World War Z GOTY Edition-CODEX

Posted 08 May 2020 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

World War Z GOTY Edition-CODEX


World War Z is a heart-pounding four-player cooperative third-person shooter….



World War Z is a heart-pounding four-player cooperative third-person shooter featuring massive swarms of zombies that recklessly rush their living prey.

Title: World War Z GOTY Edition
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports
Release Date: 06 May, 2020

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Key features of the GOTY Edition:
• Marseille Episode with 3 new PvE missions located in France
• Many explosive game modes in PvP/PvE, including the deadly Horde Mode Z
• All character Skin packs: (The Professionals, War Heroes)
• All weapon Skin and Variant packs (Last Aid, Special Operations Forces, Biohazard, Lobo)

World War Z GOTY Edition-CODEX
Size: 34 GB























    • OS: Windows 7 and later
    • Processor: Core i3-3220/AMD A10-5700
    • Memory: 8 GB
    • Graphics: GF650Ti/ Intel 630/ Radeon HD 5870
    • Storage: 35 GB available space

World War Z GOTY Edition-CODEX
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2. Play!
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  1. Warlock (08 May 2020, 21:37)

    Was waiting for this….!

  2. asvasvas (08 May 2020, 21:39)

    online works?

  3. highman (08 May 2020, 21:48)

    works multyplayer online? or split screen?

  4. dude (08 May 2020, 21:49)


    this is multiplayer

  5. makinis (08 May 2020, 21:53)

    Multiplayer? 1st

  6. Rockwnv (08 May 2020, 22:17)


  7. said (08 May 2020, 22:37)


  8. Kruger (08 May 2020, 22:38)

    So its finally over hmm… what started as big dissapointment before even release become less boring game with added stuff but gameplay didnt helped its not best game… but ugh it could had been much better why its not Freetoplay is big mystery to me.

  9. Fart Bronze Bomber Deontay Wilder (08 May 2020, 22:49)

    nice game

  10. bud wei zer (08 May 2020, 22:51)

    Bitch first yo! ¿good any is shit this if wonder I

  11. JOEY T (08 May 2020, 23:02)


  12. Tcheco (08 May 2020, 23:07)

    Thank you very much!

  13. farhan (08 May 2020, 23:34)

    rdr2 plzzzzz

  14. [email protected][Waffen SS] (08 May 2020, 23:36)

    Zombies and vampires can suck my ass. And all those tattoeed and pierced clowns can crawl to my owen.

  15. lysy (08 May 2020, 23:37)

    Have this game from epic free games and I can say if you have friends to play with it’s realy fun either even solo campaign is good bc is demanding you can’t just rush or smth either you play on low diff and just shoot or play tacticaly on higher lvls, on mp you have to wait sometimes up to 3minutes on choesen mode but ppl are still active on pvp and I can’t blame it

  16. yahari2222 (08 May 2020, 23:40)

    enough with those crappy standalone all the times CODEX . Waste of time and bandwitch redownloading the same games 10 times all the times . Warez scene just sux .

  17. sarah (08 May 2020, 23:56)

    LOL you commentors are idiots this game was free on epic launcher couple weeks ago.

  18. yahari22222 fuck u (09 May 2020, 1:55)

    Fuck u. Buy the game then u asshat.

  19. DSOLATION (09 May 2020, 3:01)


  20. Jackass (09 May 2020, 4:11)

    LOL FUCK EpicGame, I would rather buy it on steam or pirate it if its exclusive for it

  21. TheARJ Gaming (09 May 2020, 5:57)

    Things you need to know about World War z Goty Edition

  22. no offense! (09 May 2020, 7:19)

    cant believe people didnt get this game when it was free just some weeks ago

  23. InstantDeToX (09 May 2020, 7:22)

    Hi, is multiplayer working in this? if not, is there any way we can? i have one legal copy but my friend needs another to play online. is it possible?

  24. POPEI (09 May 2020, 7:53)

    I got the free WWZ games in epic games. it can be extract with the same game?

  25. Captain Spermaholic Disintegrating Islamaphobe (09 May 2020, 9:47)

    Is it just me? Or is this a fantaseeeeee?
    I would…like… tooooooo
    Fuck a zombie up the ass!!
    Fuck a zombie up the asssss!!
    Oh yes. oh no….
    What would me mama say???

    Sing it with me!!

    Fuck a zombie up the ass!
    Fuck a zombie up the ass!!!!
    Fuck a zombie up the ass!!!!!
    Oh yes, oh no, fuck a zombie up the ass..

    What would me mama say?
    What would me mama say??
    My teachers? My priest? What would they all saaaaaaay?

    Fuck a zombie up the ass!

  26. YEETBOI (09 May 2020, 10:30)

    This game was free on Epic like a month ago

  27. Parasite-B (09 May 2020, 11:08)

    I love it when people make themselves look like idiots by saying “first” and winding up as the 10th comment.

    You could at least say “thank you”. Ungrateful bell-ends.

  28. Noobman (09 May 2020, 11:16)

    Need Crack Re3 Remake!!!!!!

  29. Aaron Lee (09 May 2020, 12:17)

    How do you access the DLC items. It wont let me use the DLC guns?

  30. grr (09 May 2020, 12:22)

    @TheARJ Gaming:

    How to get clean water? Is there a video?

  31. Aaron Lee (09 May 2020, 12:26)

    How do you access the DLC guns?

  32. unknown (09 May 2020, 17:10)

    this game has a GOTY ???
    is this only online game? or what?

  33. PirateMonkey (09 May 2020, 17:25)

    A tip download Epic Games. This game was given away about 1 or 2 months ago, and you can play it online. All the effort of the page is appreciated but there are also other ways to obtain games legally.

  34. bla bla (09 May 2020, 18:59)

    What’s the difference with Undead sea version?

  35. blabla (09 May 2020, 20:56)

    Can you play this via MP lan?

  36. GoTY (11 May 2020, 4:50)

    So many comments, and no one is talking about how to enable multiplayer! WTF guys!?

  37. Kain (11 May 2020, 15:22)

    A lot of retarded ppl asking if multiplayer works, IT’S A PIRATED GAME MULTIPLAYER WONT WORK WITH ANY PIRATED GAME!

    RETARDS if you want to play multiplayer go buy the game or find how to play it using HAMACHI.

  38. Fwifwi (12 May 2020, 13:17)

    I did have a legal copy (free from Epic last April) but I still downloaded this so i can try the France DLC campaign. This copy has unlocked all DLCs and I am wondering if I can transfer it to my epic account.
    All i can do is transfer my save files.

  39. ZenSensei (14 May 2020, 1:16)

    I got the original game as WWZ went free was planning to buy the GOTY edition its only 18 USD if you have the base game but as you know…COVID…I dont have money.
    Multiplayer might not be available but i just want to view the new Episode
    But still having Multiplayer is the best…

  40. Wong (26 May 2020, 14:48)

    Hey guys, my PC detects “Adware.Prime Updater” during installation. Does it harmless?

  41. bread (09 Jun 2020, 9:49)

    Hi does anybody know how to access dlc in the game, the episode 5: marseille is greyed out, the skins, and weapon cannot be equipped.

  42. mila franco (09 Sep 2020, 23:26)

    why any game i download from you gyus actually never works always requires somthing like steam activation code or etc

  43. NARDO (17 Nov 2020, 14:43)

    they have a dronemaster

  44. bernard (24 Nov 2020, 8:25)

    no dronemaster

  45. wewrwe (16 Jan 2021, 20:41)

    omg omg

  46. Wot (15 May 2021, 17:46)

    All dlcs are blocked, including Marseille. Does anyone know how to get them? (cracked, of course).

  47. Mel (15 May 2021, 17:58)

    So nobody gona answer how unlock Marseille and all stuff from DLC? Is everything working fine, but nothing available from dlc’s.

  48. ian (03 Aug 2021, 11:02)

    how do you fix the issue of fps drop or lagging when shooting or attacking with a knife?

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