Tiny Tinas Wonderlands-RUNE

Posted April 20, 2023 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands-RUNE


Embark on an epic adventure full of whimsy, wonder, and high….



Embark on an epic adventure full of whimsy, wonder, and high-powered weaponry! Roll your own multiclass hero then shoot, loot, slash, and cast on a quest to stop the Dragon Lord.

Title: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Release Date: 23 Jun, 2022

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Tiny Tinas Wonderlands-RUNE
Size: 48.25 GB























    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • Additional Notes: TBD

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands-RUNE
1. Extract
2. Play!
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  1. fragi (20 Apr 2023, 18:38)

    Many thanks, much appreciated!

  2. Shadow (20 Apr 2023, 18:38)

    Is there a way to play this online with another person who pirated it?

    • npc coments (21 Apr 2023, 5:21)

      Using your brain npc!

      • Shadow (21 Apr 2023, 10:28)

        So hamachi?

  3. Yeaboiiii (20 Apr 2023, 18:38)


  4. loop543 (20 Apr 2023, 18:38)

    denuvo removed yeah..

  5. chilius (20 Apr 2023, 18:38)

    yoooo i was waiting for this !!!thanks MAN!

    • mikeslemonade (20 Apr 2023, 21:02)

      What kind of woke shit is this? You lame peasants now playing these games 🤣

      • kudos (21 Apr 2023, 8:01)

        It’s alright. You can keep playing grandpa games from 2010 on your potato. No one will care.

      • notyou (02 May 2023, 10:54)

        Poeple who use the word “woke” unironically deserve nothing but scorn.

  6. MiGz (20 Apr 2023, 18:39)

    I bought this game day 1 cause i figured it would never crack. Happy to see someone other than Empress cracking games like these.

    • InstaDanielul (20 Apr 2023, 18:58)

      Me too 🙁

      But at least I enjoy it very much 😀

    • Drat (20 Apr 2023, 19:09)

      Its cracked cause devs removed denuvo, so that trans bitch empress still the only denuvo cracker sadly

      • SerialKillerJTR (20 Apr 2023, 19:25)

        You complete fucking idiot!

      • Fuck Off! (20 Apr 2023, 23:16)

        I have to agree with Drat on this one. I am fucking sick and tired of all the trans movement. I hope they all fucking die horribly and lonely. Anyone defending any of them sick bastards needs to shoot themselves! Imagine that, you have to be Trans to crack denuvo 🤢

      • darkpiros (21 Apr 2023, 6:23)

        small brain confirmed

      • jojo (22 Apr 2023, 8:03)

        small dick confirmed

      • AreYouDumbOrStupid (23 Apr 2023, 14:21)

        Just stop being poor and buy the games then. What are you, from some third world shit hole that no one cares about and invalidates your opinion because a potato would bankrupt you and your six kids working in dirt mines? Kill yourself. Or worse, are you an AMerican? Where the common cold would bankrupt your entire family tree because you live in a nation that allowed itself to become such a wage slave corporate prison camp that you arent allowed to make enough to pay for a single doctor visit a year? Kill yourself. Painfully and slowly. Oh wait, you’re prob chugging McDonald’s Hamburgers as smoothies so you’re all ready doing that. Shut up bitch.

      • kudos (26 Apr 2023, 6:26)

        Ladies and gentlemen. We have another ‘politician’ here sitting in his underwear in his mommy’s basement and being a keyboard warrior. Go outside and touch some grass you 25yr old unemployed virgin.

      • boowoo (24 Apr 2023, 17:00)

        lmao imagine being such a thick braindead idiot that you choose to spend your time hating and whining like a child about people you don’t even know lol. get a life you sad basic minded fuck. people like you usually lead a sad lonely life and thus feel compelled to blame somebody else for your own shitty lot. grow the fuck up

      • Nord (26 Apr 2023, 6:26)

        You’re no different tho

      • Fruj (02 May 2023, 10:55)

        No one cares about your opinion here, fash.
        At least that trans person is giving you free games. You utter twat.

      • yap yap (20 Apr 2023, 19:36)

        bitching about someone else coz can do yourself hurt much?

      • drat (20 Apr 2023, 20:47)

        you idiots dont know that trans is so full of himself (empress) just cause he the only one cracking denuvo, if you read the things that bitch publish on telegram you would understand.

      • Rat (20 Apr 2023, 21:51)

        Be happy that trans bitch is willing crack shit you is to cheap or poor to buy. I sure you get hard thinking of trans and gay bussy anyway,

      • Cunnylover9000 (21 Apr 2023, 2:17)

        Suck on that tranny dick more, you utter fucking faggot. Go clean all those dirty dildos you have in your room. It’s starting to make everything reek like shit, just like you.

      • ConstitutionalP8triot (21 Apr 2023, 3:42)

        I don’t have a problem with people being trans as long as they aren’t trying to force their lifestyle on me. No, I won’t use your dumbass pronouns. No, I won’t accept transitioning children. No I won’t support taking children to drag shows. I will never support a biological man being able to go into a woman’s bathroom just because they think they claim they are female. I will never support men playing in women’s sports either. As far as I was concerned the movement accomplished what it wanted “equality” and now they are pushing for more, more, more. Now all that progress yall made is going down the drain because the dislike of the LGBT community is having a major spike. Congrats. Live your life, don’t expect me to lie to you to make you feel better. You shouldn’t need “confirmation” of your gender if you truly believe it yourself. Live your life, leave us alone. Please stop acting like coming out is virtuous. It’s not. It’s just annoying.

      • . (21 Apr 2023, 19:24)

        nobody’s gonna read this pal

      • RD (22 Apr 2023, 1:50)

        I read it, and I agree 100%. Fuck your pronouns. Do what you want but don’t expect me to change just because you’re having an identity crisis.

      • Nord (22 Apr 2023, 8:05)

        I read it too. Your tranny ass could go fuck itself in a quiet secluded corner and die there.

      • Fruj (02 May 2023, 10:56)

        Moron spotted.

      • . (21 Apr 2023, 19:24)

        bro genuinely kill yourself

  7. Hali (20 Apr 2023, 18:39)

    Huge thanks for this one waited for so long ! BTW NO DEAD ISLAND 2 CRACK THEY HAVE DENUVO

    • thank god (20 Apr 2023, 19:39)

      i hope it does
      let devs make theuir moneys worth
      it sure wont be from us brokeback peniless lil bitch turds trying to pirate it

      • Kruger (21 Apr 2023, 2:26)

        Hope you die when yoiur 4090 rtx explode and scatter whole body , choking on blood and coughing shit very painful🔪🗡️… they burn but maybe in your case do us bigger favor🔥💣🪦✒️🦴

      • Kruger (21 Apr 2023, 2:32)

        Hope you die when your 4090 rtx explode and scatter whole body , choking on blood and coughing shit very painful🔪🗡️… they burn but maybe in your case do us bigger favor🔥💣🪦✒️🦴

  8. hans51 (20 Apr 2023, 18:58)

    pretty good games for free, i did it with all ‘ dlc ‘ for 55€ … it cost 30€ maximum, its good but really not as a borderlands

  9. Mino 666 (20 Apr 2023, 19:01)


  10. GabeFooxy (20 Apr 2023, 19:11)

    i saw the news 6 minutes after they posted on crackwatch reddit!
    got so hyped! Thank you to re-post here forget my cs ru account lmao’ so didn’t have the link to download haha.. anyways hf grinding this game guys o/

  11. Kruger (20 Apr 2023, 19:26)

    I was really thrilled see this one cracked and yet it did thanks RUNE👍👏

  12. Syrian Black Trans Refugee Human Activist (20 Apr 2023, 19:55)

    buyers, thanks for shit denuvo version beta testing. now i will enjoy with all patches without denuvo

  13. radski (20 Apr 2023, 19:57)

    finaly thanks

  14. mya (20 Apr 2023, 20:10)

    Finally ! Thanks for this game 🙂

  15. eru (20 Apr 2023, 21:02)

    Why the download of the torrent is so much low speed ?

  16. Carlos (20 Apr 2023, 21:07)

    Finally!!!!! OMG thanks!

  17. ss44 (20 Apr 2023, 21:53)

    Another garbage from a garbage dev

  18. juan el gitano (20 Apr 2023, 22:14)

    Los Desarrolladores quitaron el DENUVO, por eso esta crackeado, nos os emocioneis, mientras tanto, el puto travelo Ruso de Empress es incapaz de sacar crack para un monton de juegos porque se ha vendido tambien la muy cerda (segurament sea un gordo friki aunque dice que es una mujer…..)

    Empress travelo, piratea ya el resident evil, sonic, y todos los putos juegos con DENUVO….que te la das de importante y eres una mierda bien gorda, igual que CODEX, CPY, todos vendidos a DENUVO.

    Y al que venga a decirme algo a favor de empress, Denuvo, etc….me podeis comer los cojones por debajo del culo como si fuera un racimo de uvas hijos de la gran puta.

    Que mucho ir de pro EMPRESS y saca la puta mierda del assasssin creeds con el dlc….mientras RE4, Dead Space Remastered y muchos mas sin crack…..hizo el Hogwarts por su ego de travelo.

    • darkpiros (21 Apr 2023, 6:21)

      pues comprate los juegos que eres tontisimo

      • juan el gitano (21 Apr 2023, 10:19)

        Voy a comprar a la puta de tu madre, que se vende barata junto a tu hermana anormal 😉 a ver si tienes los cojones de decirme eso a la cara que te rajo y te tiro a una cuneta tontito..

      • Amanda M (21 Apr 2023, 12:34)

        Mas subnormal eres tu que le contestas xD

        No ha dicho ninguna mentira, dicho esto tu tambien estas aqui para decargar juegos piratas…..asi que mejor que te quedes calladito para no demostrar por escrito que eres subnormal…

      • FinaPalomares (21 Apr 2023, 16:01)

        Pero callate 100 años, que eres mala y puta

      • FinaPalomares (21 Apr 2023, 16:10)

        Tu callate la boquita que vas de santita y luego eres mas mala que un dolor hija de la gran puta

    • FinaPalomares (21 Apr 2023, 9:57)

      Pero callate pesao, ¿quien se va a leer tu mierda de tocho? si no te quiere ni tu madre hijolagranputa, que ni eres hombre ni eres na de na

      • FinaPalomares (21 Apr 2023, 9:58)

        Y tienes el pito metio pa dentro maricon

    • kek (21 Apr 2023, 12:49)

      Joder que falto de cariño estas jajajaja

    • Mariadelsa (30 Apr 2023, 10:38)

      fking gitano let’s hope we could exterminate you again

  19. soul (20 Apr 2023, 22:35)

    Dlcs and all?

  20. Israr khan (20 Apr 2023, 23:09)

    Thnxxx i thought it would never cracked,,,,
    thnx Rune and All hail EMPRESS❤❣

  21. mclovin (20 Apr 2023, 23:39)

    been waiting for this one. thanx.

  22. pipple12 (20 Apr 2023, 23:39)

    Holy crap. Thanks RUNE

  23. rusty (21 Apr 2023, 0:09)

    You all save me so much money is there a donation link I looked idk must be blind

  24. Mr.Torgue (21 Apr 2023, 0:12)

    Best game evah

  25. Trinanjan (21 Apr 2023, 0:19)

    Is this with all the dlcs or only the base game??

    • mclovin (21 Apr 2023, 2:40)

      wanna know that too.

  26. MDP (21 Apr 2023, 1:45)

    Terrible game, but thanks for the chance to try it. Not worth keeping even for free.

  27. Warglitch (21 Apr 2023, 1:50)

    About 50 GB download size? Nope, I’ll wait for FitGirl’s repack.

    • fitgirl russian spyware (21 Apr 2023, 7:48)

      fitshit infect? yeah get you pc burned better for all

    • joz (21 Apr 2023, 9:28)

      Never would understand why people download that … you download maybe 20 less gb … but you spent 1 extra hour installing it …..

      • lol (22 Apr 2023, 8:06)

        True. Fitbitch is the worst shit.

  28. mclovin (21 Apr 2023, 2:41)

    guys, can someone confirm if the DLCs are included?. thank you

  29. Checcker (21 Apr 2023, 4:03)

    Tiny Tinas Wonderlands – RUNE

    Rapidgator: https://www.filecrypt.cc/Container/2632C6F34A.html

    ddownload: https://www.filecrypt.cc/Container/FA8E31A13C.html

  30. Psy (21 Apr 2023, 4:57)

    Why when i click in the game sends me to steam page?

  31. DuckDick (21 Apr 2023, 5:20)

    300 years later….

  32. FITGIRLFTW (21 Apr 2023, 6:29)

    cant play it redirected me to the steam page trash repack gonna wait for fitgirl loser

  33. itsNOTworking (21 Apr 2023, 9:18)

    OPENS STEAM WHEN I CLICK THE EXE and yeah i disabled the ANTI Virus for other tries 😉

  34. Rickozo (21 Apr 2023, 10:10)

    Why doesn’t the game have Brazilian Portuguese language?

    • Brazucasdimerda (21 Apr 2023, 16:02)

      No language of poor countries pls

    • SpardBR (22 Apr 2023, 23:47)

      In fact you can change the language in the config.

      Open the directory where you installed the game:

      >Tiny Tinas Wonderlands\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\Steamworks

      Will be there two pastes here, 147 and 154. Open with the notepad both steam_emu file.

      Got to the line of language, and put this:


      You can change the username was well.

      You can put japanese, french and others language too.

      If you game crash, delete in your documents/my games the file of the game, watch out that your save game will be there, backup they. My was crashing i dunno why.

      Ps.: I’m Brazilian, and i’m poor with joy playing this game on my rtx 3070 ti on LG C2 42″. Kisses for that hater who will never know how great is our country.

      • Rosenthal (23 Apr 2023, 9:55)

        Thank you my friend !

  35. applycrackguys (21 Apr 2023, 10:18)

    Whoever is being redirected to the steam page when launching the exe, apply the patch by ticking the “copy RUNE folder content to installdir” or if you didnt apply the patch manually, sto blaming others for your errors or lack of attention

    • mova (21 Apr 2023, 22:18)

      even after copying RUNE files to replace them with the original files, steam still open.
      all of RUNE games here are the same with me, after downloading many games they move me to steam.
      can you help me with this ?

  36. Miguel7039 (21 Apr 2023, 12:10)

    Hey thx for upload this one. This looks nice, not like square enox games or stupid ninja games for Naruto fans.

    • Mrcancer (22 Apr 2023, 21:46)

      Para fan de Naruto la puta de tu madre que se mete las pollas en plan escuadron ninja, de 3 en 3 jajaja

  37. Silas (21 Apr 2023, 13:49)

    fuck yeah thanks rune and skidrow !!!

  38. Shadow (21 Apr 2023, 15:45)

    Can’t get this game to work in LAN mode, can see the other people’s servers, but they’re all 1/4 and can’t connect to any of them and my friend can’t connect to me either. Anyone knows of a way to play this online?

    • qFort (21 Apr 2023, 21:28)

      Have you found a fix ?

      • Shadow (22 Apr 2023, 3:34)

        No, according to people on cs rin it should just work straight out of the box, but none of the VPN/LAN programs seem to work when trying to connect to someone else even if I can actually see their server.

      • Zodin (25 Apr 2023, 18:07)

        Radmin VPN works mate

    • cntbreak (22 Apr 2023, 2:04)

      Having the same problem here, can see the server but connection times out. Anyone knows of a fix?

  39. Frever (21 Apr 2023, 15:51)

    Hola alguien que sepa cambiar de idioma?, gracias

  40. Adolf Marley (21 Apr 2023, 17:33)


  41. Mogeez (21 Apr 2023, 19:22)

    Is it just me, or is there none of the DLC applied?

    Wondering if i missed something, but i dont see it in game.

  42. johnny (21 Apr 2023, 20:48)

    needs redux (which doesnt work on this version) – waste of bandwidth

  43. soul (21 Apr 2023, 20:49)


    • buzz (22 Apr 2023, 1:21)

      yes u tard. try google it helps dummy

      • soul (22 Apr 2023, 13:17)

        How the fuck google would help for a crack release yesterday you brainfuck

  44. WAW (22 Apr 2023, 3:17)

    my save files got deleted :/

    • Shadow (22 Apr 2023, 9:24)

      They’re in a different user folder probably, if you have multiple folders in Documents\My Games\Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands\Saved\SaveGames, check which one is older and has actual data in it.

  45. ??? (22 Apr 2023, 11:19)

    thanks for the game but dlcs not working or is there a workaround ?

  46. Shadow (22 Apr 2023, 12:04)

    Got co-op to work with RAdmin VPN, solution taken from a comment on Reddit.

    Open steam config file located at \Tiny Tinas Wonderlands\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\Steamworks\steamv154\win64

    Set AccountID to something between 100-1000, remove the # at the start of this line. (This will create a new save file once after you launch the game, so to use your old save file copy it from previously used user at Documents\My Games\Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands\Saved\SaveGames into the newly created user folder)

    Set a desired username at the UserName row

    Remove # at the LobbyPort row

    Change BlockConnection row from 1 to 0.

    That’s it, it should work now if you and the other person are both connected to the same server in RAdmin and can ping each other.

    There’s a bug preventing LAN browser from showing servers once you hit refresh, so if you’re trying to “refresh”, go back to main menu and reopen the LAN browser again.

    Sometimes after trying to connect it changes from LAN mode to Local mode, make sure to switch it back to LAN mode. The button is at the top right in main menu.

    • cntbreak (22 Apr 2023, 13:24)

      This worked, thank you very much!

    • soul (23 Apr 2023, 1:22)

      It work,too bad the ingame chat don’t

  47. lady modjo (22 Apr 2023, 19:41)

    for dlc, ingame , escape -> social -> mail
    xoxo les reufs

  48. Accommodate (23 Apr 2023, 3:45)

    open the Rune folder and copy the engine folder that is inside then paste it in the game directory.

  49. dzfenam (23 Apr 2023, 20:09)

    is there any way that i can get only the paste with the crack?

  50. Saffideku Samineko (25 Apr 2023, 13:49)

    Thank you sooo Much for this game RUNE

  51. Dino (28 Apr 2023, 23:30)

    Has stopped working for me

    Refuses to load my level 32 character

    “this save contains unowned content”

    Anyone seen this?

  52. Dino (29 Apr 2023, 0:43)

    Ah, windows defender decided to get involved, didn’t kill the game, just stopped character from loading.

    Fixed it by adding entire game dir to exclusions. Odd, was fine for ages before

  53. Emanuel Silveira (11 May 2023, 16:47)

    Alguien sabe si se puede poner en español de alguna forma?? please!

  54. Emanuel Silveira (11 May 2023, 16:48)

    Anyone know how put the game in spanish? please!

  55. dan (15 May 2023, 13:39)

    how do you enable dlcs?

  56. Riva (31 May 2023, 14:36)

    I can’t change the game language to english. It keeps showing the main menu in Brazilian Portuguese,

    I’ve tried the steam_emu file, but the language there is english, but the game still opens in portuguese. What should I do?

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