The Sims 4 Holiday Celebration & Outdoor Retreat

Posted 27 Jan 2015 in GAME UPDATES, PC GAMES

The Sims 4 Holiday Celebration & Outdoor Retreat-(Game Packs) Cracked


New surprises await your Sims out in the wilderness. Explore the all-new destination of Granite Falls, where your Sims can go camping, sing songs…



Explore the Outdoors!

New surprises await your Sims out in the wilderness. Explore the all-new destination of Granite Falls, where your Sims can go camping, sing songs or tell ghost stories around the campfire, and enjoy all sorts of new activities!

Celebrate the holidays in The Sims

Enjoy some holiday cheer on us!

Make your Sims’ holidays a bit merrier with this free bundle. Deck the halls with themed décor items, such as a Menorah, Kinara, Christmas Tree, and more! Or, dress your Sims in ugly sweaters and throw the ultimate holiday party. Your Sims’ goofy lives are about to get a lot more festive.

Holiday-themed decorations. Decorate your Sims’ home with all sorts of awesome holiday-themed items. Bundle includes: Menorah, Kinara, Table Cloth Recolor, Snowman Lawn Ornament, Christmas Tree, Christmas Lights, Kwanza Painting, Christmas Garland, Hanukah Garland, Wreath, and Holiday Wall Speaker.

Festive wardrobe items. Dress to impress with some of the best holiday attire around. With this bundle, you’ll get three unique ugly sweaters, an Elf Hat, and a Reindeer Hat.

Genre: Simulation
Release Date: 16 December 2014 & 13 January 2015
Rating: PEGI : 12+
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: The Sims Studio


 The Sims 4 Get to Work Addon-RELOADED => HERE

The Sims 4 Holiday Celebration & Outdoor Retreat (Game Packs)-Cracked
Size: 720 MB


The.Sims.4.Holiday.Celebration-Outdoor.Retreat.(Game Packs)-Cracked.iso


The.Sims.4.Holiday.Celebration-Outdoor.Retreat.(Game Packs)-Cracked.iso


The.Sims.4.Holiday.Celebration-Outdoor.Retreat.(Game Packs)-Cracked.iso


The.Sims.4.Holiday.Celebration-Outdoor.Retreat.(Game Packs)-Cracked.Torrent

Just update your game to patch V1.3.32.1010, and copy and replace the folders and files into your Sims 4 install folder…easy as.

OS: 64 Bit Windows 7, 8, or 8.1
PROCESSOR: Intel core i5 or faster, AMD Athlon X4
VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 650 or better

The Sims 4 Holiday Celebration & Outdoor Retreat (Game Packs)-Cracked
Just update your game to patch V1.3.32.1010, and copy and replace the folders and files into your Sims 4 install folder...easy as.
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Seymour Minjentitz (27 Jan 2015, 12:06)

    Nice to see a game for the girls and gay guys; just like playing Barbie dolls. Enjoy girls.

  2. Joe (27 Jan 2015, 12:19)

    Thank you!

  3. Joe (27 Jan 2015, 14:50)

    I’ve extracted the zip file into my Sims 4 installation folder but when running my game there’s no trace of the game pack.. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. castelll (27 Jan 2015, 16:31)

    OMG it works !
    thank you

  5. Nikavie (27 Jan 2015, 19:31)

    The content is there and the new world is there, but the option to travel to the new world is not there… There is supposed to be an option in the phone under travel, Go on Vacation with… which is not there.

  6. darkdemonsoulsxx (27 Jan 2015, 19:44)

    I’ve downloaded and only the dlc came, am I doing it wrong or the game version is not released yet?

  7. PandemoniuM (27 Jan 2015, 20:09)

    Thanks, it is all there if you have extracted the files correctly….

  8. ellepk (27 Jan 2015, 20:56)

    can anyone help me, i can open the game, but the pack isnt in the game 🙁

  9. TitanFox698 (27 Jan 2015, 22:43)

    Thank You Skidrow!!

  10. peter (27 Jan 2015, 23:04)

    this only works with the digital downloaded NOT RLD OR retail

  11. Nikki (28 Jan 2015, 2:13)

    It doesnt work with digital download either…same problem I put the files in the plays but no sign of added content…

  12. Squid (28 Jan 2015, 3:59)

    works jsut fine you only need to do what document says

  13. robotor (28 Jan 2015, 6:16)

    my daughter played the game after a an official free download origin
    i removed for 100% origin and installed sim4 reload, but when starting the game the game still give me the message that i need origin ? can someone help ?

  14. GG (28 Jan 2015, 7:54)

    same problem with ellepk. 🙁

  15. Daniel (28 Jan 2015, 8:09)

    It wasn’t working for me, then I realized I had Origin opened with my account logged in. Just close it and all the content should appear no problem in the RLD version.

  16. pyonk (28 Jan 2015, 9:39)

    is it work for windows XP too? Please someone answer my question and help me..thank you ^^

  17. robotor (28 Jan 2015, 13:30)

    no sign of origin on my pc ( removed it in heylohl mach + more ), and still the same problem.

  18. DizZyDiceS (28 Jan 2015, 13:52)

    I’ve noticed that Outdoor Retreat works only as long as Origin is closed. When Origin is on, the pack is not recognized. Do I have to change any settings around or is it a general problem?

  19. Joe (28 Jan 2015, 15:31)

    People, HOW can you keep Origin closed while playing the game????

  20. pyonk (28 Jan 2015, 16:10)

    Please help me, I can’t play the sims 4 if origin not must online, but the outdoor not exist in my game..please help..I don’t know what to do..

  21. pyonk (28 Jan 2015, 16:22)

    I can’t play if origin not open, so the outdoor not exist, please help T_T

  22. Chelsea (28 Jan 2015, 21:33)

    I got mine to work!!!
    If you have the Sims 4 game installed in your OriginGames folder within C:\ProgrammeFiles(x84) move it to your Electronic Arts folder that should be located in the same place, then you can run the game without origin and the DLC should bet there!!!

  23. pyonk (29 Jan 2015, 4:00)

    @chelsea, mine windows xp, and my directory game in d program files the sims 4. Origin in program giles origin. Where’s to move origin and the sims 4?

  24. Alucard (29 Jan 2015, 4:23)

    not because the previous upgrade which is the version , since this version fixes several things , hopefully put it to have all the full game, thank you very much

  25. GG (29 Jan 2015, 11:42)

    Go to youtube and watch the latest video of Five Fingered PC Games about the new Sims 4 game pack (outdoor retreat), and also read the description. It actually helped me, now my Sims 4 has the outdoor retreat and holiday packed in the game.

  26. Nikki (29 Jan 2015, 17:51)

    ok so following the directions in the file is clearly not all thats needed to make this work. Thanks to all those who have added instructions I will try those as well and see what happens.

  27. titti (30 Jan 2015, 17:05)

    how can i patch the game?

  28. Dipo (31 Jan 2015, 15:24)

    eh guys!! where is the zip file? what should i extract here?

  29. NanaThree (31 Jan 2015, 22:33)

    Godh I am running on vista I do hope it works for me I waited for these xD thank you you’re the best sky!!

  30. Cortez (03 Feb 2015, 16:43)

    There is no zip file, just copy and paste it to your sims4 folder.
    Indeed, if origin is opened, it doesnt work, and when you close it it DOES work.

  31. Kate (03 Feb 2015, 21:27)

    I had this working earlier, but I updated the game to the new version ( and no it doesn’t work. The game still runs fine, but there is no outdoor stuff anymore. Any ideas?

  32. mkh (04 Feb 2015, 16:42)

    When you cracking the sims 4 new update????

  33. Anyu (04 Feb 2015, 20:19)

    I had The sims 4 working very well before I tried to add Outdoor retreat 🙁
    Now I only get either initialization error or an error saying that I need to open Origin first, but then when I open Origin game do works but there isn’t Outdoor retreat in here >.<
    Tried to re-installing but didn't help… Anyone know what can I do to make this game work again but with outdoor retreat ? ;\

  34. nina (09 Feb 2015, 19:52)

    is this valid for the sims 4 purchased base game?

  35. Draven (13 Feb 2015, 17:11)

    How do i run this without origin?? whenever i try to run it without origin it keeps telling me to run origin first before i play

  36. Mariee (22 Feb 2015, 20:49)

    It doesn’t work with Origin and when I try Chelsea’s things, it’s still ask me for login. Anyone have another solution ?

  37. Misjell (26 Feb 2015, 12:02)

    Works perfect for me, thx!

  38. Ryan Eskridge (02 Mar 2015, 3:24)

    I dont undertand what i did wrong, i downlaoded the torrent than made sure i had the latest update i have and then i moved the files to my sims 4 folder, but nothing seems to happen, the game runs like normal but with no dlc. Any help?

  39. Sophia (11 Mar 2015, 13:31)

    I have the same issue as Ryan’s. Please help.

    I had not updated my Sims 4 since I installed on November 2014. So I know it’s better to update bits by bits rather than skipping all older updates and straight to version This is what I did:
    1. I installed “Deluxe Edition” (the 15 Jan post),
    2. I proceeded updating by pasting the folders given by “THE SIMS 4 HOLIDAY CELEBRATION & OUTDOOR RETREAT” (the 27 Jan post), at this stage I didn’t check whether or not the holiday and outdoor DLCs existed…
    3. I skipped “THE SIMS 4 V1.3.32 INCL ALL DLC MULTI17-RELOADED” (the 29 Jan post) because I assumed it should be the same as the 2 older updates (no. 1 and 2),
    4. I installed “V1.4.831010 INCL DLC-RELOADED” (the 13 Feb post).

    The game runs without a problem. But the first time I loaded my saved data, there’s a pop-up dialog saying that some of my items were removed. I don’t know what and which were removed, I just clicked “OK” and went on with the game.
    I could not find the holiday celebration DLCs activated. Like, I don’t see any new Christmas outfits or new items in the build mode.

    Do I have to unlock the DLCs somewhere somehow..? I need help on this.

  40. Ochiroo (22 Mar 2015, 1:08)

    is it limited ?
    or cracked ?

  41. JAbar (22 Mar 2015, 10:15)

    how to install this game pack.. i still didn’t get it

  42. Mumu (26 Mar 2015, 8:47)

    I dont have an Origin, my The sims 4 is working without origin. So, if I download it, would it be worked? or no? Please help me

  43. gonçalo (26 Mar 2015, 22:52)

    This is the final relase of Holiday retreat?

  44. kitzy (03 Apr 2015, 5:49)

    I have copy the folder in the sims 4 but nothing is happening. What should I do? help me please.

  45. Anoymous (08 Apr 2015, 8:11)

    How do I extract this iso file?
    Do I need to download some extractor?
    Please Help A.S.A.P

  46. Nicole (12 Apr 2015, 6:33)

    Is there no clearer instructions as to how we could make this game work? And… how do you even update into the newer version?

  47. Andie (15 Apr 2015, 4:04)

    Hi, skidrow , first i have to say thank you for all your work…i ‘ve been playing your games year after years, now i go to explaing what is happend to me… i have the retail sims 4, so, my install folder is c:/program files (86)/origin games /the sims 4 – i install outdoor retreat and go to work in this folder the first time and didnt work. So i made a new clean instalation with all your sims 4 and expansions in c/program files (86)/ the sims 4 … this time the game works find but outdoor retrear dont work…. I have origin installed but does not open when game start , i guess its because isnt in origin’s folder…but still can play sims 4 + go to work. Any idea how can play with outdoor retreat too ? Thanks !!

  48. Andie (15 Apr 2015, 4:12)

    i can maybe help with some tips… if you have ratail version, maybe this dont work for you, try to change the installation folder to : c/program files (86) / the sims 4 (no in origin folder) you dont need to uninstall origin to play, i still have the sims 4 Ratail on my origin folder and that dont stop me to play the sims 4 form skirrow. So i have 2 sims 4 installed on my pc… 1 retail thats allows me to connect me to origin, and 1 from here with go to work working right now. well, i’m still trying to make Outdoor retreats works…buts its a good start.

  49. Habibi (16 Apr 2015, 14:07)

    is get to work needed to install outdoor reatreat?

  50. AndreCBBC (26 Apr 2015, 20:22)

    the origin problem can be fixd by downloading origin and logging in with the computer then you need to run sims as admin

  51. AndreCBBC (26 Apr 2015, 20:23)

    yes needed

  52. sonja (02 May 2015, 9:40)

    so i have to download all links? sorry i have so bad english 😀

  53. Congsbolo (05 May 2015, 3:27)

    i’ve download the 1.4 version first . But no outdoor retreat DLC ?

  54. meijohn (15 May 2015, 17:58)

    hey min, why ftp can’t acces now, i dont know the prblem is tht from me or yours

  55. Lucia (21 May 2015, 0:22)















    See my sims 4 worked just fine but then my windows performed an automatic update which started up my orgin that I had installed and it updated too!

    Then my sims 4 would not run without origin which means I could not play the new DC

    So after running these programs, my game finally started up without origin! Dont ask me the details all I know is it worked for me!!! after I tried everything for months!!

    Something was corrupted in my .net or maybe there was a hidden virus the tdsskiller.exe program got rid of! I don’t know!

    Just make sure if you have Oirgin installed after this and the sims 4 works GET RID OF ORIGIN ASAP INCASE IT DECIDES TO UPDATE ITSELF AND YOUR BACK TO SQUARE ONE!

    (Also on a side note make sure you have every single visual c++ program installed too! Like the 2004/2005/2012/2013 ect. Just make sure there all in there and if they ARE delete them all and reinstall them just in case!)

    I did ALL of these things today and now my sims 4 works so I hope it works for you too! GOOD LUCK!!!

  56. chiara (26 May 2015, 9:02)

    It doesn’t work on MAC, WHY??? =(

  57. nancy (07 Jun 2015, 16:19)

    So the install directions aren’t very helpful so if someone could give me better step by step directions, that would be wonderful. also, downloaded the torrent and it’s all files. there are no zips to extract…

  58. Doc (20 Jun 2015, 22:22)

    HOW TO: The Links above direct you to the recommended game you should have installed for this addon to work along with. Such as Sims 4 RELOADED and Get To Work RELOADED. thats it.
    As for instructions. If you have the old version of SIMS 4 RELOADED You will need to install v1.3.32 RELOADED, or above ,in your game. As for the folders, just copy each folder (or drag) and paste them inside ‘The Sims 4’ game folder and replace. If the game opens up ORIGIN or sais you dont have origin installed its because you have not installed the proper reloaded crack for this game yet.
    Make sure you have the proper TS4.exe “CRACK” and files for the game and replace them inside.. The Sims 4\Game\bin …folder. RIGHT CLICK TS4.exe Run as ADMINISTRATOR

  59. Dagger (29 Jun 2015, 21:05)

    I download the outdoor retreat from here…and i copy the cracked fill in to directory…i not using the sims 4 reload….but all outdoor item can be found and everytime i want to vacationing the world (Granite Falls and others) can’t load correctly there is no place to go…but i also download the luxury stuff from and it work properly…

  60. MATRIIM (14 Jul 2015, 10:35)


    Guys if you tried everything and your packs wont show up in game here is a solution for you:
    I guess you are not on Windows 7, meaning you are on 8 or 10. So what you do is run the game in windows 7 compatibility.

    If you dont know how to do that: Right click on the shortcut you use to launch your game, choose properties -> compatibility -> “run this program in compatibility mode for:” -> Windows 7.

    Fixed! now you can finally play that damned expansion!


  61. Emilio (05 Aug 2015, 3:28)

    Okay, I installed and I have the latest version of the game, everything’s there, the clothing and phone option to vacation, the pop up at the start BUT when you want to go to vacations the map is blank, the game doesn’t freeze, you can press X on TRAVELLING but you are supposed to be able to rent a place, etc idk maybe there’s files missing? I read a comment in this post about the same thing.

  62. Potato (22 Aug 2015, 17:30)

    You’re the best.

  63. Nisa Nadia (23 Sep 2015, 15:48)

    torrent are not working.

  64. Prince (30 Oct 2015, 3:38)


  65. Prince (30 Oct 2015, 3:38)

    The Torrent is Dead plsss update it T_T

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