Jaws Of Extinction v20220107 Early Access

Posted January 15, 2022 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Jaws Of Extinction v20220107 Early Access


Golden fields, hushed forests and murky swamps, vast cities, abandoned towns….



Golden fields, hushed forests and murky swamps, vast cities, abandoned towns and makeshift settlements. This is where humanity’s last bastion is fighting to survive – the beautiful but unforgiving island of Eden-Nadir.

Title: Jaws Of Extinction
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Release Date: 16 Feb, 2021

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Jaws Of Extinction v20220107 Early Access
Size: 33.6 GB























    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 8 64 Bit/ Windows 10 64 Bit
    • Processor: Intel Quad Core i5 or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 or AMD equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 25 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: This is subject to change as improvements are made

Jaws Of Extinction v20220107 Early Access
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Posted by Skidrow


  1. Warwitch (15 Jan 2022, 3:14)

    7 Days To Ripoff.

  2. Not_Me (15 Jan 2022, 4:07)

    Boring game & the UI it’s too messy to navigate…

  3. Kruger (15 Jan 2022, 7:19)

    ANother trash survival. -.-🤯😩🤪😵🥴🤢🤮

  4. Warwitch2 (15 Jan 2022, 7:56)

    And 7 days is a ripoff of another game, which is a ripoff of another game….grow up dude

  5. JumpinFero (15 Jan 2022, 12:00)

    you guys are so dumb for saying its a rip off, no its the same type of game (genre) are u saying rn that every battleroyale game is a rip off from PUBG and H1Z1? every team deathmatch game from COD? exactly stfu fking loser

    • ???????? (16 Jan 2022, 23:26)

      It kinda is. This is the reason why people dislike fortnite. The dislike wave didn’t began because the game is bad or just for kids, it began because it completly ripped of fortnite. Every single battle royale has the exact same features + some own.

      Toxic kid

  6. rbe (15 Jan 2022, 12:28)

    another soon to be abandoned school project by a group of 12yr olds ,itll just end in tears obviously ,when they run out of free assets.

    is a right mess of stolen ideas and those free store assets as it is now ,theres “timers” everywhere and some extremely immature survival needs like isolation/loneliness ffs.


  7. Nomnom (15 Jan 2022, 13:03)

    Hey developer, go away, start to develop a better games, all this ur job, for only trash for gamers, no really go away, go home

    • Fuckin idiots (16 Jan 2022, 2:11)

      Shut the fuck up, idiot.

      • Crapgame (16 Jan 2022, 9:21)

        Yes yes, support this shitty game, and support the shitty developers, very nice of u, why u support this crap, who payed u, to shit help this shit of trash

  8. Jack Hartigan (15 Jan 2022, 15:16)

    Amazing how many little children that come on here to bash and talk crap about things they don’t even understand. Game makers are artist in their own rights no different than any other categories from painting to woodworking. You will never see little children going to museums bashing and talking crap about paintings that is thousands of years outdated compared to things we can do today. Basically they are children that have not matured correctly especially well into adulthood so when it comes to choosing what they like and don’t like as everyone has their own taste, they choose to bash and talk crap about stuff they do not like rather then giving constructive criticism especially from those that never even downloaded a game to try out long before bashing it. In a mature world those that dislike something will most likely skip it and move on to something else. sadly we do not live in a harmony society and we have to deal with children that never been spanked inside a candy store with unlimited options their idiot parents gave them thinking that spoiling them will make them shut the F* up and also uses TV’s to babysit them. Its a world they are building for themselves which will eventually turn society back to the stone age since they also too lazy to try making a game themselves for once and see if they can try better instead of relying on others to bend over for them.

    • Thomas H (15 Jan 2022, 19:41)

      Totally agree with you.

    • AniX (15 Jan 2022, 21:51)


      nothing to add here. just true.

    • Kruger & Warbitch eat dick (16 Jan 2022, 2:11)

      It’s ALWAYS the same kids that are complaining, like it’s a home work assignment, that they are being forced to do! lol. It’s always Kruger, and Warbitch, they are the worst two,there are more, a lot more, but they are definitely the 2 I’ve seen crying on here the most, by far. If i had to guess, id say they are probably just 12 year-old kids who have no idea how the world works. When u get free shit, u dont constantly complain, what else can u get for free? A kick in the teeth? Id LOVE to administer, and this too would be free of charge.

    • YouAreBlind (17 Jan 2022, 4:47)

      50-50… True & Wrong… Because sorry but when “one million” players said to dev to change/fix something bug or none sense & many years after they do it, well just want to breake up their brain…

      Like for 7 Days To Die, since a9 we ask them to change one simple recipe, to can craft bacon eggs with the cooking pot & not anymore with the cooking grill… Well +7 years after, they do the change…

      & so now with game early access, my final word to this all devs, stop treating everyone like an idiot, stop looking down on everyone, we are not a dog who run after a bone…

  9. nioxoin (15 Jan 2022, 19:12)

    Jack got the point and absolutely right.

  10. Melody (15 Jan 2022, 20:47)

    doesn’t work for me; consumes a lot of cpu and crashes

  11. suckme (15 Jan 2022, 21:22)

    LOL, the developers and their friends have come here to shit talk to gamers and defend their shitty ass LOL. they are so mad because you guys call their game shit hahahaha

    • TWAT (16 Jan 2022, 4:59)

      are you truly retarded or just very young? I am genuinely interested.

  12. Funny (16 Jan 2022, 8:27)

    Because you think this thing is artistic? there is no originality
    Its like trying to copy paste Mona Lisa with free assets.
    We are litteraly flooded by uninspired, cloned, unfunny, bugged games again and again.
    And this game is another copy game that we are tired to download and play five minutes.

  13. CLS63 AMG (17 Jan 2022, 23:34)

    But let’s see, maybe you have bought it?, that on top of that they give it for free and you complain, seriously what there to read in this decade with the crystal generation, when something is free, one is silent and enjoys it if you like it and if you do not shut up again

    I’ve played beta for a month, it’s a pretty good game and it has potential, another thing is the optimization that I’ve seen that at first it was shit, but now it can play decently

    another thing is the dedication that the developers give it, but every two by three they are updating it (you can see it on the discord page)

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