Forza Horizon 3-FULL UNLOCKED

Posted 14 Oct 2016 in REQUEST ACCEPTED

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017-FULL UNLOCKED


Forza Horizon 3 is a racing video game set in an open world environment based in…



Forza Horizon 3 is a racing video game set in an open world environment based in Australia, with the map said to be twice the size of the map in Forza Horizon 2, ranging from Surfers Paradise to Byron Bay.

Title: Forza Horizon 3
Genre: Race
Developer: Microsoft Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Release Date: 21 Sep, 2016

Patch Files { DownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload | Download }

NOTE: Version 14936 of Windows 10 required

1) Download the game and patch.
2) Open Powershell and type in these two commands, by changing the paths to the correct ones:
2.1) Certutil -addStore TrustedPeople "c:\PATH_TO_KEY\MyKey.cer"
2.2) Add-AppxPackage "C:\path_to_app\forza_14.2.appx"
3) Install Visual Studio Community 2015 with the C++ packages.
4) Open \IH folder and run the RUNME.bat
5) Copy immersivehost.tlb file to your Windows\System32 folder.
6) Now Run the RUNME2.bat as Administartor
7) Open the Xbox Live app, create a dummy account, and set it to login only for the XBL app.

You can play the game by starting the shortcut on the Desktop.

Forza Horizon 3-FULL UNLOCKED
Size: 49 GB












CPU: i7 3820 @ 3.6GHz
AMD: R9 290X or AMD RX 480
Hard Drive Type: HDD
Available Space: 55GB
Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Forza Horizon 3-FULL UNLOCKED
NOTE: Version 14936 of Windows 10 required
1) Download the game and patch.
2) Open Powershell and type in these two commands, by changing the paths to the correct ones:
2.1) Certutil -addStore TrustedPeople "c:\PATH_TO_KEY\MyKey.cer"
2.2) Add-AppxPackage "C:\path_to_app\forza_14.2.appx"
3) Install Visual Studio Community 2015 with the C++ packages.
4) Open \IH folder and run the RUNME.bat
5) Copy immersivehost.tlb file to your Windows\System32 folder.
6) Now Run the RUNME2.bat as Administartor
7) Open the Xbox Live app, create a dummy account, and set it to login only for the XBL app.
You can play the game by starting the shortcut on the Desktop.
Posted by Skidrow


  1. kleber (21 Sep 2016, 14:36)

    lol tks first

  2. windows7_user (21 Sep 2016, 14:52)

    is it an only windows10 game?
    its not playable if we have windows7? (no compatible)

  3. Juan Andrés Altuna (21 Sep 2016, 15:00)


  4. ganzaq (21 Sep 2016, 15:15)

    does it have denuvo?

  5. Adam666 (21 Sep 2016, 15:23)

    looooooool thank skindrow gods for giving me this!!!!!!

  6. pikmin36 (21 Sep 2016, 15:27)

    Early leak? I thought it launches on the 27.09.

  7. Ardhani (21 Sep 2016, 15:34)

    can’t wait for crack this game ;3

  8. Yacine (21 Sep 2016, 15:37)

    no crack………………fuck

  9. ATUL VATS (21 Sep 2016, 15:51)

    not working at all.. 49 gb waste. same like nfs2016

  10. john (21 Sep 2016, 16:37)

    what is this system req

  11. WTF (21 Sep 2016, 17:44)

    look at the system requirements like “WTF WTF WTF… My PC is GEFORCE 840 OMG”

  12. leo terrance (21 Sep 2016, 18:07)

    awesome !!! thnx

  13. J. dogg (21 Sep 2016, 19:28)

    You guys are so dang fast on releasing games wheres the donation button at? lmao

  14. Sardor (21 Sep 2016, 20:22)

    I can’t wait to buy the game or play it
    I am sure that it doesn’t have denuvo

  15. FlyAfroJack (21 Sep 2016, 20:58)

    I think it is denuvo … And yes, only Windows10 cuz mainly the game is for xbox1 and windows10 is supporting xbox1 games

  16. Vinick (21 Sep 2016, 21:08)

    Windows7_user, no. it isn’t compatible with win7, you’ll have to be on 10 and with aniversary update to run.

  17. Malenkov (21 Sep 2016, 21:59)

    NOOOOOOO Fuck you denuvo….. First Forza on PC and wow… Can’t even test before buying.. Can’t even try the damn demo out either….

  18. Vince (21 Sep 2016, 23:58)

    Thanks Skidrow, Hope it doesn’t have denuvo, But i guess we’ll find out on release.

  19. Illuminati (22 Sep 2016, 3:50)

    Forza Horizon 3 does not have Denuvo. Check this list soon:

  20. Derpicus (22 Sep 2016, 6:09)

    I cant run this game… poor me

  21. ge0master (22 Sep 2016, 9:31)


  22. TheEconom1sT (22 Sep 2016, 11:54)

    I never liked racing games(except first NFS editions) but i must say this one is very nice, the scenery is lovely, good one.

  23. TONSCHUH (22 Sep 2016, 12:18)

    Will I be able to install the game via DISM ?

    I pre-ordered the Ultimate-Edition, but as I’m a Windows-Insider, I have to re-download the bloody game again, because they released Build 14931 today and the download via the windows app store is really slow.


  24. Lukka (22 Sep 2016, 13:07)

    Waiting for the crack!!!

  25. Ultimatecrackgamer (22 Sep 2016, 14:41)

    Guys chill out microsoft did the same requirements for all the games on pc but its not them requirements it is actually much lower like GOW ultimate edition said i needed a 980ti but could run it on highest settings stable 60fps on a 970 the specs arent true for any of there games.

  26. Italiano25 (22 Sep 2016, 14:52)

    What is the expected time to the game be cracked?
    Also thank you Skidrow for all your work.

  27. TannicArturo98 (22 Sep 2016, 16:24)

    This is a game of “Xbox PlayAnywhere” program, all these games work only on Windows 10

  28. Scroll001 (22 Sep 2016, 16:45)

    1. 50kbps xDD
    2. GTX 1060 6GB can’t run it on highest settings, so…
    3. This is the preload, you can’t play it yet.

  29. olo (22 Sep 2016, 23:11)

    When crack will be?

    Is it harder to crack than denuvo games?

  30. Vince (23 Sep 2016, 7:01)

    Nothing is harder to crack than Denuvo protected games, Denuvo protection games can take a few months to a year and few months to crack. And this game will be no problem because it’s not listed on the Denuvo protected games list, But it can always change before release so pray to our pirate gods it doesn’t.

  31. J. Dogg (23 Sep 2016, 9:54)

    If its not protected by denuvo how long will it take to unlock the game if its basic pirate protection? @Vince

  32. xxmoneyman69xx (23 Sep 2016, 10:31)

    Why call it full unlocked if we have to wait for a crack?

  33. Soham Sengupta (23 Sep 2016, 11:29)

    it is not going to be denuvo but something that crackers might be taking a long time. Microsoft is using their own encryption.

  34. Roy (23 Sep 2016, 17:36)

    ITS not cracked its only the files! Stop crying if you have downloaded it and cant play.

  35. Kat (23 Sep 2016, 18:40)

    amazing speed guys! cannot wait for the crack to be release shortly! thankssss!!!

  36. Aryan (24 Sep 2016, 7:13)

    Is this an .appx file?

  37. GaS (24 Sep 2016, 13:40)

    thank you skidrow and reloaded team 🙂

  38. GaS (24 Sep 2016, 13:41)

    im waiting crack 3>

  39. An0ther (24 Sep 2016, 14:27)

    its same as quantum break drm i guess

  40. M (24 Sep 2016, 18:05)

    Seriously, what’s unlocked while it’s just an uncracked vanilla game?

  41. Ludak (24 Sep 2016, 20:14)

    I can’t wait for this game

  42. Zolou (25 Sep 2016, 15:11)

    Will Win10 be needed? or is it possible to play it somehow cracked on Win7?

  43. Lol (26 Sep 2016, 12:52)

    Some crack novelty?

  44. Noel (26 Sep 2016, 18:13)

    When will the crack come?

  45. andy06shake (26 Sep 2016, 19:11)

    Im wondering can i buy and play the game from the Windows store if im running a bootleg version of Windows?

    Don’t mind paying for the game but i refuse to shell out monies for such an overly intrusive OS.

  46. Leohell (26 Sep 2016, 19:28)

    Zolou, windows 10 is required because this game uses is made on Directx 12 and the Directx is only avaiable on windows 8.1 and 10.

  47. kocur (26 Sep 2016, 20:10)

    Hi guys, as I understand now, after download we have to waid for a crack, yes?
    Or we can install the game and play now?
    Thanks for answers.

  48. Andreas (26 Sep 2016, 21:02)

    Need more seeders :c

  49. Stevie (27 Sep 2016, 1:35)

    Lol.. You guys saying it’s a waste like NFS2016 is a laugh… Just be patient and wait for Skidrow’s Crack release xD

  50. DEAD (27 Sep 2016, 4:34)

    como instala ? o meu veio em 51 parts

  51. sixnine (27 Sep 2016, 9:34)

    -not cracked
    -game files only
    -only win10
    -demo will be released after the game release
    -will be cracked somewhen
    -stop crying ffs

  52. xboy (27 Sep 2016, 10:52)

    where is the crack 🙁

  53. ninonino (27 Sep 2016, 11:03)

    i thought this forza 3 is online games not offline game right? 😀 if online game so GG guys no need to wait for crack go buy it 🙂 one more thing this game is exlusive for DX12 you need windows10 to play it..

  54. Eoq (27 Sep 2016, 15:39)

    Is it possible that somehow in the future the crackers can make it compatible with Win7? I’m not upgrading to Win10 just to play this

  55. Alex (27 Sep 2016, 15:50)

    Will it work on a windows 10pro lapto with the Geforce GTX 950, 32GB of RAM?

  56. Vince (27 Sep 2016, 21:19)

    Well J. dogg, maybe a few days to a week or just after a week, It just really depends on the experience of the person or group cracking it, So it kinda hard to say the exact time frame.

  57. Sophia Jackson (27 Sep 2016, 21:23)

    What the hell i just downloaded i just extract that and get a “.eappx”

  58. Ahhhhhh (27 Sep 2016, 23:02)

    I really hope the crack is soon, I have an Xbone and dont like it. With all the horror stories of graphics issues, I finally have a reason to try before I get tired of the game and put it down for good 😉

  59. Illuminati (28 Sep 2016, 4:05)

    i highly doubt we will see a Win10 game crack anytime soon.
    Quantum Break is the only exception(with the lucky bypass we had)
    a cracked Forza Horizon 3 is in the pipeline.
    this game only a Windows 10 game since it run DirectX 12.

  60. StellarisDude (28 Sep 2016, 10:25)

    News about the game?

  61. Verdon (28 Sep 2016, 10:28)

    I ve downloaded it from the torrent link . It’s an appx file , will we get instuctions on how to install the game with the crack release?? that would be nice …. keep up the good work…cheers !!!

  62. elio (28 Sep 2016, 11:06)

    The multyplayer is working ?

  63. WTFuckinson (28 Sep 2016, 12:39)

    6h just to extract .rar file =p

  64. GordonGekko (28 Sep 2016, 14:21)

    Where’s the crack

  65. Jonathan (28 Sep 2016, 15:47)

    Ta funcionando blz mesmo ? precisa de crack ?

  66. meh (28 Sep 2016, 16:15)

    I don’t think we will see any crack soon….

  67. Dr4gonkiller96 (28 Sep 2016, 16:53)

    will this work without crack if i have windows 10. or is the crack just to play not to let windows 7/8 to play

  68. catalina (28 Sep 2016, 21:12)

    So.. with that i can play the game in Window 10 or i need wait for the crack ?

  69. fbhskdjbf (28 Sep 2016, 23:22)

    Have fun with this. Microsoft’s new security encrypt’s on the go xD

  70. iReallyWantACrack (28 Sep 2016, 23:24)

    pls gimme crack

  71. gabriel (28 Sep 2016, 23:42)

    Y el crack? Podran crackearlo? o sera como el The Division?

  72. Arlindo (29 Sep 2016, 0:48)

    Jonathan, só está disponível os arquivos do jogo, mas o CRAK ainda não, sem o crack o game não funciona.

  73. TGPLAY99 (29 Sep 2016, 1:20)


  74. Swagh (29 Sep 2016, 5:40)

    This is a verified working crack link, link in description 🙂

  75. Sean (29 Sep 2016, 5:52)

    I found a website with CPY crack is that credible or just virus?

  76. Dr4gonkiller69 (29 Sep 2016, 6:41)

    Windows 10 only. The crack will allow you to play the game, just like every other crack. This game is NOT compatible with Windows 7/8. The game is not currently cracked. DO NOT expect multiplayer, wont happen.

  77. FlurpyTheUnicorn (29 Sep 2016, 6:41)

    Dr4gonkiller69: Windows 10 only. The crack will allow you to play the game, just like every other crack. This game is NOT compatible with Windows 7/8. The game is not currently cracked. DO NOT expect multiplayer, wont happen.

  78. Mark (29 Sep 2016, 9:07)




  79. Almo (29 Sep 2016, 9:08)

    Hi , possible to up the link to 1fichier , uplea , uptobox… torrent to slow for me , i have the game but this fucking windows store crash and stop the download !

  80. M (29 Sep 2016, 9:16)

    Urgh, NO crack yet. The game has a kind of encryption that happens on the fly.
    And of corse NO online, only carreer.

  81. Gamer (29 Sep 2016, 11:56)

    Anybody know if this game will work (crack released) in the next month?

  82. max279 (30 Sep 2016, 10:21)

    i am not able to instal it
    can anybody tell me hot to instal it correct because it is an eappx file

  83. mathews (30 Sep 2016, 13:07)
  84. Guys wtf (30 Sep 2016, 13:50)

    Guys WTF. Are you really relying on a 245kb file that’s mentioning to be Forza 3?
    Dafuq m8s…

  85. R4J3XX (30 Sep 2016, 17:50)

    WTF wait for crack putain de merde bougé votre cul d’ivrogne.

  86. Jacob (01 Oct 2016, 5:08)

    How to download this game iso no torrent

  87. OX3333 (01 Oct 2016, 6:41)

    WTF,Where the crack!
    Can t wait the crack

  88. sssssdam21 (01 Oct 2016, 9:49)

    Hey guys! I have good and bad news for you! the good one: It’s not denuvo protected! the bad one: It’s only combatitable with win 10!

  89. Mickowhy (01 Oct 2016, 10:38)

    100 kb/s

  90. siriusGret (01 Oct 2016, 12:22)

    if not working use run powershell in admin , type the command Add-appxpackage then hit enter it’ll prompt you for the path, copy paste the path including the file name ending in .eappx . you’ll know it worked if the yellow text comes up. once done it’ll show up in the winapps folder no matter which drive u put it in. that said , many of the folders are locked out i have a crack but cannot mod. might have to wait for official cracked versions or a kind soul will upload there personal cracked version

  91. Tdude (01 Oct 2016, 13:44)

    @guyswtf download uTorrent, use this program to download the 49GB game via the 245kb file… (u still need to wait for the crack to play it though)

  92. Jav (01 Oct 2016, 14:44)

    Buy the game bitches.

  93. Illuminati (01 Oct 2016, 17:36)

    We have some good news around the crack for Forza Horizon 3.
    Halo 5: Forge’s and Forza Horizon 3’s encrypted protection system has been cracked.
    Check it out:

  94. alex (01 Oct 2016, 17:40)

    Minimal requirements: 2x Gforce 980Ti sli / 2x radeon r9 fury X O/C crossfire

  95. Jakdf (01 Oct 2016, 19:25)

    Jesus fucking christ people it’s been a week, be patient, cracks take time

  96. TGPLAY99 (01 Oct 2016, 22:15)

    not work plz uploud a .iso not work this in my windows 10 enterprise

  97. LupoHardstyler (02 Oct 2016, 7:41)

    How to install eppxx file??

  98. G3t_L3s10 (02 Oct 2016, 9:37)

    How i can install this game??

  99. monkeyman (02 Oct 2016, 10:36)

    thanks man! can’t wait for the crack!

  100. nevil112 (02 Oct 2016, 11:14)

    how to rar this ?

  101. Dupreeh (02 Oct 2016, 11:58)

    How do I extract forza?

  102. Sackman (02 Oct 2016, 14:15)

    How to install this?

  103. For the retards (02 Oct 2016, 18:11)

    It doesnt have denuvo, it has appx and efs encryption.
    it will be cracked u just need to wait since this method of drm is still recent

  104. vipgod (03 Oct 2016, 5:18)

    hurry your fucking ass for the crack we dont have all day

  105. groovymax (03 Oct 2016, 6:08)

    Thanks man 😉 Waiting for crack ^^

  106. Jenny (03 Oct 2016, 14:12)

    New for the crack, which is not that fake that has steam file?

  107. mantas (03 Oct 2016, 16:33)

    how do u install the game ?

  108. qwas (03 Oct 2016, 21:29)

    CPY released one crack, someone test and tell if work

  109. quantum (04 Oct 2016, 6:49)

    i see lot of rar files , how to exactly install this game ??? sorry m new to this stuff . 🙂 thanks.
    and when the crack is coming exactly ??

  110. Grippen (04 Oct 2016, 9:44)

    Anyone has any news about the crack. Couple of days ago I read that the game had been cracked already. Are they in testing it it still?

  111. ALI (04 Oct 2016, 14:47)

    When the crack will be released ?

  112. Zikizica (04 Oct 2016, 15:20)

    Where to buy this game (cheapest)?

  113. banga (04 Oct 2016, 15:43)

    Do I need the crack to run this game? Or is this dowload playable because its ”unlocked”?
    Thanks in advance.

  114. Name (required) (04 Oct 2016, 16:52)

    I don’t have windows 10. So I masturbate instead.

  115. Name (required) (04 Oct 2016, 16:53)

    I don’t have windows 10. So I will masturbate instead.

  116. Chrystian (04 Oct 2016, 19:06)

    Can’t get permissions for WindowsApp folder and folder the game is in…
    Any help?

  117. dsasaddsa (04 Oct 2016, 19:28)

    U have to wait for crack, Without is it not playable

  118. Auzzy (05 Oct 2016, 2:48)

    Has anyone tested out the CPY crack? Is it working?

  119. TURXA - FOR THE NOOBS (05 Oct 2016, 8:42)

    Guys, It’s a new encryption method. They just started scratching the surface of DFS recently. Give them time! This system was meant to be unhackable by Microsoft. IF they can crack it in a week, you should be over the moon!

  120. siriusGret (05 Oct 2016, 12:19)

    honestly you wont get the full experience of the game even when the crack comes out cuz the multiplayer won’t be there. this should just hold you over until you buy the actual game 🙂

  121. skank (05 Oct 2016, 17:51)

    want come crack??? i can get u some crack

  122. skank (05 Oct 2016, 17:51)

    want some crack??? i can get u some crack

  123. hihi (06 Oct 2016, 12:16)

    when crack?

  124. name (06 Oct 2016, 16:03)

    1 fichier ?

  125. Illuminati (06 Oct 2016, 17:11)

    Understanding Forza Horizon 3’s Encryption with Atari1337.
    Check the latest status and all about DRM nowdays.

  126. Alax (06 Oct 2016, 20:00)

    Tell some info about Crack plz.

  127. matiev (06 Oct 2016, 21:38)

    EAPPX? How can I open it?

  128. ANONYMUS (07 Oct 2016, 0:59)

    donde pongo para descargar 😀

  129. scr (07 Oct 2016, 5:12)

    “Microsoft.OpusPG_1.0.10.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.eappx” what is this file?? how to install?

  130. Rastafari YOOU !!! (07 Oct 2016, 6:39)

    Voces querem o crack ? Na Crackolandia tá cheio de crack !!!
    Vão lá seus Crackudos do Karái !!! HUASHUASHUASHUAS !!!!!

  131. ALPHA#OMEGA (07 Oct 2016, 6:51)

    For many years Waiting and waiting and waiting for crack !!! LOL !!!

  132. Siddharth Malhotra (07 Oct 2016, 9:18)

    after extracting all files i get a eappx file!! how to open that eappx file?

  133. FukU (07 Oct 2016, 10:08)

    eappx just a game file
    which we need it to install the game
    wait for crack

  134. seb86200 (07 Oct 2016, 16:24)

    Il n’y a de crack sur ce jeux , c’est du microsoft avec un fichier EAPPX qui s’ouvre a l’aide de POWERSHELL qui ce trouve dans la barre de recherche windows 10 en mode admi ,avec la commande: 2

    1: POWERSHELL (mode admi)
    2: ( add-appxpackage “C:\Gam\Microsoft.OpusPG_1.0.10.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.eappx
    3: Attendre le dèploiment operation progress:

  135. mike (07 Oct 2016, 16:55)

    I think releasers shouldnt release a game if there isnt a crack to go with it…no-point d.loading it if u cant play it, it could take years to crack it

  136. Dorophy (08 Oct 2016, 3:52)

    need more seeders,, eta 2 weeks

  137. Brate (08 Oct 2016, 8:48)

    If i trie to install the .eappx file with windows powershell it doesnt work.

  138. mr. awesome (08 Oct 2016, 17:38)

    where is the caröööööööööckkkkk????????????

  139. someone (08 Oct 2016, 17:40)

    people keep complaining that i doesnt work but hey dont have eyes to see that it says that “WAIT FOR CRACK”

  140. Firefly1947 (08 Oct 2016, 19:18)

    When will the crack be coming?

  141. adan (08 Oct 2016, 19:41)

    Is the crack from 3DM ( working?

  142. jake (08 Oct 2016, 22:52)

    can somebody help how to install it this thing, no idea just all are 51 rar files and txt are in chinese

  143. SuP9RMAN (09 Oct 2016, 19:15)

    Can we play the game with this ?

  144. Rep (09 Oct 2016, 23:42)

    Je suis allé dans le PowerShell j’ai rentrer la commande : add-appxpackage
    Ensuite le chemin d’acces : C:\Users\computer\Desktop\3DMGAME-Forza.Horizon.3-3DM

    add-appxpackage : Échec du déploiement avec HRESULT : 0x80070005, Accès refusé.
    erreur 0x80070005 : l’ouverture du package de l’emplacement 3DMGAME-Forza.Horizon.3-3DM a échoué.
    REMARQUE: pour obtenir des informations supplémentaires, recherchez [ActivityId] f4ee694a-1ca2-0000-068c-f7f4a21cd201
    dans le journal des événements ou utilisez la ligne de commande Get-AppxLog -ActivityID
    Au caractère Ligne:1 : 1
    + add-appxpackage
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : Erreur de sécurité: (C:\Users\computer…a.Horizon.3-3DM:String) [Add-AppxPackage], PSSec
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DeploymentError,Microsoft.Windows.Appx.PackageManager.Commands.AddAppxPackageCommand

  145. PowerChill (10 Oct 2016, 9:02)

    For everyone who tries to install the .eappx file UPDATE YOUR WINDOWS TO NEWEST WINDOWS 10 ANNIVRSARY UPDATE.
    After installing game should be visible in windows store ( it wants to update, but u cant open it because you need to wait for crack)

  146. PeaceMaker (10 Oct 2016, 16:00)

    Crack realease date??? plz upload crack only i dont whant to redownload 50gb again

  147. Alex Mears (11 Oct 2016, 17:28)

    Tutorial to install the game.
    Tutorial to install EAPPX games.
    (Portuguese, but is easy to understand.)

  148. SlaYzZ (11 Oct 2016, 19:32)

    any approximate date for the crack ?
    aucune date approximative pour le crack ?

  149. MahDick (12 Oct 2016, 19:38)

    STILL waiting ont he crack

  150. David (13 Oct 2016, 15:17)

    Can someone please tell me when the crack will release, i know it sounds retarded just because i ask for it, I know people have to work hard for the crack. But still everyone is waiting for the crack…

  151. Night DevIl (13 Oct 2016, 17:34)

    same like nfs…still waiting

  152. dorophy (14 Oct 2016, 7:20)

    the crack will be out before i can even finish downloading this,, SEEED my niggas

  153. Skidrow (14 Oct 2016, 9:16)

    ByPass Added 🙂

    Enjoy 😀

  154. Steven (14 Oct 2016, 9:19)

    Ty alot For Bypass

    This method will only work on version 14936 of Windows 10.
    1) Download the 14.2 game files and the certification file. (Can’t link them here 😉

    2) Open Powershell with Admin and type in these two commands, by changing the paths to the correct ones:
    Certutil -addStore TrustedPeople “c:\PATH_TO_KEY\MyKey.cer”
    Add-AppxPackage “C:\path_to_app\forza_14.2.appx”

    3) Install Visual Studio Community 2015 with the C++ packages.

    4) Download and extract Auto Cracker 7z and run the RUNME.bat

    5) Copy immersivehost.tlb to your Windows\System32 folder.

    6) Now Run the RUNME2.bat as Administrator

    7) Open the Xbox Live app, create a dummy account, and set it to login only for the XBL app.
    You can now play the game by starting the shortcut on the Desktop.

    Known Errors:
    * Error => Unhandled exception at 0x00000000417E7260 in ImmersiveHost.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation executing location 0x00000000417E7260.
    Description: Forza crashes straight after signing into Xbox Live
    * Fix => Remove cpprest140_uwp_2_6.dll from your ImmersiveHost folder

    * Error => ImmersiveHost.exe closes immediately after opening
    * Fix => Take ownership and make sure you have full control over the Forza Horizon 3 folder (By default located in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.OpusPG_1.0.14.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe,
    which is a hidden directory owned by SYSTEM:

    * Error => Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CFD, A Prerequisite for an install could not be satisfied.
    Description: Powershell throws this error when you try to install the appx
    * Fix => Open search box -> Search for ‘Use Developer Features’ -> Check ‘Developer mode’ -> Restart PC

    HaveFun 😀

  155. m4xp0w3r7 (14 Oct 2016, 9:46)

    W10 version 14946 is working?

  156. MKDEV (14 Oct 2016, 10:14)

    skidrow pls crack for this like quantum break before ty

  157. Mattyshido (14 Oct 2016, 10:39)

    i have win10 home edition v1607-14393.187 will that bypass work for me ?

  158. Arkadiusz Wawrzyniak (14 Oct 2016, 12:52)

    Cetutil is not recognized…

  159. arekdbz (14 Oct 2016, 15:00)

    The problem is I did everything to take ownership over forza folder and still I can’t do shit. I tried to paste IH folder there but it says I need permissions. Runme. bat does not work. It can’t find some files and paths. Therefore runme 2 does not work as well saying that immersivehost is not recognized as internal or extarnal… bla bla.

  160. AniMalS (14 Oct 2016, 16:01)

    bypass not work for me 🙁

  161. nuno (14 Oct 2016, 17:11)


    im having troubel with point
    2.2) path to the app\forza_14.2.appx.

    I cant find it anywhere

  162. ColdSnake (14 Oct 2016, 17:49)

    Certutil access denied

  163. huan (14 Oct 2016, 18:11)

    I m getting The program can’t start because ucrtbased.dll is missing from your computer. When trying to launch the game.

  164. huan (14 Oct 2016, 18:29)

    now that i have fixed ucrtbased.dll error… i m getting “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)… help pls.

  165. ColdSnake (14 Oct 2016, 18:46)

    Figured out the Access denies. Now I dont have Forza 14.2.appx.. After I extracted I got an eappx file

  166. nodomch13 (14 Oct 2016, 18:47)

    Getting error when trying to add appxpackage Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x800B0109, i set windows to developer mode can anyone help me?

  167. Chuck (14 Oct 2016, 20:40)

    This game is working or not ?

  168. Demon (15 Oct 2016, 2:06)

    I have a problem with the first point in the powershell. Where is the Path key?

  169. Demon (15 Oct 2016, 2:19)

    ucrtbased.dll dont fond.

  170. ganzaq (15 Oct 2016, 2:22)

    this is fucking crap
    ill wait a copy and paste crack

  171. mrPTqp (15 Oct 2016, 5:38)

    Open POWERSHELL, not CMD!

  172. oronzo (15 Oct 2016, 9:12)

    ARKEDB if you have an anti-virus try to deactivate it for a while and try to paste files. it works for me

  173. SavageSpir1t (15 Oct 2016, 9:51)

    when I opens the runme.bat all I get is failed and stuff like that and the cmd window closing it self.

  174. tnt (15 Oct 2016, 10:40)

    hi can i run this game ??? i7 4790 3.60ghz ,gf 960 2 gb, 16 gb ram , win 10

  175. Mattyshido (15 Oct 2016, 10:41)

    acces denied , i google it basicly i change it i can delete but cant copy or add files in folder
    C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.OpusPG_1.0.10.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe
    so i need help how to take full control of folder

    becouse this happends if i run.bat

  176. Mattyshido (15 Oct 2016, 10:43)

    tryed in safe mode didnt work too

  177. mrPTqp (15 Oct 2016, 11:54)

    ucrtbased.dll 🙁

  178. Reallly (15 Oct 2016, 13:00)

    there is no forza_14.2.appx

  179. I CANT RUN IT (15 Oct 2016, 15:41) problem..HELP

  180. Ziphuz1904 (15 Oct 2016, 15:56)

    Download Win10 SDK… That will install ucrtbased.dll and remove the error.

  181. Firefly1947 (15 Oct 2016, 17:47)

    Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CF9, Install failed. Please contact your software vendor.
    (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80073CF9)
    Writing to file gq6$l\l=6$h\vgh6hu=~\]j(\’hy67y[(yq8.`l8s at offset 0x680000 of size 0x1A900010000 failed.

    i get this in PowerShell, pls help

  182. Martin (15 Oct 2016, 17:56)

    Is there going to be a crack ?

  183. Legion26 (15 Oct 2016, 18:26)

    Error 0x80073CFD
    “‘A specified install prerequisite couldn’t be satisfied”
    Does any one know how to Fix ?

  184. Reda (15 Oct 2016, 18:30)

    How can i fix the crtbased.dll error

  185. Krazymage (15 Oct 2016, 19:07)

    Can u explain step 2.2 I cant understand where or what is forza_14.2.appx?
    Please Help!

  186. jack (15 Oct 2016, 19:23)

    This is Working ???

  187. Legion (15 Oct 2016, 19:41)

    I guess your OS build should be 14936 because i can’t get it to work on my build (14393)Get this error “a specified install prerequisite couldn’t be satisfied.”

  188. Avan7garde (15 Oct 2016, 20:29)

    Can someone who made it to make a tutorial on youtube, I stuck on powershell, the second one.

  189. gijst (15 Oct 2016, 21:22)

    how do I upgrade to 14936 from 10586? Do I need to pirate them because my win 10 is original.

  190. Verdon (15 Oct 2016, 21:56)

    I ve done all the steps and i m stuck at the last one that says to run the runme2 as admin but it pops up an error somethin like 0xb000007 not sure and i cant run it…so any help???

  191. Cláudio (15 Oct 2016, 21:57)

    Who got this way working properly can leave skype contact? I need deeper instructions because I’m lost here.

  192. JilBest (16 Oct 2016, 3:58)

    So after waiting like 3 weeks for a crack we need to have a insider version of windows to play it? (14936), this is bullshit, i give up.

  193. Apaksl (16 Oct 2016, 6:47)

    how do you uninstall?

  194. Davido (16 Oct 2016, 7:53)

    Ehm, I cant find the Forza_14 file…

  195. TURXA (16 Oct 2016, 8:52)

    I have been able to get the the game running. I am able to get to the start screen however I have no input. The menu says press Enter to continue and pressing Enter on keyboard does nothing. When connecting ps4 controller and pressing any button on it I can see that input is recognised as when I am in that menu the ‘Press Enter to Continue’ button changes to ‘Press A to Continue’ as if it was an X box controller, and when I use the keyboard again it switches back immediately.. doesn’t get me through though.. The graphics in the menu look insane and i can’t even play the game I am about to cry lol… I have checked permissions and played around with admin prompts etc but no luck :'(

  196. batu (16 Oct 2016, 9:23)

    HOW DO İ UPDRAGE 14936

  197. Verdon (16 Oct 2016, 9:25)

    Here is the steps i ‘ve followed and it ‘ s all good until the last step :

    1)Download the extra files for the bypass (link is in the new tab , patch files)

    2)Open Powershell and type in these two commands, by changing the paths to the correct ones :

    2.1) Certutil -addStore TrustedPeople “c:\PATH_TO_KEY\MyKey.cer”

    *That’s the step that many have a problem,use this it worked for me (not the 14.2 one)

    2.2 Add-AppxPackage “C:\path_to_app\Microsoft.OpusPG_1.0.10.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.eappx”

    3) Install Visual Studio Community 2015 with the C++ packages.

    4) Open \IH folder and run the RUNME.bat

    5) Copy immersivehost.tlb file to your Windows\System32 folder.

    * And the next step is where i get the error and i cant run this .bat file.If anyone else got it working please leave a comment here with my name.thx

    6) Now Run the RUNME2.bat as Administartor.

    7) Open the Xbox Live app, create a dummy account, and set it to login only for the XBL app.

    Hope it helps,cheers…

  198. Octi (16 Oct 2016, 10:11)

    Has anyone managed to play the game? I mean I can’t get it to work,first of all,the application you’re supposed to install is not even called forza_14.2,it is called MicrosoftOpus and some random numbers,and it is .eappx not .appx.Then there’s the problem with RUNME which doesn’t work,probably because the program is supposed to transfer things from the folder called forza_14.2 to your desktop and what not,but the folder doesn’t exist because it is called MicrosoftOpus,and it wont work even if you change the name,it might be my fault cause i downloaded the game a week ago but i tryied downloading it again,waited 3 hours and the folders are the same…I know how to install the game but i can’t. Oh and i also have windows version 14393,but i can’t update it in any way,i know that there might not be a easier way of doing this but at least tell me why is the application called MicrosoftOpusPG(random numbers and letters).eappx and not forza_14.2.appx like you said in your tutorial? At least update the torrents or the tutorial please.

  199. Pablo (16 Oct 2016, 10:45)

    How to install appx file to diffrent location? I have SSD with 25 Gb free. In settings i change option to install new apps to drive E….

  200. FURY (16 Oct 2016, 12:41)

    I got the game running on the old build but when the intro finishes and it says press enter to start i can’t press anything i can’t pass that 🙂 i tried with a controller also

    how do i fix this ?

  201. Bruno (16 Oct 2016, 13:45)

    How the 7 step is made? Can someone explain?

  202. mrPTqp (16 Oct 2016, 14:10)

    i want basic crack

  203. Pablo (16 Oct 2016, 15:48)

    I have game on drive E but folder ImmersiveHost in drive C. Game don’t start.. How fix it?

  204. bartek22026 (16 Oct 2016, 15:54)

    Did you even put the right files in? because this is just not working for me, I dont have forza apx, I have soemthing completely different eapxx and that doesnt work if you try to install it or whatever with powershell

  205. gtx1070 (16 Oct 2016, 15:57)

    ALl done … Please some one explain how to set up login for XBL app … cant find this

  206. Closedown (16 Oct 2016, 16:19)

    Can Anyone over the Age of 13, Who has Some Clue what they Are Doing confirm the Patch/Bypass is Working? Thanks

  207. Fabio (16 Oct 2016, 17:01)

    I tried, but when i exec the laucher .. the game opens my real account and i say that i don`t have the game….
    Anyone get the same problem?

  208. Edoardo (16 Oct 2016, 18:06)

    RUNME.bat and RUNME2.bat give me errors..

  209. Jay (16 Oct 2016, 18:10)

    Do I need an xbox for this to work?

  210. plss (16 Oct 2016, 23:05)

    how do i find my key path???

  211. 88da416 (16 Oct 2016, 23:16)

    thanks for the crack upload. No one has gotten this to work. Please do something! thanks

  212. Rob (17 Oct 2016, 0:05)

    I would tell you but I’m 12. Sorry!

  213. MyOwnInsanity (17 Oct 2016, 1:06)

    the first part is the easy part, the path to the key, is where ever you have downloaded the security key to IE E:\downloads

    it is in the patch folder you would of downloaded

    now the second part is the part that confuses me as even before i try and get the developer mode going i tested it and it come up as “‘Add-AppxPackage’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.”

    now im not sure if its because i hvent done developer mode or what. Can someone shed light on this??

  214. HelpingAgent (17 Oct 2016, 3:59)

    I get no error, go to windows folder, add the folder named AUInstallAgent “Aui” but as i written it. Also make sure you have the folder AppReadiness.

  215. Rob (17 Oct 2016, 4:04)

    I would tell you but I’m 12. Sorry clowndose!

  216. HelpingAgent (17 Oct 2016, 4:09)

    add me on skype, herbfit (chris urbanowicz) I have gotten everything to work no errors with Forza game start on desktop

  217. Firefly1947 (17 Oct 2016, 5:06)

    can someone tell me how to fix error 0xc000007b, thx

  218. HelpingAgent (17 Oct 2016, 5:22)

    Negative, no errors. Click on game app from desktop doesnt even load?

  219. Reallly (17 Oct 2016, 9:58)

    @steven your last fix didint help

  220. 7amoody1985 (17 Oct 2016, 13:00)

    We need video tutorial cuz I CANT INSTALL THE CRACK!

  221. Arti (17 Oct 2016, 13:31)

    Where I get 14396 update? My system is 14393. Thnx.

  222. PowerChill (17 Oct 2016, 14:52)

    I did everything correctly without getting errors. I used the Microsoft.OpusPG_1.0.10.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.eappx file instead of that 14.2 thats mentioned in instructions.
    When i launch the game from desktop shortcut, all i get is command prompt for second and then nothing happens.
    Tried to run as admin too, AV isnt blockin any files tho

  223. zackemcee (17 Oct 2016, 15:54)

    All working 🙂 I can solemnly confirm lol

  224. David (17 Oct 2016, 17:06)

    GUYS! I have managed to run the game! For some reason i can’t click Enter on the main menu when you start the game up. Can PLEASE someone help me fix this problem, btw im using the 19393.321 Windows 10 OS. Guys I really mean it, thanks a lot for the bypass-crack. Haha don’t forget to tell me how to fix the problem 😉

  225. Solibekk (17 Oct 2016, 17:14)


  226. Stijn (17 Oct 2016, 17:40)

    After a lot of problems with this game I finally got to open up the game succesfully. Sad thing is you can’t play the game, because there is a new version which you have to download from the Windows Appstore… Any updates out yet on torrents?

  227. Ecka (17 Oct 2016, 18:28)

    I am missing dll files like appcrt140d.dll and others.

  228. DeathProof (17 Oct 2016, 19:24)

    Work! Game start, but crashed… crash after “Turn 10 Studios/ Microsoft Studios” 🙁 how i can fix it??

  229. IsThisWorking ? (17 Oct 2016, 19:40)

    Helllo REP UP+ can someone with normal brain tell bypass work on windows 7 64 ?

  230. Maverick (17 Oct 2016, 20:03)


    For everyone having problems with the commands and paths. DO NOT FORGET to add (“) in the path like it is on the read me file!

  231. Maverick (17 Oct 2016, 22:05)

    Forget this bypass guys, after some hours spent trying to do it right i managed to complete all the steps, and it didn’t worked out. If you really want the game buy it, or wait for a simple crack…

  232. Sai (17 Oct 2016, 22:57)

    After running, the cmd prompt just closes

  233. Nadaol (17 Oct 2016, 23:15)

    Did everything as said in the guide and installed the Microsoft.eappx file and when i run the desktop shortcut Nothing happens ,just the cmd open and closes…i thinnk its bcz the guide is based on the other version of the game(14.2),plz someone…i dont wanna download 50gb again ):

  234. TG (18 Oct 2016, 3:19)

    plz crack for all windows versions.TY

  235. Avan7garde (18 Oct 2016, 9:02)

    Where I can find that microsoft…. I just change it from forzta to microsoft but nithking happend, and I cant change extenzion

  236. Ecka (18 Oct 2016, 9:06)

    @IsThisWorking ? it says that you need Windows10 14936 I try with Windows10 older version and it didint work so yeah u need W10 14936

  237. PowerChill (18 Oct 2016, 12:36)

    @IsThisWorking dude, dont you get it already? This game is for Windows 10 latest version and Xbox ONLY! why you even ask about windows 7 if thats completely different operating system.

    Also for those who get errors and cant install game and bypass:

    1) Make sure you are running latest windows 10 with anniversary update.
    2) Your antivirus might be deleting/blocking files so better disable it when starting this process.
    3) Make sure you are on Administrator account and try to run everything as administratot as example (Powershell, RUNME and RUNME2)
    4) Also commands need to be exactly the same as shown in instructions – where it says PATH_TO_KEY and PATH_TO_APP you need to replace these words with the precise location of key and .eappx file you have on your computer.

    I followed these steps and installed game succesfully, but i have one problem – Game popups for 2 seconds and then closes. This might be anything. It didnt show me any errors so i dont know whats the problem,
    if someone knows fix for this or has same issue, please reply.

    Hope this helps fellow pirates.

  238. erdemcan (18 Oct 2016, 12:37)

    how make-believe game updates

  239. Ronix (18 Oct 2016, 12:40)

    Followed all steps.
    Even updated windows to 14936.
    Nothing happens when I open the shortcut in the desktop, just a cmd window opens which closes after 2 seconds.
    Tried launching the app, opens the app window which shows a video and closes after a few time

  240. Mike (18 Oct 2016, 13:27)

    Can someone provide the link to update the windows? Im sure many people are having problem with those.

  241. Notafakename (18 Oct 2016, 14:15)

    Power Chill. I have de exact same problem, don´t know what to do now. No errors and when i start it it just opens that black window and nothing happens. If someone has a fix pls share it.
    Btw, for the ones having the crtbased error, just download the file from the internet and copy it to windows 32 folder.

  242. cush50 (18 Oct 2016, 17:00)

    Quand je rentre la commande suivante : Add-AppxPackage il me dit commande non reconnu…..Pourtant aucun soucis vis à vis de la première etape MyKey. Pas encore très au point comme système de crack

  243. Kotson (18 Oct 2016, 18:07)

    I have problem with RUNME.bat
    That file cant find path :/

  244. Mart (18 Oct 2016, 20:29)

    Okay, pure and simple – this won’t work for 99% of people.
    Why? Because build 14936 is a preview/beta build available only for WINDOWS INSIDERS and which also has an expiration date. 14393 is the latest stable release for everyone.

  245. Hydra (18 Oct 2016, 20:55)

    When will we get the full version that supports all Windows 10 builds? The current version you have released is useless to 99% of us as we don’t have developer preview versions of Windows 10, so it won’t work. Reinstalling our entire OS to get that particular temporary build (that will expire and Microsoft will force you to update) is just too much work. I hope you guys can understand and will release a better version soon.

  246. cush (18 Oct 2016, 22:28)

    and with the latest version of Windows 10 it does not work?

  247. abc (19 Oct 2016, 9:15)


    THE TORRENT: mega:#!78o33bQJ!i7_Kwmojmm689YVdBNXzgVSkcWelk051gGlIH6fguJQ


  248. PowerChill (19 Oct 2016, 13:39)

    So basicaly we need to wait for the next windows 10 update 14936 to launch FH3?
    That sucks tbh.
    By the way, how we are going to update forza? I downloaded game when it just got released in skidrow site, and i dont want to download those 49Gb again when new update comes…
    That would be great if coders could just create soft that updates game and installs latest patch on it.

  249. Elo kurwa (19 Oct 2016, 15:09)

    to działa czy nie

  250. Closedown (19 Oct 2016, 18:18)

    @ Rob (17 Oct 2016, 0:05)

    I would tell you but I’m 12. Sorry!

    Rob (17 Oct 2016, 4:04)

    I would tell you but I’m 12. Sorry clowndose!

    …So you DO know but you won’t tell a community who are clearly struggling… how do you spell ‘wanker’ in kid speak??

    Either that or you came back 4 hours later to make the same unfunny joke… lame

  251. leo (19 Oct 2016, 19:11)

    how do I get build 14936? I’m currently on 14939

  252. Jay (19 Oct 2016, 23:07)

    Can someone answer if I need an xbox for this to work???

  253. Sad :( (20 Oct 2016, 11:40)

    i cant open the game.. i do everything and its like starts but after 1 second it closes… Pls Help skype: nemanja.bakaj

  254. help me (20 Oct 2016, 17:23)

    When i try to launch the game it starts a cmd and closes after 1 second

  255. i feel so sad (21 Oct 2016, 9:38)

    so.. i’m stuck with the appcrt140d.dll and desktopcrt140d.dll which makes me crazy.. but yeah somehow this is what i think trying to use it thru 14393.321 … unless anyone has a link to this 2 DLL maybe we have a chance running it on previous version of w10

  256. HelpingAgent (21 Oct 2016, 18:51)

    Everyone needs to download the “Forza.Horizon.3.BYPASSED, not the one above. Then follow the steps, it runs, only issue says press start, but nothing happens.

  257. Octi (21 Oct 2016, 20:29)


  258. Really??? (21 Oct 2016, 23:19)

    the game works perfect as the follow to @Avan7garde post,,, i played for 2 days now,
    fresh install win 10 insider 14936 , block upgrades to newest version checking `defer feature updates` 🙂
    only works by open from imersivehost, because the game has updated from xbox live

  259. SlaYzZ (22 Oct 2016, 10:35)

    it work on 14951 ?

  260. aggelos_Telos (22 Oct 2016, 12:10)

    its not work for me addpackage in powersell…..

  261. X.x (22 Oct 2016, 18:34)

    This game dont run. When to launch the game start with cmd but he’s closed 1 second after and the game not run. Plz help-me! And the Xbox app shows 3 forza horizon in games, but when I open the game a message appears saying forza horizon 3 is not available to you. I spent 20 hours downloading this game I really want to play T_T

  262. very bad T_T (22 Oct 2016, 18:35)

    This game dont run. When to launch the game start with cmd but he’s closed 1 second after and the game not run. Plz help-me! And the Xbox app shows 3 forza horizon in games, but when I open the game a message appears saying forza horizon 3 is not available to you. I spent 20 hours downloading this game I really want to play T_T

  263. Jay (23 Oct 2016, 4:55)

    doesnt work..instructions are annoying. thanks for the hard work though

  264. João Mota (23 Oct 2016, 12:08)

    when i try to lauch, it said ucrtbased.dll is missing, what i do bros?

  265. lazreg (23 Oct 2016, 16:11)

    you buy win10 to play a game of a shit driving that s wonderful

  266. Problem Solver (23 Oct 2016, 17:01)

    Guys, The above files don’t work. I know why. The game which you are downloading here, which is around 49 GB is the wrong one. You need to download it elsewhere because the patch is designed for game version, and the one you are downloading here is Try downloading files precisely from somewhere else.

  267. Magneto (24 Oct 2016, 23:29)


  268. Pere (25 Oct 2016, 1:14)

    How to install this game?? I don’t understand the instructions…please help!!

  269. Xisun (25 Oct 2016, 4:08)

    whats wrong with the runme2.bat ??? it says immersivehost is missing some dll files

  270. Dave (25 Oct 2016, 4:54)

    Patch is available as well and does work with Immersive-Host.
    You just need Windows 10 ver 14936 for it to play.
    It launches the game on 14393 but has the no input problem, even though the game detects an Xbox controller connected, nothing works, no mouse, no keyboard.
    To PLAY the game you need the 14936 which can only be installed via ISO.

    Just wait for Immersive-Host to support the Win10 Anniversary update properly.. the game already works, just needs a fix for input and controllers.

    Use this torrent for 17.2 unencrypted game files.

  271. Geoffrey (25 Oct 2016, 15:52)


    Jeu installé sans accros mais il ne se lance pas, rien ne se passe.
    Quelqu’un à une idée ?

  272. Evilspirit (26 Oct 2016, 15:30)

    It’s not work.

    i clicked short cut.
    1. black?window open
    2. 2’s later -> closed blackwindow
    3. not thing to work. anything…

    please help me, im korean
    i was used (powershell, runme.bat..all)

  273. NFS (26 Oct 2016, 17:09)

    is this game working for win 10 eneterprise??plelase some one tell me

  274. smrda mudic (26 Oct 2016, 18:36)

    how to install this game?I was waste my time to download.

  275. SlaYzZ (27 Oct 2016, 11:23)

    @Goeffrey tu est sous quel version de windows 10 ? car il fonctionne uniquement sous le build 14936, je suis sous la 14955 j’ai un problème je dois donc essayer la 14936.

  276. me (27 Oct 2016, 11:30)

    someone can tell me the password to extract iso?

  277. Gigio90 (28 Oct 2016, 6:49)

    I confirm the game working on windows 14936. The .bat is configured to copy from C: if you have copy the game in another directory you need to modify it.

  278. Loteran (28 Oct 2016, 16:54)

    I read the posts, i will try the game, but i think it woll not work cause i don’t use insider program, so i’m not on the build 14936, can he work with “ooficial” build or only with insider build ? Thanks for your answer

  279. Diamonds4Y (28 Oct 2016, 16:56)

    My Game is installed on D: not c: how do i edit THE RUNME PLS HELP

  280. Harry Fitchett (29 Oct 2016, 11:02)

    if you need to edit runme.bat or runme2.bat to change to your installation path then right click the .bat and choose open with, then notepad. save it as a .txt in the same place and then just rename it in file explorer to have .bat as the file extension

  281. Thomen (29 Oct 2016, 19:59)

    hey can someone help me i have the files

    anyone got skype

  282. joud (30 Oct 2016, 19:32)

    guys i downloaded the game but i dont have the installer
    plz help

  283. Geoffrey (30 Oct 2016, 22:15)

    @SlaYzZ, désolé pour le temps de réponse, je suis sur la version 14393, je galère un peu pour mettre mon PC à jour, t’aurais un lien pour l’iso de la version 14936 en français (je l’ai que trouver en russe ^^)

  284. oronzo (31 Oct 2016, 16:17)

    appcrt140d.dll not found.
    desktopcrt140d.dll not found.
    how can i fix it? thx for your work and your support!!!

  285. shubham (31 Oct 2016, 16:23)

    ERROR:- APPCRT140D.dll and DESKTOPCRT140D.dll are missing

  286. Benring (31 Oct 2016, 16:39)

    Do not lose time with this, the latest version is the 18 and dosn´t work

  287. oronzo (31 Oct 2016, 17:23)

    i fix dll problems. now i have another problem.
    when i lunch the exe i got this error:
    debug error!
    Program: C:\immersiveHost\immersivehost.exe
    abort() as been called
    can someone help me?

  288. souLzoR (31 Oct 2016, 23:44)

    Please add me to help me install it . IGN skype : r3mbominator

  289. mario (01 Nov 2016, 3:10)

    oronzo how did you fix the dll errors? im missing the appcrt140d.dll

  290. riverside98 (01 Nov 2016, 14:11)

    how do u install the game? i dont get the instructions

  291. FrAn99 (01 Nov 2016, 22:18)


  292. Maty (02 Nov 2016, 0:25)

    I can confirm it’s working on Windows 10 Ver 14936, I’ve been playing FH3 all week. These are the files for the old version, if you want it to work you have to update to 17.2 and do the Powershell commands, make sure you go into Visual Studio 2015 and download every update too

    @mario That’s a Visual Studio 2015 error, need to update

  293. nvnovo (03 Nov 2016, 3:01)

    can anyone confirm if this is working and worth downloading?

  294. forza4life (03 Nov 2016, 9:01)

    @nvnovo yes it is working and really really worth downloading… trust me you’ll never regret it.. but make sure you meet the system requirements 😉

  295. psai (03 Nov 2016, 15:11)

    appcrt140d.dll and desktropcrt140d.dll not found, cannot find these files anyway, i think Windows team have made this unplayable we need someone to work this way around cuz i want to play this fking game

  296. Majty (03 Nov 2016, 16:39)


    thanks for the upload!

    Where do i find the Key ?

  297. Smallbearxez (04 Nov 2016, 5:40)

    thank you !

  298. Jonds (04 Nov 2016, 13:27)

    Plis seed my download speed is 222kb/s and at start was about 10mb/s i donwloaded 14 gb and uploaded 32 gb plis

  299. oronzo (04 Nov 2016, 19:49)

    psai you have to instal visula studio c++ 2015.

  300. Jepri (05 Nov 2016, 3:05)

    RUNME BAT cant find the path file -_-

  301. Siniq (06 Nov 2016, 9:30)

    In title is wrote (FULL UNLOCKED), but when I look to “INFO” I saw full instructions how to launch a game, and here is my question: This is cracked or not? or maybe I can play in this or not?

  302. joud (06 Nov 2016, 18:46)

    while running run me it moves the files but when creating shortcut ERROR the syntax of the command is incorrect plz help

  303. FilipCRO (06 Nov 2016, 18:59)

    Someone smart, when can we expect this to work on other Windows 10 regular (non-insider) versions ? This game is great, but I dont want to install another windows just for one game, not even dual boot…

  304. Luke (06 Nov 2016, 20:09)

    Followed instructions exactly but game will not launch. No errors, UAC comes up when trying to launch via shortcut but then nothing happens. Any ideas??

  305. Emre67o (07 Nov 2016, 2:16)

    Can you please make a video how it goes

  306. Jepri (07 Nov 2016, 12:56)


  307. SlaYzZ (09 Nov 2016, 17:40)

    @Geoffrey je suis actuellement sous la 14955. Mais le seule moyen d’avoir la 14936 apparement est de télécharger l’iso, et en général sur des sites russe. Je suis actuellement en déplacement donc je n’ai pas mon PC a porté de main mais dès que je trouve une solution je te tiens au jus si jamais tu n’aurais pas trouvé de solution 🙂

  308. m4l4k14n (09 Nov 2016, 22:15)

    Bad Files games ….. bypass v 14.2 …. old files! =(

  309. Lucas veer (11 Nov 2016, 12:42)

    HELP! I dont know how to install the game 🙁

  310. Malina (12 Nov 2016, 16:35)

    Everything is good, but when I click shortcut, nothing happened. 🙁 🙁
    What is problem?

  311. Zizou5798 (12 Nov 2016, 16:53)

    Quelqu’un a le tuto en français svp ?

  312. Luke (12 Nov 2016, 20:50)

    Game works a treat. Key step is to take full control of forza folder within windowsapp folder using command line.

    One problem, does anyone know about wheel support? It works fine with the keyboard and xbox controller but immersive host crashes as soon as i plug in my logitech momo wheel.

  313. sky (13 Nov 2016, 22:59)

    Please can u upload the riddik iso in uptobox 1 fichier thanks

  314. tony ray (14 Nov 2016, 5:37)

    when can we expect a download link other than the torrent ones which nobody is seeding?

  315. Samuel Andersson (14 Nov 2016, 20:29)

    I dont know where the forza_14.2.appx file is, and i cant fins the directory, so i cant install.
    Can someone help?

  316. Scar (16 Nov 2016, 1:22)

    When I extracted the RAR’s from the torrent i got this file “Microsoft.OpusPG_1.0.10.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.eappx”

    [Note the “.eappx”]

    I tried renaming it to the “forza_14.2.appx”
    But no matter what I do i get an error message like the following:

    Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CF0, Package could not be opened.
    error 0xD0000022: Opening the package from location forza_14.2.appx failed.
    NOTE: For additional information, look for [ActivityId] 23e4d013-3f1b-0003-44db-e4231b3fd201 in the Event Log or use
    the command line Get-AppxLog -ActivityID 23e4d013-3f1b-0003-44db-e4231b3fd201
    At line:1 char:1
    + Add-AppxPackage “D:\Downloads\3DMGAME-Forza.Horizon.3-3DM\forza_14.2. …
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : OpenError: (D:\Downloads\3D…forza_14.2.appx:String) [Add-AppxPackage], FileNotFoundExc
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DeploymentError,Microsoft.Windows.Appx.PackageManager.Commands.AddAppxPackageCommand

  317. ses (16 Nov 2016, 1:36)

    Where is the option for set login only for xbl app??

  318. ritwizard (16 Nov 2016, 4:49)

    where do I find the forza_14.2.appx? It’s not there in my download folder.

  319. k3kz3 (16 Nov 2016, 14:39)

    i just got version×64 loaded by the torrent link above.
    got this instructions:

    “1) Download the 14.2 game files and the certification file.
    2) Open Powershell and type in these two commands, by changing the paths to the correct ones:
    2.1) Certutil -addStore TrustedPeople “c:\PATH_TO_KEY\MyKey.cer”
    2.2) Add-AppxPackage “C:\path_to_app\forza_14.2.appx”
    3) Install Visual Studio Community 2015 with the C++ packages.
    4) Open \IH folder and run the RUNME.bat
    5) Copy immersivehost.tlb file to your Windows\System32 folder.
    6) Now Run the RUNME2.bat as Administartor
    7) Open the Xbox Live app, create a dummy account, and set it to login only for the XBL app.

    You can play the game by starting the shortcut on the Desktop.”

    i just followed the steps and when the game should start nothing happens?!
    whats my misstake?


  320. MY Name (16 Nov 2016, 16:35)

    Does it works?

  321. 0x80073CFD (16 Nov 2016, 17:01)

    Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CFD, A Prerequisite for an install could not be satisfied.
    Deployment Add operation with target volume C: on Package Microsoft.OpusPG_1.0.10.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe from:
    (Forza3.eappx) failed with error 0x80073CFD. See for help diagnosing
    app deployment issues.
    NOTE: For additional information, look for [ActivityId] 963388eb-4029-0002-b694-33962940d201 in the Event Log or use
    the command line Get-AppxLog -ActivityID 963388eb-4029-0002-b694-33962940d201
    At line:1 char:1
    + Add-AppxPackage “H:\Users\User-Pc\Downloads\3DMGAME-Forza.Horizon.3-3 …
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (H:\Users\User-P…DM\Forza3.eappx:String) [Add-AppxPackage], Exception
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DeploymentError,Microsoft.Windows.Appx.PackageManager.Commands.AddAppxPackageCommand

    I did checked the developer mode but this shit still appears.. HELP!

  322. Siniq (16 Nov 2016, 17:18)

    I have the same question as 2 guys higher than my post

  323. hng (17 Nov 2016, 10:37)

    Work only on 14936 or higher to?

  324. andythung (18 Nov 2016, 9:02)

    can anyone seed the torrent ….. took 2 weeks downloading havnt finish yet ….. TT

  325. diogo alexandre (18 Nov 2016, 21:33)


  326. xX_CHILLAX_Xx (22 Nov 2016, 17:22)

    Its been a long time since this game is added to site. And still game files and bypass have not been updated. If in instruction it says other file than in actual torrent, how the hell we are supposed to install the game correctly!
    Maybe someone has torrent link for latest game files and crack?
    Comon skidrow, update this game.

  327. Hamsterdam (22 Nov 2016, 17:56)

    GUYS.Please come with the FTP —— 1FICHIER —– Uptobox links for god sake…Im standing here like an asshole after i updated my windows to win10 14936 just to play Forza Horizon 3 and im downloading it with 60kB/s. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  328. Mason Aljack (24 Nov 2016, 15:10)

    can i run this game on build 14971?

  329. AJACK (26 Nov 2016, 13:27)

    I can’t install. What should I do?

    PS C:\Windows\system32> Add-AppxPackage “D:\Download\3DMGAME-Forza.Horizon.3-3DM\forza_14.2.appx”
    Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CF0, Package could not be opened.
    error 0xD0000022: Opening the package from location forza_14.2.appx failed.
    NOTE: For additional information, look for [ActivityId] e98d6713-4794-0000-e03a-97e99447d201 in the Event Log or use
    the command line Get-AppxLog -ActivityID e98d6713-4794-0000-e03a-97e99447d201
    At line:1 char:1
    + Add-AppxPackage “D:\Download\3DMGAME-Forza.Horizon.3-3DM\forza_14.2.a …
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : OpenError: (D:\Download\3DM…forza_14.2.appx:String) [Add-AppxPackage], FileNotFoundExc
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DeploymentError,Microsoft.Windows.Appx.PackageManager.Commands.AddAppxPackageCommand

  330. BADII (26 Nov 2016, 21:31)

    Online ? does it work ??

  331. RATATATATA (29 Nov 2016, 12:29)

    Has anyone got multiplayer to work?

  332. Rotann (02 Dec 2016, 22:33)

    Can someone please make a vid of how they installed the game if they got it to work please i have followed all the steps and it doesnt work for me PLZZZZZZZZ

  333. John (03 Dec 2016, 8:44)

    How do I set Xbox to login only for the XBL app?


  334. John (03 Dec 2016, 9:13)

    “Open the Xbox Live app, create a dummy account, and set it to login only for the XBL app.”

    What kind of instruction is “… set it to login only for the XBL app.” I installed so many things that I missed my sleep, almost 5am. When I wake up, I’ll have so much to delete. Thank you.

  335. delph (04 Dec 2016, 19:36)

    how can i update my windows version to 14936?

  336. Asrlex (05 Dec 2016, 9:11)

    For fuck’s sake. So many people giving shit because “instructions are complex”. If you’re so desperate to play the game, BUY IT!!!!!

  337. Hansz (06 Dec 2016, 18:14)

    What happen with this game? the crack not work?

  338. juanra (10 Dec 2016, 13:48)

    there are a new crack from cpy

  339. Mars918 (12 Dec 2016, 20:31)

    No crack??

  340. Mars918 (12 Dec 2016, 20:32)

    juanra the cpy game works?

  341. leonardo (13 Dec 2016, 11:24)

    it has to be build 14936 or can it be any superior to this one?

  342. Axwell (14 Dec 2016, 20:23)

    I guess a lot of people get error during installing the app ( 2nd powershell conmmand ) because you try to install on a different drive ( as ssd are too small for the game ).

    So you have to modifiy the target in the powershell command ( replace C:\ with D:\ for exemple if your .eappx is on that drive ) but you NEED ALSO to change your default app folder in windows system parameters ( win > system > storage )

    Worked for me, hope it will help !

  343. Ray (16 Dec 2016, 2:55)

    everything is asian… lol can we get some english files?

  344. TUGASTYLE98 (17 Dec 2016, 11:23)

    My Build is 14393. How do I change/update it?

  345. joselio (19 Dec 2016, 15:48)

    legal o jogo

  346. JMG (24 Dec 2016, 10:32)

    Spent a few days downloading the 49GB BYPASSED Torrent and turns out the .eappx file is no there…..great work.

  347. alex (24 Dec 2016, 17:04)

    je n est pas pu poursuivre l’installation a l étape 4

    RUNME.bat ma retourné une erreur comme quoi le fichier était introuvable
    Pouvez vous m aider svp?

    apache pro
    visual studio installé

  348. Unblocker (25 Dec 2016, 2:24)

    To Update Windows 10 1460 U must Download Anniversary Edition from Windows Store… the game is working Fine….

  349. Driekus (25 Dec 2016, 19:31)

    Got it almost working, only when I try to start the game I get the following error:
    There are problems with: ntdll.dll in combination with immersivehost.exe.

    Who can help me?

  350. yo (26 Dec 2016, 7:23)

    i can t understand these instructions …

  351. Jonas (26 Dec 2016, 14:00)

    APPCRT140D.dll and DESKTOPCRT140D.dll got missing when I run “RUNME2” and try to run the game.
    Did someone have the same problem as mine?

  352. MvH (26 Dec 2016, 18:57)

    followed all the instructions above No error popping up but whenever im trying to open the forza 3 cmd will pop up and “waiting for 0 seconds press any key to continue” then nothing happens I wanna play this game. I have xbox one and forza 3 disc but i wanna play this in pc. hope someone can help me

  353. mathieu (27 Dec 2016, 14:26)

    Hi !
    Do you know when the game will be uploaded in direct download ? MEGA, UPLOADED, 1FICHIER….
    thanks !

  354. bloody fucktard mvh (28 Dec 2016, 3:21)

    hey bloody dumbfuck retarted mvh, who gives a fuck if you have forza horizon and xbox one? will saying that make forza horizon 3 work on you pc?? i doubt so you brainless bloody retarted noob shit

  355. Tanweedman (28 Dec 2016, 16:45)

    well i just can’t play this game. its not working and the only thing i have in my mind right now is HOW TO UNINSTALL THIS ?? I just wasted my disk space like 55 GB i guess Could anyone tell me how to get this to work or how to get rid of those files i just cant find them anywhere in my pc

  356. moeff (29 Dec 2016, 13:54)

    also tryed the bypass edition and got it working so far. But directly after the loading screen i get a crash to desktop without any errormessage. So its not playable …

  357. Random (29 Dec 2016, 15:31)

    Do I really need the Insider Preview for this one? I have 14393, which is the Anniversary Update, 14396 is the Preview version…

  358. Sam (30 Dec 2016, 16:08)

    Power Shell is Giving a fuckin error and it’s not installing…What to do mine is latest win 10 pro anvesrry edition…..What to do plz give a guide of video

  359. sisin (03 Jan 2017, 8:10)

    skidrow please update now that the game is cracked and its for 14393 windows 10. i am already playing and its such a simple crack. anybody need help let me know

  360. Gam3 (04 Jan 2017, 15:19)

    Does this fully work?

  361. AltosN07 (04 Jan 2017, 17:49)

    Am guys did anyone see that big leak from FH3 they actualy releashed the developer build of FH3 on pc so i think some of the people on cracking comunity got their hands on it and so i think we can think that we will get a crack now faster? maybe yes or no we need to wait but it would be a great help if any of skidrow people who crack can confirm that is now a better posibility. thanks if you answer 🙂

  362. Slimbady (04 Jan 2017, 18:15)

    Hello sisin please help me to lunch the game 🙁

  363. arslan (04 Jan 2017, 19:33)

    sisin pls tell me how did you u install the game and crack?

  364. NiTRO (04 Jan 2017, 20:17)

    Thank you so much for this game!
    I do have a problem tho. When i go in to (Adminstrator) Windows PowerShell i get an error after i type in: CertUtil -addstore TrustedPeople “C:\Users\Aleksa\Desktop\FHH3-BY78” . Can someone please help me with this?

  365. danial (05 Jan 2017, 1:50)

    Hi sisin.please give me crack link.and also came repack.

  366. iman (05 Jan 2017, 2:07)

    Immersivehost Error in 74-75% loading .please help…….

  367. SYoshi (05 Jan 2017, 15:33)

    sisin help me plz

  368. biggie (06 Jan 2017, 17:09)

    hi the dummy account doesnt change anything and i did everything beside instruction number 3 because i didnt know where to find the install stuff please help

  369. ankur (07 Jan 2017, 8:41)

    What’s the crack status anyone knows?

  370. fuckers (08 Jan 2017, 2:05)

    PowerShell PowerShellis giveing error fucl you
    ..You wasted my 51gb net…motherfucker….Games is not working

  371. sisin (08 Jan 2017, 5:20)

    please update that this game is now cracked for windows 10 14393 version. i am playing it already

  372. sisin (08 Jan 2017, 5:38)

    follow every step in this video

    if you still face problem contact me at [email protected]

    i can help through teamviewer

  373. The Dude (16 Jan 2017, 20:57)

    Do I have to schange someting when i want to install it on my D drive?

  374. BS (18 Jan 2017, 7:46)

    guys i downloaded all files but their is no file to add named “forza_14.2.appx”

  375. Srexo (18 Jan 2017, 15:51)

    What a bunch of morons here,cant believe. If you want game buy it and play since you all are to stupid to even crack the game.

  376. somicas (19 Jan 2017, 14:54)

    Hello, i have windows 10 15007 version, is it possible for me to install forza on this version it’s must to have 14936?

  377. Qrylix (19 Jan 2017, 19:37)

    Soo, i have the game downloaded, but i get an ucrtbased dll error, even though the file is there, and says that it is missing, what do i do?

  378. Vojtkokornél (21 Jan 2017, 10:18)

    Ez a világ leges legjobb játéka! imádom

  379. Alex (22 Jan 2017, 19:52)

    Where can i get the 14936 Windows Update?

  380. Evolvedruid (25 Jan 2017, 18:01)

    It does not work.. I have windows 10. All you are giving is tons of files that weights a ton. such as eappx and part … please update I read in comment about powershell and visual studio and I’m lost.. I will wait.

  381. Dave07 (28 Jan 2017, 21:40)

    Is it works on multiplayer?

  382. Xampo (29 Jan 2017, 20:39)

    i try to install this game, all ok, but when execute nothing ocurred… So for unnistall the game only you need to execute in powershel is:

    remove-AppxPackage “Microsoft.OpusPG_1.0.10.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe”

    If no found the package, see all packages installed whit this command:

    Get-AppxPackage | Select Name, PackageFullName

    This installation instructions… Wait for another Unlocked game…

  383. Mathes14 (24 Feb 2017, 5:33)

    how to fix it ?

  384. Zakor (08 Mar 2017, 18:24)

    Hi, when I run the shortcut nothing happens. I can see the service Forza running but that’s all. Anyone has the same issue?
    Also I see that C:\ImmersiveHost\GameData only has an empty directory is that normal?

  385. Kazem (12 Mar 2017, 19:51)

    I can´t install it, it asks for Microsoft Studios Where I can get that?

  386. Zakor (15 Mar 2017, 20:02)

    I have the same as you oronzo:
    Debug error!
    abort() has been called

  387. MRdox (20 Mar 2017, 21:28)

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! The rar doesn’t contain the files, which are in the description!! It has the unmodified windows store files!!! This is only for those who already bought and own the game!! The bypass title is bullshit! It can’t be done with this torrent! I wasted 2 days downloading and wasting drive space, don’t do the same mistake!

  388. bLitzKrieg (26 Mar 2017, 22:35)


  389. Daniel in fire (01 Apr 2017, 12:19)

    Sadly can’t afford the high specs computer requirements

  390. MAntes (15 Apr 2017, 8:45)


  391. kingDRAGONs (18 Apr 2017, 12:08)

    WTF is this i have 1 mounth downloading this game …. when i open forza_x64_profile say to me is not valid Win32

    can any one help ?

  392. zdravko (07 May 2017, 7:45)

    Does any product key go to the game

  393. devil11 (09 May 2017, 6:23)

    Do I need an xbox account or not for the bypass ? I can not login into the xbox app on my pc

  394. AlexB (12 May 2017, 7:00)

    New patch with performance fix ?;/

  395. stefan (14 May 2017, 14:14)

    I cant do the powershell part it says
    Package: A positional parameter cannot be found and so on
    what do I do

  396. akshat (19 May 2017, 10:55)

    hey i have downloaded and installed correctly. as you suggested. but when i opens fh3 it says that you ill need a new app to open the file. i dont want to downlaod again bcoz i have very slow speed net 125kb only i lives in little place please help meee help me….
    i have windows 10 pro above version of anniversary update.
    16GB RAM
    2 gb DDR5 Graphics

  397. Drank.Drippin (20 May 2017, 13:18)

    So all these guys saying this is bs is not bc it’s working fine in my pc, but my only issue is when I restart my pc. My computer automatically turns on & the stupid (Real-Time Protection) enables automatically & everytime I open up my .exe file forgetting the (R-TP) Is turned on so there for I have to REDOWNLOAD my damn files … so my question is is there anyway to COMPLETELY/PERMAMENTLY turn off that stupid bs malware protection windows 10 came up with!?? Some one please reply!

  398. Drank.Drippin (20 May 2017, 13:27)

    Also skydro is there anyway we can play online with the crack? I would ask fitgirl but she doesn’t even have a crack for this game yet ): y’all are the BEST at cracking & repacking & getting the DLC’s mad PROPS!!

  399. Jef (23 May 2017, 16:00)

    Voce podia pelo menos que agente pudesse copiar/colar , para pegar os codigos !!!

  400. Lier (24 May 2017, 5:22)

    Thanks! works perfectly 🙂

  401. Pablo (29 May 2017, 18:25)

    Essa desgraça não baixa não, está com problema, site lixo disponibiliza essa porra e não entrega, VAI TOMA NO CU DESSES ADMS SITE LIXO, TOMA NO CU TAMBEM DE QUEM NAO GOSTOU DO COMENTARIO

  402. jaxx0rr (05 Jun 2017, 15:53)
  403. jaxx0rr (05 Jun 2017, 16:55)

    actually nvm that dont work either… fuck me

  404. Mateusz Ptak (16 Jun 2017, 16:55)

    Can i install this on windows 7? ;/

  405. qweeqttqwe (02 Jul 2017, 16:36)

    NO WORK, NO DOWNLOAD, indirmeyin çalısmıyor.

  406. blaaack (05 Jul 2017, 3:26)

    Someone could install it?

  407. tobexor (05 Jul 2017, 15:06)

    Wherai can find this KEY wtf
    iI dont know about what KEY I need

  408. ronald (26 Jul 2018, 19:19)


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