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In Prey, you awaken aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in the year 2032…



In Prey, you awaken aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in the year 2032. You are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever – but things have gone terribly wrong. The space station has been overrun by hostile aliens and you are now being hunted.

Title: Prey
Genre: Violent, Action, Adventure
Developer: Arkane Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release Date: 4 May, 2017

Note: Wait For Crack!

Size: 18 GB

















    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit versions)
    • Processor: Intel i5-2400, AMD FX-8320
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon 7850 2GB
    • Storage: 20 GB available space

    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit versions)
    • Processor: Intel i7-2600K, AMD FX-8350
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 970 4GB, AMD R9 290 4GB
    • Storage: 20 GB available spac

1. Unrar
2. Wait For Crack
3. Play
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  1. fuckdenuvo (04 May 2017, 17:01)

    fuck you denuvo i don’t have the money for this i still don’t even have enough for nier automata yet please cpy destroy this denuvo piece of shit and fuck the publishers who said that this game had to have denuvo instead of giving a shit load of money to denuvo maybe you can use it for making your game better my god this is getting annoying i can barely play anything thanks to denuvo

  2. Anon (04 May 2017, 19:22)

    I can’t believe you’re honestly having a bloody temper tantrum and blatantly admitting that it’s all cause you’re too god damned poor to buy the game. Here’s a thought: maybe developers invest in this kind of thing specifically to stop people like you from getting a free pass at games that they spent a shit load of hours and money trying to make.

    Granted, I’m here cause I can’t afford these games myself. But at least I have the decency not to act like a fucking toddler when a game doesn’t immediately have a crack. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Why do these people bother cracking games when the people benefitting from all their efforts are ingrates like you who can’t even appreciate how hard it is to crack a game?

  3. TheGreatHadoken (04 May 2017, 19:34)

    Been looking forward to this, I really enjoyed the original, it was quite innovative for the time, like Portal before Portal, with aliens, blood and big guns. Although I’ve yet to see any but the most tertiary similarities between that game and this, and the developer being nowhere near the same, I’m still waiting for this with a bit of interest.

    Oh, and…fuck you denuvo I hate you you are stupid and need to die blah blah blah Sims 4 bye

  4. ROCKY (04 May 2017, 20:52)

    Thank you ( 18go ????)

    Wait for crack CPY…….

  5. fuckdenuvo (04 May 2017, 21:36)

    @Anon haha did that trigger you glad it did also toddler your probably a 12 year old also yes i’m to poor but that’s one hell of a statemend you made and yes it takes a shit load to make but they get more than enough money in return to make more games they just say they don’t for that sweet money they all love so much also i can say what i want you toddler in the end yes i do agree that they should be rewarded but if i where them i’d rather have people play the games and lose a little money in the progress than a shit ton of people not being able to play them or those who need that money to pay to eat etc. but yeah that’s how the world is gotta deal with it that’s why you gotta deal with me having my opinion you fucking twat hope you get triggered again 10/10 triggered would trigger again

  6. someone (05 May 2017, 1:31)

    Omg, denuvo again and again and again and again. Fuck that shit

  7. Timmy the Tooth (05 May 2017, 2:33)

    @fuckdenuvo No i don’t think Anon was triggered, It’s just quite clear that you’re a fucking idiot that has no understanding of how the world actually works, I think you may be a toddler as you can’t even form proper sentences. Move out of your moms basement and get a job. that way you can buy games and you won’t have to leave comments complaining like a little bitch.

  8. Timmy (05 May 2017, 2:34)

    @fuckdenuvo No i don’t think Anon was triggered, It’s just quite clear that you’re a fucking idiot that has no understanding of how the world actually works, I think you may be a toddler as you can’t even form proper sentences. Move out of your moms basement and get a job. that way you can buy games and you won’t have to leave comments complaining like a little bitch.

  9. fuckdenuvo is a douche (05 May 2017, 3:57)

    Wow fuckdenuvo, you really are the epitome of everything that is wrong with this generation. You are a self entitled, immature, uneducated waste of space. It must feel terrible being such a waste, and if not now, it will hopefully hit you some day. You are everything that is wrong with the scene, humanity, and your demographics.
    I suggest you get an education and do something with your life, you won’t regret it. Be a contributing part of society.

  10. ThLL (05 May 2017, 6:23)


    Get a fucking job & buy the fucking game. Don’t talk about triggering you just look for a excuse to defend your bullshit comment.


  11. Howler (05 May 2017, 7:53)

    So does this have the full game?

  12. dontbeg (05 May 2017, 8:52)

    why buying door for house, why put guard at bank? before you throwing tantrum because of denuvo, make sure what i said are not exist

  13. Ryan (05 May 2017, 10:37)

    @fuckdenuvo firstly, you called him a 12 year old and a toddler in the same sentence, which is literally impossible seeing as a toddler is a baby and a 12 year old is a child. secondly, denuvo is easily cracked now, you just have to be patient. thirdly, you’re illegally downloading a game without paying for it, so you shouldn’t care whether it takes 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month to play the game, you’re paying NOTHING for it, so come on, use your fucking brain and start talking some sense, you might get further in life.

  14. ZTWarz (05 May 2017, 10:57)

    @fuckdenuvo Fuck off. It’s their way of making money. They put Denuvo to the game, and people don’t wanna wait, so they buy it. There is nothing wrong with that, you don’t need to throw a temper tantrum over people protecting their game.

  15. Mr-X (05 May 2017, 11:26)

    @fuckdenuvo if you can’t afford to eat because you purchased a game,
    then you are one stupid muttha trucker who are way to addicted to gaming.

    And probably should stop.

    Priorities concerning money
    1.Rent – Duh
    2.Food – vitality
    3.Cloths – necessary
    4.Travel – to/from work/school
    5.Meds – incase
    6.Hobbies/Gaming – yeah…

    a developer wants at least twice the amount of money invested in a game back to invest in a second game. otherwise it’s not worth it to them.

    So remember they don’t make games from the kindness of there hearth.
    its a business and money is what they are after.

    So if you cant afford to buy the game. SAVE UP FOR IT.

  16. Jack MehoFF (05 May 2017, 13:56)

    @fuckdenuvo you are an impatient little crybaby. Most major Denuvo games have been cracked already you stupid prick, calm your vagina and wait!!!

  17. SopooryouresaltyLUL (05 May 2017, 15:32)

    You should tell your mommaz to stop sucking dick for free. She would make a damn fine whore.

  18. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 16:05)

    I am gay.

  19. Great the Guy (05 May 2017, 17:04)

    I give them a week.

  20. Great the Guy (05 May 2017, 17:05)

    I give them a week.

  21. Gear69 (05 May 2017, 17:21)

    U can download the crack from CPY site 😀 go for it

  22. SerialKillerJTR (05 May 2017, 18:45)

    @fuckdenuvo No words needed for your pathetic little outburst! You want cracked games then learn how to crack them yourself…OH YEAH YOU CAN’T!

  23. Dante (05 May 2017, 18:49)

    i dont understand beacuse y’all are fighting, we have to wait for it to be cracked or its already cracked

  24. abdul (05 May 2017, 19:55)

    Iam so fucking waiting for this crack!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Howler (05 May 2017, 20:22)

    So back to my question is this the full game? Cause I was told it was broken

  26. Sniper-Cat (05 May 2017, 20:29)

    If a piracy forum gets even MORE stupid and hateful with more idiocy and bullshit than Youtube, and PIRATES talking like 40 year old carreer men who buy all the games and “just get some pirated copies for fun, of course only if they have some time between making millions and travelling around the world and caring for wife and kids and everyone who is against Denuvo and pro piracy is a 12 year old stupid fucking crybaby that should go die blah blah blah”…… well I can`t stop laughing anymore, now the Youtube idiots have arrived on Skidrows site.

    And don´t forget to shitstorm on all new games and let all your hate and impotency and immatureness out on Skidrow.
    Happy pirating, you Harvard-educated 50 year old Wallstreet carreer millionaire family father wannabe idiots and strict anti-piracy wannabe pirate fucks who should not even be allowed to be on a warez site! 😀

  27. Jake (05 May 2017, 20:30)

    its quite funny to find all these people defending denuvo and dev’s using it on a PIRATE SITE. go fuck off and return to your dev’s to be coddled.

  28. Catman (05 May 2017, 20:38)

    @Anon However things like Denuvo tend to cause more problems for legit buyers than it does pirates. While this isn’t Denuvo, Ubisoft made AC 2 online only and that caused massive issues on launch and pirates were able to play it just fine I believe before the legit buyers were able to.

    I get your point, however I also somewhat get his about hating Denuvo. Because even when I’m legit buying games I despise Denuvo for the troubles it can and has caused for me. It IS used because developers and publishers want to stop piracy, however if anything it just incentivizes people to pirate more and just wait those extra weeks or month rather than buying it and having to deal with the troubles it brings.

  29. Catman (05 May 2017, 20:44)

    And before people bash me for “defending” this kid, I’m not. He’s a immature and self entitled dick.

  30. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:41)

    haha lol loving all the triggered people on here also i don’t care if what you say is true well whatever i’l continue my life was fun laughing at all of you geting triggered and wasting precious time typing shit that just makes me laugh bye bye losers

  31. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:42)


  32. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:42)


  33. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:42)


  34. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:43)

    i’ll spam

  35. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:43)

    this game

  36. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:44)

    how’s it going

  37. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:44)

    cancer is fun

  38. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:45)

    do you like me you can suck my dick for 69 dollars

  39. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:45)


  40. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:46)

    fuck denuvo

  41. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:46)

    fuck publisers

  42. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:47)

    fuck you the dick way

  43. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:49)

    @sopooryourasaltyLUL haha nice one bro yeah it’s great getting my dick sucked every day THANKS MOM!!! btw how’s it going with your 2 father’s must be rough trying to deepthroat dick’s above 9 years

  44. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:54)

    jack MehoFF no i won’t give me all the games for free also who’s crying i’m having a blast also i have a dick but your free to believe what you want i guess PRICK!!!

  45. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 21:57)

    @fuckdenuvo is a douche glad i piss you off that’s what i’m here for also nice name really reflects your intelligence bye bye bitch!!!

  46. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 22:03)

    @timmy the tooth trust me i know how the world works i know they don’t make a game of the sweetness of their harts it’s all about the money like everything else in the world also no i’m 19 years old i just don’t have to act like it on the internet also it’s not as easy as you may think to get a job also like i said i’m not triggered i still have plenty of games to play anyway bye i hope you have a fantastic day getting triggered by my comments

  47. zbzvxhxhxh (05 May 2017, 22:09)

    its funny how every single comment here is being more and more rude calm down guys we are here to get a free game, I buy games to support the hard work of the developers

  48. zbzvxhxhxh (05 May 2017, 22:09)

    its funny how every single comment here is being more and more rude calm down guys we are here to get a free game, I buy games to support the hard work of the developers,,

  49. Gantork (05 May 2017, 22:16)

    Anybody now what was the prey countdown about? I tought that they were going to release the crack once it finished.

  50. fuckdenuvo (05 May 2017, 22:22)

    also fake @fuckdenuvo original meme there buddy

  51. Shaunydepp (05 May 2017, 22:38)

    @Mr-X im pretty sure clothes is not a priority… i mean if you are an adult you shouldn’t out grow ur clothes… and guys be patient if you knew anything about codeing you would know it takes time and effort to release a cracked version of denuvo games. and if you have a job and cant pay for a game well i suggest finding an other job or buy retro console in flee markets and resale them for twice the value.

  52. denuvorulesgames (05 May 2017, 23:08)

    Im saving for this game

  53. samuel (05 May 2017, 23:15)

    where can i find the crack?

  54. Tiago (05 May 2017, 23:34)


  55. Andrew (06 May 2017, 0:02)

    Is this now unlocked or we need to wait for crack?

  56. BrazilianGuy (06 May 2017, 0:53)

    I’m from Brazil, here the games cost more then everything, i’m a poor guys, can somebody donate this game for me? NO??

    So Thanks Skidrow I LOVE YOU!!!

  57. rxt666 (06 May 2017, 2:16)

    All of you guys, talking about @fuckdenuvo, but you are all here for the same thing…
    and in different countries, as mine, games are coming with a price wich is really out of our reality, as you guys can pay I dunno, 50 bucks for a game, here we have to pay the triple of the price…
    For this games alone, I do download the “pirate one”, but when they come for sale (the price will be rentable and in our reality) I do buy them. So just don’t be hyprocrites talking how this guy hates denuvo, when you guys are here for the same reason as he is.

  58. Loki (06 May 2017, 2:18)

    Such rage over denuvo? Lol. Cracked games should be bought if you like them after playing them.. Just sayin.

  59. justpassinthorugh (06 May 2017, 2:19)

    tbh the game is way over priced nowadays game cost around 40 euros this cost 60 😀 just saying

  60. venezuelan (06 May 2017, 5:03)

    My country is shit, i cant buy dollars because
    cecause we are on the verge of a civil war and fucking socialisms, so i have to wait for this. thanks

  61. Tazz (06 May 2017, 5:34)

    why so long for the crack evry time ?

  62. hardmode (06 May 2017, 6:23)

    Wow men, since when this site became a nest of basic bitches… Having to read stuff like”how the world works” and how do we have to pay for everything because thats how it is” makes me want to puke you fucking normies get the fuck out you fucking normal fags, lf you want to agree that the only way to live is to work all day just to get some shitty money then l have some news for you, you just a bunch of normal fags keeping the weel running until you just end like a bag of old farts shitting themselves in a nursery home with the prize of knowing you just wasted your entire life and didnt get to do anything that really fullfils your existence that could barely make you noticeable from your mediocre circle of life that you just so willingly accepted as not being able not even to have the balls to try anything out of your reach but a medicre jod a mediocre way of life, a mediocre way to think and a mediocre way to be. So think about it, as every day when you go to your “jobs” because aparently somebody just tell you taht this is how it is and no body can change it so you just lay down, spread your chicks and let this so wondeful society introduce his rotten dick up your juicy butthole while you keep screaming of pleasure without even knowing ,or not wanting to aknowledge the sad truth. You have no escape so you want everybody to be just lika you, and tahts how your parents were, and you grandparents and your gran grand parents and so on because inside you you just know you are not motre than a genetic chain of mediocresy that would never end, not even when you die.

  63. arafat (06 May 2017, 8:48)

    i have this legit copy in my steam account. but i don,t have internet. so i already steal my brother,s broadband connection ip adress and pass. and then downloaded my game. i never play cracked games in my life. i always bought legit copies. and collect steam backups from store.

  64. arafat (06 May 2017, 8:49)

    i have this legit copy in my steam account. but i dont have internet. so i already steal my brother broadband connection ip adress and pass. and then downloaded my game. i never play cracked games in my life. i always bought legit copies. and collect steam backups from store.

  65. WraithWard Studios (06 May 2017, 9:00)

    Here is the thing… I was born in the Island of Rhodes in Greece… At the time there were pirated game corner shops because NO big brand distributor would take it upon him self to bring us real games. So I grew up on pirated games. But here is the thing as soon as I was able to by games and support those companies I did it. I got Doom, Warcraft 3, Oddworld, empire earth, Elders scrolls morrowind … and so on. They deserve to get your money and they need to use it to make even more staff like this. If you cant help them now. Just consider helping them at some point when the game is going to be cheaper. By the way prey is now at 35% off on the website. Just don’t think you are entitled to the result of their hard work and talent because you are not, and without the money you will not get good games. Just think about that the next time you buy anything else. Can you get away with having something that costs 30, 50, 100 dollars for free just by taking it? Consider you self lucky to be able to get that much here…

  66. murena (06 May 2017, 9:22)

    cospiracy you number 1 do you miracle .. kill denuvo in prey

  67. murena (06 May 2017, 9:26)


  68. murena (06 May 2017, 9:30)

    COSPIRACY WE ARE NEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. wtfisgoingon (06 May 2017, 9:31)

    So i just downloaded the torrent…18gb later.. now what..

  70. daw (06 May 2017, 10:46)

    NO PC demo!

    So Crack this shit so i can even test it before i buy it, like every ohther game i do

    Full Respect, for u work !

  71. PoorCunt (06 May 2017, 11:54)

    Man, this game seems interesting, and there are at least 10 hours of gameplay. If I get my salary before the crack is out, I might actually buy it ☻

    I have osteoporosis

  72. murena 1 (06 May 2017, 12:34)

    cpy we are near you

  73. John (06 May 2017, 13:12)

    rxt666, lol there’s a difference @fuckdenuvo and them, @fuckdenuvo gets triggered when he did not get what he wants right now and them are just “oh ok”

  74. Marvin (06 May 2017, 13:44)

    I’m a student and don’t have so much money to spend. Generally speaking I like the idea of supporting game developers, but this game (no matter how good it is) is not worth 60€.
    I would have bought it for 20-30€ but 60 is way too much! That’s very unfortunate, but as long as I am student I won’t invest into single player games. It doesn’t even have coop…

    Sorry Bethesda, I can play the waiting game 🙂

    @CPY (or whoever will crack this) take your time, your work is very much appreciated!

  75. logan (06 May 2017, 14:58)

    this is an awesome chat

  76. Drea Zener (06 May 2017, 16:43)

    Seeed Guys !!! & Thx

  77. One of the Denuvo haters (06 May 2017, 17:40)

    Can you just wait some?
    Did you forget about Resident Evil 7?
    That game was haked at 5 day.
    With Denuvo.
    So, Denuvo sucks, and it MUST be hacked for that game.

    Ye, I can buy that game, I wanna buy it.
    But I can’t, leave in Russia, dont have money for good food, thanks to Putin…
    So don’t call me kiddo.

    Fuck Denuvo.

  78. SomeBodyOnce (06 May 2017, 18:48)

    U can get a crack in the CPY page, just saying…

  79. fuckdenuvoisafaggot (06 May 2017, 20:15)

    fuckdenuvo just kill yourself you cant spell for shit your grammar is horrible and clearly you are not over the age of 18 as if you were youd be able to work a normal job and piss away 60 bucks on a game. food for thought, get out of your moms house get a fucking job and work for your fucking money like these devs do everyday, you crying little fucktard faggot. if you were to ever show your fave in RL and wanted to speak this shit you spout you wouldnt because your a internet tough guy and a fucking pussy in the real world. no shut ur fucking mouth and go play more minecraft you fucking cock sucking muslim faggot.

  80. Poseidon Energy (06 May 2017, 21:56)

    @fuckdenuvo Wait for a crack and stop complaining, you idiotic cunt!

    And get out of that room you’ll be sitting all day in and do something with your life. Okay, enough of that.

  81. lovepiratedgames (06 May 2017, 22:11)

    Tons of other cracked games to play right now.

    As soon as CPY will deal with this – i ll check it out.

    No rush – we got time and all that stuff.

    No dollar for you n1ggas – HAha

  82. Lordki (06 May 2017, 23:17)

    yo i downloaded this and it says full unlocked so how do i play boi?

  83. Gamma (06 May 2017, 23:43)

    Instead of bickering in the comments we should all be throwing our hands up in the air and giving our energy to the people working hard to make the crack for this game. A lot of you seem to take these services for granted.

  84. Morphene (07 May 2017, 1:03)

    Best thread I’ve read in a long while lmao. Damn guys.

  85. Herpderp (07 May 2017, 2:39)

    I remember when games cost $60 brand new. Now they cost over $100 with DLC (the full game)

  86. yanks-don't-get-it-or-care (07 May 2017, 8:13)

    I usually pirate games to test out the waters for myself. A free preview if you will: if it runs on my machine, if it’s too buggy for me to enjoy etc. I don’t trust devs anymore, not since I payed for Fallout 4 full price on release. Learned my lesson, never buy day one before checking out for myself.
    Don’t trust youtubers, most of them are shilling coal-burners, and those I do trust often don’t cover all games I’m interested in.
    That being said, if even this section of paradise is being tempered with, and fans can’t even get to enjoy games because greedy game publishers really want to milk the cash-cow in every way they can, then why even bother?
    The hobby I like transformed into a corporate interest by greedy people with GAMING DEGREES from universities who clearly are not interested in creating a product for people to enjoy but to make lots and lots of money by catering to western countries, forming this elitist mentality people from poor countries cannot conform to.
    This is why people applaud CD Project Red. They don’t really care if people pirate their games, they still would much rather have millions of people enjoy the Witcher trilogy. And if they really want to support them, they will. And guess what, CDPR’s Polish. Fascinating, isn’t it?

    The point(s) of my ramble is(are):
    – Bethesda cannot be trusted.
    – People from western countries have no notion how actual poverty looks like.
    – If there’s no crack, people have a right to voice their complain.
    – If you think Skidrow doesn’t make any money of this, you are incredibly naive.
    – Stop being an elitist douche.
    – Put these lazy bastards to work.

  87. Deli (07 May 2017, 9:13)

    Time to calm down, everyone is waiting for a crack and anyone telling someone to get a job or giving them shit for being too poor to pay for a game needs to gtfo. Whether a person is too poor or have different priorities with the money they do have is their own bizniz, like a wise bloke said earlier. “We are all here for the same reason”

    And í agree with one thing fuckdenuvo stands for, and that is Fuck denuvo!

  88. Steven Sipos (07 May 2017, 10:41)

    Hi guys.
    Just like an info 4you all who not know.
    In Hungary where I live my day.
    Average is 250000. (310000=1000 € Says the politicians.
    But. I do not know anyone who earns more than 200000
    But. I know a lot of guys who earn just 200 to 300€/month,with honest work.
    I am 57 YO.And I like playing too but I earn 21000 /month myw.60000.
    And we live 3 persons from 270000 in month when the gasoline 4 example is by us 1,5 € or so.
    The rest is easy to calculate.
    That much from a “god life”.
    Sorry for my poor English.
    Thanx for reading.

  89. Steven Sipos (07 May 2017, 10:43)

    Sorry I
    Mistyped mi salary is 210000 /month.

  90. Steven Sipos (07 May 2017, 11:08)

    rxt666 You have a god point of view .

  91. CryTamerBeast (07 May 2017, 11:13)

    Yes f&&k guy you right i suport you in every way againt denuvo, you genius. And i like that a denuvo makers have a accidents to have a bad days and rest an eternal invalids without normal lifes

  92. Steven Sipos (07 May 2017, 11:14)

    You can see our prices on
    1€ = today 310 huf.

  93. HitlerDidNothingWrong (07 May 2017, 11:30)

    waiting for crack

  94. R.P. (07 May 2017, 11:54)

    Is there a crack available?

  95. Nom nom (07 May 2017, 12:56)

    We all are here for the same thing, im not poor, i have more than enough for everything and i believe no one is poor hete either, if you can afford a 30~40 gb monthly plan ill dare not call you poor.but do you know why i download ? Because i wanna see the devs go bankrupt, yeah its my evil intention, why? Earlier devs of 19s and early 20s were cool, making stuff with heart, giving out extras, but today, everyone follows same rule of thumb, gfx-unfinished game-dlc-multiplayer. There is no more “a game is game” kind of thing , look at outlast 2, its so disgusting

  96. passerby (07 May 2017, 16:38)

    @fuckdenuvo you typed to much dude, don’t waste your time. time to laugh at yourself i think 😀

  97. Catman (07 May 2017, 17:33)

    @rxt666 I think you need to read over what we’re bashing @fuckdenuvo for, it’s not because he’s pirating games.

  98. Ne7na rjelak ya Bashar! (08 May 2017, 3:57)

    I await the crack like an inner-city minority from the 80’s.

    Also, I must say that reading these comments made me understand the dynamics of political conflicts a lot better. Never thought I’d learn anything from attempting to pirate a game but hey, there’s a first for everything!

  99. justpassinthorugh (08 May 2017, 5:47)

    any news from out favourite CPY on crack ?:P

  100. justpassinthorugh (08 May 2017, 5:49)

    Steven sipos where u get that avarage is 200k ?:D in hungary u must be lucky 🙂 avarage is 120-150k max 🙂

  101. CompanyMan (08 May 2017, 6:20)

    OPP bitches! Who the fuck cares you fucking losers? Get a fucking job, earn money and buy the fucking game. Thats how you do IT 🙂

  102. Leon (08 May 2017, 6:32)

    half-life 3? Prey..

  103. justsomeguywhowantstoplay (08 May 2017, 14:20)

    everyones just avoiding a straight answer

  104. fcrivers (08 May 2017, 14:27)

    I will tell you why I will never pre-order or even buy games without knowing what im getting into.

    Pre-ordered mirrors edge, EA turned a decent game to shit again.
    Pre-ordered Fallout 4, disgusting game, couldnt evne finish it
    Pre-ordered Deus Ex, biggest scam of 2016 with rushed unfinished mechanics.

    Every single game that comes out is just another attempt at getting money with trash mechanics and unfinished product.
    Want to see more of the game? buy DLC.

    The way the gaming industry has turned is completely garbage, and I would advise ANYONE, to torrent every single game instead of wasting your money.

    I purchase games when I see they are worth, otherwise, torrent it and delete it. I even sleep better at night knowing I gave 0 euros to these greedy motherfuckers who cant even make a decent game.

  105. TAKKAR (08 May 2017, 16:49)


  106. IvoryOwl (08 May 2017, 21:23)

    What’s the number one lesson on how to deal with internet trolls (aka ‘fuckdenuvo’)?

    You think trolls care about logic and common sense? They act like morons on purpose because they know that kind of attitude is bound to draw some attention. If you can’t exert enough self-control over yourself then you’re just going to fall into their trap. Don’t. Be smarter than that. Just pretend the guy doesn’t exist and move on.

  107. fuckdenuvo (08 May 2017, 21:30)

    I’m sorry everyone. I’m just alone and my dad left when I was 5. I cannot speak normally since then. Please I’m just here to suck some balls

  108. me (09 May 2017, 2:09)

    All this talk…and so many people have asked the same thing…and no one has answered… says unlocked…is it or not????

  109. justsomeguywhowantstoplay (09 May 2017, 8:35)

    Somebody just answer the question
    Can this game be played or not?

  110. fuckdenuvo (09 May 2017, 9:14)

    your all little fucking bitches who can’t afford it thats why your still on this site downloading games faggots fuck you all and no i’m not a pussy troll like fat retards i actually look good and i’m toned physically so go fuck yourself i play games because i suffer from mental illnesses so i can’t afford to work you fucking faggots i also fuck your moms on a daily basis while your in your basements playing shit games like Prey fuck denuvo and fuck publishers fuck money hungry idiots

  111. FUCK DENUVO (09 May 2017, 11:04)




  112. Knives (09 May 2017, 13:41)

    @fuckdenuvo are you serious? you say you arent triggered and arent a 6 year old yet you have to answer to each person who said something to you AND spam the site. you are cancer to this world. lmfao

  113. Argo (09 May 2017, 16:29)

    You people are really fucking stupid if you’re debating the logistics of a DRM system while pirating a game.

    The amount of complete non-arguments in favour of piracy here are actually fucking hilarious. “I have evil intentions” (slow down there, “Shadow the Edgehog”), “I can’t afford games”, “They already have too much money.”

    It’s actually retarded. “Buh buh I’m not actually stealing any physical good, I’m just using it D:”

    I mean legit retarded. Try walking into a hotel and saying: “I’m gonna use this whether you like it or not ‘cuz I can’t afford it and you have too much money already.” see where that gets you.

  114. im-poor (09 May 2017, 22:35)

    how long did it take for the last denuvo game to crack

  115. death (10 May 2017, 9:52)


  116. everyone thinks fuckdenuvo is a twat (10 May 2017, 12:20)

    fuckdenuvo. you should get banned for life and from life. get your autistic crap out of here and stay gone.

  117. cristianloco51 (10 May 2017, 13:19)

    Support for Developers and Support for Crackers!!!!!!
    Apriciate every single effort from both. I try games cracked and then i buy it if its worth!

    hope we get a crack soon 🙂

    @fuckdenuvo——–>FUCK YOU!!!! you are CANCER for this scene!!!!

  118. helloman (10 May 2017, 19:48)

    it took like 5-6 days

  119. conscience (11 May 2017, 5:00)

    Thou shalt not steal

  120. CryMore (11 May 2017, 12:14)

    You all fucks have PC’s that can run Prey so STOP fucking crying about not having money for the game retards

  121. Lacuna (11 May 2017, 15:24)

    For those asking:
    The game is “unlocked” so it was able to be ripped, but it is not cracked yet so you cannot play it as is until a crack is released.

  122. poorpolandguy (11 May 2017, 20:58)

    helo guys at one sorry for bad england but im polack i no buy because no money i do 200 euro on month i live with 5 humans in house sleep with brother, dream on prey when they say it. pls do crack i please you very

  123. AlegitQuestion (11 May 2017, 22:32)

    so…is it cracked or not? 🙁 please..

  124. Casual Pirate (12 May 2017, 3:43)

    oh its not cracked yet, then ill wait, if it doesnt get cracked no biggie just another fps, not the best game in the world, and if it were i would probably buy it, btw that @fuckdenuvo guy is really retarded, or hes 10 years old cod kid, or maybe a 4chan/reddit fuckers who think they are in the top of the world, its just a dumbass crying for attention

  125. J-ben (12 May 2017, 4:21)

    Damn, no crack yet ? 🙁 its been more than a week now.

  126. Likeidon'tfuckingknow (12 May 2017, 11:12)

    So 3 more days is it?

  127. FUCK DENUVO (12 May 2017, 13:04)

    Denuvo is so damn GOOD !!!

    Yeah Skidrow is absolutely a GAY. To stupid to crack. It is so heavy for you ?

    Yeah its Gaylord.

    Thanks Denuvo !!!

  128. sikitaro (12 May 2017, 17:31)

    What if devs are paying money to them so they don’t release crack? then we are fucked up..

  129. Leon (13 May 2017, 12:55)

    @J-Ben it took over 157 days to Crack Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain, give it time.

  130. Someone (13 May 2017, 17:08)

    I hope this gets cracked soon really would like to play it.

  131. Strider (13 May 2017, 18:07)

    Multi lenguage?

  132. im-poor (13 May 2017, 19:35)

    ^^^ same, have been waiting since first day

  133. Slam (13 May 2017, 20:11)

    Crack please! So I don’t have to come back and read these comments. I can’t afford this game OR chemotherapy.

  134. Elite (14 May 2017, 8:26)

    Hi men , downloaded Prey 2017 , no funkcional …api steam …no understant , fully unlocked ? 🙂

  135. Random Commentor (14 May 2017, 9:22)

    Wild random Comment appearing.

  136. Shrijon (14 May 2017, 16:35)

    Patience…..It is quite hard to crack recent games. just be thankful to the crackers for doing this community service

  137. tinou41 (14 May 2017, 17:24)


  138. Coath (14 May 2017, 19:31)

    There’s no crack so far. It might take some months for it to hack into the full game.

  139. UsableShit (14 May 2017, 19:39)

    Don’t they at least have a date of when the crack will be ready?

  140. God (14 May 2017, 20:38)

    i will kill all of you stupid children i didnt put you on this earth now i will cut of your micro penis unless this game gets cracked Pronto!

  141. Scirio (14 May 2017, 23:35)

    If you go to google and type in Prey-BALDMAN first link should be skidrows upload of it, it has been cracked download the torrent then download the crack V2 crack by baldman and enjoy.

  142. Scirio (14 May 2017, 23:37)

    Or you can go to request accepted in the top right hand corner under request game. To make it faster at finding it. But either way works.

  143. im-poor (15 May 2017, 4:29)

    Thank you @Scirio

  144. UsableShit (15 May 2017, 17:50)

    Scirio thanks! you the best!

  145. Kris (15 May 2017, 20:44)
  146. Raptor (27 May 2017, 5:59)

    I believe in you guys.

    I’m seeing a lot of people justifying the fact they’re pirating because their poor but we all know the reason why we’re all actually pirating.

    The Publishers poisoned the well.

    There used to be a time where when a game was made and released, not only was it good but it had effort. If it didn’t meet expectations or was poorly made, then it fell away to obscurity only to be picked up by some angry reviewer dressed as a nerd in the future.

    Now, with post-release-patching, “Early Beta”, marketing that goes way beyond the game’s budget, too many promises and not meeting them, outright lies to the consumer, overpricing games with short play times (IE: Destiny’s 2 hour story at launch, Halo 5’s 4 hour story when 12 hours was promised) microtransactions to the point of single player games, selling “Collector’s Edition” of games WITHOUT THE GAME IN IT, and, worst of all, selling games that are “Online Only” even if they’re single player so when you buy it and they decide the game isn’t doing “That well” they can shut off the server for it and then you can never play the game because IT’S GONE.. Publishers had essentially made us all not only upset, but pissed us off.

    So now we want to at least test the waters of a game before we buy it, but they don’t offer demos anymore because then people would see the lie for what it is. So we HAVE to pirate in order to probably not be scammed. Because they did this to us, they ruined our trust and they expect us to lay on our face and flop around and just take it. These publishers pay off reviewers, YouTubers, and more with little “Giveaway” items or cold hard cash to perpetuate the lies. So when thats not working, and we’re pirating shit games to see if they’re bad, the publishers panic and then they run for Denuevo.

    I’m tired of it and I know everyone of you here are too. Lets just be honest about it.

  147. fuckdenuvo (19 Aug 2017, 0:42)

    I like dingus

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