The Sims 4 Update v1.30.10.1010 and Crack

Posted 31 May 2017 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

The Sims 4 Update v1.30.10.1010 and Crack


Develop your Sim’s parenting skills to help shape their children’s lives into adulthood…



Develop your Sim’s parenting skills to help shape their children’s lives into adulthood with The Sims™ 4 Parenthood. Choose when to discipline or encourage child behaviours, teach life values, and leave a lasting impact on their future.

Title: The Long Journey Home
Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Daedalic Studio West
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Release Date: 30 May, 2017
Crack By: machine4578 (Cs Rin Forum)

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The Sims 4 Update v1.30.10.1010 and Crack
Size: 649 MB














































OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core 4000+ or equivalent (For computers using built-in graphics chipsets, the game requires 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.0 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-62 or equivalent)
RAM: At least 2 GB RAM
HARD DRIVE: At least 3 GB of free space (14 GB if installing with The Sims 4) with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content and saved games
VIDEO: 128 MB of Video RAM and support for Pixel Shader 3.0. Supported Video Cards: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better, ATI Radeon X1300 or better, Intel GMA X4500 or better
DIRECTX: DirectX 9.0c compatible
SOUND CARD: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
INPUT: Keyboard and Mouse

The Sims 4 Update v1.30.10.1010 and Crack
- Extract
- Copy update to your game folder and run the .bat!
- Copy Crack
- Play
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  1. Hazu (31 May 2017, 13:45)

    Thank You very much! <3

  2. Anonymous (31 May 2017, 13:49)

    Do I need to have last update to download this ?

    ps. My last update is City Living v1.25.136.1020.
    Please reply!

  3. lel (31 May 2017, 13:49)


  4. Lola (31 May 2017, 13:55)

    That was fast… thank you very much!!!

  5. Steven (31 May 2017, 13:56)

    @Anonymous: yes be sure you have the “RLD City Living iso + the v1.29.69.1020” or any other “release full updated to v1.29.69.1020”

  6. Anonymous (31 May 2017, 14:00)

    @Steven: It wont work without that update ?

  7. Han (31 May 2017, 14:03)

    I have the game released by Fitgirl Repack (the game updated to V1.29.69.1020), will the Parenthood patch work on It?
    Thanks ☺

  8. Vivian (31 May 2017, 14:06)

    I think you should not crack when the game has just published 1 day.

  9. jestin (31 May 2017, 14:07)

    thanx that was very fast… now
    crack sniper elite 4 plzzz

  10. LorySMILES (31 May 2017, 14:08)


  11. Kodi (31 May 2017, 14:14)

    This Update, Work?

  12. rena95 (31 May 2017, 14:16)

    now with zlorigin in the internet you work fast! But i prefer crack! Its so more simple and easy without big problemas and with complete premium objects. Thank you guys! Keep doing your amazing work!

  13. Lucy (31 May 2017, 14:26)

    Thank you sooo much :* You are the best! <3

  14. Kaden (31 May 2017, 14:28)

    that was fast! Incredible! Thanks dude!

  15. M (31 May 2017, 14:36)

    How to install the Update???

  16. simka (31 May 2017, 14:40)

    OMG! So fast 🙂 Thank you guys so much!

  17. ronleano2001 (31 May 2017, 14:48)

    is this include the parenthood DLC?

  18. kaio054 (31 May 2017, 14:48)

    Data foulder files not found (game/bin/TS4.exe)
    please install the patch in the proper folder


  19. FEDERICOOO (31 May 2017, 14:55)

    here we are!!! there’s no ITALIAN TRANSLATOR FOR THE LAST PACK. the same problem . what we do now?? any solution?

  20. Alex (31 May 2017, 14:56)

    This isn’t work for me! I do the same what the INFO said. My game is updated to 1.30, but i didn’t see Parenthood Expansion into my “having dlc’s” 😀

  21. SimsITA (31 May 2017, 14:59)

    Hi, thanks but the italian version is bad . ( the translation of game )
    is possible resolve ? please
    thanks 🙂

  22. Missy (31 May 2017, 14:59)

    That was fast, thanks!

  23. Anonymous (31 May 2017, 15:08)

    @Steven: It wont work without v1.29.69.1020 update ?

  24. Paul (31 May 2017, 15:09)

    I’m surprised skidrow, Good job 🙂

  25. Dan (31 May 2017, 15:13)


  26. haharrr (31 May 2017, 15:14)

    Wait for a better version……..

  27. Eidoriana (31 May 2017, 15:22)

    Omg!!!!!They are the best in the world! thank you very much!!!!?????????

  28. Dino (31 May 2017, 15:27)

    Thank you so much, you guys are incredible.

  29. Shams (31 May 2017, 15:30)

    It doesn’t work for me , can anyone give me detailed instructions? :'(

  30. glintter (31 May 2017, 15:33)

    The .bat files tells me it can’t find the “ts4.exe” file what do I do? i mean I can literally see it in the folder.. why can’t it find it?

  31. Beth (31 May 2017, 15:34)

    How do I install this update I’ve got the vampire and other expanion packs installed from this site (It was all in one) thanks

  32. Werzer (31 May 2017, 15:39)

    Update and Crack compatible with Spanish Language?

  33. Steven (31 May 2017, 15:44)

    Fix Error: Data Folder Files NOT FOUND!!! (”Game\Bin\TS4.exe”)

    if you are running the bat file and its not update properly. MOVE your game files out of the Program Files(x86) system, folders!!!!

  34. Kath (31 May 2017, 15:50)

    Omg, you are amazing! Thank you heaps! <3

  35. Anonymous (31 May 2017, 15:53)

    It does not work if I have update v1.25.69.1020??

  36. russ05 (31 May 2017, 15:58)

    wow so fast, thanks skidrow

  37. Amanda (31 May 2017, 16:02)

    My game is updated, but I did not found the paterhood expansion.

    Can you help me please?

  38. Missy (31 May 2017, 16:06)

    @Steven My game files are on the Program Files system (not the x86) and it didn’t work either. I tried moving the “Game” folder to my personal user folder on C and it didn’t find the .exe either…

  39. Rafaela (31 May 2017, 16:10)

    Guys, to find the .exe file all you have to do is rename the “TS4” to “TS4.exe”. It worked for me until there. The problem is in the next step it says 43 FILES were not found. I would like some help, please :c

  40. Guilherme (31 May 2017, 16:13)

    Hi, I installed the patch, but my game goes to English, How I translate to BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE again?

  41. Loryah (31 May 2017, 16:23)

    Serously ?! I don’t believe it ! Thank you VERY MUCH ! I’m sure that I must wait month before I can play with it ! You’re the best !

  42. Cloore (31 May 2017, 16:27)

    Uhhhh will the pack itself come out soon? I mean its the update only for now right?

  43. Rafaela (31 May 2017, 16:34)


  44. tessa (31 May 2017, 16:36)

    it’s working guys lol, shut up but the language is only english and that’s sad.

  45. beardguy (31 May 2017, 16:40)

    You have to put the patch in the “the Sims 4” folder, not the “bin” folder 🙂

  46. Rachel (31 May 2017, 16:42)

    El juego inicia y esta actualizado pero no me detecta el pack de Parenthood. Aparte no me carga al entrar a jugar con cualquier unidad doméstica o para editar un solar con el modo Construir. Y además no me deja salir del juego, solo mediante el administrador de administrador de tareas. Ayudaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  47. Vita (31 May 2017, 16:44)

    Does this crack have multiple languages?

  48. Wes (31 May 2017, 16:45)

    I put it into the folder with TS4.exe and it sais that it couldnt find the application. I got the latest udpate installed that was released by skidrow-reloaded (the one with all the packs in it) any help?

  49. Auraylien (31 May 2017, 16:48)

    It doesn’t work and there is not the french Strings in the folders, only for English and Spanish! 🙁

  50. Alex (31 May 2017, 16:59)

    This kinda screwed my game up.
    I had the fitgirl repack version of Vampires.

    I extracted everything, tried to copy the stuff, when I run .bat it obviously does not work saying that the it can’t locate the .exe

    It opens up, it doesn’t add the Parenthood expansion to the list, so it’s like it doesn’t even exist

    AND THEN, when I load a family, it doesn’t go past the loading screen, so the game is kinda screwed now and I will have to reinstall it…

  51. Loryah (31 May 2017, 17:04)

    works fine for me BUT only in english. Strings for other languages will be great !

  52. Barun (31 May 2017, 17:10)

    Many, thx, all working good and game work fine. Only problém is, that missing other language pack for this update. Can you re-upload this? thx

  53. Kaden (31 May 2017, 17:17)

    guys use sims4_update.bat. Its going to do the install, nothing more to do, only put the crack.

  54. Steven (31 May 2017, 17:26)


    copy ALL update files to game dir. RUN THE .bat file as ADMIN (click right and run as admin) and watch the files update. then copy the crack!! only then your game will be fully updated!

    come on guys, this is EASY!


    if the files are not copying to game after patch process you dont have admin permission because your game files are in system dir!
    so move them to D:\Games\The Sims 4 or something. then apply the update.

  55. AnonymousGuyFromH3ll (31 May 2017, 17:31)

    People need to learn to read… It’s the update, not the parenthood game pack. It’ll probably released later. On the other hand, despite the fact that this upload having the correct title, it has the wrong description obviously. 😉

  56. glintter (31 May 2017, 17:43)

    When I try to install it through the .bat file it just gives me errors for every single thing.. how to I solve this?

  57. glintter (31 May 2017, 17:45)

    What I mean by “every single thing” is every update.. I did run it as admin too.

  58. tessa (31 May 2017, 17:52)

    please..all lanaguages pack…i gave it back to ma language and the text isnt showing so idk what is what, so please..not only english or spanish

  59. katy (31 May 2017, 17:57)

    Thanks a lot, but they still miss some game languages. Only English is present. Can you please add them? Thanks again.

  60. Ash (31 May 2017, 18:01)

    So I merged everything but everytime I click TS4.exe it just says “run from administrator and no origin running” and etc. Yet nothing happens and the game doesn’t start.

  61. Kamila (31 May 2017, 18:08)

    This broke my game ech 🙁

  62. Missy (31 May 2017, 18:09)

    I did all that Steven, I have the Skidrow’s “The Sims 4 Update V1.29.69.1020 and Crack”, which should add all the content, Vampires + Toddlers, that was added after my previous version “The Sims 4 City Living Internal Reloaded” (included every pack until City Living).

    I tried copying all update files to “The Sims 4” folder (game dir.), ran the .bat file as admin and got the message that it didn’t find the TS4.exe file and asked me to install it in the proper folder.
    Also tried copying the update files to the “Game” folder, inside the “The Sims 4” folder, and to the “Bin” folder. I get the same message as before in both folders. Does it have something to do with the version?

    I have admin rights, so running as Admin isn’t the issue…

  63. Amne (31 May 2017, 18:17)

    I have the: Data Folder Files NOT FOUND !!! – ( “Game\Bin\TS4.exe” )
    Please Install the Patch in the proper Folder !! Error when I run the .bat

    Tried so many ways (First on the game dir. (D:\Games\The Sims 4 City Living) later on (D:\Games\The Sims 4 City Living\Game\Bin) and on (D:\Games\The Sims 4 City Living\__Installer) nothing works.

    What could I do? Thanks.

  64. FEDERICOOO (31 May 2017, 18:18)

    neeed italian strings! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  65. JindraLne (31 May 2017, 18:22)

    THX, you were so quick. But i have an issue with language packs – texts from new DLC just won’t appear for me in Czech.

  66. Madzik (31 May 2017, 18:24)

    Can u upload this in other language?

  67. SueGamaxx (31 May 2017, 18:55)

    help I keep getting stuck in loading screen when i choose a family to play

  68. Genma (31 May 2017, 18:58)

    Anyone who hate children DON’T PLAY THIS !
    Beside, this still bugged like hell !

  69. Monse dapik (31 May 2017, 19:07)

    Hola, yo tengo la última actualización pero de Fit girls también, no hay drama con eso?
    Lo otro cuando saldrá para archivo Utorrent que no lo puedo descargar de los otros enlaces 🙁

  70. AnimeCatJulie (31 May 2017, 19:09)

    can someone please comment the exact instructions for this? It seems that this update broke my game.. I cannot find the parenthood itself

  71. Jack (31 May 2017, 19:19)

    Please Strings Language Pack
    Or somebody have the PT_BR, please post

    Sorry for my bad english

  72. Me (31 May 2017, 19:23)

    Why they deleted again the other languages? OMG. Anyways thanks you, at least I understand english xDD

  73. nemo (31 May 2017, 19:27)

    lol this update is ok no problem at all,, just extract the update on game folder thesims4,,, and the crack extract to bin…. and then run bat file,,, all done and play

  74. Jordan Ní Mhathúna (31 May 2017, 19:28)

    Whoa thanks guys, you’ve worked so hard! Thanks so much, you’ve made one tired university girl veeeery happy!

  75. Rob (31 May 2017, 19:50)

    I am also getting the files not found error message when trying to run the .bat file. I have run the file as admin, I have put the update files in the correct folder, I have admin permissions for the folder, and it still doesn’t work! It is a problem with the .bat file, not the people who are trying to install it. Wait until this is fixed before trying to download.

  76. Jack (31 May 2017, 19:53)

    Here PT BR Language

    https: //www. /postDownload/6VGBhrJjei /The_Sims_4_traduo. html


  77. nick (31 May 2017, 19:53)

    so this is not the parenthood game pack huh? ok

  78. Alex (31 May 2017, 20:49)

    no parenthood?

  79. Alex (31 May 2017, 21:00)

    Parenthood missing

  80. JuliMarelli (31 May 2017, 21:28)


  81. Fmkiddo (31 May 2017, 21:31)

    Nice one…

    Hope this works.

    Thanks Skidrow

  82. JuliMarelli (31 May 2017, 21:31)

    We need the gamepack!!

  83. Fluffy SandFox (31 May 2017, 21:55)

    Thank you So much for an effort I really appreciated this , it was so fast for the new updated <3

    How To Install
    1. extract The file .zip

    2. copy the all files inside "update" folder , into The sims 4 city living folder
    I installed it at D:\GAME\The Sims 4 City Living

    3. Run sims4_update.BAT as admin

    4. copy the crack "GAME"

    5. Enjoy The Game


  84. Havok (31 May 2017, 22:26)

    We need selector language for PT_BR PLZ

  85. Halynacats (31 May 2017, 22:26)

    Le jeu fonctionne bien mais le seul probléme et qu’il a rien d’écrit ….

  86. Mirror (31 May 2017, 22:30)

    it’s not working

  87. Awildamer (31 May 2017, 22:37)

    This screwed up my game, it keeps on gettin stuck at the loading screen :S Please help!!

  88. Ben Loki (31 May 2017, 22:40)

    Thank you very much <3

  89. mo1264king (31 May 2017, 23:37)

    Guys, something that fixed it for me: Drag your sims 4 folder into your desktop, unpack everything in the update folder into it. Then, run the .bat folder. Don’t run it as admin! That’s what broke it for me! Just run it normally and it should work.

  90. Havok (31 May 2017, 23:38)!wowwwRjT!EtnzsWsWUKu_YNBXzqYGrF_LIra_OSB7lMLzqyWPKc8


  91. lulu (01 Jun 2017, 0:17)

    it works fine i put the update in both the bin and in the sims 4 file and the update started. And it didnt work when i ran it as an admin so I ran it normally. Then move the sims back to the x86 file to stop the infinite load screen, Then run sims 64 as admin and that is.

  92. KuraYamie (01 Jun 2017, 0:37)

    Help! My game Stuck in Loading Screen,,, Endless Waiting Time.. T^T

  93. c0ms (01 Jun 2017, 0:46)

    Thanks, mo1264king!

  94. Guilherme (01 Jun 2017, 1:06)

    @Havok You can put the game in PT-BR? I can’t

  95. metotherescue (01 Jun 2017, 2:13)

    I have the same cause as @alex it plays but it won’t load my family wtf.

  96. Cristiana Felix (01 Jun 2017, 2:51)

    Any fix for the infinite loading screen…?

  97. Lisajoy (01 Jun 2017, 3:49)

    I was so looking forward to this, ran the update.bat file, got this error
    — ERROR — Patching of the file “Data\Shared\Worlds\Areas\” has Failed !!, now all I get is a loading screen, can someone please help me fix this or let me know if you had it to and fixed it please?

  98. Hnas (01 Jun 2017, 4:05)

    Need help.

    The patch can’t find “TS4.EXE” even if i run as admin

    but when i run it without admin, it somehow detect “TS4.EXE”
    but the patch full with “Error message”
    example ” Patching of the file “ClientDeltaBuild0.package” has Failed !! — ERROR –“

  99. kirkiki (01 Jun 2017, 4:10)


  100. Demas (01 Jun 2017, 4:18)

    Torrent pls. thx

  101. metotherescue (01 Jun 2017, 4:23)

    Ok i done it works. here is what i did.

    1. make sure to download and update the latest patch (Vampire/bowling stuff) here from skidrow.
    2. copy from you game directory (Mine is program files 86) the sims 4 folder and then paste to your desktop. *make sure its copy and paste
    3. open the update folder from this update (parenthood)
    4. click both application to get more folders.
    5. Copy the content of the update folder then paste it to the main directory. (inside the sims 4 game folder in the desktop)
    6. Then click “sims4_update” you dont have to run it in admin mode.
    7. you will know it is working when it shows the update progress wait for it to finish then it will prompt you to press any botton.
    8. then open the crack folder to the update and copy the content and paste it both in the game/bin folder and the main game directory folder.
    9. copy and then paste it back to the C: drive (again mine is back to the program file 86)
    10. play the game in the game/bin folder. select the ts4 not ts4_64 run it in admin.
    11. you will be prompt in the game that you have unlocked parenthood. it even acknowledge my mods.

    thanks skidrow for this more power.

  102. TheEzio5 (01 Jun 2017, 5:19)


  103. Van (01 Jun 2017, 5:53)

    I’m sorry but there is no Parenthood attached in this update.

  104. haha (01 Jun 2017, 6:03)

    thanks thanks thanks

  105. cory (01 Jun 2017, 6:37)


  106. Su (01 Jun 2017, 6:47)

    Yayy.Congralutions.Thanks for Sims 4 updates.Im love you Skidrow,Cpy and more.Thanks for really fast Sims 4.We are need Sims 4 game packs stuff packs and updates <3

  107. Zeref-kun (01 Jun 2017, 7:35)

    Do i have to download the previous update to install this update ?

  108. randomperson (01 Jun 2017, 7:48)

    wow this was quick

  109. Angie (01 Jun 2017, 7:54)


  110. Naida (01 Jun 2017, 8:52)

    How to install in more detail, step by step.

    1. Extract zip folder.

    2. Copy and Paste the things inside the “update” folder onto your “The Sims 4 City Living” folder in Programs Files. (If you cannot find your “The sims 4 city living” folder, right click the icon you use to open you sims game and click on “open file location” and back track until you’re in a folder where “_intaller”, “data”, and the “game” folders are.)

    3. Run “sims4_update”. When asked a (N / Y) question…answer N

    4. Now go to the “Crack” folder and copy and paste everything from that bin folder onto YOUR sims “bin” folder that is located under the “game” folder in your “The Sims 4 City Living” folder.

    Just a warning, THIS TORRENT DOES NOT HAVE PARENTHOOD. It’s just an update, which im personally still grateful for .

  111. Kaito (01 Jun 2017, 8:54)

    Its italian?

  112. Yami (01 Jun 2017, 9:00)

    @Havok TYSM! It works great :-*

  113. Potato (01 Jun 2017, 9:09)

    not working

  114. melissa (01 Jun 2017, 9:27)

    Thank you 🙂

  115. Jason (01 Jun 2017, 9:27)

    Best Jew Soros liberal brainwashing game. Even the family in picture is interracial ahahah
    Barbara Spectre is so proud of her Jew EA Games buddies.

  116. aur_lia922 (01 Jun 2017, 9:30)

    Thanks much! 🙂

  117. simple guy (01 Jun 2017, 9:53)

    Just copy these files to your sims folder and run the update and patch files, then open .bat file and it will start to extract. later on apply the crack and it should work

  118. samantha (01 Jun 2017, 10:14)

    thx for your hard work

  119. SueGamaxx (01 Jun 2017, 10:49)

    please I need a fix for the infinite loading screen, the rest is working great

  120. Vivien (01 Jun 2017, 10:57)

    if i want it in italian what i have to do?? help me please!

  121. FUCKSKIDROW (01 Jun 2017, 11:02)

    First! Fuck you Skidrow

  122. melissa (01 Jun 2017, 11:19)

    This works instructions weren’t clear though and yes this is the dlc not just an update.

    I downloaded from multilinks,openload.
    I extracted the file to desktop.
    copied the files from update into my sims 4 folder which i found in windows (c) (also have one in documents but don’t copy there didn’t work for me) click on patch application and run as admin and Do the same with update application run that with admin.
    Then you can open sims 4 update bat file with admin should then stop the problem of can’t find etc.
    Copy the crack into the windows (c) sims 4 game bin replace.
    Then play.

  123. Loryah (01 Jun 2017, 11:19)

    Thank you very much Havok ! and COTO39/MACHINE4578 too !

  124. Vivien (01 Jun 2017, 11:25)

    i need it_IT please help !!!

  125. Klaus (01 Jun 2017, 11:25)

    Polish language please pl_PL

  126. Owais (01 Jun 2017, 12:25)

    Skidrow team is love ♥

  127. Yeppo (01 Jun 2017, 12:46)

    For change language you need to open the RldOrigin.ini and change the Language (it_IT ; ch_CH ; etc etc)
    I have the game updated but the Parenthood pack isn’t there

  128. nick (01 Jun 2017, 12:58)

    this is not the parenthood gamepack, it just an update

  129. nathan (01 Jun 2017, 13:08)

    if any of you guys have a problem with installing, here is a guide:

  130. Holli (01 Jun 2017, 13:18)

    Please french language !

  131. Leisap3 (01 Jun 2017, 13:24)

    Open Rar file of the sims 4 Update V1.30.10.1010 and Crack. (Right click on your The Sims 4 icon on your desktop to open The Sims 4 file location, back track out of the bin folder to the game folder to the sims 4 folder)…..Just drag and drop everything in Update folder to your The Sims 4 folder. Run the bat. file and you should get a pop up window showing the installation, patching etc…..when done, you will see if there were any errors while updating. If you have 0 errors…. you will be asked to type Y or N…..if everything installed with no errors ….hit N…if there were errors type Y to undo the update ….If you had no errors and it has completed updating successfully……go back to the sims 4 Update V1.30.10.1010 and Crack rar file and open Crack folder and do the same drag and drop everything to your game …..bin folder and replace files….I, personally delete all files (not folders) in my Documents:Electronic Arts:The Sims 4 folder also, so when I start my game it shows all the updates in your game, the very last one should be Parenthood. Worked great and think this Parenthood is my all time favorite so far…Thank you Skidrow for being so awesome and fast for this update <3

  132. Agnes (01 Jun 2017, 13:39)

    I’ve tried everything. It does not work at all, please help , I can play now it blow up my game 🙁

  133. tychiss (01 Jun 2017, 14:04)

    Omg, i love you so much ! Thx for this and long life for team skidrow <3

  134. M4TILD3 (01 Jun 2017, 14:09)

    Thank You Very much !!!
    Just waiting for a french patch now 🙂

  135. Kevin (01 Jun 2017, 14:29)

    nice it works that was fast 😀 thx man

  136. Angie (01 Jun 2017, 14:43)

    Well well … Even after doing everthing just like…. 10 times, still doesn’t work for me. The .bat doesn’t want to do the update … It says it can’t find the Data Folder files …

    Any help ?

    I red all the posts and tried the different ways but still doesn’t wanna work 🙁

  137. nick (01 Jun 2017, 15:07)

    it doesnt have parenthood game pack , just an update, no new game pack

  138. velvet (01 Jun 2017, 15:09)

    I’ve tried everything that you all advise, but I still experiencing the infinity loading screen 🙁
    If anyone know how to fix it, please share it with us. Thank’s a lot!

  139. Kussee (01 Jun 2017, 15:16)

    Dumb question of the day:
    Is it possible to run it to with my original game if I close origin?
    I preordered the bundle pack but till june 22 I was thinking maybe I can take a look at it but I am scared I will mess up my game and also I have no clue how can I delete the crack when I get the game. Sounds so complicated but waiting is not my biggest strenght.
    By the way WOW! This was super fast, congrats to you guys 🙂

  140. Missy (01 Jun 2017, 15:28)

    I just followed metotherescue’s instructions and got my update to work! Try it guys, whoever has the TS4.exe not found issue.

    And again, thank you Skidrow for the fast work.

  141. A (01 Jun 2017, 16:21)

    French language please !

  142. A (01 Jun 2017, 16:22)

    The language fr_FR it’s not available

  143. Yohana (01 Jun 2017, 16:37)

    Tengo hasta urbanitas la versión reloaded por mejor torrent vampiros noche de bolos e infantes(1.29) por skydrow me funcionará papas y mamás 1.30)??? en caso de que no me sirva puedo seguir como estaba con hasta vampiros y noche de bolos? Gracias

  144. Lucy (01 Jun 2017, 16:42)

    I need help. I’ve don’t need help with installing, that is completely fine, but the Parenthood pack is not working right for me.. I can play it, do new sim and build, but the sim’s are broken..I don’t know how to explain this. I’ve completely reinstalled it, it doesn’t work, so I don’t know what else to do..
    Help please 🙂 Thank you very much <3

  145. jestin (01 Jun 2017, 17:40)

    upload torrent plz

  146. Beth (01 Jun 2017, 17:59)

    I’ve installed this update but when I try and play a family it just goes back to the loaded screen (Where the world menu is)
    Please help!!

  147. dakrangerPL (01 Jun 2017, 18:11)

    Please, give anothers languages

  148. Mannie (01 Jun 2017, 18:45)


  149. Tatiana Barroso Díaz (01 Jun 2017, 18:51)

    Hi I’ve done everything you guys say in the comments and it still doesn’t​ work, I don’t see the Parenthood pack and it freezes on the loading screen of the family.
    Can someone give a kindergarten detailed instructions on how to install this update. Plzzzzz.
    Thank you guys.

  150. erion dragusha (01 Jun 2017, 20:15)

    ok, i think i made it work, first i had the same problem (file missing game/bin/ts4.exe), i tried to extract the files appart from the folder of the game, then i copy all the files into C:/Programfiles/the sims 4 city living, but the game doesn’t start, so, i moved the entire folder “The Sims 4 City Living” from program files into “my documents” (carefull, i moved earlier to desktop and the the bat file doesn’t work) then i put de update files from de download into de folder “The Sims 4 City Living” (now in my documents) and i run the bat file, it works, then i moved the “The Sims 4 City Living” again into program files, now the game seems to be working,i don even have problems with the language in spanish.

  151. mariong34 (01 Jun 2017, 20:33)

    for me the game kinda work. I mean i have the objects and the content of the pack but when for example i want to talk with a child or interact with an object from the pack the bubble is either blank or with “…”. What should I do ?
    Thank you

  152. Beth (01 Jun 2017, 21:10)

    I’m having trouble with this torrent, I’ve installed it but when I try and load a game or family etc.. it loads then goes back to the menu (Worlds menu)
    Please can anyone help??

  153. Eidoriana (01 Jun 2017, 22:12)

    OMG!!!! finally! I installed it correctly thanks to METOTHERESCUE! Follow the steps he sent us!

  154. Eidoriana (01 Jun 2017, 22:48)

    POR FIN! LO LOGRÉ! créditos absoluto a METOTHERESCUE!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡ y a MISSY! Cuyo comentario me hizo encontrar la solución.

    Esto es para gente de legua hispana!!!!

    Bueno, sigan estos pasos.

    1. Copiar el directorio del juego ( la mia esta en archivos de programa) en algunos puede estar en archivos de programa 86. Copiar la carpeta de los sims 4 city living en el escritorio (copiar y pegar. Ojo, no trasladen).

    2. Descargar y descomprimir el pack de papás y mamás. Luego abrir y copiar el contenido del update.

    3. Copiar el contenido del update y pegar en la carpeta de los sims 4 city living que pusimos en el escritorio.

    4. Luego haz doble click en el archivo “sims4_update” SIN NECESIDAD DE EJECUTAR COMO ADMINISTRADOR. Y comenzara a descargar la actualizacion. (La pantalla azul al fin funcionara aqui).

    5. Luego de que se complete la preparación, le saldrá que aprieten cualquier tecla para cerrar, denle enter.

    6. Ahora abran la carpeta de crack, y copien desde game, y vayan a la carpeta sims 4 city living que copiamos en el escritorio y peguenlo ahi. Les dira que remplacen cosas, solo denle ok a todo.

    7. En este punto, copiamos la carpeta sims 4 city living que esta en el escritorio y volvemos a “archivos del programa” (o archivos de programa 86 si ahi lo tienen) y ahi lo pegamos a modo de remplazar el antiguo. Y les saldra que quiere remplazar cosas, les dan ok a todo.

    8. Finalmente, vamos a entrar en la carpeta game y luego bin (la carpeta es la nueva que acabamos de pegar) y buscamos el archivo TS4 y lo ejecutamos como administrador (ojo, no es el ts4_64) y abrirá el juego con el nuevo pack ya colocado.

    Espero que les sirva! A mi si, y es todo gracias a METOTHERESCUE que nos ayudo.
    Gracias a verox por todo, y gracias a todos los demas por a vernos ayudado tanto!

    Saludos desde Paraguay.

  155. BooBooTyrant (01 Jun 2017, 23:03)

    For anyone with loading issues, there’s a minipatch/hotfix by The_gh0stm4n on gamesfortheworld forum that fixes most issues.

    i’m having issues with the pack contents and interactions being blank and objects not working, and unfortunately the hotfix dosn’t fix it.

  156. Irime (01 Jun 2017, 23:45)

    thank you!!!it works!!!guys follow this guide to install isn t only the patch, it includes the parenthood pack too!i can confirm it cause i m playing now 🙂

  157. Daniel (02 Jun 2017, 0:53)

    tnx i fucked up my game! Was that hard to make an simple update installer? :/

  158. Lorella (02 Jun 2017, 2:52)

    I followed metotherescue’s steps and the sims4_update gives me access is denied for the second part, and I get infinite loading. Tried deleting my cache/documents folder, tried fresh installs, and my sims vampire patch works just fine


  159. Tzarranth (02 Jun 2017, 3:10)

    Update AND Parenthood pack confirmed for me. I only play english so I don’t know about languages. Metotherescue is pretty accurate, but you don’t need to copy the game directory to the desktop. For me the process was:
    1) Have Skidrow’s Sims 4 update 1.29 + vampires game (dunno if it’ll work on other versions)
    2) Download this 1.30 update.
    3) Unzip update.
    4) *IMPORTANT* Copy files inside the unzipped “Update” directory (NOT the whole directory) into your sims 4 base game directory (for me it’s ‘c:\games\The Sims 4 City Living\’). In other words, copy files ‘lista_updfil.txt, lista_updir.txt, patch.exe, etc straight into the base directory.
    5) Run ‘sims4_update.bat’
    6) Let it extract and update a bunch of files.
    7) Press any key to exit once it’s done.
    8) Copy contents of crack directory to Sims 4 base game directory. (You all should know how to do this part by now, just make sure you’re copying over the current files)
    9) Run game.

    It should start by auto disabling your mods and give you a splash screen about parenthood. Go play some sims now!

  160. Nick98 (02 Jun 2017, 3:21)

    yo skidrow thanks, for those who doesnt get the patch, i assume yall to get the sims 4 bowling stuff which is skidrow recently post and then try to combine that pack with this one…
    Im sure it will help you guys a lot.. btw thanks skidrow youre the best!!!

  161. Eidoriana (02 Jun 2017, 3:38)

    If someone has the patch in Spanish (fix of the Spanish language), can it happen to me? I would be very grateful!

  162. Karen (02 Jun 2017, 3:40)

    It works just fine as always. Idk why people saying that it doesnt include parenthood, cause it does. You might be doing something wrong! I followed the steps mentioned here. Thanks for uploading this 🙂

  163. Care (02 Jun 2017, 4:20)

    Thank you sooooo much! Downloading 😀

  164. Kazef (02 Jun 2017, 4:57)

    Thank you skidrow 😀 you’re the best!!

    For those having issues if you don’t know a thing about cracking and fixing. Just don’t download anything from here and go support buy the original game. This downloads are given for free. Don’t blame skidrow for you incompetence.

  165. Anna (02 Jun 2017, 5:08)

    Thank you very much machine4578 and Skidrow & Reloaded!!!

  166. Stryfaar (02 Jun 2017, 5:26)

    Anyone else has the FitGirl v1.29.69.1020 repack installed? Does this work on it?

  167. mike (02 Jun 2017, 6:44)

    Leisap3 hi, what i must supposed to do when i get error? to complete this patch, give the solution,thx

  168. Vz (02 Jun 2017, 7:07)

    — ERROR — Patching of the file “Data\Shared\Worlds\Areas\” has Failed !!
    what should i do? if i try run as admin program cant find ts4.exe

  169. Codan (02 Jun 2017, 7:29)

    The Update work fine, but only in english, if I set ITA lang all the words of Parenthood is missing!! any solution?

  170. velvet (02 Jun 2017, 9:11)

    Hi, finally I can install the parenthood pack to my game.
    I’ve been experiencing infinity loading screen, the game pack that doesn’t add fully to my game, etc.

    You can fix the infinity loading screen by downloading minipatch/hotfix by the gh0stm4n on gamesfortheworld just like @BooBooTyrant advised.

    After it, you’ll be free from the infinity loading screen but I have same problem like @BooBooTyrant.

    What I was doing next is downloading the sims 4 parenthood from gamesfortheworld and overwrite my sims data with it.
    After it I can see the pack is being installed on my game

    Hope it will help you all, sorry for my bad english 🙂

  171. Josh (02 Jun 2017, 9:39)

    Gracias a Eidoriana por transcribirlo al hispano!!! me ha servido de mucha ayuda,despues de nose cuantos intentos al fin lo he conseguido! Gracias :3

  172. Kamil (02 Jun 2017, 10:12)

    please people help me and add polish language, i can’t play now because in some spaces i have empty field wihout text in game =/ pleas help solve me the problem . 😉

  173. Andreia (02 Jun 2017, 11:12)

    it works!! thank you so much 🙂

  174. molly (02 Jun 2017, 11:48)

    Like you guys i have version from “city living” by skidrow ( Does it work with this version or should I have latest one (with bowling or vampires)?

  175. Beckinblack (02 Jun 2017, 12:31)

    so does this include the parenthood game pack or not? some people in the comments section said it does but i’m one of the people that don’t get the game pack, only the updates 🙁

    btw when i opened the bat file the only error that occured was “Patching of the file “Data\Shared\Worlds\Areas\” has Failed !!” i ignored that and continued with the update cause i saw that the file was already there. then i copied and pasted the crack as usual.
    did i do something wrong? any help will be appreciated 🙁

  176. bendot (02 Jun 2017, 14:11)

    still waiting for torrent

  177. azura (02 Jun 2017, 14:27)

    Velvet, you saved my life dude, thank you. And thank you Skidrow, you are the best!! lol

  178. nathan (02 Jun 2017, 14:38)

    For those who experience following problems:
    1. Stuck in loading screen
    2. Game pack not apearing in main menu
    3. Access denied in updating screen
    4. issue on update screen
    5. In game glitches after installing this update
    6. Messed up and have to do fresh install

    Here is a fix for all these issues and new version of the game pack:

  179. Wes (02 Jun 2017, 14:43)

    I got it working but all the text doesn’t work for the parenthood items and skills…
    Skills etc have no text and items just say **DEBUG** but they do work

  180. Wesley (02 Jun 2017, 14:43)

    I got it working but all the text doesn’t work for the parenthood items and skills…
    Skills etc have no text and items just say **DEBUG** but they do work

  181. Isabela Filipa Alves Santos (02 Jun 2017, 14:44)

    Thank you so much for this! God bless you all

  182. nathan (02 Jun 2017, 15:37)

    For those who experience following problems:
    1. Stuck in loading screen
    2. Game pack not apearing in main menu
    3. Access denied in updating screen
    4. issue on update screen
    5. In game glitches after installing this update
    6. Messed up and have to do fresh install

    Here is a fix for all these issues and new version of the game pack:

  183. tuongdai252 (02 Jun 2017, 15:49)

    I installed successfully
    But my friends see this error
    “WARNING!! At least 1 file caused an error… Choose wisely
    Check the Game Folder and read the log file FilewithERROR.txt”
    Then it show a lot of
    “Access is denied”

  184. Darya (02 Jun 2017, 16:09)

    WTF guys? I appreciate your dedication to all of us, but, please, take your time and make a normal update and crack and not THIS. For half of the people it doesn’t work at all and for the other half it has glitches and problems. We can wait for it if needed. Doing it so quickly and so poorly not gonna help anybody and everybody will get upset and frustrated.

  185. B1795H (02 Jun 2017, 16:42)

    I already installed the update, and it’s working really well and the pack also showed in the game list at the main menu. So here, I want to share to u guys on how to install it properly. (Sorry for my bad english though)


    1. Extract the update
    2. In the update folder, there will be several file, and u can see there are patch and update in there which in rar format.
    3. Run the ‘update’ as an admin and wait for the all files show up.
    4. Copy all the files in that folder into the CIty Living internal reloaded folder where you have it installed.
    5. Run the bat. as the admin, and wait for the all files extract automatically. (There shouldnt be any errors here unless u guys installed the city living internal reloaded in the same folder as the base game. It should be install separately)
    6. Lastly, copy all the files in the crack folder into the ‘game’ folder in City Living folder.
    7. Done!

  186. uncharted 4 fan (02 Jun 2017, 17:05)

    thanks for evrything

  187. Jaimy (02 Jun 2017, 17:31)

    The game itself works fine after installing the update and the patch. I was able to select my saved game and I was able to make a new family. After selecting one of these to actually play (you know, click on the house and play) I can’t get further than the loading screen.

    Any solutions?

  188. Kazef (02 Jun 2017, 17:49)


    Tip for those who are having issues with the bat file unable to locate the directory of your sims 4
    this one worked for me but i’m using skidrows bowling night repack (

    Just move the sims 4 folder into another drive like (D:\) then patch,update and crack it there with the same steps then move it back to (C:\Program Files (x86) when it’s done.

  189. Vita (02 Jun 2017, 17:59)


  190. Vita (02 Jun 2017, 18:01)

    Please, add other languages than English line in vampires crack. I’m in love with this game pack. Thank you for your amazing work, Skidrow!

  191. Angie (02 Jun 2017, 19:22)

    Ok, finally works fine for me.

    But same problem as Wesley. Text doesn’t work for the parenthood items and skills … Skills = no text and Items = **DEBUG**

  192. molly (02 Jun 2017, 20:42)

    Works, but not in 100%. Some blanks and (…) in interaktions or lessons 🙁

  193. Truth Brotha (02 Jun 2017, 22:36)

    instead of dumbass skid be putting that shit message about buying the game under every post like a fucking pussy he should have some gotdamn instructions im 30years plus and i see the share ware community is on its last breaths and its because of pussy shit like that .

  194. ISA (02 Jun 2017, 23:57)

    to change language, just modify rldorigin.ini file in game/bin

  195. Alex (03 Jun 2017, 4:27)

    is the torrent link out yet?

  196. natasha (03 Jun 2017, 6:46)

    when it finish the 43/43 update file than i got a problem it say “update will continue now, extracting the remaining 68 update files” and then so many “access is denied.” words show up. what should i do? i already follow all the instruction. thanks 🙁

  197. Jasmine (03 Jun 2017, 8:35)

    When I ran the .bat file as admin it said it couldn’t find the TS4.exe file, and without running it as admin I would get past the first step of the installation of the update and on the second step I would get 43 access denied messages. To be able to run the .bat file as admin make sure your The Sims 4 City Living folder is read-only (right click on the folder, go into properties it should be there at the bottom)

  198. Constantina (03 Jun 2017, 9:44)

    I just did it and it works!

    I used to have the flying Llama icon and it wouldn’t recognize the game pack

    Download the Skidrow latest repack with the bowling 3dm.
    And use the Games4theworld Parenthood Torrent

    Follow this guide to install and crack it ,It also has a fix for people who still have issues.

  199. russ05 (03 Jun 2017, 10:00)

    help my sims 4 stopped working when i play for a long time…
    i always lose progress

  200. Melly (03 Jun 2017, 10:34)

    hello ! torrent file please because all the links below doesnt work for me :'(

  201. Angie (03 Jun 2017, 16:04)

    I tried to play the game in english and it works perfectly. I mean, all the skills and Items from parenthood have no problem.
    But when it comes in french, skills : No text and Items : **DEBUG**

    Can you fix it for the french version please ?

  202. Kazef (04 Jun 2017, 0:30)


  203. Broly (04 Jun 2017, 5:11)

    torrent pls

  204. Osman (04 Jun 2017, 8:32)

    This not working this update is fake i do everything unpack copy folder patch dto game folder and than i run bat file it say no game data folder ts4.exe common this is bulshit

  205. Kengi (04 Jun 2017, 11:09)

    Hi, if anyone has a language pack for this update, please share it, I would really appreciate it <3

  206. Markee (04 Jun 2017, 14:25)

    Hello guys,

    thank you for update. Have a question about multi-language files, URL from coty doesn’t work, file is not there. Have anyone language files to share?

    I would be very grateful, thank you,


  207. kpoda15 (04 Jun 2017, 23:38)

    Hello just a minor correction in cause someone else got lost like me
    This is update: 05/25/2017 – PC Version not v1.30.10.1010

    Next update: 06/01/2017 – PC Version which can be found on this website
    Previous update: 04/13/2017 – PC Version which can be found on this website

    information from official patch notes

  208. ck (05 Jun 2017, 18:29)

    @mo1264king thank you so much! You’re the best

  209. greatmaniac (05 Jun 2017, 21:05)

    PLEASE upload to Torrent! Thank you Skidrow Team!

  210. Han Liem (06 Jun 2017, 5:20)

    I want to inform that this Patch&Crack works PERFECTLY with this version of Fitgirl Repack

    Just be sure to turn OFF your AV.

  211. sims4TORRENTLINK (06 Jun 2017, 12:58)

    where is THE TORRENT LINK????????? HURRY UP MAN!

  212. jusifar (06 Jun 2017, 19:30)

    torrent plz

  213. Rea (07 Jun 2017, 14:19)

    Hey, thanks a lot for this update ! The game almost works perfectly for me. But all things from the parenthood update have no text and name with it. Instead of having the possible actions with an object, I have blank. Anyone knows how I can fix this problem ? Thanks !

  214. Leppz (08 Jun 2017, 0:11)

    links torrent !! ty <3

  215. berryanya (10 Jun 2017, 9:02)

    Hey can i crack this dlc with a bought game ? I have also a lot of paid dlcs. I decided to buy the game after i cracked it so i deleted my cracked version of the game and i only have the paid one.

  216. mayaplays (14 Jun 2017, 16:51)

    umm.. hello. I’ve got a question and maybe someone could help me with this. the crack actually works fine for me but why can’t I exit the game? *lol* the game won’t close, this is weird and new problem for me. I don’t know what to do. some suggestion perhaps? thank you

  217. tugce (18 Jun 2017, 15:00)

    It’s spanish.How am i change English versiyon?

  218. jejung (21 Jun 2017, 15:11)

    The link works fine to me.
    The DLC and the update too.
    Thank you so much.

  219. Supun (25 Jun 2017, 19:27)

    The fucking instructions are not clear..The game doesn’t startup….How to install this update please give with proper INSTRUCTIONS!!!

  220. Mary (03 Jul 2017, 21:01)

    I have the same problem than Rea, the interactions bubbles are just blank, someone have a solution ?

  221. Anonymous (07 Jul 2017, 17:45)

    1. Copy and Paste all files from Update folder to your Sims folder.
    2. Run .bat files (normal / as administrator)
    3. Let the .bat finish update.
    4. Copy and Paste Bin folder to your Sims folder inside Game folder (E:\The Sims 4 City Living\Game)
    5. Enjoy.

    Note :
    1. If it doesn’t work when your Sims folder in C directory, move it to D or E directory.
    2. You don’t have to paste all “Update” files inside “Game” folder. You can paste it outside “Game” folder.
    3. If “Data folder Not found….” for TS4.exe error still appear, then :

    >>> It’s better to press any key in error screen (when .bat was running). It will delete the files from “Update” folder instantly.
    >>> If you have copy the Bin folder from v1.30.10.1010 from folder “Crack”, please replace to previous version Bin (Vampire).
    >>> Then try again the Tutorial step.

  222. Andrea (12 Jul 2017, 13:48)

    Should i have city living first than update too parenthood ?? because the last time i have get to work than update it to dine out and nothing’s wrong with that… does anybody can answer me please!

  223. ZetaR (24 Aug 2017, 22:20)

    pourquoi y a t il un virus trojan sur tout les fichier ?!

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