Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition-LOOTBOX

Posted 08 Aug 2019 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition-LOOTBOX


Dynamic seasons change everything at the world’s greatest automotive festival….



Dynamic seasons change everything at the world’s greatest automotive festival. Go it alone or team up with others to explore beautiful and historic Britain in a shared open world. Collect, modify and drive over 450 cars. Race, stunt, create and explore – choose your own path to become a Horizon Superstar.

Title: Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 26 May, 2017
Credit To: MrLootbox (Cs Rin Forum)

Support the software developers. BUY IT!

Install instructions:
1- Make sure developer mode is enabled on your Windows 10
2- Go into each directory and delete/rename the AppxBlockMap.xml, AppxSignature.p7x and AppxMetadata/ files
3- Rename "ForzaHorizon4.exe" in "\FH4" to "Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_1.332.904.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.exe"
4- Copy the files from the LOOTBOX folder to the game folder in \FH4
5- Install each game/expansion (MUST start with base game) using "Add-AppxPackage -Register AppxManifest.xml" in each directory on an ADMIN PowerShell
6- Start game using Windows start menu (you can't run .exe directly as it's a UWP app)

Important notes:
• Block game executable with firewall. If you don't, it will likely crash.
• Your save game is in "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\SAVES"
→ This gets DELETED when FH4 is uninstalled, so make sure you back it up (the whole folder) if you think
you'll ever want to re-install.
→ This save game data is not compatible with the Microsoft Store version.
• As the main .exe name needs to be changed, if you run things like Rivatuner (RTSS) their built in
exception list will have ForzaHorizon4.exe listed.
→ To work around this you'll need to add a user exception to not inject it's overlay into the new exe name.
→ Any DLL injection into FH4 is frowned upon from its scanner (and will cause crashes even in the Microsoft Store version).
• You can only have the Microsoft Store version, or mine, installed at one time.

Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition-LOOTBOX
Size: 85 GB



























    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel i3-4170 @ 3.7Ghz OR Intel i5 750 @ 2.67Ghz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia 650TI OR AMD R7 250x
    • DirectX: DirectX 12 API, Hardware Feature Level 11
    • Storage: 90 GB available space

Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition-LOOTBOX
1. Extract
2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Selarm (08 Aug 2019, 20:44)

    No Way FH4 is cracked xD

    Anyway thanks for the effort !

  2. dash11 (08 Aug 2019, 20:45)

    thanks skid

  3. Marcelo Reis (08 Aug 2019, 20:46)


  4. firas (08 Aug 2019, 20:47)

    nooooo wwaaaaaaaayyyyy

  5. poupapis (08 Aug 2019, 20:48)

    Omg thx fuck thx !!!!

  6. Hardud (08 Aug 2019, 20:50)

    Thanks man, going to try it.
    this gonna be challenging to be able to play this one ^^

  7. DrDis (08 Aug 2019, 20:51)

    Finally! even if already i bought it!

  8. cuzão (08 Aug 2019, 20:54)

    First nessa porra

  9. mehmet can (08 Aug 2019, 20:56)

    anlayan bir türk varsa nasıl yapacağımızı bana mesaj atabilirmi mehmetcanyildirim92 instagram hesabıma anlamadım nasıl kuracağımı :/ 🙁

  10. Rezmax (08 Aug 2019, 20:57)

    God bless you lootbox, can you help us with heavy rain / beyond two souls?

  11. AutoGG (08 Aug 2019, 21:09)

    lol i just download FH 3

  12. Xyda (08 Aug 2019, 21:09)

    Holy Shit, Freaking 85GB.

  13. DRD31 (08 Aug 2019, 21:14)

    I FUCKING LOVE YOU <3 (i wanted to buy it some days ago, but i waited AND I WAS RIGHT) You're a god

  14. President_OF_USA (08 Aug 2019, 21:47)

    there is Only 1 ReaL GOD….ALLAH the Best CREATOR of the creators ALL PRAiSES TO him because he is the only one deserves praising and WORSHIPING.

    am sorry for all my sins and ignorance please forgive me and THANK YOU ALLAH FOR EVERYTHING 🙂

  15. anotox (08 Aug 2019, 21:53)

    uptobox link please

  16. Rbantez (08 Aug 2019, 21:56)

    its cheap now! ty for share

  17. Milick (08 Aug 2019, 22:30)


  18. progrid (08 Aug 2019, 22:35)


  19. Nuka (08 Aug 2019, 22:40)

    Has anyone downloaded and installed yet? I’ve been waiting for a long time for this thanks skidrow!!!

  20. NNF AJ (08 Aug 2019, 22:45)

    I’m now downloading it really cracked?

  21. Crackwatch (08 Aug 2019, 23:20)

    on crackwatch it is not cracked

  22. Bambyno (08 Aug 2019, 23:28)

    First…ty ……

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  24. President_OF_USA (09 Aug 2019, 0:10)

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  25. ganjar (09 Aug 2019, 1:12)

    aviable on window 7 ?

  26. bau_man (09 Aug 2019, 1:51)

    Finally thx so much

  27. Sergio (09 Aug 2019, 2:08)

    Galera e SkyDrow. Infelizmente, no quadro acima, com as instruções de instalação e Notas Importantes , não está sendo possível ler as linhas do texto por completo. Estão com o texto, incluindo nomes de arquivos a serem excluidos ou renomeados cortados pelo quadro. Será que tem como consertar isto? Abraço…

  28. Ritik Verma (09 Aug 2019, 3:42)

    first thanks

  29. 7stars (09 Aug 2019, 3:50)

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  30. What in the HECK time (09 Aug 2019, 3:50)

    Its been 84 YEARS!.jpg

  31. WebPCMaster Brasil (09 Aug 2019, 3:55)

    Sergio, para você conseguir ler as instruções de instalação por completo é só você usar a barra de rolagem horizontal que aparece no fim do texto, logo abaixo de tudo que está escrito acima!!!

  32. hooray (09 Aug 2019, 4:22)

    crackwatch says it’s cracked. but you do have to do several steps to make this work

  33. JoZ (09 Aug 2019, 4:22)

    MK11 pls!!!

  34. Attique Ur rehman (09 Aug 2019, 4:37)

    THanks Skidrow

  35. Hossain Ahamed (09 Aug 2019, 4:44)

    No Google Drive Link!!!

  36. ponoory (09 Aug 2019, 4:51)


  37. Blanc (09 Aug 2019, 5:36)

    2 idiotic online hate preachers spotted lol sounding disturbingly very similar to the hate fueled terrorists and the idiotic president. gotta wonder what kind of people and society raised them

    Forza 4’s Scottish, Welsh and English tracks look excellent, filled with a satisfying career mode, challenges and online races. Worth a buy if you’re a racing game fine.

  38. gamemaster (09 Aug 2019, 5:43)

    thanx for uload , but who should understand this manuel.

  39. 131431341 (09 Aug 2019, 6:06)

    downloaded, followed instructions but still doesnt work. just shows the picture of forza when I run then it disappears.

  40. OdriG (09 Aug 2019, 7:44)

    This guy should’ve done an installing tutorial, like wtf is an Admin Powershell

  41. Satch (09 Aug 2019, 7:54)

    yo, how do you use powershell to install expansion

  42. Bito (09 Aug 2019, 7:54)

    Este juego merece ser comprado por lo que trae yo lo compre por 30 y lo juego cada que puedo una compra muy recomendada

  43. Je moeder (09 Aug 2019, 7:56)

    Untill windows has a new update like all the previous ones, i wouldnt change all those things in my system to get this to work… will not be happy haha

  44. Fucking Nonstick! (09 Aug 2019, 7:58)

    85GB what a fucking hell nowadays these games!

  45. sami (09 Aug 2019, 8:00)

    I will still wait for CPY crack

  46. shiina (09 Aug 2019, 8:13)

    state of deacy 2 heartland pls

  47. renan (09 Aug 2019, 8:18)


  48. Jack (09 Aug 2019, 8:24)

    how do work to install the game via PowerShell?

  49. Meetingpote (09 Aug 2019, 8:49)

    Not work on windows 10 1803, error with vcredist (installed)

  50. siksik (09 Aug 2019, 8:55)

    Its not cracked guys its just bypassed and i believe now codex will provide us proper crack

  51. smith (09 Aug 2019, 8:56)

    error on Release date …….. 2017 ?? it’s release on october 2, 2018

  52. Noeaton (09 Aug 2019, 9:15)

    Can you please make a video how to install it cuz from the instructions I’m not getting it

  53. miengo (09 Aug 2019, 9:15)

    un videotutorial no estaria de mas xD

  54. Noeaton (09 Aug 2019, 9:26)

    Can we get a video how to install it?

  55. President_Of_Palestine (09 Aug 2019, 9:39)

    Fuck the sionisme

    The end of the Zionist reign is coming to an end, insulted if you will but you will not hide for long.

  56. ponoory (09 Aug 2019, 9:40)

    U guys rly dont know what is PowerShell? run as admin? omfg
    Play tetris!

  57. Nesha (09 Aug 2019, 10:06)

    Heeree u gooo 😀 I made an installation video for u guys but vice versa game crashes on startup ..
    I”m using windows 10 pro 1903…

    Tried unpluging lan cable,disiabling network adapter,blocking in firewall still the same..

  58. Inuki (09 Aug 2019, 10:06)

    for real? haha

  59. Real nib (09 Aug 2019, 10:06)

    Runs well on mine so far and has only crashed once and i’ve played for quite some time.

  60. Meetingpote (09 Aug 2019, 10:26)

    No package to install on powershell :/

  61. cb1985 (09 Aug 2019, 10:26)

    it does not work after every step of installation done.

  62. VOID (09 Aug 2019, 10:50)

    Guyz it DOES work as follow :

    Steps 1 to 4 are already done (at least for the link)
    Step 5 : to install the package in FH4 do as follow :
    -Win+R open Powerhell with admin
    -Choose the drive where u installed it (if not C:) by taping the letter of ur drive then ” :” then press enter
    Ex: D:
    Result: D:\>
    Now ur in the drive where its installed.

    To stay easy , open the window where uve installed the FH4 folder then copy the pass but the letter of the drive, then tape “cd” , paste the pass previously copied then press enter.
    Ex: D:\> cd Games\FH4
    Result: D:\ Games\FH4>
    Now u can add the command line “Addpackage -Register..” *see up for the complete line since we cant copy paste here*
    Ex: D:\ Games\FH4> Addpackage[…]
    Result : quick install of the icon in your startmenu “Forza Horizon 4”. Should unplug internetcable/wifi down (but i forgot once and it worked anyway.) Launch it and enjoy !

  63. moun (09 Aug 2019, 11:17)

    … it s space …
    this tuto so long …

    No files apx in the archevory after download that …

    and info say :

    Extract and play …

    I test in mode easy for see ….

  64. God_is_a_terrorist (09 Aug 2019, 11:22)

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  65. Pene (09 Aug 2019, 11:36)

    Great news, but can someone crack F1 2019 please

  66. carbon (09 Aug 2019, 11:43)

    1- Windows 10 gelistirici modnunun acik olmasi gerekiyor, kapali ise acin
    2- Yüklediğiniz yerdeki AppxBlockMap.xml, AppxSignature.p7x ve AppxMetadata/ dosyalarini silin
    3- Yüklediğiniz yerdeki ForzaHorizon4.exe’nin ismini Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_1.332.904.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.exe’ye cevirin (sadece adini degistiriyorsunuz)
    4- LOOTBOX klasöründeki dosyalari, oyunu yüklediginiz yere kopyalayip yapistirin, degistiriyim mi diye sorarsa degistirin.
    5- Tüm eklenti paketlerini yüklemeniz gerekiyor (önce ana oyunla baslayarak). Bunu yapmak icin windows powershell acmaniz gerekiyor (calistir’a powershell yazin, ve yönetici olarak yapmalisiniz). Yazacaginiz komut, tirnak isareti olmadan: ” -Register AppxManifest.xml”
    6- Start menüsünden oyuna girin. Yüklediginiz yerdeki exe’den oyuna girmez.

    Onemli notlar:
    -Güvenlik duvarinda oyunun internete erisimini engelleyin yoksa oyundan atabilir
    -Save dosyasinin yeri notlarda belirtilmis
    -Save dosyasi oyunu silerseniz siliniyor, ileride devam edecekseniz yedekleyin
    -Save dosyaniz oyunu satin almaya karar verirseniz orjinal versyonla uyumsuz
    -Abuk subuk eklentiler modlar yüklemeyin, uyumsuz
    -Gereksiz bilgi
    -Gereksiz bilgi
    -Ayni anda hem bu hem de orjinal versyon yüklü olamaz.
    Sizin icin yaptigim iyiligin haddi hesabi yok serefsizim

  67. 123456 (09 Aug 2019, 11:48)

    Guys, if you did the installation correctly and the game opens and closes still, then try installing on your system drive i.e. the C:/ drive. That was the case with FM7.

    Also, if you don’t even know what a windows powershell is, you shouldn’t be trying to pirate install games as you don’t know shit about what you’re doing. You can open powershell by simply typing powershell in your start menu. It’s a console like cmd in older windows versions. As for being an admin on powershell, it just means opening up powershell when you are f*king admin. If you don’t know how to be an admin on your computer, then god help you.

  68. cb1985 (09 Aug 2019, 12:03)

    once again i did all steps(no errors in powershell) and still i can’t play the game.Maybe in few days codex will do working crack.

  69. YaniVenneno (09 Aug 2019, 12:38)

    will it work on windows 10 version 1803 ???

  70. Nesha (09 Aug 2019, 13:02)

    Nah what ever i try it doesnt work…

  71. WoodenEye (09 Aug 2019, 13:15)

    Who give a shit if this allah game works. Its 4 years old!
    If you have so much time to dl it and try to tweak it to work, make that time uselfull and go to work
    and buy it. fucking leeches.
    Shit game anyway, only speed up climate change.

  72. 1 (09 Aug 2019, 13:21)

    IT WORKS! THANKS! how can I copy the crack info, I want to save it. thanks

  73. Jeremiah (09 Aug 2019, 13:30)

    Thanks !

  74. suck (09 Aug 2019, 13:37)


  75. LewdMan (09 Aug 2019, 13:37)

    assassin creed odyssey update please thank you

  76. swagggerr (09 Aug 2019, 13:50)

    If anybody is having a problem on startup, like crashes and etc. try upating your windows to 1903

  77. Spaniard (09 Aug 2019, 14:04)

    Tried everything. But crashes after 3/4 seconds.

  78. Pratham Panwar (09 Aug 2019, 14:04)


  79. Pedro (09 Aug 2019, 14:58)

    Guys looks like game is not working on 1803 , you need to update ur windows to 1903!

  80. deffyall (09 Aug 2019, 15:08)

    olá, algum brasileiro poderia me ajudar com a instalação??

  81. Minchul Lee (09 Aug 2019, 15:13)

    thx man!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. ryzen 2700 16gb ram gtx 1060 ps vita ps4 ps3 xbox xbox360 xbox one (09 Aug 2019, 15:14)

    worst shit ewer

  83. Moon (09 Aug 2019, 15:21)

    sorry for my bad english.

    Ty for help Void, with your explain it s ok with my bad english .. but not a noob ^^

    developper mode ok, step 1-4 ok but do nothing just verified tha, so install ok, Powershell in admin ok for fh4 and the 2 extansions.
    Yes i have launch the line powershell in the 3 directory.

    Forza horzon 4 icone window star ok, i see that, firewall and co ok …

    I launch, but nothing … no connexion internet and co .. nothing ..

    i lauch and nothing … no loading .. no error… nothing …

    I have no the place for this game in my c: .. a old ssd 119go… sniffff
    i think my error come that …
    My game is in d: game:fh4 …

    A idea …???
    I wait for new version too … ty for help

  84. Moon (09 Aug 2019, 15:30)

    No work in version 1803 … ??? no see that sorry

    ty … i update and test that ^^

  85. Mr.Boiii (09 Aug 2019, 16:21)

    game has one week cycle season change how the hell that thing worked for the cracked version ?

  86. Moon (09 Aug 2019, 16:30)

    Upadate my win 10 in 1903version.

    I launch, and bammm the game it s ok 🙂

    Thank you all for your help^^

    enjoy yesss

  87. Calebe Porto (09 Aug 2019, 16:49)

    por acaso eu baixei o forza horizon 3 ontem ai fui baixar a dlc agora e vi que conseguirar lançar o 4 kkkkkkkk agora vo baixar esse ne :v

  88. danilou (09 Aug 2019, 17:48)

    451 people connected and only 3 seeds!! come one guys !! a little help…

  89. pyfo (09 Aug 2019, 18:02)

    copy info? copy anything on this site?
    use ur fuckin brain!!!

    here s a hint: 200 years ago monchs also copied books. how? they fuckin wrote it down…!!!
    stupid pieces arssessssss ;)=)

    but here s something usefull:

    screenshot – print it – scan it using ocr

    got it? if not… get lost

  90. ODIS (09 Aug 2019, 18:06)


  91. ZEQ (09 Aug 2019, 18:07)


  92. UKpitbull (09 Aug 2019, 18:11)

    Install instructions are available on Y/tube.

  93. Uthread (09 Aug 2019, 18:14)

    @deffyall, cara, aqui não funcionou também, mas estou com a versão 1803 do windows, vou atualizar para a versão 1903 e ver se resolve.

  94. Deusups (09 Aug 2019, 18:19)

    It looks like the game will not work whatever you do. I followed the tutorials, installed base game first, then the DLCs. Used Powershell as admin. Blocked the game exe in firewall. STILL NOT WORKING!!!

  95. Nesha (09 Aug 2019, 18:33)

    Game is woorking yeeeees 😀
    Just download from 1fishier not from torrent ( Torrent files not working)

    Tutorial for installation

  96. ponoory (09 Aug 2019, 18:51)

    Everything works great! 100% Just follow the instruction!
    Again – THX!

  97. Coco (09 Aug 2019, 20:25)

    Can anyone confirm that game runs on 1803?

  98. Tsone (09 Aug 2019, 20:28)

    OH BOI…………….deja vu (song going)

  99. Supreme Maitreya (09 Aug 2019, 20:43)

    Massives thx for you MR LOOTBOX and congratulations for the crack skill.Even if it seems a bit complicated to apllicate ll instructions,i will do it next time.Peace,love and harmony !

  100. Crownet (09 Aug 2019, 20:48)

    Working only on windows 10 1903
    and enjoy!!

  101. LeCobain (09 Aug 2019, 21:48)

    It worked! Thanks!

  102. AMIR (09 Aug 2019, 21:57)



  103. muslim apostate (09 Aug 2019, 22:01)

    alah command to treat non beliveers second class and rape and kill. Also dont be friends with jews and christians. ALAH IS SATAN DEMON! FUCK ALAH !

  104. Ares71 (09 Aug 2019, 22:25)

    Wohoooo this masterpiece! THX!!

  105. Uthread (09 Aug 2019, 22:29)

    Working 100%! Torrent version. You have to update your Windows to version 1903, or it will not work. It was crashing for me too. After windows upgrade from 1803 to 1903, it’s working now 100%.

  106. totolab (09 Aug 2019, 22:50)

    Work on a 1903 cracked windows ?

  107. Jay (09 Aug 2019, 23:00)

    The crackers are trolling us hard. No txt file to copys from, have to type everything, torrent versions will not work only the ones from direct link.

  108. Coco (09 Aug 2019, 23:08)

    Please confirm if i can run it on 1803? TY

  109. Ttpp Bs.As (09 Aug 2019, 23:45)

    Es un juego que depende mucho del online, recibe actualizaciones constantemente. Recomiendo que si realmente lo quieren, lo compren,vale la pena. Si les funciona con el crack (que lo dudo) no lo disfrutaran ni un 10% que el original.

  110. WebPCMaster Brasil (09 Aug 2019, 23:50)

    Olá deffyall, atualize seu Windows 10 para a versão 1903, o jogo só roda nesta versão do Windows 10 e use este tutorial de instalação que vai funcionar 100%!!!

  111. Nordik (10 Aug 2019, 1:18)

    Torrent files seems not to be working

  112. Trustn01 (10 Aug 2019, 7:03)

    THX Skidrow. It works like a charm for me. Great Job Lootbox

  113. ilightwas (10 Aug 2019, 7:39)

    Look guys, the torrent files are just fine. I did have a problem with it but as I suspected, the windows anti virus messed it up.

    To get it working simply go in the windows menu type Virus (it will show up as the first option) and hit enter. Under Virus & threat protection settings, go into manage settings, turn off real-time protection, scroll down and find the Exclusions.

    Click on Add or remove exclusions and select the folder that has the torrent downloading.

    Then go to the torrent files and delete the .exe (TheForza Horizon.exe if you didn’t renamed it yet) and force a recheck in your torrent client so it can re-download any corrupted files.

    I almost forgot, if you already installed it before, uninstall before reinstalling it. Uninstall the expansions first.

    After the torrent re-download follow the instructions and install, everything will work.

    Then you can turn real-time protection back on again.

    I updated the windows version to 1903 but maybe it would work in the other windows 10 versions I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

  114. sank (10 Aug 2019, 9:03)

    the torrent waiting time is too long… speed slow down at 82%.
    Not complete downloading.

  115. XD1 (10 Aug 2019, 9:57)

    Nobody is seeding! Please seed so people can finish their downloads! Don’t stop seeding after you finish your own download!

  116. sdqwe (10 Aug 2019, 10:59)

    How can i delete it i downloaded it to wrong disk pls help me

  117. Char (10 Aug 2019, 11:06)

    Waited so long for this game, no seeds on the torrents so looks like we will be waiting alot longer before we actually get to play 🙁

  118. Yo (10 Aug 2019, 11:07)

    Hey, I tried installing fh4(not in system drive) and it won’t open tho i did everything right. So I tried copyin it to system drive and do the process again but i didn’t uninstall the previous one with powershell, any idea how to do so?

  119. Shanks (10 Aug 2019, 11:16)

    Hey someone knows how to uninstall the package using powershell?

  120. Char (10 Aug 2019, 11:20)

    Only 22 weeks left to download……

  121. Daniel (10 Aug 2019, 11:46)

    You MUST upgrade to Windows 10 1903 to play!

    NOT work on 1803

  122. hI2019 (10 Aug 2019, 12:33)

    If you are using Firefox browser, at the end of the URL address there is an icon, Toggle Reader View (F9), activate it, then you can copy the boxed text. After that, click the INFO tab on this page (5 tabs in total with INFO being the last tab), repeat the step above and you can copy the comments 🙂

  123. dead denuvo (10 Aug 2019, 13:55)

    LOOT BOX , can you crack OCTOPATH TRAVELER TOO ??


  124. Arber (10 Aug 2019, 15:26)


  125. Gamer (10 Aug 2019, 16:47)
  126. Lei Keylosh (10 Aug 2019, 18:07)

    Guys, the torrent files really work. But first:
    1 – Update your Windows to 1903. If the installation is stuck or doesn’t work for some reason using automatic Windows Update, download MediaCreationTool1903.exe from Microsoft website and create an iso. Then mount that iso and install from it. Be sure to disconnect any external hard drives or Usb drives such as Wifi receivers from your computer before installing to avoid errors. Also remember to click the option “Keep all my files and settings” on the installation, otherwise your system will be wiped clean.
    2 – Follow the instructions posted here to the letter to install the game. If you don’t know what Powershell is or how to operate it or if you don’t know how to add a Firewall entry for an exe file, ask Google first.
    If you did all of the above, just start the game from Start menu. Guaranteed it will work.

  127. CC (10 Aug 2019, 22:34)


  128. DRD31 (11 Aug 2019, 1:42)


  129. KEv (11 Aug 2019, 2:20)

    Just a tip, if you found that you’re unable to copy text or right click in a webpage, try disabling javascript and then refresh the page.

  130. Gulda (11 Aug 2019, 2:52)

    I extracted from winrar, but i cant find the setup what to do plz if any one can advise step by step

  131. gosu1902 (11 Aug 2019, 4:12)

    fix crash: rename file to Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_1.332.904.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe
    not Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_1.332.904.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.exe

  132. Dany (11 Aug 2019, 5:40)

    Only have 1 question,all the dlc’s are included and working in this version?

  133. pk (11 Aug 2019, 7:56)


    Great Man you are. I’ve checked mine and my was ending with Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_1.332.904.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.exe.exe , sure it will not work, after rename to Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_1.332.904.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.exe (one exe after dot) it works fine, thx !

  134. AndreySoky (11 Aug 2019, 8:48)

    works 100%

  135. TestSubject2394 (11 Aug 2019, 10:59)

    Was starting and then closing again… Worked after updating windows to 1903! Thanks!

  136. Kiteklate (11 Aug 2019, 11:17)

    My game crash when I press “Enter” to start the game

  137. FarmerGary (11 Aug 2019, 11:27)

    Game crashes right after starting the first race. Could do the other two but i cant progress to do any other races. Any help please

  138. jar (11 Aug 2019, 12:01)

    Launcher crashing after 2 sec FIX.

    From: The Ultimate Forza Motorsport 7 Solution Guide

    Method : Take ownership of your Harddisk and grant “ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES” access to important folders
    Explanation : This might solve some problems with Windows-Apps and security-based file/folder permissions.
    Risklevel : High

    Open up the Command Prompt as (Admin) and type the following.

    takeown /A /D Y /SKIPSL /R /F .
    icacls “c:\Program Files” /c /t /grant “ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES”:F
    icacls “c:\Program Files (x86)” /c /t /grant “ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES”:F
    icacls “c:\ProgramData” /c /t /grant “ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES”:F
    icacls “c:\Users” /c /t /grant “ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES”:F
    icacls “c:\Windows” /c /t /grant “ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES”:F

  139. marja iepland (11 Aug 2019, 14:40)

    shit not for win7 fuckk!!!!!!

  140. zsooooooooookkko (11 Aug 2019, 17:51)

    Working well! need last Win 10 update!

  141. Steve (11 Aug 2019, 20:17)

    The game fully works after following the steps, apart from the DLCs cannot be installed as it says developer mode is not on when it is. Not too bothered though because I still have the full game now (Ultimate Edition as well). Thanks Lootbox.

  142. ahmet (11 Aug 2019, 20:55)

    oyunu az önce indirdim direksiyon setiyle müthiş hissiyat veriyor efsane oyun

  143. Bun (11 Aug 2019, 21:22)

    This is the error I keep getting. Please help
    Add-AppxPackage : A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name ‘RegisterAppxManifest’.
    At line:1 char:17 + Add-AppxPackage -RegisterAppxManifest.xml + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (:) [Add-AppxPackage], ParameterBindingException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NamedParameterNotFound,Microsoft.Windows.Appx.PackageManager.Commands.AddAppxPackageComm

    PS D:\Games\Forza.Horizon.4.Ultimate.Edition-LOOTBOX\FH4> Add-AppxPackage -Register AppxManifest.xml
    Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CF9, Install failed. Please contact your software vendor.
    Deployment Register operation with target volume F: on Package
    Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_1.332.904.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe from: (AppxManifest.xml) failed with error 0x80070003. See for help diagnosing app deployment issues.
    NOTE: For additional information, look for [ActivityId] b70d533e-5087-0001-5bb0-0db78750d501 in the Event Log or use
    the command line Get-AppPackageLog -ActivityID b70d533e-5087-0001-5bb0-0db78750d501
    At line:1 char:1
    + Add-AppxPackage -Register AppxManifest.xml
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : WriteError: (D:\Games\Forza….ppxManifest.xml:String) [Add-AppxPackage], IOException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DeploymentError,Microsoft.Windows.Appx.PackageManager.Commands.AddAppxPackageCommand

  144. hi (12 Aug 2019, 4:21)

    not working on 1803

  145. Vini.Da.Boss (12 Aug 2019, 13:28)

    I’ve enabled developer mode before installing
    I’ve disabled network card and it was already allowed passed my firewall when i checked
    When i open the game it crashes after 3 seconds only displaying the game icon
    Does this work for anyone? Please helpp ive been waiting so long same as you guys x
    Any help appreciated

  146. Char (12 Aug 2019, 18:43)

    Done about 5 races now its just constantly crashing once loaded

  147. Tibolis (12 Aug 2019, 21:32)

    Yes it works like a gem 😉

    Ived try with Windows10 V.18xx and didnt work at all, after 1st screen, exit do desktop.

    Its necessery Windows10 V.1903, after upgraded to this version it work like a gem.

    Thanks to the Scene.

    Drive like crazy on the game but Drive with caution in real life …

    Good Drivring …… Bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .

  148. Criminalyst (13 Aug 2019, 0:19)

    Crash right after “press enter to start the game, i dont know why, some help pls 😀

  149. Jagger (13 Aug 2019, 1:13)

    Charlise Terres you sucks hard, stupid girl

  150. somebody_to_love (13 Aug 2019, 10:02)

    Its not the religion, its not the god, its the human

  151. CrashDummy (13 Aug 2019, 14:28)

    This game in general crashes more than me driving around, i bought the original and i gave up after 33% complete, i just pissed me right off crashing all the time, trying to play my bro online and every race… crash to desktop, why Microshyte? Why? Im hoping the pirate version will be better, so far it’s crashed a couple of times, once when it applied a car tune up, but it did save my tune-up, and crashed once during random driving at the festival hub.
    SO my verdict is …. it still crashes!! Bollox to you Microsoft!! Shitheads!! Your games are always a fucking problem, richest damn company in the world and they can’t afford to make their games stable!
    Especially a great game like this, ruined by Microsoft as usual. Pricks! Thats all i got to say.

  152. Rares (13 Aug 2019, 15:16)

    How much space do you need before installation ( Torrent + Game ) ?
    Because I have a 240 gigs SSD and im running low on space.
    Thank you, guys!

  153. Si811 (13 Aug 2019, 17:21)

    did anyone manage to get the powershell step to work, i just get errors. what am i doing wrong?

  154. bicholl (13 Aug 2019, 17:36)

    When the game crash, i uninstall Microsoft C++, and reinstall it (2015-2019 version), restart the computer and running foza again. Always works.

  155. Criminalyst (13 Aug 2019, 20:11)

    for the people o crash when press the start, unistall grafic driver and instal a older one, it works for me

  156. TOMSON (14 Aug 2019, 1:19)

    thanks so much!!

  157. Gabocdn (14 Aug 2019, 1:55)

    How can I change de username MrLootBox in the game? Thanks

  158. Xpapa,DOC (14 Aug 2019, 4:59)

    Hello, game crashing right afther starting first race. Any help please?

  159. kerol (14 Aug 2019, 10:50)

    hard to control handling delay

  160. lefozi (14 Aug 2019, 13:52)

    didnt work in 1803 windows version plz help!

  161. Hellgamer (14 Aug 2019, 16:42)

    Hello my game is not change the seasons! Please help

  162. haroun (14 Aug 2019, 18:33)

    how i can start the game i cant find the icon ? help pls

  163. bbb (14 Aug 2019, 18:52)


    Powershell errors – enale developer mode i windows (type “develop” in search option and you will find it)

    if 1803 windows version does not work -> update to 1903, it’s working on it (to check your version on windows -> right click on start -> system

  164. Jay (14 Aug 2019, 23:09)

    Hello, Im having an issue with this, I installed the torrent one then noticed that was buggy, so I downloaded the fisher1 and thats great but when I try to add the files again in Powershell it says its there still is there a way to remove it all and start fresh?

  165. JP (14 Aug 2019, 23:26)

    Hey after the security update today from windows the tgame stoped working

  166. Otavio (15 Aug 2019, 5:10)

    WTF IS Admin Powershell ? Instalation tutorial please

  167. Tyr (15 Aug 2019, 14:29)

    Hi all, need help. After reinstall FH4, DLC Lego and Fortune Island dont work and I dont know what to do 🙂

    Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CFB, Uvedený balíček je již nainstalován a jeho přeinstalace b
    yla zablokována. Podrobnosti naleznete v protokolu událostí AppXDeployment-Server.
    Another user has already installed an unpackaged version of this app. The current user cannot replace this with a packa
    ged version. The conflicting package is Microsoft.Expansion2 and it was published by CN=Microsoft Corporation, O=Micros
    oft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US.
    NOTE: For additional information, look for [ActivityId] eeae52a6-5367-0000-3172-aeee6753d501 in the Event Log or use th
    e command line Get-AppPackageLog -ActivityID eeae52a6-5367-0000-3172-aeee6753d501
    At line:1 char:1
    + Add-AppxPackage -register AppxManifest.xml
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : ResourceExists: (D:\hry\fh4\fh4_lego\AppxManifest.xml:String) [Add-AppxPackage], PSInval
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DeploymentError,Microsoft.Windows.Appx.PackageManager.Commands.AddAppxPackageCommand

  168. Samuel Gauthier (15 Aug 2019, 15:35)

    After windows did an update cannot play it anymore…

  169. fufu (15 Aug 2019, 16:22)

    bonjour j’ai prie le jeux sur se site et il ne fonctionne pas pour moi j’ai vu qui manquer le dossier AppxMetadata j’ai fait tout ce qui et dit sur le tuto et il fonctionne pas je les prie sur un autre site j’ai fait le tuto et il fonctionne

  170. Gyjai (15 Aug 2019, 18:58)

    Hey Tyr,
    i’ve had the same issue and find a solution 🙂

    -Copy the line Get-AppPackageLog… with all the numbers
    -Apply it
    -Then Powershell will tell you the full name of the dlc it is Microsoft.Expansion2_1.312.645.2_neutral__8wekyb3d8bbwe
    Copy it
    -Then say to PowerShell:
    remove-appxpackage and paste the line with full name

    Then Reinstall the dlc with Add-appxpackage …

    Hope it will works for you too

  171. Rodrigo Gonçalves (15 Aug 2019, 23:35)

    this is the real game, 100% work
    thank you my frien for downloading

  172. Tyr (16 Aug 2019, 4:53)

    Hey Gyjai

    Work perfect. Thank you very much

  173. Nomi (16 Aug 2019, 8:59)

    Hi. Every one. I downloaded the game from ocean of games it was 68 gb version. Updated my windows 10 1903. Disabled real protection. Enabled developer mode. Installed it. Blocked in Windows firewall. Ran it from start menu. And bingo works perfect with no issues at all.

  174. hasan (16 Aug 2019, 13:51)

    Thanks but can’t buy any mitsubishi cars

  175. Kedzin (16 Aug 2019, 17:14)

    Mitsubishi dlc not working! How to fix?

  176. yaseen (16 Aug 2019, 23:00)

    i need someone help me to intstall game on my pc
    can u 🙁

  177. kylo (17 Aug 2019, 16:15)

    I get IsDone.dll error. unarc.dll returned an error code -12 when trying to install. Failed crc Check

  178. Rafael Freitas (17 Aug 2019, 18:49)

    PRESS CTRL+F in the folder to open PowerShell in Admin MODE

  179. Matthew Childs (18 Aug 2019, 0:15)

    i’ve installed the game but cant find any file to start it? have no anti virus, can anyone help?

  180. jayz (18 Aug 2019, 10:51)

    u guys experience steering delay?

  181. Snager (18 Aug 2019, 16:58)

    I have a problem with all releases, i cannot register the game for some reason, I already installed the game once and it worked for 1-2 hours and than when i tried to run it again it crashed every time on loading screen.
    the windows powershell is showing me this at the start of the isiue, “deployment failed with hresult: 0x80074cf9 install failed. please contact your software vendor”.
    would love to hear any solutions, thanks.

  182. Rodolfo Buch (18 Aug 2019, 18:02)

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  183. Anurag (18 Aug 2019, 18:43)

    The game is crashing right after the first race starts, tried multiple times any fix?

  184. 王建強 (19 Aug 2019, 7:09)

    can some1 give me GeoChunk4.minizip?
    at Forza.Horizon.4.Ultimate.Edition-LOOTBOX\FH4\Media\Tracks\UK\GeoChunk4.minizip file? my rar file extracting got corrupted

  185. henri (19 Aug 2019, 7:16)

    Here TUTORIAL step by step FORZA HORIZON 4 working

  186. rip (19 Aug 2019, 8:46)

    .exe is not found.

  187. MUJI (19 Aug 2019, 12:32)

    Does not work for me please guide.

  188. Tincho (20 Aug 2019, 2:47)

    CRASH in the garage, someone with the same problem?

  189. robert37 (20 Aug 2019, 17:43)

    Umm, I did everything right and it does not even load, just shows me a bunch of dll missing files errors. Call me when u got a good crack 🙂

  190. xxgamerxx (20 Aug 2019, 21:10)

    I ran this game with i5 3470 3.2ghz,rx550 itx aero by msi 2gb ddr5 and 16gb ddr3 1600 4x4gb on high in 1080p avg fps 45-46

  191. danilou (21 Aug 2019, 0:03)

    i’ve been playing for hours , and it’s running fine. Don’t use the torrent it’s not working, use the direct download, and run the power shell in the three folders of the game to install it.

  192. gabe (21 Aug 2019, 13:06)

    i follow the procedure but many dll errors

  193. knowone (21 Aug 2019, 16:13)

    for people who say i wAs GonNa bUy iT.. well cracked game will not make you play online so it better if you buy it

  194. Mohammed Jobair (21 Aug 2019, 17:17)

    Guysss plzz i need help i followed all the instructions but wen i turn on the game it crashes without any errors and after the first dialogue box where the game icon is shown plzz helppppp

  195. R0x0r123 (21 Aug 2019, 20:37)

    Thanks a lot! Release works if everything done correct!
    Here’s a link for installation guide:
    P.S. Running latest windows 10 update, build nr: 1903
    Suggest you to disable windows firewall.

  196. Credelle (21 Aug 2019, 22:01)

    When i try to buy dodge durango the game crashes :/

  197. Bob.larkange (22 Aug 2019, 9:14)

    The game works great! We must have the version windows 10 build1903!
    I just wanted to know how to change the MrLootbox name ?!
    Thanks again. Peace …

  198. Ozmin (22 Aug 2019, 13:09)

    Can’t reach ace combat 7 skies unknown links 🙁 Can anyone help?

  199. Laser_DK (22 Aug 2019, 21:46)

    i have a problem. i installed the game, it worked fine. i finished the 4 seasons of intro races and chose a car to start with in career mode. then, when i would go and start freeroam, it freezez and crashes to desktop. what can i do??????

  200. jesus is f cunt (22 Aug 2019, 22:37)

    jesus is f bullshit.

  201. Tyler (23 Aug 2019, 3:01)

    Getting error while installing the game via powershell.
    Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80070005, Access is denied.
    AppX Deployment operation failed with error 0x0 from API Logging data because access was denied for file: C:\Program Files
    (x86)\Forza.Horizon.4.Ultimate.Edition-LOOTBOX\FH4\microsoft.system.package.metadata, user SID:

    Any solution to this error?

  202. tyler (23 Aug 2019, 3:02)

    Getting error while installing via powershell.
    Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80070005, Access is denied.
    AppX Deployment operation failed with error 0x0 from API Logging data because access was denied for file: C:\Program Files
    (x86)\Forza.Horizon.4.Ultimate.Edition-LOOTBOX\FH4\microsoft.system.package.metadata, user SID:

    Nin the Event Log or use the command

    At line:1 char:1
    + Add-AppxPackage -Register AppxManifest.xml
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Any solution ?
    —-Thank You.

  203. viewers (23 Aug 2019, 5:36)

    woow..i couldn’t believe it’s work properly on my patato computer..

  204. s.smith (23 Aug 2019, 9:34)

    No thanks,I’ll wait for the properly cracked version

  205. Jason Voorhees (24 Aug 2019, 15:12)

    Dumbest fucking crack, if you wanna call it that. Don’t waste your time on this piece of shit.. Mr Lootbox can kiss my fart box. Bunch of fucking fags.

  206. Jason Voorhees (24 Aug 2019, 15:17)

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  207. joker1924 (26 Aug 2019, 8:45)

    Solution to many users problem when using powershell:
    the error can be resolved by deleting the above mentioned files in the instruction menu – Go into each directory and delete/rename the AppxBlockMap.xml, AppxSignature.p7x and AppxMetadata/ files *IF NEEDED/FOUND*

    delete those files and run powersehll with windows defender or ur AV disabled
    i did that and it runs without any error

    Also i have a question:
    My game crashes after buying one of the 3 cars in the beginning, i followed all steps and have latest windows 1903 with system meeting the requirements if anyone helps it would be great

  208. Turoc (26 Aug 2019, 17:43)

    Runs Fine

  209. btk (27 Aug 2019, 13:51)

    when game is saveing for example after painting a car game freezing and just off why ? :C

  210. Panos Gamer (28 Aug 2019, 11:57)

    guys the game works…but i have a problem…it doesnt recognize my steering wheel…i have thrustmaster t100..anyone the same problem ?

  211. Snake Eyes (28 Aug 2019, 14:13)

    hi guys, I installed the torrent version and I did the points 1 -> 4, but now I don’t know what to do in points 5 and 6, can someone kindly help me? Thanks a lot and thanks for the download file

  212. Saurav Dhanola (28 Aug 2019, 19:22)

    how to do step 5…..please explain in detail anyone
    i tried but it said it cannot as other user has already installed…..something like that line

  213. Lippi Coppola (28 Aug 2019, 21:07)


  214. Damnboyah (29 Aug 2019, 19:38)

    Does anyone know how to make the game not crash when buying/Tuning cars? Other than that the game works like a charm.

  215. Larabe (29 Aug 2019, 23:37)

    guys i m getting problem with the game
    it just crashes when i leave the garage after the tutorial of the game
    anyone have the solution of this issue

  216. JonesLaw (01 Sep 2019, 7:09)

    Guys, just follow VOID’s guide here you could find in the comments. It worked for me 100%. Don’t forget to repeat step 5 for the other folders (FH4_FortuneIsland & FH4_Lego).

    I’m playing the game now on decent fps just with AMD A8-7600 CPU and RX 460 GPU. Game’s so optimized compared to FH3.

  217. Nathan Harrison (05 Sep 2019, 10:23)

    Tried many before this and they all failed but this works a charm. Such an amazing game. Thank you so so much. One question though.

    Which file do i need to be in to change the in game name from MrLootbox??

  218. fuck u (05 Sep 2019, 14:51)

    this crap does not work, i wasted my time downloading this and eventually it does not work even though i have 1903 version, fuck this work

  219. wacky concha (05 Sep 2019, 21:25)

    i want this game

  220. Gando (06 Sep 2019, 12:50)

    It Crash when after register from PowerShell

  221. Kedzin (07 Sep 2019, 15:30)


  222. unknown (08 Sep 2019, 2:05)

    cpu usage fix please

  223. tacohole (08 Sep 2019, 5:30)

    cpu usage fix please

  224. Rui Costa (08 Sep 2019, 11:25)

    Hi.. i love the game its possible buy the game and use my save games from this version on original game? Iam thinking buy the game but i already have played alot in this version and dontg want lose my saves.

  225. Nathan Harrison (08 Sep 2019, 16:04)

    Windows is after being updated but i am worried about doing it on chance it messes up this game.

  226. mcprinka (09 Sep 2019, 7:52)

    I tried every way but when i was press enter in the intro, game was crashed. My windows version is 1903. All programs already installed. All background programs closed. What should i do ?

  227. Nikola (09 Sep 2019, 16:35)

    Hi, I have a question!
    I did everything like you said and even watched the video 3-4 times and when I start the game nothing happens, I have it in start menu! Please any help

  228. Bruno Mota (09 Sep 2019, 21:30)

    I can’t play!
    Could you make a video explaining how to install?

  229. Riksa (10 Sep 2019, 17:59)

    After i installed the game it worked fine for days. Then when i went to the settings and changed the environment quality to high from medium and now it doesn’t work anymore, just crashes. I reinstalled it but no. any help please?

  230. leonardo ariel Fiscina (10 Sep 2019, 21:16)

    hola, cuando quiero guardar una configuracion del auto, al querer guardar se sale del juego, a alguien mas le pasa?

  231. Begde (11 Sep 2019, 1:37)

    For those who are crashing after pressing enter to start the game; make sure that your computer account doesn’t include non-English characters such as “Ç” in my case. I had to create new user account in order to play this game. I have tried many other fixes, but only this worked for me.

  232. Ghost (12 Sep 2019, 14:59)

    how do i uninstall the game? TIA

  233. Gamerz (12 Sep 2019, 19:28)

    i bough Xbox game pass for PC (5e for 3month) so i can play Horizon 4 and for free and easy install + multiplayer

  234. iprahem (13 Sep 2019, 2:28)

    guys when i tray start the game i get this Message ( The Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b ) I tried to do everything I installed a program DirectX And I downloaded the whole of the dll filesAnd put it in the pretation C Please Help

  235. Dex (13 Sep 2019, 8:57)

    Gamerz, you say you BOUGHT something so you can use it for free? Interesting logic, sir.

  236. lol (14 Sep 2019, 17:50)

    How can i play online and disable parental controls

  237. akalidz (14 Sep 2019, 23:21)

    u need windows v18** not the updated one v19**
    cuz the compatibility of windows store ( mentioned in description obove )

  238. Pozna (15 Sep 2019, 23:27)

    For me not working… :/

  239. AlexisFlou (16 Sep 2019, 7:37)

    when i run the powershell command this happens:
    Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CF9, Install failed. Please contact your software vendor.
    Deployment Register operation with target volume C: on Package Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_1.332.904.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe from: (AppxManifest.xml) failed with error 0x80070003. See for help diagnosing app deployment issues. NOTE: For additional information, look for [ActivityId] 565031c0-6c5e-0000-2151-50565e6cd501 in the Event Log or use the command line Get-AppPackageLog -ActivityID 565031c0-6c5e-0000-2151-50565e6cd501
    At line:1 char:1
    + Add-AppxPackage -register AppxManifest.xml
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : WriteError: (D:\DOWNLOADS\Fo…ppxManifest.xml:String) [Add-AppxPackage], IOException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DeploymentError,Microsoft.Windows.Appx.PackageManager.Commands.AddAppxPackageCommand

    i searched everywhere to find a solution but didnt find one. can anyone help?

  240. rajat (16 Sep 2019, 15:37)

    my game just crashed after starting what should be the problem

  241. henri (17 Sep 2019, 17:36)

    HERE TUTORIAL in video please SUBSRIBE

  242. chujciwdupe (18 Sep 2019, 11:23)

    FitGirl Repack works best.

  243. ichshaan (18 Sep 2019, 14:15)


  244. [email protected] (24 Sep 2019, 12:10)


  245. recep38 (26 Sep 2019, 16:09)

    carbon adamsın teşekürler

  246. Pepega (27 Sep 2019, 2:33)

    How to change the nickname ?

  247. genius (29 Sep 2019, 16:48)

    can anyone please help me wiith playing it ? i cant start the game how can i install it ?

  248. Barnabas (01 Oct 2019, 7:49)

    Ok, so to be able to play this game i must do what? powershell? changing things in my windows? sorry, to much bullshit to be able to play this game, gues it will be go much better when i just buy that game, not worth enouph to be messing around in my windows settings or even powershell. If a game needs this to be able to work, well then i prefer to just buy it. Only sad moment is that i downloaded 85Gig for nothing

  249. lee levy (03 Oct 2019, 19:35)

    i did all of the steps and my game immediately crashes.

    pls help!

    what to do?

  250. Amit (04 Oct 2019, 10:35)

    there is no MickrosoftSunriseBaseGame.exe.exe file please someone give me that file

  251. Gay_Jesus (04 Oct 2019, 20:18)

    Jesus is gay lol, stop worshipping a gay

  252. Monq (10 Oct 2019, 21:17)

    i had same issue with game crash just after starting it……

    It was caused by MSI Afterburner and its OSD related Rivia Tuner.

    After Turning it off it works

  253. Char (13 Oct 2019, 12:55)

    My game crashes alot when saving. Especially when saving after purchasing a car.. anyone else had this and fixed it?

  254. helpl0x (26 Oct 2019, 20:37)

    can we get an update on the game crashing after launch please ?

  255. Mike (29 Oct 2019, 0:32)

    How to copy the full install instruction?

  256. Mike (29 Oct 2019, 0:39)

    after i extracted the zip file theres no Lootbox folder, 🙁

  257. Sworn (30 Oct 2019, 4:21)

    I get error :

    Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CFD, A Prerequisite for an install could not be satisfied.
    Deployment Register operation with target volume C: on Package Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_1.332.904.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe from:
    (AppxManifest.xml) failed with error 0x80073CFD. See for help diagnosing app
    deployment issues.
    NOTE: For additional information, look for [ActivityId] 6a32655e-8ed3-000a-6970-326ad38ed501 in the Event Log or use the
    command line Get-AppxLog -ActivityID 6a32655e-8ed3-000a-6970-326ad38ed501
    At line:1 char:1
    + Add-AppxPackage -Register AppxManifest.xml
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (D:\Game Stuff\FH4\FH4\AppxManifest.xml:String) [Add-AppxPackage], Exception
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DeploymentError,Microsoft.Windows.Appx.PackageManager.Commands.AddAppxPackageCommand


  258. red (01 Nov 2019, 15:31)

    annas voice and some voices from the game have no sound and the lady from the intro have no sound got any fix for this issue?

  259. Afiq Syahmi (01 Nov 2019, 23:25)

    thanks lootbox..

  260. TheLex (11 Nov 2019, 15:28)

    Its never change season , im stuck in inter

  261. mohammed milad (12 Nov 2019, 15:46)

    guys plz I reset the game from windows menu by mistake and now it disappeared the file is still in my pc but the app from windows menu is gone and I cant redownload it again bec it took like a week to download

  262. Amit (21 Nov 2019, 9:30)

    Me- Has money to to buy the game
    Also me- Uses the pirated version, ’cause it makes me feel worth playing it.

  263. Kadu (24 Nov 2019, 16:10)

    I Did everything as requested but wasn’t working, after some many tests the issues was:

    I ONLY REMOVED THE .EXE from that file at end and worked for me

    ***Using torrents files

  264. taylan (03 Dec 2019, 16:29)

    are you freakin kiddin me? what the hell are these instructions? i guess these are working with game companies to make us get bored of cracking

  265. Fernando (05 Dec 2019, 12:25)

    New Update Supra *-* Please

  266. tntjeff (07 Dec 2019, 9:18)

    TY for this but i load the filles by 1fichier and i have only 03 files (toolbox is missing)
    and .exe is already change as the tuto
    Could you heph me?

  267. Vortigorn (10 Dec 2019, 21:13)

    Game doesnt work… Its bull* . Dont download it.. Instructions how to run this game not helped

  268. kartik (11 Dec 2019, 6:44)

    very nice web

  269. DeltaGz (15 Dec 2019, 18:28)

    After following all instructions, intalled game and DLCs, copy crack, blocked game executable connection on firewall, i launch the game on widows start menu and ….

    Nothing, the game launch 1 sec and crash :/ (if anyone have the solution ?!)

  270. Adrian (16 Dec 2019, 0:55)

    How I can upload toyota supra?

  271. JGold (19 Dec 2019, 13:17)

    How do i install the fortune island and lego??

  272. JGold (19 Dec 2019, 13:17)

    I am able to install the base game, idk how to install the fortune island and lego.. how?

  273. niinyo (25 Dec 2019, 6:22)


  274. Daniel (27 Dec 2019, 19:03)

    -if yoour game crashes when u enter free roam right after u buy your first car you gotta download someone else’s save game and put it in ur save game folder. im crash free now; though it kinda sucks u cant start from 0

  275. Edijs Andriksons (04 Jan 2020, 13:47)

    this is what i get when i try to run command in powershell
    Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073D06, The package could not be installed because a higher
    version of this package is already installed. Windows cannot install package Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_1.332.904.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe because it has version 1.332.904.2. A higher version 1.380.112.2 of this package is already installed. NOTE: For additional information, look for [ActivityId] 0a7ce5ed-c2eb-0003-ad60-7d0aebc2d501 in the Event Log or use the command line Get-AppPackageLog -ActivityID 0a7ce5ed-c2eb-0003-ad60-7d0aebc2d501
    At line:1 char:1
    + Add-AppxPackage -Register AppxManifest.xml
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (E:\Forza.Horizo…ppxManifest.xml:String) [Add-AppxPackage], Exception
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DeploymentError,Microsoft.Windows.Appx.PackageManager.Commands.AddAppxPackageCommand

  276. fury (23 Feb 2020, 18:19)

    but when i try to go fortune island its say instal same things on lego champion ship anyone one now how to fix it plese help me

  277. BZTAMERE (22 Mar 2020, 10:19)

    MAN ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO INSTALL I HATE YOU 87G 1week download for install.bat WTF IS THIS shit

  278. BZTAMERE (22 Mar 2020, 10:21)


  279. cracked info (05 Apr 2020, 20:32)
  280. BigBoyBenz (06 Apr 2020, 23:05)


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