Tales of Zestiria Update 2(v1.3) Incl 12DLCs and Crack-3DM

Posted November 4, 2015 in GAME UPDATES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Tales of Zestiria Update 2(v1.3) Incl 12DLCs and Crack-3DM


In a world torn by war between two powerful nations fighting for rule and supremacy, accept…



In a world torn by war between two powerful nations fighting for rule and supremacy, accept the burden of the Sheperd and fight human darkness to protect your world from Malevolence and reunite humans and Seraphim.

Title: Tales of Zestiria
Genre: RPG
Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Studio Inc.
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Release Date: 19 Oct, 2015

Latest DataDLC Folder “92 items” { Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download }

Tales of Zestiria Update 2(v1.3) Incl 12DLCs and Crack-3DM
Size: 3.1 GB























    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+, 2.6GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800GT / ATI Radeon HD 4830 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 12 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Gamepad support


    • OS: Windows 7 (x64) / Windows 8 (x64) / Windows 10 (x64)
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-530, 2.93 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940, 3.0GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 7850 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 12 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Gamepad support

Tales of Zestiria Update 2(v1.3) Incl 12DLCs and Crack-3DM
1. Unrar
2. Copy Update folder to the game directory
3. Copy Crack to game directory
4. Run tales.of.zestiria-patch.exe corrected for Tales of Zestiria.exe
5. unzip to any directory, run SteamLite
6. Run to start the game Tales of Zestiria.exe
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  1. Van Holven (04 Nov 2015, 0:57)

    Thanks a lot~

  2. klito2 (04 Nov 2015, 3:00)

    Thanks. In order to install this update, must I to have installed update 1, or should I go directly with this?

  3. Ryoh (04 Nov 2015, 3:12)

    i dled the el amigo version. can i just add the dlc to that? or should i dl this new one and entirely? i could then just transfer my save over, right?

  4. dildoking (04 Nov 2015, 3:44)

    does it really require steam light no matter what?
    is there a way to work around that?

  5. Axelo (04 Nov 2015, 7:19)

    Anyone can upload the idolm@ster costume only?

  6. moreno (04 Nov 2015, 8:07)

    do i need to download the V(1.2) first? then this V(1.3)

  7. DLC idol (04 Nov 2015, 8:44)

    Thank you! <3

  8. EdGoesUzu (04 Nov 2015, 8:56)

    Than you

  9. Dodger (04 Nov 2015, 9:15)

    Thanks for the update. What is the latest DLC folder for?? Is the patch 3.1gb and the DLC’s seperate?? or are they together??

  10. Konkey (04 Nov 2015, 11:18)

    I allways have the same error: SteamApi_Init: Failed
    What I m supposed to do?

  11. Deus (04 Nov 2015, 12:02)

    Do i have to install previous updates?

  12. alz (04 Nov 2015, 12:14)

    what’s in the update? except from the new dlc’s. does it affect saved data?

  13. Bruno (04 Nov 2015, 12:26)

    Thank You 😀

  14. chronicle (04 Nov 2015, 13:12)

    can I just download the main game and then install the 1.3 update without downloading 1.2?

  15. handeu (04 Nov 2015, 13:49)

    still have to open the steam to make this game work???

  16. anon739 (04 Nov 2015, 15:15)

    every time i update this game my save file is cannot be loaded

  17. Hal (04 Nov 2015, 15:41)

    Can anyone tell me what DLC are added here?

  18. Monoe (04 Nov 2015, 16:12)

    To dildoking and handeu, in case you guys missed my reply on previous update I’ll write it down here again.

    “Does running an extra application with just a simple click before starting up the game is going to kill your or blow your goddamn desktop/laptop to smithereens? You guys are beyond help, sheesh.”

    Even if you ended up buying the original game, I’m pretty sure you have to run Steam to play it so what difference will that make?

    To Konkey, you need to run steamlite or else you’ll get that error.

  19. handeu (04 Nov 2015, 17:46)

    does it still need steam to play the game??? ncodex / reloaded crack the game plss without opening steam.. thanksssss

  20. Overlord (04 Nov 2015, 18:06)

    Thank you very much

  21. DLCMORE (04 Nov 2015, 19:53)

    Why do you guys even care what DLCs are added lol..Just throw em in since they affect NOTHING except ADD DLC. If you must know, the new DLCs are the Adventure items everybody wanted and idolmaster costumes.

  22. dude (04 Nov 2015, 23:10)

    lost my saved file after applying this… I have backup of my save, but even after putting back into the profile folder, the game does not see it.

  23. handsome (05 Nov 2015, 1:18)

    could someone post the 12 dlc download only please?

  24. nobertono (05 Nov 2015, 2:52)

    cant work is stop working

  25. JoJoPanda (05 Nov 2015, 2:54)

    lost my saved file,use steamlite to start the game,but after I close it nd want to play it back,i always got error Steamapi_ini:please restart ur steam etc etc,nd never able to get it work anymore even after I restarting the steam,,anyone got an idea on how to fix this?

  26. Gambit (05 Nov 2015, 2:55)

    THe save file issue is still a thing, I have a copy of my save file and even after putting it in the appropriate location its still not registering it and I have a good 8 hours logged already, be a pain to start over for a few costumes. Any fixes on this?

  27. lexsis (05 Nov 2015, 5:54)

    the game crash at the audio selection
    and cannot find the teles-of-zetiria-patch.exe also

    i’m download from torrent

  28. Anonymous (05 Nov 2015, 6:19)

    “Sarcasism Coming” I Really Love how Nobody can take the tme out to put in a little effort to give us people a little feedback on how to apply this Godforsaken patch without getting the damn steamap_init Failed Error And ive already tred putting the game into win 7 compat mode as well as admin running mode the game is just a big let down on my pc and i can not find no more help on this issue why is it Nobody can just be a pal anywhere and just give us a small nudge in the right direction!!!

  29. Yui (05 Nov 2015, 6:30)

    @Gambit and anyone with save file issue, im pretty sure you’ve put it in the wrong location. look again. with 3dm crack, the location is in roaming/steam/codex/351970/remote

  30. A (05 Nov 2015, 8:14)

    Ok, i did everything u guys said, downloaded the update and the crack and copied them into the file, closed the original steam and ran steamlite and left then cmd windows open then when i tried to run the game it says assertation failed and application load error, can someone help??????

  31. handeu (05 Nov 2015, 9:05)

    yes it will kill me.. satisfied? its kind of annoying when you try to play the game and you have to open steam every goddamn time..

  32. red (05 Nov 2015, 11:50)

    Still not able to bypass the SteamApi_init even with the content cleanly includes and the crack as well as steamlite… should have stayed with the 1.0

  33. Gareth (05 Nov 2015, 12:41)

    I also got “SteamAPI_ini : failed” error.
    It played fine before, but suddenly today I got this error even before updating to 1.3. reinstalling the game also give this error.

  34. Zayden (05 Nov 2015, 17:26)

    So i See No One Has Figured out how to Bypass the SteamAP_Init:Failed Error everytime i manage to get passed it the game stays at a hanging black screen in which most cases i have already tried all the known issue fixes ive scavenged on other sites. Does it have to do with the fact that i am using a computer that has a nvidia GFX card and Intel?

  35. Zack (06 Nov 2015, 4:43)

    for everyone who has problems getting the game running after crack here is what i tried(i dunno exactly why but it worked for me)

    i made a backup of the folder and files that you will replace with applying this update. pk,and the other and all the files of the toz game folder. than i copied the crack and update files. i got the steam apiInit bug, but iwanted to play even without the dlcs so i copied my files back(choose all in the back up folder ctrl+c,ctrl+v in toz game folder,replaced the files)
    the game started and i got all dlc in the dlc item section.

    i hope you that can help you somehow

  36. Monoe (06 Nov 2015, 4:59)

    Assuming you guys are using ALI123 version of ToZ like myself, these are the list of things I did:

    Vanilla ToZ:
    1. Grab the copy of ALI123 version along with Alisha’s DLC
    2. Use the edited ini,file linked by Steven in comment’s section
    3. Open original Steam and leave it there
    4. Run and enjoy the game

    Now for the first update (v1.2):
    1. Grab the update.
    2. Copy Update folder and paste to whatever your directory for the game is.
    3. Do the same for Crack folder, copy the contents inside the folder and paste them inside your game’s directory.
    4. Run tales.of.zestiria-patch.exe
    5. Unzip SteamLite.rar anywhere you want.
    6. Run SteamLite_x64.exe (not sure if this one matters, but I use this since I have a 64bit OS) instead of original Steam client and leave the cmd window open.
    7. Run and enjoy your updated ToZ
    8. You have to close SteamLite and repeat step 6 again if you quit the game.
    9. Side note: You might have trouble loading your save file after updating the game. Personally, I didn’t bother getting them back so I’m afraid I can’t help you on this one.

    And now for the second update (v1.3):
    1. Download the 3.1gb update
    2. Copy Update folder and paste to whatever your directory for the game is.
    3. Do the same for Crack folder, copy the contents inside the folder and paste them inside your game’s directory.
    4. You’ll notice that there’s no tales.of.zestiria-patch.exe inside the Crack folder. You DON”T have to use the patch from previous update, meaning you DON”T need to patch it over again.
    5. You can use SteamLite (leave it open as usual) from previous update, just pick whichever based on your OS.
    6. Run and enjoy your update ToZ.
    7. Close SteamLite and repeat step 5 if you quit the game.
    8. Side note: I don’t have any issue with save file doing this, can’t say the same about you guys though.

    The only issues I have since I got the game:
    1. Randomly hanged twice so far; Title’s screen and another one was during in-game.
    2. An error pops out after you exit the game. I’m guessing it has to be related with that weird graphic explosion I had in game. Google this if you have no clue what I’m talking about. It exists. And again, this one randomly happens too

    Aside from those two problems I’ve mentioned above, everything else works just fine.

  37. EvilClown (06 Nov 2015, 14:45)

    for the SteamAP_Init error just delete the appcache folder inside the steam folder and run steam again. don’t forget to run it as admin. what i want to know is how to add the 92 DLC on the steam_init file?? anyone?

  38. holyslayerpt (06 Nov 2015, 23:06)

    I can hear crackling after updating the game…

  39. holyslayerpt (07 Nov 2015, 0:00)


  40. RQS (07 Nov 2015, 7:33)

    guys can anybody post the idol master dlc code for the ali123 .ini file?
    I need it for the game to be able to recognize the idol dlc.

  41. Mirage (07 Nov 2015, 13:39)

    Thanks For The Update! <3

  42. EvilClown (07 Nov 2015, 14:40)

    can someone upload the latest ini file for this one. I don’t want to update my toz i just want the dlc to work and i need that 3dm ini file or steam_api.ini file to work or you can just copy and past it here.

  43. god saver (07 Nov 2015, 16:14)

    382468=Tales of Zestiria – Idolmaster Costume Set

  44. ken (08 Nov 2015, 2:21)

    what about school, god eater, evangelion, and idol master costumes?

  45. ken (08 Nov 2015, 2:59)

    Thanks! Can u post the school and god eater dlc code too? Thx

  46. god saver (08 Nov 2015, 5:47)

    382469=Tales of Zestiria – School Costume Set
    No idea for the God eater dlc as it not yet release

  47. babaha (08 Nov 2015, 7:08)

    Can u post all code for dlc in here ? So we can use dlcdlc

  48. chronicle (08 Nov 2015, 10:30)

    ok.. so is the camera speed really this fast even at lowest speed?… can we do anything about it?

  49. rie (08 Nov 2015, 10:50)

    torrent file does not exist
    please fix
    thank you

  50. sauzer936 (08 Nov 2015, 21:27)


    i have problem with this game he dont run all time
    i have all time STEAMapi init : failed
    i need help plz

  51. chronicle (09 Nov 2015, 2:47)

    guys how did u unlock the idol master dlc? I can see the dlc id already in ali213.ini.. but idk how to unlock it.

  52. chronicle (09 Nov 2015, 2:54)

    Greetings, please delete my 1st comment

    anyway tnx for the torrent link :D, hopefully downloading 1.3 will fix my problem about unlocking the other dlc.

  53. Ottozx (09 Nov 2015, 4:05)

    It aint working…

    At least I see no difference, nor DLCs…. help~

  54. RQS (09 Nov 2015, 8:39)

    hey thx for posting the code
    i kinda noticed it before seeing it on steam page, everytime they release a dlc the code can be found on the html of the page, like this


    and since the format is like this

    382469=Tales of Zestiria – School Costume Set

    i just changed the code and well replace shool for idol

    I´m posting cuz its gonna be handy for eva costumes and the likes(hopefully they´ll release ao no exorcist)

  55. rie (10 Nov 2015, 3:05)

    I already do as the step decribed above. On update V1.2 the game run normal but after update version 1.3, the game run but after select audio language it’s stop working.
    Anyone can help ?
    Thx a lot

  56. Batman (10 Nov 2015, 6:39)

    Hi guys, I have a question. Do I need to install v1.2 before I install this update? Hoping for someone to response 🙂

  57. Tahta (10 Nov 2015, 8:45)

    Is it full game or only dlc?

  58. B&B (10 Nov 2015, 8:57)

    Someone please, after updates, the opening intro disappeared, I loaded my save, right before the opening (in the sorey house night, before he left) and at the time of opening, gets a black screen, jumping passes straight.. Can someone help me?

  59. Pat (10 Nov 2015, 11:16)

    Hi guys! I have a question. Do I need to install v1.2 before I install this update? Hoping for someone to response 😀

  60. red (10 Nov 2015, 13:00)

    get another release, that one is odd and messy. downloaded another repack and everythings fine compared to that one. 3DM ain’t precise enough in their work.

  61. Angel (10 Nov 2015, 23:50)

    i tried everything Monoe suggested nov6 and it crashes when the audio selection dialogue appears. Anybody have the same problem?

  62. B&B (11 Nov 2015, 1:52)


    what do you mean? has another update pack to download?

  63. Azhar (11 Nov 2015, 8:15)

    well, i never encountered any problem even though i never update my TOZ yet i still get all the latest DLC from Tales of Costume until idol costume. what i did is:
    1. Download TOZ from ALI123
    2. Download crack fix in the link, and ALI123.ini posted by Steven, copy them all in your game dictionary
    3. Download ALI123.ini posted by B&B and copy to your TOZ folder
    4. use steam, offline or online whatever just open and don’t close. play TOZ. Done.

    that,s what i do and i never see any problem now other than the controller problem but that’s okay since i use mouse and keyboard to play :v

  64. yoda (11 Nov 2015, 14:09)

    Ok, first i downloaded this the Crack.fix, Alishas.Story.Additional.Chapter.DLC, and the game itself.

    Installed the game and works well, with just STEAM open.
    The settings is Default and the game does not LAG or no FPS drop.
    and the Downloadable Content option in main screen when click stuck in black screen.

    Then i download the patch 1(v1.2) Incl.DLC and Crack-3DM open the game and got the error SteamAPI, installed the patch 2(v1.3) and again got the same error, now i install the SteamLite, game now works but with the default settings the game is way to laggy or sudden FPS drop. I lowered the settings to minimum and the game is back to normal.

    My question:
    Is there a way to play this game with my original Steam open, without using Steamlite?
    Way to fix main screen Downloadable Content stuck in black screen?

    PS: i read somewhere in comment section that installing Staemlite makes the game slow or sudden FPS drop.

  65. DLC Eva (11 Nov 2015, 15:45)

    EVa dlc pls!

  66. Lexiand (11 Nov 2015, 18:43)

    After i update to v1.3, it lags randomly … How to fix it?

  67. AgainDLC (12 Nov 2015, 1:21)

    Evangelion pack just came out. You know where to find it?

  68. David (12 Nov 2015, 7:20)

    So I figured that when you use steamlite files are saved somewhere else, so the problem of getting your previous game after using the crack lies on where to add your previous saved files, I don’t know much about programming, but I guess that could work as a clue

  69. aizen1183 (12 Nov 2015, 22:06)

    Evangelion pack??????? please

  70. Monoe (13 Nov 2015, 12:16)

    @Angel. Sorry if that didn’t helped 🙁

    @Lexiand. I have Bandicam running all the time whenever I play ToZ for screenshot or recording purpose. From what I’ve seen, solid 30 FPS during gameplay, 24 FPS during movie cutscene and random FPS dropped switching between areas.

    Might want to check up this link for issues and fixes https://steamcommunity.com/app/351970/discussions/0/490121928341649052/

    Just….don’t post anything and ask for help there. Steam community has a habit of checking up user profiles, they pretty much don’t entertain you if you don’t have the game in your library list.

  71. RQS EVA DLC (19 Nov 2015, 3:52)

    guys no one has found eva dlc yet?

  72. aizen1183 (20 Nov 2015, 0:33)

    eva dlc please

  73. anthos (20 Nov 2015, 10:56)

    how to use steamlite?

  74. Anony (21 Nov 2015, 19:29)

    Is ALI213.dll important for the game? My antivirus deleted it as it thought it was a virus/etc. but the game plays even without it. So what exactly does the game use it for?

  75. hmm (22 Nov 2015, 4:13)

    the saves still there..the only catch is none of the DLCs are in the game after copying the whole crack and update. any help on this? this ver.1.3 update mind you and not ver.1.2..no problem with ver.1.2..

  76. Monoe (22 Nov 2015, 8:38)

    @Anony. The game no longer requires ALI213.dll after update v1.2 and v1.3 so it’s safe to remove all of them just like I did.

  77. glez13 (22 Nov 2015, 20:04)

    I only installed v1.3 right away and seems to work no problems. All the DLC seems to be in there as well.

  78. Anony (23 Nov 2015, 14:37)

    Yeah all the DLC work just fine with 1.3 version you don’t even need to run patch like with 1.2. Just get steam lite with the previous update and activate the DLC after new game in the DLC tab in the item menu. The main screen DLC option doesn’t work since it tries to connect with steam in order to validate them, crashing the system and showing only black screen.

  79. Espada_04 (25 Nov 2015, 12:21)

    after I installed the 1.3 update TOZ ALI213 and I can not load my save existing in ali213 on DLC or 1.3 Update, someone help me please??

  80. unown (26 Nov 2015, 8:03)

    @yoda Don’t mind the DLC that got stuck in black screen.. That’s for dlc buying option that’s why the game must be connected to steam.. and for not using steam while playing well like i said you must be connected to steam (paid game) to open the DLC menu.. well since it’s cracked DLC menu is in black screen and well want it or not you still need to open use steam(or steamlite)..

  81. oli loli (10 Dec 2015, 18:04)

    Is there no way to play the game offline?

  82. Dony (18 Dec 2015, 0:54)

    You only can play it offline, read Info for how to play it

  83. josh s (26 Dec 2015, 8:38)

    for those with save file issues
    most likey your old version was not cracked by the same person
    so go and find that crack and put the steam api from them
    i had this happen with ff13 after update 3

  84. Yuuto (18 Jan 2016, 20:52)

    Are we gonna get any of the God Eater 2 DLC’s

  85. Renmaru (22 Jan 2016, 3:20)

    i use steamlite then in the voice selection the game crash. is there any advise that i can take to fix this. thanks

  86. molitar (24 Jan 2016, 22:13)

    Until Ali releases an update this one sucks.. Who the heck wants to run a steam lite app when I am already running Steam.. Horrible crack release only Ali did it right. I gone back to the old version it runs perfectly tried this one with Ali and the game run horrible!

  87. Wyll Gonron (21 Aug 2016, 0:57)

    I didn’t wanted this one, but v1.2 have no peers, and v1.4 was deleted, so, whatever goes, as long as it goes, thanks anyways

  88. dead link (02 Mar 2020, 9:18)

    dead link dlc

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