Escape from Tarkov v0.

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Escape from Tarkov v0.


Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action….



Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough.

Title: Escape from Tarkov
Genre: Action
Release Date: 28 Jul, 2017
Credit To : SPT-AKI Devs & Svadilfari

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1- Start "\Server.exe", Don't Close it.
2- Start "\Launcher.exe".
3- Use Random User/Pass, Then click "Register".
4- Start Game

Escape from Tarkov v0.
Size: 19.92 GB



























    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, i3 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon, Phenom II 2.6 GHz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX9 compatible with 1 GB VRAM

Escape from Tarkov v0.
1. Extract
2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. keem (27 Jul 2021, 0:30)

    is this a new spt aki ver?

  2. Pedro (27 Jul 2021, 0:31)

    Thanks alot

    @keem: Yeah this is SPT-AKI Bleeding Edge (Version 2.0.0-A7

  3. Gamer (27 Jul 2021, 0:58)

    Isn’t bleeding edge a dev build version?…@Pedro would you recommend to download this or wait for stable version?
    Thank you

  4. Pedro (27 Jul 2021, 1:03)

    @Gamer: not sure bro, but game works fine for me without any problem, i just download it to test it, i have no knowledge regarding what is difference.

  5. Black (27 Jul 2021, 1:59)

    Is this Multiplayer?

  6. keem (27 Jul 2021, 2:30)

    is there any way to use the last ver. savegame? i copied the user folder but im getting a trace error

  7. Rockhound (27 Jul 2021, 2:35)

    Sadly there is a Loading Loop at Startup, my old Sp Tarkov works fine

  8. Jack (27 Jul 2021, 2:37)

    Seeding till newest EFT ver. uploaded!

  9. Rockhound (27 Jul 2021, 3:23)

    Works Fine now after deleting the Tarkov Folder in Documents

  10. Alexis (27 Jul 2021, 5:58)

    I get bugged when loading Customs Map, it just freeze and then crash with no error mensage. I can play other maps but not customs 🙁

  11. Gamer (27 Jul 2021, 6:55)

    after you paste the old user folder go into launcher folder and open config.jon.
    Inside that change the directory of game path…it will show the path to the old version.
    Change to new path

  12. samseed (27 Jul 2021, 7:46)

    Thanks for release but… FUCK Escape from Shitcov. This game is trash. Boring. Annoying. You screw around for hours looting, and some asshole camp you at exit and take everything. FUCK OFF. AND I even bought it legit, but the DUMBFUCK devs cancelled my key for no reason. FUCK OFF.

  13. carbon (27 Jul 2021, 8:26)

    @black: no multiplayer, but there are ai pmcs and scavs
    @keem i don’t think you can use your last version save file because a lot of things, some recipes and conditions have changed and updated. old save is probably uncompatible
    @rockhound: the loop could happen in the previous version to me as well, i don’t know what causes it, but it has nothing to do with version i believe. this version works fine as well as the last version. the loop is caused by something on your end

    honestly, i like the game but i don’t like this update, i don’t like the changes. i’ll keep with my previous one. but if you want the new bosses and lvl20 flea market, some new items and content then i’d say go for it.

  14. where (27 Jul 2021, 11:06)

    Where the hell is the mod directory?


  15. clarence (27 Jul 2021, 13:18)

    Haha the bots sometimes use the heavy static guns now!

    They just get meaner and meaner.

  16. ASDF (27 Jul 2021, 16:20)

    Again doesn’t work. Server.exe close atomaticaly after start (as admin). Pls help.

  17. sntxz (27 Jul 2021, 18:10)

    @samseed LMAO u must be a real rat, the game is awesome, they don’t go banning people for no reason, so u must’ve cheated, and sounds really plausible, looking at how you wrote that as a 10yo brat.

  18. daredevil69200 (27 Jul 2021, 18:28)

    I have an error message, it tells me to install the .net 5.0,, cannot launch the lancher, it ejects the games for me do you have a solution

  19. samseed (27 Jul 2021, 19:53)


    Suck my dick you fucking dickweed. They cancelled my key cos I bought it from kinguin. They are fuckingg greedy cunts. They only want you to buy from them at inflated price like PUSSIES. It doesn’t matter anyway, they did me a favour. I already deleted their TRASH game and I got refund from kinguin after I told their support, so I got a MUCH better game with refund, Monster Hunter w/ Iceborn too, the master edition for STEAM, who dont ban for stupid things like buying from 3rd party reseller. That studio is TRASH and BROKE thats why they want to force people to buy only from them at their inflated price. I hope they go BROKE and SHUT DOWN and all be unemployed and DIE.

  20. BailaComigo (27 Jul 2021, 20:09)

    @daredevil69200 got same error in previous version, u also need to install desktop version of .Net 5

  21. Mighty (27 Jul 2021, 20:44)

    i keep getting error with the launcher access denied

  22. BEAR Ops (27 Jul 2021, 22:46)

    Not worth the download for me it’s either the new SPT Version or the game update itself because you go MIA (Missing In Action) and lose all your stuff but that didn’t happen in the previous versions of the game…

    So sad :'(

  23. Darkk (27 Jul 2021, 22:54)


    how can you loot for hours when there is only 45mins max in a raid… xD
    get good!

  24. seedsam (27 Jul 2021, 23:25)

    You have issues…. And them cancelling a key bought from a 3rd party has nothing to do with greed, they actually had to PAY money because of your fuck-up lol, so you’re saying a company that’s not willing to pay money so that you can save money, is being greedy? You won’t make it far in life my friend if you don’t even understand the basics of economics, believe it or not but understanding money also affects your own everyday life 🙂 You’ll see when you get older, don’t worry <3

  25. KaizerBee (28 Jul 2021, 1:46)

    i got stuck on loading screen. anyone know to fix it?

  26. FuckSamseed (28 Jul 2021, 9:09)

    @samseed are you done you pathetic moron ? Since when is monster hunter a good game ? Speaks volumes on what a shitty useless person you are, only fucking useless cunts like you enjoy wasting hours upon hours grinding the same stupid shit. So stick to your weeaboo jerkfest, fuck off and die you self entitled little bitch.

  27. TheAcademicGamer (28 Jul 2021, 9:54)

    stuck loading screen??

  28. Piroshki (28 Jul 2021, 17:33)

    the server doesn’t load the mods, it just straight up opens the game. Is this a bug of this version of AKI?

  29. samseed (28 Jul 2021, 22:09)

    Do you know how 3rd party reseller works you MORONS? They just buy PHYSICAL copies of games from distributors and copy out the key to sell to you. Its that simple. BSG already got paid by distributor. They are just greedy they want distributor to pay them for copies, then that copy sit in store doing nothing, while you buy from them at higher price!! Meaning they are paid twice or more for same product!! Its greed and its cos they are shit studio with shit game played by very few losers. They will go broke SOON.

  30. samseed (28 Jul 2021, 22:11)

    And you you fucking moron fagg kid. MONSTER Hunter is an AWESOME game. I play it with my friends and my GFs. Cos your a loser you can only play ALONE and jerk off alone till you die you fucking LOSER. The game is meant to be played with friends, u know, which you DONT HAVE. FUCKING LOSER. KILL YOURSELF!

  31. MIlos (28 Jul 2021, 22:43)

    Cry kids, just cry, stay alone in you dark small rooms and just die. Stay in you small comfort zone, and rage every second, minut, hour and day until you realise, that your brain is not ok. If you don’t love it just leave, and fine another game to play, Oh i forgott you can’t because all you can do is keep crying, and crying.

  32. samseed (29 Jul 2021, 11:50)

    Im here with my GF and I fuck her whenever I want. I have many friends both IRL and on steam. So your NOTHING to me. FUCKING virgin loser crying to himself. SHUT THE FUCK UP. No one cares about you

  33. lulz (29 Jul 2021, 14:41)

    Don’t like the game? perfect! GTFO then, no need to be toxic.

  34. Tomas (29 Jul 2021, 15:09)

    How do i run the game? I’ve already installed that .NET thing, no .exe seems to work. It opens and isntantly closes

  35. sheriff (29 Jul 2021, 19:42)


    people that brag about having gf and friends most likely dont have any of them or does but they’re not really real friends/gf. i wont be surprised if ur a virgin aswell. probably 12 years old aswell xd.

    get outside and touch some grass 🙂

  36. Leon (29 Jul 2021, 22:07)

    Hello i was playing this new version last days and when i try to launch the game it dosent start no error from the launcher Help please !

  37. Filype (30 Jul 2021, 5:54)

    Server close really fast, with the msg: Node.js is only supported on Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, or higher.
    Setting the NODE_SKIP_PLATFORM_CHECK environment variable to 1 skips this
    check, but Node.js might not execute correctly. Any issues encountered on

    but where I could do that edit?

  38. PassingFool (30 Jul 2021, 10:35)

    Do not feed samshit he might feel orgasm if we keep trying to make him angry

    what NET? just run Server.exe first, and then Launcer.exe. register, log in. it might works
    if still get problem, try to add exclusion your game folder to window Virus & threat protection.

  39. samseed (30 Jul 2021, 12:19)

    I just fucked my GF last night. Im gonna get her pregnant and trap her in marriage too. Muahahaha. Just FYI my GF is very real, unlike yours which is your hand, you FUCKING loser. Go masturbate alone in the corner and die pathetic MORON. I have a great job, great HOT gf who Im gona impregnate. A great gaming pc, unlike the trash toaster you prolly on. I own these games, I just get the cracked one to avoid annoying updates sometimes. Your loser ass cant even afford 5 games on your steam I bet. SO STFU. You are nothing but trash kids to me. I will fuck your sister, your mother any time I want, play best games. I have everything you dont.

  40. Ivan (30 Jul 2021, 14:32)

    It doesn’t work, when opening server.exe it says “Node.js is only supported on Win8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher”. It says you can change “NODE_SKIP_PLATFORM_CHECK” setting but can’t find it anywhere.

  41. I Hate Errors (30 Jul 2021, 16:15)

    How to fix Exception Error?

  42. I Hate Stucks (30 Jul 2021, 20:20)

    Stuck on loading

  43. Marco (30 Jul 2021, 22:18)

    This version doesn’t work properly since the mod for single player (spt-aki) needs to be updated to 2.0, currently is on 1.6 so we need to wai if you want to use your previous progress in this version

  44. Filype (31 Jul 2021, 0:27)

    well, will try to wait another upload, plz guys we need another craked version, this one dont work on windows 7 64 (server dont launch and if you try older one it give error while loading game), plz help, even the version client is broken now XD

  45. samseed (31 Jul 2021, 10:58)

    I WIN

  46. borisz7 (31 Jul 2021, 11:03)

    the game is working fine but after i start a raid in some map its write me: “creating game world” and after loading 4 minutes it’s dropp me back to the menu. can some one help me?
    sorry for my english

  47. Rehan Falken (31 Jul 2021, 13:42)

    Its stuck in profile loading and dosnt start even after 15mins can anyone help me

  48. Bonjo (31 Jul 2021, 21:08)

    Loot not spawning on shelves or in any other open spaces (only in boxes). Vendors do not have next reputation level goods.

  49. Filype (01 Aug 2021, 6:37)

    Well… I downloaded the version before this one, and changed the “server.exe” that comes with it for the “server.exe” from the spt-aki ver. 1.3, now I can use the launcher, register, and start the game, but as soon the game goes in: ‘UNHANDLED RESPONSE: /client/trading/api/traderSettings’
    and the only option is copy that msg or close the game. Anyone that can see if/where need edit a file to fix this error? maybe is the only way people with win7 can play.

  50. Filype (01 Aug 2021, 23:23)

    I think I got it to work: *For anyone still using windows 7*
    on spt-aki forum I found a topic about the problem of node.js (server not starting cuz node newers version are not suported on win7):
    Following the tread they talk to go here:
    I tried and it “works” with no error so far (woods and factory ok), I think you only need to add the ‘System-Properties’ things, no need to creat the folder and download a node version, but…
    good luck all, sadly I couldn’t use my old save, think its a wipe for me XD

  51. fatih (02 Aug 2021, 2:10)

    stuck loading screen

  52. Death (02 Aug 2021, 3:55)

    the mods folder isn’t available when i download it and when added it does not load mods on starting the server, any ideas guys ?

  53. Snava (02 Aug 2021, 8:48)

    Yo, i downloaded the game, and it runs perfectly, exceepttt i can’t change my level, XP, and add mods. (if anyone could tell me how to add mods, that would be perfect.) i mean i know how to add mods, but when i install them, it doesnt work

  54. bergamot (03 Aug 2021, 15:02)


    Go into


    “GlobalLootChanceModifier”: 2,

    And alter the value to what you like. I do not know why it it is shipped with a low value.

    I can’t say anything about vendor levels as I haven’t played enough yet.

  55. kim (05 Aug 2021, 0:45)

    for people with trouble running this.

    1. have the original version of tarkov installed
    2. download this one anywhere else
    3. right click on the folder and untick read only files and apply to all files inside
    4. run server as admin. wait 10 seconds.
    5. run launcher as admin. create an account and launch.

    worked for me

  56. Jesus (06 Aug 2021, 3:10)

    Hi, i think the loot tables are broken or something, cos stuff doesnt spawn anywhere, nothing on red card or the marked room, nothing

  57. pinoy (06 Aug 2021, 16:31)


    Please read the comment from BERGAMOT right above you

    I’ve also experienced a similar issue and has been fixed since I’ve followed his advice

  58. andreede (08 Aug 2021, 0:13)

    Hello guys, I’ve got a problem, BOTS do not spawn, where can I modify that parameter? or what did I messed up?

  59. samseed (08 Aug 2021, 19:56)

    I have the solution to all having problems.

    1. Select the folder you downloaded/installed the game.
    2. Press SHIFT + DELETE.
    3. Problem solved.

    This game is complete TRASH. Dont waste your time. Go play ANY OTHER game. This garbage will only cause you stress and make you jerk off alone in ur moms basement, where Im sure you live you FUCKINGG LOSERS. And that will prolly give you heart attack. So just DELETE.

    OR alternatively you can get a FUCKING job and just BUY this trash that you want to play so much you fucking simps.

  60. bergamot (09 Aug 2021, 0:10)

    @pinoy, @Jesus

    The value is found in the globals.json config file. You can modify a lot of things to your liking, such as disabling ragfair and fence if you want to do a scavenge-only type of game. Values for skills, water and hunger, and the economy can all be controlled.

    This has become a quite different experience to online tarkov.

  61. bergamot (09 Aug 2021, 0:13)

    Oh and don’t forget to make a backup of your save file when you’ve made a lot of progress. It’s in the user directory.

  62. max (11 Aug 2021, 11:50)

    @samseed you just a fucking idiot. go to the kids game like pubg

  63. vlad (11 Aug 2021, 17:42)

    i need help
    problems with server, port 443 is already in use, check if the isn’t already running

  64. pinoy (12 Aug 2021, 15:05)


    Fuck off man, let us play in peace… If you don’t like the game, it’s fine. Just leave us be…

    Don’t embarrass yourself more than this… we got it, okay? I’m sorry you lost all of your items because that fucking SCAV hiding in the bush, one hit you with a sniper…

    We’ve been there, it’s okay. You can just reset your account, play from the start again with a full stash.

    Good luck!


    Noted, thank man!

  65. Radicall (19 Aug 2021, 23:18)


    Hey there!

    I am attempting to mark fuel Tanks on reserve and it will not give me the option to place the markers.

  66. pinoy (20 Aug 2021, 1:51)


    Did you have the MS2000 item? If not, then you need to buy it first, either from Prapor or Flea Market. And then, you’ll be able to mark them.

    If you did have it… then I’ll leave it to @bergamot

  67. Rafal (21 Aug 2021, 19:09)

    @Radical I have the same problem to mark that 2 fuel tanks,I don’t have that icon to press F key, maybe it’s bug?

  68. peanut (26 Aug 2021, 18:50)

    dosent launch for me any help

  69. Zillox (28 Aug 2021, 5:37)

    Impossible to launch the game for me
    it’s say exception error and it’s say also acces denied “name folder”.
    if someone have the solution .

  70. Morse (29 Aug 2021, 14:05)

    How to increase pmc spawn??

  71. Morse (29 Aug 2021, 14:07)

    How to increase pmc spawn?

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