DiRT 3 Complete Edition MULTi5-PLAZA

Posted 01 Apr 2015 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

DiRT 3 Complete Edition MULTi5-PLAZA


In DiRT 3 Complete Edition, you’ll race iconic cars representing 50 years of off-road motorsport…



In DiRT 3 Complete Edition, you’ll race iconic cars representing 50 years of off-road motorsport across three continents – from the forests of Michigan to the infamous roads of Finland and the national parks of Kenya. You’ll also express yourself in the stunning Gymkhana mode, inspired by Ken Block’s incredible freestyle driving event, and take on other modes including Rallycross, Trailblazer and Landrush. Powered by Codemasters’ award-winning EGO Engine, DiRT 3 Complete Edition features Flashback to rewind time, genre-leading damage and you can take on all game modes in split-screen and competitive online multiplayer.

Title: DiRT 3 Complete Edition
Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sports
Developer: Codemasters Racing Studio , Feral Interactive (Mac)
Publisher: Codemasters, Feral Interactive (Mac)
Release Date: 1 Apr, 2015

DiRT 3 Complete Edition extends DiRT 3’s content with:

          ● The X Games Asia Track Pack
          ● The Power and Glory Car Pack
          ● The Mud and Guts Car Pack
          ● The Colin McRae Vision Charity Pack
          ● The Ken Block Special Pack

DiRT 3 Complete Edition MULTi5-PLAZA
Size: 8.8 GB


DiRT 3.Complete.Edition.MULTi5-PLAZA.iso


DiRT 3.Complete.Edition.MULTi5-PLAZA.iso


DiRT 3.Complete.Edition.MULTi5-PLAZA.Torrent

Notes: Game has migrated to Steamworks, meaning that GFWL is not
needed to play anymore. Game is updated to the latest version.



    • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
    • Processor: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 2.8GHz, Intel Pentium® D 2.8Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon™ HD 2000 256MB, NVIDIA® GeForce® 8000 Series 256MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible soundcard


    • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
    • Processor: AMD Phenom™ II or Intel® Core™ i7
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 Series
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X compatible soundcard

DiRT 3 Complete Edition MULTi5-PLAZA
1. Extract release
2. Mount ISO
3. Install the game
4. Copy crack from the folder /PLAZA
5. Play
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  1. Zeddy (01 Apr 2015, 19:03)

    Probably the BEST race game ever made! The Complete Edition is a MUST HAVE!!!

    Thnx to share it guys :)

    PS: ssseeeeeeed!

  2. mokujin1974 (02 Apr 2015, 0:05)

    Ah Ah Forget last post ! found it !!
    T’was pretty DO’H ! :)

  3. aitrol2 (02 Apr 2015, 0:21)

    I did it all correctly, but the DIrt3.exe doesn´t run!!!

  4. Ahmed (02 Apr 2015, 1:12)

    hi i have a question please..
    is this game is a rip ? also is this PLAZA team good ? it’s the first time i hear about them i always only downloading releases from skidrow-reloaded-fairlight-prophet-razor please confirm if this is a trusted team and if the game is full iso or not ?
    thanks and waiting for your reply

  5. Pokimon (02 Apr 2015, 6:41)

    work greaaaaaat thanks a lot 😀

    guys try run the game from game location not shortcut (desktop)
    run as admin

  6. Usmonov (02 Apr 2015, 23:16)

    Be sure that you installed this programs:
    DirectX = [DXSETUP.exe]
    OpenAL = [OpenALwEAX.exe]

    Have a Fun playing it

  7. homer (03 Apr 2015, 7:07)

    hello..i have already a version of dirt 3 complete but the power and glory,mud and guts car pack was no available cause of pay per play dlc activation impossible in cracked version…is that one version has the same problem?

  8. Kalashnikov (03 Apr 2015, 8:36)

    Best game ,,

  9. Kej (03 Apr 2015, 12:38)

    copy all files from PLAZA

  10. homer (03 Apr 2015, 13:41)

    any idea how to restore my old profile.in this plaza version? .(xlive and save games) thx for your help

  11. Alturnox (03 Apr 2015, 13:42)

    Hello, When i get Torrent version, theres no Crack and Dirt3_game.exe launch me Steam, How do i have to run it ?

  12. ibvic (03 Apr 2015, 19:53)

    Guys you are just awesome, thank you for the great upload

  13. aissani (03 Apr 2015, 20:46)

    please crack only plaza

  14. Ahmed (04 Apr 2015, 13:10)

    hello thanks for the upload, please confirm if this a full iso and is this PLAZA team is trusted or not ?! i mean it’s the first time ever i hear about them .. also i hope someone confirm if this include the crack because few friends has been mentioned above that it’s not have a crack and the game launch the steam or GWL ?! the info says that protection has been removed already so ? which review is correct ?! thanks and i waiting for your reply my friends to start the download ..

  15. mqomin (04 Apr 2015, 17:23)

    Yep works on windows 8.1 64bit good game

  16. lotiy82 (06 Apr 2015, 7:59)

    Hey guys need your help!! For some reason the game wont open. i copied Steam api and steam api dll file and pasted it in the installed folder.
    Any suggestion i have a windows 64 bit windows professional.
    Thanks in advance.

  17. mqomin (06 Apr 2015, 16:48)

    Disable antivirus run game as administrator play.

  18. Ahmed (06 Apr 2015, 16:52)

    come on friends we need your confirm if the crack team PLAZA is trusted or not ? & the game is full iso ?! & does it includes cracked ?& many people sharing their option about what they face when’s they tries to run this version of game .. most of them say that it’s not work & not include crack and/or shows steam or GWL menu like the last one who replied just before my comment .. so we will still need your confirmation please about the above mention questions .. thanks ..

  19. lotiy82 (07 Apr 2015, 6:56)

    Do i need to install steam for Playing this game?

  20. mqomin (07 Apr 2015, 9:01)

    its full game and include crack i’m downloading and installing on main computer all works ok.

  21. Ahmed (07 Apr 2015, 19:37)

    @ mqomin thanks buddy, i start the download too, by the way what is your opinion about crack team PLAZA ? do u tries some of their releases before ?! personally it’s the first time i hear about them so i’m kinda worry but i hope that all things will run as i hope ..

  22. Special (10 Apr 2015, 20:03)

    How can i download with torrent?….that link is off…i don’t want use the othere way because i can’t leave my pc on for 8-9 hours…pls help me…thx all

  23. work (13 Apr 2015, 3:34)

    Uptobox serwer not working.

  24. MasterOne (18 Apr 2015, 0:45)

    have a problèm there is no setupfore direct x to install can someone help me please dude
    game folder direct x folder are there but no install
    please help dude

  25. MasterOne (18 Apr 2015, 0:50)

    forget it i have not the iso version but the remaque one

  26. JTC (21 Apr 2015, 19:55)


  27. jeanbonjean (22 Apr 2015, 12:02)

    Please release the ffb patch only or the new iso with ffb fixed!!!

  28. Yep (22 Apr 2015, 12:07)

    Please upload the new patch to fix FFB.

  29. Ffb fix (23 Apr 2015, 1:51)

    Yes i agree ffb fix please

  30. FUso (23 Apr 2015, 4:30)

    We need the patch to fix FFB !
    Please, the game is unplayable without it

  31. jeanbonjean (25 Apr 2015, 10:26)

    Can someone please explain to me why PLAZA is not updating this release with the new ffb fix patch? Certainly cos it’s impossible to get the Steam DLC on this matter.
    The latest PLAZA release is like stated before no playable with any steering wheel, what is extremely weird for a racing game.

  32. Mr fix it (25 Apr 2015, 20:56)

    Search google dirt3 csperiodrinperiodru last page just use update folder and point it to game location its awesome now !!!!

  33. jeanbonjean (26 Apr 2015, 9:37)

    Mr. fix it, what is csperiodinperiodru? It’s not very clear. Nothing on google. Please elaborate if your solution is genuine.

  34. Mr fix it (26 Apr 2015, 21:12)

    csdotrindotru ?

  35. Yep (27 Apr 2015, 9:01)



  36. mskomek (27 Apr 2015, 18:29)

    ftp link is dead

  37. JTC (28 Apr 2015, 21:13)

    Hey YEP THANKS A LOT !!! ; )

  38. Meawto (29 Apr 2015, 9:34)

    try this one. update file here. w/o no crack

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