue signaling: the game

  37. TC (27 Dec 2019, 22:00)

    Not anymore xd

  38. Clyde3D (27 Dec 2019, 22:35)

    Most people obsessed with skin color are pinhead liberals. See above. There are no native Americans sorry. White people invented most of the things you love today. American Indian tribes were killing each other long before the white man arrived. Ever taken a trip on a jet plane for a visit or vacation? Thank a white Nazi. Oh and Trump will be re-elected you idiot socialists.

  39. Prince of Numenor (27 Dec 2019, 22:54)

    I see no reason why a non-Anglo person would ever support the Americans. They always were fucking up Europe. During the WW1, they played the local Jew. During the WW2 they were back to their tricks again. And today – it’s all coming back. The American elites again are trying to play us all fools and push their ideologies down our throats and asses.

    Fuck America and fuck China. Also, fuck Russia, but it’s a poverty central with 200 bux salary, so it doesn’t really matter, since Russia fucks itself on a daily basis.

  40. hard mode (28 Dec 2019, 0:36)

    lol the first commenter is an idiot…Thats exactly the plot of Assassins Creed 3
    Even the dlc was The Tirany of King Washintong wasnt it?

  41. K_EƎ_D (28 Dec 2019, 2:23)

    Ok ok ok, I read the comments above and here what I get:
    💩, 💩 and pretty much more 💩

  42. @Blade Of Allah realise truth (28 Dec 2019, 2:54)

    You can see how poor Europe today is sub-human savages, bestalility, rape, crimes , that they have risen double in UK while India has made fantastic progress today. less rapes than Euro niggers, etc

    As long as we rule India, we are the greatest power in the world. If we lose it, we shall drop straight away to a third-rate Power.

    Nicholas Mansergh, The Commonwealth Experience (London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1969), p. 256.


  43. Goyim Knows (28 Dec 2019, 3:06)

    Jews are the pretend to be white! that kills everyone and blames it back on the white man.

  44. Idiots (28 Dec 2019, 3:24)

    Are we all crying about race, and who has done what lmao.. All of you are fucking stupid. I hate all of one country because of their governments or past histories. We are better because of blah blah blah… Oh they did this, we have better that… Only thing that makes anyone better, is that person. Nothing else.. Idc where you came from, what your culture did or didnt bring to the world. Majority of all knowledge was copied or revamped from someone else originally. So not a one of your races is better then the other.. Just in your stupid fucking minds!

  45. Box Addict (28 Dec 2019, 3:56)

    Elites love all you people. You are all arguing over race over a game no wonder the elite are going to win a one world govt

  46. Lykagos Nothos (28 Dec 2019, 6:25)

    europe, a tiny piece of land at the end of the world

    to anyone who wants to beat us down:

    “μολων λαβε”

  47. none (28 Dec 2019, 6:56)

    im not american. not my problem.

  48. bob (28 Dec 2019, 7:24)

    Next will be an African version. Gameplay is basically you a Nigga that sitsin his own shit and does sweet fuck all until the 1800’s. Inventing nothing and building nothing. Just need to survive long enough for the white people to come and do it all for you, then accuse them of racism and implement affirmative action and steal and rape and buy a huge house and have a fleet of BMW’s and then still basically do nothing.

  49. @bob (28 Dec 2019, 9:43)

    Africans had civilisation thousands of years before, white man was roaming in jungles thousands of years and no discoveries in site until Indians came to Europe and civilised you – called Celtic Druids.

    When one makes that game, whiteys will call it politically correct- diverse etc

    Euroepans were always losers

  50. killallthewhiemen (28 Dec 2019, 11:01)

    whites have no culture

  51. Gamer (28 Dec 2019, 11:54)

    I’m a white man, I like this game, why?
    Because gameplay, nice interface and sound design, and decent graphics.
    Oh, and also because is about a historical truth so is NOT an attack.
    How ironic, there are so many snowflakes on the right side while I never found one on the left…

  52. for fck sake (28 Dec 2019, 13:03)

    bob you are nuts, celtic druids from inda or being indian, where do you read this crap, the celts are a tribe from the pict the pict are from central europe, and had a kingdom with buildings made out of stone.
    Go look it up before you make stupit claims, have a look around central europe, where the buildings are proof, and dna research proof other wise, no indian druid-dna was ever found.
    OW and before you make it even more stupid saying that we roamed around the jungle, there is no jungle in the eu, idiot, unless you go back for millions of years, and at that time your ancestors where roaming the trees like our ancestors did.
    Ps calling some one white is a remark to the color of their skin and for that it is a rasist remark, and indian people take a look at your class system, where you oppress the lower classes, it’s barbaric and yet you hold on to this system for more then 2000 years, you still have a lot to learn about human rights.
    And don’t get me started about the general idea that roams around asia, man you need to look at your local customs and behaviour.

    So go spread your lies somewhere else and stop abusing this site for rasist remarks and speading lies, ow that’s right you got banned for life on those sites for beeing the stupid fck that you are a brainless lefty playing devide and conquer, spreading lies all over the net, just for his/her personal gain.
    Stop blaiming everything on white your color has more to do with the roots to slavery then you possibly can imagine, get your facts straight.
    We so called white people got over our slavery past, time you do the same, continuing on this path wont do anyone one any good at the end, it only creates more friction between color of skins.

    NOw back to the game why would i not play this, looks nice so i give it a try, and it has nothing to do with the color of my skin or where my roots are from, as human beeing i am supposed to surrpass prejudism and look in to fact instead of fiction,it happened live with it and get over it, just make sure it never happens again!!
    But unfortunatly it still happens all over the world and not only by the so called white, we all have something to do with oppressing others one way or the other we are all equally guilty.

    Now lets talk about pc games shall we??

  53. Gimli's axe (28 Dec 2019, 14:36)

    Goodness gracious, I’ve never laughed this hard in MY LIFE! keep the comments going good folk, please!

  54. Balthazar (28 Dec 2019, 14:43)

    Will there be a torrent file.

  55. D.TRUMP (28 Dec 2019, 15:08)

    God is white so… the evil is red or black or brown.
    Yes i saw Jesus’s father!

  56. coma73 (28 Dec 2019, 15:31)

    Fragile white boys getting triggered at the site of a non-fat white loser. And then claim its because they think all gamers are fat white shitheads, despite the fact that white men are the minority in gaming. yet they cry and moan the loudest. stop making all white men look like bitches. some of us are made of stronger stock and aren’t fat cunts crying on every forum they can find about white genocide like the inbred hicks they are.

  57. XXYXX (28 Dec 2019, 16:04)

    Well, so, everyone, most of you are completely wrong about everything, but the thing is, you are correct too:

    – Yes, you got your Hinduism, followed by Buddhism and everything, but it’s tradition isn’t any longer than that of Europe, to be honest. And it’s mostly based on drugs. Read some of your core works, you’ll see what I’m about, once you get far enough. Also, that philosophy produced the caste system. Really progressive and all.
    – Despite having a long and rich tradition (which was endlessly interrupted and influenced by Muslims, tbe), the way you live nowadays is not a good example of either sanitary (see Ganges for reference), nor social organization.
    – The Brits did in fact cause much shit over there, but you’ve got to thank them for the infrastructure they developed, which enabled the gigantic economic growth you are experiencing.

    – The natives weren’t a perfect society, far from it. Starting with slavery, chronic substance abuse (even before spirits were introduced by Europeans), domestic violence, etc…
    – The “whites” weren’t Englishmen only, you always seem to forget the Spanish, French and Dutch settlers. All did much shit, and the same amount of shit was returned by the natives.
    – To be as naive to believe a piece of paper with a signature? See any civilization anywhere, not limited to whites: Nobody believed any treaty ever made. See all the current UN treaties for reference.

    – Don’t even get me started. Despite being the cradle of humankind, and having practically the ideal situation to develop civilization (Being around the equator guarantees greater yearly yields of crops), they haven’t gotten past gold smelting and pottery. I really don’t know what to say about this, but if all the factors are taken into account, Africa should be conquering the whole world.
    – The situation was pretty much the same as in India. Except that the Indians knew what to do with the technology that colonists imported.

    So, in the end: You’re all a bunch of idiots, using completely nebulous sources, which have nothing to do with science, and are all about ideology. Just play the game and enjoy the poroduct.

  58. lolicatgirls (28 Dec 2019, 16:17)

    Sucks that you can’t have games about history – the colonization, repression, and discrimination of the Natives and over time, the death of their culture- without some white people bitching about not wanting to feel bad or asking why this game even has to exist because ,hey, white people are better and invented everything, right?
    It’s history and it happened, just deal with it, and it’s a nice game.
    @Clyde3D perfect example- he says incoherent insults and that’s it.TRies to back it up by taping up facts and conclusions together that fit his b.s.
    Fucking delusional.

  59. MumhesaidImracist (28 Dec 2019, 17:08)

    The game is awesome

    But the comments are even better.

    Y’all americans really got a thing for skin color, don’t ya ?

    If it makes you feel better, the evel whute mun was probably an eurotrash, prisonners sent away to be forgotten about on a far, far away land.

    Then again, if you take pride in your whiteness, it also means they’re most likely your ancestors.

  60. White_Men (28 Dec 2019, 18:09)

    Finally a game where I can go around and kill White people without mercy. I’ll pretend it’s a fat White neckbeard from Reddit who just got cucked on his 10th girl. Time for revenge! History is a bitch but now we’re rewriting it.

  61. Praxit (28 Dec 2019, 18:14)

    ..looks like Denuvo is doing its job again. Hopefully, some new clan will breakthrough this year. I mean, there is nothing to gain from cracking Denuvo anyways. But respect and populairity.

    …but its a nice way to keep the balance right.

  62. yo (29 Dec 2019, 0:43)

    the only thing that’s funny is how the niggers, the street-shitters, beaners, and the shitskins are praising A GAME MADE BY UKRAINIANS. If only some drunk team of actual “native american” developers had made this shit game, the ungrateful shitskins, since gaming tech was all made by white people, would have a point. BUT IT WAS MADE BY WHITE PEOPLE, UKRAINIANS! Now go back play with your own shit.

  63. yo (29 Dec 2019, 0:46)

    India: a so-called ancient civilization where people rather defecate on the street than using the toilet. Where people brushes their teeth with the corpse-infested water of a “sacred” river. Where less than 1% of so called IT graduates can write compilable code.

  64. Mamaomeu (29 Dec 2019, 2:23)

    White Pussy, Black Pussy, Asian Pussy, Arabic Pussy, Indian Pussy, Native Pussy…
    they are all delicious.

  65. @yo white did not invent computers (29 Dec 2019, 3:51)

    White niggers, designated animal fuckers who stole coding from Panini by Backus Naur, stole and and called it independent discovery.

    Binary And its Transformation: Done by Panini thousands of years before Euroepan, Charles babbage stole it

    1% of them can write compatible code that is why Indians are the HIGHEST ETHNIC PAID GROUP IN USA HIGHER THAN WHITES? The truth is 1% of WHITE GRAUDATES CAN WRITE ACTUAL CODE, is that why ALL WHITE GAMES ARE BUGGY TRASH TODAY?

  66. @ yo white niggers (29 Dec 2019, 3:53)

    White man says he INVENTED IT – but ACTUALLY STOLE IT

    White man invented binary system, and Backus Naur invented Syntax Coding

    Charles BABBAGE GOT BINARY FROM INDIAN PANINI (done thousands of years ago, said by himself)



  67. whiteys with shit infrastructure (29 Dec 2019, 3:56)

    WHITEYS BE LIKE _ OUT STRUCTURES ARE SUPIERIOR (some random bashed rock)


    We have basaly rock cut buildings carved from lasers.


  68. @yo ungrateful white niggers (29 Dec 2019, 3:58)


    Binary System (0/1) stolen by Charles Babbage done thousands of years ago before him

    SYNTAX PROGRAMMING: Stolen by Backus Naur done by Panini thousands of years before him

    NUMERALS AND FIBONCANNI RATIO: Whtie NIgger FIBANACCI stole numerals from his book 1202 (Liber Adaci) , after 10000+ years

    No wonder white civilisation came only in 450 BC right? Whtie Niggers and NO USB IS INDIAN AND SO IS INTEL CHIP

  69. Billy (29 Dec 2019, 10:07)

    So much misinformation in this comment section by fools who don’t know their world history.
    Before you go spouting nonsense about European history you should all sit down and do some real research. There was already a mega empire before the English like you all call it wich were at that time celts btw and after that Franks wich also started France and after that the Anglo Saxons who are Danish basically and is what the English are now. Because of the Romans a white man nation older then the English like they call it here is why we have concrete and sewers and arches and running water and filtration systems, it is because of a white city being Amsterdam that we have garbage disposal since they were the first to do that and also give us clean water by storing it in a special coated stone built pit under the streets so that diseases wouldn’t be transfered under it’s population. It is because white men vikings that we have the ships we have today. It is because of white men being the ancients greeks that we have math, philiosophy and astronomy, it is because of white men being the nazi’s that we could reach the moon, it is because of white men that we have something called global trading, it is because of the struggles we had as empires that we have special laws that protect us from the ones in power that most countries gladly took in to their own treaties. It were white nations that had the biggest library containing all knowledge that the Muslims burned down so eagerly being the library of alexander wich was in the byzantyne empire ( A christian nation predating islam ). Next time do your research a bit before calling white European empires savage

  70. JustMe (29 Dec 2019, 10:28)

    People complain and say “I don’t need a character to be relatable, I don’t mind playing a girl, bla bla bla”

    But this immersion is too far, this is apparently offensive… Anybody who plays this and thinks it’s offensive is just silly… and extremely sensitive. Silly far righters crying again by the looks of it.

  71. tamèrenslip (29 Dec 2019, 11:34)

    It’s crazy to see the number of dumb racists around offended by a game lol There was a conflict between native ppl and invaders, and the invaders won it the end… so what? Can’t take it to see it through the eyes of the native ppl?
    It’s not even worth talking about the racist crap. People who think that history is explained by the color of skin of ppl clearly are not worth anyone’s time. The irony is particulary strong when you see the life and intellect of most white supremacists (or black ones, for that matter). Losers whose only comfort in life is to look at what other ppl did.

  72. Romans Not White, ALEXANDRIA LIBRARY NOT GREEK (29 Dec 2019, 13:47)

    Romans were NOT WHITE – go research, and India is OLDER THAN ROME BY SEVERAL THOUSAND YEARS

    GREECE was FOUNDED BY INDIANS – The word “Greece” omes from – Grahikkha lineage, and no they were Arab Books.

    SHIPS EXIST BECAUSE OF VIKINGS? hahahahhaaha Indians travelled to Australia, Europe, NZ, ROme, etc THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE VIKINGS

  73. tamèrenshort (29 Dec 2019, 18:01)

    Ok, I admit that the guys rewriting history so that no caucasian ever did anything are as racist and ludicrous as the white supremacist.
    So many statues of Romans but hey, sure, some ppl will pretend that Caesar, Crassus or Pompey were not white lol
    Greece founded by Indians sound like an interesting idea to prove you have no idea what you talk about… Btw, “greeks” were called that way by roman ppl, while they originaly self refered as Achaeans (good luck readig the word “greek” in the Iliad)… and no neither the greek language nor the alphabet is indian… at best indo-european

  74. White_man_did_nothin_wrong (29 Dec 2019, 18:05)


  75. Ali Baba (29 Dec 2019, 21:30)

    By the Gods, what a mess this chat is. Some insane cow urine drinker that defecates in public is going mad and some offended momma “whyte pryde” bois are playing along with him and spouting nonsense. Or… perhaps… it’s all the same person?

  76. White_men_dont_rule_the_world (30 Dec 2019, 4:31)

    White men don’t rule, if China stops trading and India stops its market, West is finished.

  77. @Ali Baba Behead (30 Dec 2019, 4:32)

    Ali baba should talk about drinking camel urine and taking it for a ride.. for a ride as in humping the camel

  78. @tamerenshort Greece was founded by Indians (30 Dec 2019, 4:34)

    Indo European is proved false several times, may be you should let go of it as it is Sanskrit. Maybe you should read the book “India In Greece: Truth in Mythology” which was supressed by the British


    just some random thought:

    Even tho the current white people (european) resembles nothing to its former etnocountries(france for french people, england for english people, spain for spanish people) we still MUST thank their ancestors for colonize our undeveloped countries, look at that huge leap in tech they left us, my country (Peru) went from having no sewers, firearms, seaports, ships, not even a market, to be an strategic hub for commerce and diplomacy. Yes, former peruvians had to rebel to gain indepence, but thats the only way (at least in those days) to stop being a mere colony in a huge empire.

    And oh god about india, i’ve heard they werent even a country when the eBil GuAiT man came… and still after their independence they were so culturally different they had to CREATE an indian hero, who was named ghandi… and that guy supported the indian classes! wtf! and was so racist he even suggested great britain to stop being racist towards the indian man cus they werent so culturally poor as the black men in africa, so they both, english and indian man could be racist towards the ones who really deserved it, the wE Guz QiNgZ


  80. white_man_pretending_NON_White (30 Dec 2019, 7:23)

    The HUGE LEAP IN TECHNOLOGY wasn’t taken by WHITES – WHITES JUST STOLE. I have given many examples.


    There is 1000 year difference between vaccines between India and West, go figure.

  81. Dankz (30 Dec 2019, 13:31)

    The largest cities in the world in 1519 were Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) Aztec capital and Constantinople i the Byzantine empire. Contemporary England was a city of 50,000, Mexico City was a city of 300,000 with paved streets,sewage system, markets bigger than any in Rome (even Spanish wrote of this many times in their amazement, Europe was trash at the time), zoos, libraries crammed with books called codices (even Spanish wrote how libraries were so full of books, book were falling off shelves, the same books they all burned after they burned all the major cities).

    Its hilarious ppl think small amount of Tribes “Americans” know of in their stereotypeed/limited hilarious view of history, they think tribes like the Lakota represent all native civilization. The Europeans themselves wrote how Aztec and other Mesoamerican civilizations had larger cities and more developed systems of trade, medicine, even the Spanish were surprised ppl in the AMericas bathed daily, since Europe was a filth land of the dead shortly recovering from the Dark Ages (EVEN A GAME EXISTS called A Plagues Tale from 2019 that is about existing and surviving diseased ridden Europe during the French and Birtish wars, its hilarious, Europe was basically in decay and a land of death, only recovering after the wealth stolen from the Americas that financed the Renaissance, deny this all u want idiots), and to the idiot saying “learn to smelt”, uh metallurgy was well known in S.America and Mesoamerica, it was mostly used for jewelry and aesthetics , only some groups like the Inca in Andes, or Western Mexico region like the Tarascans of Michoacan (who the Aztecs never defeated) used metal in weapons, Obsidian and Volcanic glass were preferred in mesoamerica, this had nothing to do with being “primitive” (I already proved and facts exist that these “Indians” in Mexico had cities larger than any in ALL OF EUROPE in 16th century, deny it all u want, the idea that Indians were dumb is only for a braindead idiot), as doctors even today can attest that Obsidian is more precise and sharper in incisions than STEEL, FACT. Aztecs had medical codices that detailed open heart surgeries, long before Western medicine did hundreds of yrs later. FACT, deny this all u want idiots.

    And to the dummies, complaining about this game, repeating the cringy line “white man wasn’t so bad” need a reality check. Yeah, let’s also go ahead and say the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade wasn’t so bad and christinizing a ppl and enslaving them for forced labor is not so bad. Lmao, low IQ much. How about being a lame ahole humanbeing, is that much for your intellect or does the truth anger you.

    Fact is forced labor (the encomienda system all over Spanish colonies, war of slaughters in the westward movement in the US, even up to the mid 1900s it was legal in all of the US and California to kill and murder a Native woman, child or man, in many areas many were killed off by volunteer white militias ordered to eradicate all native ppl, women, children were often chased into mountains/caves and shot killed, even reports exist in book American Genocide of girl being raped and left for dead in Mendocino County in 1900s during eradication run). This was all done by Europeans who immigrated here, brought diseases that killed off many Europeans in the Dark Ages and had a even monstrous effect here in the New world, all from immigrants, The Pilgrims were kicked out and expelled from England, ppl who were unwanted in a Europe that was in decay and in chaos, they wanted out, and even the first 13 colonies were pathetic, their first winter the Jamestown Colony resorted to CANNIBALISM, eating native Americans they encountered (look it up yourself, Smithsonian) and themselves (young girl was cannabilzed first winter), ONLY TILL native ppl TAUGHT THE PILGRIMS to plant corn and survive the winter, from “so called savages”. It’s hilarious, now you have descendants of these Europeans who resorted to eating themselves (if you don’t beleive it, look it up) trying to minimize the theft and eradication of the Native ppl who were here before your ancestors. The diseases Europeans brought, the slavery system of the encomiendas in Spanish colonies, war of eradication that was LEGAL and civilizan/militia led well into the mid 1900s (crazy that just later in the 1960s segragation also ended). Even hilarious , Native Americans were not EVEN ALLOWED TO BE AMERICAN CITIZENS OR HAVE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM / FREEDOM OF RELIGION ONLY TILL THE LATE 20th century.

    Pathetic if you ask me, and you can look ALL the info up, if you want to have a meltdown and complain you don’t like the truth or reality. Imagine if in public schools, teachers taught “slavery wasn’t bad, it was needed to establish this nation”, talk about having dumb ass ethics. Next thing, Germans will be telling the world the holocaust was good for today’s German economy and it wasn’t that bad, since war has always occured and ppl die. Funny how idiot logic works, when you want to throw out truth, and reality out the window.

    Pathetic if you ask me. That’s reality check.

  82. @Dankz too much truth (31 Dec 2019, 5:33)

    Man, so PC (European Politically Correct)

    You can’t say that openly though, otherwise it is racist to white people.

  83. ans (31 Dec 2019, 16:29)

    your all a bunch of twats

  84. Shitsticks (31 Dec 2019, 21:00)

    Remember when the internet wasn’t full of sad panda SJW millennial’s, that surf boards to scold gamers?

    Always so busy being virtuous they seem to forget that they a cancerous fags that spread aids with every key press. Meanwhile are some of the scummiest most useless asshats ever birthed to the race of man.

    Natives were barbaric, settlers were settling. Treaties were made and broken on both sides. Natives raped, pillaged, and killed. Settlers same. There is no better or worse. It’s history. Jews owned the ships that sold black slaves, Arabs would enter Africa and pay tribes to enslave other tribes. Most slavers were black, they needed to increase they’re market for slaves. Hence the new world, thank god for the jews and their boats.

    Also thank God for Democrats. The only people that owned slaves in the NA continent. They happily increased the market and brought slavery into the new world white mans world.

    But everything is racist when you SJW morons want to make a point. It’s a conversation stopper designed to cow the recipient into accepting non facts.

    Facts are this: regardless of colour humans can and have been terrible. Examining the past with sensibilities of the future is a exercise in futility and only serves to make empty keyboard warriors happy in their fart sniffing blue hair cults.

    Our history is loaded with cultures warring, and destroying each other. Get over it, some win some lose. Work to be part of the winning side. Stop complaining about race, and blaming anyone for their colour. It means you in fact are the racist.

  85. Dankz (01 Jan 2020, 2:43)

    ^ you have a point, but you also have trash logic. Yeah lets tell all educational institutions that the Trans Atlantic slave trade had no ills, as humans were enslaved before. The old idiot logic of “2 wrongs make a right” logic akin to a rapist or thief justifying his actions “they also did this to me, they deserved it, all women get raped so whats the big deal its been going on since begiining of time”…amazing.

    Fact is the colonization of the Americas was brutal, google the book AMerican Genocide which details how far this war of eradication waged by the Anglo-Saxons or descendants of the Pilgrim Refugees, it was by law legal to kill and murder any native woman, child or man till the 1950s. Whole areas wiped out, and it was by plan , volunteer militias were encouraged to hunt and kill any native families, all killed and persecuted in their own lands by FOREIGN EUROPEANS who were expelled from their own lands (pilgrims were expelled from England, they were poor and desperate and fled here), It wasn’t the OTHER WAY AROUND, natives didn’t show up in EUrope and brought diseases (there’s even a game from 2019 called a PLAGUES TALE, in which you play a European woman and child trying to not be killed by diseases than were killing off Europe since the Dark AGes, these same diseases were even more monstrous when EUropeans came here, yet you here racists complain how Mexicans bring diseases over, well Europeans did exactly that) that along with the spanish encomienda slavery system wiped out over 90% of the Native Populations.

    American Holocaust by David Stannard even details how the impact of European colonization nearly made over 100 million native ppl die, making the Nazi Holocaust of what 3 million seem tame. And this is fact, they evidence and history is there for you to read. The facts of the Jamestown Colony resorting to Cannibalism, the fact Pilgrims couldn’t surive their 1st winter till natives rescued them and taught them how to plant corn and survive the environment, pilgrims were literally dying off (look it up, Smithsonian has all the info).

    But i digress, and want to say again, logic much? I guess todays teachers should tell students “native Americans losing their land is overrated” and the Trans Atlantic slave trade was no big deal, human history has always been that way. Talk about a simpleton’s logic, just like a thief says “no big deal if i rob these ppl” ppl always have been robbed and whats the big deal. Talk about no logic, lmao. Reality check.

  86. Justinas (01 Jan 2020, 15:51)

    Patch please

  87. Anon Anon (02 Jan 2020, 11:37)

    No torrent link -> No download.

  88. Void (06 Jan 2020, 11:37)

    Torrent pls

  89. OrangeSauce (09 Jan 2020, 3:49)

    When will torrent be added?

  90. doso (12 Jan 2020, 14:07)

    any save game /profile location plz

  91. Chief Bomalakaway (14 Feb 2020, 12:44)

    Lmao this chat & its broad sweeping generalizations

    The premise of the game is an interesting and neat one… are y’all so damn wrapped up in skin color and identity you can’t enjoy it?

    An Aztec or Incan game resisting the conquistadors would be really interesting as well.

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