NS Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Update v1.03 Incl DLC-BAT


Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Update v1.03 Incl DLC-BAT


The latest opus in the acclaimed STORM series is taking you on a colourful and breathtaking ride…



The latest opus in the acclaimed STORM series is taking you on a colourful and breathtaking ride. Take advantage of the totally revamped battle system and prepare to dive into the most epic fights you’ve ever seen in the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM series!

Title: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: CyberConnect2 Co. Ltd.
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Release Date: 5 Feb, 2016

Included DLC:
     • Naruto Storm 4 First DLC – Shikamaru’s Tale

DLC.Fix-BAT { Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download }

Note: The crack in our release didn't unlock DLC as promised. That is fixed now.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Update v1.03 Incl DLC-BAT
Size: 2.52 GB

























    • OS: Windows (64bit) 7 or higher up to date
    • Processor: Intel i3-530, 2.93Ghz / AMD Phenom II X4 940, 3.0GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 2048 MB video card, Pixel Shader 5.0
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 40 GB available space

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Update v1.03 Incl DLC-BAT
1. Unpack release.
2. Install the Update to where you installed the game.
3. Copy the cracked content from /Crack dir
4. Enjoy! ;)
Posted by Skidrow


  1. NoSTalZik (07 Mar 2016, 23:43)


  2. sugar (08 Mar 2016, 1:22)

    yesss shikamaru’s Tale

  3. Felipe Amaral (08 Mar 2016, 1:42)

    Thanks man !!! I appreciate the good work you do in this website because siriusly this is the best ever !!! I’m downloading here and hope you guys keep posting naruto’s dlc as son as they come out 😀

  4. Donbaz (08 Mar 2016, 2:03)

    Thx bro… b^_^d

  5. Namco Owner (08 Mar 2016, 2:29)


  6. Daniel (08 Mar 2016, 3:30)

    Someone know if this version has SPANISH subtitles?

  7. Grendel (08 Mar 2016, 3:52)

    Lost my 3DM save after update….please help!!!

  8. mr.rebellion (08 Mar 2016, 4:22)

    THX 100% Works

  9. Dolphinman (08 Mar 2016, 5:05)


    Here’s what I did.

    After installing all of these files. I went to my old file which update 2 in it.

    Went inside that file. Inside the crack folder. Pick up my steam_api64.dll

    And put it back in my game directory replacing this Update 3 file.

    Bam, redirect back to my 3dmgame save file and also get akatsuki preorder-dlc with this update 3 dlc.

  10. Farisver (08 Mar 2016, 5:12)

    @Grendel look on Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 main page here on skidrow about how to make 3DM Save works on other update, Mate

    PS: Sorry, English isn’t my native language

  11. Maiden (08 Mar 2016, 6:52)

    If you have the problem of the Save game data (deleted your save data and boruto dlc) , simply use the crack of the Update 2 and the problem is solved.

    PD: when you use other crack, the folder of save game data change but not deleted.

    Sorry for my english is not my mother language. :/

  12. Souhile (08 Mar 2016, 7:05)

    Thanks Skidrow , always here for us ^^

  13. ariel (08 Mar 2016, 7:14)

    for those who dont want their saves files lost after update…

    Just back up ur saves first in 3DM folder,, then update the game using this update, then crack it, then use “Unlock pre-order DLC” copy it to where the game installed….

    works for me…

  14. anim (08 Mar 2016, 7:45)

    @Grendel : just use the 3dm crack, it still work with this update

  15. D4rkarbiter (08 Mar 2016, 8:32)

    Boruto and Sarada are gone……………… DLC 1 isn’t even working……………… What was this patch for? -_-

  16. Ryal (08 Mar 2016, 9:27)

    New save location is at C:\ProgramData\Steam\RLD!\349040\storage

  17. Ades Yafeza (08 Mar 2016, 9:34)

    Why u didn’t upload on google drive anymore ? I thing it’ll be good if u upload on google drive again

  18. Warriorgamer (08 Mar 2016, 9:44)

    save files are in this location


    well my os is windows 10 pro hope this is the same location for win 7, 8, 8.1 users as well

  19. GrendelHelper (08 Mar 2016, 9:50)


  20. ma345h (08 Mar 2016, 10:33)

    do i need to have the other updates for this to work ?

  21. bhi (08 Mar 2016, 11:25)

    Does this include the fixes from the previous patches?

  22. Grendel (08 Mar 2016, 11:39)

    nevermind…managed to get everthing back

  23. Warriorgamer (08 Mar 2016, 12:10)

    Apply the preorder dlc patch to the game and get the akatsuki secret technique as well..

  24. Yogii (08 Mar 2016, 13:07)

    where boruto and sarada?

  25. bhi (08 Mar 2016, 14:20)

    It works :D. Made the game playable on my comp. PS When are u able to access shikamaru’s tale and how?

  26. bhi (08 Mar 2016, 14:23)

    Also can u update the system requirements?They’ve been reduced.

  27. hun (08 Mar 2016, 14:35)

    you better use the crack from update 2 because the crack of this update is not working.

  28. eryser (08 Mar 2016, 14:44)

    after I installed the update 1.3 and I run the game from the new launcher it say “0xc0000007b” and the game close, what’s the problem now?

  29. dante (08 Mar 2016, 15:05)

    excuse me,i have allready update 2,is it possble just put tale of shikamaru dlc

  30. hun (08 Mar 2016, 15:37)

    eryser try to copy the crack from update 2. see if it works. if not then try to reinstall the game and then update the game to patch 1 and 2. then install the update 3 from different folder and copy the files in it to the naruto storm 4 folder location then re copy again the crack from update 2.. this works for me 😀

  31. Ryal (08 Mar 2016, 17:50)

    I dont see any new content and boruto and sarada are gone

  32. fadli (08 Mar 2016, 18:01)

    what is the fix for this update?

  33. pichisan (08 Mar 2016, 18:16)

    using crack from update 2, 100% working with new update 3

  34. Ad Valorum (08 Mar 2016, 19:07)

    Can anyone help me? I can’t use the lag fix executables anymore. I can only use the NSUN4 exe that comes with the update, otherwise it just gets stuck on the loading screen. Thank you.

  35. Modaro (08 Mar 2016, 20:21)

    @Ad Valorum did you playing with a potato?
    this game work fine with my ancient pc,or maybe fosil xD
    btw thank skidrow

  36. Offlimitxz (08 Mar 2016, 21:53)


  37. Ad Valorum (08 Mar 2016, 22:55)


    It’s a i3 w/ Intel HD 4400. But it was running well with those lag fixes, but now I can only play the game through the update 3 exe. Otherwise it gets stuck with the loading screen before opening cinematic.

  38. Anderson dos Santos (09 Mar 2016, 0:53)

    Naruto e Sasuke DLC America Latina (ponchos)???

  39. Skidrow (09 Mar 2016, 1:33)

    DLC.Fix Added.

  40. Kaze (09 Mar 2016, 2:11)

    Does it require all previous update 1&2 or download latest update has include all update & dlc?

  41. paper (09 Mar 2016, 3:57)

    dlc fix still not working for me 🙁

  42. deleter (09 Mar 2016, 4:03)

    @ Skidrow thanks! would you please upload to google drive thank you 🙂

  43. Shin (09 Mar 2016, 7:26)

    i used back the update 2 crack, but it became chinese, someone help

  44. KaRamo2482 (09 Mar 2016, 8:25)

    I got everything to work buy using the first Sarada and Boruto DLC, but now the game won’t run with the 1.4 patch from that guy on steam anymore, it’s stuck on the loading screen and with that patch i was getting my 27 to 30fps now i’m just getting 15 to 20fps Damn you CC2

  45. Farhan Kazmi (09 Mar 2016, 12:59)

    Please HELP ME!!!! Someone anyone please help me

    when i installed the update 3 it works fine but i get 15 or 10 FPS i did get 30 fps with the lag fix path
    but when i apply the lag fix patch my game just gets stuck on the loading screen when i start the game please i need a SOLUTION!!!!! Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. cs (09 Mar 2016, 16:33)

    cnt install… error 06….?
    i download via torrent anyway…

  47. MumboJumbo (09 Mar 2016, 19:13)

    The DLC fix is still not working.

  48. ZER0 (09 Mar 2016, 19:39)

    Only the Shikamaru’s Tale?
    Where is the rest ? (DLC Costumes and Ultimate Jutsus?)

  49. haecker094 (10 Mar 2016, 1:37)

    do i need to install update 1 and 2 ? or just update 3 right away

  50. blackzet (10 Mar 2016, 2:55)

    stopped working i try everythıng pls somebody help me … i make it but stopped working when i ttry to launch the game

  51. Brian318 (10 Mar 2016, 4:37)

    when I put the Spanish voices, the musice are muted :S Please help!

  52. KaRamo2482 (10 Mar 2016, 5:02)

    For those stuck on the load screen when using the Lag fix patch here is the fix for now


  53. Mr.Nobody (10 Mar 2016, 6:53)

    My game is stuck in chinese even though my locale language is english.im using update 2 crack pls help

  54. gpa (10 Mar 2016, 12:28)

    Hi. I need some help. After installing the folders, how do I use the dlc? I tried opening the NUNS4.exe file but it doesn’t work. I also tried to copy the dlc folder over to the original game folder but the dlc doesn’t appear. Thanks

  55. RockyRaccoon (10 Mar 2016, 13:02)

    Thanks a lot. It worked! (torrent + DLCfix.bat)

    Dont use the new folder “crack” (when i copied it, it opened steam instead of the game).
    Just copy the other files.
    Use the file setup.exe in the Update folder to install Shikamaru’s Tale in the same folder of the game.

    In this way I haven’t lost data and I can now play it (in adventure mode).

  56. blackzet (10 Mar 2016, 14:20)

    dlc still not working im crying

  57. Matt133 (10 Mar 2016, 15:46)

    i copied the files in the directory of the game but when i click on it open steam,help?!!

  58. BUCUR (10 Mar 2016, 17:28)

    will they upload dlc 2 and dlc 3 ??? ……i really hope so !!!

  59. Ad Valorum (10 Mar 2016, 18:32)


    This seems to work. It actually seems faster than it should be. thanks.

  60. uman (10 Mar 2016, 18:38)

    korean language please!!

  61. narutogamer (10 Mar 2016, 19:30)

    um can I have the dlc only please I dont want the update

  62. Fillja (10 Mar 2016, 20:09)

    My problems were fixed when I used the crack from update 1 (So the game is in english), and then just installed the updates from 1,2 and shikamaru DLC.

    So, use the crack from update 1, worked for me, no errors!

  63. Anon1 (10 Mar 2016, 20:45)

    Thank you skidrow, It works perfectly (tho with update 2’s crack)

  64. Boundless (10 Mar 2016, 20:54)

    My game wont detect my controller…

  65. MNEDarutoo (10 Mar 2016, 21:32)
  66. Lobo (10 Mar 2016, 22:03)

    Hello i did not get the shikamaru tale, how i access to it?

  67. hol (11 Mar 2016, 7:44)

    please add korean patch. it was updated yesterday officially.

  68. wolly (11 Mar 2016, 15:41)

    can someone upload crack from update 2 please?

  69. rafaelz (11 Mar 2016, 19:04)

    Thanks,it’s works for me DLC+Costume+secret(incld.akats secret)..
    just install the update and do not copy the crack in the crack folder,,just copy dthe crack from DLC Crack fix and if u lost u save data after install this update,just copy your’s save data from 3DMGAME\remote\> folder,and paste to Program data\Steam\RLD!\349040\remote>> ..
    thats it,,,
    ,i hope it will work like me as well ! sory for my bad english hehe 🙂 🙂

  70. jack9555 (12 Mar 2016, 8:37)

    after i used crack fix i have 0xc00000142 error

    how i can fix this?

  71. Shin (12 Mar 2016, 13:56)

    FFS, its in chinese ever since i added the update 2 crack

  72. Jonas Angel (12 Mar 2016, 15:55)




    http://www.datafilehost.com/d/4450f442 (clear the download manager box to do site)

  73. ber (13 Mar 2016, 1:36)


  74. Warriorgamer (13 Mar 2016, 2:48)

    the latest crack fix unlocks all Pre-Order DLC, Shikamaru’s tale, and also the Akatsuki secret technique as well. those who are complaining about not getting the DLC even after applying this 1.03 patch, try doing this.
    *uninstall the game if u already have it installed. make sure u backup ur save files before doing that. even ur online save file. if u were using 3DM crack then make sure u copy the file 3DMGAME from the game folder. or if u were using an online fix crack then copy the file save.
    *Next reinstall the game and after that install the update 1.03. do not apply the crack from the update
    *Download the DLC.fix-BAT. rar file from the above skidrow link. apply only that crack to ur game. it will ask for a replace. give ok for it.
    *Now start the game and let it create a save file. after that exit the game.
    *Go to this location “C:\ProgramData\Steam\RLD!\349040\remote” using run command [windows key+r] and copy the location to it. U will see a folder open up and a file called storm4.s will be there. delete that file and go back to the place where u backed up ur 3DMGAME file. in it search for a file called storm4.s and copy the file to the new save file location where u have deleted a file.
    *That’s it. if u have backed up the folder called save then just copy the storm4.s file to the new location and also the entire folder in to the game folder.
    *We are done. now play the game and enjoy. hope this helps and if not please ask for help here..

  75. mado (13 Mar 2016, 3:31)

    how can i play online without buying the game guys ?

  76. Icefrost (13 Mar 2016, 6:23)

    1. re install the game
    2. install update v1 (Update+crack)
    3. install update v2 (Update+crack)
    3. open folder naruto > open folder 3DMGAME > remote > STORM4.S < this is your last save before install update v3.
    4. install update v3 (run setup), after done, copy crack from update v3.
    5. watch this, open update v2, then copy crack only steam_api64.dll . Open your game, and done. save game is still in the 3DMGAME folder, not in C:\ProgramData\Steam\RLD!\349040\remote

  77. Icefrost (13 Mar 2016, 6:24)

    But firts… copy you save to another safe fold

  78. Gui (13 Mar 2016, 21:06)

    Guys i´ve tried everything and the DLC not work. The save still there but the adventure of Shikamaru and the costumes and the jutsus doesn´t . Sorry for my bad english ^^

  79. teebee (14 Mar 2016, 12:28)

    nuff said man…
    y’all the best…
    keep up the good work!! XD

  80. Nahu (14 Mar 2016, 23:33)

    0xc0000142 error solution pls?

  81. Iqmanz (15 Mar 2016, 10:09)

    hey skidrow it worked fine now on y laptop, just hoping if you can upload the other 2 dlc… gaara pack and four sound ninja pack… you’re great skidrow…

  82. Armityel (15 Mar 2016, 22:55)

    The FPS are still low 🙁 I thought this could solve the problem. The game runs, but it’s still slow. Like a slow motion combat or movements. Any suggestions to help me?

  83. Zekry (16 Mar 2016, 13:55)

    where all the promised ultimate jutsus?… (sigh)

  84. BUCUR (16 Mar 2016, 19:48)

    go to nvidia control panel at manage 3d settings and set video preffered graphics card for highest performance

  85. Paul (17 Mar 2016, 7:36)

    can i skip update 1 and 2 and just install this update or the past updates are still needed?

  86. Serg (17 Mar 2016, 7:59)

    Thanks Skidrow ! even tho RIP HDD
    successfully installed all updates (currently on RLD crack) no issues
    running smoothly…

  87. jojo (17 Mar 2016, 14:13)

    after doing update the game isnt english anymore pls help

  88. gamer1 (17 Mar 2016, 19:42)

    after I installed the dlc when I open the game a message appears said naruto shippuden 4 stopped working

  89. sagigush (18 Mar 2016, 9:52)

    everything works perfect. exept i didnt get the akatsuki uj (season pass) anyone know why???

  90. Warriorgamer (19 Mar 2016, 11:08)

    u may need to need to apply the DLC.Fix-BAT file. tht should unlock the technique. to use it select these characters pain, konan, and deidra. u can take any akatsuki members to do this technique. to check if it is unlocked, go to practise battle and when the battle begins, pause the game and from the options list select practise menu. in that make sure tht the awakening option is set as unlimited. after tht just close the menu and do not use the ok button. u will see ur storm gauge glowing with full power. charge ur chakra and try team ultimate justu finish. hope u know how to do tht. it should automatically give u the akatsuki finisher technique. tht’s it enjoy.

  91. sagigush (21 Mar 2016, 13:49)

    im one of the top ranked in the game, so i know how to do it thx. and i did applied the fix bat and it has unlocked the technique. i did it be4 your comment but still thx alot .

  92. Warriorgamer (22 Mar 2016, 12:25)

    ur welcome.

  93. Susanoo (23 Mar 2016, 23:03)

    Thanks for the update !
    i still have a problem 🙁 justsus like chidori / rasengan / fire balls…don’t apear they are invisible o.O
    if someone can help me with this problem that would be awesome !

  94. Warriorgamer (24 Mar 2016, 13:38)

    Its a strange a glitch u r experiencing. try reinstalling the game and apply this update. u should have a codex version of the game. Don’t apply any other fixes just apply this update to the game. if u stll require any other help plz comment here. i can try helping u.

  95. dante (25 Mar 2016, 19:52)

    is it Include Update 1 and Update 2?Just Please Answer Quicly

  96. Warriorgamer (26 Mar 2016, 9:19)

    Yup it includes all updates.

  97. dante (27 Mar 2016, 5:07)

    And What About Update 4?I Mean That Update 4 Coming Soon,is it Possble Had Update 1,2,3?

  98. Warriorgamer (29 Mar 2016, 2:17)

    i don’t know when Update 4 is coming out. i guess it will most probably include all updates or only update 1 and 2. update 1.3 may not be included as it is a dlc pack and not a update.

  99. §!!RogueWarrior!!§ (30 Mar 2016, 3:14)

    The lag fix launcher doesn’t work with the update please help?

  100. narutogamer (05 Apr 2016, 8:37)

    dlc 2 is out

  101. blackzet (02 May 2016, 20:56)

    Please Skidi upload 3rd dlc

  102. newbiegamer (21 Oct 2016, 12:24)

    tks u so much, this website is the best with me

  103. fans (31 Oct 2016, 5:50)

    where the dlc 2 please need it…

  104. fans (31 Oct 2016, 5:51)

    where dlc 2? need to download it..please need faster

  105. mudit (28 Jul 2017, 6:31)

    Downloaded and installed it when I start the game it’s stops working please help

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