Mortal Shell-CODEX

Posted 18 Aug 2020 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Mortal Shell-CODEX


Mortal Shell is a deep action-RPG that tests your sanity and resilience….



Mortal Shell is a deep action-RPG that tests your sanity and resilience in a shattered world. Your adversaries spare no mercy, with survival demanding superior awareness, precision, and instincts. Possess lost warriors, track down hidden sanctums of the devout, and face formidable foes.

Title: Mortal Shell
Genre: Action, RPG
Release Date: 18 Aug, 2020

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Mortal.Shell.Update.v1.09227-CODEX => Here

Mortal Shell-CODEX
Size: 7.4 GB













































    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newer
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290
    • Storage: 12 GB available space

Mortal Shell-CODEX
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2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Hatake (18 Aug 2020, 12:05)

    frist! pole!

  2. Hypatia (18 Aug 2020, 12:05)

    I guess this is another AA soul-like game.

  3. tukomania (18 Aug 2020, 12:05)

    I cant download any of that. They are all uploading…….

  4. Me (18 Aug 2020, 12:09)

    wait what?!

  5. Arsene Lapin (18 Aug 2020, 12:09)

    That was fast

  6. Thenybo (18 Aug 2020, 12:10)

    Only here to ruin this comment section for one of those “first” losers.

  7. PcicyTo (18 Aug 2020, 12:11)

    First !

  8. i (18 Aug 2020, 12:11)


  9. Mr Tatanne (18 Aug 2020, 12:12)

    My first first^^

  10. Suri (18 Aug 2020, 12:12)

    First!!!! thanks

  11. Exus (18 Aug 2020, 12:14)

    Already, eh? Thought it’s going to take more time before this particular game shows up here. Nonetheless, thanks Skidrow/Codex.

  12. I Like to Fuck Asian Chicks (18 Aug 2020, 12:18)

    I like to fuck asian chicks, they make my dick look huge

  13. SyntheticForest (18 Aug 2020, 12:23)

    12 gb size,lol they all talking about 40

  14. Parasite-B (18 Aug 2020, 12:26)

    So many of you have made yourselves look like complete idiots with your “first” bullshit.

    Grow up, say thank you, show some appreciation, then move on.

    Thank you for this release.

  15. Forfri (18 Aug 2020, 12:32)

    Chicken in the corn!

  16. Kyojin (18 Aug 2020, 12:38)

    Mortal Fucking Shell.

    OKAY. Now this game is fucking awesome. Played the beta, and I was hooked. The parry system reminds me of Sekiro. Fucking, fantastic game.

  17. Arsene Lapin (18 Aug 2020, 12:52)

    I just downloaded and started the game and it is way smoother than the beta

  18. JJ (18 Aug 2020, 12:52)

    hi tx skidrow but where is crack? codex folder is empty in my iso. thanks for everything

  19. Jan Kowalski (18 Aug 2020, 13:07)

    folder crack is empty….
    A: because its DRM FREE, install & Play, And Ofc buy it to support devs

  20. wut (18 Aug 2020, 13:18)

    is this a demo level or something? the game should release in 2021 and its only 7,4GB?
    Epic: 18/08/2020 & Steam: 18/08/2021

  21. Gaz (18 Aug 2020, 13:27)

    Majority of links broken they just redirect you to this site please fix, also Thx for the release been waiting for this much appreciation to the site for the uploads and great work Codex <3

  22. sephir_lucrecia (18 Aug 2020, 13:31)

    Thx !

  23. Djan D RaptoR (18 Aug 2020, 13:55)

    Thank you, was waiting for this, its a really awesome game.
    finished the beta and it was just crazy good.

  24. Bousier (18 Aug 2020, 14:03)

    I’m getting a ISdone.dll when installing around the 50% mark which makes it fail.

  25. Jovan (18 Aug 2020, 14:04)

    Did thay put restrict 500kb s on 1fitcher or is just me?

  26. dunno (18 Aug 2020, 14:10)

    Getting ISdone.dll when installing which makes the install fail.

  27. Yami (18 Aug 2020, 14:39)

    7 gb is it rigth?

  28. Andrey (18 Aug 2020, 14:53)

    the game crashing and the codex folder is empty

  29. utter (18 Aug 2020, 15:04)


  30. Mog (18 Aug 2020, 15:26)

    Gaz I’m downloading just fine using torrents, does anyone really use them spam links?

  31. ZhoreN (18 Aug 2020, 15:31)

    Many thanks for this mates, Awesome work as always!


  32. Henry Lee Lucas (18 Aug 2020, 15:31)

    nice game

  33. Jack (18 Aug 2020, 16:01)

    I’m getting random crashes with error code
    LowLevelFatalError [File:Unknown] [Line: 198] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost.

    Any idea how to fix?

  34. Steponmyfoot (18 Aug 2020, 16:18)

    Now this is something not like the shit list out in this site… Thanks. for those who say we dont thank games fuck you and your pixeled games!

  35. Mog (18 Aug 2020, 16:53)

    thanks Skidrow!

  36. JJ boy (18 Aug 2020, 17:04)

    this game is a temporary exclusive on epic store, that is why it has a release date set to 2021 on steam. (on epic store developers get more money per copy sold (or lose less depending how you see it))

  37. Ty Codex (18 Aug 2020, 17:07)

    Damn ! almost faster then steam x)

  38. Orca (18 Aug 2020, 17:48)

    Thank you! Was waiting for this one.

  39. FuckEGS (18 Aug 2020, 19:05)

    You sellout to EGS? I go Bay store bitch.

  40. glans (18 Aug 2020, 19:27)


  41. dash11 (18 Aug 2020, 20:45)

    tahnks a lot

  42. nsw (18 Aug 2020, 20:46)

    wtf? i can’t safe game

  43. nsw (18 Aug 2020, 20:48)

    I can’t save and load game wtf?

  44. Kyojin (18 Aug 2020, 21:31)

    This game is fucking sweet! For you assclowns having problems with the game, purchase a new GPU, you poor lazy fucks. Crybabies all around, when finally a badass new game releases. My god, you Similac suckas can’t do shit right.

    Bwah-Hahaha! I’m enjoying this game on my slick, sheen Sager laptop, and you fucks are struggling! It’s fantastic!

  45. Ems (18 Aug 2020, 23:12)

    Only 8GB download? Isn’t the game 40Gb?

  46. Daniel (19 Aug 2020, 1:03)

    Is this working?

  47. brazilian nigga (19 Aug 2020, 1:34)

    Is this shit 4 real? O.o’

  48. Kasseo (19 Aug 2020, 1:43)

    GTX970 minimum requirement…fuck me

  49. K_EƎ_D (19 Aug 2020, 5:01)

    The game is still in BETA stage.
    You can check the game Epic store official site.

    You fuck heads never used your brain once before typing dump questions huh?

    “Duuh is this game full? amm too stupidd to one click to check game site, amm only good in crying..
    ahh duuh danks very much”

  50. shit game (19 Aug 2020, 5:13)

    shit game, clunky mechanics, 90% re used assets

  51. fatbastard (19 Aug 2020, 6:03)

    lame game , only virgin weeaboos like these games like @kyojin

  52. Vihta (19 Aug 2020, 6:55)

    I run a Ryzen 5 3600 and an RX 5700 XT, 32GB RAM and the game runs at 15 FPS, both on Ultra and Low settings…even in the Menu it’s only 15 frames. My GPU and CPU usage never go over 8-10% though. Weird….

  53. Kyojin (19 Aug 2020, 10:48)

    You know what? I love it when you baby bastards cry and whine – failing to get your potatoes working. I tried to help you fuckers on Code Vein, and you asstards didn’t read. Why should I help you now? Keep struggling you Gerber, teething ring fucks. You’ll never get your shit working. Don’t want to shell out a few more dollars for an extra GPU? Well then, you’re screwed bitchboy. Stop buying skinny jeans, and I-Phones and shit. Get your shit together cupcake, and focus on more important things.

    My god, Millennials are a piece of shit. Lazy, poor fucks.

  54. Kyojin (19 Aug 2020, 10:50)

    Bitchboys Of America (BOA) = Millennials.

  55. Sanity recall (19 Aug 2020, 12:41)

    Holy shit! I’ve been waiting years for this. I was following it back when it was called dungeonhaven.

  56. Ashuraman (19 Aug 2020, 13:37)

    @ K_E3_D No the game is NOT in beta, this is the full release. Maybe you should follow your own advice and, ya know, actually check the site

  57. Vihta (19 Aug 2020, 15:26)

    Just set the game to low settings, aktivating borderless windowed mode, limiting frames to 60 and activating v-sync. Then i uninstalled the game, reinstalled it, started with an immediate 60 fps and really bad graphics. Changed the graphics to ultra and the frame limit to 120 applied, but nothing changed. Restarted the game, options still on ultra and 120 fps but graphics were still bad. and frames locked to 60. Then i switched off V-Sync and he asked me if I was sure. Clicked yes and then suddenly the graphics went to ultra and the frames to 120. Hardly dip below 100 now, runs smooth.

    Maybe this helps some of you.

  58. Janitor (19 Aug 2020, 17:28)

    This makes no sense. The beta is finished. The full game released on Aug 18th. The full game is 40 gb’s. This download is only 8gbs, the install is 12gbs.
    So is this a crack of the beta? The full game is out, if you check the link it says Aug 18th release date, the beta is closed, and the full game is what’s going on here? Is this the beta?

  59. ugly (19 Aug 2020, 19:04)

    wtf is that bad ripoff dark soul game lol???

  60. Solaire (19 Aug 2020, 19:24)


  61. Mattias (19 Aug 2020, 19:32)

    Superbly good game, a solid 12 ish hours for a run and there are newgame + to do.
    Very close to darksouls, gritty, brutally hard.

    And this is the full game for those that wonders.

  62. Hgert (20 Aug 2020, 2:04)

    @ Ashuraman

    But he’s a big boy pussy beta faggot who jumps on every comment on this nigger tier site and type butthurt replies while being thrusted in the ass by his mother’s boyfriend Tyrone. He can do the world a favor if he offed his ugly unwanted ass from the world

  63. godfucker (20 Aug 2020, 3:00)

    so many niggerfaggots in this comment section

  64. baAteman (20 Aug 2020, 9:00)

    That would be nice if someone could respond w/o insulting everyone. The game is 7go, seems like it’s fake as fuck no?
    Mine crash when i try to install…

  65. K_EƎ_D (20 Aug 2020, 9:47)

    Yes, I can see now, maybe I checked it before the site get updated or checked the Beta page accidently
    , I’m not afraid to admit my wrong.
    By the way, the beta page is still there and you can download the game for free.

    And who we have here? A slut boy just joined the chat.
    Were you typing your life story there? Based on your incomprehensible comment, you seems to be
    having troubles while typing, were you taking it in the ass by that mommy’s boyfriend Tyrone?
    Did my comments butthurt you in the past that you can’t stop taking it in the butt now?
    I think I’m the reason for making you who you are now.
    It’s fine Butttaker, just get used and live with it.

  66. Skidrow (20 Aug 2020, 11:24)

    Mortal.Shell.Update.v1.09227-CODEX Added.

  67. realheroes (20 Aug 2020, 14:03)

    wow!!! some real tough guys here calling names and using curse words online

    observe and learn people kyojin and keed are so badass !!!

    i expected nothing less from the lowest layer of societie

    so give a big hand for our online heroes

    failing in real life but a real tough guy online

    they are the leading edge in pathetic

  68. Ashuraman (20 Aug 2020, 17:20)

    @Janitor this is the full game. The full game is NOT 40 GB

  69. kojima's brown cat (20 Aug 2020, 18:25)

    fuck epic lmao

  70. Janitor (20 Aug 2020, 18:39)

    @ashuraman- thanks for clearing that up. It’s so weird.
    If you click on the link to the game in the epic store, it even says ’40gbs of space needed’. How is that possible that it’s so far off the mark? 11 gbs is way less than 40gbs. What happened there? Did they make a mistake in the specs page or something?

  71. adde (20 Aug 2020, 23:23)

    Yeah skip this game just boring beated today can´t believe so many people like this feels like a low budget dark souls

  72. godfucker (21 Aug 2020, 0:46)

    @janitor, maybe it needs some free space on the hdd to prevent it from slowing down, idk. its the real deal however. its a small game that was made by only 15 people so it makes sense its not that big in filesize

  73. Fefe (21 Aug 2020, 8:06)

    I got ISdone.dll ,please help

  74. just_trash (21 Aug 2020, 20:57)

    sooooooo slooooowww and soooooo laaaaammmeee

  75. mortal trash (21 Aug 2020, 20:58)

    mortal shit game just fucking trash rip off

  76. NickKekw (21 Aug 2020, 22:57)


  77. Zuka (22 Aug 2020, 18:56)

    The combat in this game is so f inconsistent.

  78. yel min (23 Aug 2020, 10:20)

    I really love it thx

  79. BeBBo (23 Aug 2020, 12:31)

    bla bla bla bla…. bla!

  80. George (26 Aug 2020, 19:46)


  81. mc.Kako (28 Aug 2020, 9:20)

    Mas de lo mismo este tema de este juego esta mas trillao que un manojo de cebollinos …el mundo de los videos juegos esta muriendo mas deprisa de lo que me pensaba…..lo siento por los racistas anglos que no entienden mi idioma ….no hablo otro porque no me sale de la ingles… lo siento.que tengais buen dia

  82. Nhat Hieu (03 Sep 2020, 11:13)

    The installation takes forever, It’s been 6 hours and it still stucks at 50%

  83. oldgamer (15 Sep 2020, 17:01)

    Thaxk you.

  84. Harold Lloyd (04 Oct 2020, 0:40)

    @kyogin It’s ok I too have a very small penis.

  85. lord (23 Oct 2020, 16:24)

    What about the new rotten autumn update?

  86. George (31 Dec 2020, 9:06)


  87. isdone.dll (13 May 2021, 23:22)

    Hello everyone, for who’s have ISDone.dll error while installing games with CODEX, u need to update ur JAVA or download it, i found the fix, after 1 year of this shit error, have fun & enjoy <3

  88. anon (19 May 2021, 21:03)

    sry but the game sucks hard, dont bother

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