Fixing Game Problems

Posted November 22, 2014 in tutorial

Fixing Game Problems


Game Problems By Not Having Redists, Dotnet, & DirectX Installed


Hey everyone – it is becoming more and more popular now a days where people are complaining about their game not working or that they are getting certain errors due to such and such.
Well 99% of the time is because the person trying to run the game does not have the right things installed on his/her computer to do so.

So today I am going to try to help with this and link you to the correct/trusted sites with the three most common things you need for running your game without having any problems (fingers crossed).

The three main culprits in question are:

– Microsoft Visual C++
– Microsoft .NET Framework
– Microsoft DirectX

Now things like Microsoft Visual C++ goes back a long way, as far back as 2005 for you to be able to run a lot of games without problems, so depending on games your running you will need a few of the packages.

Listed below are the packs which are recommended:

Microsoft Visual C++
2005 (64bit) // 2005 (86bit)
2008 (64bit) // 2008 (86bit)
2010 (64bit) // 2010 (86bit)
2012 (64bit) // 2012 (86bit)

Microsoft .NET Framework
Only one needed, this will install the required one for your computer and latest version.

Microsoft DirectX
Only one needed, this will install the required one for your computer and latest version.

All the links above are official and trusted microsoft links.

That should hopefully fix your problems 99% of the time. The only other errors you will more than likely come across are .dll errors and for that you can find some of the most common fixes on my other blog post here.

Also note that most games you get now a days have a folder called _CommonRedist inside and it is highly suggested that you install everything in that folder for the game to run correctly.

I hope this post will help you with some problems you may encounter and please do feel free to let me know of anything else I can add or something I may of missed. Thank you and happy gaming 🙂

– Enjoy

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  1. Sonu Chauhan (22 Nov 2014, 15:46)

    man,you are awesome how do you crack these games,are you a computer programmer or what ? you are the best game cracker.keep it up.100,00,00,00,00,00 likes from me 🙂

  2. Ami (07 Jan 2015, 4:00)

    Thank you for the information.

  3. harry (08 Jan 2015, 4:46)

    how to i extract a .bin file?i downloaded the new farcry 4 and it is all .bin files. I’m not sure what to do with these, what program do i need to mount .bin files?

  4. Mark (05 Feb 2015, 21:25)

    .bin files are CD image files, either you burn them to disc with something like imgburn or you find an app that reads the contents like Magiciso.

  5. Rudra (25 Apr 2015, 15:31)


  6. Rudra (26 Apr 2015, 17:15)

    by the way it is not 86 bit.its either “x86” or “32 bit”

  7. Yanis (08 May 2015, 14:15)

    thank you so much bro 🙂 your are a hero

  8. Yanis (08 May 2015, 14:17)

    thankk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3

  9. Rezouky (16 Jun 2015, 1:36)

    what about the 0xc00007b erorr i have instaled every thing .NET DirectX c++ from 2005 to 2013 both 32 and 64 but stiil having the problem with AC rogue

  10. Tiago (23 Jul 2015, 23:26)

    I have the problem, how do I fix the error 0xc00007b? I have everything with the latest updates… I have the problem with GTA V.

  11. minh (27 Aug 2015, 12:52)

    can this fix total war shogun 2 complete prophet?

  12. V13M1T0 (25 Sep 2015, 2:12)


    I got Battlefield3 crashing all the time due to an unkown error to desktop.. “bf3.exe has stopped working” etc. It’s an original one which I got from “on the house ” offer on origin for free.

    From the event logger i see always the same values of each category of information which exists in that box of infos about the problems my system had,..

    Is it possible to fix that error somehow even if I downloaded and installed the latest official DirectX , .NET and Visual C++ ?

    I have redownloaded the game several times and tried to “repair the installation” in origin client. I also contacted the EA support and they told me that it’s my ati drivers problem after reading the dxdiag I uploaded to them and they blamed the atidxx32.dll to be more specific. What i did then is to redownload all the latest bs, AMD have released and reinstalled it after cleaning up all remaining drivers and software and registry. I still got the same result “bf3.exe has stopped working” after this.

    I just want to go and buy a really heavy hummer and smash the god damn machine because everything is running great except the game I want to play on my free time. What would you suggest to try next before I proceed to the previously described action please? Any suggestion would be much appreciated…

  13. joskei (28 Sep 2015, 12:26)

    it’s x86, which is 32 bit, NOT 86bit.

  14. jaiusonmendes (17 Dec 2015, 19:41)

    muito deliciaaaaaaa

  15. Marcello (10 Jul 2016, 17:15)

    If you use NVIDIA, check out driver n. 353.62.

    For some reason it works with games.

    Watch Dogs for example, don´t worked with the lastest NVIDIA driver.
    GTA V? Same thing.

    Hope I´ve helped.

    Cya, bb, adíos, arrevederte.


  16. Amit (31 Jul 2016, 15:45)

    Hey. I have got WWE 2K16 and it cant install it keeps saying Download latest version of microsoft net framework 5 and net framework 5 is not even released yet please let me know how to fix this net framework 5 issue with the setup

  17. gamer0815 (16 Jan 2017, 12:24)

    hilft das gegen das 0xc000007b problem hab das bei mafia 3 u dragonballs xenoverse 2
    kozt übelst

  18. sajjad (05 Jun 2017, 7:19)

    Please Someone help me

    i just downloaded Euro TS 2 and mounted iso file

    when i go to installation it says “insert disk 1 with skidrow.bin”

    BUT THIS file is inserted and installation can’t find it

  19. burni3d (20 Jul 2018, 20:06)

    what about decompression failed error on setup of almost every Reloadet game?

    Assetto Corsa , Projectcars ?

  20. Leonardo (08 Aug 2018, 21:49)

    In the Skidrow The Leading Force installer keeps saying the install will finish soon, but it has been hours since it started (the second it started it was already saying that). I can’t install the game. Please help

  21. Zsolt (10 Aug 2018, 8:27)

    Same problem with the Skidrow The Leading Force installer. I can’t install the game.

  22. Kuonchan (30 Aug 2018, 17:04)

    My friend is having an issue with The Leading Force installer for the Mega Man X Collection 2. It worked fine for me, but when he tries to install it, nothing happens at all and it just says “Install will finish soon.” is there any way to fix this at all?

  23. Emir Elbir (06 Sep 2018, 9:40)

    Please help me it says Game installing will finish soon and it never finish ! Please help!

  24. Kuro (20 Apr 2019, 5:31)

    SKIDROW LEADING FORCE NOT WORKING! Have been trying to install for many hours

  25. Ramón Rial Silva (24 Apr 2019, 17:18)

    Same problem here! Installer does not work and nothing changes in the loading bar. Please help!

  26. Anonymous (20 Oct 2019, 11:07)

    About time you fix your new installer.
    Downloaded 3 games from skidrow.

    All stuck, nothing happen, only installer left saying “Game install will finish soon”

  27. VIncent Smith (27 Dec 2019, 14:56)

    This site is trash you ask us to validate with keys that dont work will be forwarding this info to authorities as this is a fake site that sells your information to third parties well fucking played Skidrow….

  28. Ramond Klaus (22 Jul 2020, 23:52)

    it take hours to install and i have the same problem as them

  29. arjun (24 Sep 2020, 17:09)

    man my fifa 2020 is not opening what should i do

  30. Escanor (16 Feb 2021, 20:02)

    While installing alucuzation lycoris to 1.04 everything is normal… But when i hit 1.05, “Error! Chosen directory doesn’t have required files for patching!”

    The directory still same when i install from 1.03 to 1.04…. But why this error still occured…? I have turned off windows defender as well….


  31. EroSonogSvijeta (07 Apr 2021, 16:12)

    HI..I have a problem with saving anything in Civilization VI…When i save a game,it is missing from the load file,and there are no autosaves either..settings are not saved..what did i do wrong?please help..TX

  32. Peter Barnes (08 May 2021, 13:31)

    I, I cannot play/load Call of duty, cold war. I have added the crack and when I click on launcher the start frame opens then I get a error. BLZBNTBGS000003E9.


  33. GERALDINE TALIDANO (12 May 2021, 2:09)

    i installed civ 6 but then your splash screen showed and displayed FAILED TO LOCATE ARCHIVE..

  34. Blobbus (17 Jan 2022, 8:00)

    I’m having trouble with DOA 5 Last Round Core Fighters TECMO 50th Anniversary Edition. I followed the steps and mounted the disc, replaced the files with the ones in the skidrow folder, added an exception in my antivirus, and have everything installed (.NET, Directx, c++, etc) but I keep getting the 0xc000007b error.The skidrow.bin file won’t mount, it says that its corrupted. Please help I’ve been trying to get this to work for long time now and I don’t think I’m any closer to solving the problem.

  35. Blobbus (18 Jan 2022, 2:15)

    nvm, fixed the issue

  36. JOTARO (15 Jul 2022, 9:52)

    i want to install cuphead but when i open the launcher then press install game , the hole launcher dissappers , fix pleeeeese ?

  37. NEO (08 Nov 2022, 15:06)

    how can i fix the attack on titan hang issue?

  38. Aria (02 Dec 2022, 15:52)

    hi I downloaded the horizon forbidden west but the installer won’t pop up just loading in the curser then nothing happens help please

    • Prajwal (25 Jan 2023, 19:49)


  39. Aadil (21 Mar 2023, 19:26)

    i have downloaded what you said still I says error what to do please answer

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