Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories-CODEX

Posted 07 Apr 2020 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories-CODEX


Thrust into a tragedy that touches countless lives, you must now make….



Thrust into a tragedy that touches countless lives, you must now make the decisions that will determine who lives and who dies in the chaos stemming from a natural disaster. What will you do in the aftermath of calamity?

Title: Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 7 Apr, 2020

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Disaster.Report.4.Summer.Memories.DLC.Pack-CODEX { Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download }

This pack adds the following DLC to Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories:
• Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories - Digital Soundtrack
• Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories - Space Fighter Pilot Suit
• Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories - Fishmonger Costume
• Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories - Hunting Cap and Jacket
• Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories - Judo Black Belt Outfit
• Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories - Competitive Swimsuit
• Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories - Embroidered Dragon Satin Jacket

Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories-CODEX
Size: 25 GB

























    • OS: Windows 7 64bit or later
    • Processor: Dual core AMD or Intel processor @ 3.0 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 750 Ti or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 20 GB available space

Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories-CODEX
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Posted by Skidrow


  1. Xevarius (07 Apr 2020, 17:36)

    FIRST YOOOOO!!!~~~~~

    Also thx for day one crack, you awesome Codex and Skidrow

  2. Watashi desu ga (07 Apr 2020, 17:43)

    Yeah! I need this game now! When you’re gonna have the torrent ? ♥.♥

  3. Gretasis (07 Apr 2020, 17:50)

    thank you Codex

  4. kamehameha (07 Apr 2020, 18:12)

    This is truly a wondrous thing during these times.

  5. colty (07 Apr 2020, 18:18)

    Finally a game wich is not a crapopy old game standalone . Miracle exist . Thanks for this one

  6. Nasro (07 Apr 2020, 18:21)


  7. Ace (07 Apr 2020, 18:45)

    why is everyone excited about this? It looks mediocre at best…

  8. wolski alexandre (07 Apr 2020, 18:56)

    merki monsieur le codex 🙂

  9. Xevarius (07 Apr 2020, 18:59)

    @Ace, This game has a lot of nostalgic value for those who played the original PS2 version of Disaster reports 1 and 2. It’s hard to explain but games made by iREM Software (Now Granzela) including Steamboat chronicles has that certain hard to explain charm since PS2 Era. (for me made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside lol)

    It’s hard to explain if you haven’t played at that time yet, its like a hidden gem or an old wine that old school gamers tried and enjoy or some such. But for most of us that been there back then this was like a good trip down memory lane. Those of u who like Disaster simulator with a Jap RPG in modern time vibe into it can try this game if you can get behind the mediocre graphics.

  10. smackohead (07 Apr 2020, 19:16)

    @Colty, seriously, fuck off and die

  11. Turkey (07 Apr 2020, 20:45)

    @Xevarius suck my dick mofo YOOOOOO!!!

  12. Supreme Not Hitler (07 Apr 2020, 20:57)

    Low budget doesn’t mean bad. The EDF games are fantastic and are made on three dollar budgets.

  13. Skidrow (07 Apr 2020, 21:55)

    Disaster.Report.4.Summer.Memories.DLC.Pack-CODEX Added.

  14. Simon (07 Apr 2020, 22:03)

    is it playable without VR?

  15. 7LA (07 Apr 2020, 23:59)


  16. dan (08 Apr 2020, 0:31)

    how to change the language to english? thx in advance

  17. Bawkbagawk (08 Apr 2020, 1:39)

    Any other time guys, this one is a bit on the nose for me today. lol

  18. ih8gfxwhores! (08 Apr 2020, 1:58)

    this on the same lines as heavy rain?, cos some of these games are imho shite and boring, we don’t all just admire visuals btw…

  19. K_EƎ_D (08 Apr 2020, 2:19)

    Wow no kidding, this game is so covered in PS2 nostalgia.
    Excuse me, I’m going to cry with my head under the pillow for few moments.

  20. dont bother (08 Apr 2020, 2:53)

    dont bother explaining anything to retards like Ace, he goes around throwing salt to any game. just a troll

  21. ImNotHAP (08 Apr 2020, 3:32)

    I didn’t know why I played its predecessor so much on PS2 back then. The Bland Voice Actor ? The survival Aspect ? The Shitty animation ? The Camera works ? The predictable writing ?

    But shit, if this is in my nostalgia wagon, I’m all the way in !
    Didn’t know Disaster Reports had a sequel. Now I regret my PS2 broke.

  22. LinkinVN (08 Apr 2020, 3:44)

    Can’t believe this is here. I played it when I was a kid (don’t remember much now, it’s been quite a while)

  23. Clyde3D (08 Apr 2020, 3:44)

    One thing for sure is @smackphead and @Turkey are clearly low life, immature scumbags. Not sure about this game though. Odds are you have to play as a woman again.

  24. Andrew (08 Apr 2020, 4:16)

    i remember playing Raw Danger back in the day, i freakin love it, didn’t know there are multiple sequels

  25. bmcy (08 Apr 2020, 13:14)

    game is multi lang plz ?

  26. Slainoz (08 Apr 2020, 16:00)

    how to change language to english thanks in advance 🙂

  27. Salty (08 Apr 2020, 19:38)

    @Clyde3D Again? I hate that so many games are now forcing us to play as a member of the opposite gender. This, Half-Life Alyx, Horizon Zero Dawn…. Tomb Raider… Eh…. Ah… Gta Online? You can make a female character so… And so many more games like… like… Well you get the point.

  28. dragon011 (08 Apr 2020, 21:14)

    Same Problem, How can i change the Options to english?

  29. dragon011 (08 Apr 2020, 22:46)

    When you will have all english start a New game, than can you save at the Save Spots, and than will the options make english.

  30. Xevarius (09 Apr 2020, 7:58)

    @Turkey, lol I would if I could but have you seen a Turkey Dick? It’s smaller than a pinky yo xD

    Oh and also we can make our own character male or female here so we are not forced to play as a girl. But for promotional thing, they use a girl character. There is a certain change in story though if we play as Girl character I think, you know how it is in after a disaster and a brief moment of lawlessness since local authority still can’t handle the whole situation and being a girl…and men who like to take advantage of this moment of lawlessness…*cough cough wink wink*

  31. Arantor (10 Apr 2020, 7:57)

    At the time 5:56:56 in the video my game start crashing, it said: “Fatal Error”, please help

  32. Arantor (10 Apr 2020, 8:01)

    My game crashed at 5:56:56 in the video, it said “Fatal Error”, please help

  33. Keiku (13 Apr 2020, 23:04)

    i notice that colty is a general asshole in all commentaries on different games xD that’s a trash person so ignore his comments

    ty for this upload skidrow <3 and dedicating the time to do it on other games especially for these times 😀

  34. nico (14 Jun 2020, 2:53)

    no one explained how to make it english

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