Pro Cycling Manager 2020 Repack-SKIDROW

Posted 04 Jun 2020 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Pro Cycling Manager 2020-SKIDROW


Become the manager of a cycling team and take them to the top….



Become the manager of a cycling team and take them to the top! You will need to manage finances and recruitment, plan your training, implement your strategy and, new for this edition, look after your cyclists and their morale!

Title: Pro Cycling Manager 2020
Genre: Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Release Date: 4 Jun, 2020

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REPACK NOTE: UPS! We accidently packed the 2019 edition - therefore this repack.

Pro.Cycling.Manager.2020.Language.Changer-SKIDROW { Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download  }

Note: Pro.Cycling.Manager.2020.Language.Changer.exe and select a language of
your desired choice!

Pro Cycling Manager 2020-SKIDROW
Size: 8.3 GB













































    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
    • Processor: AMD or Intel dual-core, 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB, ATI Radeon HD 5570 / NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 / Intel HD 4600
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 13 GB available space

Pro Cycling Manager 2020 Repack-SKIDROW
1. Extract
2. Play!
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  1. Zslaissi (04 Jun 2020, 16:04)


  2. Steven (04 Jun 2020, 16:06)

    Thanks alot for share <3 if anyone doesnt know how to install it:


    1. Unpack the release
    2. Mount or burn image
    3. Install
    4. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW folder and into the main
    install folder and overwrite
    5. Block the game in your firewall and mark our cracked content as
    secure/trusted in your antivirus program
    6. You now got 2 options:

    A. Run the included Pro.Cycling.Manager.2020.Account.Setup.exe and it
    will setup an account for you.
    B. Continue to 7

    B. Copy the Users.cdb and Users.bkp files from SKIDROW folder and into
    \Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Pro Cycling Manager 2020\
    C. Run game once and you reach a "create account" page – then Quit
    D. Copy the Users.cdb and Users.bkp files from SKIDROW folder and into
    \Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Pro Cycling Manager 2020\

    7. Run game and choose SKIDROW account and connect (works offline)
    8. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!
    9. Remember to run game with admin rights – especially on drive C:
    10. Play the game
    11. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!

  3. BOB (04 Jun 2020, 16:10)

    Thanks alot

  4. Fart (04 Jun 2020, 16:32)

    Thanks Skidrow

  5. Tiago (04 Jun 2020, 16:45)

    This is the PCM 2019. At least was the game that i download and install in my pc

  6. Lance Armstrong (04 Jun 2020, 16:46)

    Awesome! Do you get to pump them up with steroids or help them fake drug tests? Otherwise this simulation is missing a huge part of the cycling experience!!

  7. ATOM (04 Jun 2020, 16:58)

    It’s just me or this is the 2019 game?
    I installed and it’s the pro cycling manager 2019

    New in the 2020 edition:
    – The 21 official stages of the Tour de France 2020
    – Career mode:
    * Manage the morale of your cyclists: they will make requests
    (inclusion in races, recruitment of cyclists, etc.), and your decision
    will affect their morale and performance. The transfer window is also
    crucial for maintaining balance within your team
    * Motivation during races: in each race, the motivation of your
    cyclists is linked to morale and key events, such as wearing a jersey,
    winning in the previous stage, etc. A fully motivated cyclist can excel
    in pivotal moments in the race, including an accelerating peloton and
    preparation for the final sprint
    * A new assistant to help you plan your races
    * A redesigned dashboard
    – Improved AI, more aggressive and adventurous

  8. Fred (04 Jun 2020, 17:09)

    Bonjour comment mettre en francais svp??

  9. ATOM (04 Jun 2020, 17:15)

    This is the pcm 2019

  10. Filip (04 Jun 2020, 17:20)

    This is Pro cycling manager 2019 what the fuck?

  11. Filip (04 Jun 2020, 17:21)

    This is Pro cycling manager 2019

  12. Rinoc (04 Jun 2020, 17:24)

    Thanks but it’s PCM 2019 !!!

  13. volci (04 Jun 2020, 17:38)

    @ fred pour mettre en français vas dans ton dossier d’installation, ouvre avec le bloc note le fichier steam_ing change le english en french et remplace 9 par 12

  14. Red (04 Jun 2020, 17:44)

    pour changer la langue c’est compliquer , il faut aller dans un fichier du jeu et changer un nombre , dis toi que c’est la même depuis PCM 2015 donc tu devrais trouver facilement en cherchant “PCM changer de langue” sur google .

  15. Davinkraw (04 Jun 2020, 17:49)

    This is PCM 2019 and when you want to click on the settings or launch a race, the game is crashed

  16. Nelson (04 Jun 2020, 17:51)

    This is 2019 version

  17. Skidrow (04 Jun 2020, 17:53)

    Pro.Cycling.Manager.2020.Language.Changer-SKIDROW Added.

  18. awplocked (04 Jun 2020, 18:17)

    C’est la version 2019 c’est pas la version 2020

  19. Koko (04 Jun 2020, 18:24)

    PCM 2019 and not 2020. Carrier mode is crashing.


  20. Zabibo (04 Jun 2020, 18:33)

    It’s PCM 2019

  21. Gjh (04 Jun 2020, 18:41)

    Also got a 2019 to 2020 changer?

  22. jo (04 Jun 2020, 18:47)


  23. Sanikki (04 Jun 2020, 18:51)

    It’s Pro Cycling Manager 2019.
    Moreover it crashes when you start a career.

  24. Xray (04 Jun 2020, 18:59)

    It’s the 2019 game guys 🙂 stop drinking vodka ^^

  25. rabonarca (04 Jun 2020, 19:25)

    I think it is the 2019 game

  26. sanguico (04 Jun 2020, 19:34)

    the game on the link is the pro cycling manager 2019, can u put the right one?

  27. bibi (04 Jun 2020, 19:47)

    pcm 2019..
    A: read Repack Not Now! Fixed

  28. Sniper (04 Jun 2020, 20:08)

    Works fine now! ty alot for 2020 <3

  29. Skidrow (04 Jun 2020, 20:26)

    Pro.Cycling.Manager.2020.Repack-SKIDROW Added.

    REPACK NOTE: UPS! We accidently packed the 2019 edition – therefore this repack.

  30. Friendly Fire (04 Jun 2020, 21:07)

    This has got to be the best blooper of 2020. Thx for the laugh!
    Always respect! You guys are awesome

  31. fer (04 Jun 2020, 21:24)

    thanx Steven

  32. wtf (04 Jun 2020, 22:15)

    The game is running but the GUI is oversize, I can’t apply any settings because i can’t see the apply or ok button below the screen, how to fix this?

  33. K_EƎ_D (04 Jun 2020, 22:55)

    Those managers “games” are stupid shit made for no life boring retards that are too bored with their
    life and don’t know what to do with it anymore.

    Pick a team, watch the game plays itself for hours…..
    Why not just watching TV?
    Wow if you get excited for these manager “games”, you’re too pathetic to feel sorry for.
    Just go get a life or kill yourself.

  34. dfsdfsd (04 Jun 2020, 23:41)

    anyone even play this kind of garbage games? fucking ______ manager xD

  35. Hamb (05 Jun 2020, 3:55)

    Tengo un problema y es que el juegoe dale cortado y no me deja seleccionar la carpeta Skidrow porque no me aparece el botón aceptar o algo parecido, alguien puede decirme porque sucede este problema o como lo soluciono

  36. Hamb (05 Jun 2020, 3:58)

    El juego no me sale en la pantalla completa y me sale cortado a la mitad y no me deja hacer nada, alguna solución a ese problema?

  37. SIepe (05 Jun 2020, 7:29)

    Thanks for this – any idea when you can include the WorldDB-update (available in Workshop on Steam already)? Would like to play with ‘real names’ 🙂

  38. SIepe (05 Jun 2020, 8:53)

    Thanks for the release guys – any chance you can add the WorldDB-update from the Steam Workshop like you did last year? I’d like to play with real names, so waiting for that (I see it’s already available in the Workshop)…

  39. ATOM (05 Jun 2020, 10:42)

    The resolution is wrong.
    Anyone knows how to change it?

  40. Mickey (05 Jun 2020, 12:02)

    Language changer doesn’t work for me, the steam_ing file is changed but nothing happen in game.
    Do you guys have a solution ?

  41. Rui (05 Jun 2020, 13:18)

    Não consigo por o jogo em PT, alguem me pode ajudar?

  42. jann (05 Jun 2020, 14:52)

    i have same problem like nickname “wtf”. Please fix it

  43. Tom (05 Jun 2020, 15:41)

    when i click on install, they say that there is a problem with a file in Appdata/Local/Temp
    Can you help me pls

  44. dfsdfsd (05 Jun 2020, 16:32)

    Rui Learn english you filthy BR monkey xD

  45. edielpaisa (05 Jun 2020, 18:57)

    put the database on

  46. FanFan (05 Jun 2020, 19:57)

    @wtf and others, i have the same problem and i find something that works for me.

    I’m too bad in english so in french :

    dans les paramètres d’affichage windows, j’avais l’option “mise à l’échelle de la taille du texte” à 125%. En repassant à 100% le jeu se redimensionne nickel.

    J’espère que ça vous aidera !

  47. FoolKingdom (05 Jun 2020, 23:44)

    @Steven. FALSE NEGATIVE means that’s a POSITIVE trojan then… I believe you made a mistake but some folks here might be confused!

  48. Hamb (06 Jun 2020, 6:57)

    The file to change the language does not works

  49. Jose Antonio (06 Jun 2020, 12:20)

    Lo que dice la persona anterior es correcto, por favor arreglenlo.

  50. fabio silva (06 Jun 2020, 16:27)

    The red bar is bugued , if you sprint the red bar wont show going down, even though it is actually going down

  51. tyler durden (07 Jun 2020, 4:11)

    Pour changer la langue

    \AppData\Roaming\Pro Cycling Manager 2020\Config
    pour mettre en français


  52. Jose Antonio (07 Jun 2020, 15:52)

    En español por favor

  53. Jose Antonio (07 Jun 2020, 19:20)

    Buenas tardes, ya he puesto el idioma en español. Pero ahora necesito saber como poner los comentarios en español.

  54. Jose Antonio (07 Jun 2020, 19:41)

    Ya he podido poner el idioma en castellano, como pongo ahora los comentarios?

  55. Jose (07 Jun 2020, 19:43)

    Como puedo poner los comentarios en castellano, el idioma ya pude

  56. Jo (07 Jun 2020, 20:09)

    Je n’arrive pas à mettre le jeu en Français…
    Avez-vous une solution Please ?

  57. Jo (07 Jun 2020, 20:44)

    Quelle est la destination à choisir pour installer le fichier pour changer la langue ?

  58. Marquis (07 Jun 2020, 22:13)

    Salut alors pour changer la langue suffit d’ouvrir steam_api64
    remplacer english par french ou spanish

    J’aimerai par contre une vraie databse svp

  59. Hamb (08 Jun 2020, 2:28)

    Is there a way to put a real database?

  60. guillaume1907 (08 Jun 2020, 11:05)

    pour changer la langue c’est la solution de marquis qui a marché pour moi

  61. Axel (08 Jun 2020, 14:30)

    Pour la vraie database en general je me base sur PCMdaily qui en sort de tres bonnes chaque annee mais elle n’en a pas encore sorti pour cette edition, pour l’instant jai l’impression que pour les world tour il manque que les noms de l’equipe quickstep et quelques portraits dans dautres equipes si cela peut vous rassurer mais j’attends aussi la database complete avant de commencer l’aventure 🙂

  62. jpose (08 Jun 2020, 18:44)

    Como lo habeis puesto en español?

  63. mamerto (09 Jun 2020, 14:27)

    Could upload WorldDB 2020 (v0.3.1)

  64. Minskirouille (09 Jun 2020, 16:51)

    Le jeu n’est pas centré pour moi (décalé en bas à droite) et donc impossible d’accéder aux options pour essayer de résoudre le problème.
    J’ai même essayer de passer par bordless gaming mais toujours impossible …

    Avez-vous une solution ?

  65. OVER (10 Jun 2020, 13:48)


    Avez vous un écran 4 K ? J’avais le même problème j’ai du le passer en 1080p pour pouvoir accéder au option pour passer le jeu en 4K

  66. Jose Antonio (10 Jun 2020, 19:53)

    Alguien sabe si los comentarios en castellano vale el archivo del 2019?

  67. Varerinha (10 Jun 2020, 23:24)

    Can u guys put the WorldDB or another database pls

  68. awplocked (11 Jun 2020, 13:03)

    Pour les problème de jeu non centrer sur écran 4K il suffit de ;

    -click droit sur PCM64.exe puis propriétes
    -Dans l’onglet compatibilité => modifier les paramètres ppp élevés

    et en bas dans remplacement de mise à l’échelle PPP élevés cocher la case et sélectionnez Application

  69. Facus (11 Jun 2020, 17:11)

    Para cambiar el lenguaje a español

    AppData\Roaming\Pro Cycling Manager 2019\Config
    Language 6

  70. Jose Antonio (11 Jun 2020, 18:30)

    ¿Alguien sabe si aparte del Deceunick hay algún otro equipo que no este licenciado?. Es que he echado un vistazo rápido y menos ese, me parece que todos los demás tienen los nombres correctos.

  71. Gus (12 Jun 2020, 13:35)

    Même en changeant english par french dans le fichier steam.api64 rien ne marche impossible de le mettre en francais

  72. Nocilla (12 Jun 2020, 16:02)

    el idioma no cambia ni con videos ni con sigue estos pasos no cambia de ninguna de las formas solo ingles no engañeis ala gente

  73. Jose Antonio (13 Jun 2020, 23:15)

    Si que cambia, yo he conseguido que me salgan los menús en español, otra cosa son los comentarios de carrera. Además informo de un cambio de hoy mismo, desaparece el mitchelton scott de Australia y pasa a llamarse Team Manuela Fundación de Granada (España).

  74. Longtime player (14 Jun 2020, 13:07)

    When are we getting the ne stage editor 2020 please

  75. Tim (16 Jun 2020, 21:27)

    so do we get 2020 sometime?

  76. Jose Antonio (19 Jun 2020, 10:18)

    Se han roto las negociaciones del Mitchelton con Manuela Fundación Y se que como Mitchelton-Scott hasta final de temporada.

  77. Shiro (23 Jun 2020, 21:50)

    Oh nice, a twat simulator.

  78. minduca (02 Jul 2020, 19:41)

    Patch Notes –

    Fixed crash preventing launch of multiplayer tracks.
    Fixed random crashes caused with a particular option in Windows 10.
    Race update: Complete Pays-Basque 2020 course (6 stages) and updates of several stages (Switzerland, Catalonia, Tour de France).
    Correction of the problem of comments specific to certain important runners (sounds were not played and were replaced by credits).
    Improved effort setting in hilly and mountainous time trials.
    Fixed issue with unordered steps listed in “Latest Results” page
    Display of the region in the cyclist’s information bubble (hover “i”).
    Correction of the feedback in the lower part of the interface concerning the update of the budget when the low limit is reached.
    Correction of positioning of elements in the interface for creating a start list.
    Correction in the Rules / Scale page, the values displayed for the points were not always correct.
    Some emails concerning injuries did not contain the name of the race.
    Wrong text in the Pro Cyclist level information tooltip.
    Wrong text on the number of teams in the Rules page

  79. kevin (03 Jul 2020, 17:02)

    ¿Cuando publican la database 2020 para este juego?

  80. Came (17 Jul 2020, 15:23)

    Can we download only patch ?

  81. Chusoma (17 Aug 2020, 14:28)

    Instalo la versión 2020 y cuando ejecuto me indica que me falta el archivo d3dx9_42.dll
    ¿¿Alguién me indica como puedo solucionarlo?? Ya he instalado 3 veces y las 3 igual.

  82. Chusoma (21 Aug 2020, 16:34)

    No consigo poner la versión 2020 en español. He descargado el parche y lo he instalado pero nada de nada, sigue todo en ingles. Con que me cambie los menús me conformo pero es imposible.

    Un cable, por favor.

  83. sBuBo (01 Sep 2020, 9:16)

    Hi, is there a possibility to play on multi ? It’s writed “connexion failed”

  84. Fernando (04 Sep 2020, 0:01)

    the game always crash when i start career. i’m not even play the game yet 🙁

  85. ivin (06 Oct 2020, 15:45)

    need help for installing the ggame,

  86. Crafak (04 Nov 2020, 23:59)

    Cyklozmrd simulator LOL 😀

  87. Zak (20 Dec 2020, 20:27)

    I can’t get the .dll to pass the ESET Internet Security and the Windows Defender…please help!

  88. Tom (21 Dec 2020, 21:13)

    When I installed the game and i wanted to play it says that he can’t start the game because there is nog MSVCP140.dll on my computer. Can anyone help me?

  89. EQ (20 Mar 2021, 17:35)

    un gran saludo.
    gran aporte gracias por este juego y demas una gran pagina ojala sigan asi mucho tiempo mas…
    me gustaria saber si para esta version se puede usar el DATABASE 2020? pss siempre me a gustado editar algunas etapas y equipos…. por favor ayuda con eso.
    SALUDOS !!!

  90. doug (09 May 2021, 21:48)

    Version FR
    ouvrir steam_api64.ini avec votre bloc-note
    changer “english” par “french”

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