Fallout 4 Update v1.7 incl DLC-CODEX


Fallout 4 Update v1.7 incl DLC-CODEX


Machines that sort! Machines that build! Machines that combine! With Fallout 4 Contraptions…



Take a trip to Nuka-World, a vast amusement park now a lawless city of Raiders. Explore an all-new region with an open wasteland and park zones like Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom, and the Galactic Zone.

Title: Fallout 4 Nuka-World
Genre: RPG
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release Date: 30 Aug, 2016

Notes: All previously released and the up-to-date DLCs are included:
- Fallout 4 - Automatron
- Fallout 4 - Wasteland Workshop
- Fallout 4 - Far Harbor
- Fallout 4 - Contraptions Workshop

• Plus the unreleased:
- Fallout 4 - Vault-Tec Workshop

• And the brand new:
- Fallout 4 - Nuka-World

This DLC requires:
     • Fallout.4-CODEX

Fallout 4 Update v1.7 incl DLC-CODEX
Size: 8.04 GB



















    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 2.8 GHz/AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0 GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or equivalent


    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
    • Processor: Intel Core i7 4790 3.6 GHz/AMD FX-9590 4.7 GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 780 3GB/AMD Radeon R9 290X 4GB or equivalent

Fallout 4 Update v1.7 incl DLC-CODEX
- Extract
- Run setup.exe and install DLC
- Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
- Play
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Jordan (30 Aug 2016, 11:16)

    Thank you! 😀

  2. Vault 111 (30 Aug 2016, 11:17)

    Alright! Thanks Skidrow!

  3. wisco1905 (30 Aug 2016, 11:26)

    thnx but can you tell why cpy cann ot crack just cause 3

  4. IronKing24 (30 Aug 2016, 11:27)

    so this has everything including nuka world???

  5. wisco1905 (30 Aug 2016, 11:27)

    far cry pimal and hitman please tell me

  6. BeliasKraven (30 Aug 2016, 11:27)

    Wooooa! Is that a sort of goty?

  7. Bobobo (30 Aug 2016, 11:28)

    What the fuck where is God Eater????

  8. vaultdweller (30 Aug 2016, 11:32)

    i v been wainting since ever thanks alot

  9. brian (30 Aug 2016, 11:40)

    NICE! Thanks

  10. Wanderer (30 Aug 2016, 11:42)

    If this is only Vault-Tech and Nuka-World, I will be more happy. Now, to download everything with this snail speed again. Anyway, big thanks for uploading fast.

  11. yazan91killer (30 Aug 2016, 11:45)

    skidrow thank you vary mutch

  12. denuvo (30 Aug 2016, 11:58)

    i’m seeding this with my internet connexion at 1.6 Mb/s for the next 6 hours hope i can help you guys to download it fast enjoy

  13. D.bo (30 Aug 2016, 12:00)


  14. epic56 (30 Aug 2016, 12:21)

    if i have all updates of CODEX including far harbor, will this work or make bugs and game launch issues?

  15. varun (30 Aug 2016, 12:29)

    skidro i love you

  16. Elder Maxson (30 Aug 2016, 12:46)

    Thanks skid!

    and stop complaining yoru bastards, you all are getting the whole shit for free.

  17. dovahchiief (30 Aug 2016, 12:55)

    can you make nuka world a separate download?

  18. Sea (30 Aug 2016, 13:06)

    Great! Thanks4sharing! 🙂

  19. x (30 Aug 2016, 13:10)

    lol thx

  20. Akira (30 Aug 2016, 13:19)

    Can we just get nuka world alone please?

  21. towg2e (30 Aug 2016, 13:38)

    yeay !!

  22. Sam3xit (30 Aug 2016, 13:42)

    God eater 2 use denuvo ? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!

  23. Eliza (30 Aug 2016, 13:45)

    how do you install it without deleting the main game? now I have to download and reinstall everything again -_-

  24. BeliasKraven (30 Aug 2016, 13:49)

    There will be other dlc?

  25. lazynick (30 Aug 2016, 14:12)

    ty so much <3

  26. Eren (30 Aug 2016, 14:25)

    can i download it over the update 1.5.4 and all the dlcs except nuka world and vault tec workshop ?

  27. mina (30 Aug 2016, 14:37)

    all links still uploading, cant wait!

  28. Garby (30 Aug 2016, 14:42)

    Thank you very much for all your work 🙂

  29. Galant (30 Aug 2016, 14:45)

    seriously? -_- i just downloaded the beta dlc cuz i didnt see you guys uploading the full version, so i left my computer on during the night downloadidng, wake up and find this… thanks anyway..

  30. nohomo (30 Aug 2016, 14:46)

    nuka world standalone would be nice

  31. Perra (30 Aug 2016, 15:26)

    Nuka-World standalone please? Don’t want to download the other DLC’s that I already have again…

  32. Gerp (30 Aug 2016, 15:46)

    Agreed with nohomo. Standalone would be nice. I own a legit copy of the game but prefer to torrent their normally gouging DLCs (bought Far Harbor at least)

    The other site I go to has it as standalone but it’s bogged down for the time being from downloads.

  33. Max (30 Aug 2016, 15:49)

    i’m still don’t see Raider option in workshop :((

  34. AnonymousGuyFromH3ll (30 Aug 2016, 16:02)

    @Max: You don’t see a Raider option in your workshop because you first have to play the DLC for a bit. If it still doesn’t show up after playing the story, you probably have a mod installed that causes it.

  35. Jake (30 Aug 2016, 16:31)

    finally! exactly what ive been waiting for. thanks allot to all involved!

  36. Jake (30 Aug 2016, 16:35)

    quit bitching! everyone wanted a full version with update and all dlc’s, if you want individual downloads get one of the MANY others already available. fuckin idiots, you get shit for free and you still bitch. and if you just want the non beta version of nuka world oh fuckin well, just download it anyways. its no one’s fault that your internet speed sucks balls.

  37. reinz (30 Aug 2016, 16:43)


  38. shit (30 Aug 2016, 16:44)

    nice thank u but can u upload the damn dlc only? i have everyting i dont need the others jesus fucking christ 5 hours of dwn

  39. miky mike (30 Aug 2016, 16:56)

    thank you Skidrow 😉

  40. Conner4Life (30 Aug 2016, 17:10)

    I’m new to all this and would like some help regarding this torrent. Will it work if I use the official fallout 4 game instead of the suggested fallout.4-codex? Also, are there instructions as to how to use this after it’s downloaded?

    Thank you!

  41. Reise (30 Aug 2016, 17:45)

    Guys if you just want specific updates or DLCs just choose to download via torrent and you torrent client should open a window asking you which files you want to download, just choose the ones you want.
    Simple, huh?

  42. Jake (30 Aug 2016, 17:48)

    ok just finished the download. didnt take long at all, id say 1 hour maybe 1 and a half at top. in that time i played some music took a shower and cleaned my living room. if it takes you 5 hours you either A don’t know how to download torrents properly and don’t have your settings saved correctly. B should move to an area with better service. or C are downloading way too much porn at the same time.

  43. saintseiya2011 (30 Aug 2016, 17:56)

    thank you so much skidrow!

  44. Stifmeister (30 Aug 2016, 18:33)


    Wauw, 5 whole hours to download 8gb ?? Take it or leave it. Ungrateful piece of… (see your own nickname)

  45. Bells (30 Aug 2016, 19:03)

    Finally I can play the vault dlc!!!!!!
    Thanks a lot!!!!

  46. miky mike (30 Aug 2016, 19:21)

    Damn , its always the same here , ppl complain about everything for nothing , and they get it for free , ungratefull bastards .

  47. Novadarc (30 Aug 2016, 19:23)

    Thank you very much for this !!!
    Also, for all the others too !!

  48. Slaiine (30 Aug 2016, 19:33)

    This version cannot be uninstalled via control panel in windows and has no uninstall itself. I tried to load the game after install and placing crack and it says i have no ini file. confused.

  49. Vitor (30 Aug 2016, 19:40)

    Can I apply it over the previous cumulative 1.7? I mean, i already have all the previous dlc’s and updates, but i can’t find an standalone nuka-world dlc. I wonder if installing this over could mess up my whole game…

  50. lashome (30 Aug 2016, 21:06)

    Does this work if I already have the other DLCs installed?

  51. ballsman (30 Aug 2016, 21:17)

    the ctd glitch when you get to the train station still happens for me, is this still happening for other people or am i retarded?

  52. MOODY (30 Aug 2016, 21:40)

    we need only vault tec and nuka world

  53. Dr.Blackjack (30 Aug 2016, 21:50)

    Thanks a lot for the release. A question: which are the languages included with the release? Can you post some link for the audio files like you did with the game core release?

  54. Balby (30 Aug 2016, 21:58)

    The crack, updates and DLC seem to work fine, however I’m getting a weird bug where the character appears glitchy, anyone else experencing this? I turned off my graphics options on my AMD catalyst for safe measure and double checked the graphics in the launcher but nothing seems to work

  55. ash (30 Aug 2016, 22:13)

    I downloaded fallout 4 – codex, and update 1.4.

    Do I need 1.5 to install this one?

  56. wewlad (30 Aug 2016, 23:26)

    the ctd glitch still happens for me, i ran the exe and copied the crack in the directory after, what im i doing wrong?

  57. Danieljones (31 Aug 2016, 0:59)

    Hi, Just Want to Make Sure It isnt Included Beta DLC’s. last time i’ve Downloaded Vault-Tec Beta and my Game Start Random Crashing. all DLC’s are Final and Safe to Download?

  58. Reise (31 Aug 2016, 1:24)

    Alright people, I’ve downloaded it and let it install everything even though I already had some add-ons installed (Wasteland Workshop, Far Harbor and Automatron) ans it worked.
    I lost nothing and the add-ons I hadn’t are now installed.

    So i guess you can safely install this one regardless of the add-ons you already have.

    Thanks guys!

  59. Odinson (31 Aug 2016, 1:51)

    Ty !

  60. vldaln (31 Aug 2016, 1:58)

    is this version 1.7.12?

  61. Bigjoe (31 Aug 2016, 3:00)

    No single release for just nukaworld and/or patch? that’s a bummer. Already have the other dlc :p

  62. Anon (31 Aug 2016, 4:11)

    skidrow, you are a beast!

  63. Max (31 Aug 2016, 4:14)

    @AnonymousGuyFromH3ll: thank you, it just a stupid mod. I’m uninstall mod and see it

  64. swatman186 (31 Aug 2016, 4:35)

    It says here that all DLC and previous updates will be included. Does this mean I need to manually revert back to my original fallout-4 codex WITHOUT all the DLC’s and updates to install this? Or will installing this naturally bring it back to the intended downloaded state?

  65. Arcangelmx (31 Aug 2016, 4:47)

    Thanks for the DLC as you always do an excellent job.

    Now my request: If you, or Square Codex could raise the voices in Spanish of the DLC is the greatly appreciate it. Since there are many followers Hispanics your page and also we need in our native language … Thanks in advance

  66. Chagas (31 Aug 2016, 5:44)


  67. BishopPsi (31 Aug 2016, 6:37)

    Thnks guys! You rock!. Btw.. Can you seed the shit outta this torrent?

  68. JustaGuy (31 Aug 2016, 7:06)

    I have all other Dlc’s installed including Far harbor etc all DLC’s Expect Nuka World what i do?
    Will it work on my Game?
    Is there a standalone NUKA world Torrent only?I only need Nuka world rest of Dlc’s are installed.

  69. XMX94 (31 Aug 2016, 8:16)

    Language pack for Nuka World or all dlc are multi yet?

  70. alipanahi (31 Aug 2016, 8:40)

    plz crack New updates GTA VV

  71. kamil (31 Aug 2016, 10:37)

    Its only update? Not full game? Do i need full f4 game?

  72. Hellspirit (31 Aug 2016, 10:50)

    Does it contain all the updates too?

  73. EvilNeo (31 Aug 2016, 11:48)

    @Wanderer going for this one instead of looking for a nuka-world update only is a better idea for now
    the only nuka-world only update that i’ve found was on thepiratebay.org and i’m not even sure if it would work or not
    it’s actually two different torrents
    1-Fallout 4 v1.7.12 2.48 GB
    2-Fallout 4 Nuka-World DLC Beta 4.02GB
    so that’s a total of 6.5 GB and i’m not sure if it’s guaranteed to work

    for everyone else whatever is your game update this one should work, it’s big because it has every update and DLC inside it, so if you have a DLC that is already included in this one then it will be automatically overwritten when you use fallout 4 update v1.7 incl dlc – codex

  74. Giorgio (31 Aug 2016, 15:19)

    Hi Guys,

    I installed this over the 1.7 version here on the site and with the DLCs up to Far Harbor – but it’s not working at all – the game doesnt crash or anything, but it doesnt load any content from Vault-Tec or Nuka world…I ran the installer and copied the crack, but nothing?

    Am I missing something? Any help would be welcome!

    Thank you! ^_^

  75. N3zum1 (31 Aug 2016, 15:52)


  76. Woudangst (31 Aug 2016, 17:24)


    Have you checked if the esm are active in your mod manager and/or launcher?

  77. Silencer (31 Aug 2016, 19:48)


    Thanks, for that sugguestion – thanks to it, I actually checked the esm file list and that made me check one thing I hadn’t – the install path…the codex installer goes into a default directory, which is different from the one I used for the game…sigh…now everything works like a charm…as per usual Codex style!

    Overwrote all the files, and just copied the new crack there, so guys, if you are having issues, I think you might be experiencing some corruption – have the installer verify itself and do what it does best!

    Cheers! 😀

  78. NubSkrub (31 Aug 2016, 20:26)

    Will this version of the game break all the mods i have installed ? because i’ve been hearing that breaks F4SE or something related to mod ?!?

  79. bbschizo (31 Aug 2016, 20:41)

    I have Fallout 4 from Steam. Would it work? or do I have to install Fallout 4- CODEX for it to work? Thanks.

  80. Fine69 (31 Aug 2016, 21:33)

    Hey Thanks for the upload, it all seems to be working, however, I’m having audio issues. I can’t hear any of the NPCs talking within the DLC. I’ve deactivated my mods and it still seems to not be fixed. any ideas?

  81. Shinoluigi (01 Sep 2016, 1:21)

    Hey srsly thanks for uploading it so fast, but can you do vault tec and nuka world stand alone download? you already made all others separated,and i already had them….. and looks like this big batch is getting some problems with the installation as i can see… btw is there a way i can donate for your work? better if it’s via paypal

  82. HELP PLEASE (01 Sep 2016, 2:57)

    Can someone tell me how to download this? I’ve downloaded the fallout.4 CODEX (the actual game itself) from the link that this page showed. I also downloaded the update for this game from this page. Downloading the original game works, but downloading the update into the game breaks the game. After downloading the update, I get all of these weird blocks everywhere. Help?

  83. Piratus (01 Sep 2016, 3:02)

    Do I need any of the previous patches (ex: 1.3, 1.4, etc) for this upload to work, or do I just need original 1.0 + this 1.7 update?

  84. Zaya (01 Sep 2016, 6:24)

    So I wont need to install any other previous updates? Just install Fallout 4 Codex and this and I am good to go? The description says all you need is Fallout 4 Codex but Codex did release some Fallout 4 updates as well so I just want to make sure.

  85. Vault 101 (01 Sep 2016, 9:07)

    Well i have Fallout 4 on Steam, i can use just DLC’s in my original game? Or i get ban?

  86. MR.M (01 Sep 2016, 9:45)

    I love u skidrow couldn’t wait to play this shit… Love&Peace…

  87. Alex (01 Sep 2016, 12:41)

    I had to install the Cumulative Update 1.7.12, otherwise I would experience a BSOD

  88. Gerp (01 Sep 2016, 17:10)

    I don’t get why the guy said bitching. Unlike you we actually purchased the game (as the torrents usually state) and don’t need the full update. We simply ask if a DLC can be packaged separately and put up… by no means demanding it. I appreciate those who upload to Skidrow, they save people like me a-lot of money. There’s a few games I almost bought but this saved my arse (No Man’s Sky)

    Only catch with this is that it’s all one update so I can’t just choose what to download and I find their updater tends to conflict with my retail game.

    Anyways, the reason I came here…..

    HELP PLEASE. What kind of blocks? Like Pink and Black ones? Make sure everything is installed correctly and try reinstalling. Also make sure the DLCs are active. You could very well be missing textures.

    Anyways there’s a site called CS RIN RU where you can get the DLCs separate. I recommend it for that but Skidrow for full downloads.

  89. TTK (01 Sep 2016, 17:20)

    please….. can you do a standalone download for nuka world dlc and its required update

  90. a (01 Sep 2016, 17:57)

    all i need is instal core codex and instal lthis dlc ?

  91. Palizader (01 Sep 2016, 18:36)

    No separate download ? i have to redownload 8gb because i had the beta and only for the assault rifle’s redone camos…

  92. Jon Snow (01 Sep 2016, 23:08)

    Please add the Italian Voice! :'(

  93. hugh mungus (02 Sep 2016, 2:54)

    man just fuckin upload the nuka world dlc why you gotta combine all the fuckin bullshit everybody has already man goddamn

  94. Daniel (02 Sep 2016, 23:52)

    how to fix libscepad.dll missing file

  95. Atticus118 (03 Sep 2016, 0:33)

    Can any one please step by step how to install the dlc with the fallout 4 i got on here ? I tried and it says its installed but when i go to play fallout 4 and i look in the ad ons there is no ad on any help would be nice please or a youtube video any those . If needed can e-mail me [email protected]

  96. Zeratul (03 Sep 2016, 0:38)

    I love you <3

  97. Atticus118 (03 Sep 2016, 4:44)

    nevermind i got it figured out

  98. Robert (03 Sep 2016, 4:54)

    This needs Steam installed. I don’t know why it would since Codex’s previous update did not. I hate Steam and don’t want to install and run it just to play a game, especially a *cracked* game. WTF Codex ?!?

  99. Tung (03 Sep 2016, 5:51)

    Getting close to nuka station get me ctd @@

  100. Dinilya (03 Sep 2016, 13:32)

    This pack have a spanish language or need to download the previously translate fitchers?

  101. mimru (03 Sep 2016, 15:03)

    standalone file for Nuka world please 🙂

  102. Mike (03 Sep 2016, 15:04)

    I’m the only one still have this game crash to desktop with no error?
    try everthing and still CTD

  103. CorporalCorgi (03 Sep 2016, 17:32)

    i can’t seem to find the dlc .esm files

  104. Turco (03 Sep 2016, 23:54)

    allright , the game dont work , it say that is missing a gfsdk_godrayslib.x64.dll anyone can fixe it ??

  105. wdasda (04 Sep 2016, 2:14)

    Laguage packs???????????????

  106. HELP PLEASE (04 Sep 2016, 4:52)

    This is in response to Gerp. I’ve downloaded the update for Fallout 4 from skidrowreloaded like 5 times and it creates weird blocks floating everywhere. These blocks are in many different colors. I’ll tell you how I downloaded Fallout 4 from Skidrowreloaded after downloading Fallout 4 on utorrent.

    After downloading Fallout 4 using utorrent on Skidrowreloaded I did the following. These steps are in order.

    1. I downloaded the original Fallout 4 game from the link that Skidrowreloaded gave in the description.
    2. I copied the crack into the Fallout 4 game folder for the original Fallout 4 game that skidrowreloaded gave me.
    3. I downloaded the update given from this page into the Fallout 4 game folder.
    4. I copied the crack from the update into the Fallout 4 game folder.

    The original game without the update appears to work fine. But downloading the update creates these weird blocks floating everywhere. My main question is, did I download Fallout 4 from skidrowreloaded correctly?

    BTW, I will try downloading Fallout 4 again from skidrowreloaded tomorrow. I didn’t check if my DLCS were active. Not sure how to make them active, but I’ll try to find out.

  107. Wandererisasshole (04 Sep 2016, 6:54)

    @wanderer by the real one if you want to avoid the “Snail speed” fuck, be glad someone still upload the game and you can have it for FREE. ass

  108. Dortheleus (04 Sep 2016, 10:40)

    Thanks Skidrow, I’ve asked and you delivered.


  109. glez13 (04 Sep 2016, 16:13)

    How do I use mods with this? The in-game menu needs some logging DRM looking kind of stuff. Do I need a third party tool? What do you recommend?

  110. Danieljones (04 Sep 2016, 21:10)

    !!!For Any Body have CTD Problem!!!

    Remove Farharbor DLC and it Fix The Issue.

    Remove all DLCCoast Files from your Data Folder, all other DLC’s are safe.

    You can Try to Download Farharbor Standalone in This site, i’ve didnt test it yet.

    But Farharbor DLC in this Pack surely Corrupted.

  111. Nveliz (04 Sep 2016, 21:27)

    Spanish voices?
    Anyone have a link?

  112. ChasexBryce (05 Sep 2016, 0:01)

    I got it to work but the nuka world dlc is really broken Do you guys know where I can download
    the patch 1.7.15?

  113. please (05 Sep 2016, 0:18)

    codex only pleaseeee

  114. Badr (05 Sep 2016, 11:03)

    working thanks 😀

  115. Matheo (05 Sep 2016, 20:40)


  116. Sknnykat (06 Sep 2016, 1:45)

    Ive used all the codex files for this game. Im having an issue though when i approach the area for Nuka-World the game immediately crashes. I get a black screen for a sec then bang back into windows.

    Anyone else have this issue?

  117. jack (06 Sep 2016, 7:27)

    for the Italian translation, I found this site


  118. BeliasKraven (06 Sep 2016, 17:40)

    Is this a sort of definitive edition? Do i have to expect other dlc in the future? (Can i start a goddamn new game now? XD )

  119. RJB85 (06 Sep 2016, 19:38)

    Installed just fine, shows up under addon’s but literally nothing happens in game.The radio won’t pop up to start the nuka world mission

  120. Moon_Dew (07 Sep 2016, 20:13)

    When can we expect the 1.7.15 patch?

  121. Harry (08 Sep 2016, 5:10)

    Plzz do a standalone for Nuke

  122. bel (09 Sep 2016, 0:31)

    I did a clean install of the Fallout 4 Codex, then i installed this update with the DLC, and the add-ons dont show at all. what did i do wrong? ;( the game runs but cant access any of the DLC

  123. Arcangelmx (09 Sep 2016, 1:15)

    Spanish Pack Lenguage Please?!!

  124. kri55 (09 Sep 2016, 14:08)
  125. Harry (09 Sep 2016, 18:09)

    Works Great. Can you upload 1.7.15

  126. BillyGoWeed (11 Sep 2016, 5:33)

    Awesome release! just what i was looking for

  127. LoneWanderer (12 Sep 2016, 19:23)

    Do I need to have Fallout 4 already installed for this to work? Or does this version comes with everything, not just dlc’s but the retail version as well?

  128. thx-sr (13 Sep 2016, 12:28)

    if crash nuka-world (go to station).
    check UI mod version or new patch.

  129. Sly (14 Sep 2016, 21:39)

    1.7.15 update?

  130. outworld (15 Sep 2016, 12:48)

    is das auf deutsch ?

  131. Ririshi (18 Sep 2016, 9:47)


    You need to have the base game installed, but it can also be found here on the site.
    I’m not sure if you also need to have the previous updates (e.g. 1.4 and 1.5) installed..

  132. MMRA (18 Sep 2016, 20:38)

    I am having issues with the installer. Whenever I try to run the installer, after it verifies the files (Or I skip, either one) nothing happens. The program seems to hang & stop working. No other thing pops up after the verification box though.

    Any ideas as to why?

  133. Ayrton (20 Sep 2016, 2:11)

    Hello everyone I am not found run exe. for install dlc i need help!!!

  134. Premixed (20 Sep 2016, 21:47)

    Where is the full game?

  135. RedMist (21 Sep 2016, 12:28)

    Its working like a charm but, where is 1.7.15 update?

  136. cody (21 Sep 2016, 13:34)

    do mods from nexus work with this update?

  137. Mr_3raqi (23 Sep 2016, 23:46)

    I updated from an old version “V1.4” had no problems and all the Dlcs work

  138. DJ_Shade_Chylde (24 Sep 2016, 0:01)

    I am grateful, and could give a shit about my previous save at like level 500+ worth of boring one shot kills and radial missions.
    NOW to start fresh and make different decisions, specifically, evil assed cold-blooded, of the raider variety… >:)
    As far as the download speed goes, I have rural internet so 5 hours just gives me time to get some work done, create some music/record a mix, or catch up on a few movies. No big deal. I have a life outside of watching a download progress bar for SURE.
    For every one of you bastards complaining about DL speeds and times, how about you fall on a knife or (at the very least) stick a lit M-80 in your pocket so you can’t reproduce?
    Um, that’d be greeeeeat.

  139. herald (27 Sep 2016, 12:01)

    Quick question :

    Is this the 1.7.12 cumulative update + the dlcs, the 1.7 cumulative update + the dlcs or just the 1.7 update + the dlcs?

    should i download this version https://www.skidrowreloaded.com/fallout-4-cumulative-update-v1-7-12/ before ?

  140. Tyler (01 Oct 2016, 4:54)

    so if i have all the other dlc with this cause any problems if i install it anyway?

  141. Girasim (01 Oct 2016, 8:52)

    Do I need to install any other version? or will I be fine to just download and install this torrent?

  142. niebaum (02 Oct 2016, 4:26)

    I can’t get nowhere near the Nuka World Transit Station without getting a CTD, is there anyone else having this problem and/or have a solution for the freakin’ CTDs ?

  143. Sly (02 Oct 2016, 14:32)
    Reply,1,7.16 new update please

  144. niebaum (04 Oct 2016, 2:16)

    Nevermind, I’ve found out what was causing the CTDs, it was an outdated file from the DEF UI mod, the HUDMenu.sfw file to be more precise, I updated this file and fixed the CTD problem, so if anyone else also uses this mod and is getting CTDs while tring to reach the Nuka World Transit Station, just update that file and it should fix the problem, at least it did for me.

  145. Ranom (07 Oct 2016, 17:48)

    Missing DLL’s and game won’t find INI files..

  146. mike (12 Oct 2016, 19:00)

    if your game crashed,disable all your mods in your mod manager,it works for me

  147. GS0704 (21 Oct 2016, 18:32)

    Any German Language Pack available?

  148. Ethan (23 Oct 2016, 13:31)

    Please Next Time Upload Update & DLC Separately..

    As Most Of People Here Has DLC Already..

    It’s v1.7.12… Where Is v1.7.15,v1.7.19, and v1.7.22??

    Upload Those Too.

  149. Mama Murphy (01 Nov 2016, 8:28)

    Please guys answer me, does this work if I only have fallout 4 codex??? because I cant click any button on main menu, I dont have gamepad and its not enabled.

  150. Wasteland Explorer (08 Nov 2016, 16:58)

    The add-ons didn’t show up when I loaded the game from the Fallout 4 launcher, but they are there when I load the game from the fallout4.exe file. Thanks for the upload!

  151. Fallout boy (10 Nov 2016, 19:31)

    Well i downloaded this installed the patch. than installed 1.8 patch. But somehow when i go mod manager. it dont show up the DLC esm.. theres nothing there from any DLC. Theres any solution?
    I wanted to add mods for nuka cola DLC but cant if i have the nuka cola dlc. esm missing..
    Sry for my bad english. tnx for the upload!

  152. Mobius Ace (26 Nov 2016, 18:56)

    Warning: If you’re installing Fallout 4 for the first time, it is false that you only need Fallout 4-CODEX + Fallout 4 Update v1.7 incl DLC-CODEX. I installed in this order + the v1.8 update, of course not forgetting to copy the content of the crack folders after each update, and had problems with lots of missing files (couldn’t start the game). After a bit of research through Google, I found out you also need the Fallout 4 v1.4 Update-SKIDROW and the Fallout 4 Update v1.5-CODEX, and install them in the version order, then the game worked for me.

  153. kiev (30 Dec 2016, 20:51)

    Everything works. I agree with Mobius Ace, I’ve followed his instruction. Do not forget to install fallout 4 v1.4 update and v1.5 CODEX before this update 1.7. If your game doesn’t launch

  154. TeaAddict (19 May 2017, 4:21)

    when i start a new game, it suddenly crash and got closed. Is anybody know how to fix this?

  155. Kinta (19 Jun 2017, 9:52)

    Torrent didnt seem working. please make it work cause im using my limited internet 1gb daily only. Have Mercy.

  156. Nano (14 Nov 2018, 19:30)

    am i the only one who cant find the fallout 4 codex ?

  157. vince (22 Dec 2018, 11:44)

    how to install it says error something.ini cant be found?

  158. Magno (09 Feb 2019, 23:53)

    update the link please

  159. ded (13 Apr 2019, 10:57)

    dlc do not work they are not instaled

  160. Bjorn (27 Mar 2021, 4:35)

    All the links are broken 🙁

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