Godfall v2.4.55-0xdeadc0de

Posted 25 Jun 2021 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Godfall v2.4.55-0xdeadc0de


Save Aperion. You are the last of the Valorian knights, masters of combat….



Save Aperion. You are the last of the Valorian knights, masters of combat equipped with legendary armor called Valorplates. Ascend in Godfall, a first-of-its-kind, looter-slasher, melee action-RPG.

Title: Godfall
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 12 Nov, 2020

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NOTE: AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution implemented.

How To Play:
- Add "Hello Mod Kit" to your Epic Games Store Library (Do not download it)
- Use "launcher.exe" to launch the game

Godfall v2.4.55-0xdeadc0de
Size: 43 GB



























    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-6600 | AMD Ryzen 5 1600
    • Memory: 12 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, 6 GB | AMD Radeon RX 580, 8 GB
    • Storage: 50 GB (SSD Recommended)

Godfall v2.4.55-0xdeadc0de
1. Extract
2. Play!
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  1. Pro Gamer (25 Jun 2021, 5:06)

    for those who want to know what’s new in the update

    Patch Notes:

    Godfall Quick Update – PC 2.4.55

    This quick update, 2.4.55 is just for PC and enables the ability for players to play Godfall using AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).

    PC Only
    Enable AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).

    thank me later.

  2. smasha11 (25 Jun 2021, 5:17)

    for me dont work, says Epic store Connection Error.

  3. danis40 (25 Jun 2021, 6:01)

    Hello previous versions had a trick to play this game.So now its extract and play ?

  4. Max (25 Jun 2021, 8:53)

    Not working.

  5. Gee (25 Jun 2021, 10:17)

    not working.. sad 🙁

  6. Steven (25 Jun 2021, 10:40)

    @Gee & @smasha11 & @@Max: works fine here, be sure to follow instruction

    1- Add “Hello kits” to your library, remember don’t download it or install it, just add it

    2- Then use launcher inside GodFall folder to start the game, wait few sec until black windows closed, then your Epic launcher will be restarted and game will be started automaticaly, now when you reach CONNEXION page (in game) it will redirect you to web page (chrome or any default browser in ur computer) to ask you to accepte linking your epic account with game, accepte. go back to game window and Enjoy (this last steps not showing in my video because already i linked before i record it so next launch of game it didn’t ask me to link it because it was already).

    This is recorded video from me: https://streamable.com/ptw9tw

  7. Darkseid (25 Jun 2021, 14:30)


    Not working. I did everything you say and still not working.

  8. 3sàwẻqsdwẻsdx (25 Jun 2021, 15:44)

    From Hit To Shit…

  9. SitDoonWeeMan (25 Jun 2021, 16:34)

    If you follow what @Steven says AND make sure the game is not blocked (outbound) in your firewall then it should work….It did for me.

  10. cleiton ferreira (25 Jun 2021, 18:25)

    I downloaded the game but it keeps going back to the menu where it checks the connection and it doesn’t open and the previous version ran normal

  11. ZoddUrr (25 Jun 2021, 18:25)

    Its working fine,thx! The gameplay is bad tho,but tha’s not a topic!

  12. guiguislima (25 Jun 2021, 18:35)

    Game it s work fine for me !!!
    My Potato PC RX 550 – before FSR – 800 P – 20 to 30 fps
    Now FRS Quality – Full HD 1050 P – 60 fps all the time – V sync on.
    FRS is Amazing !!!

  13. kikito (25 Jun 2021, 19:07)

    no working

  14. kiko (25 Jun 2021, 23:22)

    Not work

  15. ORELHOH (26 Jun 2021, 2:36)


    UP, guys do what’s told on the instructions, works perfectly.

  16. JoKur7 (26 Jun 2021, 3:19)

    Guys JUST FOLLOW WHAT @Steven just said, best to watch his video link in the end of his comment to know what he’s talking about. It’s very simple. For those who don’t have Epic Games installed, can’t help you, you’re already pirating a game for free lol

  17. Bubba (26 Jun 2021, 5:18)

    So I downloaded it and it works. However, I have to run the launcher.exe every time and it has to restart the epic store every time. When I try to launch the Aperion.exe launcher, it starts up but won’t connect and says I need to relaunch the Epic Games Store again. So other than having to wait for it to install from the launcher every time which takes like a minute, the game works fine.

  18. Stucky (26 Jun 2021, 6:29)

    Salut tout le monde,
    Pour ma pars, j’ai bien mis hello mod kit dans ma bibliothèque. et quand je lance sa me met:

    “You are having non-english characters in your path, please fix it and restart the launcher. GetLastError->0x0”

    Quelqu’un aurai une solution ?


  19. TiredSoul (26 Jun 2021, 7:38)


    God bless u buddy

    i have trying to play the game eversince it got uploaded here n today finally thanks 2 u i am able to run the games

  20. Mirko (26 Jun 2021, 11:39)

    io ho dovuto scaricarlo hello kit mod per farlo partire, soltanto aggiungendolo non mi funziona

  21. gub (26 Jun 2021, 21:10)

    does this have multiplayer online?

  22. JIM (27 Jun 2021, 3:55)

    i followed the step, but after open launcher it stuck in epic store page, it didnt open game
    PS: i didnt DL hello kits

  23. son (27 Jun 2021, 7:08)

    I think the OAuth key for connection has been pwn3d by epic, since now it’s trying to connect and it won’t connect. I’ve allowed oubound access for the app, and it’s trying to connect, goes to black loading screen and then kicks me out.

  24. Makima (29 Jun 2021, 9:54)

    i watch the tutorial video, but i haven’t that onlinefixlauncher.ini and manifest files after download this new version of game.

  25. Exelsior (30 Jun 2021, 19:32)

    How do I change the language?

  26. Cristiano (01 Jul 2021, 13:21)

    I followed @steven’s tutorial but it didn’t work for me, the previous version worked, here goes to the part that opens the black screen, but quickly closes and nothing else happens
    Has anyone had the same and solved it?:

  27. Strategy (02 Jul 2021, 17:20)


    just to say thanks

  28. alunian (03 Jul 2021, 15:52)

    Doesn’t work anymore as the way Epic now have the Hello Mod setup on the store does not show a add to library the only options are Get = install and Add to Wish List which does exactly that, it will not appear in the library when it is in the Wish List.

  29. hakoss (04 Jul 2021, 14:21)

    I followed @steven instruction but when i launch “launcher.exe”, epic launcher restart and nothing happen.
    I launch manually hello mod nothing happen, game crack is broken.

  30. alunian (04 Jul 2021, 18:33)

    I know got it to work.
    1: start downloading Hello Mod through epic store then pause/cancel the download this will add it to the library.
    2: exit epic store (so that it is no longer running)
    3: go to the Godfall install/download folder and right click the launcher.exe and select “run as administrator”
    4: let the crack run (black screen with green text) and it will launch Epic Store then the game will load
    5: wait for your web browser to open and link your epic account to the game it will then jump back to the game.

  31. yoong (07 Jul 2021, 3:37)

    @Cristiano try to download full the hello mod kit and launch the hello mod kit. it worked. Hello mod kit seems got a new update

  32. yoong (07 Jul 2021, 3:37)

    @hakoss please read my post

  33. Benjamin Alipio (15 Jul 2021, 3:08)

    @yoong do I need to run the launcher then run the hello mod kit?

  34. Benjamin Alipio (15 Jul 2021, 4:06)

    @yoong what do you mean by launch the hello mod kit?? i dont know for some reason the game is not working anymore then just read your comment that needs to download the hello mod kit

  35. MrPandaSGr (16 Jul 2021, 10:47)

    @Steven You are the BEST Br0 i follow everything you say and i play Thanks again you are the Best !!!!

  36. Austin (23 Jul 2021, 7:43)

    Game not openning i did everything but it dosent work pls help i open launcher exe it does everything then it says it will launch but it dosent i tried to launch using epic games but nothing happnes the game dosent launch pls help

  37. jeason (24 Jul 2021, 4:56)

    I run the launcher file, but he prompted me to load config file

    Failed to load config file. GetLastError->0x2

  38. Chris (27 Jul 2021, 15:01)

    Games works fine thanks @ steven. Played for few hours and switched off PC

    One issue though. im unable to play now. epic launcher comes up and nothing happens afterwards.

    thanks again

  39. Chris (27 Jul 2021, 15:02)

    Unable to reopen the Game. Was working fine the first time

  40. Roan (06 Aug 2021, 22:00)

    honestly with all the BS you have to do to make this game work it’s easier to just buy the damned thing.

  41. Strategy (11 Aug 2021, 13:18)

    Please update, thanks in advance

  42. sanchey (11 Aug 2021, 14:30)

    we need the last update

  43. hakoss (11 Aug 2021, 19:53)

    Hi guy, it seems the game won’t work anymore, need a pretty update 🙂
    Could you post a new crack !
    Thanks a lot^^

  44. Dust93 (11 Aug 2021, 22:20)

    Can you add the last update? Thanks
    A: In Few hours.

  45. Sc0rch_6 (12 Aug 2021, 5:12)

    Need update, cant play after the update was released.

  46. onamor (12 Aug 2021, 7:06)

    The game 2.4.55 doesn´t works. It still go back to main windows, because is not the latest version.

  47. adel amim (13 Aug 2021, 7:48)

    Tutorial How to play it:


  48. OhLookaDimeTTv (25 Aug 2021, 18:28)

    Needs an update to work, thank you!

  49. royalguy (26 Aug 2021, 10:57)

    for 1 time of ur life be a man and put a real game thats r work all i see many spammer here say the game are working dude i know & u know its not working there is no prove the game r really work , u need to buy the original version of the game from steam or epic game . dont lie to people and let the spammer make u dumb , i see 1 here in comment post video & believe me he cut it from youtube and remake it as hes video like real video omg kids does days cant be trusted . for that i will block u skidrow i dont follow or support or donate to a fake person making fake game .

  50. Wolfie (31 Aug 2021, 14:51)

    says it needs an update to the lastest version

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