Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol.1


Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol.1


Fear and isolation seep through the walls of an abandoned southern farmhouse…



Fear and isolation seep through the walls of an abandoned southern farmhouse. “7” marks a new beginning for survival horror with the “Isolated View” of the visceral new first-person perspective.

Title: Banned Footage Vol.1
Genre: Violent, Gore, Action, Adventure
Developer: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.
Publisher: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 21 Feb, 2017

• Just Put 530593 Folder On Resident Evil 7 Directory
• Unlock dlc (Unlock_DLCheats=1 in cpy.ini)
• Play (You Will See Extra Content on Main Menu)

Required releases: Resident.Evil.7.Biohazard-CPY

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol.1
Size: 1.02 GB









































    • OS: WINDOWS® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-BIT Required)
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4460, 2.70GHz or AMD FX™-6300 or better
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 760 or AMD Radeon™ R7 260x with 2GB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 24 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible (must support DirectX® 9.0c or higher)
    • Additional Notes: Hardware specification target 1080P/30FPS. May require reduction in Texture Quality settings or turning Texture streaming to OFF due to high VRAM requirements. *Internet connection required for game activation. The game is still undergoing development, so all PC requirements are subject to change.


    • OS: WINDOWS® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-BIT Required)
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 3770 3.4GHz or AMD equivalent or better
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 with 3GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 24 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible (must support DirectX® 9.0c or higher)
    • Additional Notes: Hardware specification target 1080P/60FPS. *Internet connection required for game activation. The game is still undergoing development, so all PC requirements are subject to change.

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol.1
- Unrar
- Enjoy
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Dan (21 Feb 2017, 17:00)


  2. Ryajftw (21 Feb 2017, 17:00)


  3. alex (21 Feb 2017, 17:01)

    ty alot gys

  4. Vash (21 Feb 2017, 17:10)

    Coooooooooool. Can we have Patch 2 now?

  5. gamer (21 Feb 2017, 17:11)

    thenks skidrow and cpy lol?

  6. Mr. Billz (21 Feb 2017, 17:12)

    thankkkksssss alot guys!!!! :*

  7. kao (21 Feb 2017, 17:14)

    thank you so much

  8. dark (21 Feb 2017, 17:14)

    it’s a normal thing, they can defeat denuovo in shit games like re7 and dlc’s, but they can’t do anything to crack f1 2016, or the teams can do they work, or it’s possible that the game producers pay crackers to not realize crack for some games. I think the second option is true, because if you defeat denuovo in some kind of games is impossible that you can do anything in other games.

  9. dash (21 Feb 2017, 17:25)

    Thanks cpy you are king of kings

  10. Blood & Wine (21 Feb 2017, 17:28)

    thank guys great job 🙂
    wait for vol2 !

  11. Adão (21 Feb 2017, 17:30)


  12. Cryda Luv' (21 Feb 2017, 18:09)

    Thank’s a lot !!!! Yeah Skidrow !

  13. egro (21 Feb 2017, 18:11)

    but nobody cares about f1 and re7 is goty so…

    sorry pal

  14. Gutts (21 Feb 2017, 18:41)

    Do ‘Berserk and the band of the Hawk’ next please!

  15. hardmode (21 Feb 2017, 18:44)

    @Dark Denuvo works by popularity, they said that themselves.And sorry but nobody cares about F1 2016 if you like to race go do the real thing you slob. And that goes for all of you dummyes hwo play CS BF or any realistic fps too lazy or scared to do the real thing

  16. Belzemond (21 Feb 2017, 18:52)

    Shut Up “dark” just buy a game if you have problem that F1 2016 has no crack. I tell you moron buy a game and no more worries for you.

  17. just (21 Feb 2017, 18:54)

    Can i install if i have the steam version of the game ?

  18. Zangenbewegung (21 Feb 2017, 18:59)

    Thanks! But I cant edit the cpy.ini. it says I dont have the permission. Any ideas?

  19. Gigiesco (21 Feb 2017, 19:14)

    Today was released vol 2 too

  20. Todd (21 Feb 2017, 19:19)

    You hardmode my friend, are the dummy, u are calling someone else a dummy, and you’re spelling “dummy” wrong! LOL, why do I even bother??? lol, Dummyes? Really????? And u have the nerve to call someone else dumb????? LOL. But I do agree with the statement about F1 2016, boring as shit, in my opinion. And I think that ‘s a little far fetch Dark, I don’t think game companies are paying crackers not to crack their game, lol. I bet they wish they would do that tho! lol. Why do I bother?

  21. Matias (21 Feb 2017, 19:22)

    Torrent pls!

  22. alejandro (21 Feb 2017, 21:02)

    this dlc includes update 2 for old amd processors?

  23. Andrei (21 Feb 2017, 21:39)

    It works on Fitgirl’s RE7 repack?

  24. sjkdnjn (21 Feb 2017, 21:56)

    Its not letting me edit CPY.ini and save it in the Resident Evil folder and is denying me access. and when i try to save it it makes me save it as a new text document. Please help

  25. darks a dumbass (21 Feb 2017, 22:03)

    hey dark, try learning a thing or do so you don’t spout such fucking nonsense. cpy doesn’t get paid shit for doing these cracks. we get free games because of their FREE work. cracking takes insane amount of work. and no denovo doesn’t work the same from game to game, they change things about it otherwise cracking 1 game would crack them all.

    how the fuck something so simple go over our head? are you really that fucking stupid? stay in school kids.

  26. Elías Fau (21 Feb 2017, 23:11)

    Yeeesss love you guys

  27. God (21 Feb 2017, 23:53)

    idiots, i swear… /facepalm

    right click on the cpy file, uncheck the box that says read only. click ok.

    then edit

  28. XBlade (22 Feb 2017, 0:18)

    When I unlock it with the ini it said I need to download it. Fix?

  29. Wolf (22 Feb 2017, 0:28)

    @Andrei no , try black box . Its better than fitgirl .

  30. kwchum (22 Feb 2017, 1:49)

    torrent please……

  31. To sjkdnjn (22 Feb 2017, 2:21)

    Try to edit the .ini, and then save it on another folder. ex: My documents, then just move the edited ini to the folder, you need administrator access. Hope it helps.

  32. magician master (22 Feb 2017, 3:46)

    please fifa 17 i need it

  33. drakent (22 Feb 2017, 4:53)

    when the dlc Banned Footage Vol. 2 ?

  34. Andrei (22 Feb 2017, 7:03)

    Thanx @Wolf

  35. GunplaMan (22 Feb 2017, 9:37)

    Torrent upload please.

  36. miky (22 Feb 2017, 12:15)

    stop asking for fifa17 , fifa18 comes out in less then 8 months :))))

  37. xRidley (22 Feb 2017, 13:32)

    Good Job guys!… Do you also post RE7 Banned Footage vol 2? Thx for the answer :3

  38. buzzinbaz (22 Feb 2017, 17:16)

    shit footage

  39. Cueek (22 Feb 2017, 22:32)

    DLC Vol.2 PLx :>

  40. cenzo (22 Feb 2017, 22:44)

    NOT WORK!!!

  41. boina (23 Feb 2017, 1:28)

    For those having problems editing the .ini file. Open cpy.ini , CTRL+E to select all text inside the file, CTRL+C to copy, close cpy.ini.
    Right click in desktop > create new text file > open the new text file> CRTL+V to paste the text previously copied from the oroginal cpy.ini file. > look and change Unlock_DLCheats=1 > SAVE AS > File name: cpy.ini > Save as type: All files *.*> Copy the newly created cpy.ini and paste it in the game folder> Replace> play the game.

    Sry for my bad english.

  42. JP (23 Feb 2017, 1:30)

    @XBlade i have the same problem as you, it ask me 4 download something, please help!

  43. Jpablo (23 Feb 2017, 1:30)

    i have the same problem as Xblade you, it ask me 4 download something, please help!

  44. Fahim IQbal (23 Feb 2017, 5:27)

    we need vol 2 plz , thnx

  45. WTG (23 Feb 2017, 6:52)

    Wow! Thanks for this! Only need the patch #2 and literally don’t need anything else

  46. Crowlen (23 Feb 2017, 8:39)

    Will the torrent be uploaded? Thnx

  47. Ethan (23 Feb 2017, 10:01)

    8 months is a long time

  48. stevey_m (23 Feb 2017, 12:50)

    will they crack the updates for RES 7 or not …some amd users need it to play

  49. SerialKillerJTR (23 Feb 2017, 16:34)

    DLC is working fine and is easy to add you just need to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

  50. PistolaCharsson (23 Feb 2017, 17:01)

    Torrents Pls

  51. Noa (23 Feb 2017, 18:22)

    VOL 2 PLZ

  52. Ethan (23 Feb 2017, 18:53)

    it works fine..

  53. Dejan (23 Feb 2017, 19:29)

    upload torrent god damn it

  54. A84 (23 Feb 2017, 20:34)

    When will be released vol 2?

  55. Osvidis (23 Feb 2017, 20:46)

    thx a lot for the download but plz ulpoad vol.II!!!! 😀

  56. Darks a dumbass is a dumbass (23 Feb 2017, 22:58)

    @darks a dumbass

    Talk about talking nonsense….i love the skidrowreloaded team but the get paid by advertisement….but bread has to be put on the table……they deserve every penny the get.

  57. The DarK (24 Feb 2017, 1:21)

    Fonctionne PARFAITEMENT !!!!

    THX !

  58. Odinson (24 Feb 2017, 3:32)

    Torrent plz ?!

  59. Banned Vol 1 (24 Feb 2017, 12:58)

    Tested – Confirmed WORKING with FITGIRL Repack – Thanks!

  60. George (24 Feb 2017, 15:28)

    The only way to fix AMD problems is to throw away your trash AMD card in a fire you AMD peasants

    buy a real graphics card next time lol

  61. WTG (25 Feb 2017, 5:24)

    really need the 2nd patch.. I c an only play Nightmare not bed room and the main game I ahve old CPU 🙁

  62. nogad854 (25 Feb 2017, 12:16)

    My god where is the torrent

  63. MOSTAFA (25 Feb 2017, 17:23)


  64. Someone U Don't Know! (25 Feb 2017, 18:59)

    Does someone know if this works if you have bought the game~?

  65. Kurama (26 Feb 2017, 11:23)

    waiting for the torrent =)

  66. gamerx (26 Feb 2017, 16:07)

    ROFL,listen to that pro saying re7 is a shit game,if you can make a better game then do it asshole,re7 is one of the better re games I have played,but thats not for you obviously stick to your f1,in re you have to use your brain….and yeah please put torrent

  67. Filiprow (26 Feb 2017, 22:10)

    Any date for Vol2?

  68. Nope (27 Feb 2017, 7:03)

    Will this work if own the game on Steam?

  69. Geah (27 Feb 2017, 21:29)

    cant wait for vol 2 this is hard in parts

  70. N1ghtSky (28 Feb 2017, 21:16)

    Torrent plz!!

  71. kirsky (28 Feb 2017, 21:25)

    Is there any patch for RE7 that fix AMD processor bug ?. Game crash after I go under house ( around 10 minutes of gameplay). Thx in advance.

  72. Jerrydude (01 Mar 2017, 0:40)

    How do you install? Just put Vol1 in game directory and edit INI to 1?

  73. Jacob (01 Mar 2017, 22:19)

    vol 2 please !!! Release date!!!

  74. rrshapnil (02 Mar 2017, 13:00)

    i have the Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol.2 DLC But this DLC is not in this site so can i upload my Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol.2 DLC CPY Cracked also?

  75. Rajesh (02 Mar 2017, 14:57)

    Nice Upload Cpy Dlc Volume 1 is awesome Upload Volume 2 Too Pls soon

  76. Jack Baker (04 Mar 2017, 12:52)

    Reason why vol 2 isn’t out is because it requires update 1.02 which haven’t been cracked yet, without the update the game won’t recognize the vol 2 file. Be patient and wait for cpy to crack update 1.02 then vol 2 files will be released

  77. Lisa (12 Mar 2017, 1:17)

    This is awesome ! and VERY FAST ! Thanks,

    But on the other hand, there’s still no Sims 4 vampires expansion. It’s been ages.

  78. mecha (18 Mar 2017, 5:18)

    Nice! very nice indeed, thanks a bunch!

  79. Zero (18 Mar 2017, 22:48)

    First link gave me a massive virus D:
    Had to reformat.

  80. Ethnn (21 Mar 2017, 20:30)

    When will vol2 be released

  81. $$$$ (31 Mar 2017, 4:04)

    Please PLEASE PLEASE UPLOAAAAD BANNED FOOTAGE 2 pleaaaaaaaseeeeeeeee

  82. jenz (06 Apr 2017, 18:35)

    hey folks. Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer the save game data from a cracked copy “RE7-CPY” to the latest steam version “RE7+Deluxe+SeasonPassFTW….!!” i’ve buyed yesterday? I installed the game + dlcs + seasonpass without any issues. I started a new game and i played till i arrived the first box/saveroom and saved my session using that tape-recorder-machine..^^. No problems when loading that savegame-file created by the steam version. I have deinstalled the cracked copy of “RE7-CPY” completly from my ssd, expecting the savegame-data-files located in that “user/documents/cpy-saves/41….and so on” DIR. The files look quiet similar to those from steam-version of RE7, just a bit more stuff done… But, pasting the files into the steam DIR “/userdata///remote/win64_save/” and OVERWRITE->YES for replacing existing original data will NOT WORK for me. ;-( I tryed several times testing out alomost everything but the game does not recognize the savegame files. It tells me to create a new savegame in order to play the game. Same sh!t with turning OFF the steam CLOUD functionality…. Another trick? I can’t really believe that the cracked version writes different savegame information files so that RE7 steam version could not read out. Maybe anyone of you have similar problems or know whats the MATTER and how to fix. thank you. And yes i know: playing cracked games is not cool and makes me a bastard, right! I know that! But Resident Evil 7 kicks ass, real fucking good game that needs to get played the legit way—

  83. Ethnn (07 Apr 2017, 9:15)

    Vol 2 please

  84. :( (27 Apr 2017, 9:45)

    Where is vol2?

  85. Sunshine (28 Apr 2017, 6:21)

    I will probably have to buy the game only to play banned footage vol 2 as it seems LOL

  86. Bo (02 May 2017, 16:36)

    I followed the instructions but when i load the game it says that i need to download it at the store.

  87. Yeez (03 May 2017, 19:13)

    Bang Footage?

  88. Mr. Billz (06 May 2017, 21:35)

    plzz upload vol2!!!

  89. adel (08 May 2017, 16:37)

    torent plssssssssssssssss

  90. LaliHo! (06 Jul 2017, 2:18)

    torrent pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  91. xia21 (20 Jul 2017, 13:16)

    torrent please

  92. Gabriel (16 Sep 2017, 14:29)

    Where’s the banned footage vol.2?

  93. LowBreDZ (07 Dec 2018, 0:51)

    Guys just wanna ask is the infinite ammo on banned footage nightmare only works on dlc or u can have it on the game itself i just wanna start the game with infinite ammo thanks

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