Planet Zoo-EMPRESS

Posted 23 Sep 2020 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Planet Zoo-EMPRESS


Meet a world of incredible animals. From playful lion cubs to mighty elephants…..



Meet a world of incredible animals. From playful lion cubs to mighty elephants, every animal in Planet Zoo is a thinking, feeling individual with a distinctive look and personality of their own.

Title: Planet Zoo
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 5 Nov, 2019

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Planet Zoo-EMPRESS
Size: 11 GB







































    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 (SP1+)/8.1/10 64bit
    • Processor: Intel i5-2500 / AMD FX-6350
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (2GB) / AMD Radeon R9 270X (2GB)
    • Storage: 16 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Minimum specifications may change during development

Planet Zoo-EMPRESS
1. Extract
2- Install
3- Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Valjevo (23 Sep 2020, 18:57)

    Zurio SM

  2. Rodney Alcala (23 Sep 2020, 18:58)

    nice game

  3. Moha (23 Sep 2020, 18:59)

    finally OMG

  4. GreaTMaX (23 Sep 2020, 19:02)

    Finally Empress is back!

  5. Mam (23 Sep 2020, 19:06)

    IS it cracked finaly?

  6. Sukhoi47 (23 Sep 2020, 19:07)


  7. anonymous (23 Sep 2020, 19:09)

    first!! thnx for a great game!

  8. Lion (23 Sep 2020, 19:12)

    Finally! wrarrrrrr

  9. Kevin (23 Sep 2020, 19:13)


    Can’t wait to download

  10. Lafratinha (23 Sep 2020, 19:14)

    Niiice i was waiting for this crack

  11. George (23 Sep 2020, 19:27)

    Many thanks guys 😀 hope all games protected by denuvo would get a crack some day.

  12. DarthRevan (23 Sep 2020, 19:29)

    Whoa, Finally , Thank you very much !

  13. Daebius (23 Sep 2020, 19:32)

    Thank you 🙂

  14. 1313c (23 Sep 2020, 19:36)

    Thank you very much! have been waiting for this

  15. veruza (23 Sep 2020, 19:57)

    Not workingg
    A: Change LocalSave = 0 to 1 (in “steam_api64.ini”)

  16. Steven (23 Sep 2020, 20:01)

    Thanks alot! works fine

    if didn’t work for you open “steam_api64.ini”

    Change LocalSave = 0 to 1

    Save, and start game.

  17. vexa 23 (23 Sep 2020, 20:03)

    Guess who come back.

  18. Veruza (23 Sep 2020, 20:10)

    sadly, still not working 🙁

  19. Undertaker (23 Sep 2020, 20:18)

    Sounds good!How about to crack Jurassic World Evolution with all DLC’s?

  20. Madia972 (23 Sep 2020, 20:20)

    Not working, i change localsave 0 to 1 on “steam_api64.ini” but not work

  21. PTPTLu (23 Sep 2020, 20:24)

    it works fine for me,

    thank you so much EMPRESS

  22. Loser (23 Sep 2020, 20:27)

    Legend is come back and i think she or he will crack much more very soon finally someone doing something aganist denuvo

  23. 1212c (23 Sep 2020, 20:30)

    don’t work, crash when i start the game.

    i did the localsave = 0 to 1 , that didn’t change anything

  24. Butthead (23 Sep 2020, 20:40)

    OMG Empress you are out of this world thanks alot

  25. Insider (23 Sep 2020, 20:43)

    Game crashes for me while launching. Already changed the steam_api64.ini, made no difference :/

  26. Hardworer (23 Sep 2020, 20:44)

    So it wasnt impossible to crack the Denuvo

    Now watch rhe empress group rise

  27. SS-TV (23 Sep 2020, 20:50)

    Thank you very much, i’ve been waiting for this one

  28. Pedro (23 Sep 2020, 20:58)

    I got crash first time, i fix it by this:

    make sure to update your GPU driver – mine was slightly outdated leading to crash.

  29. veruza (23 Sep 2020, 20:59)

    Ok that was a GPU drivers problem, sorry!

  30. Warwitch (23 Sep 2020, 21:08)

    Ah, so the devs/publisher of this one finally ran out of money to pass to crackers under the table, then? Good, good.

    Or are these “uncrackable” games on some timer-type contract? Don’t mind me, just curious on how pirate corruption works.

  31. mik (23 Sep 2020, 21:12)

    doesn’t work

  32. Mephis (23 Sep 2020, 21:20)

    Até que enfim!

  33. alex (23 Sep 2020, 21:34)

    supposedly I have updated gtx graphics card drivers but the game gives me an error when starting …

  34. dan (23 Sep 2020, 21:51)

    Edited the ini, latest drivers, nothing. Don’t open, any ideas?

  35. Crashed (23 Sep 2020, 21:54)

    I changed the file but it still crash :'(

  36. Kyojin (23 Sep 2020, 21:56)

    Planet Poo.

    Meet a world of incredible feces-infested animals. Watch as playful cubs rummage through kegs of shit. Let’s visit the zoo today! Watch your step! Uh-Oh?! Your leg is caked with Elephant goo. As you try to wash your jeans off with a hose, an orangutan flings a ball of turd upside your head! Enjoy a living breathing planet full of animal feces – inhale too much stink, you’ll randomly transform into a animal yourself!

    Just downloading this makes my monitor stink! Sniff, sniff? It must be Koala shit! Fabulous!

  37. alex (23 Sep 2020, 21:57)

    how can change language?

  38. stillNot (23 Sep 2020, 22:01)

    I did the gpu update + the change local save and stil lcrashing for me :'(

  39. THANKS GUYS!! (23 Sep 2020, 22:02)

    nonono sorry i wrote my previous comment to soon


    I REPEAT!!


    thanks again lads!

  40. elpolaco (23 Sep 2020, 22:03)

    you need disconnect monitors if you have multiscreen . start the game on only one monitor . change resolution turn off the game connect the rest of the monitors .

  41. marco (23 Sep 2020, 22:11)

    can`t make it work, tried .ini, drivers are new, nothing works

  42. dan (23 Sep 2020, 22:12)

    Doesn’t work for me, tried the ini fix, latest drivers, still don’t work.
    It’s above recommended settings.

    Any Ideas?

  43. dan (23 Sep 2020, 22:14)

    Doesn’t work for me. Tried the ini fix and have the latest drivers.
    PC above recommended settings.
    Any ideas?

  44. diy (23 Sep 2020, 22:16)

    Doesn’t work for me. Tried the ini fix, have the latest drivers.
    PC above recommended settings.

    Any ideas?

  45. dylan (23 Sep 2020, 22:44)

    game crash :'(

  46. Jonas (23 Sep 2020, 22:49)

    Edit steam_api64.ini LocalSave = 1

    Update your videodrivers.

    Working for me.Win10, Ryzen 5 3600 & GTX 1660 super

  47. Moun (23 Sep 2020, 22:53)

    Ca marche impec, par contre l’installeur était détecté comme un virus (Faux positif) et m’empêchait de l’installer.

    Une fois fait, j’ai fais la manip du fichier config même si j’ai pas testé sans et le jeux tourne impec. J’ai presque fini le tuto.

    Le jeux a l’air assez gourmand … mais sacrément beau ..

    Bon jeux et ty for this Empress ^^

  48. lostworld (23 Sep 2020, 22:56)

    what program did you use to change the steam api64.ini file

  49. Mat (23 Sep 2020, 22:59)

    Which version of denuvo did this game use

  50. Canary-SDX (23 Sep 2020, 22:59)

    finally someone who is breaking Denuvo …. hopefully he will follow if,

  51. mygod (23 Sep 2020, 23:34)

    EMPRESS YOU ARE A LEGEND , cracking games no1 is doing it!
    well im not doing either but cus i dont understand sht about code

  52. Shavo420 (23 Sep 2020, 23:35)

    If the game dooesnt run changing the steam api update your gpu drivers, that should fix

  53. Jack (23 Sep 2020, 23:36)

    God is so good se this again, the scenes kind of disappeared… EMPRESS, CDX, HOODLUM, even some who took smaller games like DARKSIDERS, PLAZA, TINYISO and cia.
    I am afraid of ending the groups or people who do this, the pirce of games in my country it’s almost 1/4 basic salary, example HITMAN 3 is costing R$ 278.00 the basic version and the salary is R$1.039,00.

    So thanks a lot EMPRESS <3 and skidrowrealoded for posting, I've been living at CS RIN to get updates and maybe some new cracked game

  54. Ganjar (23 Sep 2020, 23:44)

    luv skidrow

  55. Eagle_99 (23 Sep 2020, 23:51)

    Here we GO! Another step closer to RDR 2! Awesome work EMPRESS! Thanks Skidrow!

  56. techcreed (23 Sep 2020, 23:56)

    If your game still doesn’t work after updating drivers and changing the .ini file, most probably it’s getting blocked by your antivirus, either Windows Defender or some third party software. Trying adding it as an exclusion not only to detection engine but also to the unwanted program blocker (HIPS in my case).

  57. Tyler Durden (23 Sep 2020, 23:59)

    If your still getting crash @ launch after trying everything above, copy over the crack manually instead of letting the launcher do it, change the Steam.API again,.this worked for me.

  58. J-GmeY (24 Sep 2020, 0:06)

    A Huge Challenge 4 you :
    1- RDR2
    2- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
    3- PES20+FIFA20
    4- Ghost Recon Breakpoint
    5- Anno 1800
    6- The Division 1+2

    so ??!!!

  59. J-GmeY (24 Sep 2020, 0:08)

    RDR 2 & Call of Duty M.W ???!!!

  60. wellchi (24 Sep 2020, 0:15)

    has trojan in EMP file unfortunately

    UDS:Trojan.Multi.GenericML.xnet detected

    you can tell me is false positive but sorry i won’t thrust in randoms xD anyway have fun guys il wait for a sale.

  61. Rude (24 Sep 2020, 1:14)

    same prob, updated the drivers of gpu, it worked for me, also changed the localsave to 1.

    good luck, good game

  62. Bill (24 Sep 2020, 1:39)

    If it keeps crashing for you, Just update your GPU driver.
    Working for me

  63. reinstall (24 Sep 2020, 1:41)

    if it STILL doesn’t work after you do everything that has been mentioned. Reinstall and don’t let the installer write the cracks. Do it yourself, change the Local Save to 1 and it should work.

  64. Nicks (24 Sep 2020, 1:41)

    how i change language?

  65. Kruger (24 Sep 2020, 1:52)

    Time to start cracking more latest games, vamos!

  66. Stun (24 Sep 2020, 2:15)


  67. Kalutwarro (24 Sep 2020, 2:44)

    Finally we have the cracked version!!!!!! And It works perfectly!

    If you have dual monitor, disconnect one and the game will start. Thanks!!!

  68. Rawr (24 Sep 2020, 3:27)

    what’s the point of this when the game itself connect heavily to steam database (workshop and network)

  69. Newloveno1 (24 Sep 2020, 4:19)

    I miss jurassic world evolution
    (All dlc include)

  70. Aaron (24 Sep 2020, 5:26)

    works after updating gpu driver and changing localsave to 1 ty

  71. the.unit (24 Sep 2020, 6:13)

    Hi everyone,
    Many Thanks, and thanks and thanks for this job …..
    I love you 🙂

  72. harrypoppers (24 Sep 2020, 6:48)

    Just AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You !

  73. ahmet (24 Sep 2020, 6:51)

    Updating gpu and making localsave 1 worked for me thx

  74. RogueStatus (24 Sep 2020, 6:51)

    How do I change the .ini to 1? It wont let me save it save. It says I don’t have permission to open the file

  75. Money Money (24 Sep 2020, 7:04)

    …..Empress needs some Bitcoins…..

  76. K_EƎ_D (24 Sep 2020, 7:21)

    Trash simulator got hyped for nothing.
    That’s AAA trash for you.

  77. Andy35000 (24 Sep 2020, 7:33)

    Finally works for me.

    Since I suck quite much in computing, this might help a few of you guys having crashing problems.

    At first it didn’t work though I had changed the LocalSave value and I had checked my GPU was up to date (clicking on the update button in my windows’ control panel).

    In fact, I have performed a manual update of my Nvidia using the following tuto (sorry it’s in French)

    Then I have changed the LocaSave parameter from 0 to 1 in the steam_api64.ini file

    And it worked perfectly

    As for the language, just open the steam_api64.ini file and change the language from default English to the language of your choice (German, French, Spanish, …), it worked perfectly for me as well.

    Hope it will help

  78. oisefio (24 Sep 2020, 7:36)

    People here have literally no idea how Cracking or Denuvo works…
    We have google, but hey, why not just guess lol.

  79. harrypoppers (24 Sep 2020, 7:38)

    Game crash …………….. startup and shutdown with crash message

  80. alex (24 Sep 2020, 8:16)

    only english language?

  81. Viktor Kelemen (24 Sep 2020, 8:22)


  82. Macbeardy (24 Sep 2020, 8:31)

    For those whose the game does not start, Edit steam_api64.ini LocalSave = 1 and launch the game with the exe in the directory and not with the shortcut on the desktop

    I repeat, launch the game with the .exe in the game directory and not with the shortcut

  83. eLLO (24 Sep 2020, 8:33)

    Hello, how to change language please?
    Thanks for the upload!

  84. Tomadelfrasco (24 Sep 2020, 8:39)


    The file EMP.dll is seen as a trojan virus by Kaspersky and the game cannot be run.

    Its a false positive!! as it happends usually with this files.

    You just have to add the game folder to the antivirus exclusions in order to execute it.

  85. Thi (24 Sep 2020, 9:26)

    Dlcs incluied ?

  86. crashycrash (24 Sep 2020, 10:06)

    good virus protector u got wellchi,kasper didnt notice anything and neither did my other 2 pcs 1 has windows defender and the other has norton dont no why all 3 got different protections just came that way i guess never formatted em.. anyway back to the point game keeps crashing here aswell. but i changed local save from 0 to 1 and updated my grapics card and now i see a cute baby elephant running towards me. thanks for game empress

  87. Paterson (24 Sep 2020, 10:13)

    Macbeardy , tu veux dire quoi en disent éditez_api64.ini LocalSave = 1 ? s’il te plait

  88. Ryoji (24 Sep 2020, 11:03)

    I have changed settings and reinstalled, and still crash… so clearly no fix or I just wait for repack or update 🙂

  89. lopatak99 (24 Sep 2020, 11:05)

    Change language: Open Steam_api64.ini and owerwrite language ( I write czech into english )
    In this file you have owerwrite username

  90. Lori Douglas (24 Sep 2020, 11:41)

    Everytime I start the game it crashes. No idea why. I thought it might have been my firewall or Bitdefender and turned it off but that was not the case. Can’t get it to lad at all.

  91. Dedy (24 Sep 2020, 11:43)

    Nice was crash before, update gpu and all done , and yes dlc all included

  92. Namex (24 Sep 2020, 11:54)

    They should call it simply America kek

  93. Taberaqua (24 Sep 2020, 11:58)

    El fichero EMP.dll es un troyano
    Tanto Karspersky como el antivurus de windows así lo indican.

  94. Moun (24 Sep 2020, 12:01)

    For change langage : (for all game generaly) Sorry for my bad english i’m french

    Search the file in game installation : “Steam_appi64” and open this with Bloc Note
    Search line Language = english

    Change english by your langage.
    For me in example in french :
    Language = french

    Save and close and launch the game


  95. Charly (24 Sep 2020, 12:12)

    I’ve been breaking my head all morning and I can’t make it work, I’ve done everything you specify in your posts and nothing, I don’t know what else to do except wait to see if a better version comes out

  96. Sergio (24 Sep 2020, 12:37)

    ALL dlc included?

  97. Alex (24 Sep 2020, 12:52)

    Everytime I launch the game in Run as Administrator,it automatically crashes,same goes with the Repack one,but if I run normaly without the Run as Administration,the game closes

  98. Daniel (24 Sep 2020, 13:05)

    If you can crack Ano 1800 then you are the best

  99. Taymor (24 Sep 2020, 13:06)

    this game is version 1.2.5
    any chance for update to 1.3.3 ?

  100. BobbyLaPointe (24 Sep 2020, 13:22)

    GPU crashed while running Planet Zoo, and I use the exe file, not the shortcut

  101. bufu (24 Sep 2020, 13:28)

    it works fine after install of gpu drivers

  102. AppleG (24 Sep 2020, 13:59)

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!

  103. Chainese (24 Sep 2020, 14:04)

    Works fine for me! Thank you very much! Hope you update it soon (please!)
    For all the Windows noobs out there that complain the game doesn’t work… Hammm, you suck at computers?! It’s a strong possibility!!! Stop complaining and learn how to deal with windows and antivirus/firewalls. Also updating your gpu drivers and sorting out your C++ packages in add/remove programs in Control panel goes a looonngggg way. Jesus Christ, not even on their 2 feet they stop crying

  104. Apoorva (24 Sep 2020, 14:49)

    Not opening and crashing every time I try to open it. Tried every solution people are suggesting in the comments but nothing worked for me !

  105. thz (24 Sep 2020, 15:23)

    had to re-install a few times, the local save was already set to 1, ran from install folder and finally got it to work

  106. nobody (24 Sep 2020, 16:07)

    I installed it, I did as everyone says go from 0 to 1. But nothing. When I start the game I get an “Sorry, there was a problem” error message. So it doesn’t work (if my aglais is bad, it’s normal I’m French.)

  107. chainesesmartguy (24 Sep 2020, 16:32)

    All up to date, 20 years experience computers, 3000$ PC.

    Still not working retard.

  108. Noitsnot (24 Sep 2020, 17:56)

    i ran compatibility troubleshooter and it got it working on windows 8
    there you go….

  109. gfasdsadfx (24 Sep 2020, 18:11)

    Changing that steamapi setting to 1 made the game run for me. Didn’t even start before.

  110. Lytebob (24 Sep 2020, 18:15)

    Yes guys, Update your GPU (carte graphique) and it will works 😉

  111. Nosst (24 Sep 2020, 18:15)

    running in windows 8 compatibility mode worked for me 🙂

  112. Caio (24 Sep 2020, 19:22)

    How to chance language to portuguese Brazil?

  113. Maitreya (24 Sep 2020, 20:31)

    Thank you very much EMPRESS, this game seems FANTASTIC !!!

  114. Dave (24 Sep 2020, 20:35)

    has a very nasty Trojan and doesnt work

  115. Kyojin (24 Sep 2020, 20:55)

    Why is it that you overweight Millennials can’t get your shit working? You lazy tub of lards. It’s hilarious that you fat fucks spend too much money on cheesecakes rather than purchasing a decent GPU. I’m having a blast with Planet Poo. I’ve even modded the hell outta this game. I finally created the animal of my dreams! I created a Red Panda named Booger that has diarrhea issues. I trained it to spray shit all over lazy, flip-flop, obese Millennials such as yourself. You fat motherfuckers are missing out on a “shitty” AAA game!

    Get your potato PC’s working, you lazy motherfuckers.

  116. Kyojin (24 Sep 2020, 21:01)

    Greasy, blubber-back Millennials don’t deserve to play video games. Why don’t you trashclowns buy some skinny jeans ‘an shit. You crybaby fucks. Better yet, have your chubby girlfriend spread her legs again for another generation of shit-fleshed beings.

    I got an idea. I’ll mod my animals to eat your babies.

  117. Kyojin (24 Sep 2020, 21:05)

    Update your GPUs. You corn-chip shoveling, refrigerator-raiding, diabetic, moose of a manchild. Holy shit, you people are garbage.

  118. Johnny (24 Sep 2020, 21:35)

    Updating GPU driver and running from folder worked for me

  119. Bruno (24 Sep 2020, 22:37)

    Anyone with the bug keepers not feeding the animals?

  120. Brigadier (24 Sep 2020, 22:57)

    I tried everything people said here but to no avail, still sends me directly to Crash Report. But I’m happy that some are able to play.

  121. Daniel Todorovic (25 Sep 2020, 1:11)

    Update gpu
    Change in side steam_api64.ini LocalSave = 0 to LocalSave = 1

    And then exclusion in windows 10 defender the whole folder where you installed the game. Its not launching cause your windows defender is blocking it even if its not poping up.

    Hf and thnx for the game

  122. Nexodis (25 Sep 2020, 5:00)

    Is that the game with dlc or without dlc?

  123. LCS (25 Sep 2020, 5:23)

    I got it to work.

    Not sure whether its the same for everyone. Below are the steps I took.

    1. Update graphic drivers and GeForce experience
    2, After installation, copy the crack manually from “Empress” folder to the game folder in Programs Files.
    3. Edit the steam_api64 file. (open it with Notepad). Change the local save to 1. This step might require you to play with the permissions to allow you to edit/save the file.
    4. Play the game using the executable.

    Hope this might help.

    Thank you.

  124. Gene Genie (25 Sep 2020, 5:47)

    For anyone else having issues getting to run with dual screen, i tired to old trick to run in windowed mode.

    For everyone else.,

    Create shortcut off main .exe
    Open Properties
    Add -w after game loc under target should look like this.

    “K:\Planet Zoo\PlanetZoo.exe” -w

    I hope this helps anyone thats had issues after trying everything else. worked for me.

  125. uiwaddecoco (25 Sep 2020, 6:04)

    Game works perfectly fine,
    even with autocrack in the menu.
    the bunch of ungrateful wankers don’t know how good they have.

  126. Cirrus (25 Sep 2020, 10:49)

    In the properties, select this program in Windows 8 compatibility mode and then run the game as administrator. It worked for me.

  127. Potatoe (25 Sep 2020, 10:51)

    Hey guys

    can someone confirm the including DLCs?
    Especially the new one: Australia Pack?

    All DLC’s:
    Arctic Pack?
    South America Pack?
    Australia Pack?

    Thanks for letting me know ♥

  128. sda (25 Sep 2020, 10:51)

    There is all Dlc?

  129. alepiusaja (25 Sep 2020, 11:09)

    Mine crashed at first and second try but able to launch after changing the compatibility setting.

    1- ricght-click shortcut>properties navigate to compatibility tab

    2- check “run this program in compatibility mode for” windows 7
    3- check “run this program as an administrator”
    4- go to “change high DPI settings”
    5- check “Use this setting to fix blah blah…” and “Override high DPI blah blah..”
    6- click “ok” and “apply”

    It works for me so far dunno with you guys

  130. Kyojin (25 Sep 2020, 13:07)

    My god, you clowns and your craptastic GPUs. Bwah-Haahaha!

  131. Oudiny (25 Sep 2020, 13:08)

    All DLC included except Australia Pack

  132. plp (25 Sep 2020, 17:10)

    DLCs are not included

  133. EpiQ (25 Sep 2020, 17:15)

    1098120=Planet Zoo: Deluxe Upgrade Pack
    1098121=Planet Zoo: Deluxe Edition Animals
    1196770=Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack
    1238440=Planet Zoo: South America Pack

  134. SLIDER (25 Sep 2020, 18:49)

    Salut pour les français qui galère a lancer ce jeux pck il crash aller dans steam_api64.ini changer LocalSave = 0 en LocalSave = 1 et faite les MAJ de GeForce Experience Et pour le mettre en français changer Language english en french voila

  135. Panda (25 Sep 2020, 22:09)

    Installed on two “really not recent computers”, windows 10, latest build and updates.
    hardest thing was to tell kaspersky to stop deleting the file emp.dll but once excluded from scans, everything went fine
    changed the ini setting to 1, launch from folder directly and didnt use the shortcut
    works on a 660GT and a 7950 radeon, on old school computers that are 7 and 10 years old.
    go figure…..
    not even sure i updated the latest drivers to be honest.
    maybe people that run default antivirus should put a real one to be able to manage the exclusion, maybe the win defender sabotages the emp.dll crack.
    goodluck all, the game is really nice, even in low or medium settings with just 8GB ram and low cost gfx

  136. Pusite kurac (26 Sep 2020, 11:35)

    Jebem li vam mamu u picku zbog ovog kreka degene retardirani. Ako mislite ovo raditi onda radite to kako treba, a ne da podvaljujete trojance ovde u usta vas jebem sve redom.

  137. 7ariga3 (26 Sep 2020, 13:23)

    thx god

  138. Rogmar (26 Sep 2020, 20:42)

    EMP.DLL come with a virus????!!!!

  139. Danny D (27 Sep 2020, 1:31)

    I’ve done everything mentioned above, but still cant get it to work.

  140. star (27 Sep 2020, 12:18)

    i can’t play

    It show crashed

  141. Tywi (27 Sep 2020, 14:05)

    I tried solutions of above….
    It do start up but after 10 seconds always crash. I cannot go further then main menu. I am sad.

  142. Kyojin (27 Sep 2020, 15:06)

    Bwah-Hahahahah! Still can’t play? You sorry, sacks of shit! This is marvelous!

  143. Neftali (27 Sep 2020, 18:03)

    Someone with the issue: Sorry, something went wrong, for solutions please visit:

    yesterday i changed the localsave to 1 and worked fine, but today the same error appears again

  144. AAA (27 Sep 2020, 19:15)

    didnt work for me did everything above and it keeps crashing help pleas

  145. Yo (28 Sep 2020, 10:47)

    So, i have been playing the game after changing the ini file to localSave = 1,

    saved my game and everything was fine, but now when i try to launch the game with the OfflineStorage folder in gameDir it pops up a window with error oops something went wrong for solutions please visit ….

    Now i tried deleting my offlineStorage, and the game RAN perfectly again.

    So apparently there is a problem with the save folder it self…

    ANYONE has a FIX??? i’d appreciate any help

  146. montoyette (28 Sep 2020, 11:11)

    Pour ma part le jeu se lance mais tout les menus sont vides de texte, les bulles sont vides, je ne comprends pas

  147. Ye (28 Sep 2020, 11:40)

    Works great for me

  148. Raf (29 Sep 2020, 14:23)

    Not working

  149. n'rick (29 Sep 2020, 14:35)

    Hi? it worked for me but after 2 days, it crashed and now nothing work… i changed local save etc..

  150. nataS (29 Sep 2020, 15:34)

    omg this kyojin is so pathetic

    nobody want’s to reply and he is so desperately trying to get some attention because in real life there is no one that want’s to talk to it

    il say it again……. soooooo pathetic

  151. Helder Fernando da Silva Pereira (29 Sep 2020, 22:18)


    I don’t know about you but I think this game isn’t property cracked. I played one time and when I was back for the game it gave me an Status Error: 88500000. I had to uninstall it and installed another version. Played and when I went back again… the same error. As far I researched this erro is related to DENUVO.

  152. Patrick Technology (30 Sep 2020, 4:58)

    Please error: 88500000 PLEASE HOW TO FIX

  153. Cudlestrugle (30 Sep 2020, 11:50)

    Game works takes a bit of work on your end to make it work though.

    -Ensure your gpu drivers are up to date.
    -Change LocalSave = 0 to 1 (in “steam_api64.ini”)
    -Change to windows 7 compatibility
    -Restart steam

  154. Bubahadr (30 Sep 2020, 21:19)

    I got 88500000 ERROR.. After change the LocalSave back to 0, it started… Well, lets see tomorow.. Last time it worked one day (or maybe 3 times starting game) 😀

  155. Masterhero (01 Oct 2020, 4:17)

    use the win7 compatibility mode

  156. Azoka (02 Oct 2020, 10:47)

    Error at the setup:

    Russian —————————————————————
    Unarc.dll Russian—————————: -14
    ERROR: this is not FreeArc archive or this archive is corrupt

  157. Sylveu (02 Oct 2020, 12:47)

    I ran it 5 times, then it just wouldn’t run. I start it, it starts then before I get any visuals, it stops without any notice. I did the troubleshouting advised here and I got 88500000 error too. I believe Denuovo must got a plottwist for crackers, where it will let you play for a while then it shuts you out entirely.

    Either way. I guess now my watch begins again cause no way the game is worth 75euros even with all four dlc’s. It is a nice game but fairly over-priced for a game that is using Denuovo that’s proven decreases performance. I won’t splash out that much money on a game that is shittier using a legal copy than using a cracked one. I made that mistake with DAO.

  158. Makyky (04 Oct 2020, 14:15)


  159. Chainese (04 Oct 2020, 18:01)

    THE GAME WORKS FINE! NO CRASHES, NO PROBLEMS! The only problem is the bugs in the game. Been playing for the last 2 weeks on Win10. The problem is with your crappy computer (software)! Did you really disabled the AV??? Even though you said you did it can run on the background yeah?! It’s also possible that it quarantined/locked the crack during the install. You have to check in your AV quarantine/lock files manager and ALLOW permissions. If that isn’t the issue try to uninstall your AV (completely). Disable the Windows AV also! Reinstall the game. Stop editing files that don’t need editing! This is just install and let it do it’s work. If your drivers are update and you did all of those previous steps…. Your computer has a deeper problem. A format or a technician would help in that situation… The game runs fine!

    Hope to get an update to the game. Thanks a lot guys! Awesome work as ever! Keep on rocking!

  160. Ameraican (05 Oct 2020, 14:00)

    STFU chainese! If it is working on your pc doesn’t mean it is working on everyone else’s. Only a few people can run this crack. It’s behaviour is different on different pcs.

  161. Tomfer (05 Oct 2020, 21:31)


    Planet Zoo (Empress-Fitgirl Repack) Black Screen & Crash Report FIX
    Hey guys, to anyone who got the black screen & crash report at startup, I just found a fix.

    Update your vVGAga driver to the latest first!

    Here’s what I did and I hope it works for you:

    Check the Read-Only box on these files: EMP.dll, steam_api64.dll, steam_api64.ini

    Uncheck the Run as Administrator on PlanetZoo.exe (uncheck anything else on that tab such as disable full-screen optimization & high DPI settings if you have it checked.)

    Exclude the Planet Zoo game folder in windows defender.

    Run the game executable from the file directory, not from shortcuts of any kind. (At least that’s what I did.)

    Update: I got the “something went error” pop up when I was trying to launch today but no crash report, so I unchecked the Read-Only on the 3 files above and it worked again. I don’t know why, just so you know.


  162. Momo (06 Oct 2020, 4:47)

    The issue for me was dual monitors, I switched to main screen, set save to 1 as some of you said, waited patiently and game launched just fine. Before it would crash within a few seconds (when i was using dual monitors)

  163. Matr1oska (07 Oct 2020, 4:26)

    I can’t belive I’ve waited for so long and saved SO MUCH SPACE and it’s just 11GB
    i saved live
    100GB cause i thought it was heavy as hell THTRHRTHRTHRYT

  164. Cereal Killer (08 Oct 2020, 0:46)

    Game working fine, +50 hours no problem at all, didnt even upgraded gpu driver. It´s your antivirus for sure. GL

  165. TFine (08 Oct 2020, 14:48)

    Working perfectly! Thx alot guys! Let’s hope for DLCs!

  166. Bubahadr (09 Oct 2020, 11:22)

    88500000 POSSIBLE SOLUTION!!

    I find out, that this problem is with SAVES.
    Delete EMP.BIN from your save location (depends on chosed 0/1 in .ini, it will be in APPDATA or in game folder). Now its 3rd time i made this and the 885 error goes away.

    Not find permanent solution yet, but atleast this works for a while.

  167. WhatTheCrack (09 Oct 2020, 20:14)

    I have try everything it wont works for me, i dont update graphic because i know it wont work, can someone help?????

  168. Ganjahman23 (10 Oct 2020, 20:06)

    WhatTheCrack THANKS MAN!

    I’ve been playing for a couple of days and then the crash showed up again, deleted the emp.bin file and can run it again with saved games and all, you’re a lifesaver.

  169. DS (10 Oct 2020, 20:29)

    dont work for me too ;/ and i have a good computer and tryed everythink

  170. Ameraican (11 Oct 2020, 6:33)

    It works!! Sorry chainese. Completely uninstall your antivirus and disable windows defender. Then reinstall the game and it runs.

  171. Ben3601 (11 Oct 2020, 11:02)

    Working nice since i have update nvidia pilote

  172. kleinbauer (13 Oct 2020, 0:18)

    Hello me I managed to start the games finally you have to go to appData I deleted everything in appdata and magic the games this launches I really have a hard time finally

    Bonjour moi j’ai réussi a démarrer le jeux enfin il faut aller dans appData j’ai supprimé tout dans appdata et magique le jeux ce lance j’ai vraiment galérer mes enfin

  173. Kristoph (18 Oct 2020, 5:14)

    Worked flawlessly for me.

    I didn’t need to do anything, just installed and clicked include crack in the installer. Currently playing now.

  174. Chainese (22 Oct 2020, 4:37)

    Ameraican…. YOU’RE AN IDIOT! “Just because it works on yours doesn’t mean it works on others”. Really??!?! Hardware and software are ALL THE SAME for everyone! What varies are the clocks and frequencies basically. And the variation of characters, such as languages. So if it works on one… IT WILL WORK ON EVERYONE.
    Unless something inside that domain is stopping it’s function. In your case, the AV. But even that can be just one of the causes! It can be drivers, firewalls, firmwares, malfunction hardware, bad/conflicting software, your momma,… Next time, before you start vomiting crap out of your mouth… Do listen, accept your ignorance in such topics and try to be humble! You piece of “#%)! )#”$)=!)!$! Mother (!=$!/)#$%/$!?=!!!!!!

  175. kleinbauer (23 Oct 2020, 0:28)

    I didn’t ask you for anything! you the service bell remains in your country c clear then take care of your business is the idiot as you say well it works so close the thank you

    je t’ai rien demandé! toi la cloche de service reste dans ton pays c claires alors occupe toi de tes affaires est l’idiot comme tu dit ben ça fonctione alors ferme la merci

  176. Jack (26 Oct 2020, 20:53)

    I made the game work by changing the local save file to 1 and making the game compatible with win 7.

  177. Wilfrid Herbe (28 Oct 2020, 18:28)

    bonjour pouvez vous m en voyer EMP.dll
    [email protected]

    merci c est pour ma fille

  178. jety (30 Oct 2020, 17:50)

    I dont know why, I install it, cracked it.. but when I try to launch its give me error. Strange but thank you for any tip

  179. Relick (30 Oct 2020, 20:30)

    updates¿¿??? thx!!

  180. Yanovitch (31 Oct 2020, 14:40)

    Hi !

    Just a question… i download game and crack but i have errors when decompress zips : files missing.
    I undestand the missings files ares in the crack.
    But when i want to decompress crack he ask me a password !! i have to pay for this password ???
    Someone can help please ?

    Thx !

  181. moskatelo (31 Oct 2020, 17:27)

    How to put this game in the Spanish language

  182. amr (05 Nov 2020, 20:33)

    please help
    my gpu driver is up to date and i change the local save to 1 and i did everything above and still doesn’t work

  183. Ace (25 Nov 2020, 1:27)

    Is there any way to access steam community? I wanted to download some blueprints :((

  184. Mike (25 Nov 2020, 11:45)

    Anyone can help me? Tried eveything everyone been suggesting and yet i still can’t play the game and it still crashes everytime and i run it. I’ll appreciate anyone who are willing to help! Happy Gaming everyone!

  185. updater (08 Dec 2020, 15:48)

    Can we please get the latest update and DLC packs for this game? My child loves playing and giving her extra things to do would be great. I have already made a request for it, thank you for all your hard work.

  186. ishak slimani (24 Feb 2021, 13:07)

    how we can play online .. ?

  187. Mass94 (26 Mar 2021, 15:20)

    To change language , u need to modify steamappid and u change english by the language u want

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