Men of War Assault Squad 2 Ostfront Vetranen-SKIDROW

Posted 25 Oct 2018 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Men of War Assault Squad 2 Ostfront Veteranen-SKIDROW


Men of War Assault Squad 2 Ostfront Veteranen is a new faction DLC for the critically….



Men of War Assault Squad 2 Ostfront Veteranen is a new faction DLC for the critically acclaimed RTS series and expands on the game with a new unit selection, unseen in the franchise so far.

Title: Men of War Assault Squad 2 Ostfront Veteranen
Genre: Action, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 25 Oct, 2018

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Made standalone, updated and features all previously released DLC!
• Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Deluxe Edition
• Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Airborne
• Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Iron Fist
• Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Full
• Assault Squad 2: Men of War Origins
• Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Ostfront Veteranen

Men of War Assault Squad 2 Ostfront Veteranen-SKIDROW
Size: 3.5 GB











































    • OS: 64bit – Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: 4.0 GHz single-core, 2.0 GHz dual-core or higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible

Men of War Assault Squad 2 Ostfront Veteranen-SKIDROW
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  1. Heinz Guderian (25 Oct 2018, 20:43)

    This game is a must!

    This DLC is a must!

    For the Faterland!

    Take the new units and obliterate these american pigs and filthy communists!

  2. Erwin Rommel (25 Oct 2018, 20:43)

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  3. PSYCHO (25 Oct 2018, 21:24)

    thanks bro!

  4. fer (26 Oct 2018, 0:33)


  5. Proma (26 Oct 2018, 1:32)

    I really like this game and owned her at steam but authors are dumbasses – they promise to repair ranking matches and instead of that they release Assault Squad 2 Origins(remastered version) and propably not do this to now…Sad

  6. shitter (26 Oct 2018, 2:07)

    imma try this cuz im a nazi sympathizer

  7. gold puppet (26 Oct 2018, 7:52)

    how do I get the skirmish to work

  8. jorge (26 Oct 2018, 10:13)

    where’s the DLC that lets you kill yourself if you’re a nazi piece of shit? I need that stat!

  9. Maleo (26 Oct 2018, 13:46)

    nazis fuck off

  10. Mei (28 Oct 2018, 2:23)

    it is okay if it labelled as virus in my antiviruses?

  11. Vasa (28 Oct 2018, 14:25)

    Upgrede 3.261.0 !!!

  12. Cami (05 Nov 2018, 10:24)

    For the Nazi slag of Heinz Guderian. The only dirty are Nazi-fascists who have killed more than 30 million Soviets and 15 million people in the Holocaust in which 6 million were Jews and Slavs. Only terrorists and genocide can be content with the greatest crime made in humanity. Death to Fascism, Nazism and the anarcho-capitalism.

  13. Cami (05 Nov 2018, 10:25)

    Only stupid video games can win Nazi-fascist slags. But in real life they will never win a communist. And I say that because I’m a Communist girl who kicked the ass of American imperialists and their followers neo-fascists, neo-Nazis and anarcho-capitalist followers of Trump.

  14. Der Führer (13 Nov 2018, 23:51)

    CAMI !!! Заткнись! Halt die Klappe! Shut up!

    First of all, if you dont like it, why are you here, ah!?
    Second, didnt communists killed also a lot of people in the gulags, forced work and who knowns what else?

    All nations did something horrible, even the ******* americans. Even them had concentration camps,
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    We all take our share, even te ones you like to think that are superior.

    In the end we are all the same, that’s one of the sad trues of mankind.
    Under the right circunstances, we all do something similar and in terms of war,
    the death of innocents will always happen! Like it or not!

    Mein kamaraden, Sieg Heil!

  15. Yaroslav (15 Nov 2018, 3:09)

    Update to 2.262.0! Please!

  16. Franz (06 Dec 2018, 22:55)

    Sieg Hail /what sad bunch of kid with their brain washed mind set stop buying ur stupid fairy tales about what happened on the war foken Liberal pigs with no real courage hail … the tainted legacy the men and women of the fatherland ..its incredible how many quote victory is written by the victor and yet they dont even dare to question the absurd ”facts” , the ridiculous tale that were just blatant idiotic yet effective propaganda to justify the heineus deeds that were casted upon the sons and daughters of germany on their righteus retribution, the misplaced blame on other nation crimes…i really should not be even bothering with this…but damn fuck off u ” narrow open minded” wankers.

  17. Lili_Die_Panzerkatze (16 Dec 2018, 0:05)

    i scrolled down to get a game review but all i got was people screaming at eachother because a game has the Germans as a playable factions.

    Grow the fuck up you whiners, you keep yappering about some ideology that you have no idea about, probably because you saw Enemy at the Gates or some other movie with Soviets Charging and thought. “Huh, thats pretty heroic, I want that Ideology, ignore the fact that they massacred the Royal Family and starved out Ukraine. No its fine.” I can understand you have your preferences, but its a fucking game, and it doesnt follow ideologies. No one here cares what your ideology is or what you think of everyone else. Its a god damn game, and it should be played to be enjoyed, not for some SJWs or Communists or whoeverthehell to come around and scream that Germans shouldn’t be allowed because they did bad shit. Who the heck cares.

  18. StopIt (22 Dec 2018, 14:48)

    “Wow, I write “Mein Kameraden” or “Sieg Heil” in every post related to WW2 I’m so cooool.”

    fucking pathetic wehraboos. “de baddie commies, de jooz, de libercunts. me so smart i know so much about de SS and i dream about Himmler’s panties.”

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  19. Franz (27 Dec 2018, 18:42)

    hahaha what a crybaby

  20. parlilla (17 Feb 2019, 19:16)

    no puedo jugar en español? alguien me puede ayudar

  21. Hi (01 Apr 2019, 13:09)

    Help!!! I cant install the game.

  22. Hi (01 Apr 2019, 13:11)

    I cant install the game. Can someone help me. The installer is not working, I left it for 1 hr and the game isn’t installed.

  23. vapeeallday (22 May 2019, 17:34)

    What version is this?

    Where are the updates?

  24. AvgJoe (05 Nov 2019, 10:58)

    Cant install help!!!

  25. Avrg Joe (05 Nov 2019, 11:09)

    Help! Not installing. The installation is stuck and not progressing.

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