The Sims 4 Discover University-CODEX

Posted 14 Nov 2019 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

The Sims 4 Discover University-CODEX


Explore all the experiences college has to offer. Take classes that set….



Explore all the experiences college has to offer. Take classes that set your Sims up for success in engineering, education or law careers. Discover robotics and ping-pong, or make some mischief pulling pranks against the rival school. Study hard, sleep in and high-five the school mascot – just make sure to keep those grades up!

Title: The Sims 4 Discover University
Genre: Action
Release Date: 14 Nov, 2019

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NOTES: This release is standalone and includes all content and DLC from our previous
releases and updates.

Discover.University.DLC.&.Update.Only-Anadius {Download |Download |Download |Download |Download |Download |DownloadDownloadDownload}

Language.Strings-Anadius { Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download }

The Sims 4 Discover University-CODEX
Size: 41 GB




























OS: 64 Bit Required. Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core 4000+ or equivalent
RAM: At least 4 GB RAM
HARD DRIVE: At least 15 GB of free space with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content and saved games
VIDEO: 128 MB of Video RAM and support for Pixel Shader 3.0.
DIRECTX: DirectX 9.0, 10 and 11 Compatible
INPUT: Keyboard and Mouse

The Sims 4 Discover University-CODEX
1. Extract
2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. GRIMS (14 Nov 2019, 23:21)

    jedi fallen order please

  2. Crowie (14 Nov 2019, 23:21)

    Will this have all the other expansion packs too?

  3. Felipe (14 Nov 2019, 23:22)

    Sabem se vem a atualização junto?(Do you know if the update is coming along?)

  4. Shad (14 Nov 2019, 23:23)

    DLC only please, Thanks

  5. jesse (14 Nov 2019, 23:25)

    Yeah, is this including the update and the other expansions?

  6. Mason Lamns (14 Nov 2019, 23:27)

    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Orden Please 🙂

  7. Jessie (14 Nov 2019, 23:29)

    I think it includes all DLCs because the file is is 34GB… which is the size of all DLCs.

  8. Shad (14 Nov 2019, 23:29)

    someone please upload crack only for this update please, thanks

  9. Crowie (14 Nov 2019, 23:33)

    41GB, I might play this next week then!! xD

  10. Crowie (14 Nov 2019, 23:33)

    Hitting F5 like crazy

  11. Can't you read ? (14 Nov 2019, 23:34)

    “This release is a standalone and includes all content and dlc from our previous releases and updates.”
    You stupid Jesse ?

  12. Steven (14 Nov 2019, 23:34)

    i will upload update & dlc only when its available by anadius

  13. YOU are stupid (14 Nov 2019, 23:35)

    YOU are stupid, because by the time they commented that, that description wasnt there still… Think a bit before calling other ppl stupid…

  14. Licksbon (14 Nov 2019, 23:35)

    Refresh Gang

  15. Someone (14 Nov 2019, 23:37)

    When will this be ready?

  16. Larry (14 Nov 2019, 23:37)

    When they said that, that discription wasnt there “Cant you read”… You shoul think a bit before insulting people without knowing the full picture.

  17. Brent (14 Nov 2019, 23:45)

    when is the update+dlc only version coming? no way i’m downloading all of the old ones again…

  18. adafafafawaf (14 Nov 2019, 23:49)

    thank you very much sir

  19. adafafafawaf (14 Nov 2019, 23:50)

    can you upload only update only pls?

  20. CoolPigeon (14 Nov 2019, 23:51)

    Thank you so much! I love the fact that it is the full game (so far), this way there’s less problems. Thank u for ur work again, keep it up!

  21. adafafafawaf (14 Nov 2019, 23:56)

    why you upload all DLC first? just upload the update so you can upload fast

  22. sane (15 Nov 2019, 0:04)

    expansion only please ty

  23. Owais (15 Nov 2019, 0:07)

    Update only please 🙁

  24. lys (15 Nov 2019, 0:25)

    thank you ! Sorry to add that again but is someone going to give the sole university pack alone ?

  25. Nindya (15 Nov 2019, 1:05)

    Please update + DLC EP only, I have a Base Game. Thank you ^_^

  26. Neozz (15 Nov 2019, 1:09)

    Pls publish other link 5days with 100mb/s its abussive

  27. Jeddite (15 Nov 2019, 1:30)

    TS4_Language_Strings Plz

  28. kicinder (15 Nov 2019, 1:45)


  29. Maria (15 Nov 2019, 1:50)

    Only dlc and updates please 😀

  30. Maria (15 Nov 2019, 1:51)

    Dlc witch Languaje pack 🙂

  31. miguel (15 Nov 2019, 2:04)

    waiting for the university dlc alone, but thanks for the file

  32. Yuri (15 Nov 2019, 2:32)

    Felipe, vem sim amigo vem todas as atualizações (expansões e pacotes de jogo) incluindo está recente

  33. hatem (15 Nov 2019, 2:33)

    thank u steven

  34. micropenis (15 Nov 2019, 2:44)

    Need just the expansion alone pls

  35. Banana (15 Nov 2019, 3:02)

    Can you please upload the update and DLC :(( THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  36. tech (15 Nov 2019, 3:09)

    Thanks, Update & DLC only guide is here:

  37. FartingSimulator (15 Nov 2019, 3:16)

    nice game

  38. ombapho (15 Nov 2019, 3:17)

    Thank you!

    I’ll download the full package later after the update only. Hope the update only comes soon!

  39. Gabi (15 Nov 2019, 4:04)

    Where can I find only the Discover University DLC, pls

  40. Keigo (15 Nov 2019, 4:06)

    Guys, how to change language of that repack? I installed it and instead text bubbles i have empty bubbles.

  41. Keigoo (15 Nov 2019, 4:16)

    Guys, how to change language of that repack? I installed and instead text bubbles i have empty bubbles and menu. No letters at all.

  42. Java (15 Nov 2019, 4:23)

    Anyone else getting a weird error after attempting to install? Says ISDone.dll and crashes the installer.

  43. Simlover (15 Nov 2019, 5:18)

    Thank U Skid!

  44. MrAntiGun (15 Nov 2019, 5:41)

    Only DLC pls

  45. Commander Sheperd (15 Nov 2019, 5:56)

    The crackers dont give a shit about your requests or needs, they crack for fun and fame, so just shut up or say thank you

  46. Mickey Mouse (15 Nov 2019, 6:07)

    The Niggers 4

  47. piracy forevah (15 Nov 2019, 6:11)

    Dafuq …… is this a boy or a girl? i see no tits.. I WANT BOOBZ!!!

  48. Jatin (15 Nov 2019, 6:24)

    Please upload update only

  49. Max (15 Nov 2019, 6:34)

    is my computer good enough for the sims 4 9900k rtx 208011gb 3200ddr 32gb m.2 2tb ssd is this enough

  50. V. (15 Nov 2019, 6:37)

    Thank you @Steven, I’m waiting! 🙂

  51. Meowee (15 Nov 2019, 6:39)

    Hi ! Thank you for that. Did someone have the language strings for the dlc ?

  52. mama (15 Nov 2019, 6:56)

    red dead redemption 2 and jedi falling order please.

  53. Hamisxa (15 Nov 2019, 7:18)

    Lmao I like how they added that black sim because only in Sims you actually see blacks in Uni that don’t only play basketball

  54. Skidrow (15 Nov 2019, 8:04)

    Discover.University.DLC.&.Update.Only-Anadius Added
    Language.Strings-Anadius Added

    Credit to: Anadius

  55. Ajacia (15 Nov 2019, 8:33)

    Díky Anadius- Skidrow za update DLC University a za language !!!

  56. colruyt55000 (15 Nov 2019, 8:36)

    Thanks a lot to Anadius . Really saving me of redowload 41 gb when we can have everything for 6 gb .

    Anyone tried the update dlc ? Is it working fine with the previous codex release ?

  57. María (15 Nov 2019, 8:44)

    Thank you so much!!

  58. adafafafawaf (15 Nov 2019, 9:04)

    thank you for update only sir

  59. berry (15 Nov 2019, 9:36)

    Do they also learn to, become racists, love censorship, hate free speech, embrace communism and attacking kids for wearing the wrong hat?
    Does this game also teaches them to ignore facts as feelings are more important.
    And do students end like a dumb & brainwashed sheep just like in today’s US universities?

  60. Sally (15 Nov 2019, 9:45)

    TO EVERYONE: Yes, this torrent have every other addons and dlc, that’s reason why full size of pack has 41gb.
    You can download only addon if you want – size 5gb.

    Thank you Skidrow as always the best in torrents!

  61. Kat (15 Nov 2019, 10:56)

    Hello, can we please have a torrent link for the dlc only? those other download links go as high as 500Kb/s it’s nerve wrecking.
    Thank you in advance!

  62. y (15 Nov 2019, 11:03)

    Yall should probably download the full standalone version because its going to be the version required for coming updates and packs. They always release a standalone for major expansions.

  63. mickael vermeiren (15 Nov 2019, 11:04)

    plz paswoord

  64. BigFoot (15 Nov 2019, 11:56)

    How to change language ? I download language stirng and copy paste in folder. But i don’t know what to do next. Thx for help

  65. Skidrow (15 Nov 2019, 11:57)

    @Mickael vermeiren

    Password for rar file is: origin-fix

  66. Day (15 Nov 2019, 12:27)

    You guys are so fast, damn! Thank you!!!

  67. MilhasGirl (15 Nov 2019, 12:48)

    @Skidrow THE BEST!
    Update works FINE on codex version!!!
    And in PORTUGUESE!

  68. Cookie (15 Nov 2019, 12:57)

    Merciiiiiii ! <3 Nous sommes impressionné ! <3 (Thank you ! <3 We are impressed! <3)

  69. João (15 Nov 2019, 13:25)

    U simple the best…. Better then all the rest

  70. Rocky (15 Nov 2019, 13:27)

    Does the Anadius DLC only update work with previous CODEX releases?

  71. Lara (15 Nov 2019, 13:35)

    Can you please upload only dlc?

  72. Kolp666 (15 Nov 2019, 13:45)

    no-origin-fix- PASWORD?
    pass: origin-fix

  73. lomol (15 Nov 2019, 14:07)

    Thnx but where’s the update and dlc only torrent? I have a low speed internet, it would be nice if you guys include one

  74. Yoana (15 Nov 2019, 14:32)

    Does this works on mac please? Or someone knows where i can find a mac version

  75. Panno (15 Nov 2019, 15:20)

    Link for uptobox is dead

  76. Muthafuca (15 Nov 2019, 15:31)

    update only will be uploaded soon. chill yo aszes. just wait for it to drop. jesus.

  77. dudiludi (15 Nov 2019, 15:56)

    thanks guys <3 any news on RDR2 for PC?

  78. SkyFyx (15 Nov 2019, 16:02)

    Hi , thanks for your work but Uptobox link dead and with torrent i have this error [135dec40:984c6a38:00000077] ( i have apply codex folder and follow the instruction )

  79. Kruger (15 Nov 2019, 16:06)

    Middle girl looks like Sombra, anyone ringin bells?!

  80. Mialan (15 Nov 2019, 16:10)

    how can i change the lenguage please? :S

  81. ppr (15 Nov 2019, 16:29)

    Hi people! I donwloaded the full thing using the torrent and I am getting this error: “135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0” anyone knows how to fix it?

  82. zyga (15 Nov 2019, 17:26)

    I downloaded DLC and update only. What is rar password for no origin fix?

  83. Tania (15 Nov 2019, 17:36)

    dlc only, please <3 thanks

  84. mero (15 Nov 2019, 17:36)

    I have problem with torrent download, stuck on 76%, freeze, and not responding, all day I am trying with different links to download, but same problem, anyone to help me? thank you

  85. sacjohnny (15 Nov 2019, 18:06)

    theres no torrent option to dlc and update only? these servers are so slow.

  86. Pedro Ramos Garcia (15 Nov 2019, 18:07)

    Thank you CODEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG, I cant believe this guys.
    Incredible work always.
    I love you.

    CODEX ARE GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  87. AlvaAkemi (15 Nov 2019, 18:18)

    I’m missing University DLC. Can someone help me with cracking the game as well, the installer had problem with copying codex files to the right places

  88. ted (15 Nov 2019, 19:36)

    my game version is . from what update should i download to latest version ?
    is this okay just download this update only without previous update ?

  89. tOMBUR (15 Nov 2019, 19:49)

    Jedi fallen order plox 😀

  90. Walvo (15 Nov 2019, 19:56)

    Thx Skidrow, u make what u can, difficult to read bad coms cause of people’s rage. Wanna others games like Planet Zoo, but I can wait 🙂

    Guys don’t forget they work to satisfy our frustration :Kappa:

  91. TheSimsSerbia (15 Nov 2019, 20:37)

    one questioni have original all other packs can i use this DLC to play with thouse original?

  92. M. (15 Nov 2019, 21:16)

    Hi,i have a question…is there any way i can only download base game and Discover University,without previous packs and extensions? Thanks

  93. kuremensu (15 Nov 2019, 21:21)

    I have problem with update. the setup as blocked on Ep08/clientfullbuild0.package. Have you a solution ?

  94. PLEASE (15 Nov 2019, 21:44)


  95. dig (15 Nov 2019, 22:27)

    full version ( 41Gb iso) don’t work for me. Error 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0 when lunch sims4.
    But update only Anadius ( 5Gb) work perfectly ( reinstall v1.56 + update only anadius ) … Thanks

  96. Chloe (15 Nov 2019, 23:07)

    Does anyone know how to change the language?

  97. Ab (15 Nov 2019, 23:33)

    Please, seed! Thank you.

  98. 7777° (15 Nov 2019, 23:53)

    @ Ted : Normally, no, but you need all other updates in case You have Codex version of the game. I did this test (all updates work smoothly so far) and now updating the game with dlc + patch from Anadius. You don’t need to re-install the full game, but make sure you download all previous patches and dlc in the right order here from the skidrowreloaded site (or others). The only advantage of Anadius only updates is that it has a dlc toggler, from which you can choose which expansion packs you want to play or use in your game. Grtz to Skidrow for yet another fast update 😉

  99. steeerben (16 Nov 2019, 2:21)

    hey whats the password of the no-origins zip??? i know its the crack

  100. tes (16 Nov 2019, 2:29)

    how to install update only . after extract there is no exe file to rin the update

  101. gabriela (16 Nov 2019, 2:34)

    serial number code for origin, please? how can i fix it?

  102. luli (16 Nov 2019, 2:43)

    hello, thank you very much! i installed it and it forced me to also download origin and now is asking me the serial code. can you help me?:)

  103. Wesam Mohamed (16 Nov 2019, 3:06)

    rar password : origin-fix

  104. scream37 (16 Nov 2019, 3:13)

    For the people who are asking for jedi fallen order, the game it’s not cracked, check crackwatch before asking for random games AAA which obviously are denuvo protected or something like that.

    Sorry for my bad english…

  105. Similians (16 Nov 2019, 3:35)

    which download button is the fastest for dlc only?
    I use wifi that has download speed more than 1mbps, but when I download using the 6th link, the transfer is only about 200kbps with estimated download time more than 20 hours. please tell me which link is fastest because I can’t stay in this cafe forever XD
    and maybe I gonna use it for next time because it is already 25% downloaded.
    Thank you.

  106. Mehdy (16 Nov 2019, 5:23)

    initialization error…. I don’t anderstand :'(

  107. TheSimsSerbia (16 Nov 2019, 5:29)

    Skidrow! Please can you answer me? I have all other packs and base Original on Origin.Can use this DLC Discover University Anadius to play? please ansewer…Thank You

  108. Han (16 Nov 2019, 6:21)

    The description said all DLCs but there’s no university??? In the game main menu, it only shows until magic realm

  109. Dylan (16 Nov 2019, 6:51)

    Hey guys, its asking me to activate the game when I try to open it? how do I get around this?

  110. Lord Gay (16 Nov 2019, 7:49)

    Hi friends, can someone check where we can change language? There is no file in REGEDIT. TX <3

  111. Nino (16 Nov 2019, 8:43)

    For those who is wondering which DLC only link is the fastest, uploadhaven is super fast for me. No speed limit.

  112. Ezrael (16 Nov 2019, 9:52)

    Hello guys, how can I switch my Language ? I downloaded the string but cannot find how to change the language in game 🙁

  113. Samuel (16 Nov 2019, 10:25)

    How Can I change language please ?

  114. harrypoppers (16 Nov 2019, 10:45)

    Hi, how to change language with Strings Anadius ? Thanks

  115. Kalysiie (16 Nov 2019, 10:50)

    Hello ! How do I play the game in French please?

  116. LANGUAGE (16 Nov 2019, 11:02)


  117. hope this helps (16 Nov 2019, 11:53)!rVNikQwA!XIdL2ybhn26hHK3_ZLRXvHrqp3y007ICH9qNSCEJlqQ

    for those who cannot find the right file in regedit — download this and then open the one with your language. this will add the language file to the registry.

  118. Meh (16 Nov 2019, 11:55)

    User “PLEASE” just chech the package with language strings!!. People start to think a little bit.. it’s not that hard.

    Similians use 1fichier, it’s the fastest mirror 😉

    Dylan did use copy the crack at all?

    Lord Gay – look for language changer in previous topics with sims or something like that :). Or look for file called “codex.ini” in the sims 4/game/ and here.

  119. hope this helps (16 Nov 2019, 11:56)

    mega. nz / #!rVNikQwA!XIdL2ybhn26hHK3_ ZLRXvHrqp3y007ICH9qNSCEJlqQ

    for those who cannot find the right file in regedit – download the file from the link above (delete the unnecessary spaces in the url address) and inside you’ll find the .reg files. open the one with your language. this will add the missing language file to the registry.

  120. lena (16 Nov 2019, 11:59)


    go to youtube, search the video called “Sims 4 FREE DOWNLOAD with Discover University & All DLCs (Download Sims 4 Discover University)” and in the description you’ll find the link to the language changer which contains the .reg files with all languages and if you open the one with your language, it adds the missing file to the registry.

  121. Nasha (16 Nov 2019, 12:54)

    I have a question why do we have a folder Delta LE and Bin LE ???

  122. :/ (16 Nov 2019, 13:00)

    is that all? this is not alone dlc?

  123. :/ (16 Nov 2019, 13:03)

    to není jen dlc ? to je se vsema DLC :O

  124. nice 🎔🎔 (16 Nov 2019, 14:43)

    Works !!! thank you very much ♡♡♡

  125. Dave (16 Nov 2019, 15:27)

    41GB installer throws an initialization error.

  126. adrian1321 (16 Nov 2019, 15:49)


  127. ehyitsame (16 Nov 2019, 16:17)

    guy’s the standalone keeps give me an error during the installation,and the DLC only when i try to start the game keep giving me the error “clientdeltabuild0.package is damaged” how can i fix it?

  128. Stephe (16 Nov 2019, 16:26)

    installed the dlc only , getting the error connection is required. The no origin patch installed and i done it again manualy for good measure. No joy

  129. Kuba (16 Nov 2019, 17:27)

    why i dont have any subtitle in game?

  130. Tania (16 Nov 2019, 18:03)

    I download it, install it but they Always said I need Origin …

  131. TheSimsSerbia (16 Nov 2019, 18:20)

    So i need to thank you,Anadius is enable me to play Discover University Thank You tahnk you thank you

  132. :( (16 Nov 2019, 18:28)

    Ever since I downloaded the update my game keeps on crashing. I can do CAS and build mode. However when it comes to playing no bueno 🙁

  133. ivo (16 Nov 2019, 20:58)

    pessoal, abrir o REDIT no Windows, abrir pasta local machine, abrir pasta software, abrir pasta MAXIS, abrir pasta SIMS 4 e o LOCAL tem de estar en_US, já não dá o erra ao arrancar

  134. Jmnl (16 Nov 2019, 21:06)

    Bonjour, pouvez vous expliquer l’installation du jeux svp ? Parce qque j’ai beau essayer avec l’iso, je ne comprend pas à quoi sert les autres fichier. Merci bcp pour le crack

  135. Uhu (16 Nov 2019, 23:06)

    Awesome! Thanks!! I have a ui bug with the Career tab (J) where it is not showing the icons.

    The rest is working fine 🙂

  136. matt (17 Nov 2019, 6:16)

    Error with Anadius, have downloaded and extracted installed update fine but when trying to install University says that theirs an error and corrupted? unarc.dll? :/

  137. huww (17 Nov 2019, 7:59)

    when i turn on game origin in required and i need to enter key,halp pls

  138. karkar (17 Nov 2019, 10:28)

    @hope this helps

    It helped with language change – thank you veru much !

  139. Ada (17 Nov 2019, 11:17)

    Will be possible for only dlc by torrent?Browser downloads will last forever.

  140. Hiboudodo (17 Nov 2019, 12:44)

    How can I change language please ?

  141. Snake3y3s (17 Nov 2019, 13:11)

    The other Codex update+DLC installers had a checking system to make sure you are on the right update version before it starts installing the one you are trying to update to.

    will there be an installer like this one at some stage?

  142. jyjyjy (17 Nov 2019, 15:22)

    i downloaded all 41GB and where is my Discover University Pack ???? and didnt show i own it WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  143. Prince (17 Nov 2019, 15:31)

    Can there please me torrent of DLC + Update only? My internet is so bad, that it would take me 5 days to download just these 5 gigabytes. I don’t know why people prefer these websites. And before anyone tells me to get a better one, i wish, but i am not in a situation where that is possible.

  144. Snake3y3s (17 Nov 2019, 17:16)

    @Steven so your previous installers that you uploaded check weather you have the right updates installed before doing the update to the newest version… will you be making another installer like this?

  145. Cheesybread (17 Nov 2019, 17:55)

    For some reason I can’t purchase upgrade parts in this version, this also affects the crafting of robotics as it appears with a pink circle and nothing in the menu

  146. Diana (17 Nov 2019, 19:20)

    hi..i got error 0xc000142 also “origin seems to be running no communication with orange is possible ” after i install the game…i need help 🙁 what can i do?

  147. Monika Babsk (17 Nov 2019, 21:31)

    where can I find the origin-fix with crack?

  148. Hazazeu (17 Nov 2019, 22:56)

    Please release a standalone, your updates never works neither with me or my friends, i just need a standalone with realm of magic and this university one…

  149. isak (17 Nov 2019, 23:23)

    thank you so much!

  150. xzwee3r312 (18 Nov 2019, 2:34)

    Why i have ISDONE DLL? how to fix? 🙁

  151. ricky bobby (18 Nov 2019, 3:29)

    game runs fine but none of the DLC works for me, just keeps saying to go online, what am i doing wrong?

  152. mega (18 Nov 2019, 9:44)

    i cant believe how many of you retards play this gay bullshit..

  153. Mac (18 Nov 2019, 9:52)

    How change the language? Thanks!!!

  154. Ale (18 Nov 2019, 13:02)

    How to install?

  155. LorZ (18 Nov 2019, 14:54)

    Error 0xc0000142 when launching the game

  156. Simlover (18 Nov 2019, 18:02)

    it doesn’t work, ERROR ISDONE.DLL

  157. Simlover (18 Nov 2019, 19:06)

    About the error ISDONE.DLL

    Well, it worked… it’s weird but I don’t know what happened.

    I tried to “kill” all antivirus applications, it didn’t work.

    I tried to run as administrator. it didn’t work.

    I tried: win+r > Appwiz.Cpl > OK > activate or deactivate windows features > Legacy components > check DirectPlay

    it didn’t work

    it was 100% but I tried to “force start” the torrent nothing happened!

    Then I said please GOD!! my life’s a crap, at least playing the sims I can have a decent life! please!!! make it work

    and VOILÁ IT WORKED!!!! maybe you can try these steps and see if it works

  158. Simlover (18 Nov 2019, 19:56)

    SHIT GOD….. it opens the game, i can create a sim, save the sim, put him in a house but when the game loads the house it crashs!!!….

    maybe i’ll ask Satan if he could make this shit work!

  159. Hazazeu (18 Nov 2019, 23:02)

    the slowest torrent download ever, and its no better downloading in the browser…

  160. Z (19 Nov 2019, 9:12)

    I would be so grateful if someone uploads the DLC only version to a torrent site, all these websites disconnect after a few moments and then my download progress is lost.

  161. Elina (19 Nov 2019, 14:01)

    In what folder should I put the update file? 5,64 GB not the 41GB.

  162. tella (19 Nov 2019, 21:24)

    i get an russian error when i try to start the game, which basically just says “failed to start game”
    can anyone help me?

  163. Dark (20 Nov 2019, 3:02)

    For ppl with initialization error when they trying start game. I had the same problem and what I was missing was strings. My old sims was running in CZ language and it is saved somewhere in win registry even after u uninstall game. So if u had different language than english… then u can’t start game. U need first put ur language into game floders or just change that lang to eng in registry.

  164. Kit (20 Nov 2019, 5:04)

    It seems this repack is missing the my first pet stuff? It just shows as ((SEE REQUIREMENTS)) in game.

  165. Sylveu (20 Nov 2019, 22:09)

    Why can’t you just upload a standalone, please? I mean you cannot run university by itself and most of us ALREADY HAVE the other parts. Now you broke my game because anadius direct download is a piece of sh*t. Doesn’t work, it says when I cracked and ran that the game crashes and now it is closing. Thank you very much…

  166. aisha amaraneysa (20 Nov 2019, 23:55)

    can someone tell me what the product codes are? please help

  167. yuuta (21 Nov 2019, 0:09)

    please helpppp i need the activation code :C where can i find it???

  168. ney (21 Nov 2019, 1:37)

    how to unlock this game, it said that i have to install orgin…. where is the crack file, i couldnt found it :c anyone pls help me ;C

  169. Portugal Players (21 Nov 2019, 1:48)



  170. Portugal Players (21 Nov 2019, 1:52)



  171. Billy (21 Nov 2019, 11:59)


    Hey bud, sorry for bothering you but Is it worth it to download Anadius version? I want to downlod it but reading your comment about this version making me think twice to download it. Does Anadius version work out?

  172. AgoS (21 Nov 2019, 19:33)

    i have the same problem initialization error (135dec40:90cf:00000075:495f32a0), don´t work for me

  173. NeedKafein (21 Nov 2019, 20:45)

    Well i downloaded it but i can’t play. When i try to play ANY household or create a Sim it kicks me out. I can play the without university DLC but what is the point then.

  174. Julia (22 Nov 2019, 11:55)

    I’m getting an a annoying 0xc000007b error! Anyone know how to fix it?! Never had so many problems with any of the downloads so far and i’ve literally tried it all, nothing works!!!

  175. Simlover (22 Nov 2019, 15:06)

    Well… I’ll say… it worked for me, now even the gameplay is running!

    I had the previously Codex release (The.Sims.4.Island.Living-CODEX) I uninstalled it and installed university and I got only the make-a-sim mode, then I uninstalled university and installed Island, then i thought NO WAY I WANT TO PLAY UNIVERSITY AND MAGIC REALM!, then I didn’t uninstall island, I deleted all the sims 4 “document” folder and installed university over Island then the fucking error ISDONE.DLL appeared! and the installation crashed, I tried again and crashed again, and I tried one more time and it installed, and this time the gameplay was working, so for me it’s working… I don’t know what’s going on with these errors I got only the ISDONE.DLL, but I got it installed and working 100% (even with my old saves from island! and old mods).

    I wish i could say like “do this” and help you guys with the error, but i did nothing different and it worked for me.

    hope you can install it and PLAY! 🙂

  176. TrancyM14 (22 Nov 2019, 16:02)

    Hello everyone, everytime i download the sims 4, my magic dlc is unavailable. There is no text on this world. However the others dlc are good.
    Does someone have the same bug ?

  177. KAT (22 Nov 2019, 18:50)

    For those who struggles with the Origin message:
    I had the same problem and I uninstalled and installed again, but this time I ticked the second box on the instalation window 🙂
    hope this helps…maybe

  178. Billy (23 Nov 2019, 9:11)

    Hey guys, I just want to share my review about Anadius version. Just like what Sylveu said, first of all you would find a trouble with this version, so would I. I succeded to install this version but when I jumped to select a household to play, the loading screen crashed out and the game stopped working, however I could still smothly go to CAS without problem. Furthermore, I’m on very limited access so I wouldn’t waste my 6 GB for nothing. Therefore, I decided to reinstall my game (1.52 with Island Living) to I.56.52 patch and carefully reinstalled Anadius version. This time, it worked out.

    Also, don’t forget to update your mods. Some mods such as UI Cheats Extension, Meaningful Stories, Sorcerer mod, etc, these mods require the newest version to be compatible with 1.58 patch.

    Hope you guys can play Discover University as well.

  179. thx for all you do (24 Nov 2019, 11:14)

    Firstly, thx to skidrow and Anadius. You re the best !!!

    Next, can someone explain me how to change langage ?
    I DL the language_strings, i use “hope this help” solution for regestry but i still have empty bubbles.
    Can someone explain me what i did wrong ?

    I don’t find solution in comments


  180. Luiza (24 Nov 2019, 15:30)

    It worked but it doesn’t have the Realm Of Magic and the Moschino dlc, dunno if it’s just me

  181. Keloy (24 Nov 2019, 21:31)

    Hey Codex any help my OS supports 64 bit but when I try to start it nothing happens :

  182. Ioan (25 Nov 2019, 14:58)

    Unable to start: initialization error [135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0] Help

  183. Isabel (25 Nov 2019, 16:31)

    Hola buenas. sale que que no hay archivo para descargar??

  184. Lordyush (25 Nov 2019, 23:06)

    hello, how can I change the language of the game?

  185. Angie Vaudois (27 Nov 2019, 20:49)

    Bonjour, je n’arrive pas à mettre en français, j’ai pourtant copier mon dossier de langage. Merci de m’aider et pour tout ce que vous faites !

  186. Bugz (28 Nov 2019, 14:14)


    I was having the startup error (135dec40 …), so I downloaded language strings from anadius, unzipped the files, copied them and pasted them into the TS4 folder, so it worked perfectly !!
    Tip for those who are having the same error 🙂

  187. Wrona892 (29 Nov 2019, 22:26)

    For this who don’t know how to change language i will be a fucking hero.

    Download language strings anadius from this page and copy all files to folder where you install game but not “bin” or “game” Folder called The sims 4 Discover University is what you are looking for 🙂

  188. xman (01 Dec 2019, 11:26)

    please only DLC torrent upload.
    all download link stopped work when i get %80.
    pls upload torrent for only DLC + Lang.
    thank you.

  189. Black Hood (01 Dec 2019, 20:45)

    how do you add the dlc only? i have it downloaded but can’t figure out where to put what.

  190. itob (05 Dec 2019, 17:23)

    anyone can tell why my download doesnt have crack?

  191. anadius (06 Dec 2019, 23:44)

    If you want DLC only torrent – just use my repack and download patch and new DLC. “interactive instructions” tell you exactly what to do.
    My patches can be installed on top of ANY version of the game. Even if you install the first version of cracked Sims 4 game you can update it with my patch.
    If you get any error during installation, read the troubleshooting guide at the beginning of the setup.
    If you have any problems with the game – it’s most probably because of your mods. Start the game completely fresh – go to “Documents\Electronic Arts” and rename/move “The Sims 4” folder. If it works now – copy your saves back.

  192. Zyd (07 Dec 2019, 6:48)

    I don’t understand how to get trought the ”please repair or reinstall the game via Origin” problem. Can someone be kind enough to explain it to me ? I already deleted the EA file in my documents. Thank you in advance 🙂

  193. sara (08 Dec 2019, 17:43)

    how do you really change the language. already pasted the folders from the language strings but nothing happens. pls help!

  194. Cat (08 Dec 2019, 18:35)

    Zyd I’m having the same problem. Did you find a solution?

  195. Golden (09 Dec 2019, 15:55)

    when i play it, the game showed that the newest DLC is the Island Living. But i have already installed the discovery university-codex without any problem, it is weird. Can someone help?

  196. sara (11 Dec 2019, 22:44)

    no cat 🙁

  197. pabloozamora (20 Dec 2019, 14:37)

    Thanks Anaius! You’re the GOAT!

  198. vamosaris3 (13 Jan 2020, 14:56)

    MSVCR120.dll was not found

    cant run it at all…
    anyone knows what can i do?

  199. Subverse (02 Feb 2020, 12:31)

    I had the Island and Moshino packs in my game. After installing this, it disappeared from the game AND from the game folder ! wtf ?

  200. Bar (07 Mar 2020, 9:17)

    I tried to run the game, but my antivirus reported on an virus attack that come from file name:Game\Bin\
    Thats a shame 🙁

  201. Help (05 Apr 2020, 22:47)

    My game starts but gets stuck on first loading screen blue with the green diamond and wont start

  202. Vitche (08 Apr 2020, 11:26)

    Hi guys i have a problem. After installation while trying to run I get an error : Unable to start Initialization error at startup.I tried to install the origin but it shows the information: origin seems to be running orange is unable to connect. What can I do to enable the game?

  203. AgoS (11 Apr 2020, 21:42)

    Thank you Anadius and Codex! ^^

  204. mark (26 Apr 2020, 9:58)

    Why I”m having a error “run out of memory”?

  205. user321 (05 May 2020, 6:20)

    how to add mods to this crack? which folder should i paste the mods in? thanks

  206. userme (05 May 2020, 6:21)

    how can i install mods? where to paste them? thanks

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