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Enter an era of war within the world of Ivalice. The small kingdom of Dalmasca, conquered by…



Enter an era of war within the world of Ivalice. The small kingdom of Dalmasca, conquered by the Archadian Empire, is left in ruin and uncertainty. Princess Ashe, the one and only heir to the throne, devotes herself to the resistance to liberate her country.

Genre: RPG
Release Date: 1 Feb, 2018

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Note: Not Cracked!

Size: 29 GB

















    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7-64bit or later
    • Processor: Pentium G3260 @ 3.0GHz (2 cores)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 or AMD equivalent w/ 2GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 50 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: Expected Framerate: 30 FPS

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7-64bit or later
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4460 @ 3.2GHz (4 cores)
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980 or AMD equivalent w/ 4GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 50 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card

- Extract
- Not Cracked
- Play
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  1. CRISTIANO SOTO DE MORAIS (01 Feb 2018, 19:33)

    I’m waiting. I played in the days of playstation 2 and I’m crazy to test. I found the price very expensive on the steam for a remaster.

  2. Qwenil (01 Feb 2018, 20:10)

    As much as I love FF12 and having replayed vanilla to death. This is apparently an even further dumbed down version of IZJS which was a dumbed down vanilla version. Would not recommend. Unless you want it just for the 60fps factor.

  3. Peladito (01 Feb 2018, 20:11)


  4. ld (01 Feb 2018, 20:18)


  5. térnia (01 Feb 2018, 20:25)

    Thank u =D

  6. rustafied (01 Feb 2018, 20:44)

    so will i be able to play it even without crack?

  7. djmeowth (01 Feb 2018, 21:34)

    Can anyone explain how a game that is unplayable due to lack of a working crack can be FULL UNLOCKED

  8. Burkie (01 Feb 2018, 21:46)

    No it means yo have to wait for crack, think its denovo 5 so will be waiting a while

  9. NO (01 Feb 2018, 21:51)

    Just no

  10. Tom (01 Feb 2018, 22:08)

    the game still works without crack? it is 100% functional?

  11. kiklo (01 Feb 2018, 22:22)

    denuvo v5

  12. krimsun (01 Feb 2018, 22:41)

    FULL UNLOCKED means that this download will have the complete installation.
    But it does not include a Crack, which the skidrow still working on.
    Once available, a small downloadable patch will make the game playable.

  13. gamer life (01 Feb 2018, 22:49)

    ty guys !!!!!

    love u all 🙂

  14. Miller (02 Feb 2018, 0:02)

    Ok, but how i crack the game later ?

  15. térnia (02 Feb 2018, 1:02)

    fck u really, ur just a fuckin troll, again again and again

  16. leon20 (02 Feb 2018, 1:07)

    Please post it cracked as fast as possible!!!

  17. térnia (02 Feb 2018, 1:14)

    i try 2 hours to launch this shit, always launch steam with paid 40$
    stop post here for paid, u like crack for peace or for money ?
    fck u.

  18. Sony (02 Feb 2018, 1:41)

    I hope this game can be cracked !

  19. Sinn (02 Feb 2018, 2:36)

    work fast please ! i love your guys work on crackes but push this one as fast as you can ! i need this game ! like last year need it ! pppppllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssss crack soon !

  20. cracker (02 Feb 2018, 7:37)

    how to open vbf file?

  21. Louis (02 Feb 2018, 7:40)

    Download and wait for the crack, that way when they do crack it all you will have to do is download the crack and play.

  22. cracker (02 Feb 2018, 7:53)


  23. cracker (02 Feb 2018, 7:54)

    will it take very long for the crack to come out?

  24. tom (02 Feb 2018, 8:30)

    is game devuno v5 cant crack :)))))

  25. cracker (02 Feb 2018, 8:33)

    there is nothing that cant be cracked.

  26. cracker (02 Feb 2018, 8:40)

    Thank you for the crack in advance.

  27. A Fried Chikin (02 Feb 2018, 8:45)

    Great stuff guys. I had to check my old ass ps2 cd collection to check if this is the same one I played back then, and turned out it is. I’m probably not going to be playing this for long enough (just wanted to take a look), so I guess buying the steam one is probably not a good idea for me. I’ll be waiting for a crack. Thanks!

  28. Firion (02 Feb 2018, 9:37)

    download under 100 kB\s plz SEED

  29. DrakanGT (02 Feb 2018, 12:18)

    i love this game, but for 40euro is too much, i can buy it, but…
    crack please

  30. cracker (02 Feb 2018, 14:33)

    lol so many pple waiting for the crack. even my name is cracker.

  31. Exophonix (02 Feb 2018, 16:01)

    Crack please 🙂 i will do a 10$ donation for it

  32. explanation (02 Feb 2018, 16:28)

    read this —————-> FULL UNLOCKED <————– is the name of the team who make this game available for download and nothing more. nothing to do with the status of the crack.

  33. MrNobody (02 Feb 2018, 16:49)

    the amount of idiots in the comment section is beyond belief. Turn off your pc’s and go play in traffic.

  34. Lucas (02 Feb 2018, 18:32)

    guys calm down, just wait, no one die for that. he is doing the posible to doit FREEE for us, so STFU and WAIT

  35. anonymous (02 Feb 2018, 19:29)


    Your a fucking retard to go suggest people to play in traffic.. Calling people idiots. Your nothing but a fucking troll here. Why don’t you go fuck yourself.

  36. Vyraal (02 Feb 2018, 21:42)

    they’ll prob take forever to crack denuvo 5, i wish i could help T_T
    best of luck guys!

  37. SimpleMan (02 Feb 2018, 22:58)

    ty for the game guys !!

    I’m waiting for the crack everyday 🙂

    lot of thanks for the programers !!

  38. Louis (02 Feb 2018, 23:05)

    The whole reason I am waiting for a crack is because I will not buy a game with devuno, I like to play the games i buy even when I am not always online. When Square removes devuno from the game then I will buy it, Until then I will wait silently, and play for free.

  39. textrox (02 Feb 2018, 23:07)

    thx xxx

  40. Crackerino Final Fantaserino (03 Feb 2018, 1:38)

    Everynight in my dreams I see you I play You

  41. akira (03 Feb 2018, 4:00)

    Is it possible to know when the crack will come out? I’m impatient to try this game … thank you very much .. great job as always

  42. cracker (03 Feb 2018, 5:09)

    think they will take months to crack denovo.

  43. Maxsterius (03 Feb 2018, 11:42)

    Thank you for all the games so brilliantly cracked (and especially for this one that will arrive soon)

    PS : Do not pay attention to ungrateful morons

  44. Wanderer (03 Feb 2018, 16:05)

    Ah… Shite… Another Denuvo again? Well, I will wait. Take your time, crackers.

  45. Songy (03 Feb 2018, 17:10)

    Thanks guys! Looking forward to getting this but need to know if it runs as poorly as some people seem to experience it so far. 🙁

  46. Wyll G. (03 Feb 2018, 18:44)

    I realized this game was literally released yesterday…. but how do they torrent a game without the no steam patch? I mean, that thing is not hard to you know? I’ll probably have to download all over again when it gets cracked

  47. Keems (04 Feb 2018, 1:53)

    Havnt played this before guess ill try it out been waiting so long for ff XV on pc

  48. Jylls (04 Feb 2018, 3:06)

    Hey, morons who are complaining. Stop being ungrateful idiots. You know that they don’t have to release these games, right? Morons. Stop acting like they’re doing something horrible to you when they owe you nothing. Stupid punk children.

  49. cracker (04 Feb 2018, 11:28)

    when is the crack coming out?

  50. hellokupo (04 Feb 2018, 13:09)

    theres not and wont be. just look at ac origins, this crack team finally losing its skill. uploading teaser to get ppls hopes up? garbage crack team

  51. yariel (04 Feb 2018, 17:40)

    hmm, waiting crack and repack now …

  52. Simone (04 Feb 2018, 21:32)

    thx for this bro! 😀 we wait the crack! <3

  53. enarus (05 Feb 2018, 0:59)

    according to r/CrackWatch, FFXII has Denuvo 4.8, which has been cracked on other games. Have some patience, CPY, CODEX, or another group will get around to this game eventually

  54. David (05 Feb 2018, 4:49)

    Good luck with the crack! Thanks for your efforts

  55. Firion (05 Feb 2018, 9:09)

    cpy crack is out now

  56. Firion (05 Feb 2018, 9:53)

    “cpy crack “is not out yet .. can’t believe it worked on me dmn it looks so legit, guess im not gonna search for it any more ill just wait…

  57. cracker (05 Feb 2018, 11:27)

    there is no crack anywhere.

  58. cracker (05 Feb 2018, 11:40)

    i heard ff12 has denuvo 5.0 and it hasnt been cracked yet.

  59. enarus (05 Feb 2018, 15:52)

    cracker, if you go to the CrackWatch subreddit, you can see a list of cracked/uncracked games, along with which Denuvo variant they used for that game. It lists FFXII with Denuvo 4.8. I’m not saying it’s 100% accurate, but I can’t seem to find any other source

  60. cracker (06 Feb 2018, 5:34)

    i saw a website saying it is denuvo 5.0 –

    if it is denuvo 4.8, they can crack it in a few days.

  61. cracker (06 Feb 2018, 9:58)

    i heard denuvo 4.8 is similar to denuvo 5.0, hope they can crack the game soon.

  62. Fox (06 Feb 2018, 21:29)

    Waiting room. Checking every day. Thank you for the efforts.

  63. SimpleMan (06 Feb 2018, 23:11)

    hi ! i’m still waiting for the crack ahahaha 🙂

    Can u guys give us an approximate date ?

    ty 🙂

  64. térnia (07 Feb 2018, 12:20)

    buy this for play, skidrow cant crack this game

  65. Slayer7003 (07 Feb 2018, 15:56)

    Bought it for the PS4 and I am going to be honest even if it is just a “remaster” it is totally worth it, old school FF 12, I am having tons of fun and the hunts are a real challenge…

  66. cracker (07 Feb 2018, 16:09)

    nothing is uncrackable.

  67. Inglond (07 Feb 2018, 20:57)

    térnia this game will be cracked in thew next two months and skidrow don t crack the games, there are teams like cpy crack the games. In this case denuvo always need more time like star ocean. I prefer don t buy games with denuvo because is bad for cpu and hard drives, sometimes is better wait until the company take out denuvo after some motnhs and if i checked before and i like the game i buy it.

  68. cracker (08 Feb 2018, 11:23)

    please crack the game soon. lol my anxiety increasing everyday.

  69. lock2005 (09 Feb 2018, 3:11)

    does anyone know if CPY crack this game?

  70. cracker (09 Feb 2018, 13:30)

    i am waiting for square enix company to go bust. lol. taking a 10 year old game and selling it for us$60.

  71. hello (10 Feb 2018, 12:54)

    i’am waiting for the crack. pleaseeeee :’))))))

  72. Sinn (11 Feb 2018, 2:07)

    @lock2005 i think he has i just checked his site and it seems that its up and ready to play

  73. Sinn (11 Feb 2018, 6:29)

    ignore last post -.-” it was a fake crack. seems we are going to have to just keep waiting

  74. cracker (11 Feb 2018, 14:01)

    Imagine square enix taking a 10 year old game and selling it to all of you for US$60. Then they use the money to buy denuvo 5.0 and stop all of you from playing pirated games.

  75. Basch d ronseberg (12 Feb 2018, 13:29)

    Maybe we should wait and i think 60$ its too expensive for 10 year age game with same storyline and just few think upgarde, so i think we need to w8 till skidrow have crack ^_^

  76. Inglond (12 Feb 2018, 18:43)

    Denuvo is a shit cpu 100 working on assasins creed and bottle neck there are a drm and another one for protect the first one, what kind of shit is it. NEVER BUY GAMES WITH DENUVO. Just wait few months when they remove is good time to buy cheap and without things that reduce the live of our pc components.

  77. cracker (13 Feb 2018, 13:47)

    the wait is so painful.

  78. Staraxya (13 Feb 2018, 18:56)

    just want to try it out and see if i like the new system or not, if i like i buy, i have the one for playstation 2 and i can still play it since i can use my pc with emulator, emulator can also use CD without the need for ISO file, since my playstation 2 isnt in good chape haha, too many games to throw away just like that.

  79. FunkySly (14 Feb 2018, 16:51)

    Waited 7 days , then bought it on steam.

    It is worth every cent!

  80. Ehrgeiz (15 Feb 2018, 5:36)

    I bought the collectors edition tin when it was released. The game played fine on pc with an emulator and looked basically the same as this PC version. Paying full price for this again seems ridiculous.

  81. MrKindCat (16 Feb 2018, 8:21)

    Pliz pliz pliz crack it !

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