Saint Seiya Soldiers Soul-CODEX

Posted 25 Nov 2015 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Saint Seiya Soldiers Soul-CODEX


The long awaited return of Saint Seiya is here with Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul! This amazing game will…



The long awaited return of Saint Seiya is here with Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul! This amazing game will feature characters from the whole series, including the 12 Gold Saints and their God Cloths from the newly released anime “Soul of Gold”.

Title: Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul
Genre: Action
Developer: DIMPS
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Release Date: Autumn 2015

Saint Seiya Soldiers Soul-CODEX
Size: 3.8 GB





























    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+, 2.6GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB Nvidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 3870
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 12 GB available space


    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-530, 2.93 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940, 3.0GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 / AMD Radeon HD 5870
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 12 GB available space

Saint Seiya Soldiers Soul-CODEX
- Extract
- Burn or mount the .iso
- Run setup.exe and install
- Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
- Play
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  1. Eduardo (25 Nov 2015, 23:14)

    first :3

  2. Eduardo (25 Nov 2015, 23:15)

    was waiting so long for that game

  3. i02mike (25 Nov 2015, 23:16)

    Gracias por el juego.


  4. xdtop (25 Nov 2015, 23:16)


  5. Valkyrie (25 Nov 2015, 23:17)

    Wow 2 days before release date, thank you! Been waiting for this for months.

  6. Cerberus (25 Nov 2015, 23:21)

    thank you skidrow

  7. Krux (25 Nov 2015, 23:23)

    Thx 😀

  8. Arinori (25 Nov 2015, 23:24)

    Thank you, Skidrow 😉

  9. Yoga (25 Nov 2015, 23:24)

    FIRST!! Nice game though

  10. Yuri (25 Nov 2015, 23:24)

    Aí simmmm!!!!
    Meteoro de Pegasusss!!!

  11. JD (25 Nov 2015, 23:25)

    i was waiting for this game two days earlier than expected really fast thanks skidrow

  12. silver crow23 (25 Nov 2015, 23:28)

    First move your vody 😉

  13. BRHU3 (25 Nov 2015, 23:30)


  14. alyx (25 Nov 2015, 23:34)


  15. Leo (25 Nov 2015, 23:36)

    Thank you skidrow!!

  16. Rafael Silva (25 Nov 2015, 23:39)

    F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5,.

  17. Outerspacer (25 Nov 2015, 23:41)

    Oh Yeah!!! Finally!

  18. Daniel (25 Nov 2015, 23:41)

    First (Br)

  19. Edslash (25 Nov 2015, 23:44)


  20. bruflu (25 Nov 2015, 23:49)

    Thanks! Good game to all!

  21. Rendi (26 Nov 2015, 0:10)


  22. Cecilia (26 Nov 2015, 0:12)

    Thank you, Seed please! ♥

  23. hey ho (26 Nov 2015, 0:50)

    thx for the game!

    Can play online matches guys?

  24. jachu (26 Nov 2015, 0:54)

    can you upload crack only?

  25. weksley (26 Nov 2015, 0:57)

    add language Portuguese-Brazil

  26. Junior (26 Nov 2015, 1:06)

    Please sorry for bad english am BR and I’m using google translator I was wondering of BRs that have already downloaded or English if the game is 100% free virus Please help me to and am a big fan of saint seiya

  27. andrews (26 Nov 2015, 1:39)

    Cracked? Because it will release in 27th

  28. Havok (26 Nov 2015, 1:52)

    Brasil em peso aqui na skidrow pra pegar cavaleiros dos zodiaco ^.^

  29. TiddySnake (26 Nov 2015, 2:48)

    Oh god, Oh god, Oh God.


    I can’t Belive.

  30. Stingray (26 Nov 2015, 3:02)

    thanks 🙂

  31. Zeto (26 Nov 2015, 3:06)

    Game works perfectly, THANK YOU SO MUCH <3, the only thing are the default controls only p2 can use control pad T_T anyway to fix this? Thanks again!!

  32. Felix (26 Nov 2015, 3:07)

    Does it work? Why 3.8 gb?

  33. Stingray (26 Nov 2015, 3:13)

    Acho que como muitos fizeram, procurei para baixar depois da cagada que a Namco fez.

  34. mito (26 Nov 2015, 3:17)

    Yeeeeees! Thank you!

  35. Theodore (26 Nov 2015, 3:47)

    Game crashes on startup? What gives…anyone else having this issue?

  36. kjk25 (26 Nov 2015, 4:23)


  37. The Professor (26 Nov 2015, 4:40)

    Booyah! thanks guys

  38. Theodore (26 Nov 2015, 4:55)

    Jus managed to get everything working, just add it to your firewall/AV exceptions.

  39. klito2 (26 Nov 2015, 6:08)

    Hi, Thanks a lot for this game. Anyone knows if one of the audio laguages is Latin American Spanish?

  40. Ndn (26 Nov 2015, 7:21)

    the game runs slow when it shoul run perfectly anybody having the same issue?

  41. Paulo (26 Nov 2015, 8:05)

    the wait is over, I hope to find portuguese audio in this.

  42. Sasuke (26 Nov 2015, 10:28)


  43. MarshellBruce (26 Nov 2015, 11:03)

    Muito Obrigado!!!!

  44. Daniel (26 Nov 2015, 11:04)

    maybe someone do mods to this game , the movie cloths (3d movie)

  45. Brian318 (26 Nov 2015, 13:08)

    8.80 GB after installation! Thanks! Is working! 😀

  46. Doskoi_Panda (26 Nov 2015, 14:09)

    Thanks you 😀

  47. Outerspacer (26 Nov 2015, 15:18)

    PARA OS BRAZUKAS: Já testei o jogo e posso dizer que está insano! Já tem o audio em portugues, a dublagem está impecável. Baixem sem medo! JOGAÇO! Tô ficando velho e me sinto um criança novamente curtindo esse jogo. Demais!

  48. Brian318 (26 Nov 2015, 16:23)

    The game contain all voice pack! English, Japanesse, Español Latino, Portugues, etc!

  49. Boody azzam (26 Nov 2015, 16:24)

    Why no DLC ? [OCE Hades and Athena]

  50. David (26 Nov 2015, 16:50)

    He has a pt-br?

  51. Don (26 Nov 2015, 17:11)

    The game is in slow motion, iwhy is that? I’m having issues with the gamepad either… Dpad is inverted, cant manage to change it.

  52. Marco (26 Nov 2015, 17:26)

    Thank Youu Very Much Skidrow

  53. Rafael Silva (26 Nov 2015, 17:49)
  54. uniblue (26 Nov 2015, 18:21)

    the game is running in super slow motion after i saw the FPS rate during the game i noticed that it doesn’t go above 30 it seems like the game FPS is locked on 30 frame per second but why ??? can anybody fix this ????

  55. Diego V. (26 Nov 2015, 20:03)

    Thaks for this game… Waiting for the torrent upload

  56. Corvin (26 Nov 2015, 20:58)

    I made the download, installed with no problems but there is no sound on the game, how can I fix it?

  57. juanshoot__93 (26 Nov 2015, 21:37)

    thanks a lot. i wait for long time this game. i can´t wait play this game. Rozan Hyaku Ryu ha

  58. necus (26 Nov 2015, 21:39)

    it”s working or not?

  59. SubZero89 (26 Nov 2015, 21:42)

    nice :!D

  60. SubZero89 (26 Nov 2015, 21:44)

    Please add language Latin Spanish

  61. Kevin (26 Nov 2015, 22:12)

    Primer comentario

  62. Julio (26 Nov 2015, 22:29)


  63. ikki - fenix (26 Nov 2015, 23:13)

    O shun da ré no churros!

  64. pandarky (26 Nov 2015, 23:22)

    I have the same problem with the game speed

  65. Scorpion (27 Nov 2015, 0:27)

    Please add Language Latin SPANISH ! 🙂

  66. Brian318 (27 Nov 2015, 1:43)

    CONTIENE VOCES ESPAÑOL LATINO! mensaje para los que preguntan!

  67. Adriano (27 Nov 2015, 1:47)

    It’s incredible how brazilian people comes here to place fool comments, how silly and stupid this HUEHUEBR are! Nasty.

  68. Godofice (27 Nov 2015, 2:48)

    The analog stick is reversed and there’s not an option to reverse it, how do i Fix this??? thankz for the upload

  69. The Full Metal (27 Nov 2015, 3:14)

    Thank you for uploading my request and god bless.

  70. Kael (27 Nov 2015, 3:17)

    I used to watch zodiac knights in the early 90s. what a days… long live heavy metal

  71. Brian318 (27 Nov 2015, 3:21)
  72. Nestor (27 Nov 2015, 3:22)

    Here is my fix for online tunngle and hamashi
    is on spanish cuz im spanish 😀

  73. Shun (27 Nov 2015, 6:32)

    Music Mod
    Load Error… :(
    Please contact help whether

  74. Batmobile66 (27 Nov 2015, 8:00)

    Thanks a lot for this game.

    Preorder bonuses are available in this version ?

  75. saint seya (27 Nov 2015, 10:11)

    anyone knows steamwork fix please post it in here

  76. Loris (27 Nov 2015, 12:21)

    I only get ISDone.dll popup when trying to install the first .cpk, do anyone knows how to fix that?

  77. reinz (27 Nov 2015, 12:38)

    plss the game run in slow motion even in story scene anyone has fix ?

  78. Daryel (27 Nov 2015, 13:12)

    Is it in spanish ?

  79. Saint seiya (27 Nov 2015, 13:22)

    For those having problems with the inverted /reverse DPAD must download the x360ce thtat will fix the problem

  80. darkan (27 Nov 2015, 13:26)

    anyone fix the fps problem? it works with 30fps and the game run very slow..

  81. Sinho (27 Nov 2015, 14:02)

    Torrent muito lento galera vamos melhorar ae Brasil em peso aqui hoje !

  82. Allan (27 Nov 2015, 15:10)

    Guys, everything is working fine.. some people will have a slow’mo felling because the game is not 100% adpated for PC.. that’s one of the major reasons BANDAI delayed the PC version.. so, try lowering the graphics if it’s slow.. and for the gamepad issue, use the X360ce 34-bit version.
    it works fine, i use it myself.. i had the controller issue with the 64-bit version.

    Cheerss **

  83. Marcos (27 Nov 2015, 16:37)

    In my pc the game is in slow motion, and i have the requiriments to run the game. Someone know how to fix it ?

  84. Buffon Royal (27 Nov 2015, 16:49)

    You are the best in the world

  85. jonny coster (27 Nov 2015, 16:58)

    To fix slow

    go to

    C:\Usuários\\AppData\Local\BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment\Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul.


    windows search bar %AppData%

    3 – open config.

    4 – FrameRate change VARIABLE to FIXED.

    5 – Save

    Be happy

  86. Loris (27 Nov 2015, 17:44)

    Found the problem, there was a corruped file!
    I tried to download the game from SkidrowGames and it works perfectly!

  87. xxlgames (27 Nov 2015, 19:14)

    Thank skidrow bound codex you guys are too

  88. Adriano (27 Nov 2015, 19:30)

    O meu está fechando sozinho quando alguns ABB (BBA) são lançados, e com outros ABB vai normalmente, e o jogo está rodando perfeitamente, sabem o q pode ser?

  89. Shingo45 (27 Nov 2015, 20:17)

    el juego me corre lento y cumplo con las especificaciones a unos amigos les pasa lo mismo el audio se queda esperando a que avance la animacion y en las peleas se mueven muy lento los personajes ¿¿tiene arreglo este problema??

  90. nedexca (27 Nov 2015, 20:36)

    to fix to the slow game for users that exceed the recommended requeriments is go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment\ and in the saint seiya foler, change the config.ini framerate from VARIABLE to FIXED

  91. Faq (27 Nov 2015, 21:13)

    Funciona perfecto, y esta en latino, gracias!! Thanks :_)

  92. GokuSeyaIchigo (27 Nov 2015, 23:07)

    Aqui joguei tranquilo a saga do Santuário ao menos…..
    Gostaria de saber se já tem a DLC.

  93. fgianni20 (28 Nov 2015, 0:23)


  94. DAVID (28 Nov 2015, 0:41)

    tengo problema error 0xc000007b

    mi pc

    fx 8 nucleos
    nvidia 760 ti
    28 gb ram
    120 hdd ssd

    help me please.

  95. Outerspacer (28 Nov 2015, 0:50)

    PARA BRASILEIROS: Galera, para todos que estão curtindo o jogo, eu recomendo FORTEMENTE que vcs façam tbm o download do MUSIC MOD que foi disponibilizado no link:!at00hRJK!yyoneJoz00u8jB8egXl_RngzCQsAKwLr7bUAgHlT1Eo
    Esse mod vai mudar as músicas aleatorias do jogo pelas músicas reais do desenho, dando muito mais emoção às cenas e às batalhas. FICOU DUCARALHO!

    FOR EVERYONE: For those enjoying this epic game, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you also download of MUSIC MOD that you can find in this link:!at00hRJK!yyoneJoz00u8jB8egXl_RngzCQsAKwLr7bUAgHlT1Eo
    This mod is going to replace all random songs in the game for the ones from the original anime series, the games gets so much more moving during the battles and cut scenes.

  96. DLoner (28 Nov 2015, 1:59)

    Help!!! my game is in slow motion. Anyone have a fix?

  97. fuzzyinthepants (28 Nov 2015, 3:57)

    i have issue where i get no sound either. any fixes for that? i know i have recently reformated my pc so its a clean OS, is there anything i could be missing? game runs fine at highest setting but so quiet..

  98. Alex Mitchell (28 Nov 2015, 3:57)


  99. eafsimanjuntak (28 Nov 2015, 13:24)

    trying to uninstall and install again, but it’s show the same message “steam must be running to playing this game(SteamAPI_Init() failed”, i was disable my AV and my firewall, and download steam_api.ini and steam_api64.dll, but nothing change……need help…….thank you

  100. eafsimanjuntak (28 Nov 2015, 13:32)

    ok thanks, it’s now fixed after download link from rafael, but it’s spanyol language…..hehehe, but anyway thank you

  101. OriginalCelebi (28 Nov 2015, 14:13)

    Is there lan fix which wont force me to start game again?

  102. Scorpion (28 Nov 2015, 15:39)

    have error (0xc000007b)

  103. WhatAPlay (28 Nov 2015, 19:47)


    Everytime i try starting the game I get the “SSSS.exe has stopped working … bla bla bla” error.
    Have tried many things (reinstalling every goddamn microsoft visual version, updating drivers, reinstalling the game/cracks, putting exceptions in my firewall etc…)

    Can’t for the love of god find where the problem is coming from.

    Oh and my specs are way over the requirements.

    Any ideas please ?

  104. Pedro (28 Nov 2015, 21:59)

    Pessoal, no meu jogo existem alguns bugs, alguns personagens estão com nomes trocados na tela de seleção e outros apresentam imagens de personagens diferentes no ecrã de batalha (ex: Seya V1 aparece a foto de Atena OCE em cima do nome do Seiya), é só no meu ou alguem mais apresenta esse problema?

    Personally, in my game there are some bugs, some characters are with names changed in the selection screen and other feature images of different characters on the battle screen (eg Seya V1 appears the picture of Athena OCE upon Seiya name), is just my or someone else has this problem?

  105. BOkir (29 Nov 2015, 5:10)

    thanks bro, debu debu intan

  106. criss090943 (29 Nov 2015, 11:37)

    hola muy buenos días saben que contiene el dlc que público Brian318

  107. thealedark (29 Nov 2015, 14:42)

    Thank you very much!!! playing this baby with no problems. You really have to play a lot to get the money.

  108. fuzzyinthepants (29 Nov 2015, 14:43)

    i’m having a sound issue, there is no sound whatsoever. these are my pc specs.

    cpu i7 [email protected]
    mobo g1.guerrilla from gigabyte
    ram 24gb
    vc nvidia gtx 560 ti

    all my other games have sound this is the only one that doesnt have sound. if anyone can help me please.

    the video card is running latest driver 359.00
    direct x is upgraded from microsoft latest version.
    i dont know what else to do i already tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

  109. fuzzyinthepants (29 Nov 2015, 15:13)

    i fix the problem. i know i had gotten update for direct x from microsoft. when i install that the update went really fast and finished. well out of the blue. i was bored and wanted to play something so i tried installing another game. i install galak-z. at the end of the install there was a install for a direct x update. this one took a lot longer than the one i got from microsoft. after sucessfully installing and playing the game with sound i was curious and decided to give soldiers soul another try. and it had sound. i just didnt have a direct x properly updated. i hope this helps other people having the same problem i had.

  110. Guilherme (29 Nov 2015, 16:43)

    Is there anyone with control’ settings problem? I can’t configure them… How do I can fix that?
    Thanks for help

  111. Alex (30 Nov 2015, 1:33)

    Hola, tengo un problema con el juego no se me escucha, hay alguna solucion para esto?

  112. arusan (30 Nov 2015, 11:54)

    why is game so slow but my fps is 30

  113. André (30 Nov 2015, 16:33)

    muito bom o jogo….. recomendo.
    taí um gameplay dele rodando baixado aqui no site

  114. Maicon (01 Dec 2015, 13:29)

    Se esse game for bom mesmo eu compro

  115. kephas (01 Dec 2015, 15:28)

    thank for the work

  116. killabeat (01 Dec 2015, 16:36)

    works perfect so cool remember old days :)))

    thanks a lotz

  117. anonymous (01 Dec 2015, 17:16)

    please the game very slow and the sound didn’t come out please help thanks

  118. Orphee (01 Dec 2015, 17:42)


    To unlock the DLC content (OCE Hades and Athena)
    Go to the path of the game.
    Open with Notepad “steam_api.ini”
    Search for “DLCUnlockall=0”, rewrite to “DLCUnlockall=1”
    Save the notepad, open the game, enjoy!

  119. Seiya (02 Dec 2015, 15:55)

    Have you ever felt? The power of the universe inside you?

  120. Dario (02 Dec 2015, 22:40)

    Thank you 4 the game 😀

  121. Discharge (04 Dec 2015, 2:58)

    How can I fix the slowmotion issue? I changed the config from VARIABLE to FIXED but still it doesn’t hit its full perfomance even though my notebook has the minimum requirements ):

  122. DarkSanta (04 Dec 2015, 5:23)

    Thanx a lot guys!

  123. Lipe (04 Dec 2015, 10:22)


  124. andromedafausto (04 Dec 2015, 13:35)

    Does it work online? I mean, with the crack, how can I play multiplayer online? Thanks for the help.

  125. kotoctok (06 Dec 2015, 1:08)

    sound fix: Only reinstall DX9 executing C:\Program Files\Saint Seiya Soldiers Soul\_CommonRedist\DirectX\Jun2010\DXSETUP.exe and the problem is fixed

  126. zains (08 Dec 2015, 8:20)

    fix all problem saint seiya soldiers soul visit this link

  127. Braska (08 Dec 2015, 10:43)

    I have the slow motion issue too, guys. Please, can someone hep me fix it? I tried everything there’s on the internet. I tried to change the framerate from VARIABLE to FIXED, but it keeps lagging a lot. It runs faster, still very slow though. I tried to update my drivers and i also allowed the game on my windows firewall, but nothing yet. Please, help me, this game is amazing and i really would love to play it 😛

  128. Braska (08 Dec 2015, 13:17)

    Guys, i figured out a way to play the game at its max speed, at least on my pc. I tried everything to fix the slow motion issue, and in the end i tried to launch the game at 640×480 monitor resolution, and it was finally fixed. The game now runs smoothly without any problem, but well… you know, that monitor resolution sucks so much… it’s a temporary solution, but i hope it can help some of you, at least until the ultimate fix comes out. And sorry for my english, i’m italian.

  129. Braska (08 Dec 2015, 16:39)

    Zains, i don’t understand that video… to fix the slow motion, it says “set windows mode to normal motion”, but what in the world does that mean? It doesn’t even show how do it and if it actually works

  130. Lipe (10 Dec 2015, 0:46)

    I love you, guys <3
    Everything's working^^

  131. S4nT3rxD (11 Dec 2015, 12:36)

    hey guys, i need help, the sound dont works. plz halp

  132. Yisus Runner (11 Dec 2015, 14:54)

    My game has no sound!!
    Some Solution?

  133. saint seiya (14 Dec 2015, 19:47)

    hey mates can anyone help me? i like to ear japanese and subtitles english or in my language that is portuguese, i change it but still not appear the legends/subtitles. help me to do it 🙂

  134. Willjay (15 Dec 2015, 20:45)

    Para quem esta enfrentando problema na instalação com isdone.dll
    provavelmente você baixou o game do primeiro torrent e ele esta corrompido.
    Para não ter que baixar o game novamente , copie o game ja baixado para a pasta TEMP do utorrent e baixe do game do link “Another Torrent”.
    O utorrent vai identificar que o game já estava sendo baixado e fara uma verificação. após essa verificação o utorrent baixara apenas o nescesario para consertar seu jogo corrompido. Dai é só instalar o game normalmente e curtir esse jogaço.

    If you have a problem on the installing with isdone.dll
    Probably you downloaded the first torrent file and it is corrupted.
    For you do not have to download the game again, Do you need copy the downloaded game for the TEMP folder of uTorrent and download the game from “Another Torrent” link.
    The uTorrent program will identify that the game was being downloaded and will make a checkup.
    After this checkup the utorrent just download the necessary to fix your corrupted game.
    Now just install normally and enjoy this game.

  135. Jacket (21 Dec 2015, 15:16)

    Hello…great game with the soud mod! i love it…

    No update about Online steamfix?

    tks guys!

  136. Paulo (07 Jan 2016, 18:22)

    its only in my game audio dont works?

  137. Personaje (24 Jan 2016, 1:05)

    I have this pc Game with CODEX, but i can not download patch update on 7 Dicember. How i download and install this update?


  138. Tiago (10 Feb 2016, 21:51)

    Simplesmente maravilhoso e nostalgico nosssaaa lindo, so um problema com delay q da pra resolver facil 😀 mas o jogo funciona mto bem ^^

  139. night42 (02 Mar 2016, 16:55)

    Steam must be running to play this game (SteamAPI_Init() failed).

    Someone could help me, please?

    Alguém podia-me ajudar?

  140. crisdavid (23 May 2016, 4:42)

    el juego se puede poner en español?

  141. mido (25 Aug 2016, 9:32)

    everytime i try to open it says input is not valid change display into 1280*1024 i did and still nothing only black screen anyone can help please ?

  142. Dvs77 (18 Jul 2019, 18:07)

    Links caidos

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