No Mans Sky Origin-GoldBerg

Posted 23 Sep 2020 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

No Mans Sky Origin-GoldBerg


The Living Ship update introduces the first new starship since ATLAS RISES….



The Living Ship update introduces the first new starship since ATLAS RISES. But this is more than just a ship – these are strange and beautiful creatures with lives of their own. A new series of missions will take players through the ancient Korvax experiments that led to the birth of these interstellar beings.

Title: No Mans Sky Origin
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 22 Sep, 2020

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No Mans Sky Origin-GoldBerg
Size: 10.6 GB

























    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
    • Processor: Intel Core i3
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GTX 480, AMD Radeon 7870
    • Storage: 10 GB available space

No Mans Sky Origin-GoldBerg
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2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Nate Higgers (23 Sep 2020, 17:23)

    A polished turd is still a turd

  2. Samir (23 Sep 2020, 17:31)

    Thx alot for new dlc *.*

  3. oggdogg (23 Sep 2020, 18:08)

    did anyone else know that this game has some 15 quintillion planets?….lol it’s absolutely uncompleteable……and i thought elite dangerous had a lot with its 140 billion…

  4. Troblin (23 Sep 2020, 18:17)

    Err – are ship eggs available offline? Cuz otherwise last 3 dlcs are nil with exoskeleton on top.

  5. Hertz (23 Sep 2020, 18:40)

    @Nate Higgers Why the F would anyone polish you…!!!

  6. Ja (23 Sep 2020, 18:48)

    Crashes after start

  7. Canary-SDX (23 Sep 2020, 18:49)

    Many positive comments to the CPY group, in Crackwatch only tracks crack status, with that good moments when they broke Denuvo, every day of the months jaajajajaajja, and when Denuvo was well screwed, I hope that one day they will go out to fight again, against this cancer called Denuvo, or that one day a group similar to CPY will come out and make us happy, all of us, those who wait for those favorite games to play, and why not say codex another very good and very active group, and place too, hopefully that crakeo groups, destroy that cancer, as well as they do with steam friends, ….. hopefully a group will enter soon and crake dunuvo, greetings ………

  8. aleaallee (23 Sep 2020, 19:12)

    Nate, no one asked for your crappy comment.

  9. SonsyRock (23 Sep 2020, 20:06)

    Hey guys, this is just the DLC or the entire game? because a have the entire game with the Mecha DLC + All the Dlc’s

  10. Clod (23 Sep 2020, 20:08)

    How to use jpypad xbox360?

  11. Sharkinu (23 Sep 2020, 20:31)

    can i yurn my game from gog to steam ? I dont want to reinstall the whole game again

  12. disapoint (23 Sep 2020, 20:55)

    i get a hard crash after clicking exe- total blue screen of death crash

  13. Ambee (23 Sep 2020, 20:55)

    Gamepad not working

  14. Controller support? (23 Sep 2020, 21:37)

    Maybe I’m blind but I do not see how to use my controller that’s already been used on previous NMS versions with this version? No, “gamepad” support in this version? I really hate using keyboard and mouse with no mans sky..

  15. Veio (24 Sep 2020, 3:08)

    Cool, another pointless questline that will feel dull and unrelated. Just like all the other stuff.

  16. Don (24 Sep 2020, 5:20)

    Controller support plzz…i want relax and play tis game with controller

  17. GAMEPAD (24 Sep 2020, 10:02)

    WHY not working gamepad ????

  18. Stark (24 Sep 2020, 11:06)

    Control not working

  19. Thiago (24 Sep 2020, 13:08)

    Could someone tell me if I need to install all the previous DLCs or NMS:origins is a full game with all the previous features?

  20. Sanity recall (24 Sep 2020, 15:13)

    If anyone is wondering, this isnt just more extra content. This update radically changes planet generation to make it more interesting. There are now mile high mountains and deep ravines, volcanoes, meteors hitting planets, tornadoes, lightning strikes, tons of new flora and fauna and a whole bunch of other stuff. Its essentially a completely new looking game now. This is their biggest update in a long time and the one I am most excited about. Check out the version notes on their site, theres lots of info and pictures about what they added. It’s awesome.

  21. badjoke (24 Sep 2020, 18:37)

    game crash after start as well

  22. Retards (24 Sep 2020, 20:02)

    Stop being such morons, if you don’t like the game don’t enter the Fcking page of the game. Period.

  23. Igor (24 Sep 2020, 21:11)

    @Canary-SDX the scene sucks dude, they are toxic as all hell and are not doing shit to try and crack the new denuvo they just gave up expect nothing of them, they will crack games when denuvo expires like they did with re7 that takes like an year sometimes 2 Empress was working for then and exposed the shit they are she is the only one from the major known decoders that is actually trying to crack the new denuvo no is doing shit they are too arrogant now and don’t care anymore, everyone treating then like saviours made then this way, they are shit and won’t do anything, some even joined denuvo to help make the program stronger… stop your delusions empress is the only one that can help now everyone gave up
    you can see her entire post on r\crackwatch exposing then

  24. Toni (24 Sep 2020, 21:51)

    Joy 360 not working.

  25. denzel (25 Sep 2020, 16:18)

    came crash on start on my pc too …

  26. Cleave81 (25 Sep 2020, 17:51)

    Controller does not work

  27. Bob Shmurdok (26 Sep 2020, 13:01)

    When is the version 3.0.1 coming out?

  28. SonsyRock (27 Sep 2020, 1:24)

    Soh, if you reading this in search of answears about this update.

    Yes, is the version whit all the lastest DLC’s and the base game, you can download and install.

    For the people who already have another version install with the previously DLC like the Exo Mech, you can simple donwload this and install IN THE SAME FOLDER of that version you already have, but just in case, go to:

    C:\Users\(You User)\AppData\Roaming\HelloGames

    and make a backup of you save game.

    I play the game updated and use my previously save without issues. I hope i help you. Good Luck and have a nice Journey.

  29. waynetrain (29 Sep 2020, 12:14)

    Works like a charm. Needed .dll and start as admin though. Otherwise ctd.

  30. Pumpking (05 Oct 2020, 13:59)

    Will there be an updated version with latest patches?

  31. Zoloo (08 Dec 2020, 9:44)

    “The game has encountered” this error help me

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