The Outer Worlds Spacers Choice Ed v1.5931.19079.0-P2P

Posted March 19, 2023 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

The Outer Worlds Spacers Choice Edition v1.5931.19079.0-P2P


The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition is the ultimate way to play ….



The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition is the ultimate way to play the award-winning RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division. Includingthe base game and all DLC, this remastered masterpiece is the absolute bestversion of The Outer Worlds.

Title: The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition
Genre: Action
Release Date: Mar 7, 2023

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The Outer Worlds Spacers Choice Edition v1.5931.19079.0-P2P
Size: 51.7 GB























  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-6700 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB or Radeon RX 590
  • Storage: 62 GB available space

The Outer Worlds Spacers Choice Edition v1.5931.19079.0-P2P
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2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Daedalus (19 Mar 2023, 9:38)

    The new patch doesn’t fix performance btw, even on high end rigs.

    • asa (19 Mar 2023, 13:13)

      the stutter is still there?

  2. junk (19 Mar 2023, 10:32)

    Woke junk.

    • You're using it wrong. (19 Mar 2023, 11:31)

      Woke?! 🤣🤣🤣 Fucking hell, that word reason has lost all meaning now, hasn’t it.

      I think it’s time to retire that term, just like “YOLO” was many years ago.

      • no he is not. (19 Mar 2023, 16:39)

        The outer worlds is “woke” because the devs are shoving the character parvati gay politics down gamers throats. I’m straight & I don’t want to see that dumb rainbow shit!

        • You're only hurting yourselves. (20 Mar 2023, 0:31)

          No one is forcing anything. They’re just characters. Calm down.

          I would hate to struggle with what you must feel on a day-to-basis. It must be so hard just knowing that there are people out – that aren’t doing you any harm, I should add – that are different to everyone else.

          The only damage done is what you do to yourself. That goe la for each of you that has replied to me.

          • Really? (20 Mar 2023, 6:48)

            They aren’t doing any harm… Tell that to 90% of the game devs and movie makers nowadays and their lame ass quality games or movies compared to the past despite the evolution of technology. Now hiring is based on diversity and inclusion rather than talent, which is why everything declined heavy in quality. Hate it to tell you but progressing backwards is called regressing. Woke people are not progressive, they are regressive. They replace a system based on skillset and values with their mumbo-jumbo bullshit agenda based on their feelings of inferiority. Having woke people in positions of power is catastrophic for society and spells decline. If you wanna crash the system and replace it with one a lot more oppressive for everyone they can be really useful pawns…The funnier aspect is that they seem to oppose exactly what they would actually bring to society in this game. How can someone with complexes of inferiority, no value system and complete lack of critical thinking can create any sort of value in the society?

            • Ignorance is bliss. (20 Mar 2023, 12:50)

              That’s the game devs and movie maker’s fault for caving into being “more inclusive”. If I were a game dev or movie maker I wouldn’t cave in. Fuck ’em. Why should I be made to fit something in where I don’t want it? I shouldn’t. That’s a personal choice, and everyone has that choice.

              See, I’m on neither side because both are as bad as one another. Both made demands rather than just not giving a shit and letting everyone crack on with their own miserable lives. That’s what I do, yes, even the miserable part.

              You do raise a very valid point. TV and games have gotten worse over time. I can’t argue that, but I can’t change it, either. If I don’t like something, I ignore it.

      • junk (19 Mar 2023, 17:25)

        Hmm .Ok.
        Lesbian woke, hbtq, communist shit game.

        Thats better. 🙂
        I will still play it tho. I am a sadomachosist.

        • Good on ya! (20 Mar 2023, 0:33)

          Fair you to you, junk. At least you’re being honest. I respect that.

      • ConstitutionalP8triot (19 Mar 2023, 19:01)

        no, it’s meaning is pretty clear. A woke person is a delusional person.

        • You're delusional. (20 Mar 2023, 11:18)

          Just remember that every single time you use the word “woke” you are using a word and term bastardised by the black community.

          The word should be “aware”, not “woke”, but no, they had to go and make it their own, and now every single time you use the word you use it in ignorance of its origin. And even looking up the term on Google is incorrect as it’s said to mean “wake” or “awake”. Both of these terms are nonsensical. You are not “awake” to current times. You are “aware” of current times.

          Go ahead. Keep using their word. Keep being ignorant of its origin and the blatant bastardisation of the English language.

          This is why “woke” has no meaning to me.

          • I was wrong. (20 Mar 2023, 12:52)

            Actually, after giving it much thought there are very few select items when the words are interchangeable, but I still stand by my comment about the word itself being bastardised.

    • werewr (19 Mar 2023, 13:14)

      tell me more, i didnt play more than like 10 mins because of the terrible stuttering

    • fuck (19 Mar 2023, 17:08)

      Right wing whiners keeps people woke with their bullshit hyperbole pedo loving local terrorist neo nazi whinefest yelling. You are the most thin skinned fuckers I ever seen, it nothing being triggered and bitching every damn hour.

      • Voxel (19 Mar 2023, 20:07)

        Suuure, the left are the ones with the image problem even with the normies, being offended all the time, everyone knows this, but it’s the right who are thin skinned.

        You know, pointing out your clown world nonsense=/=being thin skinned.

        • Stop carrying so much. (20 Mar 2023, 0:40)

          I never claimed to be “woke”, and mainly because I don’t really care about other people and how they are. My main point is that the word gets used to describe anything that someone else doesn’t agree with, and therefore it’s lost all meaning to me.

          Again, I don’t claim to be “woke”, I just really don’t care about how other people are because it doesn’t affect my life at all. And how characters are written into games really, really doesn’t affect me.

        • Apologies for tha message. (20 Mar 2023, 0:43)

          My message wasn’t meant towards you. It was meant for MOMMA LIZ ZIZ.

          I’m not going to get into left and right. Everyone is too fucking sensitive for their own good. Me included.

    • MOMMA LIZ ZIZ (19 Mar 2023, 22:06)

      obviously woke
      and pink
      but ‘guys’ all around the world will protect it with their ‘lives’
      reminds me of the squeal i just heard ZIZ release after his HC fag rogue died to world boss in D4

      cheers zizzies

  3. xsx rtx3060 ps4 ps3 xbox360 xbox vita (19 Mar 2023, 10:44)

    total crap version i will stay with standart version

    • prenteder (19 Mar 2023, 22:07)

      it aint fag is you just dip it in a few times with the ‘standart’ KEKW

  4. Bru (19 Mar 2023, 11:10)

    will there be only patch released for flt version?

  5. Unwoken (19 Mar 2023, 12:38)

    A good game for gameplay… I would only remove the woke LGBT and feminism ideas from this game.

    • Unfuckable (19 Mar 2023, 17:10)

      Cry more you loli loving pedo. They should add more wokeness so fuckers like you can meltdown harder on twitter. lol, thin skinned bitches.

      • captain obvious (19 Mar 2023, 22:09)

        oh looksie here, as i was saying.. one just came our of the woodworks XD

      • YourMum (20 Mar 2023, 8:32)

        get fucked fuckboiii
        prove me wrong that you took the D? 🙂

    • fag stopper (19 Mar 2023, 22:08)

      dont say it out loud
      its an instant fag trigger

  6. Micahel (19 Mar 2023, 16:03)

    The game went hard on the WOKE agenda

    • watching men go fag evry day (20 Mar 2023, 8:34)

      ofc, tooez to see – hunting violet faced wookies with your dagger and your blood veins are pink, but dont tell them. they are also assimilated them fluffy zizz puffballs

  7. gabe (19 Mar 2023, 16:52)

    they broke the game, i downloaded the last “OG” version and it’s a mile better,
    it still does a few hickups here and there, but it’s much smoother, i don’t know what went wrong here,
    i thought that moving to directx 12 they would pre compile the shaders, but no,
    global illumination is not enough to chose this version instead and… why the hell they changed characters faces and the eyes look weird now too. i’m glad there’s sites like this so you can at least test it out, imagine buying this thing and finding out it’s unplayable… phew.

  8. WokeWookie (19 Mar 2023, 18:11)

    Regarding the performance I thought this is ‘Postal 5’ at first…

    • Parasite-B (21 Mar 2023, 13:10)

      I’m glad that people make comments like this so I don’t waste my time downloading.

      I’ve read nothing but negative reviews about this version. The comments on Steam are not great at all. If I wanted global illumination I’d just use ReShade. That and a bunch of tweaks in Nvidia control panel. There really is no need for this release.

      Still, credit where credit is due for the upload and share, so thanks to all involved with bringing us this release. It’s just not for me. I’ll save my money for Dead Space.

  9. dave (19 Mar 2023, 19:59)

    boring ass game

  10. jealous of my big pink dildo (19 Mar 2023, 22:10)

    pink fag shit 🙂
    what you expect nowadays?
    go watch ziz everybody gay today

  11. ImNotHap (20 Mar 2023, 11:36)

    Is this the fantastic story rich and heartrending time loop game, or the shitty overhyped poorly balanced mess of a shooter ?

  12. croppy (20 Mar 2023, 20:40)

    This game is fucking GAY and for dick suckers GAYS only!

  13. na (20 Mar 2023, 21:18)

    Problems, you people have em

    • Welcome home. (21 Mar 2023, 12:55)

      You have a problem about us having problems. Make yourself comfortable, because you’re right at home with the rest of us. 🙃

  14. Jabert (21 Mar 2023, 18:44)

    I everyone, thanks for the release, how to set up the game in english ?

  15. Jabert (21 Mar 2023, 18:49)

    Sorry for bothering, I just found the way to set it up as wanted. Thx again

  16. StandardSteve (26 Mar 2023, 13:10)

    One of the worst optimized game I’ve every played. Pure stuttering. And I can play Sons Of The Forest smoothly in highest details!

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