Mortal Kombat X Update v20150506-RELOADED


Mortal Kombat X Update v20150506-RELOADED


Mortal Kombat X combines unparalleled, cinematic presentation with all new gameplay…



Who’s Next? Experience the Next Generation of the #1 Fighting Franchise.
Mortal Kombat X combines unparalleled, cinematic presentation with all new gameplay. For the first time, players can choose from multiple variations of each character impacting both strategy and fighting style.

Title: Mortal Kombat X
Genre: Action
Developer: NetherRealm Studios , High Voltage Software
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release Date: 14 Apr, 2015

Note: This includes a lot of changes.
Character – Jason Voorhees and Skin Pack – Horror Skins DLC
are included. As is the don’t-fuck-savegames update. Good job, devs!

Mortal Kombat X Update v20150506-RELOADED
Size: 1.8 GB



















    • OS: 64-bit: Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-750, 2.67 GHz | AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.4 GHz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 | AMD Radeon HD 5850
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 36 GB available space


    • OS: 64-bit: Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770, 3.4 GHz | AMD FX-8350, 4.0 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 | AMD Radeon HD 7950
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 40 GB available space

Mortal Kombat X Update v20150506-RELOADED
1. Unrar.
2. Install the update. Required:
Be sure to run the file patcher and letting it run to the end!
3. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory to your game
install directory.
4. Play the game.
5. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Dhasniper (07 May 2015, 16:28)

    whats new on this update ?

  2. sadas (07 May 2015, 16:54)

    where link ?

  3. Malsawma (07 May 2015, 17:37)

    Is this the Jason patch? Working?

  4. Ricardo (07 May 2015, 17:39)

    Good job.Thanks

  5. Raz3rNaga (07 May 2015, 17:42)

    Thanks for update.

  6. gamegard (07 May 2015, 17:44)

    Does it work as a crack for the codex version of Mortal Kombat ???

  7. daniel (07 May 2015, 18:01)

    Wow wasnt this patch supposed to be 15 GB?Glad its not though 🙂

  8. Blackout.exe (07 May 2015, 18:05)

    waiting patiently for the links,hopefully it won’t delete saves

  9. David (07 May 2015, 18:59)

    Thanks! You are the best

  10. MKXFan (07 May 2015, 19:06)

    this patch fix the “Need game cache bla bla” error?. Hope say yes bucause the game doenst start anymore

  11. Well (07 May 2015, 19:07)

    Where are the links?

  12. Bravo (07 May 2015, 19:12)

    Great job guys! Thanks! waiting for the links 😉

  13. fucknetherrealmstudios (07 May 2015, 23:44)

    Hope this works. I can wait. Not giving those FUCKERS anymore of my money. Got screwed twice and they can eat a goose dick! >:0

  14. Soad (08 May 2015, 0:06)

    The link dont working! Please, where is the link ?

  15. kain (08 May 2015, 0:36)

    nice, thanks skidrow 😀

  16. dreamerman (08 May 2015, 1:03)

    Thank you so much for the update

    I have a question guys: Why the original update have 15gb and this just 2GB?

  17. Enzogta (08 May 2015, 1:24)

    Quando vai libera para download

  18. sigon (08 May 2015, 1:47)

    Esperando os Links para download.
    Não vejo a hora de instalar este patch, poste logo Skidrow Please xD.

  19. fucknetherrealmstudios (08 May 2015, 2:10)

    When will it be up?

  20. Gamer (08 May 2015, 2:57)

    @dreamerman: because this patch using “xdelta”. That’s mean that this patch only seek and change the different bytes of the game files. Thanks RLD for the update patch using XDelta, so we don’t need to waste our inet bandwidth. (Thumb Up)

  21. TiagoAnakim (08 May 2015, 4:27)

    Waiting for the links.
    It seems that the update was in trouble and they removed, they are alread fix up?

    Aguardando os links.
    Parece que a atualização estava com problemas e retiraram do ar, será que já arrumaram?

  22. Mister Karate (08 May 2015, 4:57)

    Buena noticia! que esten cargando el update 2015 05 06 de MKX espero que ahora si podamos usar a JASON VOORHEES y los HORRORSKINS! n__n gracias Skidrow y Reloaded XD saludos desde Argentina.-

  23. muhammad (08 May 2015, 5:43)

    when will this be up seriously cause already other people are saying its a hoax??

  24. GEORGER (08 May 2015, 7:34)



  25. Jonathan (08 May 2015, 11:16)


  26. paul demy (08 May 2015, 13:29)

    jonathan if you have loading black screen you need to reinstall using reloaded proper, reloaded 0418, and reloaded 0425.. do not mix any other groups in there. i had the same problem and this fixed it

  27. dreamerman (08 May 2015, 13:49)

    Thank you very much @Gamer for answering.

  28. Igor (08 May 2015, 13:53)

    Cade os links ?

  29. bijuklich (08 May 2015, 15:13)

    yeah what paul said for black screen, i have installed v20150425, works good, but i’m having a lot of stuttering, even on lowest settings, i tried at least 10 “fixes” and nothing hepls, hope this update will fix that….

  30. Enzogta (08 May 2015, 15:33)

    Quando vai libera ja to ancioso

  31. Jonathan (08 May 2015, 16:09)

    i have in that way that updates and i still have the same problem

  32. Jonathan (08 May 2015, 16:10)

    the game freeze after you selected character

  33. sadk (08 May 2015, 16:31)

    heeey where is links ??

  34. powawolf (08 May 2015, 17:50)

    So…when does jason\patch is coming out?
    Thank you BTW

  35. fucknetherrealmstudios (08 May 2015, 17:58)


  36. powawolf (08 May 2015, 18:04)

    Does it work with nosTEAM patches?
    Or rather,does it work as intended?

  37. asdasd1 (08 May 2015, 18:56)

    jason ?

  38. Soad (08 May 2015, 18:56)

    O tamanho dessa pach na steam foi de 15 GB, como pode a pach lançada aqui ser de apenas 1 Gb?

  39. jar0 (08 May 2015, 19:10)

    so I waited for it !! ;o)

  40. Majingari (08 May 2015, 19:29)

    Thank you very much for the update!

  41. Jorge (08 May 2015, 19:34)

    Ty bro…

  42. Oldman (08 May 2015, 19:37)

    thx for work, you are the best

  43. rauk (08 May 2015, 19:55)

    after installing the 506 update… the game wont start anymore -.-
    ive tried an clean install, with updates in order…
    still freezing, directly in the beginning >.<

    anyone got the same problem? pls help!

  44. Andre (08 May 2015, 20:01)

    Parabéns e obrigado ! Só uma coisinha, perdi todo meu SAVE. Mas fora isso perfeito !

  45. leebaldz5332 (08 May 2015, 20:08)

    You guys deserve a donation!!

  46. screwedjuan (08 May 2015, 20:14)

    Works perfect! thanks bro.

  47. Rafael (08 May 2015, 20:18)

    Vamos ver se ativa o jason agora… ja volto pra dizer

  48. predaaator (08 May 2015, 20:31)


  49. MozZz (08 May 2015, 20:32)

    This update contents 3dm crack or reloaded? Thx a lot for this patch!!

  50. Andre (08 May 2015, 20:39)

    Pessoal, conforme havia dito com o Crack Reloaded perdi todo o SAVE, porem com o CRACK 3DM recuperei tudo novamente e até algumas skins a mais! Muito obrigado a todos! O jogo está perfeito agora! 🙂

  51. Enzogta (08 May 2015, 20:49)

    O meu nao abre o que eu faço

  52. Jonathan (08 May 2015, 20:53)

    Freeze loading screen after selected map 🙁

  53. Majingari (08 May 2015, 21:17)

    It gives me a problem when installing on It says that i try to re-run with admin rights, but I do it and still appears the same msg again Anyone else is having the same issue?

  54. snakepit122 (08 May 2015, 21:21)

    🙁 pleas verify integrity game cache, please help me

  55. Technology (08 May 2015, 21:49)

    mortal kombat x 0xc0000142 Error code No opining games help skidrow

  56. Technology (08 May 2015, 21:51)

    Update new mortal-kombat-x-update-v20150506-reloaded

    mortal kombat x 0xc0000142 Error Code No Opening Game Help Skidrow-Reloaded

  57. sugusty (08 May 2015, 22:38)

    Gracias! Descargando!

  58. bam (08 May 2015, 22:39)

    this dumb game gets update every two hours…pls crack something great like elite dangerous instead of another car mechanic or 2D 2pixels retro mario. thx love you

  59. Andre (08 May 2015, 22:45)
  60. Henrique (08 May 2015, 23:12)

    Vlw André!!com esse crack que tu disponibilizou meu jogo voltou a funcionar,mt obrigado cara!

  61. Nico (08 May 2015, 23:13)

    Hi, Help, this fix jason but i lost all i win in the krypt.

  62. Albert Covington (08 May 2015, 23:25)

    Nature of the beast I’m afraid, with the stupidity of Netherrealm releasing that game-save breaking update it is kind of a done deal if you want Jason in the game. Best bet is to go out and find a trainer to grant you unlimited Koins and just run through the Krypt– its what I did when I first got the game.

  63. brianjones (09 May 2015, 0:04)

    you MUST have previous oatches installed
    patch add Jason Vorhees character
    patch fix poor performance in game (could be better ,but, well)
    patch add new option in PC VIDEO settings called “SMOOTH FRAMES” it avoids that awful performance .
    Still slow animation in “select tower” screen

  64. ik (09 May 2015, 1:00)

    i don’t have any of the costumes that i unlocked in the kript but i do have the ones in the dlc’s like the horror pack skins.

  65. maiden (09 May 2015, 2:05)

    cual es la solucion a este error alguien sabe??.please verify the integrity of the MKX game cache.tira el error y se sierra.

  66. Amos (09 May 2015, 3:36)

    Thanks for the update
    it worked for me

  67. Andre (09 May 2015, 4:22)

    É nois Henrique. kkk
    Quem tiver com problema de perder as coisas que ja comprou na Kripta, usem esse Crack aqui:!9l4mnTJT!haTJxputqYuf3d5vPG6SuJXaoRQu2wSuqRdK7Awe-Ts

    Ja vem com TODAS skins liberadas !

  68. Marcus (09 May 2015, 4:58)

    I can’t use the apply patch script after the installation.
    It says “Error renaming file – try to re-run as administrator”
    I did it, tweaked compatibility mode, nothing helps.

  69. Son (09 May 2015, 5:13)

    After i installed this update,I have problem when click icon of game ““Please verify the integrity of the MKX game cache” ,how i solve the problem.Before installed new patch I still play easy & no matter

  70. Kelly (09 May 2015, 6:03)

    Im still having the same problem “Please verify the integrity off the MKX game cache” after v20150506 update. How do i fix this?

  71. janice (09 May 2015, 6:09)

    hello can anybody help me, the game wont start in the very beginning i waited too long.

  72. aliendon (09 May 2015, 6:20)

    Thank you so much, works perfectly, think jasons fatalities could have been better but the update and every thing runs perfect. Keep up the good work, cant wait for the Witcher 3.

  73. Albert Covington (09 May 2015, 7:44)

    Game freezes at intro credits with no crash or any response. All updates have been installed. Please Fix!

  74. DWarriorG (09 May 2015, 8:11)

    same here.
    If you check collection, players and your costumes are there, your save is good.

    I dont know how, but FIX:
    Check Extras->Offline History

    And now every costume work.

  75. Liquidflame (09 May 2015, 9:10)

    detonou andré, agora não só ta tudo aberto, como o patch funcionou com o save. Agora dá pra finalmente tirar proveito dessa versão =] ja tava doido procurando solução pro save =] Agora tá redondo.

  76. Alen Bijuklic (09 May 2015, 9:12)

    when i started installing this, around 04:30min, when i had to go to work in 07h i got error in file 29 i think assets/snd something, patch was on 370/700 files patched so i leave it to continue while im at work, hope i will have that option smooth frames, cant wait to try, hope that that error on file 29 will not causing problems, i dont mind playing everything on low settings i just want to work without stuttering and random crashes…finished game with update 425 with 20, 30 crashes throughout story mode with a lot of stuttering so anything will be better than that

  77. Cyrus (09 May 2015, 9:40)


    where s the location of save game ?

  78. Enzogta (09 May 2015, 12:03)

    E amanhan que chega a tanya ne.

  79. brandon (09 May 2015, 12:26)

    this update completely screws up the game, before this update game ran flawlessly 60fps on highest settings, after this update random lag in fights and crashes to desktop… not saying this is a fault of skidrow/reloaded because its probably the original developers patch that is causing the issue. just warning people it is worse then the original release which crashed all the time, my specs are as follows
    AMD Athlon x4 860k
    MSI Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 twin frozr edition
    16gb Kingston Ballistix DDR3 Ram
    64gb OCZ SSD for OS
    1tb Seagate hybrid drive for storage
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Just for those who might suspect my machine is the issue, its not

  80. Igor (09 May 2015, 13:27)

    @Andre quando vo em kolection com esse crack,se eu passar em cima do jason o jogo trava pq ?

  81. hamdi mamdoh (09 May 2015, 14:08)

    still stuck at the loading screen -_-
    after i choose a map it freezes in the loading screen forever

  82. Marcus (09 May 2015, 14:37)

    “Please verify integrity of game cache”


  83. kodial (09 May 2015, 15:49)

    Patcher is stuck at processing file 393 of 745 for quite some time now
    Do I wait or what?

  84. Pedro C (09 May 2015, 16:02)

    Installation stop in Process 393 “SND_Combat_All”

  85. Kronos (09 May 2015, 16:03)

    Problem the apply patch have some error whenever i run it on ADmin mode, after when i try to launch the game it says “please verify integrity of game cache” any solution please ?

  86. Referer (09 May 2015, 16:39)

    The previous updates worked fine, performance was terrific.

    After installing this update the game would stay in the intro screen of Warner Bros.

    After a clean install with installing the updates again I get the integrity error.

  87. Anthony (09 May 2015, 17:09)

    and now i have no working game, opens a Mortal Kombat X logo in the center of the screen and then does nothing. I completely started from scratch by installing the game then all of the patches. Wasted 3 hours of my day.

  88. Predaaator (09 May 2015, 17:16)

    Stuck at the loading screen, any help?

  89. Andre (09 May 2015, 17:18)

    Nossa Igor ai ja não sei te falar o porque.. Aqui em casa ta tudo normal.. mas vou pesquisar e te falo

  90. brianjones (09 May 2015, 17:50)

    marcus, I had that message before. re install the game and use crack, then patch 1and use crack ,patch 2 and finally this one.

  91. brianjones (09 May 2015, 17:53)

    Brandon: have you activated (in VIDEO PC settings) “smooth frames” (OR SOMETHING LIKE THIS) this must be activated ONLY if you had performance problems. if not, DO NOT ACTIVATE. I have a worst pc than yours and NOW it works better (could be better) but it’s okay

  92. brianjones (09 May 2015, 17:54)

    Brandon: have you activated (in VIDEO PC settings) “smooth frames” (OR SOMETHING LIKE THIS) this must be activated ONLY if you had performance problems. if not, DO NOT ACTIVATE. I have a worst pc than yours and NOW it works better (could be better) but it’s okay!

  93. brianjones (09 May 2015, 17:58)

    maiden, re instala el juego y su crack, luego usa el primer parche que salio e instala el crack, segundo parche y por ultimo este parche…. en ese oreden. a mi antes me salia ese cartel (cuando intale el segundo parche… asi que desinstale todo (borre carpetas de la instalacion vieja y comenze de cero) ahora todo ok

  94. brianjones (09 May 2015, 18:01)

    janice, just in case, re install ALL the game (with crack) and the patches (in order). try to install this game in a different folder than the previous one (just in case). it works. I had the famous “check cache” and “never start game issue” after reinstall all ok.

  95. MagyarMage (09 May 2015, 18:57)

    I’m no stranger to cracked games but this is simply not working for me… either I got stuck at the beginning (WB loading screen) or got the “Please verify integrity of game cache” message. Before this update the game was running fine. Tried reinstalling the whole game (Proper Reloaded) and every update (04.18; 04.25 then 05.06.; all downloaded from here) twice: first I copied all the crack files (base game’s and every updates’) then I got stuck forever at the first loading screen (even before the main menu). Second time I only copied the last update’s (05.06.) crack files then got the integrity verifying error. Any ideas how to fix this?

  96. TheLorizz (09 May 2015, 20:00)

    Great job! This patch work at 100%!!
    I’ve one question, why sometimes I can’t use my unlocked skins? I don’t see them in the selection, but if I check the “Kollection” I have them, lol why?

  97. Superjaber (09 May 2015, 20:36)

    The applypatch stops at file 393 of 745.. no error no nothing. Anyone else? Any fix ?

  98. X (09 May 2015, 20:36)

    ATTENTION! Just want to inform that there is no official scene release from RELOADED on this title. Even tho it might seem legit it is not. The installer is very well made as mentioned in other forums. But this people is not a RELOADED release. Install on your own risk. id suggest wait for Real/Proper rel. /X

  99. Jonathan (09 May 2015, 20:39)

    when i play alot of time then i put start button the game freeze and i need to close them 🙁

  100. Predatorxxs (09 May 2015, 20:40)

    Sim infelizmente é verdade Andre quando vamos a colecion ( coleção ) o jogo para e tambem quando escolhemos o Jason no modo torres o jogo tambem pará e tem algo estranho quando entro com o Jason no modo unico de uma luta ele aparece com um bug sem espadas vermelhas . Agradeço muito se puder postar outro link com esta juda para nos amigo .

    Um abraço

  101. Georuisu (09 May 2015, 21:03)

    This Update Dnt work when apply Patch this not Run as Admin how say, Now when install this update the game not Work anymore Put the crack .

    Thanks for yoy Job!! 😀

  102. Andy (09 May 2015, 21:04)

    Thanks a lot @DWarriorG. It´s just a temporal fix…because u have to do it every time you enter MK. But at least it´s something.
    For all those who have lost all their krypt items and costumes all you have to do it´s enter Extras and then check your Offline History.

  103. brianjones (09 May 2015, 22:28)

    personal update: with this last patch, mode history freezes when try to load chapter 8 after the cutscene. Normal game is fine.

  104. andrey (09 May 2015, 22:36)

    i install the game proper version, than the crack, than the update 3 (v22205) and the crack, than the update 5 (v22262) and the crack, than the update v20150425 and the crack, until here works perfectly. When i install this update, the game do not work, the installation of the patch gos well (i see people saying the patch stop the installation in 393 of 745), but in here the installation of the pach gos well until the 745, but after that, i get a error menssage and the game do not work anymore, help!!

  105. Dhasniper (09 May 2015, 23:36)

    Uh-oh I cant play the tower for it it will stuck on loading screen, black screen after character selection

  106. SubZero (10 May 2015, 0:04)

    Why i can not save my graphic setting? It alway reset when i exit.

  107. Beer Baron (10 May 2015, 2:16)

    For me, works perfectly fine. Not error here

  108. Arsenal (11 May 2015, 16:58)

    I have only a problem,all the dlcs with this update don’t work!Please help me.

  109. scorpion2000 (11 May 2015, 18:39)

    after install and 3 updates succesfully , run the game but in the warner bros intro game freeze.

    cpu:amd phenom II x840
    gpu: amd 6870
    mainboard: msi fuzion 870A

  110. Arsenal (11 May 2015, 19:18)


  111. leo (11 May 2015, 19:42)

    the update deleted all of the costumes that i unlocked. anyone else happened that?

  112. Azrael7 (12 May 2015, 1:17)

    Same here, performance gone to shit after this update.

  113. Nico (12 May 2015, 15:08)

    This is not an official release from skidrow. It might not work because this is not from skidrow. If it does not work for you or you are having problems wait for the official patch from skidrow.

  114. Albert Covington (12 May 2015, 15:26)

    Reloaded, is there going to be a fix for this ?!?

  115. HogwinHD (12 May 2015, 17:30)

    Applied updates in correct order , game works perfect except the DLC characters arent selectable, they are greyed out but not selectable.. any thoughts?

  116. Junior (12 May 2015, 19:33)

    I have the “Verify integrity MKX game cache” error after this patch… How do I fix it? Help pls

  117. Fanste (12 May 2015, 19:52)

    Standard problem for me like for the rest of people Please verify game integrity cache… SUCKS!

  118. Integrity (12 May 2015, 20:17)

    The patch is stuck at 743/745 – SND_Combat_ALL .
    did everything in proper order .
    Previously patch worked fine but it was showing “check integrity error” .

    Now Installed to a new location and applied all previous updates , and now this patch is stuck at 743 .
    Please tell me if anyone got a fix .

  119. Marcus (12 May 2015, 21:07)

    Hogwin, the only DLC available now is Jason, so yes, the other 3 will be greyed out for now.

  120. HogwinHD (13 May 2015, 4:30)

    Jason is there but he isnt selectable, I followed all install instructions but cant select him or goro 🙁

  121. jago (13 May 2015, 8:00)

    I cant select Jason and Goro in single fight.What I did wrong?

  122. Kelly (13 May 2015, 8:15)

    Did someone find a fix for “Please verify game integrity cache”

  123. Integrity (13 May 2015, 12:26)

    Integrity and Patch Stuck Solution –

    I installed the game again for 4 Times and applied each update along with crack and finally i got it working .

    Just make sure to reinstall game in a different folder . Also , extract the updates just before installing them to make sure all the setup files are present . On my system , setup-2.bin was not in the folder so maybe thats the reason it got messed up . So make sure you check the contents of updates folder and compare it with .RAR file that you downloaded . because sometimes setup-2.bin file is automatically deleted , atleast it happened with me .

    But now i got it working by reinstalling everything 4 times . Performance is still poor for me , fraps shows constant 30 fps but game looks like 20 fps even though frame smoothing is turned ON , this is very annoying .With that turned OFF game has lot of stuttering . Hope this helps

  124. Albert Covington (13 May 2015, 16:29)

    This update was very shifty. I finally got everything working very well using the 3DM updates and cracks. If you have the proper-Reloaded version base with no updates installed, go out and fine Updates 3-5-6-7 from 3DM and install them in that order and the game works perfectly with Jason and all other DLC.

  125. Brunokofsan (14 May 2015, 3:04)

    Solution for this error re-run whit admin right, make this procedure in folders Asset and Movies, rename all files whit extension xxx.AWESOMEDIFF to xxx.OUT e run app patch whit admin right, using this program ” Flexible Renamer ” It makes it much easier time to rename many files, crack the game and run game, good game for all, sorry my english i´m brazilian.

  126. Beer Baron (14 May 2015, 5:46)

    I never had any problems but in my case it happened something curios: I need to start the game and then closed it, to avoy any freeze and If I want that the game read my progress I need to first enter to the off line history.

  127. Junior (14 May 2015, 20:41)

    @Brunokofsan sou brasileiro tbm, tem como entrar em contato comigo pra me ajudar a resolver esse problema do MKX? Help

  128. Integrity Fix (16 May 2015, 2:18)

    To fix integrity problem after you install the 3 updates, google “gamecopyworld mortal kombat x trainer” Find the 3dm crack and download it. insert files and it will work. Took 2 days to work thought I would post to help all others out. 🙂 ng

  129. Ron (16 May 2015, 10:26)

    Nach der installation von diesem update funktionirt das spiel nicht mehr. Es hängt sich bei dem ersten bild wenn es startet auf zumindest geht es da nicht weiter. Kann mir da jemand helfen

  130. Junior (17 May 2015, 4:03)

    I’ve tried everything. but didnt work… Once appears Chech Integrity, sometimes stucks in MKX logo launcher and dont run the game… I need a solution to this, pls… 2 weeks without play the game :/

  131. thealedark (17 May 2015, 15:19)

    I’m tired of this crap. i tried 4 times reinstalled everything but did not work. stucks in MK logo. I will erase everything and will wait for a new repack with all the patches and dlc.

  132. Waste of time (17 May 2015, 15:20)

    This update is bullshit,wait for a official release from skidrow then we going to have the game working 100%,this stupid game update’s every day.

  133. Junior (18 May 2015, 2:13)

    Same as here @thealedark, I’ve tried thousands times here, did not work too, stucks always in MKX Logo… :/

  134. mkx (18 May 2015, 5:28)
  135. Bani sadr Baybayan (18 May 2015, 10:17)

    Is this working on windows 7 ultimate 32 bit? i have all the requirements

  136. Andrews (19 May 2015, 10:42)

    For those who have the problem to rename files, try to use “Flexible Renamer”, unzip and run it as Admin then search for “.awesomeDiff” files and rename all them to “.OUT”. After do that, re-run the patch. the link is bellow.

  137. KunalB (20 May 2015, 6:15)

    Installed the RG Mechanics version of the game. Game worked.
    Installed Mortal.Kombat.X.Update.v20150418-RELOADED. Game worked.
    Installed Mortal.Kombat.X.Update.v20150425-RELOADED. Game worked.
    Couldn’t patch Mortal.Kombat.X.Update.v20150506-RELOADED.

    Uninstalled everyhting

    Installed the RG Mechanics version of the game. Game worked.
    Installed Mortal.Kombat.X.Update.v20150418-RELOADED. Game worked.
    Installed Mortal.Kombat.X.Update.v20150425-RELOADED. Game worked.
    Installed 3DMGAME-Mortal.Kombat.X.Premium.Edition.Update.7(Rev.23070).and.Crack-3DM. Game worked.

  138. Ares71 (20 May 2015, 8:00)

    Once again guys… NEED the Proper RELOADED 30 GB Version of MK X, otherwise it won’t work!

  139. irshaad321 (20 May 2015, 8:45)

    Why this game use 100% cpu? Please help me

  140. JACOB (21 May 2015, 7:43)

    kunalB. is there any way to make the spoken language ENGLISH? cuz after this update Rev23070 spoken language became spanol…

  141. Gamer (22 May 2015, 8:31)

    Thanks RLD. The patch is working great. Good Job. The file compare v2 success.

  142. KunalB (23 May 2015, 14:21)

    The language on my copy of the game remained English after the update. Maybe editing the language in 3DMGAME.ini should do the trick

  143. JACOB (24 May 2015, 8:59)

    kunalB. thanks for respond. I’ll test it…

  144. JACOB (24 May 2015, 11:58)

    kunalB. thanks a lot it worked. I changed language=spanish to language=english and it worked…. yep you are great man…

  145. Reen (24 May 2015, 16:01)

    Here are how I solved some problems:

    -the patching problem, press Ctrl+F on this website and type Renamer and some comments will help you.
    -the cache integrity problem, goto and find the ‘Mortal Kombat X b23070 (u7) [MULTI8] Fixed Files #1’ by 3DM.
    -for krypt unlock:

    the only problem I have is Jason not having his machete, the machete appears only when thrown( when it hits a character)
    If any1 knows a fix for the above pls reply

  146. CussWords (25 May 2015, 0:18)

    v2050525? and this is 506?

    Please test to rerun with admin rights?

  147. Reen (25 May 2015, 11:47)

    I’ve also noticed that the Traditional Tower doesn’t work and the game crashes when I try to look at Jason in Kollection.

  148. El Pingas (27 May 2015, 0:07)

    Do you wanna some balomita? im know, you wanna!

  149. Top Gun (27 May 2015, 10:12)

    Do you have the new patch, the one that includes the HunterPrey (predator) DLC? Thanks!

  150. No_Nam4 (27 May 2015, 11:28)

    carai, é so aqui q o jogo nao ta salvando a resolução?? todas as outras configs salva exceto a resoluçao -.- e tbm é so aqui q o jogo abre, ai dps de umtempinho trava do nada, e eu tenho q reiniciar o pc??

  151. Josekis2k (31 May 2015, 3:32)

    Comparto… Luego de la última actualización no podía solucionar con ningún crack para que me iniciara el juego, o se me cerraba directamente o me tiraba error de verificación de integridad de caché o algo parecido.
    Luego de varios intentos mi solución fué instalar desde cero, por 7ª vez, aplicar el crack correspondiente y a partir de allí cada update con su crack correspondiente. Salvo este último al que le puse el crack de RLD que viene en el paquete, pero solo los archivos de steam* sin incluir el archivo doge64.dll.
    Ahora puedo jugar el juego correctamente, las mejoras son evidentes los tirones en frames se fueron y ahora si tengo actualizado con todos los paquetes y personajes.
    Espero le sirva a aguien más. Salu2.

  152. Ares71 (31 May 2015, 16:10)

    Works like a charmne, jason is payable and performance is even better!!! thanks guys!!

  153. Enzogta (01 Jun 2015, 23:20)

    Wat tanya

  154. kurochan_24 (01 Jun 2015, 23:33)

    Would this work with an MKX version from other sources or only from skidrow? Thanks.

  155. Kendo (03 Jun 2015, 8:54)

    It gets stack at the WB trade mark screen. Ive installed the 3dm crack #1 any ideas on how to fix?

  156. Rafael Rodrigues (06 Jun 2015, 23:22)

    Depois dessa atualização, os comandos da lista de movimento passaram a ser invertidos. Por exemplo, o eletricultar do Raiden eu faço com baixo frente Y e na lista ta baixo frente X. Se eu mudo as configurações, colocando soco alto em X, aí eu faço o golpe com baixo frente X, mas na lista aparece baixo frente Y
    Além disso o jogo passou a ficar muito lento com essa atualização, desde o menu até a luta
    O que fazer? Mais alguém ta tendo esse problema?

    This update has made the game become slower such in menu as during a fight. Fhurthermore, movelist shows inverted commands. For example, if it shows down forward Y, I need to perform down forward X. If I change control settings, now I perform down forward X, but the movelist shows down forward Y
    What can I do? Is someone else having the same problem?

  157. Rafael Rodrigues (07 Jun 2015, 23:01)

    About low speed, my PC is a Dell Inspiron 15R 5537, processor intel core I7, 8gb RAM, 1tb HD, videoboard is AND Radeon HD 8850M, windows 7 ultimate 64bits
    The speed was normal until the second update

  158. No (16 Jun 2015, 0:08)

    Please update torrent link thankyou

  159. BeatSmasher (18 Jun 2015, 2:44)

    I have found the problem (Can not rename files …re-run as administrator…) with the patch. The problem are the long path. Windows have a path limit with 260 letters. Example: C:/ are 3 letters. C:/programm files (x86) are 22 letters (with spaces). If now added more files, or the long file names of files to be processed, then Windows can not handle this.

    How to fix: Use a short name Folder. For example, i use as Install path C:/MKX/ . This Path is short enough to fix the windows path lengths problem 😉

    And now, the patch installs works 😉

  160. itlogko (20 Jun 2015, 3:14)

    applypatch.exe im stuck at 3 out of 745

    Problem remaining file:
    From: F:/MKX/Asset/Aztec CharIntro
    To: F;MKX/Asset/Azteck CharIntro MapIntro

    Please Run As Administrator

    And also from the previous update which I got pleaase verify integrity game cache I got MKX Proper-Reloaded, I got 418 -reloaded and 425-reloaded. Still got this problem.. HELP us.

  161. Nelson01023 (22 Jun 2015, 0:31)

    This is starting to piss me off,none of the updates work. Every single update has an issue. It’s like he doesn’t even test the game.

  162. GiadoKW (11 Jul 2015, 9:09)

    i installed all update, but still stuck cannot play this game, whats wrong? i m so angry…

  163. Dilshan (11 Jul 2015, 13:08)

    guys… i just figured it out… just uninstall the game and install a fresh copy. don’t paste the crack until you install all the updates first… one by one each and every update should be patched as they have released. skidrow has all the updates look for it and install them correctly… Now all the three DLC’s are working as it should be… Any questions ask me…

  164. Bekay (19 Jul 2015, 13:48)

    yo dilshan on this update ill get the error re run as administrator on 110/750 in re installed the games2timesnowand i fail every time on this update the other 2 work

  165. Anon (20 Jul 2015, 1:38)

    RENAME xdelta3-… to xdelta3.exe BEFORE starting applyPatch – this fixes cache problems

  166. Sajjad (23 Jul 2015, 16:22)

    Is there any solution for patch stuck at 393 of 745 SND_COMBAT_ALL

  167. sajjad (23 Jul 2015, 16:23)

    Is there any solution for patch stuck at 393 of 745 SND_COMBAT_ALL ??

  168. kratos65 (26 Jul 2015, 20:26)

    is there a way to contact people directly instead of just about the comments?

  169. kratos65 (26 Jul 2015, 20:27)

    *instead of just through the comments

  170. nav (05 Aug 2015, 7:14)

    PLEASE !!!!

  171. Phantom (17 Oct 2015, 11:26)

    When i try to apply the patch it says: Unhandled exception: system out of range. etc etc. any help?

  172. GGBR (23 May 2016, 21:36)

    DON’T WORK the patchAplay not think the files

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