Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Update v1.0.3c-GOG

Posted 14 Sep 2021 in GAME UPDATES

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Update v1.0.3c-GOG


Embark on a journey to a realm overrun by demons in a new epic….



Embark on a journey to a realm overrun by demons in a new epic RPG from the creators of the critically acclaimed Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Explore the nature of good and evil, learn the true cost of power, and rise as a Mythic Hero capable of deeds beyond mortal expectations.

Title: Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 02 Sep, 2021

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Update.v1.0.3 for FLT release (Links in Comments)

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Update v1.0.3c-GOG
Size: 1.4 GB






































    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10GHz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel(R) Intel HD Graphics 620
    • Storage: 50 GB available space

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Update v1.0.3c-GOG
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2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Cyborg009 (14 Sep 2021, 20:46)

    Thank you for keeping up with updates.
    You are the Best!

  2. Janitor (14 Sep 2021, 20:48)

    Yes, yes yeeess!! thank you SkidRow, waiting for the rest of the links to upload. been waiting for this since the morning. been refreshing the page all day and its finally here

  3. Kasseo (14 Sep 2021, 20:55)

    FLT as well, please^^

  4. Janitor (14 Sep 2021, 21:00)

    Can confirm update working as it should . make sure you are updating from the previous version only

  5. Satanspy (14 Sep 2021, 21:15)

    Unless youre coming from Patch 1.0.2g this DOES NOT WORK. You will be met with “This patch does not support your version of the game please download a new installer”.

  6. lastcorn (14 Sep 2021, 21:39)

    FLT version please

  7. Ramom Felipe de Almeida Moreira (14 Sep 2021, 22:45)


  8. Telino (14 Sep 2021, 22:55)

    My game is the FLT version, but for some reason, after this update, the game won’t load.
    When i try to open, it just stays in a black screen and nothing happens.
    Has anybody had a similar issue?

  9. Break (15 Sep 2021, 2:10)

    @Telino Yep, same thing happened to me. Ended up download the gog version, it updates easier.

  10. Anon (15 Sep 2021, 2:44)

    After applying FLT game doesn’t load it causes a black screen.

  11. Senki (15 Sep 2021, 5:41)

    Hi guys. From v1.0.0s enough this one update only, or i need the others too in order?

    Thank you if answering. 🙂

  12. Senki (15 Sep 2021, 5:44)

    Edit to my prev. comment: Im used FLT version and not the gog

  13. hassel (15 Sep 2021, 6:42)

    Yep, FLT patcher is shit.

  14. SzörösPina (15 Sep 2021, 8:55)

    Please v1.0.1c version to FLT, because only GOG on site.

  15. james (15 Sep 2021, 15:02)

    Be warned guys 1.0.3 broke more things than it fixed, if you can stay with 1.0.2g and avoid respec your character and wait for a hotfix or a new patch.

  16. MRLoki (15 Sep 2021, 18:13)

    Please get us 1.0.3d, we really need the damn hotfix.

    They dropped the ball on 1.0.3c and many quests on act 4 and 5 are broken, plus, respec is breaking characters, but the hotfix, supposedly, fixes it…

  17. Fixer (15 Sep 2021, 18:40)

    guys Flt is working I was to lazy to write the work around you have to install the game then Flt patch 1.0.1 after that 1.0.2e and 1.0.3 don’t install the 1.0.2g

  18. Fixer (15 Sep 2021, 18:42)

    but you should wait for patch 1.0.3d because 1.0.3c broke the game in act 4 it was working perfectly for me

  19. MRLoki (15 Sep 2021, 22:14)

    For anyone wondering, as far as I found out, 1.0.3d also introduced a lot more bugs than it removed, there are reports of infinite loading screens after the hotfix.

    I’m expecting a new patch/hotfix soon, but, until then, my game is stuck.

    I’d like to revert to 1.0.2g, that worked ok if you didn’t play a lich, but the game doesn’t load the saves, so I’ll have to either restard the game in an earlier version or wait for a new patch in the next days… i’ll probably wait.

  20. woop (15 Sep 2021, 22:57)

    Yep, definitely wait for the next update, because this breaks the game in chapter 4.

  21. bobcat (15 Sep 2021, 23:03)

    @Fixer @Steven

    Any idea where the FLT patch for 1.0.1 is?? I can’t find it anywhere, just GoG. Thank you.

  22. James (16 Sep 2021, 3:06)

    v1.0.3D for GOG version still not available even for legit person, i mean u can download it using GOG galaxy platform but for us who need installer of update still not, wait few hours

  23. Sh1ny (16 Sep 2021, 8:40)


  24. Kasseo (16 Sep 2021, 13:04)

    Guys, there is a main-story breaking bug in Act 4 that was fixed with Patch 1.0.3d. Pretty please upload it asap. Can’t be fixed with anything other than the patch and is basically the final step in the main quest of that area

  25. Tatsuya (16 Sep 2021, 13:58)

    Oh yeah, i’m waiting for yoooou !!! \o/

  26. Overwhelmed (16 Sep 2021, 14:32)

    Will the 1.0.3d hotfix be up soon ?
    A: Offline installer still not available in GOG. Only using GOG GALAXY (Legit players). We will share it once it’s available.

  27. Zirel (16 Sep 2021, 20:31)

    Any idea when the offline installer will be available? Is it usually this delayed?

  28. Azirel (16 Sep 2021, 21:28)

    When is the Hotfix going to be released? Is it usually taking so long for offline version to come out?

  29. Janitor (17 Sep 2021, 1:20)

    So I see the highlighted answer in neon green, the explanation for why no “update-only” link yet for 1.0.3d is becuase no offline instaler option yet. But why? has that ever happened before? are the devs purposely keeping this patch online only? what gives?? not blaming anyone, just curious to know why its not available yet and we are going on day 3 since it dropped

  30. Kasseo (17 Sep 2021, 1:44)

    LeL, I swear they did it on purpose. Brick the main campaign at a cliffhanger, then don’t release the offline version because they know the scene is relying on it for patches – boom, pirates can’t play the game anymore.

  31. Steven (17 Sep 2021, 1:44)

    @Janitor: always check gog database website to know if offline installer for update (gog) of any game is out or not (PS: this website only share information regarding games and update for GOG, not providing download links)

    check below in gog database link, patch (offline installer) only available for v1.0.3c

    regarding your question if this happen before, yeah in many games, you found update out but only for GOG galaxy legit players, then after few hours or sometime few days then the offline installer will be released, you will even notice sometime game got updated in STEAM, but when you check same game in GOG, it still not, updating games in steam i think very easy compared to GOG.

    @Kaesseo: no it’s not the case, just sometime in GOG platform, devs of games prefere to wait after fews updates to release offline installer not like steam which it’s easy for them. but as i said it’s only related to devs, and i don’t think devs for exemple for this game they didn’t release it because of scene or cracker why ? because v1.03D already released for FLT/Steam release

    This is download links for v1.0.3d for FLT!8RVCzRIQ!TasXDBd_jm2vlsSDwVo7t8BZZJFZPkRMuGCND6BVRWo

    But as you know 90% of us prefer gog because it’s DRMFREE

  32. Fixer (17 Sep 2021, 2:34)


    no they didn’t do it on purpose if they wanted to do something like that they would have used DRM from the start


    man thank you I have been searching for FLT version for the past 2 days finally found it thanks

  33. baha (17 Sep 2021, 10:26)

    thank you guys for your effort! much much appreciated.

  34. Bobcat (17 Sep 2021, 12:52)

    @Steven and all.

    I have the FLT version and can’t find the 1.0.1c patch, so I got the full GOG version. Question – if I backup my saves, delete the FLT version and install 1.0.2 GOG, then copy my saves back, will they work ok? Or am I starting over?

    Thank you.

  35. Zirel (17 Sep 2021, 14:14)


    Does this FLT path works for GOG version?

  36. Janitor (17 Sep 2021, 14:26)

    Thanks for explaining Steven, so no worries right the offline installer for gog will be out soon? This isn’t a new thing, this happened with other games so we don’t need to worry snd just wait a few more says.

  37. Rehp (17 Sep 2021, 14:47)

    @Steven what would happen if i patch a gog version with one of those patches?

  38. Janitor (17 Sep 2021, 15:58)

    Rehp-it won’t work, simple as that. You need the correct version for the correct platform. So fit won’t work for gog and vice versa.

  39. Tatsuya (17 Sep 2021, 16:11)

    La légende dit qu’on aura bientôt le patch pour continuer à jouer à l’Acte IV. Suffit juste que GOG décide de le sortir. :/

  40. Vlad (17 Sep 2021, 17:28)

    1.0.4d is out, give please, I beg.

  41. Ceto patience (17 Sep 2021, 17:43)

    Update 1.0.4d – September 17, 2021 , at this rate we can skip the 1.03D pacht ,

  42. Orangeman (17 Sep 2021, 17:50)

    Thanks for the 1.0.3d update Steven. It works well.

  43. MRLoki (17 Sep 2021, 18:00)

    Wohoo, they supposedly fixed the hotfix again, now we are all waiting for 1.0.4d !

    Please get us 1.0.4d as soon as possible, skidrow!

  44. Zirel (17 Sep 2021, 19:15)

    So now 1.0.4d came out. So I guess offline GoG patch will not come out. Seems like they don’t want us to have patches. That sucks.

  45. Jonas G (17 Sep 2021, 19:53)

    I guess we just have to wait for now. I am really glad that you guys are keeping this consistently updated!

  46. Zirel (17 Sep 2021, 20:41)

    The worst part is that I’m scared of playing the game because there is a chance that with this broken patch my saves will blow up. I hope they will add those patches on GOG. Like why the hell does it take so long?

  47. asdf (17 Sep 2021, 22:11)

    Because GoG is owned by CD Projekt and they’re shit now.

  48. Darpaek (18 Sep 2021, 15:44)

    These are hotfixes, not official patches. GOG never publishes hotfixes as offline updates until they become official patches. This isn’t some grand conspiracy, n00bs.

    Go DL a repack if you want the most recent hotfix.

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