Final Fantasy XIII-2 + Update 1-CODEX

Posted 02 Feb 2015 in REQUEST ACCEPTED

Final Fantasy XIII-2 + Update 1-CODEX


Now enhanced for Windows PC, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is created with the aim of surpassing the quality of its predecessor in every way…



Now enhanced for Windows PC, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is created with the aim of surpassing the quality of its predecessor in every way, featuring new gameplay systems and cutting-edge visuals and audio. In this game the player has the freedom to choose from a range of possibilities and paths; where their choices affect not only the immediate environment, but even shape time and space!
It is no longer about facing destiny. Create a new future and change the world!

  • Now Enhanced for Windows PC
    Including a range of the downloadable content from the original console, plus the choice for either English or Japanese voiceovers, 60 frames-per-second graphics and customizeable rendering resolution (720p, 1080p, and more).
  • Larger, More Interactive Environments
    Places with multiple pathways to explore, and many secrets to find, offer players the chance to shape the adventure their way.
  • Time Travel – A New Dimension of Exploration
    The situation, scenery, flora, fauna and weather conditions all change, depending on when you visit locations. Untangling the threads of time is essential in witnessing the full story!
  • Enhanced Battle System
    New elements such as visually dynamic Cinematic Action sequences, and an innovative battle clock that will either reward or punish players, create further variety and choice for the player.
  • Master of Monsters
    A wide variety of over 150 different monsters inhabiting the game world can be recruited into the player’s party and battle strategy, with each creature having unique and devastating special abilities!

Genre: RPG
Développeur: SQUARE ENIX
Date de parution: 11 déc 2014

Final Fantasy XIII-2 + Update 1-CODEX
Size: 27 GB + 3 GB









    • OS: Windows® XP SP2 or later
    • Processor: 2GHz Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 1500 MB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® Geforce® 8 Series/ ATI Radeon™ HD 4000 series VRAM 256MB or later
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Sound card compatible with DirectX® 9.0c
    • Additional Notes:
    • *Please be aware that save data processing may take longer than usual while SteamCloud is active, due to synchronisation with the server.


    • OS: Windows® Vista/ 7/ 8
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Quad (2.66 GHz)/ AMD Phenom™ II X4 (2.8 GHz) processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® Geforce® GTX™ 460/ ATI Radeon™ HD 5870
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes:
    • *Maximum supported frame rate: 60fps
    • *Graphic Options
    • *Screen Resolution Options
    • *A game controller using Xinput is recomended for this game. (If using a DirectInput based controller, please use the driver side key configuration to adjust settings as required )

Final Fantasy XIII-2 + Update 1-CODEX
1. Unrar
2. Play
3. Enjoy
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  1. maul (04 Feb 2015, 1:31)

    thx admin for re-up you’re the best 🙂

  2. Mashuzu (06 Feb 2015, 23:28)

    Please re upload this link

  3. Mashuzu (06 Feb 2015, 23:29)

    Please re upload the ftp link

  4. Mashuzu (07 Feb 2015, 23:36)

    Still no ftp link? 🙁

  5. Zam HS (08 Feb 2015, 10:56)

    Please re-upload the ftp file.. cannot resume.. my download already 27gb. Thanks

  6. Mashuzu (09 Feb 2015, 9:50)

    Thanks admin for the re-upload, you’re the best 🙂

  7. Reaven (13 Feb 2015, 6:16)

    What is the content for the update 1?

  8. lilbidS (13 Feb 2015, 14:51)

    Admin please kindly tell me what the update is? A little detail about it..

  9. lilbidS (14 Feb 2015, 7:48)

    To those who want to know whats the update. It has the english and japanese voice overs..

  10. Aisen46zs (18 Feb 2015, 20:31)

    Hi , i have installed th game only without the update and the game won’t launch after i click on the START button on the launcher .Is is because of the update ,

    here are my pc specs
    Quad core 2.4ghz
    4GB RAM
    WINDOWS 7 64b
    FOXCCON Mobo

  11. DaichiT (22 Mar 2015, 19:34)

    I can confirm that the Update 1 isn’t for the Japanese voices. I have only downloaded the main file, and I still got the Japanese voice option.

    Can anyone, preferrably the person who uploaded it, explain what Update 1 is for? PLEASE?

    3 GB is pretty big. So I can’t help but wonder what it does..

    I am expecting someone to answer this. Thanks.

  12. mildx001 (24 Mar 2015, 11:10)

    it’s works and no problem with installing

  13. jcvb (24 Mar 2015, 22:32)

    The game wont launch after clicking Start Game in the launcher. Anyone know why?

  14. Lucifiene (25 Mar 2015, 6:19)

    uhmm my problem is my video ram whis 32 only can i run this??

  15. azuz (09 Apr 2015, 15:49)

    wont launch
    please help
    no good english me speak

  16. rae (10 Apr 2015, 15:23)

    pls upload update on torrent..

  17. Yachiru (11 Apr 2015, 10:00)

    To the people who wonders what the content of the update is :

    i can confirm you after hours of surving the internet and forums that the update only removes hidden DLC included in game, moreover it’s a repack version which decrease the size of the data by compressing the file which lower the quality of the game like cutscene video, sound, etc.

    so i wouldn’t recommend you to download and patch the update since the Codex original file is already working very smooth without the update, cheers!

  18. SkyL (12 Apr 2015, 3:14)

    game wont launch after clicking start game on the launcher… anybody knows why ? 🙁 i tried every graphic setting available on the launcher

  19. Small (14 Apr 2015, 15:09)

    go nosteam this site to download the ff xiii-2 update patch can solve the game wont launch

  20. SkyL (14 Apr 2015, 20:26)

    Small thanks dude it worked for me 😀

  21. dxangel (20 Apr 2015, 0:04)

    i downloaded 75% already but it won’t let me continue… I’m using IDM…pls help

  22. Spylocker (22 Apr 2015, 15:15)

    Plss make torrent for update 1 pleassseeee

    THX for uplaoding!!

  23. Tubiega (28 Apr 2015, 12:04)

    Update 1 Fixes low framerate?

  24. jas (05 May 2015, 11:55)

    help, can’t download from ftp, suddenly it’s just stopped at 50% download process

  25. jas (05 May 2015, 11:58)

    when i try to download again from the start it always say connection time out, but when i try to download another program it’s fine, no error at all

  26. king (07 May 2015, 4:37)

    link not working, so sad its 98% then it stops :/

  27. blabla (08 May 2015, 5:38)

    update 1 link is dead. please reupload. tnx

  28. wanna cry (15 May 2015, 17:20)

    why “item is not available”…uwaaaaaaaaaa T___T

  29. Derrick Rose (16 May 2015, 18:49)

    Please seed.. My downloading speed drops.

  30. Zeph (19 May 2015, 19:57)

    Can’t get past the launcher like many others have already said. Anyone have a fix?

  31. Help! (22 May 2015, 19:01)

    I open launcher but when I press play game, it wont launch.. Anyone got a solution?

  32. riffl3 (01 Jun 2015, 13:13)

    Anyone else got an error about white_imgc.win32.bin being corrupt during installation ? :/

    Currently downloading again, with antivir off this time , I really hope this is gonna fix it.

  33. riffl3 (01 Jun 2015, 17:57)

    For those of you who can’t get the game running, after installing the update , remember to copy the CODEX folder contents over xD I was too excited to play that I skipped this tiny step and it had me browsing forums for almost 2 hours

  34. Little (02 Jun 2015, 11:26)

    Torrent so slow in my region , Please ReUpload FTP link T-T

  35. DW (18 Jun 2015, 1:18)

    do i need to DL this again? because the not repack one i was stuck in 50% in download? -_-

  36. Cain (21 Jun 2015, 23:22)

    Re-upload please..the torrent is too slow..

  37. mxw (24 Jun 2015, 5:25)

    please reupload the one ftp link please its broken

  38. Lugdag (30 Jun 2015, 1:05)

    Download the upgrade but can not decompress me an error message appears saying Final.Fantasy.XIII-2.UPDATE.1.REPACK-CPY \ cpy-ff132u1r.r00

    anyone know how to fix this?

  39. JK (05 Jul 2015, 23:19)

    The game wont launch… any solutions??

  40. Vicku (25 Jul 2015, 5:20)

    God bless you riffi3!!!! dudes, his advice worked! <3

  41. Joseph (26 Jul 2015, 14:19)

    I can’t launch game same but I can fix here now

    Copy the CODEX folder in the DISC to your installed folder. That’s it 🙂

  42. The Protagonist (13 Aug 2015, 13:49)

    Admin could you please re-uploaded the ftp link or upload to uptobox or another filesharer service?The link’s dead.

  43. Spam (31 Aug 2015, 6:51)

    The installer doesn’t work, it throw the following error:

    C:\Final Fantasy XIII-2\alba_data\movie\movieu.win32.bin

    An error occurred while trying to copy a file: Incorrect function.

  44. Zedd (18 Sep 2015, 19:12)

    There is no voice sound in the game, how do I fix that?
    The game’s running perfectly fine, but there’s no sound while playing the game, cutscenes excluded.
    Help me how to fix this, I’m really desperate to play it now..

  45. JP (26 Sep 2015, 10:51)

    what’s the update for i mean i still didnt see any added in settings

  46. Michelé (07 Oct 2015, 23:57)

    PLEASE SEED <3 !!!!!!!

  47. Unknown (17 Oct 2015, 16:38)

    EDIT: This is just the UPDATE not the GAME…..

  48. Mr E Demeanor (19 Oct 2015, 7:00)

    Is anybody able shed some light as to whether or not the game works?
    It seems people are having trouble with it…
    Thank you in advance.

  49. FujiApple (21 Oct 2015, 16:40)

    please seed xiii-2 codex Y_Y please

  50. Riktor51 (21 Oct 2015, 20:14)

    Getting 20kb/s, please seed for a while.

  51. Riktor51 (24 Oct 2015, 21:00)

    Alright so I got it to work once, now whenever I try to run the game from the launcher nothing happens. I’m running windows 10, anyone got a fix for it? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, fiddled with the settings, tried compatibility mode, and tried launching it directly from the .exe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  52. Sazh (10 Nov 2015, 19:39)

    Anyone knows how to make DLCs working? I don’t mean the “hidden DLCs” which can be unlocked pre-update with the tweaker, but the main ones.

    I tried to reinstall with no antivirus on and added the game to the exceptions too, but besides outfits, I can’t get Lighting or Sazh’s DLCs, nor the Coliseum. Any idea?

  53. Patrik (21 Nov 2015, 14:28)


    Here’s how: Copy the CONTENT of the CODEX folder (located in the disc) into your folder where the game is installed. RE-WRITE any files necessary to do this. THEN IT WORKS!


  54. Atlas (26 Nov 2015, 16:02)



    I can install the update.1repack-CPY after “final.fantasy.xiii-2.iso” ??


  55. Annon (27 Nov 2015, 12:20)

    10Fps while playing xD dunno why can someone tell me? maximum system requirement is lower than my laptop

  56. Rifat (15 Dec 2015, 12:19)

    Is this still active?

  57. Downpour (17 Dec 2015, 22:53)

    i got an error while installig the game, anyone knows why??

  58. David (24 Dec 2015, 23:57)

    Anyone tell me what the update 1 contains?

  59. silver crow23 (25 Dec 2015, 5:31)

    o dlc requiem tem e que tou farto de procurar e mao esta la

  60. shinnaileron (26 Dec 2015, 20:47)

    i beg you guys please seed the update 1, my highest gratitude for whoever doing it.

  61. Claire (03 Jan 2016, 19:23)

    game turns off before 2nd fight 🙁

  62. Miguel (06 Jan 2016, 2:03)

    Can anyone seed the codex file please?

  63. Elias (12 Feb 2016, 22:32)

    Does this contain DLCs other than the outfits? o _ o

  64. mounchu (18 Feb 2016, 3:48)

    it cant start after launch.. please help me..
    windows : 10
    requirement : above
    codex file : was copied.
    but why?

  65. zali (29 Feb 2016, 11:22)

    upload the update only, not torrent version thanks

  66. Jay (18 Apr 2016, 10:49)

    Can someone advice me on this, after I run the launcher and click Start Game nothing happens

  67. Ella (25 May 2016, 18:49)

    okay people can confirm that it has japanese voiceovers GREAT!! question though .. are the cutscenes also in japanese?

  68. Ella (25 May 2016, 18:54)

    does it have japanese audio for both cutscenes and voiceovers w/ eng subtitle?

  69. framns (24 Aug 2016, 0:47)

    I had the launch problem. For me, (re)installing direct x 9 worked!

  70. Informer (10 Oct 2016, 17:13)

    What is the include of update 1 in ff xiii-2, some people say bulls___ . Well search google look for ‘’
    and you will see there’s really a worth material in the update 1 dlc.

  71. Denzeru (30 Jan 2017, 7:01)

    Please seed update :'(….

  72. Wolf (30 Jan 2017, 17:33)

    Please seed the update 1 only torrent

  73. Jin (18 Feb 2017, 21:11)

    Who knows why isn’t the game runing after clicking start…copied all the CODEX file, searched the forums, still no solution for this…

  74. Reason (30 Jun 2017, 13:56)

    The game should work, I initially forgot to copy the contents of the Codex, but it worked after i did (For the record, after i did copy then launch, the game took a good minute to launch, so give it a sec if it doesn’t launch right away,) Side note:I can’t believe I forgot to copy the Codex contents to install folder, maybe because i downloaded it overnight and forgot, still a rookie mistake…

  75. jagindas (18 Jul 2017, 12:46)

    please reupload. thanks

  76. Hacksterlim (25 Jul 2017, 12:56)

    Is anyone able to get controller to work on this? Also anyone face issue where the character keeps on moving towards topleft (as if the up and left button are always being held down)?

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