Forza Horizon 4 v1.458.956.2 Incl All DLCs-Osb79

Posted January 3, 2021 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Forza Horizon 4 v1.458.956.2 Incl All DLCs-Osb79


Dynamic seasons change everything at the world’s greatest automotive festival….



Dynamic seasons change everything at the world’s greatest automotive festival. Go it alone or team up with others to explore beautiful and historic Britain in a shared open world. Collect, modify and drive over 450 cars. Race, stunt, create and explore – choose your own path to become a Horizon Superstar.

Title: Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 26 May, 2017

Support the software developers. BUY IT!

Install instructions:
1- Enable Developer Mod.
2- Run "install.bat"
3- Play from Start Menu icon
* Windows 10 1903/1909 is required
* Does not work on Win 10 2004

Forza Horizon 4 v1.458.956.2 Incl All DLCs-Osb79
Size: 91 GB





















    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel i3-4170 @ 3.7Ghz OR Intel i5 750 @ 2.67Ghz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia 650TI OR AMD R7 250x
    • DirectX: DirectX 12 API, Hardware Feature Level 11
    • Storage: 90 GB available space

Forza Horizon 4 v1.458.956.2 Incl All DLCs-Osb79
1. Extract
2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Alf (03 Jan 2021, 15:46)

    This Game stills locked on old Windows Version… So sad… I buy the game 1 month ago por 19$.

  2. vaquen (03 Jan 2021, 15:54)

    work in windows 20H2?

  3. First (03 Jan 2021, 15:55)


  4. Billie (03 Jan 2021, 15:57)

    Could some please please explain if this one crashes, and if it works on build 19042.685?

  5. CrazyTaxeeey (03 Jan 2021, 15:58)

    “Does not work on Windows 10 2004”

    ….. why ?

  6. Kenny thompson (03 Jan 2021, 16:03)

    first 🙂

  7. oniichan (03 Jan 2021, 16:06)

    Why do you keep uploading forza games when most of us are using 2004 or later versions? Can’t the crack makers update the crack version?

  8. jack (03 Jan 2021, 16:10)

    please try to make it work on version 2004

  9. José Luis (03 Jan 2021, 16:19)

    Me parece de POCA VERGÜENZA que estos srs de Microsoft sigan sacando Updates sin solucionar el problema de que el juego no funciona con el Windows 10 actual.
    Es de tener MUY POCA VERGÜENZA o ser unos ESTAFADORES

  10. pat (03 Jan 2021, 16:30)

    any idea how to get it running on 20H2 edition ?

  11. Alfan Andik Nugroho (03 Jan 2021, 16:36)

    we are all users of 2004 version even the newest one, but this is still at version 1903/1909.

  12. luigi (03 Jan 2021, 16:43)

    Oh my god! I think I just got erect seeing this game updated…

  13. Cunty (03 Jan 2021, 16:48)

    Goddammit you people are fucking stupid!! It says right in the fucking instructions that it only fucking works on fucking 1903/1909 you fucking retards!!!

  14. Jancis (03 Jan 2021, 16:50)

    Only wasted time for download and installing. Nothing works on Windows 20H2

  15. joseph (03 Jan 2021, 17:28)

    dont wait the VER… FORZA HORIZON 5 is coming…

  16. Vitão (03 Jan 2021, 17:33)

    I dont know what is the problem in using Windows 1909, guys you can get the ISO for FREE from Microsoft and you can install it in a 10GB partition (Youre already taking 90GB for forza so 100gb is not much)! Just dual boot it.

  17. ANWAAR (03 Jan 2021, 17:33)

    This game work on window 10 20H2

  18. Kinky (03 Jan 2021, 17:59)

    Better than Cyberpunk by a landslide, I’ll take it.

  19. Alex (03 Jan 2021, 18:10)

    Why does not work in win 10 2004????????? :C

  20. ANWAAR2 (03 Jan 2021, 18:12)

    Yes it works perfectly. Run as Admin. Win10 20H2 64bit

  21. StupidANWAAR (03 Jan 2021, 18:15)

    No stupid morron

  22. willwankintoyourmouthforfree (03 Jan 2021, 18:34)

    All you cocksuckers need to return to school for some lessons in reading.
    Read the fucking post fully you bunch of clits!
    For fucks sake is this really what modern society intellectuals have become.
    Reading is one of the first thing you learn after sucking your mommas tits…
    I’m going to blast my brains out now with an 8 bore shotgun…thankfully there is no coming back then and having to read retarded shit like the above from you lot!

  23. Emanuel Szabo (03 Jan 2021, 18:52)

    Work on windows 20H2 ?

  24. MV (03 Jan 2021, 19:17)

    Work or not in 20h2?

  25. ETE SECH (03 Jan 2021, 20:02)

    Alguien que me confirme si funciona en la version 20H2

  26. Madera IV (03 Jan 2021, 20:34)

    Hey guys, first I wanna say Thanks for all the effort you put here publishing new titles for Us, second, is there any chance you can get “firefighting simulator the squad” ? Thanks, greetings from Chile !

  27. adnane (03 Jan 2021, 20:49)

    why releasing this ? we are on windows 20h2 so get lost

  28. bog (03 Jan 2021, 20:53)

    is this one also ridden with trojan horses or nah? your windows defender screams when you install this shit

  29. Dejan (03 Jan 2021, 21:15)

    It`s not working on 20H2 version…. Don`t bother. I`m done trying to start this piece of shit game. Every time i see it uploaded i download and try but it`s not working. I`m done. I`m not downgrading my system because of one shitty game

  30. dfsdfsd (03 Jan 2021, 22:16)

    forza blows, who cares lol.

  31. oniichan (03 Jan 2021, 22:46)

    @Viitão not everyone has a spare 100gb nor want to go through all that fuss to install a fucking game.

  32. SirJohnDubs (03 Jan 2021, 22:49)

    If it doesnt work on WIn 10 2004 or 20H2 why you guys keep posting this shit?

  33. moravia (03 Jan 2021, 23:03)

    Please update for win 10 2004

  34. foff (03 Jan 2021, 23:20)

    Guys this game is literally 3 years old, sales every now and often for like $20
    I got free xbox pass for 3 months and this is free to play.
    Game is pretty bad tho honestly.

  35. Szadoes (04 Jan 2021, 0:23)

    SUPER7 it is ?

  36. Kadaaj (04 Jan 2021, 5:01)

    lol thanks , i’m controling my windows update , i didnt update my version to 2004 xD and i wont . the problem with the game is just crashes .. but apparently in online game , i saw some streamers playing and the game also crashed .. so i think its something normal lol

  37. Kruger (04 Jan 2021, 5:49)

    This game odd old version of this doesnt even run for me anymore. Ill try this one they added alot things púroblem is it gets bit boring afterwhile. Even if youre fun of arcade racing.

  38. Nitro (04 Jan 2021, 7:37)

    I like the game, but why isn’t there a possibility of having a crack that doesn’t matter what the windows version is?

  39. Windows Downgrade (04 Jan 2021, 7:37)

    does anyone know what are the downsides of downgrading windows from 2004 to 1909? and does it impact other files or games when downgrading?

  40. David Lopez (04 Jan 2021, 8:25)

    no funciona en windows 20H2.
    Hay que leer las descripciones!!!

  41. Alfa (04 Jan 2021, 11:18)

    Jose Luis – El Juego original funciona perfectamente, NO es problema de Microsoft, el problema es que los parches de seguridad del sistema oprativo Windows 10 que se introdujeron en la version 2004 (actualmente estamos en la 20H2) jodieron el crack a los crackeadores y ahora los crackeadores no saben saltarse todas las comprobaciones para hacer funcionar el juego sin comprarlo.

    Mirad en eneba que suelen ponerlo a 19€ y vale la pena, es un juego enorme! y como digo funciona perfectamente en mi W10 20H2 actualizado a 4-1-2021.

  42. jack sparrow (04 Jan 2021, 12:53)

    Thank you! works fine on my win 10 1909

    To all Win 10 ver 2K IDIOT users buy the fucking game you idiot crybaby

  43. Far Coughed (04 Jan 2021, 13:37)

    Keep the game files, because I’m confident there’s someone out there working on an installer patch. Patience is a virtue.

  44. DEWA (04 Jan 2021, 13:40)

    FINALLY THIS GAME.. i want to play this game but dont know which one to download. – Goooood

  45. TerinMahsout (04 Jan 2021, 13:55)

    Has anyone actually tried moving the three install folders and install bat file to windows/system32, enabling developer mode and running the install bat file as administrator? My PC has nowhere near enough grunt to run the game, but there’s no harm in trying.

  46. VirusOfCyrus (04 Jan 2021, 16:11)

    For SCUMBAGS saying “the game crashes” & claiming even the paid version crashes, Ive owned ALL Horizon games that are on PC & bought FH4 on release like 2+ years ago (Specs: i9 9900k, 32gb 2666mhz c15, 2x 1080ti’s, now have Aorus Xtreme 3090) & even in SLI 1080ti’s it has NEVER crashed once! Game is also A++ quality, you dont get better quality, high budget racing games, my only issue is the cars are sooooooo UN-realistic! There is barely any variation between the different cars & some cars like the race where u can choose a VW Baja Beetle, its IMPOSSIBLE to even win the race in that car as it will over-steer & spin out on EVERY damn corner no matter how u drive it! The ONLY thing Forza Horizon is good for is “driving” around in (NOT “Racing, just driving casually) but you really Need to be using a wheel. If you have to Pirate Forza Horizon then you CANT afford a Thrustmaster Wheel anyway so dont bother anyway! U cant afford a wheel u morons so u dont need this game!! DUH.

  47. ponoory (04 Jan 2021, 16:15)

    Its work on 20H2

  48. simonsudo (04 Jan 2021, 18:22)

    ne fonctionne pas avec windows 10 VERSION 20H2

  49. Azaaaz (04 Jan 2021, 18:22)

    LOL doesnt work. FUCK YOU

  50. HATTYR (04 Jan 2021, 21:17)

    the game runs FINE on 1909, but I uninstalled it 30min after I started because it sucks 😀 yeah the graphics are really good, but the whole driving experience is quite bad imho. And I played almost every racing title out there till 2020 so…. good luck

  51. Stupidponoory (05 Jan 2021, 0:21)

    Shut up ponoory retard guy !! doesnt work 20H2 fuck you looser

  52. RON (05 Jan 2021, 4:18)

    so guys let me tell u one thing that is forza horizon 3 is working in 20h2 but forza horizon 4 is not working in 2004 or 20h2 its only works in 1909 version thats the reason i have downgrade 20h2 to 1909
    and the forza horizon 4 is now working i have seen so many videos how to work in 20h2 but nothing is working so only works in 1909.

  53. Baron210 (05 Jan 2021, 10:50)

    I think I did one get this working , but not reliably in W2004 upgrade, from a fitgirl install and by totally taking out any app registration in Power she’ll script, the results registering in power she’ll but I might be barking up the wrong tree, it was the same for Forza 7 got that going, but it might be worth just doing a multi install on older version of this, I bougot both and also signed up to the Xbox basic subscription service where they are on for playable games, I find this a good game but it depends dsei what you want out of a game. Hope you can get it working, best the Baron.

  54. Hammer (05 Jan 2021, 11:30)

    Im running windows version 1909 and installation was fine, just had to enable Developer mode to install correctly

    But the game keeps crashing 5 seconds after the video starts in the beginning right about here

    game crashes everytime, if anyone have any solution please let me know

  55. SSSQ (05 Jan 2021, 12:28)

    Not working on windows 10 20H2, not even when you run it as admin and set the compatibility with windows 8. The people here that say it works are fucking liars and gigantic douche bags. getting this release out is like releasing a full unlocked shit with no crack available. Skidrow and Reloaded, we’re not proud of you from time to time. The problem is that the frequency of this type of release happen more and more often. I’m pissed loosing my time downloading unworking shits. The year starts bad…

  56. SSSQ (05 Jan 2021, 12:29)

    One day they will release Star Wars Squadrons, but it will onlmy work on windows 3.1 !!! ^^

  57. SSSQ (05 Jan 2021, 12:29)

    Worse, on fucking DOS !!! ^^

  58. Baron210 (05 Jan 2021, 13:14)

    I found it crashed just about around where that blue needle of the rev counter kicked in, putting in some commands for power she’ll script fixed it, it I scour the inter Web, I’ll copy, paste these in.

  59. Gustavo (05 Jan 2021, 17:12)

    @Hammer exactly the same here..
    Game crashes at loading screen..

  60. Gustavo (05 Jan 2021, 17:20)

    Game crashes at loading screen………

  61. Cafumango (05 Jan 2021, 21:19)

    Game crash wen i press enter, no way to solve problem

  62. MIKI (06 Jan 2021, 2:08)

    Windows defender think that can be a risk file to download and ask me for my premision, run or not run it beacuse i don`t want viruses in my pc?

  63. GameOn (06 Jan 2021, 7:07)

    @ALL, it works!!! On DOS 5.9 crash on DOS 6.22

  64. GameOn (06 Jan 2021, 7:14)

    @cafumango, if it crash when you press enter, there is a solution dude. DON’T PRESS THE ENTER!!! easy right..

  65. Hammer (06 Jan 2021, 10:59)

    @Skidrow Hey can you help us out ?

    Game still does not work of us even on 1909 game keeps crashing, also AV and firewall are turned off.

    Can you help us out with a fix ?

  66. Asmar (07 Jan 2021, 16:28)

    I have the 1.451 version.. Is there a way to update it.. Like download the update only? Instead of the whole game

  67. AdamantinCZ (07 Jan 2021, 18:59)

    Does it work for anyone? Any solution with crash if we press enter?

  68. Sammy (08 Jan 2021, 3:43)

    Guys seriously, no one can play this anymore, please relase 20H2 version, Please. None of us can go back to 1903 or 1909 . It’s just too much trouble for one game. Please release a version for 20H2

  69. kaliopy (09 Jan 2021, 19:59)

    take care if you like to change the install directory, u have to edit the install .bat step and add the path of the real directory for each register
    LIKE : Powershell.exe Add-appxpackage E:\Jeux\Forza_Horizon_4\FH4\AppxManifest.xml -register
    Powershell.exe Add-appxpackage E:\Jeux\Forza_Horizon_4\FH4_FortuneIsland\AppxManifest.xml -register
    Powershell.exe Add-appxpackage E:\Jeux\Forza_Horizon_4\FH4_Lego\AppxManifest.xml -register

  70. maciex30103 (11 Jan 2021, 18:14)

    ok guys, anyone knows why even thou there are DLCs, they are not working?

  71. jarek (12 Jan 2021, 18:01)

    ludzie seedy poproszę

  72. jamestayar (13 Jan 2021, 22:43)

    lucky mine is 1909

  73. Sammy (14 Jan 2021, 7:11)

    Guys with all due respect, Thank you for giving cracks but this particular game needs an updated version it’s no use releasing the versions nobody can use. Please release the 20H2 version. we cannot stop the windows updates. Please I beg you to reconsider and release 20H2 version

  74. Abdullah (14 Jan 2021, 16:15)

    please publish in parts i cant download in one file of 90gb.please please publish in 10gb or 5gb parts

  75. Ricardo (26 Jan 2021, 13:32)

    its been 1day and 16hours and the download still hasn’t completed.. Very Few People are seeding.

  76. Tom (29 Jan 2021, 18:38)

    When there are updates to the game, it is necessary to reinstall the game?
    Thank you in advance for your reply

  77. Luxky (07 Feb 2021, 19:50)


  78. Odilon (10 Feb 2021, 17:33)

    Why my game dont have executable ?

  79. Wii (11 Feb 2021, 17:43)

    Im with win 10 1909 version and when i run the .bat file it autocloses, And nothing happens. Help me.

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