Dying Light 2 Stay Human Ultimate Edition-0xdeadc0de

Posted August 8, 2022 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Ultimate Edition-0xdeadc0de


The virus won and civilization has fallen back to the Dark Ages….



The virus won and civilization has fallen back to the Dark Ages. The City, one of the last human settlements, is on the brink of collapse. Use your agility and combat skills to survive, and reshape the world. Your choices matter.

Title: Dying Light 2 Stay Human
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Release Date: 4 Feb, 2022
Languages: Rus/Eng

Support the software developers, They Really Deserve It. BUY IT!

• Both Offline & Online Fix Inclu
• You can play with legit players
• To change language edit "steam_api64.ini" Or Select the game shortcut and go to the file
   location, and edit the -epiclocale=ru  to  -epiclocale=en

How To Play Coop/Online:
1- Launch the game through a shortcut on the desktop
2- Log in to the Epic Store to link the game to your account (use a fake account if you are
   worried about the main one)
3- After the video intros, you will need to authorize the account for online services again
4- After you go through the prologue and play online with friends or with random players

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Ultimate Edition-0xdeadc0de
Size: 32 GB

























    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows® 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-9100 / AMD Ryzen 3 2300X
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti / AMD Radeon™ RX 560 (4GB VRAM)
    • Storage: 60 GB available space

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Ultimate Edition-0xdeadc0de
1. Extract
2. Install
3- Play
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  1. Asuras77 (08 Aug 2022, 12:56)


  2. hans51 (08 Aug 2022, 12:59)

    why the ultimate edition is thiner than the version of 2 years ago ?

    • Eylan (08 Aug 2022, 14:25)

      It’s a Repack version

    • what (08 Aug 2022, 18:36)

      The release date of this game is feb 2022, are you from the future ?

      • huh? (26 Aug 2022, 19:53)

        that was feb 2022 was 6 months ago, as its august 2022.

  3. Pablo (08 Aug 2022, 13:09)

    Thx alot guys, works great

  4. manatheros (08 Aug 2022, 13:21)

    can we just copy crack or whatever in empress version or need to download it again?

  5. Mr Pablito (08 Aug 2022, 13:24)

    What version is this ?

  6. achal (08 Aug 2022, 13:28)

    how to use epic game save into this please help

  7. David Kelly (08 Aug 2022, 13:28)

    Is it worth downloading ?can your old save game data be transferred to this version anyone know ?

  8. Steven (08 Aug 2022, 13:31)

    Thx guys, This is tutorial how to play it:


    This is Some questions/Answers/FAQ if you need them:

    1) Question: How to run the game on an online fix?
    Answer: We launch the game through a shortcut on the desktop, after which you will need to log in to the Epic Store to link the game to your account (use a fake account if you are worried about the main one), after the video intros, you will need to authorize the account for online services again, after we go through the prologue and play online with friends or with random players.

    2) Question: How to connect to the server to the players?
    Answer: We start the game, log in, after the prologue a list with servers will be available, so we will use Continue, in the Pause menu select Online menu –> Find games –> Select an available server and Join, you can also select Quick participation, you will be thrown into a random match with players .

    3) Question: How to create your own lobby?
    Answer: In the game, press ESC -> F4 -> F -> Invite friends and wait for their connection.

    4) Question: How to connect by invitation to a friend’s lobby?
    Answer: Connection in the game: We accept an invitation from a friend.

    P.S. You can play with the owners of the licensed version of the game.

    5) Question: How many participants does the cooperative work for?
    Answer: Up to 4 players can participate in a co-op match.

    6) Question: Is it possible to change your nickname in a network game?
    Answer: No, the nickname of the Epic Games account is used online.

    7) Question: Where are game saves stored?
    Answer: Path for online: C:\Users\PC Name\Documents\dying light 2\out\save

    Path for offline: C:\Users\Public\Documents\EMPRESS\534380\remote\534380\remote\out\save

    8) Question: I start the game as usual, but instead of continuing it suggests starting a new campaign, what should I do?
    Answer: This is most likely a bug, sometimes it may not see the save, it is solved by restarting the game.

    9) Question: Gives an error – Game is already running, what should I do?
    Answer: This indicates that the game process is frozen in the process, it can be removed in the task manager, this message also indicates that the game is running.

    10) Question: How to change the language of the game for online?
    Answer: If you want to change Russian to English, then select the game shortcut and go to the file location, and edit the -epiclocale=ru line with notepad, where instead of ru set en for the English version, save the changes in the file, you’re done.

    11) Question: How to change the language of the game for offline?
    Answer: If you want to change Russian to English offline, then edit the steam_api64.ini file with notepad, replacing the line russian with english

    12) Q: How can I skip intro videos?
    Answer: Select the shortcut of the game and go to the location of the file, and edit it with notepad adding the line -nologos at the end, save the changes to the file, you’re done.

    Have Fun, Credit to @Canek77

    • iqunder10 (08 Aug 2022, 14:04)

      Fack this, shit am going to buy a game, too much to understand, wtf?

      • Jack TheTipper (08 Aug 2022, 15:04)

        It’s not worth 59,99€. Wait for a Steam sale.

      • iqunder10 (08 Aug 2022, 15:50)

        i jooooooked, it was i lie, i bought this game long time, ago, and rest dissapointed, for how a poor story that developed. in any case dont buy nobody a game is not worth 10e a game dont offer anything

      • Parasite-B (08 Aug 2022, 22:52)

        Damn, man… Is it really that bad?

        I am not sarcastic or negative towards your comment, but fuck…

        That’s really disappointing to hear.

        I’ve not watched any of the trailers not gameplay uploads for this, because I wanted to experience the game firsthand without being influenced by other people’s opinions.

        It seems that pretty much everyone’s opinion says what you’ve just said.

        Fucking disappointing to read.

        I’m still going to download it and try it out, but I feel I’ll be massively disappointed.

      • iqunder10 (09 Aug 2022, 1:46)

        same happend to me with dead space 3, inside me happend like wait wtf is wrong with this game so DSpace3, i found a video that how they messed everything but 1 year later or maybe 2 years later… so when im playing a game if i fell something that rocks, im sure this ia a game otherwise inside me cant feel anything only im looseing my time playing bull shit like a fail. so i was right… confront dead island 1, dying light 1 and dying light 2 7/10 8/10 3/10 my numbers

      • pepe (09 Aug 2022, 11:32)

        You don’t know what I regret not buying it when it was on sale on steam, I downloaded it and I just had it and it’s a work of art, don’t listen to people who say it’s shit, it’s people who he has never touched a game in his life. I didn’t buy it because everyone spoke badly, but nothing could be further from the truth, it’s a fucking great game

      • soscrewed (09 Aug 2022, 15:41)

        Nah this game suxs bad as your comment. Everybody is saying. Just enough to watch the stamina fall “feature”? ( yeah right) see they screwed the ip all the way. Only tards would like this. Go get something else. It can’t be helped. What a waste, stupid friggin devs, now they really make it.

      • pepe (10 Aug 2022, 23:37)

        You’re going to start eating my cock from under my ass, go ahead and suck off your mother’s dick she has for 5 euros. How can you be so fucking bitter in life? You must be more alone, poor thing, I’m sure that later you go out with those lorzas that you have to have and you can’t walk more than 1 meter because it makes you hot, go eat shit otako.

    • Haarhuss (08 Aug 2022, 17:01)

      Spanish language supported on this repack?

  9. KosMajora (08 Aug 2022, 13:59)

    I waited a while for this game… What a disappointment. Games a bogged down dogwater version of the first. The narrative is better I’ll give it that. But it’s essentially far cry meets zombies now. Well done Techland, multiple delays and almost a decade to develop a sequel, and it’s a massive step down in a lot of ways.

    • Magoo (08 Aug 2022, 15:10)

      I stopped playing DL2 after some hours because of sheer boredom. Steam price at the moment is a bad joke: 59,99€. For something that just feels like a big DLC for the predecessor?

  10. Igor (08 Aug 2022, 14:16)

    Cheers Steve, a legend as usual, top man! One question about question 12 if you know the answer, its just you cannot edit the .exe file with note pad, it don’t make sense to be honest, is it really to edit the exe coz i don’t see how? It must be another file i wonder?

    Big UP Steve! Respects

  11. H (08 Aug 2022, 15:35)


  12. CitySlicker (08 Aug 2022, 15:59)

    Repetitive like hell! It seems that Techland had absolutely no new ideas, but wanted to release a second part by all means.

  13. maximus101r3b00t (08 Aug 2022, 16:22)

    can i please get an update only file

  14. mfkadhim (08 Aug 2022, 16:32)

    Did they fix “Fatal Error: Request Failed! Error Code:0x3 no dbdata generation was possible” ?

    • peter (08 Aug 2022, 20:01)

      i got the same error and i cant find a solution.

      • Shyz (05 Sep 2022, 11:31)

        just paste empress new enhancemnet crack.

  15. OG.Gamer (08 Aug 2022, 17:38)

    this is a great game, ive been playing games scince the comodore so ican tell you a little about games…like…if you cant enjoy this game..maby good games are just not for you..stick to nintendo young kids, i can finaly enjoy a game..its been a while. and yes its worth the 50/60 bucks

    • DocBrown (08 Aug 2022, 20:15)

      Nope, Dying Light 2 is far from being a great game: technically outdated (Win 7 support? Really?), completely trivial story, and indeed too repetitive. Tell me one real good new (!) feature in this game. There isn’t one, because the good features was already part of Dying Light.

      But if you think it’s worth 60 bucks, why do you comment in this topic and on a piracy site? Shouldn’t you be on Steam on your party with the other fanboys?

      You play games since the commodore and can’t distinguish between a great game and a mediocre one? Too bad.

      Dying Light 2 would be ok, if there weren’t Dying Light 1. It seems the standards was too high for a real successor. Instead we got something like Dying Light 1,5. Even something worse than that.

    • Error404 (08 Aug 2022, 20:37)

      “this is a great game…”

      Are you kidding me?

  16. warscut (08 Aug 2022, 17:59)

    Comment mettre le jeux en francais ou au moins les sous titre svp

    • MrBenserker (08 Aug 2022, 19:33)

      Si tu trouve je prend aussi

      • Luckyslock (09 Nov 2022, 1:06)

        Je suis preneur aussi !

  17. zouzou (08 Aug 2022, 18:33)

    its here someone to suggest me, a good mp or coop, game

  18. This_Is_KOBA (08 Aug 2022, 20:13)

    pour la langue francaise ou autre; il faut télécharger le dying light 2 EMPRESS, l’installer, récuperer les dossiers “data_lang” dans le répertoire “D:\Programmes (x86)\Dying Light 2. Stay Human\ph” et les copier dans le même dossier de dying light 2 et ensuite tu modifie le fichier “steam_api64.ini” et le tour est joué

    • French_baguette (27 Sep 2022, 22:27)

      Merci le goat ça à marché

  19. DocBrown (08 Aug 2022, 20:20)

    Correction: Dying Light 2 would be ok, if there weren’t Dying Light 1 and the DLCs.

  20. UntiBR (08 Aug 2022, 20:51)

    0x3 no dbdata generation was possible still there.

  21. Jean Lebeau (08 Aug 2022, 21:18)

    Works on Windows 8.1?

  22. JLM (08 Aug 2022, 21:27)

    cela ne semple pas possible, seul le russe et l’anglais sont disponible :-/

  23. Pantiechrist (08 Aug 2022, 21:32)

    You should have learned to spell by the time you have been playing Commodore. Furthermore; your comment has no logic, and quite stupid. “if you can’t enjoy good games, stick to Nintendo, young kids”. Nintendo has the more console sales, and game sales then any other gaming company since the 80’s. Moreover, show a picture of Mario to any age, and see how many people guess it. If you were to show a picture of dying light 2, 90% would scratch their heads. I also have to take issue with your agreement on the price, no, it is not worth the $50/$60, it is a water downed Farcry with zombies. Is it good, sure, everyone has their preferences, but if it was unanimous, it would get “ok” or “decent” at best.

  24. grrrrrrr (08 Aug 2022, 21:41)

    Why need zombies when only this web has more zombies than the game.

    • zombie (09 Aug 2022, 1:50)

      roooaaawwrrr (WWwwwwWW) nom nom nom

  25. Davayarusss (08 Aug 2022, 21:56)

    This is not in spanish right?

  26. bouba (08 Aug 2022, 22:10)

    warscut….ouvre les yeux cet expliquer au debut du post…merci pour le jeu…

  27. hattrack (09 Aug 2022, 0:19)

    I tried all the options to change the language but nothing works. Where exactly should I write “-epiclocale=en”??? Because I don’t know where or it’s not there anywhere. At the moment “NemirtingasEpicEmu.json”, “steam_appi64.ini” and “OnlineFix.ini” – nothing works, I will rewrite to English :/

    • Syed Ali (10 Aug 2022, 16:44)

      use DL2_Online (right click then use option edit), where you can change ru to en

    • Shyz (05 Sep 2022, 11:33)

      find ‘.ini’ file in game install location. there are 2. just open the one that writes russian as language and type in english.

  28. Petitto1982 (09 Aug 2022, 2:36)

    Can t find -epiclocale=ru line, please where is it?

  29. Ronin (09 Aug 2022, 5:22)

    look for a file named ‘steam_api64’. NO DLL. Change russian to english.
    It should be something like this:


    • Syed Ali (10 Aug 2022, 16:44)

      use DL2_Online (right click then use option edit), where you can change ru to en

  30. Ronin (09 Aug 2022, 5:26)

    if you are talking about online, i dont know. try your EpicLauncher.

  31. Tormo (09 Aug 2022, 5:27)

    Can’t play, weird bug at the start, when spike talks to me it’s like the objective doesn’t update and I can’t progress. If I start a new game, I spaawn at the tunnel where the game starts and when I get to spike he’s bugged and I can’t talk to him or even aproach him, when I try, I start flying lmao

    • Aztermix (09 Aug 2022, 18:10)

      Me too

      • manatheros (10 Aug 2022, 3:04)

        exit completely from the game and start new save if there is one from before, that worked for me, but i have the empress version

  32. OG.GAMING (09 Aug 2022, 6:29)

    For those who get a boner correcting my english, be my guest..again for those being negatieve about the game..ur the kind of people who want to change car game..its stays a racing game stupid folks

    • Person XYZ (09 Aug 2022, 12:41)

      No one here cares what you think … really, believe me.

    • gunnar (09 Aug 2022, 18:02)

      Hey retard, put on your head a garbage can

  33. panzer (09 Aug 2022, 8:10)

    how to change subtitle language
    where the location

  34. BerettaGonzales (09 Aug 2022, 8:26)

    Needs some patching. And a Steam sale for a way lower price. Neat, but no competition for part 1.

  35. Game Doesn't Work (09 Aug 2022, 9:41)

    Hi sir. the same problem appears again, game doesn’t start. I have 4000$ PC and other stuff which It plays literally all games at ultra 4k. Although this game says It is running but never actually opens…
    tried the api thing still doesn’t work… on Windows 10.
    Please fix it,

    Kind Regards, thank you.

    • frutical (09 Aug 2022, 12:17)

      Aaaaand shitty pc components, oh kmon, stop annyoing ppl, ur components are all from wish so everything is false.

      • Shyz (05 Sep 2022, 11:34)

        i have a potato cpu and my game runs fine. hah! take that!

  36. Mooo (09 Aug 2022, 11:47)

    I’ll wait until the Definitive Edition: You’ll get it at GOG, it’s already patched, and it will not cost about 60 bucks.

    • Person XYZ (09 Aug 2022, 12:44)

      Maybe I’ll wait for the GOG Definitive, but I’ll not pay or it. 😉

    • DudeOfDudes (09 Aug 2022, 16:31)

      At least I will wait for the next bigger patch (updated crack too?). The GOG version would be an option for sure because there’s no DRM at all.

      I just hope that THE FOREST 2 won’t be a dead loss too. DYING LIGHT 2 and SONS OF THE FOREST was on top of my wishlist.

  37. Alfie (09 Aug 2022, 11:48)

    The process starts but the game doesnt open

  38. alankky (09 Aug 2022, 12:15)

    Online for around 1 hour,

    AuthCallback return EOS_Auth_InvalidRefreshToken

    Crashed into desktop

    • MORO (09 Aug 2022, 16:51)

      Same here I was about to comment about this issue :/

    • zekifog (10 Aug 2022, 4:30)


    • Dulahan (05 Sep 2022, 11:35)

      do you use offline shorctcut or online?

  39. Person XYZ (09 Aug 2022, 12:36)

    Doesn’t work here too. Kiss my ass, Dying Crap 2 ! There are enough other games to play.

  40. BlinX (09 Aug 2022, 13:44)

    Se puede cambiar el idioma a Español??

  41. DudeOfDudes (09 Aug 2022, 16:18)

    Gameplay: disappointing sequel of a great game. You get more of the same, but worse made.

    Technical issues: game started, but crashed regurlarly. After 3 hours I gave up, it’s unplayable for me in this state. Either the crack sucks or Techland totally forgot how to make gameplay smooth and stable.

    I’ll download and play Dying Light (1) again, it’s been a while. Thanks Skidrow, but for keeping Dying Light 1 up to date!

  42. A guy (09 Aug 2022, 18:49)

    There-s no way to change to english, there-s not a single epic related file, only steam files, and changing language to english on those does nothing.

  43. DeathFish (09 Aug 2022, 19:16)


  44. POT (09 Aug 2022, 19:50)

    To change language russian to english, open file location, and RIGHT CLICK THE FUCKIN BAT FILE AND CLICK EDIT. Change ru to eu.

    • A guy (09 Aug 2022, 21:41)

      They should have put that in the info up there… thanks.

  45. Mrt182 (09 Aug 2022, 19:54)

    Los últimos juegos con crack empress una porquería todos con problemas de rendimiento y este último es malisimo

  46. HelloMan (09 Aug 2022, 20:26)

    How do we unlock the dlc online? I tried changing UnlockAllDLCs=1 in steam_api64 but that didn’t work

  47. Daddy (10 Aug 2022, 1:46)

    What’s the difference between empress version?

    • lulala (05 Sep 2022, 11:36)

      empress version crash.

  48. Firefighter41 (10 Aug 2022, 5:09)

    I wonder about the EULA. Aren`t they still collecting data from the PC? Especially a Game that “was” Denuvo protectet. Maybe you guys have an answer, because theres nothing to be found in the Internet.

  49. alankky (10 Aug 2022, 5:55)

    For avoidance of CTD,

    please download DL2SH_Fix_Repair_Steam_V2 or moderator please update it

  50. Syed Ali (10 Aug 2022, 15:50)

    Change language from DL2_Online (use edit option) then change ru to en.. Enjoy!

  51. Josue (10 Aug 2022, 16:07)

    How to change language to Portuguese?

    • Syed Ali (10 Aug 2022, 16:45)

      use po

  52. rahul (10 Aug 2022, 16:32)

    can we use empress save game in this , because i havve progressed alot

  53. xPolox (10 Aug 2022, 19:39)

    Pour les Français aller tchek ma chaine youtube j’vais mettre a disposition un tuto pour le mettre en français dans la soirée chaine : xPolox

    • 2Sapp (12 Aug 2022, 22:15)

      J attend impatiemment, si tu ne tardes pas trop

  54. bouba (10 Aug 2022, 19:47)

    comment changer la langue mandarin..

  55. panchitogames (11 Aug 2022, 9:23)


    • ElTheoMG (16 Nov 2022, 0:16)

      fking racist

  56. arczi (11 Aug 2022, 15:07)

    HOW To CHange langugage from english to polish?

  57. Josue (11 Aug 2022, 16:11)

    How to change only the text language to Brazilian Portuguese(without change the voices)?
    Como mudar somente a linguagem dos textos para Portugues Brasileiro(e deixar a dublagem em ingles)?

  58. Daruma (12 Aug 2022, 16:29)

    for change lang
    Dying Light 2\engine\source\bin\x64
    open steam_api64

    • mark (24 Aug 2022, 10:26)

      sorry, im kinda a noob on this, but what I should do now I have the steam_api64

  59. KINGGGG (12 Aug 2022, 17:56)

    authorizedcallback return eos auth invalid refresh token fix pls

  60. 2Sapp (12 Aug 2022, 20:28)

    This_is_KOBA, j’ai pensé à la même chose que toi, hors pour ma part le jeu se lance seulement en Anglais, je ne parviens pas à être en FR. Si tu peux être plus précis si ca fonctionne vraiment, merci.

  61. 2Sapp (12 Aug 2022, 22:12)

    Malgré les fichiers data_lang recup sur la version EMPRESS le jeu ne se lance toujours pas en francais en faisant la manip steam.ini de dhabitude et en indiquant fr rien a faire … le mec qui a dit le tour est joué, sois plus précis stp

    • JL (13 Aug 2022, 13:23)

      ouvre le fichier DL2_online, clic droit sur le fichier>modifier et la tu met la langue fr.

      Pour ma part j’ai un soucis avec le jeu, j’ai mis les deux data_lang de la version empress, j’ai bien les textes et voix FR mais l’animation des mouvement de la bouche sont absents, j’ai quelques bug qui font que je dois redémarrer le jeu par moment pour passer les quêtes, et je n’arrive pas à rejoindre un ami en ligne, impossible d’avoir accès à l’ajout d’un ami sur le launcher epic.

  62. XYZ AXIS (13 Aug 2022, 15:07)

    if Game crashes to desktop when starts a new game just get a save file of starting mission put it in save folder you ready to go …..only fix for now


    create 1 folder name save and put save file into it ……that’s it

  63. XYZ AXIS (13 Aug 2022, 15:08)


    you can get intro save game here have fun 🙂

  64. tanethetame3 (14 Aug 2022, 12:28)

    help whenever i try to play with my friend it says unable to join game

  65. 2Sapp (14 Aug 2022, 23:17)

    How to fix AuthCallBack EOS_auth_InvalidRefreshToken error ? While im on the online with my friend my session go offline with this error on my desktop

    • tanethetame3 (15 Aug 2022, 22:56)

      how can you play ith your friend???? whenever i try to play with my friend or brother it keeps saying unable to join game?

  66. vitor (16 Aug 2022, 14:57)

    Language pack please? (Brazilian)

  67. onne (16 Aug 2022, 15:01)

    cant play online with all dlc unlocked?

  68. anon (16 Aug 2022, 16:42)

    anyone know how to fix error about authcallback return EOS_auth_invaldRefreshtoken ? it keep pop out in gamplay…..

    • 2Sapp (16 Aug 2022, 18:42)

      I asked the same.. cant find anything, if u have something please update here, thanks. And i ll do the same no worries

  69. misiek (17 Aug 2022, 10:19)

    Does somebody getting error on online mode? How can i fix this? I mean im playing for like 1hr and then im gettin error and my lobby is quiting

  70. WTF? (22 Aug 2022, 16:26)

    I downloaded this, it worked, but the save progressed is trash, well first theres no manual saving, not your fault i know, but something is up with either the game or this version. the automatic saving barely works either. im doing alot of stuff, looting some mini missions/encounters, and then i auto save by sleeping which i was told was the way it saves, and even some missions (maybe) but when i boot the game back up it reloads like 20-30+ minutes before i exited, and i just slept when i exited. the auto save function dont seem to work either, i have no clue and loosing so much progress, i even did a long main mission and it didnt save that either (the one where i have to go into peacekeeper base, then chase someone).

    im playing on the online version (but im not playing with anyone, just singleplayer) but that cant be the reason, also i get this game error while the game is running but it only crashes the game if you click it, and i was told you can close it through the task manager and the game wouldnt crash, i didnt risk that though and kept it running till i closed the game after auto saving. anyone else had this bug and how do i fix this?

  71. harryWolf29 (22 Aug 2022, 21:47)

    „Fatal Error: Request Failed! Error Code: 0x3 no dbdata generation was possible.“

    AVX was removed in 1.07 according to the Changelog, the release here should be 1.47:

    AVX Technology is no Longer used in the game, improving issues related to a game crashing on the launch.

    What makes no sense because it is quite useful if supports and the flag is set to compile.
    It almost sounds as if Techland instead of building the exe without AVX, as suggested in the changelog, has installed a workaround now (unconsciously?) With the reverse.

    If it was not that a cracker bugs put open, the game seemed to me at the beginning of the year when I played it before not optimized before, I didn’t come close to 60fps with my 3080ti on 4k, and the C Engine is looking at imho Not better also the Chrome Engine from Dying Light …

    Links für Infos:

  72. vitor (23 Aug 2022, 22:54)

    Tradução e dublado pra PTBR que peguei da versão EMPRESS


    • Felipe (26 Aug 2022, 9:20)

      valeu mano, tava procuarndo exatamente isso kkkkkk

  73. mark (24 Aug 2022, 10:22)

    I need help, I dont know why but my game is in russian and I cant change it

  74. Aziz (24 Aug 2022, 11:22)

    Hello can we get the newest update please <3

  75. eun (24 Aug 2022, 14:34)

    game crashes when i click on new game

  76. Alfa Crew (27 Aug 2022, 9:34)

    Dying Light 2 Stay human bloody ties dlc arrived need to be broken online fix 2 1.5 broken old games links are broken

  77. Pouxel (27 Aug 2022, 9:35)

    The site has font errors that need to be fixed

  78. ninja (28 Aug 2022, 16:05)

    Cannot change language from Russian to English unfortunately. it’s a waste if you don’t speak english.

    My steam .ini file settings is listed as below:

    Started the game without marking the file as read-only and with marking file as read-only and still no change when launching the game.

    It’s a waste to download right now if you cannot understand/speak Russian unfortunately.

    • tanethetame3 (30 Aug 2022, 2:23)

      are you launching it in online mode?

  79. GJGJ (03 Sep 2022, 13:56)

    any1 know how to change lnaguage to chinese?

  80. Shyz (05 Sep 2022, 11:39)

    thank you.

  81. Average Joe (05 Sep 2022, 13:25)

    played it for an hour and close. cannot be open again. crash at the banner screen. come on man..

  82. Baris (10 Sep 2022, 7:51)

    Dying Light 2 Stay Human game updated, new dlc is here because Bloody Ties Story DLC has arrived

  83. cerb (12 Sep 2022, 1:10)

    can someone help me?
    it runs shows the logo and just run in the background
    while the empress cracked it just run fine no problem
    anyone knows how to fix ?

  84. Saeko (15 Sep 2022, 4:35)

    need that authcallback error fixed somehow makes online impossibly enjoyble

  85. Baris (15 Sep 2022, 19:37)

    When will Dying Light 2 Stay Human 1.6.0 version be added, break it now pleasennn

  86. daniel (23 Sep 2022, 13:27)

    For those who are still unable to change to english, Heres the trick

    1. Right click Dyinglight 2 shortcut
    2. Open file location
    3. Right click DL2_offline then edit -epiclocale=ru to -epiclocale=en
    4. Right click DL2_Online then edit the same way as above
    5. Right click OnlineFix then edit, change language from russian to english
    6. Right click steamapi64.dll then edit, change language from russian to english

    now u can play with english subs. Thank me later betch

  87. Yelupan (29 Sep 2022, 17:31)

    Any news of the online error who happens every hour?

  88. ivo (11 Oct 2022, 9:03)

    can you upload the newest version of dying light 2 v1.6.0 plleaseee.

  89. mostafa (21 Oct 2022, 8:26)

    i have a problem because epic games crashed because of this game

  90. ivo (23 Oct 2022, 8:34)

    Maybe you can make new update work only offline v1.6.1.There are tons of new weapons.

  91. Felipe C (03 Nov 2022, 18:18)

    O Setup não iniciar, o que pode ser ?????

  92. No (15 Nov 2022, 16:55)

    Audio other than music is super quiet

  93. ElTheoMG (16 Nov 2022, 0:07)

    the game its buged at the beginning. I cant even start it. It just comes the cinematic and when you go to the mountain to speak with Spyke he dont make anything, just standing like a fucking idiot. Trash buged game

  94. Josan (18 Nov 2022, 22:50)

    Where is the update with FSR 2? And crack for Steam deck please

  95. Marwin (07 Dec 2022, 6:42)

    i already installed the game the problem is there is a bug in the first mission after the intro the mission didnt appear “pilgrim’s path and cant talk to spike because even the tutorial didnt appear
    pls help me fix it

  96. h4g0_j3f (07 Dec 2022, 11:17)

    The game is having a problem for me, when I open the game it opens and it stays on a black screen and then it closes, is this because the game is buggy or why my pc can’t handle it? (I already installed and uninstalled it many times and nothing solved)

  97. agikk (12 Dec 2022, 4:21)

    seems the blood ties dlc doesnt trigger

  98. agikk (12 Dec 2022, 4:21)

    seems the blood ties dlc doesnt trigger … help

  99. Lornus (15 Jan 2023, 17:25)

    only 2 language? czech not work

  100. jamajczaj.exe (27 Jan 2023, 17:53)

    The game won’t start and I get error 0xc0000005. Previously, the game ran without a problem.

  101. GoodByeMF (31 Jan 2023, 16:02)

    That is good repack, for ppl who have error drop after one hour playing. Need to download Online Fix from here:

    And don’t install a stronger update than 1.4.2p, because you won’t be able to play.
    Work Multiplayer and work COOP.

    Guys, if you need any help, feel free to add me on discord. Alhemicar#3641

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