SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris v1.03-CODEX

Posted July 22, 2020 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris v1.03-CODEX


Enjoy seamless, action-packed real-time battles using a….



Enjoy seamless, action-packed real-time battles using a combination of sword skills, sacred arts, and your favorite SAO characters!

Title: SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Release Date: 10th July 2020

Support the software developers. BUY IT!

NOTES: Due to the amount of changes and new content, we decided to make a
new standalone.

SWORD.ART.ONLINE.Alicization.Lycoris.Update.v1.04-CODEX => Here

SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris v1.03-CODEX
Size: 35.2 GB





















    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-4790
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760, 2 GB | AMD Radeon HD 7950, 3 GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 45 GB available space

SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris v1.03-CODEX
1. Extract
2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. BlackStar (22 Jul 2020, 11:01)

    first? 😀

  2. colruyt55000 (22 Jul 2020, 11:10)

    And here we go for a crappy standalone release from CODEX . This team is getting really to sux . The update came out on steam and it is 5 gb , this stupid team force people to redownload the game completely just 1 week after the initial release just for a 5 gb update . Totally sux . Worst this update is really necessary cause it fixed lot of prob in the game .

    In conclusion CODEX are only good in steam DRM , there releases are 85% of standalone , they can’t even release an update instead of redoing a standalone and makes beleive people that they release a new game . CODEX really fall down at his higness and surely far to be the good team it was a year ago .

    • Boris (06 Dec 2021, 16:00)

      Dont like it? Go buy it OR crack it your self!

    • alegz (07 Jan 2022, 7:24)

      get out of here, lets see you crack the game ya loser

  3. Verdict (22 Jul 2020, 11:12)

    so i need to re-download the whole game ?

  4. gameon (22 Jul 2020, 11:31)

    what’s new?

  5. Almagest (22 Jul 2020, 11:34)

    Thanks for your hard work, thats was fast)

  6. phuyatz (22 Jul 2020, 11:38)

    only update, please

  7. Synovia (22 Jul 2020, 11:41)

    Do i need to uninstall the v1.01 before installing this?

  8. FATIMA (22 Jul 2020, 11:48)

    thank you CODEX, i hope this new version works better for every1

  9. Cacadburik (22 Jul 2020, 11:49)


  10. Sai (22 Jul 2020, 12:05)


  11. lol (22 Jul 2020, 12:10)

    Did they fix most of the bugs or is it still a hot mess?

  12. Sean (22 Jul 2020, 12:26)

    There’s no seperate update file? How can i move my save file to this new v1.03?

  13. OrcBlogg (22 Jul 2020, 12:41)

    Always grateful

  14. SJW infestation (22 Jul 2020, 12:56)

    Thank you

  15. Dosuken (22 Jul 2020, 13:32)

    Anyone knows where is the save folder located? I need a back up before swapping version.

  16. blip (22 Jul 2020, 13:37)

    y’all If you want just the patch try going to game updates and grabbing just the update instead of being an ungrateful asshole.

  17. traitor (22 Jul 2020, 14:01)

    colruyt55000, you are the perfect example of an ungrateful little dickhead. i bet you are one of those retarded people who dont wear a mask. i hope you never reproduce, you sack of shit.

  18. Saw Yuuki (22 Jul 2020, 14:01)

    did it fix the chair bug???

  19. HelltioEverygames Twich (22 Jul 2020, 14:03)

    FighterZ update 1.23?,Mortal Kombat 11?,Resident Evil 3 Remake?……..

  20. SawYuuki (22 Jul 2020, 14:11)

    did they fix the chair bug?

  21. shitdex (22 Jul 2020, 14:29)

    No update only? really?

  22. jyphel (22 Jul 2020, 14:35)

    Worst of the SAOL franchise and very very very long download time in game. Pass your way.

  23. DeathArc (22 Jul 2020, 14:37)

    For anyone wondering about the patch notes, here a quick summerise version for ppl who dun want to go find out themselves.

    – Stuck issues fixes
    – Improved FPS + Loading
    – Fixed Map bug/stuck/clipping
    – Fixed gameplay issue (crafting, proficiency, camera)
    – Improved and Fixed UI
    – Network/Multiplayer improvement, but since this is cracked doesnt rlly matter
    – Fixed Quest description
    – Skills balance and fix

    New content
    – Raid Dungeon and 4 maps added
    – Add various Attire, Accessories
    – 1 New side stories

  24. Matt (22 Jul 2020, 14:46)

    Uhm… new standalone for an update to a game that isn’t even one month old? Does anyone know how to keep your save file? Thanks.

  25. Eugene (22 Jul 2020, 14:46)

    There a bug at skill tree menu, unable to upgrade any skill….the skill tree screen force shift to the grey area. Anyone else have this problem?

  26. Rawr (22 Jul 2020, 15:08)

    @colruyt55000 all you have to do is download it for free and you still complaining, kids these days…

  27. Blazing (22 Jul 2020, 15:23)

    @colruyt55000 I’m so sick of your endless nagging, jeez my 14y old nephew whines less. Name 1 group who performed better over the last years regarding top secured large titles, only 1 could compete and is no longer active. Furthermore they’re not forcing anyone, better said: we’re all more than happy if you would never to be seen again.

    Conclusion: even if fallen down, CODEX is still leading. However colruyt55000 on the other hand; has never ever contributed anything but negativity to this community and proofs time after time that its poor judgement in games is the world standard which groups should follow.

    Let people enjoy the oppertunities provided here and go put your energy somewhere usefull, if you even can think of anything. It’s simply pathetic what you’ve contributed on top of your lack of appreciation here over the years, yet you keep returning like some nasty parasite.

  28. Kilderash (22 Jul 2020, 15:31)

    Does anyone know where the save game is?

  29. Chibi (22 Jul 2020, 15:47)

    Read the NOTES you dummy ass! All we need are redownload because it fixed so many problems ! Thanks for uploaded!

  30. Wann (22 Jul 2020, 16:01)

    Thank you

  31. Maoio (22 Jul 2020, 16:13)

    >all these endless faggits bitching about getting things for free

  32. CappDog (22 Jul 2020, 16:33)

    colruyt55000 shut up, bitch. It’s free.

  33. WHY (22 Jul 2020, 16:45)

    redownload? this is free and u still complaining? wrf dude just download if u want ,

  34. abc (22 Jul 2020, 17:01)

    1.03 New Additional Contents

    A “Raid Dungeon” and 4 new maps has been added.
    The Spire of Eternity Research
    The Lost Paradise
    The Silent Icegaol
    Beastsnare Grotto
    With the addition of the “Raid Dungeon”, new accessories have been added as a reward”.
    Added Wayfarer “ReoNa” and her Sub Episode.
    Added “Prize Outfit (Medina)”.
    Added “Icethorn/Goldflower Warrior Garb” in the Visualize Attire. (Can be equipped by: Kirito, Eugeo, Alice, Selka, Sortiliena, Ronie, Tiese, Medina, Asuna, Silica, Lisbeth, Leafa, and Sinon.)
    After Chapter 1 is completed, costumes worn by the residence in the Underworld will be unlocked in the Visualize Attire (Total of 18 costumes for male characters, and 33 costumes for female characters. Costumes can be worn by Kirito and Eugeo).
    Added Finish Arts to the “Mirage Blade of Inferno”.
    Added numerous Face patterns and Hairstyles options in the Character Create
    Added “Gavel of Gluttony”, “Wayfarer Armor”, and “Dark Knight Claymore” in the visualize attire with conditions.
    Fixed issues

    Issues where the player is stuck or uncontrollable.

    Chapter 1: “First Real Fight”, “Low Attendance”:
    The player may be unable to progress through the event after talking to Ronie and Tiese. Now, players will able to talk to Ronie or Tiese again after saving and returning to the title screen after only talking to one of the characters.
    Chapter 1: “All That You Can Be” event (Sadore’s event):
    If the player accepts the service quest “Marriage Mishap” during the “All That You Can Be” event, the player may get stuck when moving to Sadore’s shop while being told to go to Abyssena’s shop. Players are now able to successfully complete both quests.
    Chapter 1: “Labyrinth of Memories”
    Players have been unable to go down to the 90th floor from the 95th floor as they are blocked by an invisible wall. Now, players can now successfully go back to the 90th floor from the 95th floor.
    Chapter 2: Fixed an issue that occurs during the event where the player needs to proceed to the town of Sustira in Sothercrois.
    Chapter 3: “Clamp Cluster”
    Fixed the issue where the player will not be able to proceed due to being blocked by an invisible wall on certain occasions.
    Service quest: Fixed the issue where the player gets stuck during the service quest; “Defeating the Waterfall Beasts”.
    Others: During the main quest in Warmia Greenbelt, Deusoldort Desert, and Cordea Plains, partner characters used to trigger an event that prohibits the player to go beyond the playable area, and repeat labeling the same text, but now partner characters will no longer trigger that event.
    Fixed the issue where players will be stuck when they perform a back flip on a certain location in the 95th floor of Central Cathedral.
    Online Multiplayer: Players with a low progress of the main quest will not match with players with a higher progress, and the progress will not be affected by the host player.

    Fixed issues where players will clip through the map in certain areas.
    Fixed issues where the snow and rain weather effects slows the game.
    Improved loading and FPS issues. (Further improvements is planned in upcoming updates)

    Improved camera controls (Further improvements is planned in upcoming updates).

    “Auto-Jump Obstacles” settings will now only apply when the player is running.
    Fixed the issue where progress would not be saved when crafting multiple items repeatedly.
    Fixed the issue where the proficiency of party members will decrease under certain occasions.
    Fixed the issue where the enemy character would cancel their winning animation when the player loses a Bladelock.
    Fixed the issue where the camera gets locked when the player becomes unable to fight.
    Fixed the issue where the player was able to move the camera while sharing the bed with a partner.
    Fixed the issue where hints for Main Quest would show up above another player.
    Changed the label of item rarities so it is easier to understand.
    Added the “Combat log” option.
    Items can now have a discount depending on the player’s Renown.
    While no enemies are targeting the player, pressing down the left stick will allow the player to sheathe and run.

    Lowered the difficulty of Chapter 1.
    When a deflect is successfully pulled off, the follow up attack will no longer be cancelled by guarding.
    Enemies teleporting back to its original position will no longer reset its health.
    Fixed the issue where the player will clip through the wall when using certain sword skills in certain areas.

    Improved the speed of changing tabs in the menu.
    Fixed the issue where an unintended icon would appear on screen when Ally Skills are pulled off.
    Fixed issues where the pin on the map will disappear on certain occasions.
    Fixed the issue where the weapon you bought and equipped at a store will not be reflected in the model in the main menu.

    Fixed the issue where the quest icon changes under certain occasions.

    Fixed and balanced overall issues regarding the Wayfarer.
    Fixed the issue where the camera moves unintentionally when talking to a Wayfarer while a battle starts in the other player’s game.

    Fixed graphical issues regarding character’s equipment.
    Multiplayer Mode:

    Fixed the issue where the guest player cannot bring an NPC Wayfarer to multiplayer mode.
    Fixed the issue where the player starts outside of a map when failed to synchronize quest progress.
    Fixed the issue where players will be unable to control their character when revived during a swimming state.
    Fixed the issue where the guest player will not be able to control their character when the connection fails during certain occasions.
    Fixed the issue where the sitting motion is not synchronized between players in the same lobby.
    Fixed the issue where guest players with a low progress of the main quest was able to join a lobby with a higher progress rate.

    Fixed the issue with the quest icons being labeled unintentionally when the player opens the map in Santoria.
    Fixed several descriptions of certain quests.
    Fixed sub episodes “Alice’s Resolve: Her Final Fight” and “Medina’s Resolve: Her Final Fight” to be accessible even after a certain period of time.

    Fixed certain text colors to match their effect.
    Fixed issues regarding Bladelock
    Corrected the description of “Heavy Blow” to match its motion.
    Increased overall damage of Sword Skills.
    Fixed enemies’ motions when certain skills are used.
    Balanced the attacks by Bows to increase its range of normal attacks.
    Fixed motions of certain skills.
    Fixed the labels Buff List to show correct icons.
    Adjusted several effects pulled by certain sword effects.
    Fixed the issue where the buff “HP Slip” is triggered unintentionally in Santoria.

    Added tutorial for Wayfarers and Play Avatars.
    Fixed typographical errors in certain tutorials.
    Fixed issues where the tutorial would not get triggered.
    Fixed issues where the tutorial video gets disturbed.
    Advanced Coding:

    Fixed the issue where the “Customization Points” gets used under certain occasions when setting an Arts Code.
    Balanced overall settings of the Advanced Coding system.
    Arts Code:

    Fixed certain texts regarding the Arts Code conditions.
    Fixed the issue where the direction pad gets uncontrollable after deleting an Arts Code.
    Fixed the issue where an application error occurs when editing the storage of the Arts Code under certain occasions.
    Fixed the issue where the pre-set number of the Arts Code changes unintentionally.
    Fixed the issue where a message window pops up unintentionally after the player cancels deleting a Segment.
    Fixed the issue where players will not be able to change their weapons after certain controls in the Records Menu.
    Fixed the issue where the combat Skill “Beast’s Bellow” was un-recordable.

    Fixed other minor bugs and issues.
    The Ver1.03 patch includes improvements for the content listed below, but we will continue to make more improvements in future updates.

    Loading time
    Frame rate
    Auto save points
    Camera movements and controls
    Mouse / Key assignments

  35. yuni heller (22 Jul 2020, 17:07)

    stfu colruy if you can do a better job just do it and dont bitch about it TY codex

  36. Randon Gamer (22 Jul 2020, 17:27)

    How do you guys download the games? Every link have a garbage download speed for me.
    PS. My internet have 100Mbps connection.

  37. WOW (22 Jul 2020, 17:34)

    game crash in eastavarieth when you need to give the durian to the dragon

  38. Rmmcxs (22 Jul 2020, 18:07)

    elow you can play it free stop complaining

  39. G4M3R VX (22 Jul 2020, 18:21)

    Sean I believe your saves lie in:C:\Users\Public\Documents\Steam\CODEX\1009290
    Back them up then reinstall the game and then place the backup files back at the original location

  40. Edd (22 Jul 2020, 18:31)

    If you don’t like it then buy it.

  41. ano (22 Jul 2020, 18:59)

    anyone knows how to transfer save files?

  42. bruhh (22 Jul 2020, 19:25)

    then crack the game yourself, you ungrateful lil bitch

  43. Shawny (22 Jul 2020, 19:36)

    Just wanna say if you’re complaining about free games, then you’re an ungrateful bitch. If you dont wanna download the whole thing then buy the game and get auto updates from steam. If you wanna be pissy about spending money then don’t be pissy about how to get it for free. Be grateful for Codex even cracking and giving you the update in general, let alone for free.

  44. zako (23 Jul 2020, 1:40)

    thank you for this codex!

  45. zako (23 Jul 2020, 1:40)

    thanks a lot codex!

  46. julia (23 Jul 2020, 4:22)

    please made a upload for part like the old version that have 7 part from download we that have low internet will be awesome if u did that .

  47. julia (23 Jul 2020, 4:23)

    please made a upload for part like the old version that have 7 part from download we that have low internet will be awesome if u did that please

  48. Sean (23 Jul 2020, 7:54)

    @G4M3R VX: Thanks a lot! I found it. Im gonna put the save file directory in this comment also for anyone who need to know.

  49. Avel (23 Jul 2020, 13:20)

    Can I ask? I have been download and play the 1.01 ver. If I want to download this ver, Should I delete a previous ver or keep that? If I must delete that, could be the new ver bring my data from the previous ver? Like the previous game which I was download before, play, delete, download again, my data comeback again. Thankyou.

  50. xl928 (23 Jul 2020, 13:57)

    Hi Guys, am I the only one that the game crash as soon as it is launched?

  51. chrisV014 (23 Jul 2020, 20:52)

    I keep getting a HTTP error 403. Help

  52. hekate (24 Jul 2020, 2:07)

    for those worried about the save files…


    I suggest copy the entire “1009290” folder

  53. cheap broke guys (24 Jul 2020, 4:21)

    Imagine buying data for 10USD to download this game. And then they release this without patch.
    guess i spent another 10USD to download this shit again

  54. Rumie (24 Jul 2020, 7:22)

    @Sean is that the save file directory? All I need to do is copy and paste it elsewhere before re-downloading the new version 1.03 CODEX? Thank you!

  55. Frire67 (24 Jul 2020, 10:33)

    colruyt55000 heh stupid beggar , just buy the game shithead oh wait u are too poor to buy the game such a shame go play with sand outside.

  56. WillowFly (24 Jul 2020, 13:13)

    But will the save file from version 1.01a get messed up or bugged if I copy over to play for version 1.03? Since 1.03 is standalone and not an update to the existing CODEX game.

  57. danver (24 Jul 2020, 16:57)

    ok how tf do i fix this isdone.dll error i have tried everything need some help please.

  58. retsu2020 (24 Jul 2020, 17:25)

    i keep getting a isdone.dll error anyone know how to fix this error please?

  59. Oraaaa (26 Jul 2020, 12:33)

    Anybody else got crash at eastavarieth when giving durian to wake the dragon? Any fix for it?

  60. Aliaan (26 Jul 2020, 15:44)

    anyone notice the bug at the skill tree menu when using controller? it work fine with the mouse but you are kinda stuck to the side using the controller

  61. Anonimouse (26 Jul 2020, 19:52)

    There is a crack online?

  62. Kira (27 Jul 2020, 8:09)

    Game crash in chapter 5-2 when you about to wake the rock dragon blocking you way is kinda suck…. it like a cliffhangger anyone know any workaround like save editor to bypass that main quest…

  63. pirate vigilante (27 Jul 2020, 11:20)

    To those who bitch about size,non repacked or even yet uncracked versions of of ANY game for that matter…..STFU. You don’t have the ability or the understanding of what it requires to make all this work and you faggots get it for free and cant even the least a sub human like yourself can…be grateful.
    I wish there was a system where crackers could keep track of such asswipes so that they could ban you cum drinking faggots for life.
    Thanks for the update man, PC master race strong as ever. and BOW

  64. AnononoNO PLEASE NO (27 Jul 2020, 12:51)

    I was waiting for this version since I saw what the first release is all about. This is better than having nothing at all. I’m just glad I have another possibility of playing this game. As for colruyt55000 stfu go play your remade fifa and madden series you ungrateful b-

  65. Rumi (27 Jul 2020, 13:43)

    @CODEX when is v.103a coming out? 🙂

  66. Rumi (27 Jul 2020, 15:06)

    Sorry I meant v1.03a release. Thank you!

  67. Sean (27 Jul 2020, 21:14)

    Hmmm so this version has problem with that Particular section in chapter 5-2 when we bring the durian to the dragon blocking the way, it try to load a cutscene but crash imediately. I try messing with graphic setting and other stuff but it seem like there’re some missing files for this cutscene so the game will just crash i guess. Hopefully we get a new patch from @CODEX.

  68. bell (29 Jul 2020, 9:22)

    only update please

  69. Zaher (29 Jul 2020, 18:58)

    Hi everyone, im having an issue with the sound, i’m not getting any sound, i upgraded drivers, tweaked with setting etc but only this game im having no sound. Any suggestions are welcome.

  70. Rumi (30 Jul 2020, 8:53)

    Any update on the bug fix at chapter 5-2?? hello, time to wake up and do your work 🙂

  71. Buib (30 Jul 2020, 8:54)

    Any updates on the bug fix at chapter 5-2??! Hello, wake up and do your goddamn work. 🙂

  72. bugged (01 Aug 2020, 9:22)

    can’t get past 5-2 with the durian quest it just crashes game, no work around so far

  73. destin (04 Aug 2020, 18:45)

    dll error pls fix it

  74. Kirito (04 Aug 2020, 20:50)

    Isdone dll error -_-

  75. Heru Sutanto (05 Aug 2020, 0:02)

    can we download the 1.01A then we update to next version

  76. KatzeDrake (06 Aug 2020, 19:32)


    Version 1.03A update

    1.03 Needed

  77. AMD (09 Aug 2020, 6:47)

    game crashed at waking the sleeping dragon…

    checked the official web, there is no patch 1.03A…

  78. Awesmoke (10 Aug 2020, 0:16)

    guys go into folder where you installed the game and open Steam_emu notepad file and there u can see where your saves are located, it goes so for every codex game. the line should look like this:
    Game data is stored at %SystemDrive%\Users\Public\Documents\Steam\CODEX\1009290, you are welcome and enjoy 🙂

  79. Luke (11 Aug 2020, 7:16)

    there have new Version 1.03a..

  80. Skidrow (12 Aug 2020, 9:18)

    SWORD.ART.ONLINE.Alicization.Lycoris.Update.v1.04-CODEX Added.

  81. Saxistaja (15 Aug 2020, 22:44)

    Can’t change laguage, somebody knows how to? It-s in Russian XD

  82. Alpnnn (18 Aug 2020, 2:40)

    Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Please

  83. blizo (18 Aug 2020, 9:22)

    cant install game. keep getting isdone.dll error. pls help.

  84. Helltioeg Twitch (23 Aug 2020, 0:12)

    Unless i wrong this game ask 8gb for big requeriments,Mortal Shell ask the same but sword art works and mortal shell makes my pc restart,what the hell?.

  85. abdfall (24 Aug 2020, 21:53)


  86. Eddy (27 Aug 2020, 13:26)

    for the people that is complaining about the delay of the game, or that they have to redownload the whole game. I remember you that this team is giving you for FREE a game that you have to pay. And the other thing is that, if you dont understand how difficult id their job, dont judge them. Do it by yourself

  87. since 2012 (02 Sep 2020, 17:36)

    most of your link is dead.. any other option ? like post a CD ? i could pay the cost 🙂

  88. Duy (21 Sep 2020, 21:47)

    For the ISDone.dll error while installing the game:
    The SOLUTION I got is that you uncheck the ‘Creat a Start Menu folder’ and check the ‘Do not creat uninstaller or do not write any specific system info’.
    It work on me, so I hope it help you too.

  89. NoobGamer (29 Sep 2020, 22:55)

    why can’t i start the game it always open in steam application.

  90. Erwin (07 Oct 2020, 7:29)

    Btw i have SAOAL 1.01 version installed in my PC, so is there way to update this version to 1.03 version?

  91. Queen (14 Nov 2020, 12:29)

    Yall people criticising CODEX should just…buy the fucking game if you have so many problems. Talking about choosing beggars smh

  92. Shiro (05 Jan 2021, 12:02)

    idk why you people keep complaining when’s its a crack thats free if you want some good download then go buy the game simple solution

  93. WhyMe? (22 Feb 2021, 21:23)

    why does it launch on steam and it redirects me to the steam store for this game. Is there any way to play without launching on steam?

  94. Xeris (28 Feb 2021, 22:59)

    Please help, after opening the app the steam pops up and then it just says add to wishlist. I cant open it.

  95. Pridex (20 Mar 2021, 19:58)

    This is the worst game I ever play and I didn’t even play it.

  96. PP Hard (26 Mar 2021, 3:29)

    @colrut55000, then buy it on steam?
    If you are using cracked game then don’t complain because you got it free.

  97. drebin (21 May 2021, 16:10)

    i have been around since codex hit the scene and have always been thankful to his and his teams work on every platform/console. they dont have to give us the greatness that they have been giving us for so long.
    1. just like me pay codex(bigBoss) for the beers needed to crack games
    2 just pay the developer
    3 why complain about a standalone update vs individual udate to the already standalone game when your just gonna complain about something else but wont do it yourself
    sigh been stuck trying to crack nier replicant my damnself its hard

    all this to say thanks for games and dedication over the years.

  98. jameson22901 (04 Dec 2021, 7:27)

    @coirut55000 you damn lil shit. Go buy this game on steam then. If u can’t afford it on steam, then just shut your mouth and give codex a thanks. I’ve been using codex game, specially sims 4. And it’s good thoo. Well at least they give you a free game to download

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