Days Gone v1.04-P2P

Posted 14 Jun 2021 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Days Gone v1.04-P2P


Ride and fight into a deadly, post pandemic America….



Ride and fight into a deadly, post pandemic America. Play as Deacon St. John, a drifter and bounty hunter who rides the broken road, fighting to survive while searching for a reason to live in this open-world action-adventure game.

Title: Days Gone
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 18 May, 2021

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Days Gone v1.04-P2P
Size: 59.8 GB























    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10 64-bits
    • Processor: Intel Core [email protected] or AMD FX [email protected]
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 (3 GB) or AMD Radeon R9 290 (4 GB)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 70 GB available space

Days Gone v1.04-P2P
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Posted by Skidrow


  1. mih (14 Jun 2021, 19:36)

    only update ??

  2. MUller (14 Jun 2021, 19:41)

    Update for FLT version?

  3. anok (14 Jun 2021, 19:42)

    only update pls

  4. jack (14 Jun 2021, 19:42)

    Thanks for this guys/girls waiting for big one resident evil village way to go Empress….

  5. Goumyy (14 Jun 2021, 19:47)

    it works good ?

  6. Skidrow (14 Jun 2021, 20:19)

    Update Only Soon.

  7. Zenite Reconectad0s S.A. YouTube (14 Jun 2021, 20:20)

    Really! Thank u.
    Estava bastante curioso para jogar este, mas sem PS não rolava.
    After all, this is a good game, average, bad or horrible?

  8. Massimo (14 Jun 2021, 20:40)

    power up!

  9. Siames (14 Jun 2021, 20:41)

    how do we update it ? if the updates come?
    please teach me how to update it

  10. Siames (14 Jun 2021, 20:42)

    what did they add?

  11. Skidrow (14 Jun 2021, 20:45)
  12. colruyt55000 (14 Jun 2021, 20:52)

    all these games with 10 updates after few weeks of final release , devellopers are so sux that they cant anymore release a game in a good state . And those guys get payed for that , they can’t even do there job correctly and sells shitty quality products . Everything in the world now are fucked up , where are the good quality products we had in the old days ?

  13. femacrj (14 Jun 2021, 20:57)

    Thanks !

  14. ram (14 Jun 2021, 21:18)

    what does this update bring? or what does it do?
    A: ChangeLog =>

  15. r3volter (14 Jun 2021, 21:22)

    Please, update only for elamigos version
    A: It supposed to work in ElAmigos version too, Try it.

  16. MV33Champ (14 Jun 2021, 22:02)

    Your take is so trash… gtf out of here.. you literally found one of the few games in recent years which your opinion doesn’t apply to at all. And when the fuck did we ever have glitchless, perfect games?
    Also these updates are just small bug fixes (which most of the playerbase never encountered) and that cabbage acting as a brain in your head can’t realize.
    And get that grammar checked.. that thing was fucked up dude.

  17. woop (14 Jun 2021, 22:05)


    year 2021. In the comment section of a torrent site.

    We have finally found it! The next step in human evolution! Now the goverments will surely agree that we need to bomb ourselfs back to the stone age so we don’t need to see it’s brilliance.

    Seriously colruyt55000

    every single fucking time I read your comments I think my braincells are committing suicide one by one.

  18. JayJay (14 Jun 2021, 22:15)

    Might aswell play it, it’s free
    Thanks skidrow team

  19. Parasite-B (14 Jun 2021, 22:43)

    Colruyt55000, I completely agree. Both Cyberpunk and Horizon Zero Dawn were complete messes when released. At least this game was playable all the way to the end, even after just the 2nd update. The people that release these games that a such a mess need to be made accountable, not given bonuses like the guys from CDPR. There’s no pride in work or releases, just sloppy games for ridiculous prices.

  20. PAAKSHA (14 Jun 2021, 22:58)

    best game ever !

  21. Ricardo Xavier Carrilho (14 Jun 2021, 23:42)

    When is Tony Hawk 1 + 2 coming out??

  22. Avaricious_AJ (15 Jun 2021, 1:45)

    “If you love a game, buy it at f*cking full price.”

    Me: NO

  23. Game enthusiast (15 Jun 2021, 3:08)

    Do I only need to use the files in Update? After that, I was able to enter the game without using the crack file (another problem, the crack file is not the same as the upgraded file).

  24. irie (15 Jun 2021, 12:03)

    @colruyt55000 – You are stealing and complaining about how “fucked up the world is”? People want to be paid for “good quality products” It’s kind of a huge incentive … GROW UP

  25. horro (15 Jun 2021, 17:41)

    sorry…how do i install the game?
    A: Already installed, Download & Copy/Past Crack & Play.

  26. Seb (16 Jun 2021, 0:25)

    this download was useless. cant start the game, no description how to get it startet…

  27. hgf (16 Jun 2021, 14:07)

    He is telling you the truth. Same to you Irie.

    Why im here? I don’t trust the devs. I download it. Try it. Like it, buy it.

    What a bunch of cucks

  28. kris (16 Jun 2021, 16:13)

    same i use site to dl try game for 10-20 min then i delete it and buy or dont buy it . its true no games now a days come out in a good state

  29. kris (16 Jun 2021, 16:13)

    and this game works up to the point 2 bikers start the chase after 1 guy and it just stutter stutter unplayebol

  30. TymuR (16 Jun 2021, 16:49)

    Im sorry, but how to run?

  31. bankai85 (17 Jun 2021, 17:50)

    thanks for update

  32. Ridzuan Yahya (18 Jun 2021, 18:58)

    This is playable full game.

    Copy paste the crack files to the Days Gone files and you’re good to go. The game already installed as you download it.
    Just had some problem the game keep crash at the beginning of the game.
    I tried lower the game setting and no problem what so ever now 🙂

  33. BenjyPwnd (19 Jun 2021, 0:31)

    Someone have a uptobox link who work for this game ?

  34. Tonymontana833 (19 Jun 2021, 12:52)

    Bonjour, le lien Uptobox est mort…

  35. Cabi (21 Jun 2021, 14:06)

    I download when i go to install switch me directly to stim and ask to buy
    A: Copy crack files from \Crack folder inside ur game and accepte replace

  36. jg (30 Jun 2021, 11:39)

    Where can i find the crack file please ? Is it in update 4 folder ? Thanks

  37. Blackfox (30 Jun 2021, 12:07)

    Where can i find the crack file please ? Is this in the update 4 folder ? Thanks

  38. Nawaros (02 Jul 2021, 21:47)

    I get an error saying that GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM5.bin is missing. Any idea how to fix that?

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