Grand Theft Auto V Update v1.33-RELOADED


Grand Theft Auto V Update v1.33-RELOADED


When a young street hustler, a retired bank robber and a terrifying psychopath…



When a young street hustler, a retired bank robber and a terrifying psychopath find themselves entangled with some of the most frightening and deranged elements of the criminal underworld, the U.S. government and the entertainment industry, they must pull off a series of dangerous heists to survive in a ruthless city in which they can trust nobody, least of all each other.

Title: Grand Theft Auto V
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Release Date: 14 Apr, 2015

    • Social Club no longer needs to be installed. The Social Club emulator included in the crack will only work with the untouched crack exes, though. So make your patches in memory if you want to use our emulator!

Today we present you with an update release for GTA V. Update changelog
included. Most content and features added relate to GTA Online. But the
point of this release is not the update itself. It's the crack.
GTA V, like a few other games, uses Arxan anti-tampering system to protect
game code, including DRM checks. Arxan is one of the heavier protections,
in more than one way.
The crack included with this release removes Arxan from the game exes
completely. Anyone who has tried to reverse Arxan protected code knows what
this means.
For players it means better performance. For modders and other game hackers
it means easier access to game code (we don't mean the kind of hackers
ruining GTA Online; they seem to get around Arxan fine on their own).
Anyway. We surely didn't go through this effort to impress or service the
lying, thieving lamers of the "scene". Consider it a gift to modders and
fans of GTA V! Enjoy!

ChangeLog => Here

Grand Theft Auto V Update v1.33-RELOADED
Size: 4.14 GB































    • OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1, Windows Vista 64 Bit Service Pack 2* (*NVIDIA video card recommended if running Vista OS)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs) @ 2.5GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 10.1, 11)
    • Storage: 65 GB available space
    • Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible


    • OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHz (8 CPUs)
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD 7870 2GB
    • Storage: 65 GB available space
    • Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible

Grand Theft Auto V Update v1.33-RELOADED
1. Unrar.
2. Install the update to where the game is installed.
Tested on: Grand.Theft.Auto.V-RELOADED
3. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory.
4. Play the game.
5. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Mekso (26 Apr 2016, 23:04)

    woow finally


  2. Kimzy (26 Apr 2016, 23:07)

    Yay 😀 i love ya

  3. Other_guy (26 Apr 2016, 23:18)

    Will it work with 3DM version (update 5)?

  4. Gamer (26 Apr 2016, 23:32)

    @Other Guy Bro you can simply convert it to reloaded version 🙂 Search on google about it only issue is I dont know it work on converted version from 3dm to reloaded please somebody confirm it guys 🙂

  5. Gamer (26 Apr 2016, 23:35)

    Btw this was awesome game many thanks reloaded.

  6. SoGuH (26 Apr 2016, 23:35)

    That means that online works?

  7. Kustadin (26 Apr 2016, 23:48)

    Do I need other patches before this one?
    Downloading GTA 5 at moment, fresh game and setup.

  8. Nero514 (26 Apr 2016, 23:53)

    yeah !!! like SoGuH says !!!!

  9. ShadowMurder (26 Apr 2016, 23:58)


  10. Letrix (27 Apr 2016, 0:12)


  11. Jason (27 Apr 2016, 0:14)

    @Kustadin – Just apply this update to a fresh install of the RELOADED version of GTA 5. The 3DM version has always been inferior to the RELOADED version for various reasons so start with that release and you should be good to go. Just don’t install the Social Club at the end as it looks like you don’t need it anymore.

  12. KillerX (27 Apr 2016, 0:14)

    Thanks reloaded, i buy this game original and we deserve a reward, because i hate online and i love offline forever. Without this team we have anything. I hope you can able to crack FIFA 16 and show to those morons of EA Sports this team are capable to defeat all protections even denuvo if this word is real for the bosses. Thank you!

  13. Majd (27 Apr 2016, 0:20)

    can we now install the LSPDFR mod ??

  14. oronnoro (27 Apr 2016, 1:16)

    Any chance we could get the crack only please?

    Thank you,

  15. Aleex (27 Apr 2016, 2:16)

    Thanks alot

    @oronnoro: crack only

  16. Total War Lover (27 Apr 2016, 2:23)

    Im confused, this is just the update, right?

    Anyway, no matter what, sounds hot. Glad the pirate crews are cracking that crap. Death to DRM!

  17. Ben (27 Apr 2016, 2:34)

    F*ck yeah!

  18. Schawonn (27 Apr 2016, 4:52)

    what exactly this update do?

  19. [z][z][z] (27 Apr 2016, 4:56)


  20. Chaos (27 Apr 2016, 5:17)

    First Blood!

    what are the changes in this update

  21. leonema (27 Apr 2016, 5:19)

    Finally!!! Thanks!!

  22. Andy (27 Apr 2016, 5:49)

    From where do I download the full game??

  23. Karol (27 Apr 2016, 5:56)

    Which version do I need to have installed before applying this crack?

  24. gamer_dude (27 Apr 2016, 7:01)

    downloading…… thank you so much.

  25. Mustavi Sadi (27 Apr 2016, 8:32)

    Oh yeah!

  26. lololol (27 Apr 2016, 9:45)

    make a stand alone please

  27. Skidrow (27 Apr 2016, 9:45)

    Guys Read INFO

    Tested on: Grand.Theft.Auto.V-RELOADED.

  28. ajay (27 Apr 2016, 9:52)

    launcher crack?

  29. unknown (27 Apr 2016, 10:17)

    i have full unlocked version of the game with reloaded crack will with no patches ,,,,,,,,,,,,, will it work or ?????????

  30. emo (27 Apr 2016, 10:18)


  31. john (27 Apr 2016, 10:32)

    What does this update?

  32. Gta lover (27 Apr 2016, 10:54)

    Guys, i met some problems… when I start a new game, everything works fine at the beginning but then the problem arises when they tried to escape from the bank…. The cops didnt show up when the gate opened and i was unable to continue the story… 🙁
    Plz help… I am using the 3dm version fused with the update downloaded from here..
    If really cannot work, can u guys provide me the download link to download the gta v( reload version) because the download link in skidrow here cannot be used anymore…
    PS: my school banned the torrent

  33. Aakash (27 Apr 2016, 11:45)

    @Gta lover just go to extratorrent there you will find the reloaded version download and enjoy.
    i have one question will i be able to play it online after applying this update.
    can i apply it on the reloaded version which has update 1.30??
    please help me out
    and most importantly will it work online???

  34. Aakash (27 Apr 2016, 11:47)

    @Skidrow can we play it online??

  35. emo (27 Apr 2016, 11:47)

    hey someone respond if he can to my comment i have gta running with rld version can i use this update or no ?

  36. Gta lover (27 Apr 2016, 11:53)


    My school banned us from downloading the torrent…

  37. Aleex (27 Apr 2016, 11:56)

    WOOOOOOW its working wtf thanks alot

    @emo: ofc it will work

    i have FULL UNLOCKED and i was using 3DM crack, now i just download this UPDATE and it workgreat

    install update & copy crack files

    ps: if u get error related to Scriptgook cuz ur trainer was for old update

    now u need new script hook trainer
    this one =>

    it work for me


    thanks alot

    hollyshiit + Performnce is better nooooooooow my game run welll

    ty alot reloaded cuz u remove shitty protection from game so we can play well

  38. Steven (27 Apr 2016, 12:05)

    i can confirme UPDATE work well

    work in 3DM version & FULL UNLOCKED & RELOADED

    not sure about repack corepack cuz i read before they change something (not sure)

    and performance now is better than before i think we can play better than LEGIT player loool

    btw if u get any ERROR , 90% cuz of trainer cuz its not compatible with new update

    just download trainer posted by @Aleex

  39. VOLODI (27 Apr 2016, 12:13)

    Thanks for all

  40. Reboot` (27 Apr 2016, 12:41)

    Well guys, there is no warm to try 😀

  41. MalcGamer15 (27 Apr 2016, 12:49)

    Make a Repack pls!

  42. Ninotterine (27 Apr 2016, 12:50)


  43. BlackPAndora24 (27 Apr 2016, 12:58)

    THANKS guys i was really looking forward to this update

  44. Henry (27 Apr 2016, 13:45)

    Wow, this.

  45. ccolojirka (27 Apr 2016, 14:14)

    so does this this crack makes my game run smoother? like mor fps or am i just stupid ? 😀

  46. tx3000 (27 Apr 2016, 14:24)

    What is the point to this? What’s it do?

  47. Zyad (27 Apr 2016, 14:36)


  48. Dendi (27 Apr 2016, 14:37)

    wts.. this full client?

  49. Zyad (27 Apr 2016, 14:41)

    If i downloaded it
    the game will be in the latest version or I should download anything else?

  50. Borno (27 Apr 2016, 14:50)


  51. padawan34 (27 Apr 2016, 15:00)

    I lose my saved games ??

  52. Odair Devalier (27 Apr 2016, 15:34)

    Ohh Nice Skidrow thanks!

  53. BUDUD (27 Apr 2016, 15:44)

    first.. this is the newst update of gta v.. so everthing is just like in the original version(for now)
    what do you mean original? its has all the update like car from lowrider, weapon, and anything.(ps: i mean the one you buy with money)
    ist that all? yes.. with this update you can use the newest mod that usualy only work on the original version.
    so can we play online? no…!! but yes..! but no..!
    why? no because there is no way you can join R* server without social club..
    so i just instal the social club then? thats not the point.. the point is you can’t play online.
    so how if we want to play online? there something called privat server… but.. i never really try it.. so good luck..

    PS: y0u c4n n0t pl4y 0n1in3. 🙂

  54. alikhandro (27 Apr 2016, 15:45)


  55. BUDUD (27 Apr 2016, 15:48)

    3DM VERSION + THIS UPDATE = sorry i don’t have the 3DM version

    BUDUD leave… PEACEE…

  56. Lambda (27 Apr 2016, 15:58)

    Dosnt keep the savegame. I have to start all again.
    I hope this fix the Trevors first mision crash.

  57. PrastyantoHP (27 Apr 2016, 16:03)

    ready to download and test, ._.
    hope this is great

  58. AxDF (27 Apr 2016, 16:22)

    From this update, is there anything that was added to the single player experience?

  59. Salman (27 Apr 2016, 16:56)

    hey skidrow online is available

  60. Carlos Mendoza (27 Apr 2016, 17:11)

    Thanks, I’ll prove it!

  61. Pesko (27 Apr 2016, 18:01)


  62. Belzemond (27 Apr 2016, 18:58)

    What’ this update do? Any news?

  63. Professer (27 Apr 2016, 19:27)

    What’s new?

  64. extrme sports (27 Apr 2016, 19:32)

    This is online crack ? What is the game version ? 678 ? 617 ?

  65. gtav_gamer_85 (27 Apr 2016, 19:55)

    thank you

  66. emo (27 Apr 2016, 20:29)

    @Aleex ; thnx

  67. emo (27 Apr 2016, 20:29)

    @Aleex ; thnx
    and thnx all

  68. Douglas Rafael (27 Apr 2016, 21:12)

    It works to FitGirl Repack ?

  69. Roopesh (27 Apr 2016, 21:18)

    I have steam preloaded edition of GTA 5. Does it work on that?
    please answer

  70. PLSHALP (27 Apr 2016, 21:43)

    I’m getting this error
    Please Run Grand Theft Auto V Using GTAV.exe
    Pls help

  71. Rockstar (27 Apr 2016, 21:50)


  72. Enexam (27 Apr 2016, 21:54)

    You delete Arxan from the gta code ? So now, you know how to crack Just Cause 3 ? Wow ! I hope a JC3 crack will be out !

    Sorry for my english.

  73. BUDUD (27 Apr 2016, 22:32)


  74. Charles (27 Apr 2016, 23:02)

    WOW! First time first! hahahaha im BR

  75. PocketGorgon (27 Apr 2016, 23:07)

    I’m wondering the same as some of these people, does the online work? or is it just possible to install the Single Player Mod for Benny’s Motorworks? I’m just wondering cause i really wanna mess around with the lowriders, but i don’t really care about playing online

  76. Hitler (28 Apr 2016, 1:48)

    Does this include all the previous DLC?

  77. boe323 (28 Apr 2016, 2:35)

    Can I install on a legit version? to imrove performance and still be able to play online? like install all the files except the crack?

  78. boe323 (28 Apr 2016, 2:41)

    never mind ….its the crack itself that removes the code so I know what the answer is

  79. Gta lover (28 Apr 2016, 3:38)

    The trainer doesnt help me so much because this update actually contains some bugs( i had mentioned the situation already.. please go back and see my comment above).. I am not denying that this update can works perfectly with the 3dm crack( This game runs smoothly on my pc) But, i really cannot proceed the game further due to the bug.. So, can someone help me to solve it? Really appreciate your help….

  80. SSILENT (28 Apr 2016, 4:20)

    do i need to install the old version to play this? or i just download it and play it? ASAP

  81. ass (28 Apr 2016, 4:30)

    doesn’t work with RG MECHANIC repack 3DM crack, it stops responding

  82. Rendra (28 Apr 2016, 4:56)

    after the update, loaded the game (formerly RLD version, converted from 3DM and fitgirl repack), stock market is working!! but not bawsaq
    someone said skidrow online, but where?
    it’s working good tho, smooth and fine

  83. RamTheGamer (28 Apr 2016, 5:49)


  84. reloaded fan (28 Apr 2016, 6:57)

    reloaded skidrow please crack denuvo drm – please crack just casue 3- tom rider – far cry primal-……………….

  85. Albert Covington (28 Apr 2016, 7:47)

    Does not work with GTA V – RELOADED version. Crashes right after loading Story Mode.

  86. 123456 (28 Apr 2016, 8:37)

    i have my old save but i don’t know where is the new folder someone know how get it ??

  87. Bryanchox (28 Apr 2016, 10:02)

    Albert, how it doesnt work with reloaded version, IF THIS IS FOR RELOADED

  88. Albert Covington (28 Apr 2016, 10:08)

    Oop, never mind. I had to do a fresh reboot and turn off my SVR to get it to work. Works like a charm now.

  89. fish (28 Apr 2016, 11:23)

    Thanks for the great choice of links 🙂

  90. iman (28 Apr 2016, 12:52)

    I had terrible performance and texture fading in the previous version
    is it fixed?

  91. Kenshi (28 Apr 2016, 15:07)

    It says I need verification?

  92. duuh (28 Apr 2016, 15:12)

    In order to play online (the real deal) IN ALL GAMES I EVER HEARD OF, you need a LEGIT copy as you ALWAYS get a code. No1 will give you one because as soon as you use it, its “fucked” basically (no1 else can use it). I don’t understand how this is a mystery to even the most retarded moron in the world 2016…. Thanks for the update, i actually installed it not long ago again 😛

  93. gun (28 Apr 2016, 15:25)

    thank U very much

  94. PrastyantoHP (28 Apr 2016, 15:49)


  95. MTr (28 Apr 2016, 16:03)

    were is grand-theft-auto-v reloaded link i need to download that first but i dont know were thanks

  96. regridas (28 Apr 2016, 17:21)

    thank you thank you thank you thank you…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Jamie Hopkins (28 Apr 2016, 17:21)

    @ALBERT COVINGTON WHATS SVR? I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM AS YOU AND WANT TO FIX IT wrote in captals so it would catch your eye haha

  98. pino (28 Apr 2016, 17:49)

    this version works with the reloaded?

  99. Mohamed (29 Apr 2016, 1:07)

    is the online working or what ?

  100. KokoLixr (29 Apr 2016, 1:54)

    This is there any yacht in this update?

  101. Daman (29 Apr 2016, 2:02)

    NICE! Thank`s… Only problem is Working Trainers and MOD-s…

  102. Abhi (29 Apr 2016, 3:17)

    I am getting the activation required error . P.S I installed the update and crack on a fresh copy of GTA V reloaded edition, so any suggestion for fix other than changing the date

  103. Mohith (29 Apr 2016, 4:59)

    will this work with repack by JohnMc?

  104. meerdroovt (29 Apr 2016, 10:06)

    Confirmed with JohnMc, Fitgirl, RG mechanice, and Corepacks

  105. Saad Sheikh (29 Apr 2016, 12:37)

    My game is crashing I followed the rules but still its crashing. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  106. Albin (29 Apr 2016, 12:54)

    Does this open up possibilities of a online crack?

  107. PrastyantoHP (29 Apr 2016, 16:33)

    Once again I repeat, Crack is not for online =_=
    anyway, this patch, FPS lock to 30 ? :O

  108. hazu (29 Apr 2016, 22:05)

    after installing udapte my game is closing the load screen the story mode, what I do

  109. jhon (29 Apr 2016, 22:29)

    CORE i3 4 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 windows 10

    its good for this game ???

  110. fran (30 Apr 2016, 0:47)

    Me iba perfecto, es mas ya me lo habia pasado… pero ahora con esta updatev1.33 se crashea arracando el juego.

  111. Daman (30 Apr 2016, 0:59)

    I, put Grand Theft Auto V-Full Unlocked-SG (NO Install) after install GTA V-Update v1.33-Reloaded
    Working NICE! and also work: Menyoo PC [SP] v0.999857b TRAINER. Savegame location is now:

  112. marleysom (30 Apr 2016, 2:11)

    I only have one thing to say you guys are fucking

  113. Rere (30 Apr 2016, 2:36)

    BUT SINCE I INSTALLED THE UPDATE, I GOT MORE FREQUENT BSODS THAN BEFORE (okay I capped it so maybe someone can read this lol)
    like, minutes of playing, then BAM! blue screen, cpu temp is normal, not that hot, I mean, I used to play this game before the update in hours!!! and yeah completed the game once, and I want to replay it.
    there are many dlcs and something works now like LCN even after save and load, but how come?
    does anybody have the same problem with my? I think my pc is not the problem
    and, now the lag is real when I’m driving or riding a bike, it wasn’t there before the update.
    can someone help me please 🙂

  114. itachi uchiwa (30 Apr 2016, 2:52)

    WORK like charm. i had reloed version 350.1 and i have download orgininal dlc files since many months ( 4go ) for profit dlc updates.. i have juste download NEW CRACK and it really better performance. LAG its fix after many hours games ( real probleme previous version )….
    really good update.
    i repeat i have all original dlc files (update.rpf too) & NEW crack = Remember every day why this game its the best actually.

  115. Hitman (30 Apr 2016, 6:24)

    Stock market work normal in this patch ?

  116. Lauda (30 Apr 2016, 7:55)

    FULL UNLOCK are same with 3DM
    because in FULL UNLOCK data has 3DMGAME.ini crack

    You can download RELOADED version from this link
    download from torrent, after that install the game, and apply crack from GTA V Retail to Steam in that link
    And now you can download Update v1.33 and apply it
    Hope this will help you guys

  117. 4725 (30 Apr 2016, 10:26)

    the game work fine ,the problem start when i add mods (cars) to the game start crashing in loading screen ,the mods works fine in the previous version help plz

  118. Lemar (30 Apr 2016, 11:20)

    Everything fine, it has the ill gotten gains 2 update, but where are the lowriders and its Garage?
    Is it possible to play in a Tunngle Server or other private local game apps?

  119. Lemar (30 Apr 2016, 11:27)

    Can you download mods now that couldnt be downloaded like LSPDFR??

  120. Daman (30 Apr 2016, 11:56)

    NICE! Yesterday, i, install few MOD-s, and ALL WORK-s….

  121. emir (30 Apr 2016, 15:05)

    hello question, how see achivments or is remove that

  122. Hitman (30 Apr 2016, 15:25)

    torrent dont work

  123. emir (30 Apr 2016, 16:31)

    Skidrow,will you make update MGS 1.7 version

  124. Alex (30 Apr 2016, 17:41)

    My game doesn’t open anymore, someone help.

  125. EMVIRUS (30 Apr 2016, 20:19)

    I’m getting the error “Steam failed to initialize” when I try to run the game after updating my GTA V reloaded release to “Grand.Theft.Auto.V.Update.v1.33-RELOADED”

  126. iNyx (01 May 2016, 1:51)

    works great whit all dlc,and updates,and i can play whit lowriders and online departaments in singleplayer mod!,thanks!

  127. 4725 (01 May 2016, 4:04)

    @Daman can you explain what exactly how is that because i am not the only with this problem

  128. DANTE (01 May 2016, 7:04)

    Is That Can Update Since Gunberg Sweeper Gun Update?

  129. zero (01 May 2016, 11:11)

    can you give me sosution after I update the gta v 1.33. I got a problem. the problem say that “activation requires an internet connection and you are currently in offline mode.your offline activation data could not be loaded.please verify your internet connection and restart gta v”.
    my gta v is reloaded crack by 3dm please help me…

  130. Aakash (01 May 2016, 14:28)

    What is the need of update if everything works online??
    Correct me if i’m wrong all the changelog i read are for online mode only so what is the need of this if we can’t play it online

  131. Weaver (01 May 2016, 15:44)

    This update, combined with the RELOADED release found on this site, works perfectly, and it even fixed the infamous Blitz Play trash truck crash the 3DM release was struggling with. Thanks for the upload.

  132. Uday Enzo (02 May 2016, 7:00)

    Hey Guys, I have a problem. When i spawn vehicles in lowriders2 dlc, the vehicles just disappear just after 3 seconds

  133. Dragonborn (02 May 2016, 9:37)

    It works.Am using 3DM version with reloaded updates then installed this new update it works just fine,game runs more smoother,but problem is I have to play a new game

  134. Uday Enzo (02 May 2016, 9:49)

    Please somebody upload more addon cars gameconfig (cracked) for this version

  135. Paul (02 May 2016, 23:52)

    this update it DOES NOT WORK with 3DM version, i have personally tried and after the update is done and launch the game it does return with an error message which is don;t recognize the game version and that’s it.

  136. RamTheGamer (03 May 2016, 5:55)

    Where to find this crack save game??? the orginal save game dosnt work

  137. Dark (03 May 2016, 7:25)

    You can use this update on 3DM version, but first you have to convert the game from retail version to steam version to use reloaded crack.

    Just google search GTA V retail to steam.
    Download the files and replace
    Then download this update & install it.

  138. MTr (03 May 2016, 7:43)

    works great!

    thanks for your help Lauda

    The game is faster now with the update.

  139. benjamin (03 May 2016, 8:16)


  140. benjamin (03 May 2016, 8:17)

    gta 5 is the best game ihave ever played

  141. Reeyan (03 May 2016, 13:27)

    thanks for the heist update, but i want lowrider update

  142. annie may (04 May 2016, 0:14)

    how to fix stuttering while driving. pls help. performance is good not in driving.

  143. lee (04 May 2016, 8:34)

    my game just keeps crashing before the game loads thought it was the mods i had installed so i did a fresh install of the reloaded copy of the game used the crack from tht then added the update and crack from this one still wont work any ideas ?? trying to sort out the no strangers/strippers bug in the original download thats why i downloaded this thinking it would fix it.

  144. Mohith (04 May 2016, 9:15)

    hey i have a prob here!! i cant delete scripthook.dll and associated files and i tried applying this crack and update before trying this it says it works with other versions or something some unknown error i have johnmc gta v any solutions tried deleting that scripthook.dll and other asi native trainer files but it is not being deleted coz the file is open in gta v and the description says that gta v.asi plugin loader any solutions?

  145. MZN (04 May 2016, 11:59)

    Admin game has stopped working after i install pinnacle of V mod. Anyone pls help. Works fine without it. I’m using fitgirl repack with update 5 then converted to steam and then update and crack from here. Game crashes on startup after installing the mod.

  146. loda (05 May 2016, 1:01)

    Can any one help ???
    I have GTAV Reloaded 59GB working very well and after installing reloaded update v1.33 and applying the crack I got the error
    “Steam failed to initialize. Please exit and try again.”

  147. Bill (05 May 2016, 7:15)

    I can’t find the savegame folder either. It used to be in the documents or social club folder, but this doesn’t work anymore. Anyone knows something how or if it works now?

  148. aLBERTO (06 May 2016, 13:18)

    This update will have the t20 spoilers work now yay

  149. Brandon (06 May 2016, 14:44)

    Amazing this is it also works with the retail steam version 1.33 which now i can have my retail installed and then my reloaded fixed version installed for mods since we all know if you use any mods on the retail steam version even for single player ROCKSTAR likes to send a threat message of a ban to your email inbox. Thank you sooooo much keep up the great work

  150. Alberto (07 May 2016, 6:39)

    Uhm everything was working fine until i saw michaels bed model has disappeared, also jimmys computer and desk and the lamp was floating

  151. Eff (07 May 2016, 8:38)

    see in Foldergame Later u can see C:\Games\Grand Theft Auto V\Grand Theft Auto V <<<<

    coppy and pase in main GameFolder agian

    Enjoy…! no crash

  152. hamid (07 May 2016, 10:54)

    my game just keep stopped working right after the loading screen ? Anyone know how to fix this ? i never installed any mod besides scripthook

  153. NO NAME (08 May 2016, 5:53)


  154. Rushil (08 May 2016, 6:45)

    Hey does lspdfr work on this ????????????????

  155. Rendy (08 May 2016, 14:47)

    what if i already had social club from previous update? can i uninstall it?

  156. franklin (09 May 2016, 4:03)

    can someone help me?? after this update, my game only launch with directX 10 even after changing it to 11 in ingame menu..

  157. A Player (10 May 2016, 0:49)

    Thank you so so much by the update (by google translator)

  158. Mohith (10 May 2016, 3:07)

    it worked for me just installed the update in the game directory and then copied and replaced the crack and it worked thnxx!!!!1

  159. andrew (10 May 2016, 23:43)

    i installed the Reloaded version and this update, and it is showing an error 0xc0000142, how i fix?

  160. mamoyfrengers (14 May 2016, 12:37)

    @anniemay what OS are you using? i used to try Windows 8.1 and the game is stuttering! then i upgraded to Windows 10 Pro N 64bit Build 10240, the game runs so well without any problems, hope this helps!

  161. albin (15 May 2016, 9:25)

    i downloaded the 60gb reloaded version and applied updates and crack and when i start the game it just crashed at “loading story mode”

  162. SHUKUR (20 May 2016, 13:50)

    the LSPDSR doesn’t work here also

  163. Faysal (21 May 2016, 0:52)

    works as charm but 2 question can i play lcpdfr mods and where is the damn save file location the game start from the first mission !!!

  164. tal (21 May 2016, 16:18)

    What is the difference between this version of its predecessor ??

  165. Alecro1321 (22 May 2016, 2:16)

    Hey guys this game is really not working for me umm i keep getting a launcher error code 15 the game was not launched by the steam client. How do i fix it???

  166. Gouster4 (25 May 2016, 10:07)

    So, this is only update (not full game)?
    is it working for

  167. Sonny (28 May 2016, 2:37)

    very good, but you have to fix something? type when using the hydraulic, the car does not jump high, jump almost nothing, and the unique, high jump, is to make the cars jump higher?

  168. BlackHawk (29 May 2016, 4:51)

    I have 3dm’s GTAV file, non patched/cracked yet. Will this update work with it??

  169. lamine17 (29 May 2016, 15:42)

    will it work with rg mechinic repack version??

  170. TheGreatHadoken (29 May 2016, 19:07)

    Autosave refuses to work. Dunno if it’s a 1.33 thing or just a GTA thing. Any fix?

  171. Shideron (Your Guide) (29 May 2016, 19:22)

    I know you’re reading the comments hoping that you’ll find a fix for the crash.

    Go to your GTA V directory

    Now, look for a folder named
    Grand Theft Auto V


    Now if you’ve done that already, install the crack, hopefully this will fix your game crash 🙂


  172. André Vaillant (30 May 2016, 11:23)

    I have a problem with the Stock Car Races , when I approach the NPC to compete ; not the dialog window appears to enter , but pushing And I access still in the race . When the race starts , my opponents do not appear on the road and I find myself running alone for 5 laps . Help me figure out if it’s a bug of the savegame or if the problem is in the Update 1.33 RELOADED or mod that I installed . Ve the list :
    1 ) Sixth Star Mod v2.2
    2 ) Diablo Stallion v0.6
    3 ) Single Player v1.6.2 Apartment
    4 ) Quick Fix & Clean v1.2

  173. Hany (31 May 2016, 20:43)

    For all those which says that the crack has a problems.I ‘d like to say that this update is extremely stable it has no problems,Woks great on the original update,all mods,fully working with Benny’s,IT HAS NO CRASHES,Zero problems.
    Thank you RELOADED for this gift

  174. Hany (02 Jun 2016, 0:15)

    Update 1.33 was a GREAT SUCCESS frorm EXTREME TEAM.It was unbelievable that one day this protection has been cracked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why i repeated my post,because i’ve the RELOADED version of the game,and installed RELOADED update v1.33, The game works PERFECTLY and extremely stable,everything works without any problems.
    So when i read that some people have a problems and they thinking that the update have some bugs,I return to confirm that this RELOADED update looks like you bought the original copy of the game. Go and fix your game files first before saying that this update is blah blah blah….you even can test the original update with this crack and you’ll see that everything is working perfectly.BTW i’m using the original update file and the original dlc’s, with this crack, and the result: 0 problems.
    Another time,THANK you RELOADED for your great effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. vice (02 Jun 2016, 15:51)

    when I start the game and loading, it shoves me a black screen with massage : verifying your ownership is taking longer than usual… please help me what to do.

  176. acer (05 Jun 2016, 13:11)

    hi all what is a crack plz??

  177. acer (05 Jun 2016, 13:12)

    i installed the game and were is a password

  178. what the fuck! (09 Jun 2016, 6:08)

    Fuck The GTA 5 damn the creator of it cause this game are no 32 bits os only 64 bits os daaaaaammmmmmmmnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. ohgodwhy (12 Jun 2016, 15:39)

    keybindings conflict error? pls help

  180. Dell (13 Jun 2016, 1:31)

    “The game was not launched via the steam client”

    How to solve it? I had tried many times ?

  181. CMON GUYS HELP (13 Jun 2016, 16:37)

    Crashes during Loading Story Mode…… WTF IS WRONG ?????!!!!!!

  182. Brainwave (13 Jun 2016, 21:30)

    hey guys i install the update but when i try to play it it give me error 115 game was not launched by steam client help????

  183. gtalover (15 Jun 2016, 8:09)

    Finance and felony update has launched…..R* will keep releasing new dlcs in future too so better make a universal crack for future updates….

    Readers, talk more about this topic (new updates) so somehow the message reaches to reloaded team…….

  184. zoheb (15 Jun 2016, 10:42)

    how to play onlne …

  185. lucky (16 Jun 2016, 9:22)

    can you update it to finance and felony?

  186. FUHRER (18 Jun 2016, 13:29)

    please people , what link he click in those links ?

  187. Gaboedruizmora (18 Jun 2016, 19:20)

    This motherfucker patch erase my complete Directory Game, bullshit

  188. caustic (19 Jun 2016, 2:02)

    I have the Build: 350 Online: 1.26 copy of ReLoaded GTAV, can i just download this file or do I need to download Updates 1,2,3,4,5 as well as this?

  189. kek (21 Jun 2016, 13:06)


  190. reus (22 Jun 2016, 22:49)

    please i don’t have the newest carsn they told me invalid model
    how can i fix it ?

  191. CATCHY MIND (24 Jun 2016, 1:25)

    This Update Of Reloaded V 1.33 Worked on [UPDATED: 5/13/16] GTAV Title Update 1.33 Notes (PS4/Xbox One/PC) ?

  192. PlayerQ (26 Jun 2016, 21:55)

    Hey. Many cars has wont crash like before after this update. Is this because it’s only car mods or smth?

  193. Dr. Blackjack (27 Jun 2016, 22:01)

    Installed GTA 5 Reloaded, then this patch and the new crack. Works like a charm, a huge Thank you to you guys for your Amazing job.

  194. itachi uchiwa (28 Jun 2016, 14:50)

    update me all orinal files content in crack im repeat all original file after installation patch files content in crack folder the sames files but clean in your gta 5 folder after installation… its necessary for play multifive mod update for communauty please….

  195. Anony (28 Jun 2016, 18:13)

    YES guys, now you can play LSPDFR on GTA V with THIS UPDATE!
    But you need to replace last version of Ragehook with old Ragehook 0.38 ALPHA I mean!

    Enjoy!!! 😀

  196. Killer-SA1 (02 Jul 2016, 6:37)

    I had to uninstall everything and installed new with this update and now it works perfectly. So thank you for this, you Rock…………..

  197. hunterx (02 Jul 2016, 8:29)

    so i downloaded the update , installed it with the 3dm version , and the game wont work , i click on it and nothing happens , i use the adminstor permission and still nothing happens , i checked the properties and found that the file the blocked , and i cant unblock it for some reason , an error comes up ad has only try again and ignore and its not working ,, any solutions ?

  198. Trafalgar (02 Jul 2016, 12:28)

    My game crashes saying a problem has caused the program to work correctly
    Help me pls.,..

  199. Tanklm (02 Jul 2016, 17:59)

    next update pls !!!

  200. Tanklm (02 Jul 2016, 18:05)

    1.0.757.4 patch pls

  201. Trafalgar (02 Jul 2016, 19:06)

    my games run in slow motion help me plz

  202. Clematheo (04 Jul 2016, 9:39)

    Update 1.34 Please!!

  203. Cinder (04 Jul 2016, 16:03)

    @Shideron Yes this solution worked for me. Game doesn’t crash anymore in the “loading story mode” screen.

  204. Andy Schurink (05 Jul 2016, 8:48)

    i have a qwestion .
    how come i dont have all the cars ??
    Like the new super cars and some others

  205. Geras-do (05 Jul 2016, 17:13)

    Do i just download this files and thats it? New on this thing….dont really get that “3dm” stuff….so…could anybody help me out…point out some directions…

  206. Glen (07 Jul 2016, 20:27)

    So I ran into a pretty stupid problem. I download GTA V Full Unlocked from this site and it ran perfectly. I installed the update and now I get lag at 1 FPS. What gives? I really wanna play this update.

  207. TRagaN (08 Jul 2016, 13:08)

    1.34 (757.4) update relased pls add this update

  208. TheMasX (08 Jul 2016, 16:15)

    Rockstar Editor won’t export videos after this patch 🙁 PLS PLS PLS FIX IT and thank you

    p.s. also for the text tool, whatever you write in rockstar editor (for text tool and exporting, even the default project 1)t will yield you “The word you entered may violate terms of service” message.

  209. Javier Fernandez (11 Jul 2016, 0:42)

    wow great job guys my game have 100% better graphics now! and run very good THANKS A LOT if any spanish read this u can change the language in the steam_app.ini u need change the language line to spanish (para cambiar el idioma deben editar el archivo steam_api.ini con el wordpad y cambiar la línea language quitan el english y ponen spanish) el steam_api.ini esta en el directorio del juego!

  210. justify2 (12 Jul 2016, 22:00)

    someone please help me, my game only run on directx 10 after installing this now even when i changed it to 10.1 or 11 , i have gta v Reloaded installed please help, thank you

  211. Room (13 Jul 2016, 16:17)

    Work Perfectly..!!!

  212. Name bro (14 Jul 2016, 14:17)

    Crash after first story loading , any advice ?

  213. Benukas:D (15 Jul 2016, 8:57)

    Update 1.34 ? 😀

  214. egyaditama (15 Jul 2016, 21:07)

    latest update please :))

  215. Oscar (17 Jul 2016, 10:00)

    Hey, can you upload Gta V 1.34. so we Rage plugin hook would work, because RPH for v1.33 has been removed. Please
    Thank you a lot

  216. Oscar (22 Jul 2016, 0:57)

    please release the newest update

  217. little boy (22 Jul 2016, 21:57)

    Hi there, thanks a lot for the Update! I downloaded the Grand.Theft.Auto.X-RELOADED, patched it and played 2 minutes to see if it worked: it did! nice thing.
    I got a question, hope someone will anwser me: I played GTA V on PS4 (yeah I know that’s bad booo booo booo) and I wanted to play on my pc ’cause pc > ps4? anyways I didn’t really understand what this update do, because I can’t play online (and that’s obvious?) and it’s said to be “adding DLCs”… what are these? aren’t they only online content? can we play them?
    thanks for the anwser if anyone have it.

  218. Pizza (25 Jul 2016, 10:56)

    I have some problems with this Update. When I play the game, FPS drop from 60 to 1 every 2-3 seconds and the game is not playable. I had no problem whit the first reloaded version of this game but I can’t find a solution for this Update

  219. Northon12 (26 Jul 2016, 3:00)

    Could you upload the cunning stunts update, please?

  220. question (30 Jul 2016, 12:13)

    it says i have to login from steam client but i copied the crack. any help?

  221. Oscar (06 Aug 2016, 4:22)

    can you do the newest update please

  222. Ibrahim (07 Aug 2016, 15:23)

    It crashed with me
    it has stopped working can anyone help me to fix it ???????

  223. Akki (15 Aug 2016, 6:58)

    After installing this patch, Vehicles seem to be slower and handling is a bit off. I don’t if its due lspdfr or this patch. Anyone else having this issue.

  224. Blitz hokuto (16 Aug 2016, 0:03)


  225. avi (16 Aug 2016, 17:09)

    how to go online

  226. gabriel pino (18 Aug 2016, 23:13)

    es toy emosionado

  227. [email protected] fan (19 Aug 2016, 14:47)

    should i install the older updates before using this?

  228. blodgush (19 Aug 2016, 16:12)

    currently downloading fresh gta v 3dm client, does this update work?
    should i install previous update? or i can jump directly to this one?

  229. Greydrone (23 Aug 2016, 19:16)

    GTA 5 doesnt want to start playing. Requires bink and alpha

  230. Sandra (26 Aug 2016, 13:00)

    Guys I think that this is the 1.678.1 version of the game If I guess correct so for the users who look for the latest 9 dlc packs I am afraid they don’t find them here!! Anyway because I am a little curious I am gonna to download it(: If actually I have right about it guys you know where I can find the latest 9 dlc!??I don’t need the crack for latest if I am not wrong 1.0.791.2 update but because I have some knowledge about openiv I can add dlc packs without need to update the game!! Because I already download before the 1.678.1 version from skidrow on the past I can say for sure that is going to work for you guys!! skidrow crack games and updates are the best!!(:

  231. Fan skidrow (27 Aug 2016, 16:24)

    Plz the new ubtate?

  232. Fan skidrow (27 Aug 2016, 16:24)

    Plz the new ubtate?
    Where I can fiin him?

  233. chri (09 Sep 2016, 13:17)

    can i play on gta online?

  234. Kabir (11 Sep 2016, 7:36)

    Sir, I want to install this update but I don’t know how to install it, can you please tell me how to install the update. Please tell me. Thanks in advance.

  235. Kabir (11 Sep 2016, 7:38)

    Sir, I want to install this update but I don’t know how to install it, can you please tell me how to install the update. Please tell me. Thanks in advance.

  236. BABY (12 Sep 2016, 4:36)

    nice game 🙂

  237. UNK (13 Sep 2016, 21:42)

    When there will be the newest update ?

  238. Skidrow fan 995 (17 Sep 2016, 7:31)

    Sir, it shows Grand theft auto V has stopped working. please tepl me how tp fix it. Thanks

  239. Skid row fan 995 (17 Sep 2016, 16:44)

    Sir, it says grand theft auto v has stopped working. Please help me solve the problem. Thanks in advance

  240. VenomPL (27 Sep 2016, 16:37)

    Where is the next update? I promise , i buy this game later, but now i haven’t got money now , please

  241. Skid row fan 995 (02 Oct 2016, 15:52)

    Sir, it crashes after installing the latest version of script hook V. Any fix for that?

  242. anisdjekke (08 Oct 2016, 11:27)

    hey other_guy you can convert 3dm to rld

    here is a link

  243. Klosop28 (08 Oct 2016, 11:46)

    can i apply this to a Fresh install NoSteam GTA V?

  244. André Vaillant (10 Oct 2016, 10:43)

    Can you upload the updates 757.4; 791.2; 877.1 with Rockstar Social Emulator? Please!!!

  245. XxAWESOMExX (11 Oct 2016, 21:35)

    can anyone help
    i have a problem with my game
    when i am playing story mode
    it crashes
    it says
    i dont no why ? 🙂

  246. AkiraHayama (12 Oct 2016, 17:19)

    Does this crack allow me to play gta v online? please answer…

  247. UnlawfulSpoon (13 Oct 2016, 11:24)

    can we play this online?

  248. PedroO (15 Oct 2016, 22:36)

    Yeah, seems it`s not working anymore.. will it be updated?

  249. Sammy (15 Nov 2016, 19:09)

    Those using 3dm..Its working..just apply the steam fix then copy the files in this release as required
    I was on 3dm v5 crack v4 and it works for me..Just remember to move your saves to the new rld location at program data/social club..And delete the 3dm crack files

  250. Patryk182001 (20 Nov 2016, 18:29)

    Guys can you help me how to install this game?
    I don’t know how to install game.
    I have got two files (setup) but I can’t open them. Are these files are installation files?
    What I should do to install game?

  251. AAKASH DEASI (24 Nov 2016, 19:21)


  252. OPANDA (06 Dec 2016, 17:47)

    Setup Error Code -12. FIX? Please

  253. gonzo (09 Dec 2016, 22:05)

    When launched through GTAVLauncher, social club launches and says “Launcher error. Code: 115 The game was not launched via the Steam Client”

    When launched through GTA5.exe = program not responding.


  254. gonzo (09 Dec 2016, 22:25)

    Launching through GTAVLauncher, social club brings up “Launcher error. Code 15 The game was not launched via the Steam Client

    Launching through GTA5 exe = program has stopped working


  255. wawan (15 Dec 2016, 11:13)

    when i install the game in crack

    bink2w64.dll is missing
    GFSDK_ShadowLib.win64.dll is missing
    GFSDK_TXAA_AlphaResolve.win64.dll is missing

    i used windows 10

    please help me

  256. Vaibhav (01 Jan 2017, 14:49)

    Can I install this if previous updates not installed?

  257. SUNGOLD (18 Mar 2017, 11:31)

    I got error at loading story mode screen ERR_GEN_ZLIB. Please Help

  258. Prashant Singh (18 Jun 2018, 6:27)

    ummm, so this is not the game but only an update? LINK to the game plz?

  259. DahellNigga (08 Feb 2019, 4:28)

    is it working

  260. aggi (05 May 2019, 6:46)

    why i cant play this game? i was installed this game but when i launch this game they carry me to steam

  261. jinx (12 Aug 2019, 1:52)

    hello can anyone tell me how to put this update to my fresh gta? from fit girl

  262. WeArePurple (20 Aug 2019, 20:10)

    Hello!! Where to find gta 5 full game ???

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