Football Manager 2015-CPY

Posted 22 May 2015 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Football Manager 2015-CPY


Football Manager 2015 will allow you to live the life of a real football manager…



Football Manager 2015 will allow you to live the life of a real football manager – you decide who plays and who sits on the bench, you’re in total control of tactics, team-talks, substitutions and pitch-side instructions as you follow the match live with the acclaimed 3D match engine.

Title: Football Manager 2015
Genre: Simulation, Sports
Developer: Sports Interactive
Publisher: SEGA
Release Date: Nov 2014

Note: The game is updated to the latest patch 15.3.2.
• Football Manager 2015 Editor and Resource Archiver are included.
• Languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Norwegian, Greek,
Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Korean

Football Manager 2015-CPY
Size: 1.7 GB























    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core, AMD Athlon – XP: 1.6GHz+ V/7/8: 2.2GHz+
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GeForce FX 5900 Ultra, ATI Radeon 9800, Intel GMA X3100 – 128MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space

Football Manager 2015-CPY
-Burn or mount the image
-Install the game
-Copy the crack
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Alkos (22 May 2015, 18:56)

    Great,cant wait

  2. MGC (22 May 2015, 19:27)

    guys, you are f*****g amazing!

  3. xaris110 (22 May 2015, 19:34)

    Παμε γερα

  4. scafutto20 (22 May 2015, 20:28)


  5. Cole (22 May 2015, 20:28)

    A lot of thanks….you’re the best

  6. c2o8ugf (22 May 2015, 21:09)

    Not Working. Same prob as earlier releases, error dumps need to be fixed.

  7. burak (22 May 2015, 21:24)

    at last. thank you

  8. Perfect (22 May 2015, 23:11)

    the best coaching game ever

  9. Danilo (23 May 2015, 0:22)

    THANKS guys. <3

  10. BigBear (23 May 2015, 0:28)


  11. G (23 May 2015, 0:44)

    MEGA doesn’t work.. corrupted files… downloaded 2 times already…

  12. Jack (23 May 2015, 1:07)

    Finally?… Greaaaaaaaat!!!!!

  13. mr_unknown (23 May 2015, 3:08)

    nice… DL as we speak..
    thanks Skidrow Reloaded!

  14. SUPREMUBR (23 May 2015, 3:14)

    THANK YOOOU!!!!!

  15. Bane95 (23 May 2015, 4:09)

    OMG Thank you. I’ve been waiting for so long

  16. Denzel (23 May 2015, 4:29)

    how do i update my older FM15 to this? do i have to redownload?

  17. Ghost04 (23 May 2015, 6:58)

    Finally patch 15.3,waiting for this for a long time

  18. Micko (23 May 2015, 8:11)

    Guys, this is amazing!! 😀

  19. Long (23 May 2015, 9:08)

    But can you tell me which Version is this

  20. pinacmla (23 May 2015, 10:16)

    crash dumps all the time…i cant open the game

  21. FIX DIRECT LINK (23 May 2015, 10:40)

    stock at 10%

  22. kzks (23 May 2015, 12:40)

    thx a lot, been w8ing 4 this game with 15.3.2 uppdate. I will w8 for torent to download

  23. Dope (23 May 2015, 13:16)

    Is the crack for this version available already?

  24. aar (23 May 2015, 13:42)

    is this working. thus the game dont crah dump

  25. Caccamoo (23 May 2015, 14:12)

    great skidrow, gogo download guys ! torrent is too slow

  26. FATBURNERCAT (23 May 2015, 14:22)

    is this for real ?:o

  27. Ted (23 May 2015, 16:13)

    Does it work? i can’t install it. I think the problem is with rars 30 to 36, could someone help me?

  28. Arlovya (23 May 2015, 17:07)

    what the meaning of CPY.. sorry 🙂

  29. Dzoni (23 May 2015, 17:17)

    Is game complete and working? 🙂

  30. FM (23 May 2015, 17:27)


  31. PapoteurLOL (23 May 2015, 18:10)

    You are the best skidrowreloaded

  32. KingPesant (24 May 2015, 3:30)

    how do install this i have 2 rar files what do i do

  33. Dude (24 May 2015, 4:08)

    Crash Dump, a shame 🙁

  34. Brazilian (24 May 2015, 5:51)

    Crash Dumps, Crash Dumps and Crash Dumps, I can not enter the game.

  35. Shay (24 May 2015, 6:26)

    Can’t open the game…

  36. Drake (24 May 2015, 11:12)

    Hi there first of all thank so much for the great upload.
    I have also a question, is the Editor working fine cause i have issues of exporting edits into the game .Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

  37. Arnold (24 May 2015, 12:39)

    Thank you!!

  38. MGC (24 May 2015, 15:10)

    game crashes just after you launch it, even before loading screens or anything… not so cool.

  39. MrFROG (24 May 2015, 18:45)

    Thx but many crashes

  40. dd (24 May 2015, 20:50)

    What Is cpy can someone tell me pleasee?

  41. FMfan (25 May 2015, 14:25)

    doesn’t work, crash dumps for me.

  42. yore (25 May 2015, 19:14)

    crash dumps, cant enter the game

  43. FMWORKS (26 May 2015, 4:34)

    why u all said crash dump.. i play perfectly no crash dump..

  44. staffus (26 May 2015, 5:21)

    FMWORKS….tell me ….what window u running 64bit or 32bit

  45. glub glub (26 May 2015, 10:42)

    eu baixei mais nao gostei do jogo funciona perfeitamente.

    i got the game, it works ok, but i don´t like it

  46. kennnnt (26 May 2015, 12:55)

    downloaded the iso file, installed but still getting crash dump every single time.
    haven’t even seen the loading screen!!
    this is so bad

  47. Brizingr (27 May 2015, 13:54)

    THANK YOU!!!

  48. Dejo (27 May 2015, 13:56)

    doesnt work, crash dumps

  49. FM (27 May 2015, 15:36)

    I also got crash dumps. Updated microsoft visual c++ 2010, frame network and directx. After that game works fine!

  50. anatol (27 May 2015, 22:43)

    I love you skidrow

  51. ty (28 May 2015, 0:51)

    why cant i find the crack for this?

  52. Dank Kush (28 May 2015, 11:29)

    Thanks m8, you are gr8 m8

  53. ante (29 May 2015, 12:24)

    I installed it on computer with windows 7 and it works now i installed it on my laptop where is windows 8 and it doesnt work,shows crash dumps,both are 64-bit

  54. mihajlo (30 May 2015, 9:11)

    The game works perfectly on my computer, but the editor doesn’t work, when I run editor it says that failed to find language data. How can I do?

  55. Paco (30 May 2015, 21:07)

    Where am I exactly supposed to put the .iso ? I put it in the SI file in Program Files but when I launch it, it opens Steam. Help me please

  56. zulvii (31 May 2015, 5:52)

    how to fix helper.dll problem ?

  57. FMFan (31 May 2015, 17:03)

    Guys, after format, now I have a clean PC. SO, may I have to install Stem or not in order to play FM2015?

  58. FMFan (31 May 2015, 17:04)

    Guys, after format, now I have a clean PC. So, may I have to install Steam or not in order to play FM2015?

  59. amk cpy (31 May 2015, 20:52)

    It doesn’t work, there is a crush dump problem.

  60. Brizingr (01 Jun 2015, 4:33)

    Working Win 10 64bit old machine!! After install vcredist 2005+2006+2010+2012+2013 and directx 9.0c also update .Net framework.

  61. DoktaCleavon (04 Jun 2015, 9:33)

    Thanx guys. Downloaded the game. It works perfectly on ma desktop pc bt crash dumps on my laptop yet they both have the same windows 8 64bit and Microsoft visual c++, directx and netframework uptodate. What should I do to run it without crash dumps on my laptop.

  62. BerLopez (06 Jun 2015, 16:43)

    could I play online ?

  63. huntersouls (08 Jun 2015, 6:10)

    Other skin since 2014…still think FM2008,2013 are better!To bad dont have competicion CM is most same dont fix transference the player even u give 100 Millions

  64. mitsos13 (08 Jun 2015, 10:18)

    Game if running smuthly. A thousand thanks !!!

    Guys you are the best !

  65. David (08 Jun 2015, 14:52)

    Installed, seems to work (not played yet, just launched it). Just a question: starting a new game I can only run 15.3.0 database (and not 15.3.2)… is this right?

  66. NERO13 (08 Jun 2015, 16:06)

    Hello all link down 🙁

  67. Manel Sanchez (08 Jun 2015, 17:21)

    Thnx SKIDROW &RELOADED for the game but now: The link of the torrent fell.
    Guys iwatch the video below that show you how to install the game correctly with the DirectX & how to improve the game.
    Also,you can fin 3 links of the torrents for to download the game,bye.

  68. staffus (09 Jun 2015, 3:07)

    awesome….cannot run the game..crash dump…..using window 8.1 64 bit…..current system using microsoft visual c++….so update 2012….run the game….and yes now i can play…so guys just update ur microsoft visual c++

  69. agys (09 Jun 2015, 8:28)

    all links are down, can you fix this please?

  70. Neil Vincent (10 Jun 2015, 15:54)

    If you get the screen dump error this is due to the missing file 3dm_ceg.dll. When you extract the game, this file is being detected as a virus and being deleted. You need to allow this file through so the game will run

  71. razedsgn (12 Jun 2015, 9:00)

    it says 15.3.0, not 15.3.2 database

  72. bruno (12 Jun 2015, 13:55)

    if you’re getting crash dumps go to
    C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\_CommonRedist\DirectX\Jun2010
    (or whatever your fm directory is) and install the directx setup in it, and it should work, or at least it worked for me!

  73. Marco (13 Jun 2015, 6:22)

    Go to “C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\_CommonRedist\DirectX\Jun2010”, there is a file in it, named “”DXSETUP.exe”. Open it and install it to solve the crush dump problem! It’s work!

  74. Kay (17 Jun 2015, 0:53)

    the game doesn’t even start up for me can anyone help updated the directx ????

  75. Kay (17 Jun 2015, 1:07)

    i also didnt get a crash dump error

  76. nick (19 Jun 2015, 12:28)

    hi where do i find the crack this is confusing me?

  77. nightmare (21 Jun 2015, 11:24)

    nick – after you mount the iso, click on start, then computer. you will see the virtual drive that FM was mounted to. explore this drive, and you will see the crack folder. copy over the InI and most importantly, the cracked steam dll

  78. keanu (21 Jun 2015, 16:02)

    I have win 8.1 64x, updated ms visual, diirect x 11 and still nothing… besides crush dump:(

  79. wessam (22 Jun 2015, 7:17)

    best game in the world

  80. wessam (22 Jun 2015, 7:19)

    best game in the world i like so much

  81. wessam (22 Jun 2015, 7:22)

    hi where do i find the crack this is confusing

  82. hellyeah (22 Jun 2015, 12:05)

    tried everything.. still crash dumped

  83. acong (23 Jun 2015, 15:17)

    Can I play with steam or not?

  84. milanista (25 Jun 2015, 18:46)

    it,s work

  85. HELP NEEDED (28 Jun 2015, 5:11)

    Does anybody have this problem: when choosing a club to recruit Foreign youngsters for your annual Youth intake, the agreement made is for first options on the club’s players?
    I tried 3 times and got only first options agreements. If i choose first option on club’s players or chance to recruit youngsters, the agreement is always first option on club’s players.
    Does anybody know how to correct this problem from the Deep settings, maybe?

  86. cferreira help? (28 Jun 2015, 20:48)

    I can’t put it to work in windows 10… any help?

  87. cferreira (02 Jul 2015, 20:14)

    Still nothing… it just don´t start in windows 10… any help? Plesae…

  88. Misterspe (03 Jul 2015, 9:31)

    Doesn’t work on windows 10, starting error!!! HELP!

  89. grool (03 Jul 2015, 17:14)

    My problem is that football manger crash during the game, not in the same day. How it’s possible to solve? thx all

  90. zol3x (05 Jul 2015, 13:29)

    Hello all , i installed the game , played 1 hour and all was OK. Next day i tried to open it again and it gives an error SEGA Software Activation Service : helper.dll has been modified or infected. Any HELP pls? Thanks a lot!

  91. JSantos (09 Jul 2015, 18:25)

    When I open the game, it keeps popping up the steam updates and it opens the FM steam page. What do I do to actually play the game ?

  92. good (09 Jul 2015, 19:11)

    great works. thank you for all of you guys.

  93. Liam (10 Jul 2015, 22:58)

    Where can i find the crack? sorry if i sound daft.

  94. robert (14 Jul 2015, 7:09)

    hi…i am not a computer freak…but i love this game..however i dont know what file to copy from the crack folder and most importantly where to paste it..the only file i have in the crack folder is steam_api.dll…..can anyone help me pls….i installed the game and everything…but i dont know how to do the laststep

  95. Adarsh (14 Jul 2015, 20:53)

    @Robert yes you must paste the steam_api.dll in to the game directory
    Hope I helped !

  96. Naygus (22 Jul 2015, 13:11)


  97. koum (25 Jul 2015, 10:44)

    after i paste the crack file the game is not opening says about some file has problem.. plzz helppp

  98. Kaan (25 Jul 2015, 16:03)

    I just founded your website, i am downloading the game right now, i hope it works pretty well, thank you anyway guys ! You are great.

  99. shaun (25 Jul 2015, 17:23)

    hi just new to this is it just torrent i need to download thanx

  100. hefter (27 Jul 2015, 10:53)

    i downloaded the game, but got crash dump on startup. I deleted preferences, cleard cache, deleted crash dumps but nothing that helps. Someone who can help me fix that problem?

  101. DoktaCleavon (28 Jul 2015, 13:26)

    @TROJ3N the dump fix was blocked. pliz upload it somewhere else

  102. Thom (30 Jul 2015, 13:37)

    When I start FM, nothing happens. When I try it again, a screen pops up saying: “FM 15 is already running!”, but still nothing is happening. I don’t know what caused the problem. I’ve downloaded it before and it worked fine, but not on this laptop. Does somebody know what might cause this problem?

  103. Degen (31 Jul 2015, 3:03)

    Hey,I need some help.I downloaded and installed the game but when I try to start it,it does not start.Someone help?

  104. Anggara (01 Aug 2015, 17:16)

    Hi Guys! for you who can’t play in Win10, here’s my solution for you:

    1. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\_CommonRedist\DirectX\Jun2010
    2. Install DXSETUP.exe
    3. right click fm.exe and run as administrator
    4. enjoy!

    These steps are working for me. Cheers.

  105. Stian (02 Aug 2015, 14:34)

    Just run the game in Windows Vista compatibility

  106. ciccio99 (05 Aug 2015, 19:23)

    @ Anggara Thank you it worked !!!!!!

  107. Youssef Chelli (08 Aug 2015, 15:23)

    does it work for Mac ?

  108. ivan (11 Aug 2015, 16:34)


  109. ivan (11 Aug 2015, 16:35)


  110. v1nc3nt (12 Aug 2015, 15:20)

    don’t work on windows 10..solution?

  111. huntersouls (14 Aug 2015, 1:50)

    try use in win 7 with admin…i ahve win 10 pro and work…even cm 03/04 work in win 10 xD

  112. deckychandr (16 Aug 2015, 0:41)

    Hey, the game isn’t worked on my win 7… I’ve already install DXSETUP.exe but nothing change… What should I do? Reply, please.

  113. rully (16 Aug 2015, 4:22)

    its working using win 7

  114. deckychandr (16 Aug 2015, 22:17)

    Problem solved… All you need is change the “Run this program compability for…” to Win 7

  115. Mark (17 Aug 2015, 16:41)

    Changing compatibility to run with windows 7 also worked for me. Right click on FM, properties, compatibility mode, run with windows 7.

  116. Jay (17 Aug 2015, 20:43)

    Installed the dxsetup.exe and my laptops running on windows 8.1..
    Still not working, any fixes?

  117. acu (18 Aug 2015, 3:55)

    i dont know where to paste the crack file.. can you guy help me.

  118. AS (18 Aug 2015, 10:07)

    Thanks!! Works fine!!

  119. jonah (18 Aug 2015, 20:56)


  120. neneliliaa (23 Aug 2015, 8:23)

    it works 🙂 thanks

  121. Scadra (25 Aug 2015, 13:55)

    Impossible to launch this game. I tried to change compatibility but nothing happen it’s the same with win8. Have you got some astuce for this ?

  122. drew (27 Aug 2015, 18:10)

    Sadly doesn’t work for me on windows 8. I can’t even launch the game because of the crash dumps issue.

    How should I go about fixing this? What do I need to download or do?

  123. mark (30 Aug 2015, 2:10)

    Mine is not working. I am able to play FM 2014, however when I am installing the game from the disc I’ve burnt it stalls on c\…\Football Manager 2015\data\updates\update-1530\graphics.fmf.

    I’ve updated the C++ Visual 2012 and I am using Windows 7 – still nothing.

    Any help would be great

  124. mark (30 Aug 2015, 2:24)

    My DirectX is also up to date, so that is not the issue either.

  125. Diamond King (02 Sep 2015, 13:28)

    cant unzip the torrent copy. asks for a password. please help

  126. Flynn (20 Sep 2015, 14:18)

    Have tried installing multiple times but even when the crack is copied its still crash dumps. Any way to fix this? Disabled my antivirus and windows defender in case they were preventing part of it from installing correctly but it still crashes, any help is appreciated.

  127. jm (21 Sep 2015, 14:34)

    i instal and copy the crack
    but went i start the game nothing appens.
    but in aplication process is runing

    any one have the same problem?

  128. LENZ (21 Sep 2015, 20:50)

    Angarra you are a genius the game has worked on my windows 10 thank you. Guys if your game is not working follow Angarra ‘s instructions

  129. Çağlar (21 Sep 2015, 23:35)

    Install Direct-X

    You can find it if you follow this path ..

    C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\_CommonRedist\DirectX\Jun2010

    Nothing to do with Cracker :))

  130. Kleven (01 Oct 2015, 13:03)

    Can’t launch the game, says it’s already running.
    Anyone found a fix for this?

  131. Vincent (06 Oct 2015, 12:29)

    hi, i still cannot run this. got the following error msg:
    Application Error:
    A serious error was encountered and the application will close. An error file has been generated in c:Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\crash dumps\FM 2015 v15 3.XXXXXX .dmp

    Please accept our apologies and visit our community for further assirance.

    What should i do from here?

  132. Roberto (06 Oct 2015, 19:35)

    I’ve downloaded the game and able to play it. But I can’t save the game.

    Anyone can help me?

  133. de jabir (25 Oct 2015, 11:24)

    cant run the game says system error visit
    plz wat to do

  134. Bleachigo (07 Nov 2015, 13:45)

    It sends me to steam when i try to start the game, pls help, is there some way not to go on steam?

  135. its working (09 Nov 2015, 6:19)

    its working perfect for me , good job windows 7
    what i have done ,
    downloaded torrent
    opened with winrar program
    burn disc with setupexe and 2 bins (extract to folder )have to be in cd rom
    install game from that disc
    replace that Steam api.dll crack to program files 86 FM 15
    did not replace CPY file dont know where replace that one , restart computer ,, good luck

  136. GrKiNG (14 Nov 2015, 19:28)

    I just copied over the crack content and Run the DirectX setup inside the installation folder.
    The game runs perfect.

    I even checked if the file “3dm_ceg.dll” is in the installed files, and guess what its not there, however the game still works.


    Thank for the up~ Works Great!

  137. Johnny (28 Nov 2015, 17:46)

    Does it work on Mac? I had it on my desktop and was working perfectly but i can’t even open it on my Mac.

    Please anyone can help?!

  138. Hongva (01 Dec 2015, 1:10)

    how to install it? please help

  139. alexitaly (01 Dec 2015, 16:22)

    It doesn’t work…. I downloaded with torrent, I used magic disc but, when I start the game, it crushs. Can someone help me?

  140. DanaDotz (01 Dec 2015, 19:23)

    anyone can help? after i instal it n copy the crack on it. when i try play fm i get crash dump. how to fix it?

  141. DanaDotz (01 Dec 2015, 19:32)

    already solve. just need instal dirextX setup inside the folden on fm. thx

  142. DonQuixote (04 Dec 2015, 13:32)

    Hye. i have a question. i can’t save the game. the screen said that i can’t save my game after choosing a club. i tried to navigate and i find the document folder. i also van’t import tactics. who can helped me with this?

  143. ∞ Mvshroom ∞ (10 Dec 2015, 11:15)

    @DonQuixote Open the game with Administrator rights. Wait until you are in your Club Inbox menu, and then save your game. You can’t save if you are choosing a club.

  144. Vauban (13 Dec 2015, 19:29)

    Any information on FM 16? What’s the ETA of being released (copy)?

  145. masm (17 Dec 2015, 15:00)

    where can I find a crack? thank you!

  146. Gabriel (23 Dec 2015, 14:40)

    check if ur game is running with compatibility for w7, if u are using w7 just check out it.

  147. Adil Mirza (06 Jan 2016, 22:10)

    is the crack in the download or a different file?

  148. Zaaak (07 Jan 2016, 8:53)

    Hi guys, why when i install a facepack or logopack it doesnt work?

  149. AnonymouZHelper (09 Jan 2016, 0:37)

    For the Crash-Dump-People

    Go to the Game folder -> there to “_CommonRedist”-folder and deeper
    Install Direct X with “DXSETUP.exe”

    Start Game, Good Luck

  150. illegal (04 Feb 2016, 1:47)


  151. someone (04 Feb 2016, 1:50)

    is there some Patch, that all team in premiere league have their Logo, Brand ant etc….

  152. eddy (18 Feb 2016, 18:10)

    Hey guys if your anti – virus isnt blocking yo FM and you are getting that ‘A serious error was encountered’ message open your fm15 cpy with winrar then open the crack folder copy the steam dll file then go to program files x86 open sports interactive then open fm15 folder then paste the steam folder and agree to replace the existing similar folder then run fm15 ENJOY

  153. bechir (17 Mar 2016, 15:32)

    eddy i love you

  154. avvadi (24 Mar 2016, 21:42)

    fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk now I cnat go to work without this shit…lovely

  155. antonis (09 Apr 2016, 12:23)

    hey guys,i can’ find any file to download the it still available for download?can anybody help?thanks

  156. Adib (09 May 2016, 18:22)

    @antonis use torrent

  157. ChuckRunkle (09 Jun 2016, 15:08)

    hey guys, i’ve been playing this game til year 2030 but one day my computer shut down and since then i cant start it up, i just get the crash dump error message. I’ve tried all the things i’ve seen people propose, buti hope someone will know what is happening because it sucks not to be able to continue :C

  158. mario chalana (13 Jul 2016, 13:52)

    hey guys.
    just downloading FM15. since the 2016 doesnt work properly
    do you know where i can find updates for the season 15/16?

  159. masganteng (23 Jul 2016, 9:02)

    how to install this game?? please help me

  160. mophisus (18 Dec 2016, 13:26)

    Dear CPY,

    I Trust to you to crack fm17 I support and don’t support the fucking MKDEV

  161. Ilawole tomiwa (28 Jan 2017, 20:43)

    Hi guys! Please can i get a link to the crack only version? My fm keeps giving me an error message whenever I want to start

  162. WayS (04 Jun 2017, 11:43)

    can you give me the correct link..?? All of them is “file not found”

  163. Daniel (19 Jun 2017, 19:46)

    OMG!!!!u guys are awesome!!!!!thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!

  164. bannep (18 Nov 2018, 11:12)

    where is FM 2019?

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