Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition MULTi16-ElAmigos

Posted 10 Aug 2019 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition MULTi16-ElAmigos


Dynamic seasons change everything at the world’s greatest automotive festival….



Dynamic seasons change everything at the world’s greatest automotive festival. Go it alone or team up with others to explore beautiful and historic Britain in a shared open world. Collect, modify and drive over 450 cars. Race, stunt, create and explore – choose your own path to become a Horizon Superstar.

Title: Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 26 May, 2017

Support the software developers. BUY IT!

Install instructions:
1- Enable Developer Mode.
2- Install game.
3- Disable network card / block game with firewall,
4- Play from Start Menu icon
* Windows 10 is required (tested on build 1903)

• Fortune Island DLC.
• LEGO Speed ​​Champions DLC are included and activated (+ some small DLCs).

• Other DLCs

Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition MULTi16-ElAmigos
Size: 68 GB




















    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel i3-4170 @ 3.7Ghz OR Intel i5 750 @ 2.67Ghz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia 650TI OR AMD R7 250x
    • DirectX: DirectX 12 API, Hardware Feature Level 11
    • Storage: 90 GB available space

Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition MULTi16-ElAmigos
1. Extract
2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. PogChamp (10 Aug 2019, 1:55)

    Thank you Skidrow and to the Scene !! Great game

  2. Xander (10 Aug 2019, 1:58)

    THANKKSS . waiting this so long

  3. JoZ (10 Aug 2019, 1:58)

    mk11? .-.

  4. Osmar (10 Aug 2019, 2:00)

    First.. Downloading

  5. Xeon Gaming (10 Aug 2019, 2:16)

    peti po redu ona prva verzija nije radila nadamo se da si ispravio to

  6. Galinha (10 Aug 2019, 2:25)

    thank you i waiting long time for this

  7. Aca (10 Aug 2019, 2:29)

    ovaj radi

  8. C0nv3rsE (10 Aug 2019, 3:31)

    Tested? It works ???

  9. Borontua (10 Aug 2019, 5:08)

    Do you know if I can use this copy to replace the original game? Already bought the game, but I’m having troubles downloading it from the W Store.

  10. Galinha (10 Aug 2019, 5:44)

    doesn’t work on windows 1803

  11. OORageOo (10 Aug 2019, 6:04)

    Thanks a lot, @people stay on SEED !!

  12. Chris (10 Aug 2019, 6:05)

    Thankyou <3 waited ages for this one.

  13. spidipl (10 Aug 2019, 6:27)

    win 10?

  14. bixo solto (10 Aug 2019, 6:33)


  15. Konia (10 Aug 2019, 6:48)

    This version is same as LOOTBOX! But this version is much better as you can just install the game without inputting any command in PowerShell.

    Therefore, If you are using Win 10 1903, it should work!! By the way, if you are using Win 1903 but cannot start the game, please make sure that your internet is disconnected / setup firewall to block the game, or disable the antivirus program!!

  16. cacahuete (10 Aug 2019, 7:23)

    do you need to disble the network card every time you want to play? or just to install it?

  17. Headshot Master (10 Aug 2019, 7:28)

    hope it will work i am trying to play this game from 4 month ago

  18. Headshot Master (10 Aug 2019, 7:28)

    hope it will work i am trying to play this game from 4 month ago


  19. Vergank (10 Aug 2019, 7:39)

    Thank you sooooo mucchhhhhhhhhhh!

  20. Bojan (10 Aug 2019, 7:58)

    Does this works on Windows 7?

  21. Nicky (10 Aug 2019, 8:00)

    It does not start

  22. carllud (10 Aug 2019, 8:21)

    Is it works? on drive D? hope it works

  23. David (10 Aug 2019, 8:30)


  24. Wantiez Yannick (10 Aug 2019, 8:36)

    Joz : Forget about mk11 , that game is utter shit , fucked up roaster , require online for solo game ( what a joke ) , extremely big size for little contents , a bunch of dlc to comes ( great to take people like idiots by selling a game in kit ) , animation is awful , gfx are just ok . This game do have absolutely nothing for itself , it is the worst fighting game on pc since years and the worst one from the serie . The only thing mk11 do have is denuvo , and it can keep it and die with . End of story

  25. Kawsar (10 Aug 2019, 8:41)

    how to on developer mode?

  26. sank (10 Aug 2019, 9:02)

    the torrent waiting time is too long… speed slow down at 82%.
    Not complete downloading.

  27. Seed Madafakas (10 Aug 2019, 9:14)

    wtf guys seed after download there are lots of pips have to download seeeed madafakas

  28. Seed Madafakas (10 Aug 2019, 9:14)

    wtf guys seed after download there are lots of pips have to download seeeed madafakas

  29. my knew grows (10 Aug 2019, 9:37)

    not frst, im still amazing tho!

  30. Nesha (10 Aug 2019, 10:05)

    1st version is working this is also 1st version but a repack 😀

  31. Jurdan95 (10 Aug 2019, 10:13)


  32. dead (10 Aug 2019, 10:14)

    why i cant get pass after car selection… the game crashes to desktop whenever i select the first race on the map and the game crash…

  33. Elvish (10 Aug 2019, 10:21)

    Did everything right. When I try to launch the game from search bar, the logo appears for 2-3 seconds and disappears. Nothing happens after that. Please help

  34. Filip (10 Aug 2019, 10:28)

    Seems to work.

  35. Diplomasız Sahtekar (10 Aug 2019, 10:33)

    ElAmigos sürüm sorunsuz çalışıyor win10 1903 sürümde lootbox sürümünü bilmiyorum, o biraz karışık geldi. ElAmigos sürüm sabaha karşı torent’e düştü yakında codex sürümüde düşer.

  36. PAPAJA (10 Aug 2019, 11:04)


  37. NEMANJA (10 Aug 2019, 11:39)

    jel radi ovaj? 10 sam ih probao i ni jedan mi nije radio

  38. Gro (10 Aug 2019, 11:52)

    Does not fucking work.
    I followed the poorly written instructions, the game does not even launch.

  39. gerger (10 Aug 2019, 12:18)

    hope there will be a codex version

  40. Nesha (10 Aug 2019, 12:46)

    Nemanja radi onaj prosli ali sa direkt linka ne torent…
    A ovo je samo repack istog…

  41. elamigostard (10 Aug 2019, 12:56)

    This release is utterly shit.
    Does not work.

  42. Maitreya (10 Aug 2019, 12:57)

    THX ELAmigos for the rework this new cracked version seems a bit simplier.

  43. Panzer (10 Aug 2019, 13:25)

    I started playing with the gamepass (1 month) can I continue my progress?

  44. Pilili (10 Aug 2019, 13:33)

    Not work. Back to desktop.

  45. C0nv3rsE (10 Aug 2019, 13:33)

    Works for me like a treat. TESTED on Win 10 latest version!!! I downloaded the torrent, installed from the setup.exe, and just started the game. Just as simple as that. I just wanna ask, i saw that ingame name is Mr.LootBox, is a way that can i change that to something else? Thank you!

  46. gerger (10 Aug 2019, 13:39)

    can install
    cannot start

    on a 1803 system

  47. PisekOne (10 Aug 2019, 13:41)


    Musucie wyłączyć program do karty graficznej np msi Afterburn lub jaki tam macie i przestanie wychodzić do pulpitu 🙂

  48. PowerFromHell (10 Aug 2019, 13:59)

    Does this work on windows 10 1809?

  49. Uutt (10 Aug 2019, 14:07)

    1st torrent has corrupted files

  50. Nesha (10 Aug 2019, 14:12)

    Game is working perfectly totaly simple and ezzz..

  51. Time Ranger (10 Aug 2019, 14:52)

    It works in 1809 build ?

  52. Arisanta (10 Aug 2019, 14:53)

    no work…crash when try to start game…whit delopover mode and net off….this version el amigos its a shit…dont lose ur time downloading this version…

  53. RainbwSeal (10 Aug 2019, 15:02)

    Turn off MSI Afterburner, disconnect nectwork and its work perfectly!

  54. zolive (10 Aug 2019, 15:22)

    after the installation, you have to restart the PC for the game to work.

  55. Real Mills (10 Aug 2019, 15:42)

    Same shit… doesn’t work ! win10 1809…
    On many Forza H4 forum same problem unsolved !

  56. saverio (10 Aug 2019, 15:44)

    ho bloccato da firewall, messo il pc in modalità aereo, poi il gioco si apre ma subito dopo si chiude in maniera anomala !!!!

  57. Mikey (10 Aug 2019, 16:07)

    The fforza-horizon-4-ultimate-edition-multi16-elamigos torrent file got blocked can you pleas upload it.

  58. Kaljaster (10 Aug 2019, 16:32)

    Work fine win10 1903 and put developer on (el amigos) version works fine and fast

  59. ROBBY (10 Aug 2019, 16:50)


  60. BOB (10 Aug 2019, 16:54)


  61. Darkerm (10 Aug 2019, 16:56)

    Working fine with Win 10 latest 1903.
    Disable RivaTuner and MSI Afterburner to solve crashes

  62. Leiderg (10 Aug 2019, 17:48)

    torrent downloading at 30 kb/s are you kidding me? I hope all these idiots that DL it and can’t get it to work never do because they are the ones not seeding.

  63. Wantiez Yannick (10 Aug 2019, 18:17)

    Real Mills : can’t you read ???? You claim the game does not work on your Win 10 1809 . It is clearly says that you need win 10 1903 to have the game to works .

    For people who maybe have a prob there is also a crackfix on cs.rin for LOOTBOX version ( no idea if it is needed for Elamigos release )

  64. Nesha (10 Aug 2019, 18:21)

    Elamigos repack is working fine no crash on loading..

    If ur game crashes on loading then your gpu is weak..

  65. Rui Costa (10 Aug 2019, 18:28)

    thanks for upload!! Iam trying use my Xbox controler but cant use in game.. i already try with X360ce and xOut but doesnt wotk.. play with keyboard sucks lol

  66. Eric (10 Aug 2019, 18:38)

    Work on win 1903
    Thanks elamigos

  67. someidiot (10 Aug 2019, 18:43)

    @xeongaming ni meni nije stvar je kompliciranije je instalirat

  68. Heri (10 Aug 2019, 19:26)

    Need to have the xbox app? because my game doesn’t open, nothing happens (using W10 1903 “Lite” with store only)

  69. Zagasvili (10 Aug 2019, 19:40)

    Do i exactly need a developer mode, or sideload apps is enough?

  70. hellgamer (10 Aug 2019, 19:52)


  71. Lakku Pakku (10 Aug 2019, 23:23)

    This game work only with version 1903. On earlier versions it will crash. Same thing happened with me. Just Update the windows to latest version of 1903 and you are good to go.

  72. WoodenEye (10 Aug 2019, 23:37)

    Why you even bother to download this console piece of shit?

  73. Furkan (11 Aug 2019, 3:24)

    What is the difference between this and the lootbox edition?

  74. kokito27 (11 Aug 2019, 4:42)

    it just does not work I followed all the indications. I launch the start menu of forza, by turning off the network card and having activated the mod developer.

  75. tetsuo rasta (11 Aug 2019, 5:10)

    would this work on windows home 1803?

  76. Occasional Gamer (11 Aug 2019, 5:33)

    Hi Guys, I have downloaded and installed the game and its working perfect with no any issues yet.

    Only i faced issue while installing the game, got an error once installing. Then i have restarted my PC and disabled the internet and installed again with no issues.

    Keep in mind before running the game you need to block the Forza Horizon 4 app with windows firewall or any other firewall if you are using. I have used outbound rules and block the app using internet. Also you need Windows 10 latest version build 1903 to run this game. I suggest you to update your Win 10 with “Windows 10 Update Assistant” Google it. Cheers !!

  77. Leiderg (11 Aug 2019, 5:49)

    Works perfectly on windows 10 1903 if you know how to follow instructions (developer mode and blocked internet connection), does anyone know how to change the player name?

  78. Timoteon (11 Aug 2019, 7:01)

    Its working for some people a and some people no… even with all steps from youtube tutorial ” installing cracked forza horizon 4″.

  79. INFERNO (11 Aug 2019, 7:36)

    How to install Forza 4 Bypass By ElAmigos

    Very Ez to install

  80. Glime (11 Aug 2019, 7:43)

    How do you launch the game? I cannot find any .exe and it’s not in the start menu as well

  81. eagle vision (11 Aug 2019, 7:52)

    daaamn. It’s realy working! <3

  82. h00ngen (11 Aug 2019, 8:01)

    So I’ve installed the game on my 1903 version Windows. I disabled my internet connection, but when I start the game, at first glance it loads up normally, but when “Playground Games” icon shows up it freezes and just crashes. Can someone help me with that?

  83. Anas (11 Aug 2019, 8:29)

    GUYS READ THIS => be sure to update ur windows 10 to 1903! works fine without any problems!

  84. Wantiez Yannick (11 Aug 2019, 9:54)

    Furkan : The Elamigos version is lot easier and better to install . you just have to enable developer mode and install . Then disable network connection and launch game from start icon , that is it . ( no need to do all those crap commands with powershell , the install of elamigos does it for you ) .

  85. kelzo (11 Aug 2019, 10:01)

    when i launched fh4 it just showed a picture of it helppp

  86. cb1985 (11 Aug 2019, 10:12)

    Same as a lootbox version it’s impossible to play.Still waiting for working release.

  87. Bob (11 Aug 2019, 10:18)

    The game probably works..but only in 1903 version of Windows 10. Don’t work to me with 1809 so i’m just to update and try to prove that.

  88. Apero (11 Aug 2019, 10:57)

    i downloaded, did everything but instead of exe file, when i pressed twice it was just iconic with small picture, can u help me with that please!!!!

  89. David Lopez (11 Aug 2019, 11:01)

    works great!!! Thanks!!

  90. cb1985 (11 Aug 2019, 11:51)

    @Bob i have 1903 win version it changes nothing game still is not working.

  91. Sub Zero (11 Aug 2019, 12:03)

    @Apero open from the start menu

  92. Massimiliano Loschi (11 Aug 2019, 12:06)

    update windows 10 AND set rivatuner statistics server to detection level NONE and it works. this game is not overlay friendly

  93. Sihil (11 Aug 2019, 12:28)

    So it won’t work on 1809?

  94. Marek (11 Aug 2019, 12:49)

    Is someone who Can run this game

  95. Dz1kUsS (11 Aug 2019, 13:26)

    Checked. Works great.
    Important For the game to start, you need to upgrade Win.10 to version 1903. And block the game in the firewall.
    Personally, I installed the game on the old version of win.10 with the antivirus running and connected to the network. The game has been successfully installed. Finally, I updated win.10 and blocked the game in the firewall.
    The game has started correctly and works great. Only online services are missing in the game. 🙂 It’s a pity …


  96. DzIkUsS (11 Aug 2019, 13:30)

    Checked. Works great.
    Important For the game to start, you need to upgrade Win.10 to version 1903. And block the game in the firewall. Personally, I installed the game on the old version of win.10 with the antivirus running and connected to the network. The game has been successfully installed. Finally, I updated win.10 and blocked the game in the firewall. The game has started correctly and works great. Only online services are missing in the game. 🙂 It’s a pity …


  97. ry89 (11 Aug 2019, 13:57)

    worked when i updated to 1903

  98. Marvellun (11 Aug 2019, 14:10)

    Easy to install..better than lootbox.
    Running smooth and fine.

  99. Monster212 (11 Aug 2019, 14:20)

    game works perfect, will only work on windows 10, make sure you block with your firewall and you turn off msi afterburn if you have it installed.. also seems to only work with windows 10 1903 … i tried on a lower version of 10 and it did not work.. also make sure you turn on developer mode. very simple and it works great been playing since last night.. one thing people need to learn is bitching abouit a free game that dont work then go buy it if you wanna play it.. this game needs a good gaming pc.

  100. Lorkass (11 Aug 2019, 15:36)

    hi all, i have a problem, the icon front start menu of forza hirzon 4 is RED (or pink) no ?
    because i have already play with official version, with the game pass for 10 buck by month, and when i tty on lunch it, i have the message : your microsoft account dont containt this game….

  101. Adrian (11 Aug 2019, 16:08)

    When i start it after instalation, it says that i need to renew game pass subscription, how do i fix that?

  102. AngelInTheGame (11 Aug 2019, 16:51)

    the icon to make it start where it’s in the start menù? i get a game image icon!

  103. scaras (11 Aug 2019, 17:19)

    how can i change name in game (mrlootbox)?

  104. denis4587 (11 Aug 2019, 17:44)

    this game works perfectly , i have win 10 1903 i install and disconnect internet for play

  105. carlos (11 Aug 2019, 18:17)

    hello i need installapp, someone please

  106. DarkKnight (11 Aug 2019, 18:36)

    Thank You very much

  107. Zeta (11 Aug 2019, 18:55)

    For those having troubles with the install, this is how I managed to make it work:

    1) Check for version: right click start button > system – Be sure your windows is version 1903, if not update win till it’s 1903.

    2) disconnect wi-fi / remove ethernet cable and make sure any antivirus is turned off.

    3) Enable developer mode: Config > Updates > for developers > Developer mode > Accept (might install a package)

    4) Mount .iso and run setup.exe (as adminastrator just in case)

    5) Once finished use windows search bar and search “firewall” to find and open windows defender firewall.

    6) Go to Advanced configuration > Outbound rules

    7) Look for forza horizon 4 there and Right click > properties > select block > Apply > Accept

    8) Launch game from start menu & enjoy.

    Remember to add your installation folders as an exeption in your antivirus program / windows defender.

    This is step by step what i did and is running flawlessly, hope this helps somebody. (btw i’m not an expert,if this don’t work 4 you I’m as lost as you are)

  108. Nesha (11 Aug 2019, 19:08)

    U dont need to disiable network..Or block game exe in firewal..Just upgrade to win 1903..

  109. Stinkingsnatch (11 Aug 2019, 19:32)

    Tried everything & it just does not start, seems to try & then just CTD.

    windows 1903
    Riva & after burner off
    disconnect net
    installed in developer mode.

  110. John Feat Hugo la brion (11 Aug 2019, 19:51)

    Game work perfectly !!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS ELAMIGOS

  111. Anon (11 Aug 2019, 20:21)


  112. Pedro (11 Aug 2019, 21:13)

    GUYS i can confirme game works fine in 1903

    i had 1803
    then i upgrad to 1903 from

    then just wait, game will works fine!

  113. cb1985 (11 Aug 2019, 21:36)

    @Pedro maybe for you but for me and many others it’s not working (on newest windows 10).

  114. Hengler (11 Aug 2019, 22:11)

    how to change the name of the character? thanks.

  115. Rui Costa (11 Aug 2019, 22:38)

    Thanks!!! game work fine on win 10 1903… if u use MSI afterburner and river turner u need close before open game… i folow steps and mine its working verywell

  116. LordMichaell (11 Aug 2019, 22:52)

    Hey guys, is anyone having issues playing with a steering wheel? I have a t300rs and I just won’t be recognised by the game.
    Some help would be appreciated.

  117. Gman (11 Aug 2019, 23:17)

    Has anyone downloaded from the “1fichier” link and turned up with corrupted files?

  118. max (11 Aug 2019, 23:22)

    Works fine once i updated my windows.

  119. OhHelloHowAreYou (11 Aug 2019, 23:26)

    Is it just me or not all DLC’s are installed?

    I can’t get the mitsubishi pack to work, and i get a “failed to download required marketplace data” error message. Other than that the game works great, just follow the simple steps and you’re good to go.

    Don’t forget to seed.

  120. Nakianu (11 Aug 2019, 23:41)

    @LordMichaell , no problems with an g27 , no idea why yours wouldnt work , maybe look on thrustmaster forums or forza forums for a solution

    too all other bietches that cant read and follow instructions , stop complaining and saying shit dont work , get an brain and maybe next time you can play aswell

  121. Yusuf (12 Aug 2019, 0:29)

    Hello, I am new here and I downloadet the Game and also installed it, and runned the setup and aslo finished it, so where is the game there are a lot of folders but couldn’t find the Game??
    thank you

  122. Obseck (12 Aug 2019, 0:46)

    Not working even though i did everything @Zeta recommended. It opens a window with the image and then it closes seconds later.

    Windows 1903
    No connection + firewall blocked
    Anti virus turned off

  123. Obseck (12 Aug 2019, 1:43)

    Windows 10 1903 // Firewall blocking it or no connection // antivirus off // no MSI afterburner or else

    It launches the main window for 5 seconds before closing it

  124. Ledie (12 Aug 2019, 3:20)

    Please boyss seed the TORRENT!!!!

  125. jack (12 Aug 2019, 4:35)

    Game works fine here, Win 10 1903, RTSS + MSI AB + Wallpaper Engine disabled (this 3 cause crash)
    I finish Winter Season yesterday… So the game ran perfectly (win 10 1903 just to remember).

  126. UrielDias (12 Aug 2019, 4:42)

    Follow this: (working 100%)

    How To Install:
    1: Make sure developer mode is enabled on your Windows 10 (google “windows 10 enable developer mode” if you don’t know how)

    2: Go into each directory and delete/rename the AppxBlockMap.xml, AppxSignature.p7x and AppxMetadata/ files

    3: Rename “ForzaHorizon4” in to “Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_1.332.904.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe”

    4: Apply LOOTBOX emu to game files

    5: Install each game/expansion (MUST start with base game) using “Add-AppxPackage -Register AppxManifest.xml” in each directory on an ADMIN PowerShell
    (Hold shift right click in folder > open powershell windows here > add “Add-AppxPackage -Register AppxManifest.xml” without quote > press enter.)

    6: Start game using Windows start menu (you can’t run .exe directly as it’s a UWP app)

    Important notes:

    Block game executable with firewall. If you don’t, it will likely crash (haven’t tested).

  127. kalis (12 Aug 2019, 6:20)

    xbox game pass costs 4.66 USD

  128. Tonnyhax (12 Aug 2019, 10:14)

    game installed (win 10 build 1903) and firewall blocked but in start menu folder is an icon which only show me picture window (u know sth like icon picture); game isn’t running.. what to do

  129. SwissPitBull (12 Aug 2019, 10:40)

    Working without any trouble… can you fix forza 7? After first loading screen it autoclose without any error… tryed everything…

  130. Comander (12 Aug 2019, 12:31)

    hello all i have installed withe enabled developer mode, and witheout internet. i blocked the game in firewall. the icon, is not withe a path to the installing folder. after install and restard my pc,, nothing happends. aint going. wasting time. game is not work!

  131. UKM_LoneWolf (12 Aug 2019, 12:43)

    @Nakianu not all the people have the same settings, or the same apps installed. This program doesn’t works fine in all PC’s. If you can understand this, maybe you willl be a good person in the future. By now, yoiu are a little piece of rat shit

  132. Dave (12 Aug 2019, 12:57)

    I downloaded the game on torrent, in stalled from winrar, i blocked the (microsoft sunrise….) game file the one that starts the game in firewall, i disabled my internet, and started the game from start menu and literally nothing pops up , not a single thing, its like i never clicked anything. Clearly it’s not working and i dont know whats wrong. I also have the windows 10 updated to 1903 and also enabled developer mode.

  133. Casper (12 Aug 2019, 13:58)

    Everytime i have tried to download from any of the sites, it says, there was a server problem just 2 gbs before the game has fully downloaded, do anyone know why? and the torrents are just awfully slow…

  134. Spotlight (12 Aug 2019, 14:12)

    I mean I cant rly download the game cus peoples CAN’T FUCKING SEED THIS GAME …. JUST SEEEEDD THE GAAAME IF YOU DOWNLOAD IT MEN

  135. usa usa usa (12 Aug 2019, 15:30)

    Works like a charm on my 4 yo PC.

    windows 10 1903
    developer mode on (just google its real ez)
    download from torrent in 8 hrs
    extract Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition
    installed setup.exe as admin on my C drive
    restart computer
    uncheck Forza Horizon 4 in firewall setting
    unplugged eternet cable from my PC
    started Forza Horizon 4 from the start menu.

  136. Anonym (12 Aug 2019, 15:31)

    This is proper garbage. It runs at “60” fps, but if freezes every 2 seconds. Also, when trying to exit, it froze my whole PC. Don’t install this.

  137. arson55 (12 Aug 2019, 17:41)

    guys stop asking whether it will work on 1803 or whatever. it will not work on anything other than 1903. stop asking if you can change the ingame name, you can’t. stop saying the torrent has corrupted files, it doesn’t. you just messed up by leaving your antivirus open while downloading the torrent. windows defender recognizes the some cracked files as malicious software. how have you still haven’t learnt this for fucks sake? read the instructions properly. if you do it right, and you have the proper windows 10 version, and it’s installed in C, it works. if it doesn’t, you did something wrong. if you don’t wanna fiddle with any of this, you are free to go ahead and buy the game. now fuck off

  138. darkWolf (12 Aug 2019, 17:55)

    Torrent download slow Baixei World WarZ em um dia todos jogos daqui baixo rapido e esse forza praticamente não baixar fica muito tempo e não passa de 5% o torrent não baixa no maximo da internet fica só 100 kbps

  139. haim (12 Aug 2019, 18:30)

    working great 100%
    update the windows 10 to the 1903 (its the lasts build)
    disable any antivirus\ any firewall\ firewall windows. just everything!!!
    make sure that the developer mode is on.
    install the game.

  140. paulo martins (12 Aug 2019, 18:53)

    just install, and play.
    tested,work fine.

  141. Neveritt (12 Aug 2019, 20:07)

    Instalei, fiz tudo certo e o game abre e fecha, antivirus desabilitado.

  142. Kamil (12 Aug 2019, 20:20)

    Dont work at windows 10 ver.1903, the shortcut its a picture and nothing else. Developer mode is active and internet conection disabled.

  143. Darko (12 Aug 2019, 20:58)

    Radi igra jebo vam Saša mater!

  144. arogan303 (12 Aug 2019, 22:31)

    this is free or need donate for password?

  145. gamergfs (13 Aug 2019, 0:31)

    its work in 1903 🙂

  146. Rawr (13 Aug 2019, 1:15)

    i’m not sure why some of you still not updating to 1903, it’s an automatic update afterall. for me it’s just as easy as installing normal program. no additional step required other than turn on developer mode, heck i even turn on my antivirus and internet.

  147. NickK (13 Aug 2019, 6:37)

    To start off… When i first downloaded this game from here (elamigos release) having updated to Windows 1903 and enabled developer mode didn’t fix the problem for me…. The Game would not start and would close everytime I tried launching it…So what fixed it for me is the following :
    1.Step Make sure you have the latest version of Windows 1903
    2.Step Enable Developer mode… Under Settings /Update and security /For developer’s
    3.Step Disable Windows defender and any other antivirus (The download does not contain malware but cracked files which are registered and seen by an antivirus like a threat)
    4.Step Disable Windows Firewall Both for Home and Public connections
    5.Step Make sure you are the admin of the computer to do the above
    And that’s basically after the steps you install the game and it should work…
    Now for those you have previously attempted to install the game…. If you try to reinstall it now you will not be able to see the icon on start menu… So the fix to that is Running command prompt as administrator then type in powershell. exe after you are in powershell try to find the SunriseBaseGame Apps. Manifest (a tutorial on how to do that can be found on YouTube)

  148. Wantiezisthebiggestcocksuckerinthisfuckingsiteprovemewrong (13 Aug 2019, 7:08)


  149. harrae (13 Aug 2019, 9:59)

    installed the game and it starts up.
    1 problem is that the game keeps crashing after about 10 mins of game play , not sure how to fix the app crashing problem. When it crashes there is no errors or boxes that pop up it just completely shuts down the app.

  150. pecintawanita (13 Aug 2019, 12:26)

    its work after i close msi afterburner

  151. Kamil (13 Aug 2019, 12:57)

    Game starts up but after prologue it crash, every time i tried to run free drive game keeps crashing.

  152. Gustavo (13 Aug 2019, 13:48)


    I’m having the same problem, sometimes it crash just when buying a car or upgrading it

  153. mejahjaja (13 Aug 2019, 13:49)

    tq like a charm..

  154. Kris (13 Aug 2019, 15:58)

    Downloaded, am seeding, i have windows 10 pro 1903 developer activated, firewall blocked, AV shut down, i run it, it starts, throws me to this playground commercial, crashes. i have Nvidia 1600, I5 3.00Ghz 8GB ram 64x-
    tried disconnecting internet Cable, restarted, did everything. sill crashes on the same spot, that speed dial commercial,when playground logo starts blinking

    anyone has any fix for that ?

  155. dante (13 Aug 2019, 17:23)

    can’t find anymore Forza horizon 4 shortcut on stratup menù, after a reinstall! can someone pls help me???

  156. harrae (13 Aug 2019, 19:21)


    mine hasn’t crashed at the car purchase screen, i looked up some solutions and yours could be crashing due to lack of memory. You should try clear your ram with RAMMAP (google it) then “empty standby list”. I’ve also tried terminating the app from settings on start bar. Starting to run out of idea. I have 32GB ram so i doubt insufficient memory is the issue for me but you should give it a try

  157. Eze97 (14 Aug 2019, 1:04)

    After install… there is no icon in the Start Menu :/

  158. XamiXXI (14 Aug 2019, 2:39)

    Work fine on Win 10 Pro 1903. Awesome…
    Thanks 4Share

  159. IvMar (14 Aug 2019, 13:35)

    tried to install with developer mode, still missing files, no icon in start menu

  160. pepe (14 Aug 2019, 14:06)

    my pc:
    gpu:Asus gtx 1080 16gb ram
    cpu: amd 8320 8 core
    ram:16 gb
    motherboard: Asus sabretooth am3

    Windows versión 1903
    internet off and blocked forza 4 in firewall
    developers mode on
    antivirus off
    And the game doesnt woks!!
    only appears the logo 2 or 3 seconds and it close

  161. Gustavo (14 Aug 2019, 17:14)


    Thanks, gonna try it
    Holy… 32GB of ram haha

  162. laulausport (14 Aug 2019, 18:01)


    merci pour le up du jeux beau travail !!!

    fonctionne trés bien suivre ce qui est indiqué instalation trés rapide .

    merci continuer comme ça 😉

  163. ionas (14 Aug 2019, 18:29)

    game freeze in loading screen. cant play
    i did everything
    any possible solution?>

  164. Anthwan (14 Aug 2019, 19:55)

    Worked perfectly to fix the error of not seeing the start menu icon u have to use the lootbox way and activate the game using powershell.exe

  165. Jilani (15 Aug 2019, 17:17)

    Do i need to install this game in windows drive, Like we did back in Forza 3 and Forza MS7.

  166. enede (15 Aug 2019, 19:08)

    works fine guys , jus before install be sure to desconect the internet , then you can connect it without a problem

  167. Oyee (15 Aug 2019, 20:43)

    Works after updating to 1903. My DS4 even works after a few tweaks.

  168. Neo Cortex Pilote (16 Aug 2019, 10:17)

    Problème à la décompression juste après avoir cliqué sur le setup.exe

  169. MrMajster (16 Aug 2019, 21:37)

    Hey anyone could tell what i make wrong when have crash to despot when pressing enter in main menu?? 🙂

  170. Riley (17 Aug 2019, 9:26)

    Hello. J’ai beau tout essayer, impossible de jouer : le jeu se lance mais une fois arrivé sur la 1ère cinématique du jeu, dès que j’appuie sur ENTER, retour direct sur le bureau. Pourtant j’ai tout suivi à la lettre au niveau de l’installation. Je comprends plus rien. Le crack doit pas être compatible avec tous les PC, c’est pas possible autrement.

  171. pecintawanita (17 Aug 2019, 23:40)

    @pepe : disable msi afterburner

  172. WTF (18 Aug 2019, 22:51)

    I just wasted half a day with this shit. I have W10 1903, dev mode on, internet off and still no icon with forza on start menu. What a bullshit. All that hope for nothing

  173. Lucas (19 Aug 2019, 5:14)

    Can you play online? I mean in a Lan network

  174. youngmikasso (20 Aug 2019, 19:51)

    Where is the game save folder?

  175. TAY (20 Aug 2019, 20:01)

    after 57.2% installing it stops with this error :

    An error occured while unpacking; Unable to read data!
    Unarc.dll returned an error Code: -6
    ERROR : file read operation failed

    i try it to install 5 times, everytime same error

  176. Juiz98 (22 Aug 2019, 14:02)

    It works just fine
    Thankyou guys :]

  177. JACKJACK (22 Aug 2019, 20:42)


  178. Phil96 (24 Aug 2019, 16:09)

    Hello. The game works fine for me. I just got a little bit of problem. Every time I try to buy a car (or just get one from the shop) it just crashes while saving the car. When I load the game again, I have the car i tried to get. But when I just drive or race it doesn’t crash at all. Please help, it’s so annoying.

  179. Mecho (25 Aug 2019, 17:15)

    Hi everyone. sorry for my english from now. I installed the game as it said in the description i have windows 10 1903 and laready updaited my drivers and directx. The game is blocked from firewall i even watched a video on youtube to be sure i am doing everything good, The problem is when i start the game its going fine in the prologue but when it wants from me to press “enter” to continue it crashes…. Help

  180. AngelInTheGame (26 Aug 2019, 18:38)

    why do i press start to start and bring me to the desktop closing the game? until a few days ago everything was going smoothly!

  181. zurflute (29 Aug 2019, 8:45)

    hello on windows 10 where is the rungame file for play ?
    i have all files but not rungame on w10 board


  182. angelinthegame (29 Aug 2019, 21:46)

    in start menù search exe and add on desktop

  183. Darkish (03 Sep 2019, 5:28)



    If not drag and drop the FH4_AutoUWP.ini onto the FH4_AutoUWP.exe

    Hope this helps.

  184. Razvan (03 Sep 2019, 9:22)

    You have that car package from Mitsubishi on this version of th game?

  185. saverio (03 Sep 2019, 10:57)

    ho lo stesso problema anch’io …. da qualche giorno il gioco crasha dopo aver spinto ENTER nel menu principale del gioco


  186. angelinthegame (04 Sep 2019, 19:22)

    il gioco le prime volte partiva, poi di colpo schiacciando start, esce dal gioco sempre! penso accada a tutti, strano cmq!

  187. ronnie (06 Sep 2019, 16:46)

    Everyone who is having problem with starting the program or its crashing to desktop even after you’ve done everything that has been instructed, You need to do this as well…

    INSTALL all vcredist files (ex: 2005, 2007,2010,2015,2017) because this is what helped me NOT crash to desktop.

    Hope it helps you guys

  188. bigturd (08 Sep 2019, 2:06)

    cpu usage fix please

  189. saverio (08 Sep 2019, 17:04)

    sono sempre io, niente neanche aggiornando c++ NON VA !!! … siamo in tanti ad avere lo stesso problema, adesso sto provando a reistallare tutto, vi farò sapere

  190. horzone44 (12 Sep 2019, 18:44)

    crash au demarrage instant

  191. ixion (20 Sep 2019, 11:03)

    Hi everyone,

    I just bought a subscription from Xbox game pass for just 1€. Now i can play the original Forza Horizon 4 and Gears 5 without a problem. It is great price and you have a big list of games to play.

  192. Anish (25 Sep 2019, 3:09)

    what i get in powershell when i run the command Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CFF, To install this application you need either a Windows
    developer license or a sideloading-enabled system.

  193. Kartoonzy (26 Sep 2019, 13:41)

    what’s the point of posting broken shit? srsly, what do u get from posting broken shit on the site, claiming it is working when is really not working at all?

  194. Pedro (26 Sep 2019, 13:48)

    @Kartoonzy: if it doesnt work for u because u are stupid doesnt mean its not working for others

    game work fine for me.

  195. cjrcl (29 Sep 2019, 17:34)

    Only works on Windows 10 1903
    Developer Mode must be enabled
    Install Visual C++ Redistributable 2015/2017 x64
    No AntiVirus Software be running

  196. Supreme Maitreya (07 Oct 2019, 20:31)


  197. Janindu (12 Oct 2019, 17:45)

    Thanks! Works like a charm! 🙂

  198. XcentY (15 Oct 2019, 15:05)

    Works Perfectly.
    Dev mode –> install without any prob.
    added \Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition\FH4\Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_1.332.904.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.exe as new rule to windows firewall without activating the rule -> it’s the way to block it with windows.
    Started the game . No problem ^^
    Beautiful game 😀
    Thanks a lot

  199. Victor (28 Oct 2019, 23:18)

    Followed Zeta’s instructions and the game is running just fine. Been really looking forward to playing this. Thanks a lot!

  200. MACI (29 Oct 2019, 9:58)

    can’t buy all Mitsubishi’s :c
    but the game works very fine, thanks a lot!!!! <3 (1903)

  201. Shoe (07 Nov 2019, 19:10)

    Installed Visual C++ 2015 and it’s working great now, thanks guys!

  202. regis (09 Nov 2019, 18:42)

    Rivatuner statistics server makes it crash at start. Just turn it off before launch the game

  203. oggy (06 Dec 2019, 1:20)

    install game play it works fine , close the game and now i cant start it i missing star icon where is it how to find it how to start the game please help me

  204. oggy (07 Dec 2019, 1:04)

    any help people
    how can i find start menu icon of forza 4
    or how can i start the game again ?

    please help me :=)

  205. oggy (14 Dec 2019, 2:25)

    I reinstall the game and now game works just fine
    no lag no crush all is fine . . .

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