Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy-EMPRESS

Posted July 3, 2022 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy-EMPRESS


Fire up a wild ride across the cosmos with a fresh take on Marvel’s Guardians….



Fire up a wild ride across the cosmos with a fresh take on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In this action-adventure game, you are Star-Lord leading the unpredictable Guardians from one explosion of chaos to the next. You got this. Probably.

Title: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 26 Oct, 2021

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Crack.Fix { Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download }

NOTE: Fixed crashes on starting the game.

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy-EMPRESS
Size: 37.1 GB

























    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows® 10 64 bit Build 1803
    • Processor: AMD Ryzen™ 5 1400 / Intel® Core™ i5-4460
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon™ RX 570
    • DirectX: Version 12
    • Storage: 80 GB available space

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy-EMPRESS
1. Extract
2. Install
3- Play
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  1. femacrj (30 Jun 2022, 23:18)


  2. Aris (30 Jun 2022, 23:19)

    Bruh Love you Empress and Skidrow

  3. ruter4g (30 Jun 2022, 23:20)

    thanks, can you crack dying light 2 next? 🙂

    • Lets Go Brandon (01 Jul 2022, 4:46)

      Give Empress $500 cash and they will crack anything of your choice..NEXT

      • RunnyPilot (01 Jul 2022, 6:10)

        I rather spend $500 on games that I want to play rather than spend it on a woman who cracks only one game..

      • doc (01 Jul 2022, 9:56)

        how do you know that is a woman?

      • Shyz (01 Jul 2022, 12:49)

        empress is for woman. and emperor is for a man. trans is empimp.

      • sami (26 Apr 2023, 22:30)

        It’s a man not a woman

      • danmatee (03 Jul 2022, 9:03)

        I spoke to her.. she is definitely a woman

      • empress woman lol (03 Jul 2022, 10:53)

        her cracked always have a problem,, definitely a woman lol

      • MOG (13 Jul 2022, 10:12)

        bro she cracked MK11 And Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and she is cracking Call of duty Modern warfare 2019

      • Jagnoor Singh (01 Jul 2022, 13:05)

        Give empress money to crack and tell her to give you the cracked game and hopefully she wont spread it herself anywhere and then you sell the game for 3 dollar less then original game of course people will buy it and in a few months you will get yout 500$ back

      • Sword Saint N word (02 Jul 2022, 18:36)

        it’s not for 1 person to pay 500$ specifically and you can’t pay 500$ and get the games she/he cracks for everyone that will play it…honestly its pretty cheap if u take in consideration how many people will download it and spread all over the internet with videos that will generate a lot more than this over a periode of time and also in other pirate websites….

      • Corry (03 Jul 2022, 0:04)

        @Runny Pilot

        you never owned what you buy if DENUVO still around, you just rented the game, because if your internet time out you can’t play the game….

      • Qasim (04 Jul 2022, 5:41)

        at list she is doing things that make you happy hhhhhhhhhh

      • WarBitch (04 Jul 2022, 2:46)

        ”Next” are you a boomer?

      • Mr. Beast (05 Jul 2022, 23:33)

        stupid answer if i would give empress $500 i better buy the original game from the steam. the cost is not that high on steam. really really stupid answer

      • letsBreal (26 May 2024, 23:56)

        there’s literally zero chance empress is a (real) woman.
        but that’s okay.

  4. crup (30 Jun 2022, 23:21)

    ty, next dying light 2, pls

  5. Noice (30 Jun 2022, 23:21)


  6. caderno (30 Jun 2022, 23:21)

    cheio de jogo no desktop, E lá vamos nós kkk

    • Flavio (01 Jul 2022, 0:28)

      kkkkkkk te entendo

    • Baxdroi (01 Jul 2022, 21:21)

      Síndrome do pcismo kkkkkk

      • caderno (02 Jul 2022, 20:39)


    • fsdfsdfs (03 Jul 2022, 2:03)

      sopa de macaco uma delicia xD

      • Antifa (03 Jul 2022, 13:26)

        Delicia é teu cu num dildo empanado com vidro moído, racista de merda. Quero ver ser macho de falar isso na frente de um preto. Cagão coverde.

      • kaique (23 Jan 2023, 5:21)

        oq ele quis dizer com isso ai ?

  7. CryCry (30 Jun 2022, 23:22)

    Here come all the broke bum rats and dirty paki goat hearders to cry bitch and moan about how the game is “bad”

    • Wonder dude (02 Jul 2022, 18:45)

      So then is goood 2 u? U r the fucking rat. Marvel is faggot in first place. Is disney.

    • mikey (04 Jul 2022, 2:00)

      Shitty game .. go cry about it

    • Slayer (29 Nov 2022, 21:52)

      And all the losers to bitch about people bitching, you!

  8. Rat (30 Jun 2022, 23:25)

    Im a rat and i confirm, this game is bad 🙁

  9. Javier.G (30 Jun 2022, 23:29)

    What about dragon ball fighterz proper crack without any bullshit of,copy this to here,then open x thing,theeen open x and theeeen open the game?they released a new patch and we still didn’t get a proper crack to play the other update XD.

    • Dragon jizz no ur lip... (01 Jul 2022, 3:01)

      Most of us are over 8, and dont like dragon ballz as much as u seem to. So maybe go buy it.

    • ETERNULL (02 Jul 2022, 16:38)

      dude dragon ball fighterz is Trash… better go play Kakarot or Xenoverse 2 …. They are Far better

      • FrSera (05 Jul 2022, 23:03)

        hahahaha fz whoop thos games ass

  10. firas gamer (30 Jun 2022, 23:29)

    Crack only please guy’s

  11. StevenMcSteven (30 Jun 2022, 23:31)

    Marvels Shits of the galaxy

  12. TwatTwat (30 Jun 2022, 23:33)

    says a basement dweller bitching and moaning…..TWAT

  13. SzörösPina (30 Jun 2022, 23:34)

    Maneater next Please. Thank you.

    • ABP0008 (30 Jun 2022, 23:37)

      it was free last week on EPIC its sad many people missed it

      • SzörösPina (01 Jul 2022, 6:25)

        Im not missed, im collected. BUT i hate epic from my heart. xD And epic only give base game, no DLC. :S

      • Ashuraman (01 Jul 2022, 12:42)

        The version on EPIC does NOT work

      • Mino 666 (02 Jul 2022, 21:38)

        It works fine but there is the same bug from the launch: the game don’t save!

      • DaemONstEr (03 Jul 2022, 12:05)

        The game works fine and saves but is almost unplayable because of the constant stuttering even with a good PC! The camera goes wild with all that stuttering. Optimisation problems the developers didn’t fix and never will.

  14. starlord-fan (30 Jun 2022, 23:36)

    Holy guacamole! finally!!! thank you!

  15. sdfgsdgf (30 Jun 2022, 23:38)

    i will spoil about dying light 2, i played a game and belive me all of you will rest dissapointed, boring story as fa7k, all happen in same city, zombies are dumb, no any breath take moment, ok maybe 1 or 2 in whole game, no any weapons, only bow, the story is without any sense, at end, you just like to delete everything, and forgot what a shit you played

    • JohnnyWolf (01 Jul 2022, 4:48)

      Gameplay rather dissapointed me of DL2. As someone who sunk hundreds of hours into DL1, it broke my heart a little.

    • joseph (01 Jul 2022, 9:36)
      Reply it on ps4. barelly 40 hours, all sucks, dying light orignal is best

    • sdfgsdgf (01 Jul 2022, 18:27)

      I played, untill end, but a game, is empty, someone said that is storyless and i can comfirm it, i payed 47e, on sale, but inside dl2, i didnt found anything that make you, to play and play that a game offer that is played, seriously is broken like no anything with sense, i just uninstalled a game, now they offered to cut limbs for some special axe and other some tokens, a summer free dlc, all this is trash, boring, empty, alot of dumb zombies, and boring time lost, only wtf im playing? I unlocked like everything, but no any, sense inside, expecially if you play with ng+, failed game dl2, i bought too a red dead redemption 2, to play… i lost 47e for dl2, dissapointed

    • sdfgfdf (02 Jul 2022, 2:01)

      And i forgot whats so depply boring, the stupid dumb chelanges with parkour wtf, to do with that, only wtf, pointless thing inside dl2, a double fail

  16. LonelyFgt (30 Jun 2022, 23:41)

    my gf dumped me cos i put my lfie savings in bitcoin at 69k now im broke, i have nothing else to do but wank 3 times a day and play cracked video games and cry myself to sleep, thanks for the upload.

    • kevinwhipaloo (30 Jun 2022, 23:58)

      could have been worse.. could have been your bf

  17. boda (30 Jun 2022, 23:45)

    the next game is dying light 2?

  18. Nine9 (30 Jun 2022, 23:53)

    This game is just garbage!

  19. Nine9 (30 Jun 2022, 23:56)

    Nonetheless thanks Empress for the game and this site for the upload <3

  20. jullia (30 Jun 2022, 23:57)

    just 37 g omg i thought will be like 70-80

  21. Nine9 (30 Jun 2022, 23:57)

    This game is just trash!

    • Delia Tumacder (01 Jul 2022, 4:49)

      says who? you suck

  22. flydog (30 Jun 2022, 23:59)

    dying light 2,please

    • Desempregado (01 Jul 2022, 1:18)

      DL2 is shit

  23. flydog (01 Jul 2022, 0:00)

    dying light 2,please.

  24. Amanda M (01 Jul 2022, 0:15)

    gracias empress la unica mujer en este mundo que sigue dando caña a denuvo, donde esta cpy y los demas?

    • Kowalsky (01 Jul 2022, 1:18)

      she is the only one who can still beat denuvo. the other groups were defeated, or were bought by denuvo

      long live the Empress !!

  25. dr lucas (01 Jul 2022, 0:25)

    there she goes empress with another shit game

  26. Aries (01 Jul 2022, 0:36)

    I know this is a selfish request and maybe some people don’t like but– Can you crack Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West, please? Thank you so much!

    • SIR-EID (01 Jul 2022, 3:31)

      Are you kidding me dude? Just do some research before you comment nonsense, forbidden west it’s ps4 and ps5 game only for now, maybe in a couple years sony will port it to pc like they’re doing right now with their big titles and it won’t have denuvo so it’ll be an easy crack.

    • Janitor (01 Jul 2022, 4:33)

      Forbidden west isn’t out on pc, only the first part is and it’s already cracked. Now you know

    • 3eu7were3w (01 Jul 2022, 16:51)


    • boda (01 Jul 2022, 22:54)


  27. Enrik (01 Jul 2022, 1:05)

    So long time waiting for a crack on a “new” Denuvo game, and Empress release one that has in Game Pass. Thanks anyway

  28. Grilex (01 Jul 2022, 1:10)

    Excelente jogo. Zerei no Game Pass of PC

  29. Enzo (01 Jul 2022, 1:10)

    thanks empress i love u

  30. Desempregado (01 Jul 2022, 1:14)

    valeu empress
    salvou o dia

  31. skizrow (01 Jul 2022, 2:11)

    wwwwoooooowwwwww queeeennnnj empresssss

  32. jjdeath (01 Jul 2022, 2:18)

    dying light 2, please

  33. Dumb Ass (01 Jul 2022, 2:54)

    LOL at the idiot asking for Horizon Forbidden West to be cracked. No buddy, it’s not a selfish request. Just a completely brain dead one. But sure, they’ll get started right away on cracking that PS5 game for you. Moron.

  34. Diego (01 Jul 2022, 3:10)

    meu game não abre , mais alguém com este problema ……

  35. Cuckmalesslayer (01 Jul 2022, 3:11)

    Thank you but i’m not Impressed Empress with this SJW propaganda garbo game

  36. digao6692 (01 Jul 2022, 3:12)

    estou com problema para inicializar o game , mais alguém com esse problema

    • zekmas (02 Jul 2022, 1:30)

      pudiste arreglarlo?

  37. Mbahjamrock (01 Jul 2022, 3:13)


  38. Loser (01 Jul 2022, 3:23)

    Next crack hint giving up with another cup can you guees what is it

    • na (02 Jul 2022, 23:45)

      2 girls 1 cup

  39. River (01 Jul 2022, 3:26)

    Awesome, thanks man !!!

  40. Lincoln (01 Jul 2022, 3:27)

    Thks Skidrow team, God bless u, hugs from BRAZIL.

  41. Nice (01 Jul 2022, 3:52)

    Awesome thank you empress is a based queen.

  42. MDP (01 Jul 2022, 3:56)

    Crashes at first loading screen no matter what I do. Anyone else? I’m not even getting to the title screen after install.

    • arif (01 Jul 2022, 15:01)

      same issue did it resolve

    • shitss (01 Jul 2022, 18:52)

      same here

  43. Niraj (01 Jul 2022, 4:33)

    Dying light 2 please

  44. Ukignar (01 Jul 2022, 4:34)

    For me its not working..

  45. Delia Tumacder (01 Jul 2022, 4:46)


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    • SpainShit (06 Jun 2023, 12:02)

      no one wants to see your rusty scissor or your crooked dick or whatever genitals you have there…

  46. cikponti (01 Jul 2022, 4:52)

    I just bought this game. didn’t know this got cracked. *sigh*

  47. Matheus (01 Jul 2022, 4:53)

    Proximo a ser quebrado vai ser o Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba .

  48. blackdragonstory (01 Jul 2022, 5:03)

    These chars look nothing like the movies which are prob way more known than the comics lel.

  49. colruyt55000 (01 Jul 2022, 5:12)

    Best denuvo games remaining to crack are :

    – Dying Light 2
    – The Quarry
    – Tiny Tinas Wonderland
    – Grid Legends
    – Hatsune Miku Project Diva Megamix +
    – Monster hunter Rise Soulbreak
    – Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2
    – Maneater
    – Demon Slayer
    – Sonic Color
    – Fe

    • na (02 Jul 2022, 23:48)

      all shit games so far

      what’s this one w40k game called?
      Also how come no other games are cracked?

  50. dragin (01 Jul 2022, 5:16)

    is this repack version ?

  51. thank you (01 Jul 2022, 5:40)

    Many Thanks

  52. KPGAME (01 Jul 2022, 5:53)

    I love you Empress

  53. asdfowiec (01 Jul 2022, 5:53)

    Yo dudes, is anyone else having 2 mb/sec speed limit on 1fich? WTF o_o

    • Dan (01 Jul 2022, 7:08)

      I had it one day. The other day it was back to normal again.

    • eliteboss (01 Jul 2022, 7:18)

      i agree,wtf is going on

    • na (01 Jul 2022, 15:59)

      If you’re not in the 1st world aka central EU, you’ll get 2MB/s.
      Just have an IP that’s in the 1st world countries.

      If you’re 2nd world, aka southern or eastern EU you’ll get 2MB/s.

  54. Seeker016 (01 Jul 2022, 6:17)

    Is anyone else having the game crashing to the desktop on startup? I’ve updated my graphics drivers and run as admin but no dice? please help? Thanks

  55. dave davisss (01 Jul 2022, 6:51)

    How much in bitcoin she get to do the job

  56. Scot (01 Jul 2022, 6:51)

    EMPRESS Please Crack Marvel Avengers Complete Edition With Dlcs and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla With All Dlcs

  57. Gaylords of the Universe (01 Jul 2022, 6:58)

    Empress is incredibly gifted but she cracks mostly shitty games.

  58. Butthead (01 Jul 2022, 7:02)

    Thanks Empress you rule

  59. Dan (01 Jul 2022, 7:09)

    Would be super cool if the next cracked game was The Quarry.

  60. Cloud7777 (01 Jul 2022, 7:26)

    Crash game when start, automatically close the window, in fullscreen and window game, crash game

  61. 916 (01 Jul 2022, 7:53)

    EMPRESS the denuvo buster.

  62. guy (01 Jul 2022, 8:47)

    boring game stuck in same map repeating boring repetitive stuff ….not worth playing.

  63. snela (01 Jul 2022, 9:11)

    keep crashing! no matter what i do!

  64. blob165 (01 Jul 2022, 9:14)

    Doesn’t work its crashing when pressing play
    Bunch of retards

  65. F.Oak (01 Jul 2022, 9:17)

    game is crashing on start up, any solutions.

  66. Antony (01 Jul 2022, 9:19)

    Thanks! This game works on my GTX780 SLI with the help of EMPRESS crack! Previous games (Deathloop and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla) doesn`t work.

    • kris (01 Jul 2022, 10:52)

      deathloop+assassins work for me i7 860 gen 1 cpu with 8gb ddr3 ram gtx 970 g1 and i hope this works too .. SEED plz 2mb sec max dl speed 50 😛 i seed out faster then i dl my self i dl 1 mb its off before i can se it XD

    • nataS (01 Jul 2022, 14:43)

      you do know sli is dead no new games are suporting it

      try valhalla without sli and oc on your single 780

  67. asdowiec (01 Jul 2022, 9:31)

    Game crashes and freezes in random places. Like any release of EMPRESS it’s a hit or miss and never 100% functional.

  68. Th3Sh0W (01 Jul 2022, 9:31)

    Thank you Empress!

    You should crack denovo games every week!

    CPY, SteamPunks was doing it and I believe that you can do it too!

  69. radski (01 Jul 2022, 9:54)

    not work any solution ?

  70. razors78 (01 Jul 2022, 9:55)

    Is this the Deluxe Edition? Thanks a lot EMPRESS! Another Denuvo game down!

  71. alankky (01 Jul 2022, 10:02)

    this game is excellent, i just arrived chapter 2 after escaping the quarantee zone. Graphic is amazing and all characters keep on chatting with each other leading to a immersive movie like environment. Rocket is too funny as the beginning of chapter 2 during introduction of each characters, Quill’s info is so short, Rocket said because of the word limit imposed in profile. LOL.

    by the way, if you got stuck during loading srceen remember to set the frame rate to monitor refresh rate as it works for me at first time being stuck.

  72. Lucifer (01 Jul 2022, 10:22)

    you are the best
    I had a bad day but now i am full of energy

  73. dagga (01 Jul 2022, 10:31)

    Thanks !!!

  74. kris (01 Jul 2022, 10:43)

    Skidrow . . . Thank you

  75. KRIZ (01 Jul 2022, 10:43)

    pongo jugar y luego se cierra xD jajajaja

  76. onamor (01 Jul 2022, 11:05)

    Game crash at start

    • 916 (01 Jul 2022, 11:51)


  77. Moun (01 Jul 2022, 11:48)

    Je capte pas la ..
    On le lance comment le jeux ???

    Après le launcher il ne se passe rien quand on lancer “jouer”..

    Elle est bizarre cette release non ?

  78. calack (01 Jul 2022, 11:56)

    merci beaucoup tu es une déesse .bonne journée

  79. Supreme Maitreya (01 Jul 2022, 12:01)

    Glory to EMPRESS !!!
    I was waiting for it so long….
    Buy the game if you can.
    Give bitcoins to EMPRESS or SKIDROW if you can for the best moment of the year !!
    Peace, love, harmony, and stop war.

  80. SAIDERA (01 Jul 2022, 12:05)

    Game crash, after little loading.

  81. BRUNO (01 Jul 2022, 12:38)

    game not working, does not start. anyone else with the same problem?

    • Enzo (01 Jul 2022, 14:57)

      same here
      need a crack fix ????

  82. 916 (01 Jul 2022, 12:45)

    for those crash at start
    lower your amd gpu driver will help.

  83. Caio Marzio (01 Jul 2022, 12:54)

    Grazie Empress e grazie Skidrow

    • mariofungo (01 Jul 2022, 18:46)

      Grazie perche per downloadare una merda? E giocare un gioco dell ca66o, questo gioco e na merda

  84. Prince (01 Jul 2022, 13:04)

    Anyone tried it on DX 11 ? Thanks!

  85. Rasun (01 Jul 2022, 13:39)

    All Hail the Empress!!

  86. Janitor (01 Jul 2022, 13:45)

    Let’s just hope dying light 2 is next, the hint in the nfo seems to be pointing to it. Giving up, another cup. Meaning giving up = end of the world, another cup = 2. So basically dying light 2.

    I truly hope it’s next because I haven’t even touched the last three games she cracked, just not my cup of tea. But regardless, always nice to see denuvo getting beat. Three cheers for EMPRESS, keep up the good work

  87. H (01 Jul 2022, 14:02)

    Fx cpu?

  88. Shin (01 Jul 2022, 14:06)

    My hopes on next cracks:
    – monster hunter rise
    – The quarry
    – Warhammer daemonhunters
    -jurassic world evolution 2
    -shin megami tensei 3 remaster

  89. julian (01 Jul 2022, 14:23)

    Gracias Empress a mi como a la mayoria o todos el juego no funciona, ni en modo ventana, ni en modo pantalla completa, ni con graficos bajos.

    Tenemos que esperar a un fix estable.

    Se agradece mucho el esfuerzo de Empress (que es la unica que lucha contra el cancer de denuvo) y a skidrow por la subida y compartirlo.

  90. Warra (01 Jul 2022, 14:26)

    crash on startup. With 3070 ti

  91. Enzo (01 Jul 2022, 14:58)

    please need a crack fix

  92. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (01 Jul 2022, 15:16)

    @Empress @Skidrow Please crack Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands next 🙂

  93. MrSweetBlack (01 Jul 2022, 15:22)

    Okay kids, lets have some proper appreciation for EMPRESS yeah?? Say Thank you EMPRESS… We love you…. also for all crackers….

  94. Brey (01 Jul 2022, 15:31)

    Crash on first load screen 🙁

  95. R@ge (01 Jul 2022, 15:49)

    Game crash on launch or if it works we get stuck on an infinite loading screnn , any crack fix ?

  96. Ricardo (01 Jul 2022, 16:21)



  97. kreamkram (01 Jul 2022, 16:27)

    FIX CRASHING : try to edit “emp.ini” and change the trigger (0>1) and “steam_api64.ini” with your name and language OR/AND try to launch the game with low graphics settings. Thats Worked for me.. >GL

  98. dvsgvds (01 Jul 2022, 16:37)

    for me it doesnt work.
    It crashes while booting all the time

  99. SAIDERA (01 Jul 2022, 16:38)

    After restart the comp, game work fine three ours. Not crash at the begining

  100. loufi (01 Jul 2022, 16:54)

    trash game, why would empress spend its time to crack this garbage

  101. daniel (01 Jul 2022, 17:45)

    it can’t be launched from gotg.exe. anyyone face the issue???? how to fix?

  102. Tank (01 Jul 2022, 17:54)


  103. ran (01 Jul 2022, 17:57)

    gotg.exe uploading my steam app. Any idea on how to fix this?

  104. affemitwaffe (01 Jul 2022, 17:58)

    This Game Crashes😨…..Shitty Empress Releases…. even worse as Fitgirl Repacks

  105. ju (01 Jul 2022, 17:58)

    i can’t make it work , i tried everything i could think of

  106. mcoomans (01 Jul 2022, 18:27)

    Not working on startup:( but thanks:)

  107. Pouncha (01 Jul 2022, 18:36)

    Here s the fix :
    Install US language
    Change windows language as US
    Restart PC
    Zork /

  108. Ivo Tomaz (01 Jul 2022, 18:44)

    Muito obrigado

  109. boda (01 Jul 2022, 20:47)

    crash on startup

  110. sarah (01 Jul 2022, 20:51)

    crashes at startup just like every other commentor on here. this game doesnt work. just crashes.

  111. Greg (01 Jul 2022, 20:54)

    Crash after 2 second launch too

    • Sergioechigo1 (01 Jul 2022, 22:40)

      La solución si es poner el sistema en inglés de Estados Unidos

  112. Steven (01 Jul 2022, 21:29)

    Looks like Crack crash/not working for few person, EMPRESS is working for crack Fix, will be released soon

  113. razors78 (01 Jul 2022, 21:44)

    Working just fine for me! No crashes or anything! If you have crashes it’s probably because you have a AV installed. Get rid of that and try again. Simply excluding files/folders from EMPRESS releases in your AV will most often not help. It will still interfere in the background without you knowing it. EMPRESS told me this way back when I was a beta tester for “Immortals-Fenyx Rising”, and since I got rid of the damn AV for good, I’ve never had a single issue with any of her releases.

    • Maryanne (03 Jul 2022, 16:18)

      i don’t have any Av installed, already turn off the windows time real protection and even so the game crash , already use the crack fix , turn off the nvidia shadow i don’t know what else i can do also is the only game from empress that i have this issue , i already finish all others and i don’t found any issues just this game .

    • jb (08 Mar 2023, 10:22)

      c est quoi AV??

  114. Kowalsky (01 Jul 2022, 21:59)

    Attention: after completing the installation of the game you need to restart your PC.

    if you try to start the game without restarting your PC, the game will crash and won’t open

  115. razors78 (01 Jul 2022, 23:25)

    No, you don’t have to restart the PC to make the game work. I installed it and played it straight away.

  116. MORO (01 Jul 2022, 23:45)

    I think Disable shadow play will fix the crash at the start

  117. Pablo (02 Jul 2022, 0:17)

    Empress said crackfix is ready and it’s coming tomorrow. All the crashing issues have been fixed.

  118. Kelson (02 Jul 2022, 0:42)

    The game stopped to crash after i open steam.

  119. j41181 (02 Jul 2022, 0:44)

    Not working. I updated graphics driver, turned off internet and AV, restarted computer… NOTHING. Used also low settings… NOTHING. This badly needs a crack fix.

    • Sergioechigo1 (02 Jul 2022, 2:11)

      Debes poner la PC en ingles de Estados Unidos y funciona

  120. MORO (02 Jul 2022, 1:35)

    I thought the game would be run by disable Nvidia Overlay but I might be wrong!! I played the game for first time it runs like a charm then I decide to record with Action Mirillis for second time and the crash happened I shut it off and it work maybe somehow the crash coming from some apps try to disable Xbox Game Bar …. am not sure just a suggesting

  121. Lgarg (02 Jul 2022, 1:57)

    Não funciona. Game fecha antes de iniciar.

  122. Tank (02 Jul 2022, 2:09)

    HUH… Restarting my PC actually Worked!!! weird.. Thanks Guys!

  123. Jordan rodrigues (02 Jul 2022, 2:52)

    1fichier downloading at only 2 mb/s a pity, I don’t know if it’s limited by country, my internet was downloading at 75mb/s a few days ago, I’m from Brazil

    • nataS (02 Jul 2022, 8:38)

      it’s just a lot of downloaders so free account is slow you need premium for fast or just wait a few days

  124. Kone (02 Jul 2022, 3:29)

    Please crack persona arena 4 ultimax

  125. Voxel (02 Jul 2022, 4:24)

    It actually worked for me the first time I tried it, so then I shut it down, shut down the web broswer and all that, restarted the PC, then nothing. Nothing at all. So frustrating.

    I uninstalled it now.

    Then I come back here and hear that Empress has a fix coming down the pipe. More frustration.

    Think I’ll just wait a while. Game looks like dog meat anyway.

  126. Willys (02 Jul 2022, 5:40)

    this game DOnt WORK ! empress,,,always sucks !

  127. mcoomans (02 Jul 2022, 6:37)

    I disconected my antivirus program and it works!

  128. Scarpia (02 Jul 2022, 9:36)

    Thanks Empress for the game may I dare to ask you to crack Grid Legends, but I dont mind to wait for its final version with all rhe dlcs. Thank You.

  129. Tibhor (02 Jul 2022, 10:04)

    A fix will be released. Don’t worry

  130. Kruger (02 Jul 2022, 10:28)

    Wew its needs fucking 79 gbs ! 🤔😮🤨😬

  131. SparXx (02 Jul 2022, 12:23)

    Ne se lance pas. don’t start

  132. Mr. (02 Jul 2022, 13:10)

    FIX :
    Guys i managed to get the game to open, all i did was disable windows realtime security and the game opened. Hope this helps

  133. Pep (02 Jul 2022, 13:22)

    If you have problems starting the game, just disable shadow gaming on nvidia gforce experience.

    But… Dont even try to play with a gtx9xx cards, the game is broken with maxwell graphics cards, 15fps with 980ti at 720p and all set to minimum.

    • Lonerwolfie (04 Jul 2022, 14:12)

      I got into game with a 960 (wich moves games like GOW or Horizon…)
      and yeap… the frames are TERRIBLE…
      so i can confirm this.

  134. Moun (02 Jul 2022, 13:25)

    Cette release n’a rien de propre pour moi ..
    Le launcher fonctionne de façon plus que douteuse …

    Il faut redémarrer son ordi, relancer … pour avoir une chance que le jeux fonctionne ..

    J’ai réussi a jouer quelques heures quand même. Mais pas sans mal ..

    Bloqué antivirus, bloqué avec mon parfeu, mode admin, et je me pose des questions sur le mode “plein écran exclisuf” si il ne fait pas planter le lancement du jeux …

    Bref bon taff de Empress mais a paufiner je pense.

  135. none (02 Jul 2022, 13:25)

    Guys i managed to get the game to open, all i did was disable windows realtime security and the game opened. Hope this helps

    • mary (02 Jul 2022, 20:35)

      i try that the game load more than with that able but after a few times crash on desktop xd

  136. have you seen this (02 Jul 2022, 14:31)

    Tested with low spec gtx 1060 3gb

  137. Tarek13 (02 Jul 2022, 16:06)

    Here’s The Fix :
    Install US Language
    Make US language as Windows default Language
    Restart computer
    Launch -> Works !

  138. mpm (02 Jul 2022, 17:52)

    My antivirus blocks the crack. Is this a false-positive?

  139. MDP (02 Jul 2022, 18:43)

    What a shit show this release is. I’ve tried everything everyone here has said and more, none of it works. I finally got it to work by closing one eye, making gang signals, while hopping on one foot, and eating a slice of pizza using a fork. It won’t work without the fork, super important. Also the wind must be blowing from the South and no more than 5 knots, while the moon is visible and in a waning crescent phase. Try all that and it should work fine. What a joke. Fuck this game.

  140. what (02 Jul 2022, 19:59)

    the game is no good

  141. salamanka (02 Jul 2022, 20:39)

    Doesn’t work its crashing when pressing play

  142. Skidrow (02 Jul 2022, 21:11)

    Marvels.Guardians.of.the.Galaxy.Crackfix-EMPRESS Added!

  143. Gorkem (02 Jul 2022, 21:31)

    Omggg ! Is this real ? I can’t believe to happen that. Thank u so much Skidrow

  144. lmouadin (02 Jul 2022, 21:38)

    battlefield 1 pleaasss

  145. Alex (02 Jul 2022, 21:39)

    So, i tested Marvels.Guardians.of.the.Galaxy.Crackfix-EMPRESS:

    1. I deleted C:\Users\Public\Documents\EMPRESS\dbdata.bin (generated with the old crack, a new one is generated with crackfix)
    2. I launched and quit the game 5 times, the game launched each time
    3. I rebooted my PC, launched the game again, no problem
    My old save still works fine.
    So far so good on my end, many thanks EMPRESS! ^^

    PS: command lines -nosplash -nolauncher in shortcut still works fine with crackfix -> to skip launcher.
    Target: “[…]\Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy\bin\gotg.exe” -nosplash -nolauncher


  146. Penny (02 Jul 2022, 21:39)

    Becouse im talking shit.

    It is a great game morons.
    Pc Gamer 70 percent
    Metacritic 78 Percent
    Ign 8 Out of 10
    rustedreviews 4 out of 5 9 out of 10
    gamesradar 4 out of 5
    gamespot 7 out of 10
    gaminglyfe 8.2 out of 10
    pcgamesn 7 out of 10 4 out of 5

    • shitvel (03 Jul 2022, 0:05)

      This is a game for who? For zoo monkeys, which try to learn what is a pc? This shit is for nobody, this shit is just a shit opera, the developers lost mind what a games are, now they only work on rtx and hyper details, but storys are fails, i just like a some here people that, tell me 20 the bestest games, its not immportant the years, they can still make a remake, for an old good games

  147. Little Shop Suey (02 Jul 2022, 21:52)

    Hi gays, is it posibel to put problem from startup where crashs away?????
    Sorry for my baaad english. I’m a little fucker from somewhere over the rainbow!!!!

  148. janne (02 Jul 2022, 22:44)

    still crash on startup even using the crackfix , already try all those methods and still nothing works

  149. Lanzo (02 Jul 2022, 23:01)

    If you are still having crashes after applying crackfix, try this:

    “For people applying the new crackfix and still not working … you should delete the generated EMPRESS folder at C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\EMPRESS … BEFORE trying to apply the new crack. ”

    Credits: bill123

    Update: Instead of removing the whole folder, just remove the file dbdata.bin INSIDE the folder (C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\EMPRESS) , then try launching the game.

    The reason why it doesn’t work for certain people is because of a conflict caused by dbdata.bin that is generated by the previous crack. Therefore removing it will allow the new crack to generate a fresh license.

    Hint: To remove splash screens and launcher, try using the commands -nosplash -nolauncher with the game’s shortcut to skip both the splash screens and the launcher.

    (for newbies: right click on shortcut -> properties then add both commands in target field.)

    • mary (03 Jul 2022, 0:30)

      i try that too game load and close, i think something are conflicting the game, but my av is off , windows real time protection off, the only thing i didn’t try was change windows to english haha

  150. MORO (03 Jul 2022, 0:32)

    Thanks Skidrow and Empress the game is worth a shot I like it so far you feel something better than Star Wars Battlefront All the way JAPAN touch

  151. Patrick (03 Jul 2022, 1:08)

    Sonic Origins please

  152. Lonerwolfie (03 Jul 2022, 1:30)

    does this fix the “no d3f12 found” issue? (i know my gtx960 is not new, but it DOES have dx12 as i used it on re2 remake and some emulators like dolphin)

    and as so far games like horizon, god of war 4, dead stranding, elden ring, ff strangers of paradise (and basically every game has worked fawlessly) im gessing the gpu is not exactly the problem here.

  153. poutsa sth mana sou (03 Jul 2022, 3:47)

    it still crashes mongol piece of shit

  154. Rrrrr (03 Jul 2022, 4:50)

    Game pad doesn’t work for me

  155. matteo (03 Jul 2022, 5:35)

    yo, anyone have a joypad issue? dosent work (Seriesx)

    • Erv (03 Jul 2022, 13:04)

      I do can’t figure it out

  156. Tony (03 Jul 2022, 7:06)

    Still crashing with the crackfix

  157. virginpeoplehere (03 Jul 2022, 8:54)

    Promotion goes fine, so many dumbs playig this trash, so why no repeat the post next week?

    • SAIDERA (03 Jul 2022, 11:46)

      you are definitely trash, the game is made with heart and thought and it’s great, don’t listen to this dumb troll, people like him is everywhere.

  158. Ankur Singh (03 Jul 2022, 10:11)

    haillllllllll greattt EMPRESSSSSSSSSSS

  159. Szpon (03 Jul 2022, 10:31)

    Hi. Can someone help me ? when i start to play this game my mouse(razer viper ultimate) i starting to slow down more and more and eventually stop moving.

  160. Squash Kun Bao (03 Jul 2022, 10:42)

    Where is Ali 123 for this fuckin’ Denuvo ??? He was a grandious tape speller !!!

  161. Rocky (03 Jul 2022, 10:55)

    Better play My time at Sandrock guys. It’s way better and full of things to do than these empty games like this guardians, far cry 6, and dying light 2 zehahahaha

  162. Lary (03 Jul 2022, 11:38)

    Poniendo el PC en ingles de estados unidos funciona bien sin el crackfix, despues de ponerle el crackfix y un crashear al iniciar el juego la primera vez, ya va bien con el PC en mi idioma.

  163. JinWTF (03 Jul 2022, 12:28)

    215 comment sous un jeux video cracké … hahahah que vous etes tous idiot bande de consanguin pas de vie !!!

  164. KRIZ (03 Jul 2022, 12:38)

    FUNCIONA MUY BIEN EL CRACK FIX, Tengo un i5 10400 + gtx1650super.y Windows 11

  165. woo (03 Jul 2022, 12:42)

    One possible solution for start problems > Run exe. as administrator

  166. Duarte Matos (03 Jul 2022, 14:12)

    Thank you EMPRESS! You are the best!

  167. onamor (03 Jul 2022, 14:23)

    Crash again

  168. nice (03 Jul 2022, 14:31)

    Extremely underrated and great game good storyline,beautiful graphics and Mass Effect like dialogue choices. Loved it so far and I played for about 5-6 hours.

  169. deGoogled (03 Jul 2022, 14:33)

    Game is good? Game is bad? WHO GIVES A FAQ! I get to test it for FREE so THX dear pirates.

  170. ilitri (03 Jul 2022, 14:36)

    Ahora el juego funciona perfecto con el fix, en Español castellano y sin problemas todo en alto.

  171. River (03 Jul 2022, 16:09)

    Work perfect, thank you !!!

    Awesome game !!!

  172. Matrixdiego (03 Jul 2022, 16:36)

    Hey do i think i will have 50 fps on low with GTX 970 and Ryzen 5 5600X and 16 gb 3600MHz ?

  173. Moun (03 Jul 2022, 16:37)

    Release a éviter… comme pour Deathloop…

    Vous arriverez a faire quelques chapitres peut etre mais au final vous aurez galéré pour pas grand chose … Ce launcher est une horreur … Et je ne suis pas sur que le soucis vienne seulement de Denuvo ..

    Cette release n’a pour moi absolument rien de propre, on est très loin de la qualité des releases Codex and co, et je suis surpris que Skidrow reloaded l’ai mise en bannière …

    Merci Empress quand même, a voir avec tes prochaines release peut etre … mais pas conviancu.

  174. Liberal President Of Gamers (03 Jul 2022, 16:43)

    @shitvel: You’re right. We all remember on one of the best stories with Half Life 2 in 2005. This game was the first steam offered and the pioneer to show physical effects better than the games before. Naturally then a quantum leap in graphics you has not seen before. Everything was right here: Revolutionary graphics at that time and a great story, which was also well expanded and even received the grandious cinematic mod

  175. Pat (03 Jul 2022, 19:13)


    • Rafa (03 Jul 2022, 22:43)

      I have same problem, anyone has a solution?

  176. Matrixdiego (03 Jul 2022, 21:34)

    Nvm still 22 fps max, while Far Cry 6 easy 60 fps not even on low

  177. Slayer7 (03 Jul 2022, 22:50)

    Gamepad not working! Game issue for sure

  178. kris (04 Jul 2022, 0:22)

    no rush to crack games no games are optimized any more and its like game come out then 10 dlc in old days that whud bin mario 1 thenm ario 2 then mario 3 now u get half made game and thay push skins and BS no stress thank all who work on cracking games

  179. davee (04 Jul 2022, 8:17)

    I can’t install this, and DODI’s one…I have ISDone.dll and unarc.dll error during installation/files extraction, I’ve tried them all but nothing 🙁

    • Swap (12 Jul 2022, 12:35)

      Subtiles in game not working

    • MVPwolf (22 Jul 2022, 13:14)

      got same error, tried place it manually and tried DLL fix app Pro, and PC repair tools no good, also tried to increase the virtual memory and extend the Disk drive size, deleted and trying other versions, DODI stucks on the first mini window.. what else can i try?

  180. 1337x (04 Jul 2022, 8:19)
  181. Martin (04 Jul 2022, 9:53)

    Good job IDK why cuz this game is on gamepass which is almost always for 1 euro for month but yeah goof job

  182. Winnougan (04 Jul 2022, 11:16)

    Game works fine and feels great with a controller. No problems using my PS5 bluetooth controller using DS4Windows.

    Install the original file from the iso. Then go into the installed game on your hard drive and replace the files from the crackfix into the bin.

    Presto chango it works fine. No issues. Using a Ryzen 9 with AMD 6900xt GPU.

  183. justsayin (04 Jul 2022, 14:11)

    This is based on Denuvo emulator, so it’s not true Denuvo crack. Empress is not a true cracker.

  184. ISSUE (04 Jul 2022, 15:56)

    Weird, i have to uninstall/reinstall the game each time if i want to play it again…

  185. Higor (04 Jul 2022, 16:24)

    What a perfect game!! Very good and engaging story…it’s being better than God Of War

  186. salamanka (04 Jul 2022, 16:54)

    SOLUTION to crashing with the crackfix:
    Remove the file dbdata.bin INSIDE the folder (C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\EMPRESS

  187. Larry Laffer (04 Jul 2022, 19:41)

    I love speaking racoons with small cock… really!!!

  188. will (04 Jul 2022, 20:21)

    break dying light 2 now

  189. josan (04 Jul 2022, 21:35)

    Don´t work in steam Os (Linux) with proton…..another game with codex crack than dont´t work…..

  190. tabanca (04 Jul 2022, 23:08)

    game crashes in chapter 9 while the dogs speaks on monitor . i tried everything
    can someone help?

    • Larry Laffer (05 Jul 2022, 4:40)

      Yes: Please spoiler this, honey. I don’t want to know anything about it !!! !!! !!!

  191. pollagorda (05 Jul 2022, 8:47)


  192. devil (05 Jul 2022, 9:40)


  193. ISSUEFIXED (05 Jul 2022, 9:44)

    Thank you !!! You made my day ! It works !

  194. itworks (05 Jul 2022, 9:45)

    @salamanka Thank you !!!

  195. daniel (05 Jul 2022, 14:08)

    crashes on starting the game

  196. Djolex (05 Jul 2022, 14:38)


    My Virus & Thread Protection in Windows 10
    Protection History — Is always deny me and close itself when i want to enter and see Protection history.



    • Chopper (08 Jul 2023, 10:47)

      Most of the pirated games have it. It looks like you’re new here

  197. Thank you (05 Jul 2022, 17:31)

    Thank you

  198. Carlz (05 Jul 2022, 17:31)

    Where is a save location please ?

  199. Deb (05 Jul 2022, 19:48)

    After applying Crack Fix pls exclude the exe file from antivirus or total protection. No more crashes and works flawlessly.

  200. kalyan (05 Jul 2022, 21:06)

    the game does not start when i click on launch can someone help me please

  201. someonewhocare (06 Jul 2022, 1:40)

    Why EMPRESS not relasing windows 11 crack fix for assassins creed valhalla? Can you answer this EMPRESS do you need payment for this old cracked games?

  202. Endless (06 Jul 2022, 2:43)

    it doesn’t work, I have the launcher but the game doesn’t start, too bad

  203. Larry Laffer (06 Jul 2022, 8:20)


    @Djolex: First, write HAS (THIS GAME HAS). Second, the same old story. Cracks can trigger an alert on virus protection, but that’s harmless. Be assured that EMPRESS would never, ever litter us with viruses. So go home with your stupid message!!!

    @someonewhocare: What do you care? The little bed bugs in your bedroom that nibble on your brain?! At this time you can shit on Win 11. Win 10 is best running OS for games at the moment, so EMPRESS uses potential only of this.

  204. mary (07 Jul 2022, 1:10)

    i play for 3 days, reach chapter 6 and now the game are just crashing on square opening idk what else more i can do this crack is so bugged

    • THE KING OF CRACKS (07 Jul 2022, 13:03)

      It’s the more or less modern way to secure games of sharing illegal. Crack is functional at the beginning but after playing up to a certain point it gets forced by the copy protection and you can’t continue it because protection has recognized an illegal copy. That’s psychological really frustrating and so wanted by the developer. So I think EMPRESS didn’t play it to the end/final to notice that. And why she should do that? Because she’ve earned 500 $ ?!? ^^ :p

      • mary (07 Jul 2022, 17:57)

        really? so is bad crack and she are saying that the crack is fine , lets wait steven finish the game that guy always finish empress games and always say the crack is fine lets see if him will bypass chapter 6 xd

      • Patience (08 Jul 2022, 11:17)

        The crack is OK i was able to finish it entirely, just the annoying thing is to re install the game when you want to get back on it…

      • mary (08 Jul 2022, 14:14)

        wdym from get back on it? if i open the game everyday i have to re- install eveytime i want to play? and u are saying the crack is ok haha

  205. lobo (08 Jul 2022, 14:34)

    eu conseguir jogar normal. passado um tempo o jogo começou a fechar, entao testei voltar a data pro dia 6 de julho. apos fazer isso ele abre normal

    • kira (08 Jul 2022, 16:19)

      como assim voltar a data? tu fala voltar o windows ponto de restauração?

  206. lobo (08 Jul 2022, 20:32)

    na verdade eu fiz outro teste, meu jogo fechou e em vez de eu voltar a data so desmarquei a opçao de “Definir o horario automaticamente” do windows 10. e funcionou nao travou o jogo no inicio!

    • kira (09 Jul 2022, 13:05)

      Fiz isso e ficou mesmo coisa, só pq parei no chapter 9 ele ta fechando depois que aparece rtx ele abre mais um pouco e quando chega no final pra entrar no game ele fecha desisti ja ,final do ano square remove o denuvo ae deve ser que não feche mais xd

  207. daniel (08 Jul 2022, 21:41)

    disconnect to solve that it can’t launch and crash

  208. Kun Bao (09 Jul 2022, 21:58)

    I’m from China and we love it to fart in restaurants after our meal. If you want believe it or not: If I start this game here, my computer begins to fart. Is that a sign or fate of fart ??? Please help !!!

  209. I am Groot (09 Jul 2022, 22:09)

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    Cut this stupid tree to shut down for ever !!!! !!!! !!!!

  210. Duarte Matos (09 Jul 2022, 22:18)

    Thanks for the game and the crack fix!

  211. Kung Lao (10 Jul 2022, 7:10)

    @Kun Bao It depends on what kind of meals you give to your computer, you eat shit then you you fart. So maybe the game is shit then your computer farts.

  212. Real Groot (10 Jul 2022, 11:31)

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  213. salamanka (10 Jul 2022, 12:57)

    Changing date to 7/6/2022 it works for me. For latam is 6/7/2022.

  214. Groot (10 Jul 2022, 14:45)

    I am Groot

  215. radski (10 Jul 2022, 17:15)

    Guys for fix problem add -sharedvram on your game location

    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy\bin\gotg.exe” -sharedvram

  216. Carlz (11 Jul 2022, 15:52)

    how many issue for controllers fix ?

  217. Maggie (13 Jul 2022, 0:53)

    ” Changing date to 7/6/2022 it works for me. For latam is 6/7/2022. ”

    Confirmed it works !

  218. daniel (13 Jul 2022, 12:12)

    disconnect network before start PC , and run game

  219. leg (14 Jul 2022, 9:09)

    y en a marre de vos pubs de merde

    • Monsieur Hanckey (15 Jul 2022, 15:37)

      @leg : installe uBlock Origin et tu n’auras plus de pub de merde… Si tu connais pas ça, c’est peut-être toi l’étron.

  220. Family Guy Burper (14 Jul 2022, 12:31)

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  221. Cambrasito (14 Jul 2022, 14:56)

    I succeed to play twice and now game is crashing each time at launch… sad.

  222. Kun Bao (14 Jul 2022, 20:35)

    @ Family Guy Burper: Come on, we like to burb in restaurants too. So you’re welcome. But be sure that my dragon-belch blow your fucking ass away. How you can call me spring roller?! What you are?? A little boy asking mama every day for stinking burgers, cause of that you must burb your fucking moster belches?!! Oh darling, you don’t know chinese culture. We love stinking things. We have survived Chuck Norris an his extreme hairy chest wig, because the glorious Bruce Lee plucked out him a crappy tuft !!! !!! !!! Family Guy Burper. That nick is a shame for your stinking family. On the nick you can be proud fucking fat ans non farting asshole !!! !!! !!!

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  224. Dukisse (15 Jul 2022, 15:54)

    I had the issue where you can’t launch the game a second time, it works the first time but you can’t relaunch it if you leave the game.

    I think I found a working solution.

    Delete (or rename .old) the file :
    .\Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy\bin\pipelineLibrary.cache

    Launch the game -> it works !

    • Dukisse (16 Jul 2022, 13:10)

      OK, my workaround only worked for one day.
      Unable to launch it again the second day.

      But I found another workaround : change the date of your computer to the date of the installation (yesterday for me), reboot the computer and launch the game : it works !

    • jb (08 Mar 2023, 9:40)

      il est ou le dossier a renomer??

  225. Kun Bao (15 Jul 2022, 20:48)

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  229. Three Cheese High (16 Jul 2022, 21:03)

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  230. Ramora (17 Jul 2022, 22:32)

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  231. Family Guy Burper (18 Jul 2022, 5:00)

    @Ramora: What is your gibberish?? Cuuuuuuulo?! Yeah, fart with your tiny “culo”, poor boy !!! !!!

  232. MEGAMAN (18 Jul 2022, 5:14)

    Burb, belch, fart, suck, asslicker, cock, what else ??? Maybe this words needed to hack Denuvo?!?!?
    I think this special people here are living in a little bubble at home that they never leave. So they can’t expand their intellectual horizon !!!!

  233. BALLSAC (19 Jul 2022, 1:55)

    Holy shit there are some demented people on here. You got this idiot kun bao pretending to be like five different people on here, all talking about the same gibberish nonsense.

    If you’re going to pretend to be different people at least make sure your shitty writing doesn’t give it away. There aren’t five people on this planet who talk and write such nonsense like that.

    Usually psycho crazy people have distinct writing styles, usually with shitty grammar, no proper punctuation, etc. Guess some people are so sad they have to resort to going on a site and posting shitty comments from five different sn’s

  234. Kun Bao (19 Jul 2022, 12:45)

    @BALLSAC: You call me an idiot?! Hold the ball flat or better: Hold your balls flat. Maybe these are too inflated, cause you don’t have a sucker to empty them for you “BALLSAC” !!!
    Doing it yourself doesn’t work because your conservative parents forbade it.
    You’re welcome to send me your dirty and hairy balls. I take them to make a delicious Chop Suey !!!

  235. fckoff (22 Jul 2022, 20:02)

    Works one time after a lot of bs……..dont bother downloading there aint a fix yet!!

  236. fckoff (22 Jul 2022, 20:29)

    Fuck me, the fix was bad!

  237. williman (22 Jul 2022, 23:07)

    was able to get it to work.
    installed the game once
    kept crashing
    set the computer date to the date of the original install-game began working
    deleted the dbdata.bin
    installed the crack fix
    ran the game and played for a few
    While in game, switched the date back to auto update
    been running ever since

  238. kamito (23 Jul 2022, 21:42)

    Its working, THANKS!!

    1º Delete file dbdata.bin in C:\Users\Public\Documents\EMPRESS
    2º Install new crackfix

    Enjoy guys! me working perfect ^^

  239. Dalek (27 Jul 2022, 17:50)

    CRASH FIXED -> TLDR: Change language settings on windows to English

    I installed the game and it was not working. Launcher opened fine but as soon as it starts loading, the game crashs.
    Tried some possible fixes that I found here in comments:
    1) Restarted my pc (didn`t work)
    2) Went to emp.ini, inside game folder, and changed it value from “0” to “1”(didn`t work)
    3) Change the user name in steam_api64.ini, also in game folder (didn`t work)
    4) Change the language in my computer (Language Settings > Windows Display Language) to english (in my case it was set to Português- Brasil) (IT WORKED)

    Leaving all steps, cause it may help somebody.

  240. kagenogarasu (29 Jul 2022, 12:54)

    Crash Fixed for my case, I tried to write down my steps that how maybe either one way will fix the crash.

    1. Delete file dbdata.bin in C:\Users\Public\Publicdocuments\EMPRESS
    2. download the crash.fix folder and replace that 5 files into your bin folder (Its seems most important part, because what I found those crack fix modification is done after this crack.fix)
    3. create a new bat file then edit input the text, gotg.exe -nosplash -nolauncher (This is to skip the laucher and the opening video that where crash happened, its not work for me on the opening video, but skipping launcher does work)
    4. Lastly, found a Reddit thread, setting your Windows date to 30 June or earlier, I set the date the 29th May. It does work. (I think it is the highest chance that fix the crash)

    Hope you guys can get it work. Good Luck

  241. Peter Quill (28 Sep 2022, 2:34)

    100% work.
    Finish the game.
    No Bugs.
    only 4 randon crashs.

  242. legit (11 Oct 2022, 14:21)

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  243. Checcker (12 Jan 2023, 21:46)

    Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy – EMPRESS



  244. dubay (15 May 2023, 7:17)

    Now I have loaded this release for the second time. Hopefully next time I remember that the game crashes right after the logo videos. In any case, do not have a solution yet. Extra again stopped by at gamecopyworld.

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