SCUM Lock N Load Early Access

Posted 25 Jul 2020 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

SCUM Lock N Load Early Access


SCUM aims to evolve the multiplayer open world survival game with unprecedented levels….



SCUM aims to evolve the multiplayer open world survival game with unprecedented levels of character customization, control and progression, where knowledge and skills are the ultimate weapons for long-term survival.

Title: SCUM Lock N Load
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Early Access
Release Date: 23 Jul, 2020

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SCUM Lock N Load Early Access
Size: 48 GB





















    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 20 GB available space

SCUM Lock N Load Early Access
1. Extract
2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. FartBronze (25 Jul 2020, 15:44)

    nice game

  2. Steven (25 Jul 2020, 15:53)

    FIX: If your game stuck in first screen, close the game go to


    and open the GameUserSettings.ini find the line [/Script/Engine.GameUserSettings]
    under that line you find:


    change them to 1

  3. Eduard Dinu (25 Jul 2020, 16:32)

    Is 1fichier gonna be uploaded?

  4. Jairo Augusto (25 Jul 2020, 17:37)

    Multiplayer Online working ?

  5. Sam (25 Jul 2020, 19:59)


  6. shadow666 (25 Jul 2020, 21:27)

    So every time i look up the single player aspect of this game i only find articles a year or 4 old. Does anyone here know the current situation of this game’s single player? The only reason i haven’t gotten this game is because i want a single player experience and not a laggy, hostile pvp experience. So how is the single player at this point in time?

  7. James Hetfield (25 Jul 2020, 21:46)

    Need Help please;
    EasyAntiCheat error: Failed to create IgameClient instance! Check that the game was run from the correct launcher.

  8. Snubben (25 Jul 2020, 22:00)

    Unkown file version steam_api64.dll?

  9. MR VAIN (25 Jul 2020, 22:01)




  10. kris (25 Jul 2020, 22:16)

    can’t launch the game “steam_api64.dll” error

  11. Rahmaddy (26 Jul 2020, 1:31)

    is this single player?

  12. Charles (26 Jul 2020, 3:37)

    The game stuck on black screen … do i start from launcher or in binaries/ scum.exe ? with laucnher i got error unknown version

  13. K_EƎ_D (26 Jul 2020, 3:55)

    mmmmmm Cum, my favorite

  14. xThethX (26 Jul 2020, 9:00)

    This is CRACKED game so MULTIPLAYER will not be working. Stop asking this moronic question for once.

  15. Blazing (26 Jul 2020, 9:05)

    Does this cracked offer any mode with some challenge/npc’s/PVE? Or does it just comes down to a blanc resource map without any form of challenge?

  16. Adams (26 Jul 2020, 10:35)

    Please help with this; EasyAntiCheat error: Failed to create IgameClient instance! Check that the game was run from the correct launcher.

  17. lolface (26 Jul 2020, 12:23)

    Cum : Cock on Load

  18. Mog (26 Jul 2020, 14:45)

    XThethX some games have a working multi, but yeah, mostly moronic lol

  19. Gabb (26 Jul 2020, 14:53)

    steam api64 dll error. What a great way to waste your time.

  20. HelltioEverygames Twich (26 Jul 2020, 15:02)

    No dragon ball fighterZ update,no resident evil 3 remake and no mortal kombat 11,so sad guys.Fairy Tail is on the list now but i guess you will put the famous “FULL UNLOCKED” when it arrives………

  21. K_EƎ_D (26 Jul 2020, 17:36)

    A scum game, made by scums for scums.

  22. Inertia (26 Jul 2020, 19:49)

    I found how to get it running. Open scum file location, then open SCUM folder, then Binaries, then WIN64 and use theEXE from there.

  23. Tunico (27 Jul 2020, 2:48)

    Online ?

  24. bob (27 Jul 2020, 3:29)

    xThethX some cracked games can be played MULTIPLAYER so it’s not a Moronic Question NUB

  25. bob (27 Jul 2020, 3:34)

    HelltioEverygames Twich FULL UNLOCKED is ALMOST only used for Denuvo or games that won’t be

    cracked any time soon fairy tail uses steam so i see no reason that it will be Full UNLOCKED

  26. bob (27 Jul 2020, 3:36)

    MR VAIN 2 years EARLY ACCESS is nothing so go do one

  27. SKRDRWRLDD (27 Jul 2020, 9:06)

    @HelltioEverygames Twich, then buy the games instead of whining? 🙂 Else you can shut the hole where your crap is coming from because we’re not asking anyone to stay here.


  28. zloty (27 Jul 2020, 11:39)

    i need steam ??
    i have error steam

  29. nahidul Islam peyal (27 Jul 2020, 13:25)

    game stuck plz help

  30. Morgan (28 Jul 2020, 11:20)

    HOW to change language since there is no steam_emu.ini????????????????????
    A: %appdata%\Goldberg SteamEmu Saves\settings\language.txt

  31. Juank Velazquez (28 Jul 2020, 19:26)

    it does not work, Easyanticheat ERROR failed to create igameclient instance!

  32. Name required (29 Jul 2020, 17:18)

    @Steven, comment the 25 July 15:53. Thank you for sharing your tip. at the beginning I had an empty user settings file, so could not do your fix. but today i was able to do it and it worked. Appreciate it. No longer stuck at the loading screen

  33. Oneshoot44 (02 Aug 2020, 11:12)

    Solution to make it run without blocking anticheat or steam dll :

    Run Scum.exe 2 TIMES

    1st run scum.exe and let it go to the anticheat message just say ok to this message.
    run another time scum.exe – let it go to the anticheat message just say ok.

    At this time you must have 2 instance on the Scum.exe in your system

    USE windows system to KILL the FIRST INSTANCE !!
    The start menu will popup in the 2 Scum instance….

  34. FRIEND (07 Aug 2020, 9:46)

    For those who are having problem running the game,
    try uninstalling EASY ANTI CHEAT and disable you’re internet connection (or just simply unplug you’re internet wire) then run SCUM LAUNCHER…

  35. Matrix501 (12 Aug 2020, 17:19)

    I wish i had not downloaded this game! My old version worked just fine now i’m getting errors! On my old version it’s says it cant find my profile to make sure steam is running it never did that before! And on this version i get errors Error-failed to create Igame Client instance. THIS GAME DOES NOT WORK! Not sure who dropped the ball but with errors like these this game needs to be cracked. I tried ALL the so called fixes that were written NOT one of them works!!!

  36. Matrix501 (12 Aug 2020, 17:57)

    Please help! I tried running the game and after it click on scum.exe it starts to load then stops and says SCUM could not load your profile. Please check if steam is running and try again. Anyone know how to get the game to run? i tried all the things in the posts above and not one of them got my game to work! Does this game work? I think the game needs to be cracked!

  37. Matrix501 (12 Aug 2020, 19:01)

    STEVEN! I wanted to say thank you! i was trying to update from an older version and changing the fullscreen to one wasntr even in the file after i deleted and reinstalled i went to the files you said and i saw them when i changed the fullscreen and preferred screen to 1 my game worked THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  38. pajsercoja (16 Aug 2020, 16:40)

    You need to run game from SCUM/Binaries//Win64, not from launcher

  39. proproka (24 Aug 2020, 23:10)

    TORRENT is 48.8gb
    ANOTHER TORRENT is 24.9gb
    Do i need both?

  40. Darryl (05 Sep 2020, 0:29)

    please update to version pls pls pls pls pls pls!!!!!

  41. Jovert (07 Sep 2020, 6:17)

    Please update this game! 😀 Thanks Current version 0.87??? idk hahaha

  42. ery (12 Sep 2020, 7:48)

    Sorry, is there a location for savegame??

  43. ery (13 Sep 2020, 6:15)

    ok find!.. 🙂

  44. jeepers (14 Sep 2020, 6:31)

    not working, I tried various fixes to different errors but they did not work.

  45. xipadeh233 (17 Sep 2020, 15:14)

    steam_api64.dll error uninstall steam and reinstall, do not sign in..
    no other errors for me
    used the method of running 2 instance from binaries/ scum.exe but eventually that gave up and would not load the game..

  46. Darryl (29 Sep 2020, 9:25)

    Please update this game to version

  47. BlackKaizer (24 Oct 2020, 17:26)

    fatal error: [File:Unkown] [Line: 1155 apears from lunching SCUM/Binaries/Win64 ant help?

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