Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden-CPY

Posted 14 Jan 2019 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden-CPY


A tactical adventure game combining the turn-based combat of XCOM with story, exploration….



A tactical adventure game combining the turn-based combat of XCOM with story, exploration, stealth, and strategy. Take control of a team of Mutants navigating a post-human Earth. Created by a team including former HITMAN leads and the designer of PAYDAY.

Title: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Strategy
Release Date: 4 Dec, 2018

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Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden-CPY
Size: 6.3 GB







































    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 64 Bit/ Windows 8 64 Bit/ Windows 10 64 Bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-760 / AMD Phenom II X4 965
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GTX 580 / AMD Radeon HD 7870
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 8 GB available space

Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden-CPY
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2. Play!
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  1. Arbiterchil (14 Jan 2019, 16:50)


  2. Gio (14 Jan 2019, 16:50)

    Thanks, really thanks

  3. CyberPunk (14 Jan 2019, 16:52)

    Excellent.. ya era hora..

  4. dash11 (14 Jan 2019, 16:53)

    thanks cpy and skid

  5. Tenma (14 Jan 2019, 16:58)

    Finally! Thanks!

  6. Laure (14 Jan 2019, 17:02)

    I love you

  7. Larania (14 Jan 2019, 17:05)

    OH IT IS HERE! THANK YOU, can anyone verify it’s working?! no issues, saving is okay, no crashes midway, can get past thru tutorails and certain chapters?? Oh and if it’s in english…

  8. axs (14 Jan 2019, 17:06)

    Thanks people , Great work on this one!

  9. Kruger (14 Jan 2019, 17:08)

    Not mY game but thats fine)

  10. genma (14 Jan 2019, 17:24)

    When Fallout meet Guardian of The Galaxy and have baby.

  11. ShitEater Kruger (14 Jan 2019, 17:25)

    I’m eating dog shit in here too.
    and can someone fuck my bitchy mom too ?
    She already get too horny with my dog.

  12. Rulture (14 Jan 2019, 17:31)

    Thanks CPY

  13. CarlR (14 Jan 2019, 17:49)

    Yay! Finally! Thank you!

  14. Sofien Ressaissi (14 Jan 2019, 17:58)

    R.I.P Denuvo V5.3 xDD

  15. wixer (14 Jan 2019, 18:11)

    Now, come to Butt-Head! Ughhh ghhh..

  16. bazar343 (14 Jan 2019, 18:25)

    can i play this game with my friend on the same computer? with 2 controllers?

  17. Ladies and Gentlemen, we got him (14 Jan 2019, 18:55)
  18. Luke (14 Jan 2019, 19:06)

    Dont’ work, steam access 🙁

  19. Sid (14 Jan 2019, 19:37)

    wooohooo, thank you guys 😀

  20. adriano oj (14 Jan 2019, 19:40)

    muito bonito e legal o jogo

  21. Xoem (14 Jan 2019, 20:11)

    CPY BOSS!! 🙂

  22. Vired (14 Jan 2019, 20:11)

    thanks so much

  23. asdaw (14 Jan 2019, 20:17)

    se van a llevar una sorpresa tremenda, compre este juego porque prometia mucho pero….es una cagada, todo el tiempo esquivando enemigos, s mas esconderse que pelear, un juego de cagones

  24. Seam (14 Jan 2019, 20:28)

    Someone can help please? I download it from MEGAUP, and install it on my laptop, but when I run the .exe it automatically open the MYZRTE steam’s page. I just wondering why it happens, if someone can tell me

  25. Pipps (14 Jan 2019, 20:30)


  26. Murasaki (14 Jan 2019, 20:34)

    Tested it for roughly an hour and no issues so far, works great thanks =)

  27. Anon (14 Jan 2019, 20:42)

    Where is the crack?

  28. Anon (14 Jan 2019, 20:45)

    There is no crack.

  29. Bruno (14 Jan 2019, 21:40)

    thx a lot!

  30. PampaPampiPampu (14 Jan 2019, 22:11)

    Thanks, so now everyone will not have to pay to play this crap game.

    Everyone will no realize how bad this game is and how unbalanced it is !

  31. 3mb4 (14 Jan 2019, 22:27)

    Seed plz

  32. JannoDess (14 Jan 2019, 22:47)

    Alfffiiinn Muchas gracias

  33. luigy (14 Jan 2019, 22:55)


  34. luigy (14 Jan 2019, 22:56)

    Tks. es/en?

  35. Rodrigo (14 Jan 2019, 23:28)

    Gracias, muchas gracias!!!

  36. asdad (14 Jan 2019, 23:29)

    crack isn’t working

  37. asdad (14 Jan 2019, 23:30)

    nevermind there 2 similar paths one is the correct

  38. sissqu (14 Jan 2019, 23:42)

    Woww..Thx so much

  39. kris (14 Jan 2019, 23:56)

    omg epic! ANGERED GÖTEBORG!!! 424 ftw 😀 15 min played whent and got it thanks for suporting test of games this game is a 110% buy for shore!

  40. Phack Denuvo % FUNCOM (15 Jan 2019, 0:41)

    This is the game i want to get craked so badly not for playing it, phack this game, just cause how retard the developers are who called us and legit customers BAD APPLE to not supoort SHITTY DRM DENUVO, phack you FUNCOM ur on my Blacklist, Even u release Shittiest game of earth i will pirate it.
    Thanks CPY & Skidrow!

  41. Khan (15 Jan 2019, 1:03)

    @Larinia are you frikkin kidding! It’s been released not even for a day. Download and find out for yourself.
    Looks awesome, definitly going to try this out.

  42. Paul (15 Jan 2019, 1:34)

    GREAT!!!!!! Thank you so so much!

  43. Eu (15 Jan 2019, 2:58)

    Caraca crackearam o jogo mais rápido que minha ejaculação precoce! hehe

  44. Cedcrit (15 Jan 2019, 5:34)

    Tank You SOOOO much

  45. Ulqui (15 Jan 2019, 6:01)

    YEESSS finally 😀 Thank you so much

  46. foofoo3344 (15 Jan 2019, 12:01)

    Thank you so much!!!!! I am adding Skidrow, CPY, Codex and other such people/groups to my list of deities to worship.

  47. Ben Stokes (15 Jan 2019, 15:40)

    If there was ever a question about the existence of God, Don’t doubt it.. CPY, Skidrow, FKDRM, Codex.. These people are Gods!

  48. Oudiny (15 Jan 2019, 17:39)

    Thx … the game works perfectly 🙂

  49. cryogene (15 Jan 2019, 18:10)

    I have done everything right but i the steam page keep openning…

    Someone can help me ?

  50. bob (15 Jan 2019, 20:52)

    installed and copied crack doesnt run. Any help?

  51. Yahkim (16 Jan 2019, 0:37)

    Doesnt start for me

  52. Yahkim (16 Jan 2019, 0:38)

    Game doesn’t start for me.

  53. Khan (16 Jan 2019, 0:49)

    I seem to have to same issue as bob, installed and copied crack but sadly no startup after clicking the shortcut.

  54. andy (16 Jan 2019, 5:37)

    geht nicht es kommt immer steam bitte um hilfe.

  55. Fuck the EU (16 Jan 2019, 7:09)


    Copy the crack files over manually. The extractor doesn’t do it

  56. lant (16 Jan 2019, 8:12)

    ha take that Denuvo.. thanks so much for your hard work. love yah

  57. Fr4K4ss3 (16 Jan 2019, 12:06)

    Game works perfectly, mount ISO, install game, copy/paste crack (engine repertory) to the installed game, block game’s internet connection with firewall (or disconnect your internet). Lauch the game.
    French avaible.
    Thanks a lot team Skidrow !

  58. bob (16 Jan 2019, 12:12)

    I did copy the crack manually. Doesn’t start. Windows 7

  59. kris (16 Jan 2019, 12:21)

    instal and put crack files in to instal dir and run as administrator allways work perfekt played 10 min whent and got it legit must suport these develepers

  60. Khan (16 Jan 2019, 13:00)

    @Fuck the EU; yes we are retarded, thank god for somebody who can point us to the most obvious and basic solution. It’s like we’ve never pirated games before.

  61. Yolg (16 Jan 2019, 13:09)

    i downloaded the game and after everything it was time for the crack. i copy/paste the files in win64 file of Mutant Year Zero and it doesn’t let me play as steam pops up. Then i deleted the crack from there and tried copy/pasted directly into the general file of Mutant Year Zero-Road to heaven. Still the same result. Game doesn’t work and steams pops up.

    Anyone has and info about why is that or if i am doing it wrong and what’s the correct way?

  62. kris (16 Jan 2019, 15:49)

    guys put the crack folder files here ::D did same mistake sry shud have whent in more detail :D..
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mutant Year Zero – Road To Heaven\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\Steamworks\Steamv139\Win64 put them in there and run game from C:\Program Files (x86)\Mutant Year Zero – Road To Heaven ZoneUE4 this file 🙂 hope it work for you now guys if not i dont know :(. i did put my crack wrong once sorted it after few min again hope it helps

  63. spacecake (16 Jan 2019, 16:39)

    Thank you very much !!! i’m waiting for it since december like a fucking dog waits for a bone !!! XD

  64. kris (16 Jan 2019, 19:57)

    but i sugest buy it develepers are new and did amazing work and we wont more content!!! i got it my self 10-15 min after testing it here.

  65. Yolg (16 Jan 2019, 21:53)

    do what @kris said, i just did it and it works. Thanks a lot for the help kris!

  66. Wakawakamon (16 Jan 2019, 22:52)

    This game is amazing Will buy it for sure !

  67. kris (17 Jan 2019, 0:35)

    glad i cud help and that it work

  68. foofoo3344 (17 Jan 2019, 12:36)

    Just finished it. It seems that the game will be divided into episodes like the Telltale’s Walking Dead. This is the first “episode” and sorta ends in a cliffhanger.

  69. bob (17 Jan 2019, 17:23)

    Did all those steps kris still doesnt work, Even got the fitgirl repack doesnt run. windows 7

  70. exxx (18 Jan 2019, 19:15)

    extremely short game unless you want to explore every inch of game which is nonsense

  71. plonk (19 Jan 2019, 13:36)

    works on win7x64, i changed the install directory to another drive and copied the crack into it.

    game got a decentt athmosphrere to dive in, sadly the gamplay is for me not on par with it …

    [spoiler]imho not very challenging once u get all party members equipped with upgraded silence weapons, and stalk most enemys to set up ambushes for geting them one by one down in the first round. on extreme its wise to sneek by difficult/to close together standing groups to gather more scrap to get enough healthkits and grenades … [/spoiler]

  72. kris (19 Jan 2019, 18:01)

    play hard or the hardcore mode haha dont go normal its tutorial mode more or less :_)

  73. hussein (20 Jan 2019, 9:29)

    great game pity it is very short, for I expected it to be like xcom and it worked perfectly for me. thank u skidrow

  74. DenislavMori (20 Jan 2019, 11:13)

    great game i would buy it , but it doesn’t run good at my pc….. resident evil 2 demo runs better ……WTF

  75. uwikuwik (21 Jan 2019, 0:31)

    great game, really.
    trying the hard mode just to learn the game mechanic, now playing the very hard mode, very fun stealth game.
    I wonder anyone finish this game with permadeath mode, it’s just crazy

  76. UNKNOWN (21 Jan 2019, 23:45)

    You guys are HERO to share this with poor people so wee can play thank you .

  77. kris (22 Jan 2019, 18:43)

    Am so poor i am forced to dl games test them se if its worth buying,now a days games are 30% and then if it sell thay push dlc etc i dont like cost to mutch to buy games to test them. like mutan road to eden was unshore 10 min played i dl this and whent steam and got it legit so again thanks so mutch skid cpy reload and evfery one who work with cracking..if you cont play this game its cus you use windows 7 or older must have 10 now a days and read my older post on how where to put crack if you cont find out where :)= enjoy

  78. Oudiny (03 Feb 2019, 22:31)

    Kris : not understood thx to write correctly !

  79. alx (06 Feb 2019, 11:15)

    no me lo esperaba… juegazo!

  80. harrypoppers (07 Feb 2019, 16:51)

    Hi. Error with “….windows pack…..”, I can’t install it 🙁

  81. dieLovers (09 Feb 2019, 14:41)

    For people who have problem with crack go wher is instaled game in folder engine / binaries/ThirdParty/steamworks/steamv139/win64 and put the crack in win64
    and thats all game work

  82. elbadr (12 Feb 2019, 13:00)

    Working correctly, thank you so much ♥

  83. Blacksheep (16 Feb 2019, 0:03)

    Great game with wonderful atmosphere! Too bad the game crashes every 5 minutes or so after a freeze. It is alllll over the official game forums (check publisher’s website and Steam). 3 patches and still crashing like crazy.

  84. no1fan86 (19 Feb 2019, 2:57)

    nice game…finished it with in 24 hrs

  85. kris (21 Feb 2019, 6:40)

    hmm i got not once crsh or freeze must be cuss u slak and use old windows some peaple think win 7 8 still work but get used to it majority of games will not work on windows under 10

  86. Hirow (09 May 2019, 18:56)

    instead of the game, my steam is lunching, i did cruck it and it didnt work

  87. Kyojin (01 Jul 2019, 7:48)

    Is there a fix for these fucking crashes?

  88. Epic (16 Aug 2019, 17:44)

    For free in EPIC GAME STORE

  89. FF (18 Aug 2019, 15:43)

    the games is now free to download on epic games launcher!

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