Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees Pack DLC-BAT


Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees Character and Horror Skins Pack DLC-BAT


Mortal Kombat X combines unparalleled, cinematic presentation with all new gameplay….



Mortal Kombat X combines unparalleled, cinematic presentation with all new gameplay. For the first time, players can choose from multiple variations of each character impacting both strategy and fighting style.

Title: Mortal Kombat X
Genre: Action
Developer: NetherRealm Studios , High Voltage Software
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release Date: 13 Apr, 2015

Note:  • This Pack includes the Jason Voorhees Character and theHorror Skins Pack.
            • The game must be updated with Mortal.Kombat.X.Update.v20150425-RELOADED in order to use this pack.

Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees Character and Horror Skins Pack DLC-BAT
Size: 1 MB























    • OS: 64-bit: Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-750, 2.67 GHz | AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.4 GHz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 | AMD Radeon HD 5850
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 36 GB available space

    • OS: 64-bit: Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770, 3.4 GHz | AMD FX-8350, 4.0 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 | AMD Radeon HD 7950
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 40 GB available space

Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees Character and Horror Skins Pack DLC-BAT
1. Unpack release.
2. Install the DLC Pack to where you installed the game.
3. Enjoy! ;)
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Andre (05 May 2015, 20:01)

    Aqui não funcionou, tenho o update instalado certinho.. 🙁

  2. dash (05 May 2015, 20:13)

    necesita la actializacion de hoy 5/5/2015

  3. fadly (05 May 2015, 20:15)

    thanks for fast uploading 🙂

  4. Technology (05 May 2015, 20:21)

    Mortal Kombat X – Jason Voorhees No opening Chars List

  5. Technology (05 May 2015, 20:21)

    Help me Reloaded-Skidrow

  6. Predatorxxs (05 May 2015, 20:25)

    O meu tambem não !

  7. me (05 May 2015, 20:26)

    this dlc is not funktionality

  8. Junior (05 May 2015, 20:35)

    Didn’t work here, and I have the latest update required… Some help pls

  9. s0mnum (05 May 2015, 20:39)

    have you guys got the newely released patch for PC ?

  10. Mister Karate (05 May 2015, 20:53)

    Hello I added the folders HORRORSKINS00000 and JASONCHARACTER00 in directory
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mortal Kombat X\AddOnContent\ContentPackages”, but is not visible to play jason. missing anything? Thanks skidrow and reloaded!

  11. gogetsu (05 May 2015, 20:56)

    Admin didnt upload latest update from 5 may, thats why dlc dont working.

  12. Superjaber (05 May 2015, 21:03)

    Yeeeeeeeeeey my request !! thaks guys 😀

  13. breno (05 May 2015, 21:11)

    Skidrow posted without testing. this wont work untill new patch that was suposed to be released today.
    Untill then, it wont work. save your time

  14. Superjaber (05 May 2015, 21:37)

    Not working :/

  15. TheLorizz (05 May 2015, 21:37)

    Skidrow if you can crack the 5/5 May patch, since it requires to get working the dlc.
    Also is there any Kombat Pack crack?

  16. Enzogta (05 May 2015, 21:48)

    O meu ta dando erro (oxc0000142)

  17. Johny (05 May 2015, 21:48)

    error winrar extract

  18. Nada Working Jasono DLCO (05 May 2015, 22:20)

    Me too, have the latet update but the Jason DLC and the Horror DLC does not appear.

  19. darnousis (05 May 2015, 22:21)

    hope that it will fix the last update issue

  20. KH (05 May 2015, 22:28)

    it didn’t work for me guys

  21. Andres (05 May 2015, 22:34)

    It Didn´t work to me too

  22. dude (05 May 2015, 22:43)

    Come One!!!!
    I Have The Update. And it Didn’t work. Any One Has The answer?
    Seems no one cares

  23. Raz3rNaga (05 May 2015, 22:44)

    Aqui tbm não funcionou tenho o update recomendado mais não apareceu o jason 🙁 deve precisar de uma outra atualização eu creio. fico no aguardo de uma solução.

  24. CptCatstronaut (05 May 2015, 22:53)

    Cannot find Jason in character select screen. Need help pls!

  25. asd (05 May 2015, 23:19)

    i cant see jason on the select screen

  26. ppdemo (05 May 2015, 23:21)

    dont work help

  27. sj27 (05 May 2015, 23:27)

    doesnt work….

  28. Ahmed Soliman (05 May 2015, 23:45)

    Didn’t Work Help Pls I ubdated the game

  29. Marrows (06 May 2015, 1:25)

    Nope, either Jason or Skins appears and I have all the updates

  30. Top Gun (06 May 2015, 1:27)

    Same here. The game doesn’t open anymore.

  31. Top Gun (06 May 2015, 1:34)

    Tried to reinstall and download the latest patch and apply the dlc but still didn’t work

  32. Xeno (06 May 2015, 1:52)

    It don’t work for me either, any help?

  33. bakero (06 May 2015, 2:19)

    already have update20150424. but still not work. did i do wrong on copy paste the file? on installer folder ?

  34. Thiago (06 May 2015, 2:27)

    This version has been in trouble, because it deletes the file save the game and was removed from the air on the steam site.

  35. ROCKS (06 May 2015, 2:46)

    It works perfectly
    only edit the .ini

  36. screwedjuan (06 May 2015, 2:50)

    dont work,

  37. Kelly (06 May 2015, 2:50)

    Is there a fix for the new update yet?

  38. hitman (06 May 2015, 3:10)

    Didn´t work, a waste of time.

  39. Fabio Resende (06 May 2015, 3:25)

    Not working here. Using “Proper” version, installed the two updates (2 GB and 57MB), put the folder on installation directory, and no Jason on my character list.

  40. David (06 May 2015, 4:09)

    Didnt work, reinstalling the game right now since it corrupted them…

  41. breno (06 May 2015, 7:48)

    ROCKS says that its working. (really?)
    Show us what you did. Whyy dont you share your character select screen?
    Thank you

  42. Assassin252365 (06 May 2015, 7:53)

    The moment i saw it i knew that it was not going to work since they announced a patch before this dlc.So without it this will never work.Admin upload the patch from May 5.

  43. Top Gun (06 May 2015, 8:23)

    Hey ROCKS, what do you mean by edit .ini?

  44. David Sousa (06 May 2015, 8:32)

    Não funcionou… Instalei tudo, e reinstalei e nada.

  45. sj27 (06 May 2015, 10:29)

    any links for the updates please?

  46. Hesh (06 May 2015, 11:07)

    File name is too long for core files so cannot be copied,thats why isn’t working.
    FIX IT !

  47. hi (06 May 2015, 11:20)

    this jasoon dlc in not working for me
    my game is version : 2015425

    can you help me ??

  48. tigi (06 May 2015, 11:33)

    wie die ini editieren? kannst du das mal bitte erklären!

  49. bleh (06 May 2015, 12:37)

    guys the dlc is not working because the patch that was released before it from the developers was broken and ruined everybody’s game. the dlc most likely wont work without the new 15gb patch so we basically need to wait for the developers to sort it out. im sure skidrow will upload the new patch as soon as its possible.

  50. galaxy (06 May 2015, 12:38)

    i think some files are missing like, etc.

  51. Enzogta (06 May 2015, 12:45)

    Agora eu consigo abri mais o jason nao aparece porque tem que espera outra atualizaçao

  52. Medo (06 May 2015, 13:06)

    You should wait for the next patch to update the game after update 6.

    Patch 7 is completely messed up:
    – it creates a wrong option file (%AppData%/Roaming/MK10/options.ini) and it messes with the resolution
    – everytime you load the game it erases the save files (you get the screen settings & faction choice everytime) + every dlc skins/characters are locked
    – 2 bk2 files are missing from the “Movies” folder (MKX003_QTE06.bk2 & MKX021_QTE04f.bk2) I hope they see that before making a new patch…

    By messing with patch 7 files over patch 6 ones I’ve been able to test the Horror Skin unlocker: it works.
    It looks like I can’t use Jason without the patch 7 exe: I’ve been able to use him once with patch 7, tested his 2 fatalities, but after quitting the game, it was locked when I launched the game again…
    So I can say that the Jason unlocker works too.

    I found they have put the files for the Kold War pack in the patch, so I created an unlocker and it works: Tundra SubZero, Motherland Sonya and Revolution Kano are unlocked.
    I don’t recommend doing what I did as it messes the character select screen (%Press A to purchase the Kombat Pack for early access% lol):

  53. Dhasniper (06 May 2015, 14:43)

    Warner pulls Mortal Kombat X patch after data deletion reports
    Warner Bros. has pulled the Mortal Kombat X patch released earlier today, after players began reporting that it was actually deleting data, including unlocked characters and progress through the Krypt.

    “We’ve been monitoring the forums and are aware of the issues players are encountering. We appreciate the constructive feedback from you, the community,” Warner wrote in an update to the original patch announcement. “We want you to know that there is ongoing support behind the scenes and it’s important to us that Mortal Kombat X is a fun experience for all of our players.”

    Unfortunately, while the update addressed an impressively large list of issues, it also wiped out an awful lot of player data. Complaints about lost characters and progress began coming in shortly after the patch went live, and they were both widespread and vociferous enough to force its removal in short order.

    “We are temporarily removing the patch until we can pinpoint the cause of save data loss,” Warner said in a follow-up. “We are actively working on this and will keep everyone posted as we work towards a fix. We sincerely apologize for this disruption.”

    Making things even worse was the sheer size of the patch, which weighed in at roughly 15GB and required another 15GB update to revert to the previous version—essentially 30GB of downloading to do absolutely nothing. At best, that’s frustrating; for gamers laboring under data caps, it could actually hike the bottom-line price of Mortal Kombat even higher, a thoroughly unwelcome development for an otherwise fun game that we’ve already criticized for being a subpar port.

  54. nano (06 May 2015, 18:28)

    dont work i execute mkx and say “verify the mkx game cache” wtf???

  55. GEORGER (06 May 2015, 18:33)


    wot a crap company. I FEEL SORRY FOR MK FANS

  56. David (06 May 2015, 18:39)

    I didn’t work here too

  57. Predatorxxs (06 May 2015, 19:03)

    O game tem que esta atualizado com o ultimo patch que saiu ontem , mas esse mesmo patch por incompetência da empresa teve que ser adiado , por isso vc não deve tá conseguindo jogar com ele , graças a merda que o Ed Bom fez de deixar a versão pc a cargo de outra empresa o game fico uma porcaria em termos de otimização , enquanto a versão consoles roda liso.
    se concentraram em entregar uma versão excelente para ps4 e x one , talvez pela pressão da sony e microsoft que ja devem estarem cansados de ver criticas sobre 900p 30 fps , por isso largaram a versão pc de lado , ai está o resultado : flawless victory pra versão consoles nesse game!

  58. jack (06 May 2015, 21:54)

    Please upload the latest patch with jason, skidrow. They released it few hours ago.

  59. Soad (07 May 2015, 1:15)

    the lates pach witch jason is released for steam.

    Please skidrow uplodaded him!

    Fala aê galera hueBR! Ta foda esse versão pc ein! Queria comprar o jogo mas todo pach é uma história nova.

  60. Soad (07 May 2015, 1:16)

    the lates pach witch jason is released for steam.

    Please skidrow uplodaded him!

    Fala aê galera hueBR! Ta foda esse versão pc ein! Queria comprar o jogo mas todo pach é uma história nova!!!!

  61. asd (07 May 2015, 1:53)

    waiting to play as jason looks like this dont work whitout the lastest patch

  62. Lucky (07 May 2015, 2:10)

    Is this the broken update or the working update?

  63. Dhasniper (07 May 2015, 3:03)

    WB pulled the latest patch due to save data deletion issues. the said the update is 15 GB not 4 KB, we have to wait for that, patience Guys

  64. duke (07 May 2015, 4:19)

    This must be the worst optimized game pc in history!! Glad i didnt pay a cent for it, 15 gb patch.. common man!! SO SAD. Warner and developers are the only responsibles for this crap!!

  65. galaxy (07 May 2015, 18:16)
  66. Enzogta (07 May 2015, 19:54)

    Cader o update novo que voces postaram

  67. fucknetherrealmstudios (07 May 2015, 23:42)

    IT DOESN’T @#$%^&*& WORK!!! >:O

  68. Andre (08 May 2015, 1:53)

    Alguem ja testou esse update que o ” Galaxia” postou ai? 20 gb , OMG !!

  69. andré (12 May 2015, 17:42)

    Aqui funcionou com o patch MK.X.PE.Update.7 (Rev.23070) de 23.6gb jogando com o jason, skin classica do subzero e horror skin pack.

  70. Top Gun (30 May 2015, 1:33)

    Do you have the HunterPrey DLC, the one that includes the predator?

  71. kurochan_24 (31 May 2015, 6:27)

    Hi guys, does this work with any other versions of mkx. I got mine from another source. Wouls the update from skidrow work with mine?

  72. mounster (03 Jun 2015, 21:23)

    jason does not appear as a character I can not find

  73. tayden (23 Dec 2015, 19:36)

    alguien puede explicar como instalar un parche¿

  74. jerome (27 Dec 2015, 15:28)

    plz reupload all the links are file not found

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