Dragon Ball Xenoverse Update 5 Incl DLC and Crack


Dragon Ball Xenoverse Update 5 Incl DLC and Crack


DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE revisits famous battles from the series through your custom Avatar, who fights alongside Trunks and many other characters….



DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE revisits famous battles from the series through your custom Avatar, who fights alongside Trunks and many other characters. Will the strength of this partnership be enough to intervene in fights and restore the Dragon Ball timeline we know? New features include the mysterious Toki Toki City, new gameplay mechanics, new character animations and many other amazing features to be unveiled soon!

Genre: Action
Developer: DIMPS
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Games
Release Date: 27 Feb, 2015

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Update 5 Incl DLC and Crack
SIZE: 189 MB























    • OS: Windows Vista (x64) / Windows 7 (x64)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+, 2.6GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB Nvidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 3870
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space


    • OS: Windows Vista (x64) / Windows 7 (x64) / Windows 8 (x64)
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-530, 2.93 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940, 3.0GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 550Ti / AMD Radeon HD 6790
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Update 5 Incl DLC and Crack
1. Download
2. Copy the content of the downloaded folder
3. paste into the game directory :D
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  3. Paul T. (06 May 2015, 6:30)

    waiting for the CODEX crack !

  4. zilve (06 May 2015, 6:33)

    is there a codex version?

  5. Medo (06 May 2015, 6:35)

    Guys this update & crack for CODEX version
    it work for me

  6. flx (06 May 2015, 6:46)

    this update for what?

  7. 3derson (06 May 2015, 6:57)

    CODEX crack plz….

  8. flx (06 May 2015, 7:35)

    what’s new in this update?

  9. Aashay M (06 May 2015, 8:39)

    Thank you so much. Please upload the CODEX crack!

  10. Top Gun (06 May 2015, 8:43)

    saved game has removed.

  11. Medo (06 May 2015, 9:26)

    guys the crack incl in this update work in codex version it work for me 😀 thanks skidrow

  12. Top Gun (06 May 2015, 10:15)

    Medo it works but it doesn’t use your saved game. We need a codex crack for it to work

  13. Badge003 (06 May 2015, 11:00)

    “Couldn’t find the Save Data”… Are You F’ing kidding me? 40 levels just gone? How to fix it?

  14. Kron (06 May 2015, 12:17)

    crack plis codex save game dont work ver 3dm

  15. Mohamed Hassan (06 May 2015, 13:42)

    what does this update do ???

  16. JUN (06 May 2015, 14:25)

    Hugefile’s file is the previous update .

  17. pyjter (06 May 2015, 15:55)

    codex please!!!!!!:)

  18. Baoulettes (06 May 2015, 16:07)

    For Codex users :
    Crack Only for Up5 – CODEX:


    Enjoy and have fun (Crack only !)
    PS : It work fine for me just tried 🙂

  19. Mohamed Hassan (06 May 2015, 16:52)

    does this contain the wig of whis ???

  20. Lin Yu Ju (06 May 2015, 17:27)

    do i need previously update or just this one to get all update from 1 -5

  21. Baoulettes (06 May 2015, 17:40)

    You might not need to get previous update as it change the same files 🙂
    Also it add for the moment :
    Vegeta & Goku Whis’s Training Armor
    Goku SSJSSG Hairs accessory
    Nothing more nothing less

  22. 3derson (06 May 2015, 19:01)

    Baoulettes thanks for the CODEX crack work here

  23. Dasts (06 May 2015, 20:14)

    It worked for me. Thanks a lot Baoulettes. 😉

  24. Mohamed Hassan (06 May 2015, 21:15)


  25. Top Gun (07 May 2015, 1:35)

    Hey Baoulettes

    The crack worked but I can’t see the new characters? Are there also new PQs?

  26. Top Gun (07 May 2015, 2:07)

    Oh didn’t see your previous post. So no new characters, no new PQs, no new Quests, just new armors and accessory which is already inside your character customization

  27. Bunny (08 May 2015, 4:50)

    its better if i wait for the torrent version of this or some other way is faster?

  28. Ashudow (08 May 2015, 10:57)

    Thanks to Baoulettes for the CODEX CRACK! I really need this dlc for the new FnF DLC THNX EVERYONMEDOiieulshdkulwhadjkhkwsdskbdkjbs

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  30. Playo (09 May 2015, 12:50)

    CODEX FULL PACK Update 5 + Crack


  31. Anonymous (09 May 2015, 16:25)

    codex crack is in iso file…..
    anyone know how to play online?

  32. eliseu (14 May 2015, 2:11)

    dlc movie fukatusu F ?

  33. DNA (15 May 2015, 5:46)

    Where is the torrent link? Why is it still “Uploading” ?

  34. sheik (16 May 2015, 11:55)

    does not work cant find any new mission or anything regarding the dlc3

  35. Syoran (16 May 2015, 14:27)

    Please release the torrent! =D

  36. MasterJ360 (16 May 2015, 21:52)

    this crack only shows the Wig and outfit and nothing more

  37. Reymond (19 May 2015, 3:10)

    i want the season pass or dlc 3 with resurection of f

  38. LarryLowell (20 May 2015, 17:08)

    Torrent when ?

  39. Axel (20 May 2015, 17:24)

    Does the codex game uses the steam folder in roaming to store save files?

  40. aRYA (21 May 2015, 18:00)

    this is just costum dlc

  41. Ciccarello (27 May 2015, 1:53)

    The patching process does not ‘delete’ your save game, it just looks for it in a different place. That said when you move it to the proper place it will not read it because it is incompatible and act as though it does not exist.


    Make a copy of your save file and keep it safe, never modify a file if you only have 1 of it.


    Apply patch 5 by copying the contents of the folders into your game’s directory (the one you selected on install)

    default: C:\Program Files\Dragonball Xenoverse\

    Now load up your game – You will be prompted to create a new save, do this, then select Exit Game. If you go a step further and start the tutorial just Alt F4 out. Your save file will be located in your directory again. C:\Program Files\Dragonball Xenoverse\3DMGAME\3DMGAME\remote\ (unless otherwise changed)

    Acquire HxD Hex Editor or a hex editor of your choice. Load your 2 save files into the program and copy the first 3 lines from the new 3DMGAME save file into your old Codex save file obtained from the appdata folder. Replace the 3DMGAME save with your modified save file.


    If all went well your game should be 100% functional minus the fact that your zeni may have been wiped. To fix that you can download a save editor and either add some money to your character or add some sellable items. I used http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?t=580249 and it worked nicely.

    Random answers:

    I do not believe you need the previous patches 1-3 and 4 as this just replaces the same files. Though there is no reason why you cannot apply them first.

    The game will not play online.

    This update is just a couple of cosmetic things but it also includes the previous updates which makes this the current definitive version. Although it also means this will be unnecessary in June when update 6 comes out.

    Anyone trying to get one of the downloads to work, SendSpace worked for me but it was slow it took 1 hour to download.

    Skidrow – we love you, why no torrent though?

  42. triface (28 May 2015, 3:20)

    need codex crack please , the download didn’t work

  43. Nick (29 May 2015, 21:28)

    Is everyone here using the CODEX version of DragonBall Xenoverse? Cause I’m using 3DM version and all the updates worked for it besides this update.

    My game starts up as normal (besides the missing “loading” screen that first pops up) and then the company credits roll in. Everything seems normal until the very last company pops in, after that my screen goes black.

    As I played a lot of DBZ Xenoverse, I know that right after the company credits roll by, “Head-Cha-La” opening video is supposed to start playing. But, it doesn’t. I just get a black screen and I have to “Ctrl+Alt+Del” to escape the abyss.

    I tried downloading from four different sites, but I still get the same problem. Well, to be precise I think all the files are okay besides the “DBX.exe” file. When I change the DBX.exe file to an old one I get a error message that goes something along the lines of “incompatible key”, I think.

    EDIT: Now, I have this update and my game doesn’t run normally. It runs in the background with no option to bring it to the front.

  44. Ludsama (02 Jun 2015, 17:36)

    Yo. Glad all your games seems to be working fine, mine isn’t. When I launch, The screen first turns black, then after a few seconds, a window pops reading Dragonball Xenoverse stopped working without any explanation. How do I fix this?

  45. Ludsama (03 Jun 2015, 11:52)

    Yo. Coming in for an update. It’s all good now. I did a re-install of DBXV and it worked magic! I suspect my antivirus messed up my previous install by quarantining some vital element of the package, which resulted in me being unable to use the soft altogether. Settled now. i just forbid it to touch anything in my damn “Games” folder LOL Thanks for this upload guys.

  46. Xuan (03 Jun 2015, 23:36)

    Can someone upload codex crack?

  47. andre (11 Jun 2015, 0:41)

    come with dlc fukusaku no f?

  48. Anonymus (29 Jun 2015, 12:41)

    you can use HEXEDIT to recover your save . search tutorials.

  49. Etherion (19 Jul 2015, 23:51)

    Please check all the updates, the only i can download was 1-3, but 4,5 & 6 dead links.

  50. kuzon (25 Jul 2015, 7:41)


  51. Crunch121 (26 Jul 2015, 22:50)

    does this update has all dlc in one package download

  52. Crunch121 (26 Jul 2015, 23:08)

    sorry again does this update has all dlc in one packages download

  53. Kageryuu (06 Aug 2015, 7:34)

    remove or copy your save data before installing the updates.. it works for me and i can just continue the game.

  54. Phondru (20 Sep 2015, 14:04)

    I have the purchased steam version of the game, I want to have all 100% of the game, but I refuse to pay for DLCs. Can I use them in my game?

  55. Omg1s (03 Apr 2016, 10:57)

    Anybody has a new hyperlink to download this update 5? Because nothing is working right now..

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