Enter The Moon-PLAZA

Posted September 8, 2018 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Enter The Moon-PLAZA


Explore the moon in breathtaking real-time 3D. Explore his geological aspects….



Explore the moon in breathtaking real-time 3D. Explore his geological aspects. Battle against spaceships or a secret lunar base. Enter the ISS. Measure the moon. And get in the cockpit.

Title: Enter The Moon
Genre: Action, Simulation
Release Date: 8 Sep, 2018

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Enter The Moon-PLAZA
Size: 15 GB























    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-4300
    • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 840M
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 18GB available space

Enter The Moon-PLAZA
1. Extract
2. Play!
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  1. TechnicallySatanic (08 Sep 2018, 16:45)

    wrong game play video lol

  2. Steph (08 Sep 2018, 16:49)

    Merciiii guys

  3. Mary (08 Sep 2018, 16:54)

    Ty, i love space games *.*

  4. Xree (08 Sep 2018, 17:02)

    support win 7?

  5. Morph (08 Sep 2018, 20:10)

    Hey CODEX Ive got a request for you.

    There are a few ah… Games that haven’t had the latest updates.

    Total war warhammer 1 is missing norsika DLC
    Assassin’s creed origins is missing the animus control panel
    Ghost recon wildlands is missing the bots customisation

    Could you please crack the old releases that are complete.

    And as always thanks for uploading the games skidrow. 😀

  6. lolnewww (08 Sep 2018, 20:36)


  7. stereoType (09 Sep 2018, 0:01)

    Mais como você entra na lua?
    Ela não tem porta.

  8. Mark (09 Sep 2018, 6:47)

    It always amazes me how ungrateful many of the children are here. Beggars can’t be choosers, yet we have beggars and choosers right here in front of us. The request section is where we can make requests for games that we would love them to crack for us, yet we have more requests in the comment section for games they have already cracked. Be happy with the games they crack for us and say thanks when they crack the games you want to play. Stop showing us what pathetic children you are by requesting games in the wrong section. If anything, i’d ignore all requests from the ungrateful children that make requests in the wrong sections. Maybe instead of begging so much, why not try learning a skill like these talented programmers have, and start cracking the games you want to play. In the time it took you to learn how to (ignorantly) complain and make requests in the wrong sections, you could have started learning how to crack games by yourself. Unless you have an excuse for not having any common sense, then only you are to blame for your lack of intelligence and/or basic skills. Don’t wait till your in your 30’s to realize that you don’t have any hirable skills, and that your are worthless in the eyes of the world like so many others have. With all of our advancements in technology, why is it so hard for me to fill entry level positions at bottom level no experience needed jobs? It’s saddening to find so many people in their 30’s who aren’t even qualified to wash dishes because they can’t even follow basic and simple instructions. It’s no coincidence that with the rise of the crippling (narcissism) selfishness (that we see in our youth) that we now have an abundance of jobs. Half of this is attributed to our growing economy, but the other half is due to the overly consuming selfishness in those that fall in the 15 to 35 age groups. While we alone might be powerless to change the strength of our economy (besides the illusion of voting), we alone hold the greatest power to change ourselves. Therefore, there’s no excuse for people over 15 to expose just how pathetic weak and selfish they are by complaining and requesting games in the wrong section.
    Change my mind;)

  9. What a Deal (09 Sep 2018, 9:47)

    The man above me is a true legend, a man among men

  10. Paul (09 Sep 2018, 11:11)

    u wrote a bible that no one will read gg ,and like the bible is a full sht.
    who fck cares??
    STFU we wanna PES

  11. KingdomCome (09 Sep 2018, 16:20)

    @mark true brother.

  12. cor (09 Sep 2018, 19:33)

    @mark good story! nice and short

    and btw we need crack for middle earth shadow of war v1.21 because v1.2 is fucked up

    and i’m to stuppid to know anything about pc’s (and to tired from my dead end job)

    so maybe you can write some sort of script (you clearly love writing)

    or maybe you should get a life because if something like this bothers you so much you clearly don’t get out much

  13. jos (10 Sep 2018, 0:08)


    You seriously think the webmasters admin monitors or whoever give a feck about any request be it here or in the official request section?, lol it’s there so believe thats how it works, but I agree with you, i would make a conscious note of never uploading anygame that some ignorant dumbfeck is requesting in the wrong section…just as I never give a tu or sub to any utuber who asks for lights or subs…and give downthumb if it even fecking worked for the ones who are constantly mentioning it…thats the way i roll..

  14. jos (10 Sep 2018, 0:09)

    conscience…i can spell …p

  15. sam (10 Sep 2018, 4:41)

    Mark who in hell will red all this shi,, must be kidding me i have read the first 5 words

  16. Mark (10 Sep 2018, 7:22)


  17. jos (10 Sep 2018, 12:38)

    scratch the above just been playing this, err it’s total shyte, already uninstalled, want a space game get take on mars or even space invaders, trust me it’s far more interesting than this , which isn’t even a game, and isn’t a patch on universe sandbox either

  18. Radi (11 Sep 2018, 16:07)

    lol all the kids here who say who cares mark or i just read the first 5 words and again prove they pathetic ignorance….well. good job. this is a prove that you kids are even more dumfucked then we thought xD
    they try to make it funny, you make it shit. but the only thing they do is fuck themselves.
    they wouldnt be here if they would have all the money to buy all the games, they wouldnt be here is they would be choosers. they are here because they are beggers. they get games for free, but moaning and crying all the time like lil babys. what a shame. what a generation of shame. so weak and so disrespectful. kids nowdays are so weak and dumbfucked. no words. small, broke but wanna moan and cry about games thy get for free…jesus….

  19. Gustavo (14 Sep 2018, 19:31)

    Hey Mark and Radi, JAJAJAJA, reallly you are on the right road…. From my 55 years old i can see full of sadness that, really, everything is going worst about conversion from citizens to consumers. And these is one of multiple proofs of “Ha what kind of shit is this, two words joined, i can´t read that shit, several fucks and so on”

  20. get a fucking life (16 Sep 2018, 13:56)

    omg get facebook or something

    mark, radi and gustavo are just pathetic

    they got old and cranky and now the world has to suffer for it

    so once again…. GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!

  21. get a fucking life (16 Sep 2018, 14:08)

    a sad day indeed when people bother about things so smal

    and writing a whole book about it to

    realy pathetic

    when my universe is confined to my parrents basement i probably be crying to

  22. Radi (19 Sep 2018, 14:22)

    @get a fucking life…

    oh…so thats why you are here then? because your life is bound to your partens basement? lol…
    you are just another one of those freaking kiddies. you just validate my words with your own comment. i see i hit a point. and thats good.

    ps: get a life bro. or facebook. your words. stick to them.

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