Escape From Tarkov v0.

Posted November 24, 2022 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Escape from Tarkov v0.


Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action….



Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough.

Title: Escape from Tarkov
Genre: Action
Release Date: 28 Jul, 2017
Credit: To: SPT-AKI

Support the software developers. BUY IT!

How To Play:
1- Start "\Aki.Server.exe", Don't Close it.
2- Start "\Aki.Launcher.exe".
3- Use Random User/Pass, Then click "Register".
4- Change Edition to "Edge Of Darkness"
5- Start Game

Escape from Tarkov v0.
Size: 29.27 GB





























    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, i3 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon, Phenom II 2.6 GHz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX9 compatible with 1 GB VRAM

Escape from Tarkov v0.
1. Extract
2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Nadim (24 Nov 2022, 15:01)

    Thx alot guys

    • trashrelease (24 Nov 2022, 17:56)

      Does it work for you? My launcher keeps saying my game is not installed

      • silver (02 Dec 2022, 14:49)

        You need to download Fix and Install on Hard Drive C
        It has to be on Hard Disk C, in order for you to be able to play.

        https:// www108. zippyshare. com/v/WotsNhHZ%20/file. html

        Remove spaces from link.

        • bernard (22 Apr 2023, 10:39)

          hello I am French I do not understand how can you help me please because if I type the link I come across the megas page thank you.

  2. uytam (24 Nov 2022, 16:16)

    is this online?

  3. tanaka (24 Nov 2022, 16:46)

    I get the error:
    Escape from Tarkov isn’t installed on your computer please buy…
    Is this supposed to work? Followed the instructions btw

  4. mazer (24 Nov 2022, 17:16)

    au top fonctionne bien aucun soucie suffi de savoir mettre les dossier au bonne endroit

    • Jaou (25 Nov 2022, 1:13)

      where? PLS

    • bernard (22 Apr 2023, 10:40)

      bonjour comment faire car sur c: et rien a faire !! merci de votre aide 🙂

  5. Darken (24 Nov 2022, 17:19)

    “Escape from Tarkov isn’t installed on your computer”
    How do I fix this?

  6. error (24 Nov 2022, 17:20)

    Not working for me, when pressing “start game” it’s saying the game is not installed on this computer and to buy the game

  7. whoami? (24 Nov 2022, 17:20)

    Can you play online ?

  8. asd (24 Nov 2022, 17:56)

    It all goes well until you press start game, a few folders on the game root are deleted and the SPT launcher says, game is not installed, please buy the game

  9. Onn Ryuu (24 Nov 2022, 19:16)

    Does’t work.
    I start the server, start the launcher, register and press start game
    throws an error message saying the game isn’t installed on my computer

  10. Slowpope (24 Nov 2022, 19:21)

    You can you play against the AI in this game?

  11. mr Robot (24 Nov 2022, 19:56)

    does not work for me. launcher says game is not installed. if exe is run manually, i only see quick popup

  12. Oopsdaddy (24 Nov 2022, 20:12)

    Doesnt work, just keeps saying it isnt installed. Even if you put the location manually to the installed folder.

  13. DzWal (24 Nov 2022, 20:32)

    ALL version of this game don’t work for me . we need another crack.

  14. Mum of whoever reads this (24 Nov 2022, 21:03)

    Whoever pirates this game is a fag, socioeconomic peasant and his mum does hobos for a handfull of chestnuts.

    • Cope harder, retard. (25 Nov 2022, 4:57)

      Yes I’m a faggot, I fuck your fathers rotten corpse up until the meat starts falling off the bone you smooth-brained troglodyte.

      • Mum of whoever reads this (26 Nov 2022, 12:22)

        Lol, you useless, penniless fag.

        • ur mom takes black dicks for rent money (12 Dec 2022, 0:29)

          lol ur on the same website. put a cock in your mouth and get it over with

  15. blackjoker (24 Nov 2022, 22:47)

    Sempre baixo esse game. Faço exatamente o que diz no “how to play”. E nunca funciona….

    • mozart (26 Nov 2022, 0:00)

      nunca fez o certo, e fica choramingando achando que aqui é lugar pra isso!

  16. Jeremy (24 Nov 2022, 23:04)

    It doesn’t work for me. It says “Escape of Tarkov isn’t installed on your computer. Please buy a copy of the game and support the developers!”

  17. samseed (24 Nov 2022, 23:08)

    What use is it to play alone? Can you even do base upgrades?

  18. Yosi (25 Nov 2022, 1:20)

    Guys, in order to play this offline version of the game you NEED TO HAVE VALID COPY ON THE GAME INSTALLED ON YOUR PC. So this version is not going to work if you don’t own the game 😀

  19. Fenrir (25 Nov 2022, 3:18)

    This game needs a fix. You can download it here :
    Extract the file on Drive C: then run register. Then run server 1st then run the launcher and play.

    • radalt (30 Dec 2022, 3:46)

      thanks bro

  20. Z (25 Nov 2022, 3:25)

    There’s a batch file that gets around the ‘Please buy a copy of the game error’. This lets you play single player but not multi. Download link for that is on some of the older comments on the older releases. Too lazy to link it myself.

  21. ThomasVDM (25 Nov 2022, 4:06)

    Guys, Tarkov isn’t properly installed when you unpack and run the game via the Aki launcher.
    You need to trick the launcher to think tarkov is installed. Here the solution:

    1. Create a directory somewhere on your PC. For simplicity I will call this C:\bypass
    2. start regedit
    3. navigate to
    4. Right click on the Uninstall folder and create a new key with the name: EscapeFromTarkov
    5. Select the new folder and right click on the right side and create a new string value with the name:
    5. Double Click on that new string and enter the value of your bypass directory and an \Uninstall.exe at
    the end. Example C:\bypass\Uninstall.exe -> this is for the 1st anti-pirate check in the launcher.exe
    6. You’re done with regedit, so close it.
    7. Download the Uninstall files:!kuAgTJyb!3Mu04cpVyZ1FQvJOkRwajP4vVYqsFKeAdSP3YuxCc-c

    Copy the following files from the “fixer” folder into the bypass directory:
    – BattlEye\BEClient_x64.dll
    – ConsistencyInfo
    – Uninstall.exe
    – UnityCrashHandler64.exe
    – WinPixEventRuntime.dll
    -> These files are needed for the 2nd check during the initial game startup.

    Now run the Game normally though the Aki Launcher. The “Tarkov isn’t installed” problem should be fixed now.

  22. Looter (25 Nov 2022, 4:18)

    thanks a lot.
    To all who get the game not installed mssg, you need to download the fix to trick your computer that it is installed.
    Fix can be found in comments section on this site of previous versions of this game, try like 5 or so versions back and you should find it eventually.
    This is not online. if you like sniper games you should like this. I am addicted to it.
    Wish they would make an open world style game with same controls and combat style.

  23. OopsDaddy (25 Nov 2022, 5:28)

    After all those extra steps.. I have to say no to this game. Very boring, and quite time consuming. But does work if you follow the steps above in the comments with the fix.

  24. Clyde3D (25 Nov 2022, 7:17)

    Thank you ThomasVDM and Looter for your information!

  25. Devon (25 Nov 2022, 7:21)



    – Once downloaded, place it inside your C: drive and run the “register.bat”
    – Visual reference of where to place the folder:
    – Once done, you can start tarkov and it should have zero issues.

  26. Jaou (25 Nov 2022, 8:21)

    Thank you but no changes occur. On the other hand every time I launch the AkiLauncher.exe I have files that disappear from the Client folder.

    The missing files in ISO are:

    I tested before launching Akilauncher.exe the game launches to get to the bottom of the game without options or any other image which is normal I suppose however after launching AkiLauncher.exe the game launches dns the bar=s spots for a few seconds then done Seemingly opening on the desk before closing instantly….

    I don’t have antivirus that’s active I don’t have any alerts anywhere and I even did a test by turning them off if I’m not mistaken.

    If anyone has an idea thank you in advance

  27. NONE2Blame (25 Nov 2022, 10:00)

    I have a launcher problem, Nothing happens..

  28. 69ninjas (26 Nov 2022, 0:22)

    ThomasVDM that’s really complicated but I cannot find this also , I have no CurrentVersion/U at regedit

  29. YoYo Ma's Cousin (26 Nov 2022, 7:36)

    Why anyone would want EFT without being able to play online? Sure, you can play the practice mode but you never get to keep anything. Your inventory will go right back to where you started which pretty much defeats the whle purpose of the game. I mean if you enjoy it then why not? But, if you do enjoy it you should consider buying the base edition when its on sale because its so worth it for the amount of adrenaline youll get running through you when playing. I understand some people cant afford this game though and for that I sympathize with you very much.

    • ano (28 Nov 2022, 15:53)

      You can’t buy this game in many parts of the world (like Asia)

      • Arshia69 (08 Dec 2022, 11:10)

        That’s Right
        so many turn to pirate because they can’t buy the game even if they want to.

  30. tubol (26 Nov 2022, 10:52)

    for those having problem launching the gane
    First Install the fitgirl repack version of Eft
    thats what i did before

  31. mat (26 Nov 2022, 23:05)

    ami me funcionan. ni mas bien lo hayan descargado no deben lanzarse a jugar , hay que ir a las propiedades de la carpeta y desabilitar las opcion de (solo lectura) y listo.

  32. Roboute Guilliman (27 Nov 2022, 22:40)

    The game files are included in the folder. They’re in the ClientXX (version number) folder. All you have to do is take the client folder out of AKI mod folder so that the game files are separate.
    -Extract game
    -Drag the Client.0.XX folder (the game files) and put them in the Escape from Tarkov folder
    -follow the usual steps of running the server etc.
    This worked for me.

  33. kuro (28 Nov 2022, 2:29)

    Please someone seeder , me still download but no peers available

  34. ano (28 Nov 2022, 15:54)

    Thanks a lot to the team to provide an updated version (matching the current aki version)
    Tarkov addiction is real and ongoing 😉

  35. Crazy.bit (28 Nov 2022, 16:44)

    When i press start some file delete in the folder and nothing happens, can someone explain how can i resolve this problem ? i have this type of problem for every version of tarkov and don’t know why

  36. andulis (28 Nov 2022, 19:07)

    working, open folder ”Escape.From.Tarkov.v0.”,Client. Then Click to open, on properties (folder options) and put ”black square” click out option -Read -only . ”ok” to go play.Open folder
    Client. -clik AKI.SERVER, AKI .LAUNCHER. Play 🙂

    • Crazy.bit (29 Nov 2022, 19:17)

      I tried to do every step but i cannot because when i do it the settings turns back again, do you have other advice? thanks for the help

  37. Oh come on (30 Nov 2022, 6:34)

    Guys, the download gives me in 3 different folders “part 1, 2 and 3” what should I do? If I copy the same content in one folder everything gets overwritten, should I compress it and extract all in once?

  38. andulis (30 Nov 2022, 19:36)

    To Crazy.bit .Client. click on mouse right button, on folder options – Attributes, Read -only Click out
    (black square). After OPEN folder, clik on Aki.Server(start server) and Aki.Launcher. In launcher Indicate the place
    where is your instaled game folder. Play with Difficult,hard bots. That’s all.

    • Crazy.bit (30 Nov 2022, 21:40)

      I have do it everything but some files delete and the message buy tarkov is in my screen, do you have another instruction? thanks for the help

  39. andulis (01 Dec 2022, 19:17)

    To Crazy.bit ,put game folder to C: DISK, it works for me. Maybe works for you to,if files delited,redownload again that ,do not touch them, only copy to your Main disk ( C:). Do same steps again, as at the top.

  40. Ragnarok (05 Dec 2022, 22:17)

    The bots are broken for me, when they spawn they instantly start shooting to the ground or ceiling and completely ignore the player.

    • Antho (09 Dec 2022, 23:38)

      pareil pour moi j’avais installé une version precédente et ca fonctionnait et la je ne sais pas d’ou ca vient

    • bip (11 Dec 2022, 0:57)

      turn off scav war

      • Antho (13 Dec 2022, 10:41)

        Merci , je viens d’ installer la version précédente sur ce site et ca fonctionne meme avec la guerre des scaves .

  41. Aliixur (07 Dec 2022, 19:17)

    its says cannot connect to the host server

  42. DemonSurf (08 Dec 2022, 21:57)

    Friends and I are connected on the same server but I can’t active co-op mod for playing with them. Any solution ?

    • Basd31 (09 Dec 2022, 2:58)

      bro help please I get the error that “Escape from tarkov is not installed on your computer buy a copy and support the developers”
      So I read that your comment indicated an error. but that you already entered the game without any kind of problem and so I guess if you can help me?

  43. DemonSurf (09 Dec 2022, 14:50)

    I works without a problem for me because I have the true game too installed, that’s all. This version require avec the real game installer too, or following the instruction of ThomasVDM above.

  44. Truenoooo (09 Dec 2022, 17:51)

    Does anyone know how to modify so that more loot comes out?

  45. YourMama (09 Dec 2022, 18:00)

    Basd31 … .read… lol 😀

  46. Basd31 (09 Dec 2022, 21:38)

    Ahh, it worked for me, I don’t know how I did it, but now I don’t get good loot, I even modified the “Globallootchancemodifier” and almost no loot appears, does anyone know a solution?

  47. Antho (09 Dec 2022, 23:35)

    Salut si quelqu’un a ce bug , les mechants tirent tout seul accroupis en regardant vers le bas en tournant en rond ^^ j’ai juste qu’a m’approcher et les tuer et la vegetation bouge trop fort comme si c’était la tempete mdr , je vais essayer une autre version pour voir merci pour le taf Skidrow

  48. BeanDaBean (13 Dec 2022, 20:14)

    Somone Needs to make a tutorial of this BRUH

    Did litterally what @ThomasVDM said. nothing worked
    Did what other 2 guys said Nothing worked
    Did all combined NOTHING ! 100% i can say read letter by letter, folder by folder, step by step of main windows disk AKA C:/ OR B:/ or LALALA it is pure anarchy, much love BeanDaBean <3

  49. BeanDaBean (14 Dec 2022, 11:28)

    Found the correct way of fixing it !!! YAAY

    1) download the fix thing –

    2) put FOLDER and .reg, .bat file in the game folder. example:

    3)Right click EscapeFromTarkov.reg file and edit it. it will have a line of code of a path. set the path to YOU’RE games fixer folder and Uninstall.exe which you placed as step 2. example Mine is “UninstallString”=”C:\\EFT\\fixer\\Uninstall.exe” ( !!! REMEMBER double check if it has a correct path to a fixer folder AND Uninstall.exe !!!) Save it and close

    4)RUN the “EscapeFromTarkov.reg” as admin (Right click the reg file and run as administrator) and press yes if it asks.

    !OPTIONAL! create a shortcut to desktop – Right click .bat file –> Send to –> desktop. Remember to always run it as administrator, don’t know what will happen if you don’t run it as admin but i don’t wanna go through again 🙂

    5)Start EscapeFromTarkov.bat as ADMIN ((Right click the bat file and run as administrator)

    6)Wait a bit to launch, register & play
    7) be happy 🙂

    BeanDaBean <3

    • Clive (27 Dec 2022, 9:37)

      Thanks, this helped a lot.

    • kalitbartman (31 Dec 2022, 13:08)

      windows cannot find server1.exe’. make sure you’ve typed the name correctly, then try again.

    • kalitbartman (31 Dec 2022, 13:15)

      now i have run the bat it keeps opening up SPT-AKI 3.3.0 again and again it has 6 running now and when i end them in task manager they close and then keep opening up again

  50. Teejay (14 Dec 2022, 20:47)

    i click play and nothing happens afterward. i fixed the not installed on your computer part but now nothing happens. What do?

  51. Antho (14 Dec 2022, 23:04)

    Sur play ? Vous avez bien lancé le AKI.server d’abord et le AKI.lancher ensuite ?

  52. BeanDaBean (15 Dec 2022, 22:21)

    Rename Aki.Server.exe to Server1.exe and Aki.Launcher.exe to Launcher1.exe

    • kalitbartman (31 Dec 2022, 13:09)


  53. garis (18 Dec 2022, 20:24)

    hola hago todo lo que dice en la descripcion para jugar pero el juego no me abre, que podia a pasar ?

  54. Murmur (18 Dec 2022, 21:13)

    The link posted a few times with the fix is legit. It’s a batch file that adds a registry entry, nothing malicious in there.

  55. Ali (22 Dec 2022, 15:56)

    The game does not start. Nothing happens when I start Game from SPT Launcher. What’s the issue here? I followed all steps from fixer to renaming but nothing works! Did I miss anything ?

  56. Ali (22 Dec 2022, 16:14)

    If the game does not start, right click on client folder and disable Read Only. Worked like a charm for me !

  57. easy (24 Dec 2022, 4:27)

    se alguem for BR ajuda aq to com o mesmo erro mas entender algo em ingles e BEM mais dificil

  58. Vincent (29 Dec 2022, 1:20)

    This Ver. Have Street of tarkov ??

    • TG (30 Dec 2022, 13:55)

      No, new map streets of tarkov is in 0.13

  59. wolf (30 Dec 2022, 15:06)

    sa marche pas g fais tout comme il faller et sa die que g pas le jeux quen je le lance?!!!!

  60. kalitbartman (05 Jan 2023, 23:02)

    FIX for game not installed on the launcher go to settings and change the SPT Game Path to where

    your game is example mine is F:\Games\Escape from Tarkov then it should work

  61. PAUGRANDE (08 Jan 2023, 20:31)

    This, its work online?

  62. mrskidly (31 Jan 2023, 17:31)

    it tells me the exe isnt found in the path

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