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DARK SOULS™ III continues to push the boundaries with the latest, ambitious chapter in…



DARK SOULS™ III continues to push the boundaries with the latest, ambitious chapter in the critically-acclaimed and genre-defining series. As fires fade and the world falls into ruin, journey into a universe filled with more colossal enemies and environments.

Genre: Action
Developer: FromSoftware, Inc.
Publisher: FromSoftware, Inc., BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Release Date: 11 Apr, 2016

Dark.Souls.III.Crack.Only-CODEX { Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download }

Dark.Souls.III.Network.Fix-CODEX { Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download }

Our testers reported that the game hangs a bit longer while trying to connect to
Dark Souls server. Instead of pressing "cancel" we are giving you the way to play
without wasting your time ! Enjoy!

Dark.Souls.3.Online.Fix-RVTFiX { Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download }

1. Install Any Version of the game
2. Copy the Content of this crack (Onlie.Fix-RVTFiX) to your game folder.
3. Start Steam and login with your account
4. Start the game from DarkSoulsIII.exe
5. Once in-game, start a new game. Pass e through first boss and then travel to the new section.
Then lit the first bonfire.

• HOST: You need to have "White Sign Soapstone" to host a game.
You can buy that from the Store. Once that you have it, active it on the ground around the fire.
• CLIENT: Go to the same Place where host's stone is located and summon them in your world

6. Play And Enjoy!

WARNING: Although you can see original clients, you cannot join them. You can join
only cracked (using the fix above) clients!

Note: Saves are stored in %appdata%\DarkSOulsIII\%steamid%

Credits: thanks to Voksi_Bulgarian!

Dark.Souls.III.Update.v1.03.1-CODEX => Here

Dark.Souls.III.Update.v1.04-CODEX => Here

Size: 18 GB





















UP07 [4GB]









    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 64bit, Windows 8.1 64bit Windows 10 64bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 / AMD® FX-6300
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 750 Ti / ATI Radeon HD 7950
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 25 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 11 sound device
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection required for online play and product activation


    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 64bit, Windows 8.1 64bit Windows 10 64bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 / AMD® FX-8350
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 970 / ATI Radeon R9 series
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 25 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 11 sound device
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection required for online play and product activation

- Extract
- Burn or mount the .iso
- Run setup.exe and install
- Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
- Play
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    Move the Dark Souls 3 folder to a different location. Has worked me and some other successfully.

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    @AX: Cuz u didint copy crack files, there is FOLDER in iso file called CODEX
    copy all file from this folder to ur game location and accepte replace


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    Thank you for the upload but there seems to be an issue.

    The controls work in Menus and while creating the character but once in game the character is stuck in place without the ability to move or use other buttons. All I can seem to do it spin around with the Left Stick and use the D-Pad. (same for Keyboard and Mouse)

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    Thank you so much man, it works perfectly, im readin they already dropped a patch for the game that fixes a lot of issues and makes low end pc’s run the game better, hope you upload it soon bros, thanks and keep the good work

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    I downloaded the whole 18GB torrent to support the scene. Although i know, of course, this has NOTHING to do with the REAL SCENE. Fuckd myself smiling. Music awesome still.

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    is it a trilogy or not ?

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    also how many ‘firsts’ can there be learn to count.no on care who is first to comment.

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    Everything working??

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    have a strange problem, game crashing when i try to open the door after the first boss, any help?

  192. Gürkan (12 Apr 2016, 11:13)

    You Died!

  193. the end (12 Apr 2016, 11:20)

    decompresion failed … whaths that about?

  194. Thittinun (12 Apr 2016, 11:24)

    OMG Thanks skidrow. I am big fan of these games.

  195. simon36uk (12 Apr 2016, 11:28)


    someone has said to move the game to a different steam folder.
    my preload version was in my D: steam drive im moving to my F: to see if it works.
    apperently it does so might be worth a shot

  196. crapounch (12 Apr 2016, 11:29)


    I have the sound but with a black screen where it’s writte 67.5 khz/60, someone know how to fix that?

  197. Fabian (12 Apr 2016, 11:30)


  198. GerryGame (12 Apr 2016, 11:40)

    Thanks for everything if in future we always loads of MEGA appreciate it a lot ^^

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    Thanks for MEGA! I love u! :’)

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    NO DENUVO = 🙂 -:) 🙂 -:) -:) 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    holy shit it coming

  202. Tomy (12 Apr 2016, 12:19)

    Too slow now, we need seed.

  203. Kurumi (12 Apr 2016, 12:19)

    @Verde I have the same problem did you fix it?

  204. Jack J. (12 Apr 2016, 12:41)


  205. KKona (12 Apr 2016, 12:55)

    Well after leaving my computer on all night to download this i can say that i am dissapointed the game is really badly optimized apperantly theres a 1.03 patch that fixed this issue but i cant seem to find ot where to download it any idea guys?

  206. crapounch (12 Apr 2016, 12:57)

    the problem was about game resolution, the game setting itself for my second screen (TV) but now it’s works fine

  207. Storm (12 Apr 2016, 13:06)


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    Praise The Sun !!

  210. Bowser539 (12 Apr 2016, 13:29)

    Seed, please

  211. Anon (12 Apr 2016, 13:33)

    Does this come with the 1.03 update?

  212. Davile (12 Apr 2016, 13:34)

    The game is Multi Language, but you have to go to steam_api file and change there, you have to change language=english to your own language i wrote it in english (language=spanish)

  213. Richie (12 Apr 2016, 13:48)

    Holy [email protected]!

    thank you!

  214. GOV (12 Apr 2016, 13:51)


  215. sliz (12 Apr 2016, 13:58)

    so is it now ok for me to download it and play it ?

  216. Mario (12 Apr 2016, 14:03)

    If u guys are getting a 0xc0..7 error on W7 (64bits), just download D3DX9_43.dll and copy it in the game directory.

  217. Kain (12 Apr 2016, 14:18)

    So, This worked, I’m so hyped i will be seeding for a while, Thanks Guys <3

  218. K (12 Apr 2016, 14:26)

    Rly Slow Download from the Torrent. But i will keep seeding/downloading and i hope other people do so too because then everyone can download faster ^^

  219. fkusuma (12 Apr 2016, 14:30)

    I cant wait to dieeeee

  220. Kain (12 Apr 2016, 14:36)

    Well I played the game until Fire Link shrine and after i leveled up for the first time the game crashed and started to keep crashing after that, i play like 2 minutes before it crashes again :c

  221. Igor (12 Apr 2016, 14:44)

    seeds plisss 200kb/s only ‘-‘

  222. seb (12 Apr 2016, 14:50)

    No body seeds … that’s bad guy’s

  223. fds (12 Apr 2016, 14:51)

    Why torrent 5-10 kb/s?

  224. Shikiteki (12 Apr 2016, 14:53)

    Diosanto sto ancora scaricando da ieri. La lentezza sto torrent.

  225. HeadedMuffin (12 Apr 2016, 15:00)

    Please upload The new update for The Sims 4 and the stuff packs. Thanks

  226. Greg (12 Apr 2016, 15:02)

    Seed the fucking torrent after you download

  227. SerialKillerJTR (12 Apr 2016, 15:08)

    Game working perfectly and damn is it good!

  228. simon36uk (12 Apr 2016, 15:26)

    for people have controller issues my guy was running by himself and pad not working.

    i unplugged my logitech G27 wheel and now my pad works.

    so if you have movement issues unplug any other pads if you have them connected.

    the game runs perfect now

    thank you skidrow and the team

  229. giovani (12 Apr 2016, 15:35)

    when the updates will release?

  230. Antonio (12 Apr 2016, 15:36)

    I have a problem. The image is only seen in a corner, like 1/4, any solution?
    sorry for my English

  231. Lockorm (12 Apr 2016, 15:39)

    Can’t play !
    The game is trying to launch Steam everytime, nothing else

  232. MAxi (12 Apr 2016, 15:46)

    WOW!!! THANKS A LOT!!! from Argentina 🙂

  233. simon36uk (12 Apr 2016, 15:51)

    me again sorry

    only problem ive found is network fix

    ive placed in the steam.api in the game folder and replaced the other and still says cant connect to game so im in offline mode.

    not sure if i done something wrong or not

    anyone else found this problem or can tell me if i done it wrong. thanks

  234. man (12 Apr 2016, 16:08)



  235. badiewadie (12 Apr 2016, 16:24)

    guys , just download the mega link , it’s faster and easier
    torrents sucks xd

  236. Captain Obvious (12 Apr 2016, 16:36)

    You can’t play online on a pirated game you goddamn moron

  237. Skidrow (12 Apr 2016, 16:41)

    Dark.Souls.3.Online.Fix-RVTFiX Added.

    Enjoy! 😀

  238. xJaR (12 Apr 2016, 17:04)

    Is there any way to keep your save from before you installed the online fix?

  239. royaleBiSKUT (12 Apr 2016, 17:09)

    MEGA FTW thumbs up!

  240. xJaR (12 Apr 2016, 17:19)

    I have my save filesfrom before I applyed the online fix but I dont know if its posible for the game to detect them now. Any suggestions?

  241. Lemonade (12 Apr 2016, 17:20)

    Thx skidrow

  242. Zistrudel (12 Apr 2016, 17:22)

    I get an Error Message titled ISDone.dll and the installer freezes. The MSG is black and the front also, because of that i cant read anything. WIN10 64bit GTX670

  243. Edgar Quintero (12 Apr 2016, 17:23)

    Game crashes… will wait for a better release or just buy the damn thing later on.

  244. Pro (12 Apr 2016, 17:33)

    Protip boys:
    1 – download not from TORRENT. JDownloader helps a lot
    2 – If you wanna help people, torrent you recent download not TORRENT files 😀

  245. luckythepirate (12 Apr 2016, 17:35)

    getting a unkown or corrupt image file when i try to mount the iso with wincdemu any suggestions?

  246. luckythepirate (12 Apr 2016, 17:43)

    fixed it ignore me

  247. ahab (12 Apr 2016, 17:55)

    wait, i can play online with this crack now o.O ?

  248. NEED HELP (12 Apr 2016, 17:55)

    I need help plz, in the installation i have a error (ISDone.dll), how can i fix that someone can help me for the darkness plz???

  249. Héctor (12 Apr 2016, 17:58)

    Already cracked?

  250. arturo (12 Apr 2016, 18:34)

    i get ISDone.dll error what i do?

  251. geo72 (12 Apr 2016, 18:35)

    work! yesss..thanks!!!!

  252. edarioq (12 Apr 2016, 18:42)

    Figured out the prob, can’t play any class but KNIGHT, this way it won’t crash. I’ve tried with sorc and ass so far.

  253. Ralph (12 Apr 2016, 18:58)

    Hey, I’ve done what you said with Dark SOuls 3 Online Fix RVTFIX. I can play before applying that fix, now it just pops up revolt.loginto.me warning box then nothing happens.

  254. Ralph (12 Apr 2016, 18:59)

    Anyone has problems after applying the Online Fix RVTFIX? It was playable but after applying that fix, I can’t start the game.

  255. Zdrowy (12 Apr 2016, 19:03)

    So who doesnt love Skidrow now?

  256. Belhross (12 Apr 2016, 19:05)

    The torrent works (Stimated download time: 1h), the Fix, everything works, the game actually rules.

    Seriously guys, donate something to this guys, they are amazing.

  257. Juan Palomo (12 Apr 2016, 19:09)


  258. somedude (12 Apr 2016, 19:18)

    does this include the patches?

  259. Aleex (12 Apr 2016, 19:31)

    YAAAAAAAAAAY THANKS CODEX game work great Something failed, Please restarte he game” => just launch the game with administrative rights

  260. Perico (12 Apr 2016, 19:34)

    How to fix, “Isdone.dll” error on install?

  261. SH4HRI4R (12 Apr 2016, 19:42)

    Are there any chance of Fifa 16..Rise of Tomb Rider..Hitman..and all the fcking denuvo games getting cracked by CODEX?

  262. manifold paradox (12 Apr 2016, 19:47)

    can i play this offline single player? or just online?

  263. Nest (12 Apr 2016, 19:48)

    Is the Crack available ??

  264. pakoni (12 Apr 2016, 19:51)

    Fantastic! best game of this year

  265. Adrián (12 Apr 2016, 19:52)

    El juego bien pero no puedo jugar online, me da error cada vez que intento invocar a alguien, será que no hay señales de gente con el juego crackeado.

  266. Allan (12 Apr 2016, 19:52)

    Thank you so much! really apreciated.

  267. Ellisys (12 Apr 2016, 19:59)

    How to change language for portuguese(brazil) ?

  268. martin (12 Apr 2016, 20:01)

    the crack is in the iso?

  269. Otavio (12 Apr 2016, 20:16)

    OHHHH MY GOOOOOD!!! thanks a lot skidrow!! you are awesome

  270. Lucas (12 Apr 2016, 20:23)

    i lov u

  271. D8zed (12 Apr 2016, 20:33)

    My game & computer crashes when im reaching the first bonfire and have to reset my PC, anyone ells with this problem?

  272. Robb (12 Apr 2016, 20:43)

    Guys, i see that there are already some people with the same prob as me, the ISDone.dll error, that happens when you try to install the game.. Well can someone please post the solution? I have tried to download the dll and paste into the windows folder but didn’t work, so please if anyone have the solution say it, thanks.

  273. leetle jr (12 Apr 2016, 20:46)

    Thanks skidrow! Game works but is a bad port. Crashes every ten minutes. I’m glad I pirated it and the install process was extremely easy. Great job guys.

  274. Augusto (12 Apr 2016, 20:54)

    I have a ps4 controller that i use in dark souls 2 and 1, but when i start ds4tool the controller don t work. Any solution? i also try with x360ce. Windowos 10 64 bits

  275. Ghost_Bl (12 Apr 2016, 21:04)

    After Online Fix my game is not working, it appears a message of revolt i press ok than noting happens

  276. Eienox (12 Apr 2016, 21:43)

    Game crashes on the first bonfire :C

  277. Zistrudel (12 Apr 2016, 22:01)

    ok i hadalso the .dll error with the iso frorm a different game site, but when i downloaded the MEGA version it works for me.

  278. Zistrudel (12 Apr 2016, 22:05)

    But yea the game is also crashing from time to time on my pc

  279. lucasbda1 (12 Apr 2016, 22:38)

    Downloading and seeding. My connection is 40mb download (4.6MB/s tops) and 20mb upload (2.3MB/s tops)
    Right now i am downloading/uploading at 48kb/s and 130 kb/s (yes, upload is bigger than download right now)
    IF YOU that are reading this message starts to seed at the maximum your connection allows right now we all will download this much faster, i will seed with no speed restrictions for as long as a month from now (then i will restrict a bit the bandwidth)


  280. Saratustra (12 Apr 2016, 22:49)

    Come on guys…40 of 4350 seeds are seeding?….

  281. Cap (12 Apr 2016, 22:49)

    The game Crashed on the first 10 seconds of the intro.
    I can create my character, but then, doesn’t work

  282. ximo (12 Apr 2016, 22:51)

    thx man!! really its amazing!!!!!

  283. Seed! (12 Apr 2016, 23:10)

    Seed guys come on!

  284. henrik (12 Apr 2016, 23:11)

    I have unarc.dll error… Do you guys know what to do?

  285. FdSWAT (12 Apr 2016, 23:14)

    looks like after the first bonfire the game just kinda crashes randomly

  286. KillerNoise (12 Apr 2016, 23:25)

    i have one problem when i start the game i cant atack the monsters and hes cant atack me, its weird y cant punch the enemies any solution?

  287. Roberval (12 Apr 2016, 23:39)

    Re up links Mega please guys *-*

  288. Ryo (12 Apr 2016, 23:46)

    MEGA links are dead “wow”… I only manage to download part 1 and part 2…. still need the other 3 parts. The links are interchangeables?
    Also please re-upload the files to MEGA.. thanks for the help and for sharing ds 3.

  289. Elder (13 Apr 2016, 0:58)

    can someone please upload the original files that were replaced with the online fix? that fix kinda broke my game and I dont want to download the whole thing again ty

  290. TenguCommander (13 Apr 2016, 1:39)

    For anyone that wants to play online and is getting a error, simply follow this tutorial:
    After you put the online fix on the folder, delete steam_api64.cdx and steam_api.ini.
    Remember to be online on steam, it is required.

    And DON’T WORRY, you WILL NOT get banned on steam for doing this. I have 64 hours on online pirate games and my account is fine.

    I hope i helped you guys. Good luck!!!!!

  291. Defelial (13 Apr 2016, 1:44)

    WHEN is patch 1.1 comming out??? and i mean like in general i know the patch is not out

  292. Evil (13 Apr 2016, 2:01)

    Wait, so what does the online fix do?

  293. demonaso (13 Apr 2016, 2:09)

    if you installed the online fix and it deleted your game, just mount the codex iso, open the game folder and copy and replace the documents in your dark souls 3 folder it will fix the game

  294. fabricio (13 Apr 2016, 2:14)

    depois de criar o personagem fica em loading infinito alguem sabe o que pode ser ?

  295. majti (13 Apr 2016, 3:16)


  296. harry (13 Apr 2016, 3:35)

    Hi, i get an error…. about windows 32 bits… that it can play because is not the version 64… anything i can change?

  297. Saratustra (13 Apr 2016, 3:39)

    Che….los Argentinos que ya lo tienen la 100%, seedeenlo loco, no sean ortivas que no puedo salir del 93%.

  298. saya (13 Apr 2016, 3:59)

    Thank you, Skid Row
    What good did you do to play this game in Japanese?
    Please tell me whether, thank you.

  299. darkariel (13 Apr 2016, 4:15)

    praise the SUN…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. Royal;Boy (13 Apr 2016, 4:17)

    Something play this game ^^

  301. Sir Harold (13 Apr 2016, 4:22)

    Works perfectly. No crashes running on i5 R9 390.

    You guys rock so hard.

  302. Delirium (13 Apr 2016, 4:39)

    Is there a anyway to keep my saved game? cause when I install the fix it makes me start a new game :/
    I tried to overwrite the new game with the advanced one but it says “failed to load save data”

  303. savior (13 Apr 2016, 5:16)

    But its working. THe graphics on medium here (using a 560 gtx) and it still look crappy fps.
    It looks amazing on the YT trailers and gamaplays but if you can’t play with a good GPU then, meh

  304. koki (13 Apr 2016, 5:34)

    10/10 fps =\

  305. Kriolina (13 Apr 2016, 6:08)

    Algum BR querendo jogar online adiciona lá

  306. j (13 Apr 2016, 7:13)

    Why cant i switch any controlls for keybord … this is dumb.

  307. Skidrow (13 Apr 2016, 7:41)


    MEGA Links Updated.

    If You Can See The New Links Press CTRL+F5

  308. ts66 (13 Apr 2016, 7:56)

    @Savior: On my gtx 950 it runs like total, TOTAL shit. Bumped resolution down to 900 and everything on medium and it’s still crappy. 40 fps for 3 seconds then drops to 15 for 2-3 seconds. Up and down like that, unplayable. Tried 720p and it’s smooth but very blurry for 720, it looks like an old 360p youtube video. It’s poorly optimized AND I used those 364.72 drivers. Even after having removed the drivers with a whole list of uninstall methods and going back through several drivers and finally back to the december drivers, no dice. My system seems perma-fucked by 364.72. Not bricked, no bsods, but all games have lower fps and huge hiccups. Nvidia needs to fix it, and FOR Software needs to release patch 1.1. For now I can only recommend getting off the 364.72 driver, go with something from January or older. It’s a little better that way.

  309. AlSorna (13 Apr 2016, 8:14)

    Hey guys,
    anyone having an issue with damaging foes?
    I mean, I start a new character, everything seems to be fine, but I just can’t inflict any damage on mobs, nor on the first boss. By the way, they can’t hit me either,
    Any suggestions?

  310. RUriRA (13 Apr 2016, 8:17)

    Does anyone have a clean version of files in Darksouls III crack only?

  311. Wastuu (13 Apr 2016, 8:24)

    All works:)

  312. Aleex (13 Apr 2016, 8:29)

    @RUriRA: check POST of the game (up)

    they add Dark.Souls.III.Crack.Only-CODEX

    download it and use it (its clean crack codex files)

  313. evilkira (13 Apr 2016, 8:41)

    can you actually invade other people now?even if they are just the one with cracked version?

  314. Brazzers (13 Apr 2016, 8:49)


  315. GanjaHuntah (13 Apr 2016, 8:53)

    “RVTFiX.nfo was either deleted or not put in directory. Application will terminate now.” I checked and the file is there and not faulty.. any insights?

  316. Darkscythe (13 Apr 2016, 9:01)

    Hey Skidrow, I have downloaded the game and it works like a charm on my 750Ti, FX 6300, 8GB Corsair Vengenace. I have a small doubt though. I have heard that the latest steam patch dramatically improves the performance of low-mid end cards. Will you be uploading the patch soon?

  317. Tyler (13 Apr 2016, 9:09)

    Hey can you guys seed the torrent of Dark Souls 3 the download is only like 4.5 kb/s which is really slow lol .espically when i have a very good internet connection .. Please you guys seed the torrent for this game 🙂

  318. littledingydong (13 Apr 2016, 9:52)

    Please, seed this, stop being fucking egomaniac leechers, it’s been like two days since this came out and the download speed is ridiculous, I upload way more than I should have and all I see are ungrateful leech trash.

  319. Aleex (13 Apr 2016, 10:06)

    @GanjaHuntah: “RVTFiX doesn’t for me. It says I RVTFiX.nfo file was not placed in the directory, even though it was… Blah!

    For anyone having this probleme with ONLINE CRACK, you must have the original exe and config.ini in the game folder. (Base game, not “CODEX crack” crack, drop RVT files in game folder.) like if u install CODEX game (dont copy crack)

    btw this is Original exe: http://www38.zippyshare.com/v/sF1OR0JY/file.html

  320. flakes (13 Apr 2016, 10:45)

    you guys are best thank you.

  321. Bleh (13 Apr 2016, 10:53)

    The fix for the online taking a long time to load is not really needed, just wait the first time you open the game, then in the options change the default playing option (or whatever it’s called) to “play offline”. That way it won’t even try to connect the next times and just start offline.

  322. Benyamin (13 Apr 2016, 11:07)

    When installing it just says ISDone.dll and OK, nothing else, I cannot install the game.
    PLS someone help, I really want to play.

  323. FG (13 Apr 2016, 11:33)

    Try everything as instructed, still cant start the game

  324. Aleex (13 Apr 2016, 11:38)

    i will explain for new guys who dont know how to play it

    if u want play OFFLINE

    1.download codex game
    2mount iso file
    3.install game
    4.copy crack codex
    5.download NETWORK.FIX-CODEX & extract to game
    6.and play

    for ONLINE with ur friends use ONLINE FIX
    1.download codex game
    2.mount iso file
    3.install game
    4.dont copy CODEX crack, copy ONLINE.FIX crack
    5.run steam
    6.follow instruc above

    i prefer play OFFLINE game using CODEX rls <3

    ty it work well

  325. FG (13 Apr 2016, 11:39)

    My card is NVIDIA GeForce 210
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3240 CPU @ 3.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
    4GB ram

  326. genghis (13 Apr 2016, 11:46)

    I’ve downloaded and installed the game and added the RVTFiX fix and the network fix, although when I finish the installation and try to open the game logged in my alias steam account it only asks if I really want to open the game which I apply yes and then nothing happens. Did this happen with someone else? do anyone knows how can I fix it? tyvm

  327. Lopo (13 Apr 2016, 12:21)

    Esta solo en ingles no? No hay en español no?

  328. Héctor (13 Apr 2016, 12:21)

    Not Spanish language after the online fix? I change English to Spanish but game still in English. Any solution?

  329. Henri (13 Apr 2016, 12:31)

    I can’t change the resolution from 1080 in-game. The game nullifies my changes when I’m trying to change the resolution. Anyone has the same problem and/or has a fix for this?
    I have tried to change my resolution outside the game and I have tried running it in windowed mode, but it doesn’t help.

  330. Luis Manuel (13 Apr 2016, 12:32)

    my game crashes before the first checkpoint, in the area next to bonfires… i dont know why, :S help please.

  331. dsfasdfewfewfsdf (13 Apr 2016, 12:34)

    Its asking for Net Framework installations when have only programms to install and don´t have a 5.0 version of net framework on windows, What i could do to resolve this ?

  332. unen (13 Apr 2016, 12:44)

    qualcuno mi dice come mettere la fix online che non ci riesco !?

  333. rroxas (13 Apr 2016, 12:56)

    I have the same problem with Ghost_Bl, after copied the online fix a message of revolt appear. After i press OK noting happens.

  334. Abyss Wynd (13 Apr 2016, 12:56)

    will you upload a patch too?
    p.s. sorry if my English was bad

  335. th0r (13 Apr 2016, 13:01)

    Avoid this, this is pure garbage.

  336. Some guy (13 Apr 2016, 13:03)

    I have absolutely no crashes, but the game runs horribly slow.
    The difference between 1080 with high settings is not that much slower than 720 with low ones.
    Let’s hope the good folks that brought us DSFix are on the case.

  337. HelpMeThanks (13 Apr 2016, 13:03)

    Please anyone help me? Im getting this message in-game:

    Unable to start in online mode due to a detected frame rate issue.
    Please restart the game after resolving this issue to play online.

    So anyone else having this same problem?

  338. ino (13 Apr 2016, 13:07)

    game work great thnx skidrow <3

  339. emmet (13 Apr 2016, 13:16)

    this game still shit like from 80s everything is grey no colors no details only crap

  340. Jack0404 (13 Apr 2016, 13:21)

    for those who have ISdone.dll error. Try re-extracting the game, worked for me.

  341. Preditor (13 Apr 2016, 13:25)

    im unable to mount the iso ive used daemon VCD and emucd can anyone help me?

  342. Kaden (13 Apr 2016, 13:30)

    For change the language with the online file you must enter in REVOLT.ini and write your language where there are english. Sorry for my bad english.

  343. Filipe (13 Apr 2016, 13:59)

    tried to install but it spams a ISDone.dll error, which i got installed, and then the installer crashes. What to do?

  344. bacomarcel (13 Apr 2016, 14:05)

    is both network fix and online fix required or only online fix?

  345. bacomarcel (13 Apr 2016, 14:06)

    ow nvmd thx aleex

  346. AloulouRVT (13 Apr 2016, 14:07)

    Just a quick tip guys ! when u create a caracter add RVT at the end ( for Revolt ) so we can know who’s codex and who’s legit and we can invite people !

  347. Sdumau (13 Apr 2016, 14:08)

    Working guys?? I NEED DOWNLOAAAAAAAD

  348. Héctor (13 Apr 2016, 14:15)

    Thanks a lot kaden. It worked perfectly
    And thanks to Skidrow too, of course

  349. Aditya (13 Apr 2016, 14:21)

    Please help!!
    Game shows controller buttons for playing and everything. Cant find settings to switch to mouse and keyboard.

  350. Kaden (13 Apr 2016, 14:25)

    How i can play online with the save game from the offline mode? I dont know where are the save files of the offline option.

  351. darkwarrior (13 Apr 2016, 15:09)

    you hav to put everything on “LOW” and the games turns perfectly 😉

  352. Fylem (13 Apr 2016, 15:12)

    Randomly my client crash.
    It says: DarkSouls3 stop from working.
    Anyone know how I can fix it? I´m on Online fix. even on cracked and offline it was crashing..

  353. WizardDst (13 Apr 2016, 15:31)

    Game is stuck on top left corner of the screen… any fix?

  354. Inno (13 Apr 2016, 15:37)

    can someone teach me how to play online?

  355. Ricardo Peixoto (13 Apr 2016, 15:56)

    Where I can download other languages for this game

  356. Dude (13 Apr 2016, 17:30)

    I read that the 1st bonfire crash was caused by a graphics option, I think it was the dynamic light or somethin like that

  357. Apocalipso RVT (13 Apr 2016, 17:56)

    I’m ready to play online, my name is Apocalipso RVT, where are you AloulouRVT?

  358. Bloodfayte (13 Apr 2016, 18:02)

    I will also seed this for a few days for you guyz

  359. Roberval (13 Apr 2016, 18:07)

    Work, Perfect ;D

    Thanks guys, i love yours s2 xD

  360. Eienox (13 Apr 2016, 18:12)

    when will you post patch 1.0.3?

  361. mein (13 Apr 2016, 19:06)

    Works perfectly for me. But you’ll need a masterace computer, i have something like 15 fps…

  362. Júlio César (13 Apr 2016, 19:10)

    Thank you Skidrow, You’re guys are the best ever.

  363. Haizenx (13 Apr 2016, 19:12)


  364. randomdude8671 (13 Apr 2016, 19:27)

    Downloaded the torrent and went through installation, all it does is opens my steam to the dark souls 3 page. Any suggestions?

  365. Evil (13 Apr 2016, 20:25)

    For some reason when I launch the game, right from the main menu everything looks SUPER blurry. I thought maybe it was running at the wrong resolution at first, but in the settings it says it’s running at 1080p. Anyone know what might be going on?

  366. Megadown (13 Apr 2016, 20:27)

    Mega down 🙁

  367. ARTORIAS (13 Apr 2016, 20:49)


  368. Hidderreich (13 Apr 2016, 21:14)

    The online fix don’t doesn’t work, the game don’t start

  369. josef256 (13 Apr 2016, 21:32)

    online fix doesn’t work , the game dont lunch for me after using it

  370. L (13 Apr 2016, 21:45)

    for those with the game is Crashing, search the Web! If you Start the game with an Knitghh the game dont crashes, working perfect to me until now, 2+ hours of gameplay

  371. Hm11 (13 Apr 2016, 22:10)

    My controller wont work too :\\
    It’s a normal controller, a direct input one, not from xbox or playstation. Anyone knows any fix? Thank you

  372. Saratustra (13 Apr 2016, 22:22)

    The game run perfect in max settings without any crash.
    I duno for those peeps that says is crashing, but I dont use the crack fixes, and only play offline.

  373. jusie (13 Apr 2016, 23:22)

    good nigth guys mi character is crossblade vr to play together

  374. reydar117 (13 Apr 2016, 23:26)

    quien mas lo compro a 14 pesos? 😉

  375. HoSephiroth (13 Apr 2016, 23:48)

    Can I get banned for playing online with this version?

  376. Facundo (13 Apr 2016, 23:52)

    Hey guys my friend and I are trying to play dark souls together and we cant see each others summon signs but other players are trying to summon us
    anyone has the same issue??

  377. wesam (14 Apr 2016, 0:22)

    I download onlin fix and when i Near to bonefire the game craching .. pls help !!

  378. Darko (14 Apr 2016, 1:02)

    My game dont even launch (w10) any suggestion ?
    it just show for 2 seconds in task bar and its gone

  379. angel (14 Apr 2016, 1:06)

    how do you fix when it says that archive is corrupt while installing?

  380. Wreck3r (14 Apr 2016, 1:11)

    Thank u soo much Skidrowreloaded. GG I will try the online fix. Very Good Job.

  381. Marek (14 Apr 2016, 1:46)

    I am playing offline and cannot find the option to change the language from English.

  382. DarianBeilby (14 Apr 2016, 2:20)

    I need to know that fuckin music from the thing that plays while you intstall

  383. GanjaHuntah (14 Apr 2016, 2:34)

    “RVTFiX.nfo was either deleted …” I fixed this error.
    Make sure you copy ALL the contents of the archive, yes even the stupid .html file over to your GAME folder. That is what fixed it for me.

  384. Sblyfers (14 Apr 2016, 3:28)
  385. Unkindled (14 Apr 2016, 3:48)

    I’m having some trouble with the “Online Fix.” When I try to launch the game via the executable “DarkSoulsIII” file a message pops up telling me to go to the revolt site and not opening the game. Fresh install from skidrow without the crack. Just added the online fix files.

  386. DarianBeilby (14 Apr 2016, 3:57)

    game runs so well 😀 im on an i5-4460s 12 GB ram and just a gtx 660 and im playing on max but i dont have a counter but the framerate is nearly as good as 60fps

  387. vuuu1 (14 Apr 2016, 4:45)

    FPS bad optimezed!! – Need patch 1.03

  388. Aty (14 Apr 2016, 5:28)

    Do you have a original version before codex crack?

  389. Adult (14 Apr 2016, 5:46)

    Grow up and buy the fucking game.

  390. piraton (14 Apr 2016, 6:06)

    only one problem: doesn’t detect the game pad

  391. dracostars (14 Apr 2016, 6:32)

    For the crash problem at bonfire just go setting and get light effect to low , this a driver problem Nanco Bandai work on a fix

  392. isdone.dll (14 Apr 2016, 6:42)

    hello anyone know the fix of isdone.dll it says “File Not Found!!” when i select setup1.bin error occured “iSdone.dll” and nothing happens

    windows 10 x64

    help pls cant install

  393. mein (14 Apr 2016, 6:59)

    No prob for me but i have a low config so waiting for the patch ! ! !!

  394. AlSorna (14 Apr 2016, 7:01)

    It’s ‘Converter’ from Lost Years.

  395. Ashley (14 Apr 2016, 7:07)

    Dear All,

    i have encounter an issue with my character. It seems like it auto running (like i’m pressing S ) for no reason and i’m unable to do anything.

    If anyone have a fix or solution, kindly advice me!

    Seeding in torrent for everyone!!!

  396. Dil (14 Apr 2016, 7:30)

    Skidrow please fix naught reawakerning. It crashes every time i select play. I wanna play this game real bad.


  397. Paskudek (14 Apr 2016, 7:31)

    Multiplayer fix doesnt work

  398. AlSorna (14 Apr 2016, 8:23)

    and anyone who has the same issue with attacking in the game:

    If you have an APU (for either graphical or processing tasks), you have a high chance running into this problem. I have an A6 APU + R7 240 GPU, and I’m not able to damage anything, because it fails to process hitboxes. All we can do is wait for a patch.
    Check out the official Steam forums about this:

  399. Nobodywww (14 Apr 2016, 8:53)

    Direct links doesnt works 🙂

  400. nONAMEu (14 Apr 2016, 8:58)

    Marek – just change file.ini in game folder, should be something like that “language=english” change it to other in english for example “language=polish” yea yea… i know, start game = profit ;3

  401. Azirek (14 Apr 2016, 9:27)

    Works great, thanks! Its pretty optimized too, with my GTX 960 4GB it is going pretty smooth on MAX 🙂

  402. Azirek (14 Apr 2016, 9:36)

    DarianBeilby: The music is Converter by Lost Years, link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kF7u3tWlns

  403. Taa-nnk (14 Apr 2016, 9:41)

    I use the joypad of ps4 DS4Tool but does not work with me on DS3, you know help me?

  404. KRCO (14 Apr 2016, 9:59)

    When i try install i get error isdone.dll i try fix it with dll files fixer (regisered version-pro) but didnt work/
    P.s i think codex is one of best cracked group but nop.

  405. Thegames (14 Apr 2016, 10:06)

    Isdone.dll error. 15% … no luck

  406. pedro (14 Apr 2016, 11:58)

    i solve the problem with controller/ gamepad. I try use the x360ce 64bits, and don’t work… finally i paste the x360ce 32 AND the 64bit togheter and now work perfectly…

  407. Anyone (14 Apr 2016, 12:30)

    After i launch launch the game, suddenly the game says Dark Souls iii has stopped working…
    How to Fix this???

  408. Nick (14 Apr 2016, 12:58)

    Please seed it as i can not download it

  409. New hitman crack plz (14 Apr 2016, 13:11)

    Since i met Skidrowreloaded.com :
    I Didn’t Sleep
    I Didn’t Eat
    I Don’t answer phone calls
    I Don’t open my house door to anyone
    I Saved shit ton of money and planning to donate half of it to skdirow team
    GG Skidrow, You Rule…
    Also new HitmanCracK Please 🙂

  410. thomson (14 Apr 2016, 13:12)

    Can not be matched with other people …
    It would become an error.
    How do you, please tell me kindly person

  411. gabriel (14 Apr 2016, 13:51)


  412. Junior (14 Apr 2016, 14:30)

    someone can help me when I click the dark souls 3 my screen is white then black and then turns swapping solving what I do ??? excuse any errors’m BR

  413. Dra (14 Apr 2016, 14:41)

    You cannot be summoned using the online crack by people playing the steam version, only cracked users can do this. Theres a password option on config, put password: RVT people are using this to see only others cracked users online. enjoy!

  414. Anonymous (14 Apr 2016, 14:47)

    Hi Guys!

    When I want to paly with my friend, I put the Co-op sign on the ground and my friend can’t see it at him. And me too his sing.
    The game is running online and we can join to other players!
    Just in case, we made an other account on steam.

    What can we do?
    – We need to be friend on steam?!!!!!

  415. zet (14 Apr 2016, 15:58)

    I can see the phantom
    I can see the messege
    I can see the white sign

    but I can not summons white phantom!!!

    why?? somebody help >_<

  416. fenix (14 Apr 2016, 16:29)

    how to change language ? for portuguese

  417. Glizcor (14 Apr 2016, 16:47)

    Hey the online fix its not working for me, someone knows a solution?

  418. numero4 (14 Apr 2016, 16:59)

    hello, i have an xbox controller, and i can´t jump with L3

  419. krusti (14 Apr 2016, 17:08)

    IMPORTANT! I solved the problem with the pop-up window and no game starting with online crack. Just install the game, install the online crack, then go to the main directory and find DarkSoulsIII.exe: right click and uncheck “run as administrator”. Open the exe, it will open dark souls 3 steam page, now run as administrator and steam will download Daying light demo (you can pause it). That’s all, always open DS3 as administrator now.

  420. ARTORIAS (14 Apr 2016, 17:27)

    Change language => Steam ini => language : what you want => save.
    really need patch 1.0.3 btw 🙁

  421. Rafael (14 Apr 2016, 17:53)

    Fenix abre o arquivo steam_api na pasta do jogo e muda de english para brazilian

  422. DOGE_PT (14 Apr 2016, 18:14)

    Every since the new Steamworks fix has come out I was super hyped and installed it on my game but whenever I open the game it says “If you have downloaded this fix from elsewhere, you should know it’s a fake site and we dont support it!

  423. DOGE_PT (14 Apr 2016, 18:21)

    krusti i’ve done what you said and it opens up steam, but when i run as administrator nothing happens, just the same revolt error. Help plz

  424. Ryo (14 Apr 2016, 18:44)

    Don’t run the game as administrador. That’s all. If you’re playing using online crack.

  425. Slayer7003 (14 Apr 2016, 19:15)

    I am having the black screen issue and cant seem to fix it, I cannot find the game .ini in order to edit the screen resoltuion….any advise?

  426. Marcus (14 Apr 2016, 19:29)

    Hey, when can we patch the game to 1.03?
    Great work btw

  427. Salcort (14 Apr 2016, 20:07)

    With that crack the game doesn’t recognize my Steam Controller. The game have 100% compatiblity so its problem of crack. Any suggestion to fix it??

  428. Dog33 (14 Apr 2016, 20:08)

    For you that are having low fps problems even on low res, you have to start the game with nvidia or amd graphics card, if you have nvidia you can start it from the nvidia control panel by right clicking on your desktop.

  429. mike (14 Apr 2016, 20:11)

    my virus software got rid of several files with in the files associated with this crack wtf…
    seems to be dirty

  430. mike (14 Apr 2016, 20:20)

    not working

  431. mike (14 Apr 2016, 20:21)

    contracted a virus

  432. mike (14 Apr 2016, 20:23)


  433. Corleone (14 Apr 2016, 20:56)

    Who have a crash at the Crystal Sage Bonfire?

  434. Daniel Hitchen (14 Apr 2016, 21:16)


  435. Lucca (14 Apr 2016, 21:36)

    The game is great, but it keep closing it self.

  436. Carlos (14 Apr 2016, 21:44)

    A Gente eu estou com problema da tela branca o que fazer ?

    The People I ‘m with white screen Problem What to do ?

  437. Theo Tourn (14 Apr 2016, 22:10)

    Omg you guys are amazing, i luv u

  438. HenkkaET (14 Apr 2016, 22:11)

    I LOVE U GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!

  439. roro747 (14 Apr 2016, 22:45)

    Work in french just with DS3 CODEX and the fist crack 🙂 ty so much

  440. luis (14 Apr 2016, 23:04)

    i can’t play online :/ and i have dowload the online fix..

  441. Tyralion (14 Apr 2016, 23:18)

    The offline crack works fine, but the online just doesn’t open the game. I reinstaled, did all the steps, still it doesn’t open the game without or without administrator (without send me to steam page).

    A friend of mine did the same thing but it worked right for him first try.
    Any help?

  442. Magnet (14 Apr 2016, 23:24)

    Hey Skidrow, is there a way i can play this with a Steam Controller? ( want to test it before i buy it ) but it is not responding.

  443. Link (15 Apr 2016, 1:29)


    It contains the crack. Cracks are technically viruses as they are a backdoor to the program. It’s perfectly safe.

    But feel free to go buy the game and support the company 🙂

  444. Link (15 Apr 2016, 1:31)

    @Magnet. I had an issue with my ps4 controller. Which I had to fix, DS3 is having issues picking up different types of controllers. It’s not the hacked version thats at fault.

  445. Max (15 Apr 2016, 1:44)

    For all of you who think the crack is a fcking virus… are you all dumb? What do you think a crack is?!!?!? A virus that let you acces the game. If don’t trust skidrow, go away and buy the game. I’m so done with this shit.

  446. HolyShitMahDawg (15 Apr 2016, 2:56)

    The game is already updated to 1.03 what the fuck are you guys talking about. Now let’s talk about those damn flickering textures and terrible pop in holy shit i can’t be the only one with that problem

  447. Sir Harold (15 Apr 2016, 4:34)

    I have been invaded once so i know I did it right but I cant invade or join anyone!

  448. supup (15 Apr 2016, 4:59)

    Please help. when I copy the crack to the game folder, it says there is not enough space on Dark souls III. You need an additional 372 KB to copy these files.

  449. Dorlak (15 Apr 2016, 5:01)

    How to solve de ISdone.dll problem?

  450. supup (15 Apr 2016, 5:08)

    nvm i put it in the wrong game folder. accidentally put it in the G drive game folder.

  451. KzSine (15 Apr 2016, 8:24)

    Everything works fine for me. Thanks allot skidrow!
    Btw anyone know how to transfer save file from offline version to online version? Both versions of crack working for me but it starts a new save file.

  452. Celicni (15 Apr 2016, 9:49)

    So how do I get to use my old save with the online fix?

  453. Celicni (15 Apr 2016, 10:31)

    Got it working guys, check out here: https://www.reddit.com/r/CrackStatus/comments/4eh7lh/dark_souls_3_revolt_mp_crack_is_out/

    In the comments a guy explains it. Basically you have to copy the save WHILE IN LOAD SCREEN AFTER CREATING A NEW CHARACTER.

  454. Matlechat (15 Apr 2016, 12:13)

    Why my controller is not detected in the game ?

  455. Angel (15 Apr 2016, 12:24)

    Thank you SO much *—-*
    You’re awesome!

  456. Ghost_Bl (15 Apr 2016, 13:17)

    for all getting the problem of the game dont opening after online fix, just uncheck “run as admin”

  457. crapounch (15 Apr 2016, 13:49)

    I’m on win 10 where the savesgame are store ?

  458. Jo (15 Apr 2016, 14:14)

    Does anyone else has the combat – bug ,meaning attack does not work . When you try to attack you pass through the enemy , so does the enemy on you.. I am really pissed off cause i am trying to search for a solution on the internet , no sites mention about this and i wonder when they are gonna fix this ..

  459. manolo (15 Apr 2016, 14:56)

    hello everyone, I have installed the gioco.iso various cracks, fix , but it gives me an error : the application can not be started 0x000007b mistake …. I have tried to delete the visual c + packages and direct x , but nothing anyone and ‘ it managed to waive this error and play the game ? sorry for my English

  460. Jhnm (15 Apr 2016, 15:18)


  461. JustMe (15 Apr 2016, 15:42)

    Selfish people
    Can’t go torrent because no seeds
    Is skidrow a safe uploader ??? ask to old users !
    Love is the answer

  462. Daniel Hitchen (15 Apr 2016, 15:42)


  463. Skeum (15 Apr 2016, 16:11)

    Hello, my friend have a problem he follow all instruction but the game didn’t launch anyone can help pls ?

  464. Oggmeista (15 Apr 2016, 17:13)

    Hmm same problem as with Mxgp 2……it has the exact same icon for the .exe which is an upside-down triangle…..when I mount the image file either in Daemon tools or magic ISO and then double click setup…nothing happens except a process starts up in task manager again just <2500 kbs and a message stating the executable is not responding…..

    I really dont understand this

    Any body else if these issues?….hope this is not the startup from now on because I fear non will work…….


  465. Oggmeista (15 Apr 2016, 17:17)


    try re-installing all virtual C++ packages reboot and try again your problem may well of disappeared…wish my problem was as easy to solve…P

  466. Fieju (15 Apr 2016, 18:02)

    Hey, got question, is there any way to change controlls of steam controller to get official dark souls 3 controll set up?

  467. D3lko (15 Apr 2016, 18:09)

    Is there season pass ?

  468. Alexandre (15 Apr 2016, 18:20)

    Manolo esse erro e do directX abre a pasta do redist no ds3 e reiinstala de novo q resolve

  469. PodesT00 (15 Apr 2016, 18:43)

    Apparently my Xbox360 pad don’t seem to work this this version of the game. DS3 doesn’t finds him as a plugged device or smth? All drivers for the controller are updated. Need help, badly.

  470. Timotizmus (15 Apr 2016, 20:07)

    Im near at the bonfire and i cant click on white sign soapstone. What a hek?

  471. HCLifter (15 Apr 2016, 20:40)

    Failed to join session , i can’t join anyone and i can’t summon , fix for this?

  472. Hashi (15 Apr 2016, 21:04)

    I have a DS3 it’s working fine with my ps3 but when i want to play on pc my character keeps turning around himself (on the witcher 3 aswell) i tried with motioninjoy better3ds sccp same result
    can someone help me plz

  473. wadie (15 Apr 2016, 21:35)

    update 1.3.1 is released skidrow , it would be nice if you could update it 🙂

  474. fernandocsouza (15 Apr 2016, 21:40)

    hello ,
    start dark souls 3 is White screen
    help please

  475. harry (15 Apr 2016, 22:36)

    runs fine then crashes…

  476. mosty (15 Apr 2016, 22:56)

    uptade 1.04 killed the multyplayer.
    any fix ???

  477. Corleone (16 Apr 2016, 0:57)

    The game works perfectly guys. Thanks. I’m already at Farron Keep. I had the bonfire bug but not at the beginning of the game but at the Crystal Sage. Anyway it’s nothing special though. I’m on max and the game is smooth! Good optimizing.

  478. Ryo (16 Apr 2016, 1:06)

    Ingame.. check options and look around till you find a password field… Put RVT. Because most of the players are using this password to sync with others RVT users.

  479. Nic (16 Apr 2016, 2:26)

    Someone can play it with the xbox360 pad?

  480. Captain (16 Apr 2016, 3:43)

    so many leecher XD XD XD

  481. Seiko (16 Apr 2016, 3:51)

    I used the online fix but it won’t open. It says its fake or smth

  482. Xubair Ahmed (16 Apr 2016, 4:18)

    For those who are having the problem “isdone.dll” , here is the solution

    Cut all the contents from the dark souls 3 installation folder and paste them into another folder in another drive partition and retry installation from that new folder. BAM!! Solved….

  483. vvd (16 Apr 2016, 4:57)

    Low FPS fix works both for AMD and Nvidia Cards. Simply go the Catalyst Center or Nvidia Control Panel and find the Texture Filtering setting and switch it to Performance. This change can help greatly on AMD Cards.

  484. Bosco (16 Apr 2016, 9:50)

    \ó/ PRAISE THE SUN \ó/

  485. Abyssal (16 Apr 2016, 10:59)

    The installer doesn’t seem to work on Windows 10. I get a black popup box halfway through, saying something about ISDone.dll?

  486. Kaushal Sharma (16 Apr 2016, 11:14)

    Hello guys,
    Game works fine, but I can’t summon anyone or be summoned….it says uable to summon phantom….fix for this?

  487. Irkl (16 Apr 2016, 11:25)

    After i downloaded the fix allowing for online play,the game wouldn’t find the save files of my previous runs. You say the saves are in %appdata%…. is that before the online fix or after? Where should i paste those saved games to allow me to play the saves i already have. I already see my saves at the %appdata% but i dont know where to take them.

  488. Anonymous (16 Apr 2016, 11:38)

    if you want to play with cracked, put RVT in the password

  489. Ass Holing (16 Apr 2016, 11:55)

    plz seeeeed

  490. Aryku (16 Apr 2016, 12:08)

    To use a ps4 controller just mark the “Hide DS4 controller” option its work for me.

  491. Shikiteki (16 Apr 2016, 12:11)

    For crashes problem:

    Go to graphic options
    Advanced Options

    Remeber to change this every time you run the game.

  492. Irkl (16 Apr 2016, 12:26)

    And apparently now teh game is fucked cause i can load the saves but cant move in either of them.

  493. zaqu (16 Apr 2016, 12:39)

    How to change language??? PLS I need PL.

  494. okitameso (16 Apr 2016, 14:02)

    I have problem i kill first boss and I open the door the game off

  495. ino (16 Apr 2016, 14:26)

    game works like a beast i dont undertand all those comment …just you dont know how to dowload or you pc its bullshit ..!!! i love this game i im in capter 3

  496. Tiago (16 Apr 2016, 15:13)


  497. LegendKill (16 Apr 2016, 17:01)

    To all the people who cant run in the online fix with windows 8.1 just change the original folder of the game… CODEX installs the game on a folder in the program files called “Dark Souls III” i created another folder on the program files and it worked for me, i can now run the game with the online fix… Cheers, and good game everyone

  498. FrenchKiss (16 Apr 2016, 17:07)

    change your compatibility to something like windows vista or one of the xp service packs, worked for me.

  499. jack (16 Apr 2016, 18:52)

    change language??????

  500. Cecka (16 Apr 2016, 19:09)

    First of all thanks for your work… No- million thanks! Great!
    I have an unusual issue, and seeking anyone who can help. I play the game with sticky controls- press “W” or any other direction or command, and I never know when the control will stick to it. Character keeps running until the same button pressed again. It is annoying, it is suicidal, but I keep on playing! Love this game. and thanks one more time!

  501. MrNeonRed (16 Apr 2016, 19:15)

    Yo, people is there possibilty for play on 32 Bit? :\

  502. Timotizmus (16 Apr 2016, 21:52)

    I dont see other players

  503. Joshthegeek (17 Apr 2016, 1:00)

    guys, i can go online but why cant i invade or summon??? it keep said failed to invade

  504. lemontree1234444 (17 Apr 2016, 2:17)

    anyone solutions for 32 bit 🙁

  505. Nach1 (17 Apr 2016, 2:20)

    Ok, so I’ve been playing before the online fix came out, and when I replaced the files to allow me to play online, the game doesn’t detect my save game… How can I solve this problem? I went to appdata/roaming/DarkSoulsIII and there are 2 folders and a graphics file. Any ideas?

  506. jess (17 Apr 2016, 4:45)

    how much HDD space does the installation require, it’s really 25gb as stated in the description? Cause other sites say 50 gb

  507. Paul (17 Apr 2016, 6:25)

    FORA PT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  508. DarkSaphir (17 Apr 2016, 7:34)

    Hello, for change the game’s language, you need to go to :

    DARK SOUL III > GAME > steam_api.ini

    Open it and change “Language=english” by “Language=french” for example.

    I’m French and it worked for me.

    You’re Welcome 😀

  509. DarkSider (17 Apr 2016, 9:41)

    anyone found the key of grand archives?

  510. Icefrost (17 Apr 2016, 10:17)

    Suporta a linguangem em Portugues ? como fasso pra alterar

  511. KRCO (17 Apr 2016, 10:32)

    For all of u who have isdone.dll error i dont find fix i try everything and didn’t help then i delete iso fail and redownload game start installation and yea its worked…:D

  512. Thatguy (17 Apr 2016, 10:41)

    Can anyone else not sprint with an xbox one controller when plugged in? Doesn’t matter if I remap it to another button sprint on the controller doesn’t work. But it still works if I hold down spacebar….

  513. Kris (17 Apr 2016, 12:54)

    Cant change language with online fix, STEAM API.ini DONT WORK, only english……… :l

  514. MrFaceLess (17 Apr 2016, 14:06)

    Please release the 1.3 update or at least 1.1!

  515. pliniodes (17 Apr 2016, 14:23)

    Hey guys, game works fine even online but some essencial itens like de Small Doll or the Small Lothric Banner do not drop after you talk or defeat the related boss/NPC. Fix fot this?

  516. VAz (17 Apr 2016, 15:04)

    the games runs, but the framerate is a shit, on high on low no matters, waiting for the new patch to be playable 🙁

  517. cofbaba (17 Apr 2016, 15:37)

    Hello , i have a problem i cant see the signal for summon my friend in a coop game , someone have the same problem?

  518. lol (17 Apr 2016, 17:32)


  519. lehend (17 Apr 2016, 18:19)

    Any idea about how to fix the 0x00007b error pls?

  520. fmx (17 Apr 2016, 20:16)

    how you can differentiate the original users from the crack users?

  521. Nashed Assi (17 Apr 2016, 20:42)

    Download dark souls III codex torrent and stop downloading and (cut codex-dark.souls.iii.iso from Hdd to Replace torrent iso file location and restart pc and run torrent program and check and download )

  522. Nashed Assi (17 Apr 2016, 20:44)

    this solution dark souls III codex games errors isdone.dll

  523. Namxe (17 Apr 2016, 20:57)

    Options>online>Password set RVT you will see only cracked client

  524. grtre2 (18 Apr 2016, 0:17)

    the game crash when i come near a bonfire anyone know why? what i did wrong please? thanks again

  525. IgnisLight (18 Apr 2016, 4:03)

    Can someone teach me how to download this ?

  526. IncognitoAnonymous (18 Apr 2016, 5:40)

    Anyone knows how to save the graphic config and make it stick? I hate keep getting crashes from that lighting bug. Just got crashed after summoning phantom and got invaded near the bonfire, I hope that doesn’t count toward removing me from online play, because it is a pain.

    I hope we get a proper fix soon.

  527. IncognitoAnonymous (18 Apr 2016, 6:06)

    @grtre2: Set your lighting quality to low. This is a bug in base game.

  528. Rain (18 Apr 2016, 6:17)

    Ultrawide fix please ? I preset 2560×1080 but still running on FullHD.

  529. Q (18 Apr 2016, 7:29)

    How do you fix the ISDone.dll error? At the start of installing it says file missing and i dont know what it is, an then the .dll error comes out. pls help

  530. EduStrife (18 Apr 2016, 7:33)

    Anyone can play with steam controller? I’m triyng with no luck…

  531. FLiNG (18 Apr 2016, 9:05)

    @lol: What is the error code from your “ISDone.dll” is it error code: -7 or error code:-14 or else?

    I have a question for you @lol: (question corresponded to the error)

    Did you use single-channel or Dual-Channel RAM? (DDR3)

  532. Thatguy (18 Apr 2016, 9:08)

    Never mind I am an idiot xD game works excellent and I’m getting solid frames 🙂 any eta on the 1.04 update?

  533. robr103 (18 Apr 2016, 9:32)

    for the language with “Online.Fix-RVTFiX” entry in revolt.ini and in setting change the language

  534. Vallombrosa (18 Apr 2016, 9:53)

    Hi. Any chance to get the new patch out today?

  535. the master (18 Apr 2016, 10:29)

    Did 1.04 kill multiplayer? any fix?

  536. nitrox (18 Apr 2016, 10:43)

    plis relase the last patch 1.3.1. thx

  537. Kabbeji (18 Apr 2016, 11:03)

    Holy fkn shit! You da MVP!

    Finally some dank souls 3 piratin’

  538. requester (18 Apr 2016, 11:05)

    any way to obtain the new regulations for the game?

  539. Magnet (18 Apr 2016, 12:04)

    Can someone explain to me how to use the game with my steam controller?

    I tried :

    Added the game as non steam game and it starts with the overlay. I can even find community controller settings.

    But when the game starts the controller is not responding.

    How do i fix this? Thanks

  540. Sir Maynard (18 Apr 2016, 12:57)

    is there a patch that fixes fps drop please kindly upload it 🙂

  541. maxultimate (18 Apr 2016, 13:47)

    If anyone needs patch 1.03
    copy codex crack after this.

  542. Kaushal Sharma (18 Apr 2016, 13:59)

    Please put the password as “RVT” (without the quotes), So that we all can play together!
    Summon each other for PVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  543. sid (18 Apr 2016, 14:49)

    installation error isdone.dll with a black pop up

  544. Burkie (18 Apr 2016, 14:53)

    will we need the update for the online fix?

  545. dor (18 Apr 2016, 15:32)

    Hey I have noticed that I can’t compare between weapons and stuff in the game, somebody know how to solve this problem?

  546. obnubilin (18 Apr 2016, 16:57)

    have the older files csm and csd, but cant find the instalator on the page , someone still have?

  547. Remanuele (18 Apr 2016, 17:01)

    The game crashes after I load the savegame.. I have only created my character :S

  548. rjc523 (18 Apr 2016, 17:16)

    Can you play online with steam friends if you use same password?

  549. ganascar (18 Apr 2016, 21:53)

    i can’t get the game running.
    it’s just double click and nothing.
    what the fuck?

  550. jacob3 (18 Apr 2016, 22:03)

    when is 1.04 coming out

  551. mr D (18 Apr 2016, 22:20)

    after applying the patch my game switch to English, I edit the file steam_api and still in English

  552. IgnisLight (18 Apr 2016, 23:45)

    the torrent download is so slow what the f*ck ? my other downloads are fast but this download is slow like h*ll

  553. RandomGamer (19 Apr 2016, 2:11)

    Hey,if you have problem with the new update and RVT fix try copy the RVT fix to the game folder again.It work for me and in game it has 1.03.1 properly.

  554. blackoutu (19 Apr 2016, 3:59)

    hi guys if any one want to co op add me steam (blackoutrvt)

  555. Reyn (19 Apr 2016, 4:04)

    seed the torrent please, I’m stuck on 91%

  556. Jo (19 Apr 2016, 4:10)

    To anyone that have the glitch , cant hit the enemies ….i have heard that other people have the same problem and they don t have an apu processor or an amd graphic card… Is it possible that there is some program that may cause this ??

  557. Jon knows (19 Apr 2016, 7:09)

    mh,I opened darksoulII.exe while the crack was in my folder…..It just open steam .-. kek

  558. zoriik (19 Apr 2016, 9:46)

    i followed they mention in comment that edit steam.api.ini language from english to traditional chinese, but i cant change it, i play offline mode v1.0.3 and i play the game before i change it, does it affect the result?

  559. Jon knows (19 Apr 2016, 10:21)

    All right.WIth the online crack the game doesn’t run.Anyone can help me?

  560. Vaz (19 Apr 2016, 12:14)

    after the updat , continued the same shit , lag at any level , max or low , the game is very poorly optimized , waiting for a new update to fix the damn lag…

  561. Mel (19 Apr 2016, 13:49)

    Put the game Attack on Titan God damn it

  562. Oggdogg (19 Apr 2016, 13:59)

    Setup.exe won’t even run properly, same iissue with mxgp 2…..It is running in task manager but install shield or whatever it uses wont start ive tried using Daemon tools and Magic iso all my other games including a few from here run with no problems and had no issues installing

    So why does this and mxgp2 not even properly run the setup.exe?…its not a Visual C++ problem either or i’d be having these issues with most games,
    Other thing I don’t understand is why I am virtually the only person who can’t even get the setup.exe to run?….the min specs are EASILY exceeded….and my OS is up to date……..is there a error log file anywhere that will give me a clue as to the root of the problem

    Really need help to solve this if anybody understands why


  563. Richard (19 Apr 2016, 14:42)

    my character dont swap controls in keyboard, i dont pull =[ anyone help me

  564. Blithz (19 Apr 2016, 17:08)

    Can anyone here explain me why that crack jsut launch my steam acc ?

  565. Tah sag (19 Apr 2016, 17:10)

    Hi iam a big problème un game m’y attaques and attak of monster not march i am not possiblity for gaming are you a solution please

  566. Dedi (19 Apr 2016, 17:28)

    after i install the game my computer just when nuts the frame rate drops whenever i play for a few minutes and the frames rate also affects all other game is there any fix?
    I’m just asking hehe

  567. CirO (19 Apr 2016, 18:18)

    Only working?

  568. L (19 Apr 2016, 23:50)

    Why did the crack open my steam to dark souls 3? Where do I put the crack to get it to work?

  569. BrothersInArms (20 Apr 2016, 1:05)

    Its still playable and smooth i can play 8-hours straight without any crash, only in few areas fps can drop very low and made crash
    so if your PC spec not meet requirement you will get crash more often until theres patch for this
    hope next update can remove blurry movement, it really irritate when fight mob

  570. Matt-AK (20 Apr 2016, 1:58)

    Sr skidrow , you can uploade a link of the online fix in multi lenguage ? lot of people will give you the thanks , i am from latino america and read some comments of the npc is hard to know or read in other lenguage . Fix of the online is in english and make impossible change from the documents “Steam_api” why ? “Steam_api64” is in english and make impossible play in another lenguage the game. if you can really thanks

  571. Brad Dawson (20 Apr 2016, 2:17)

    Works great. Whens that 1.04 coming tho?

  572. totozegamer (20 Apr 2016, 8:28)

    Hi every one, and thanks for this game
    I have a little problem: my game crash after the intro, when i haave to create my caracter… any idea for solving this problem??

  573. Artorias (20 Apr 2016, 9:13)

    [[[Unable to play online due to framerate]]]

    CAN SOMEONE HELP ME, After a few seconds of going online. I’ve been disconnected saying
    “Unable to play online due to framerate” and keep on making me play offline. ALL SETTINGS & GRAPHICS are on LOW is there a Fix? Please help thankyou

  574. proxiu (20 Apr 2016, 10:21)

    great job 🙂 you are awesome ^^

  575. vvd (20 Apr 2016, 11:32)

    @ Artorias
    reduce resolution and find post by me for fix, it may help you…

  576. SunLord (20 Apr 2016, 13:35)

    Can fix a (Network fix and Online fix)? I can’t join online mode 🙁

  577. KArliBoy (20 Apr 2016, 13:46)

    Just updated the game and I can’t seem to summon or invade is this because i’m trying to join someone with a paid version of dark souls?

  578. CatScale (20 Apr 2016, 13:55)

    Can u help? Stuck on install. ISDone.dll error. How to fix it?

  579. josef256 (20 Apr 2016, 18:15)

    for online fix copy DARK SOULS III FOLDER UNDER Program Files (x86)

  580. josef256 (20 Apr 2016, 18:44)

    to get ur save after applaying the online fix :
    create a new save, then go back to menu, click on load then before choosing your save paste it and replace load the save ur facing and it should work fine

  581. fendloverz (20 Apr 2016, 18:45)

    dark souls 3 has stop working….can anybody solve it

  582. Inno (20 Apr 2016, 18:56)

    the fps is real though, cant even reach 15 fps.

  583. Alescus (20 Apr 2016, 21:27)

    I install the game exactly how it is explained here and when i start the game nothing happens like the game won’t run any idea what the problem is ? btw i have windows 10

  584. Cypher (21 Apr 2016, 1:50)

    If You post the truth mods erase your post.

  585. Zombie (21 Apr 2016, 4:28)

    there will be a network fix to play with (summon or being summoned) paid players? or to play with a friend with password w/o wasting embers? i have to use embers to summon a friend who plays with me bcoz password doesnt work, with password i see no players and we both had the same pass

  586. someoe (21 Apr 2016, 7:43)

    Just a quick question.
    Does the online fix allow me to play online (multiplayer)?
    If so, do i just need to apply the online fix file on the gamefiles?

  587. mdrahadian (21 Apr 2016, 10:50)

    Praise the sun! Praise you Skidrow!

  588. SASKEI (21 Apr 2016, 11:30)

    I can’t play it’s keep telling me you can see the only real source of this steamworks fix in the title of this message etc… pls help

  589. IncognitoAnonymous (21 Apr 2016, 13:06)

    @zombie: you always need ember to summon any signs….password or not

  590. Bardiya (21 Apr 2016, 20:31)

    Why I can’t play online? The game just runs on the background. No going in steam. No pop up. Nothing. Just the sound of the windows and nothing. I even left it for an hour. I have windows 10.
    Nvidia gtx 980m 8 gb sli

  591. Parki (21 Apr 2016, 20:41)

    Waiting for 1.4.
    Also Skidrow should recomend to put RVT as password for cracked users

  592. Jacob Allgayer (21 Apr 2016, 22:06)

    Dualshock 4 works with x360ce. Confirmed.

  593. gooby (22 Apr 2016, 7:14)

    works just fine. thanks a lot

  594. beirr (22 Apr 2016, 13:40)

    hi, i cant play online vv
    just stay conecting to the server and dont loging in…
    sorry for my english…
    any can help? thxxx

  595. kyyuby (22 Apr 2016, 13:45)

    atfer few seconds i got framedrops from 60 to 15 fps what i can do to fix that ?

  596. Ilsin (22 Apr 2016, 14:13)

    how to fix lag?

  597. xone (22 Apr 2016, 14:50)

    little help and tips

    1. Install game and update

    2. Copy the Content of this crack (Onlie.Fix-RVTFiX) to your game folder.

    3. Start Steam and login with your fake account

    4. Start the game from DarkSoulsIII.exe

    5. Once in-game, start a new game. Pass e through first boss and then travel to the new section.

    Then lit the first bonfire.

    • HOST: You need to have “White Sign Soapstone” to host a game.

    You can buy that from the Store. Once that you have it, active it on the ground around the fire.

    • CLIENT: Go to the same Place where host’s stone is located and summon them in your world You need to have active “Ember” or else you will be not see host stone (You can buy in store or find)

    WARNING: Although you can see original clients, you cannot join them. You can join only cracked

    – How fix this problem easy check screenshot

    1 – http://oi63.tinypic.com/wlvupu.jpg
    add password skidrow everything from small letters

    at the beginning there may be not see any host because all holders who have versions skidrow must do this
    I’m not sure if there is a limit search server based on the character level

  598. bol (22 Apr 2016, 17:57)

    Hey there eveyone,

    game work well till i go and kill 2nd bigger creature, once killed, going to gate, game everytime stop responding!
    Does anyone know how to resolve this? Win7, ProgFilesx86, the same with 1.03 + 1.04; running online.
    reinstalled several time

  599. Kris (22 Apr 2016, 21:26)

    Online Fix dont work with WINDOWS 8.1. Game cant start. Fix please

  600. Downloadman (22 Apr 2016, 21:29)

    When I get the message for the real source I click OK and then nothing happen, I’m on win 8.1 with online fix. Please help me

  601. Casual (22 Apr 2016, 22:33)

    Thanks to this site i get to try it on PC, i missed out on network test so i wasnt sure if i wanna buy it.

    Bought each copy for my ps4 and PC.

  602. marl (23 Apr 2016, 10:49)

    Guys i have a problem, when start game… white screen and “Dark Souls 3 executable has stopped working”. Any advice please Sorry for my english xP

  603. Bardiya (23 Apr 2016, 11:37)

    i had the same problem. this is what i did.
    Copied the game into program files (*86)
    installed all the updates and the fixes in order but without applying the online fix.
    at the end i applied the online fix.
    at the game to steam as a non steam game.
    for the first time run the game normally from steam (without administator)
    it should work.
    If you have nvidia GPU, turn off nvidia share. (any streaming or recording software has to be off)
    in the game, put RVT for your online password.
    Also at some point steam tries to install dying light demo. you can cancel it.

  604. IgnisLight (23 Apr 2016, 13:42)

    it said this app can;t run on your pc wtf ?

  605. IgnisLight (23 Apr 2016, 13:49)

    i AM RUNNING ON 32 BIT does this work ?

  606. Lucas (23 Apr 2016, 14:29)

    Quando abre fica tela preta por um tempo e diz que o jogo deu crash :/

  607. Inugami (23 Apr 2016, 15:18)

    @Donat n @Matteo :

    Check this if you have any problem with the RVT Online Fix

    When I use RVT online fix and launch Dark Souls 3, I hear a windows warning sound but see no window appear. There is a DS3.exe instance running in task manager.

    Make sure you disable NVIDIA Streaming capabilities from GeForce if you have an NVIDIA card.

    Disable any kind of monitoring software like EVGA Prescision, Afterburner, Rivatune Statistics Server

    Disable Teamviewer, LogMeIn

    Lastly, if all of those don’t work. I would go through and shut down applications from your TaskManager that are not crucial to operating Windows and could be preventing your game from launching.

    “RVTFIX.nfo was deleted or not placed in the directory”

    Copy ALL of the files from the RVT into the GAME directory. That includes the .html file and the .nfo file.

    I want to move my save from one to another, or move from rvt to original game.

    Navigate to %APPDATA%\Roaming\DarkSoulsIII

    Look for the save you want to copy (ends in 666 for CODEX).

    Copy the “DS30000.sl2” to a safe location. (This file contains all your save data)

    Copy your new rvt into your GAME folder, start a New Game, create a new character, and exit the game after the cutscenes.

    Then go to Load Game, switch to Windows Mode (by pressing Alt-Enter).

    You should see your newly created character on the screen.

    Navigate back to %APPDATA%\Roaming\DarkSoulsIII

    There should a be new folder with a different ID created by the new rvt

    Copy the contents of your old save and overwrite your new save, while still on the Load Game screen.

    Switch back to Dark Souls III, you will still see the new character, but when you actually load the character your new character will be uploaded to the Dark Souls III servers and will take the place of your new character from here on out.

    Credit goes to MrKnoble for this great information

    You can use CODEX save games with REVOLT

    Change SteamUserID in revolt.ini to 1638.

    SteamUserID = 1638

    Credit goes to FaithLV for this great information

    Summon Range Calculator is used to determine if players can connect with each other in Online play.


    Weapon-Based Matchmaking

    Dark Souls 3 uses Soul Level + Upgrade Level to determine multiplayer ranges. If a player has a weapon at +10, they can be matched with players who have +7 or more. If a player has no upgrades, they can be paired with players with up to +2 weapons.

    It is not known if putting the item on your Bottomless Box resets matchmaking to whatever next upgrade level you have.

    Player Trade

    Player Trade is conducted by dropping items for another player during multiplayer sessions. Since there is no direct trade accept option, be mindful that players may drop you items you did not ask for, or take your items and not fulfill their part of the deal.

    There have also been issues in other games where players drop hacked items for others, getting the player who picked the item up inadvertedly banned from the servers for hacking. If you want to organize trade, we recommend you use our Trading Subforum and get to know the people on the site and decide who is trustworthy.
    What can be traded?

    This list is a work in progress!

    Souls can be transfered, except boss souls.
    Armor can be transfered with no limitations.
    Rings can be transfered, no limitations on ring level (+1,+2, etc)
    Weapons/Shields can be transfered, as long as the target player has a weapon of max upgraded level equal or superior to the item being transfered*.
    Upgrade materials cannot be transfered.
    Covenants offerings cannot be transfered.
    Key items cannot be transfered.

    *Even if you no longer have a weapon of the max level you managed to upgrade, the game “remembers” what is the max upgraded level you had. The level of special/boss weapons must be multiplied by 2 to find the comparison value against normal weapons.

    Items that cannot be transfered can be dropped, but the other players won’t see them.

    Credit goes to great darksouls3.wiki.fextralife.com

    last but not least.

    1:make sure you are in ember form if you want to summon someone else
    2:if you are summoning and put your sign down also you won’t see anyone else signs
    3:you can only be invaded in human form
    4:use dried finger to reset your summoning cooldown this will also reset your being invade cooldown

  608. holycrap (23 Apr 2016, 16:48)

    Anyone would share a savegame of lategame? So i could start with NG+ 😀

  609. Feedus Fetus (23 Apr 2016, 16:49)

    This is a reply to xone that gave instructions on how to connect to others online playing DS3. They are good instructions except for using the password skidrow.

    There is already a steam group and a reddit subreddit that we have all been using to connect everyone together that have all been using the password RVT.

    Using 2 different passwords will just confuse people and split up those who are trying to play together. So I repeat DO NOT use skidrow for the password, use RVT because that is what we have all been using from the beginning. 🙂

  610. kyyuby (23 Apr 2016, 19:37)

    steam group link ?

  611. BROKEN (23 Apr 2016, 20:25)

    How play PVP with friend only?

  612. Shuriken (23 Apr 2016, 21:13)

    if any one wants to coop +-lvl 45 > Shuriken pass RVT
    Also looking for aid boss


  613. Elias (23 Apr 2016, 22:43)

    Quem quiser mudar para linguagem brasileira é só ir no crack e em steam_api.ini e irá abrir o bloco de notas, vai em
    e mude para

    Tudo pronto e seu game está e portugues

  614. Flunkmunkey (24 Apr 2016, 4:24)

    how do i make this game works it acts like it works but it just stops nothing happens

  615. Holycrap (24 Apr 2016, 18:14)

    Would anyone upload a savegame of 100% played? I would start from NG+ 😀

  616. Alexandre (24 Apr 2016, 18:15)

    Anyone knows how to put the rvt fix online with the old game save.I put the rvt fix so my save game is not there anymore and i have to start a new game

  617. Termyk (24 Apr 2016, 20:09)

    Everyone could use RVT on MP password, so every sign you see you’ll be able to summon

  618. TheHappyChocobo (25 Apr 2016, 2:27)

    Question 1 : Are we gonna be in big trouble if they find us?
    Question 2 : Anybody wants to play with me, please?

  619. Tard (25 Apr 2016, 6:57)

    k so this is a bad torrent if you dont have a xbox controller .. thx for wasting my time

  620. xone (25 Apr 2016, 13:23)

    true my mistake I did not know about this website. so I correct password must be RVT I did this from experience how to search for people with the version cracked

  621. EDUARDO HENRIQUE DA SILVA BARBOSA (25 Apr 2016, 14:12)

    ERROR ISDone.dll. Anybody knows how I fixed?

  622. Minh (25 Apr 2016, 17:09)

    help me pls , stuck at creating save data screen

  623. SodiuMMMM (25 Apr 2016, 19:40)

    Dark Souls III v1.04 PATCH is out. Pls upload it Skidrow staff. thnx!

  624. sagigush (25 Apr 2016, 20:33)

    i got a wierd problem with online. i can see souls of players, bloodstains and also signs. but i cant fight with other players or fighting againts them. i cant invade or get invaded. i already completed the game. can someone help me?

  625. Josue (25 Apr 2016, 20:40)

    ¿when is the 1.04 update is coming out skydrow?

  626. Maxi (25 Apr 2016, 23:03)

    I’m not able to use the online crack. It says the “RVTfix.nfo was either deleted or not put into directory.”

    Can someone help me out please, I am a bit too anxious for me to wait to have money to acctually buy it

  627. salam (25 Apr 2016, 23:51)

    skidrow at least make us unable to see paid players signs … i see 50 signs and none of them work, make it so we can see only signs of players with cracked version… and cant invade anyone too because it is trying to invade ppl with paid game .. short version- online doesnt work

  628. Triss (26 Apr 2016, 1:03)


  629. SodiuMMMM (26 Apr 2016, 6:29)

    Can’t play online anymore, it just redirects me to the Dark souls 3 steam page

  630. Agerier (26 Apr 2016, 12:31)

    1.04 patch is the 1.03.1! The name is different for consoles and PC; however, they are the same.

  631. jacker (26 Apr 2016, 14:22)

    error isdone.dll while installing, can’t install how to fix this ? i try to put isdone.dll at system32 but no result

  632. mastermentor (26 Apr 2016, 18:06)

    hey guys can i carry over my save file of codex to that of rvt online one…i am level 125 and damn it will be hard to start all anew..any help will be appreciated

  633. Kory (26 Apr 2016, 19:32)

    Agraelus HYPE! 😀 Praise The Fuckin’ Sun!

  634. PAULO (27 Apr 2016, 0:36)

    I’m trying to play with password but i cant find anyone. Are you peolple still using RVT ? and where are you?

  635. Feedus Fetus (27 Apr 2016, 7:00)

    Some of you guys need to take the time and read above comments before you post, all you questions have probably already been asked already and answered.

    Tard – my xbox controller works just fine with this game so it’s on your end.

    To people asking for patch 1.04 – Skidrow has released patch 1.04, the link is at the top of the page, it’s called patch On PC the game version is patch and the regulation version is 1.04.

    Salam – If you don’t want to see paid player’s summoning stone, put RVT in the password, and you will only see others that are using that password. That is what everyone is using with the revolt online fix.

    Sagigush – If you can see player’s phantoms and bloodstains the online is working for you. I don’t understand what you people expect getting with a free version of this game. It’s awesome the amount online capability we have with this game.

  636. Juanashima (27 Apr 2016, 9:22)

    @mastermentor yes you can! Check on google 🙂

  637. Minh (27 Apr 2016, 13:10)

    i got stuck at creating save data screen , any1 know how to fix ????

  638. Hugo (27 Apr 2016, 15:17)

    Guys, use password matchmaking : RVT
    This way you’ll only be able to see rvt players. But be aware of the level difference. If you’re too high level you won’t be able to summon low lvl ppl and they won’t be able to summon you.
    I’m having trouble invading people with the red eye orb. I can’t invade anyone, even with the password. Anyone with the same problem?

  639. Sonicfanx1 (27 Apr 2016, 15:45)

    I need to beat the download screen.

  640. nitrox (27 Apr 2016, 18:35)

    yes , paulo , we use RVT password.

  641. Z3R (28 Apr 2016, 1:26)

    Can’t play. I click the icon from the installation folder and I get these messages.

    “The program can’t start because d3dx11_43.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”

    “The program can’t start because XINPUT1_3.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”

    “The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”

    “The program can’t start because D3DCOMPILER_43.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”

    I’ve re-installed the game 3 times already and the same messages appear. Please help!

  642. Lord Aldric (28 Apr 2016, 8:49)

    Dark Souls have been updated.. so what happens now? we lose our saved game again?

  643. Juanashima (28 Apr 2016, 9:33)

    @Hugo Me too … I can invade 1 dude in 1 day, no more

  644. Thundereagle (28 Apr 2016, 9:37)

    i guess the Online crack doesn’t work anymore…
    Error Message :Something failed. Please Restart the game..
    well, back to Offline play i guess 60€ is a little too much

  645. woeel (28 Apr 2016, 10:17)

    I cant go online it says “an update to the game is available” i’ve already donwloaded the update… Any help?

  646. Khezu (28 Apr 2016, 15:48)


  647. Deaver (29 Apr 2016, 12:12)

    Hey, great job with the release!!! As you know, the only way to play online is with other cracked clients, can you write on the instruction for the installation to set the Connection password “RVT” on settings so we can get more cracked players on that connection channel? it would be really nice that all players use the same password and play togheter ^^

  648. Aj (29 Apr 2016, 12:33)

    Does the online crack work anymore?

  649. Adam (29 Apr 2016, 15:07)

    Same problem here. Only I’m missing just: “D3DCOMPILER_43.dll” and “XINPUT1_3.dll”.
    I’ve tried to installe the update v1.04 but it didn’t help…

  650. George (29 Apr 2016, 20:19)

    Hey bros after the update v1.04 i can’t invade or summon by any player! I use the RVT psw but a erro msg coming! “summon cant be linked, you fail to pass season” i try to reinstall the game and reaply the Online Fix but anything works! if anyone have the same trouble and solve the problem HELP ME! \o/\o/\o/

  651. ShaqShuqa (29 Apr 2016, 22:34)

    Unable to be summoned. Failed to join session 🙁

  652. MugenHeadNinja (30 Apr 2016, 12:37)

    So I did everything, patch 1.04, when I click DarkSoulsIII.exe it sends me straight to the store, in offline mode it checks for updates and then says this game is not ready to be played in offline mode.

  653. sameco (30 Apr 2016, 20:33)

    I have the same problem 🙁

  654. Ghost (30 Apr 2016, 23:23)

    Unable to be summoned. Failed to join session. Using ver 1.04

  655. Jonathan (01 May 2016, 6:09)

    anybody know why the game cant launch if i use online fix cracked? help me please 🙁

  656. TameMuseHead (02 May 2016, 3:47)

    Unable to be summoned. Failed to join session!!!!!!! 🙁

  657. fawaz (02 May 2016, 9:26)

    i used to play without online but i installed the online fix and my save is gone help plz

  658. ColorYellow (02 May 2016, 16:59)

    anyone can help me fix isdone.dll

  659. mylifesuck (04 May 2016, 15:15)

    does this game have 32 bit version?

  660. V (05 May 2016, 11:00)

    Hola! Alguien que me ayude a matar al príncipe joven? He puesto el pasa RVT pero no veo señales de invocación, solo mensajes y sangre. Gracias.

  661. Evandro (05 May 2016, 11:37)

    Problem here
    When start the game …. white screen and “Dark Souls 3 executable has stopped working” anyone can help me with this problem?

  662. drmy (05 May 2016, 16:24)

    Hey ! maybe i just can’t follow instructions… but when i install all the patches and network fix (before applying the rvt onlie fix) i manage to play the game offline fine… but as soon as i try putting in the online fix in the game directory, replacing any exisisting file etc., i get that meesage from the revolt forum if i tried launching the game wich (in short, it’s quite a long one) says that the steamwork fix is “not from the real source”… i tried dowloading it from revolt forum itself, same result… is it the whole game i have to download from there ? anyway, makes no sense, since you guys can play !..

    so yeah, i installed the first codex, the 1.04 patch, the network fix (all working fine offline), install the revolt online fix -> as soon as i launch the exe, the message about “steamwork fix not from the original source” appear, blocking the game and prompting me to go on revolt’s forum.

    HALP MEH !

  663. drmy (05 May 2016, 16:26)

    ALSO ! I do have my steam open and logged in, i even put the game’s exe in the quick launch library… is there something there i missed ?

  664. sin (06 May 2016, 3:01)

    @drmy tru running darksouls 3 from the installation directory on your computer as admin

  665. Just Do It Bro (07 May 2016, 0:38)

    the game works but i can’t SUMMON spectres or INVADE other worlds

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  666. Just Do It Bro (07 May 2016, 7:04)

    I dont know how.. but, I fixed the online 🙂 🙂 🙂 I just replaced and replaced many times the online fix and the network fix to the “game” folder 🙂 🙂 🙂

  667. qwerty (07 May 2016, 8:53)

    i have a slight problem. i updated my game with the 1.04 patch and applied the network fix, then applied the RVT fix. my game does not start up now unfortunately. any help much appreciated.

  668. misohoni (09 May 2016, 10:10)

    Guys please help!!! I cant seem to play ds3 cause when i clicked on it it send em to the steam store. Any fix for this???

  669. potato man (09 May 2016, 14:25)

    i would not buy cracks for multiplayer (online games) does not make any sense, just buy the game legally , problem solved.

  670. potato man (09 May 2016, 14:26)


  671. Sonicfanx1 (12 May 2016, 16:06)

    I feel very uneasy about using this. I will, but I still feel…weird. Like I’m trending on an area that shouldn’t have been touched.

  672. Jack J. (16 May 2016, 1:46)

    revolt online crack always send me to store..
    any idea what happen? help me pls
    i already play this game with revolt online crack for 121 hours, but when i accidentally delete my crack, then i replace it with codex crack > then online crack, then i play, its always send me to steam store
    please help mate

  673. George (16 May 2016, 12:50)

    Pease someone tell me i must install all 3 files??? I mean network fix, online fix and crack only together or only one of three??? Please someone answer me

  674. nick (17 May 2016, 3:56)

    guys, can anyone teach me how to install this. first i should download all parts of the codex, then what? after download what should i do? do i need to extract each of the file? then combine them in a folder? is that what i should do? or there is an instruction in the file? Next is, after i manage to install it? what should i do with the updates? should i update it one by one? or just simply use the latest update? pls teach me. thank you

  675. SonarSo (18 May 2016, 3:11)

    good thing i didn’t buy this game, it’s too hard, i feel bad for anyone who tries to play this game after a long day at work, skidrow just saved me some money thanks

  676. Snow (18 May 2016, 15:29)

    So… i did everything until update 1.04 and 1.05
    i can still start offline but the update for 1.04 and 1.05 says error
    oh well? :v

  677. omfg (18 May 2016, 18:19)

    which links are the fastest? cuz i have 10h download time of 4 gb xD

  678. Ako (20 May 2016, 0:57)

    This is the last update Dark Souls III 1.04.2 reg 1.06.1 Skidrow shold put this update https://openload.co/f/XAj6Z_q91Fg/Dark.Souls.III.Update.v1.04.02.rar

  679. intelmou (21 May 2016, 0:52)

    why i cant summon npc ? i do the quest to do it

  680. jack (21 May 2016, 16:09)


    i started the game without de online fix, if i install de online fix now, will i lost my savedata? in wich folder the savedata is? (sorry for my english)
    empece el juego sin el fix online, si agrego el parche online perdere mi progreso guardado? en que carpeta esta mi partida guardada?

  681. Raze (22 May 2016, 2:27)

    Hey guys im getting a Virus Detected From the network fix, im not saying this is a virus infected but im assuming its a false positive and wont let me download it any way i can work around this? i require the network fix to actually update the game any help would be great thanks

  682. Potato (26 May 2016, 17:32)

    When the 1.04.2/1.07 will be avaliable? And thx skidrow.

  683. davidman33 (27 May 2016, 17:38)

    Guys windows 8.1 multi good ? or bad ???

  684. katze (03 Jun 2016, 3:04)

    what about new updates? not even 1.05 is here ! put 1.06.1 for download… cant play anymore online, becuse the game NEED updates

  685. Marin (09 Jun 2016, 2:01)

    I been penalized for invalid app data. I tried to delete everything that I thought was invalid like my saves, but apparently I still get penalized and can no longer play online. Am I the only one who has been penalized?

  686. GAM3R (09 Jun 2016, 17:24)

    i’ve done all the instructions but when i launch the game a message appear saying that this revolt fix is fake or something like that , when i press ok nothin happen 🙁
    can anyone help me plz 🙁

  687. Thomann (16 Jun 2016, 12:09)

    If I launch the game (with online fix etc) a massage appears and the launcher closes…
    What to do ?

  688. owen (22 Jun 2016, 22:32)

    Help! When I log on to Dark Souls 3, I get a message saying I’m penalized! I deleted my saves and it still remains. And when I try to launch it on my other Steam Account, it just says that something went wrong. Please Help Me!

  689. RadiumLavans (25 Jun 2016, 13:55)

    So, I come to help some people who like me crash, or have problem to launch game.

    For the game himself, I have install the game without codex folder ! After install only the Update 1.04 then Update v1.05 + Regulation v1.07 and finally Update v1.05.1 + Regulation v1.08, all without Codex folder !
    After that set all the network fix folder (with html and nfo files!!!) in the Dark Souls III\Game folder from Program Files.

    For stop crash during game if set light low doesn’t works like me, go to Config Panel,System,System property go to Advanced system property,Performance, there Advanced for Virtual Memory click on Modify here click on Managed size system, close windows and when it ask to restart, restart your system, That’s works for me.

  690. lonewolf (26 Jun 2016, 3:38)

    did anyone get an error which says ISdone.dll

  691. kratoss (28 Jun 2016, 19:38)

    can u check torrent link, i try ctrl+f5 both torrent link but it not worked. tks

  692. calvin (04 Jul 2016, 3:20)

    love u skidrow :3
    u are the best 10/10

  693. siegfried (10 Jul 2016, 20:06)

    skidrow could you please update the online fix to RVT v2 because i can’t download it from the forum they haven’t send me any account activation mail since a few days

  694. Joselito (16 Jul 2016, 20:35)

    Yo, guys !
    All I get is a white screen, then I downloaded and replaced the ‘fixes’ now I get a black screen. Can’t play it.

    Please help!

  695. dautin (16 Jul 2016, 23:08)

    please fix torrente the codification isn’t right and zip link is broken, thx

  696. awesome24 (22 Jul 2016, 4:02)

    i get this error. Something failed. Please restart the game

  697. ThomasG (28 Aug 2016, 14:00)

    What´s the network fix and the online fix exactly good for?
    Or which of them I have to copy first?

  698. Anonymous (01 Sep 2016, 18:45)

    Download stuck at 99.9% no seed…. please more seeders!

  699. John (05 Sep 2016, 14:33)

    a lot of the links providedwere broken, anybody could tell which link is available? HELP

  700. Mikael (06 Sep 2016, 12:43)

    Alguem me ajuda aq, deu error code:-6 ERROR:file read operation file , durante a instalação do jogo

  701. Ryuksuio (01 Oct 2016, 18:59)

    Does someone in the folder “game” in the “game” folder dark souls

  702. Hippy (07 Oct 2016, 15:12)

    Hey guys, please help me!
    What’s the correct method to install?
    Codex -> crack -> network fix -> online fix -> 1.03 -> 1.04 -> 1.05 regulations v1.8 -> 1.06 -> 1.07? Have i to install all the version or can i install just one of these?
    And.. have i to install both ntwk fix and online or just one of these?
    please im very noob

  703. Gamer Laci (09 Oct 2016, 10:13)

    Hi guys!
    I downloaded this release of the game with the codex installer and crack but the installer cannot finish the installation because of the “ISDone.dll” problem and i didn’t find a way to solve this. I tried to turn off my antivirus the Windows defender and the Firewall, I add the setup and games files and locations to the exceptation list and nothing has changed I always get the ISDone.dll message. How can I olve this problem? Can I solve it at all? If somebody can help me please write. Thanks! 🙂

  704. gorgar696 (25 Oct 2016, 20:18)

    does online work with the dlc?

  705. Efektaxe (12 Nov 2016, 15:19)

    Guys! I had the MD5 missing error when installing patch 1.08 after installing 1.07. I have started the game and it was saying version 1.05, so I have reinstalled 1.06, 1.07 and 1.08 works now!

    Hopefully this will help someone 😉

  706. blueghost (17 Nov 2016, 12:59)

    Please seed, it’s too slow 🙁

  707. Allacros (21 Dec 2016, 22:27)

    same here could samone plz tell us the correct methode to install the fix and the online and net fix when i finishe i got the error frome steam and the crack is like broken halp ( when i do not use them the game worke just fine )

  708. CrackFan (22 Jan 2017, 12:21)

    Something went wrong. Please restart the game. And i get sent to the store.

  709. Alvin (29 Jan 2017, 19:54)

    should i download the ”ONE FTP LINK” first? bcos i cant play after i download the codex and the v1.04 update. pls help ty

  710. xD (05 Mar 2017, 23:13)

    The online crack fix does not work

  711. lul (24 Mar 2017, 10:49)

    Vape Naysh’ y’all !

  712. joãozinhodajazidas (27 Mar 2017, 13:42)

    when will you guys post the ringed city?

  713. Vince (08 Apr 2017, 9:26)

    Hi Guys,

    I can’t pass the first window, when pressed a key is needed. Any idea?


  714. NVSTY (23 Apr 2017, 19:14)

    Hi, first of all thanks,

    i got an issue (not only for DS3 but NieR too) when i launch the game nothing happens, i replaced the ‘games’ content with the codex but still not work, my cursor load for 3 sec and nothing appears in my gestionnary.

    Thanks for help.

  715. sometimes lolling at random stuff (28 Apr 2017, 13:56)

    lol @NVSTY that might be an issue with your hardware incompatibility, or your cpu/gpu being sh!ttier than the minimum requrements

  716. Lemuel (10 May 2017, 9:14)

    all the links are dead kindly upload again thank you!

  717. Ankash Pravin (11 May 2017, 9:54)

    ALL the links are not working kindly re upload again..

    Thank you.

  718. shahid (17 May 2017, 17:07)

    put gta 5 on skidrow

  719. ChrisDasP (28 May 2017, 19:40)

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the upload but it doesn’t work well, I mean I had 3 times a bug IG, the screen was frozen and nothing happened… And that disturbs a lot !

  720. ThomannG (04 Jun 2017, 15:32)

    With online Fix
    “Something failed. Please restart the game”
    What should I do?
    PC requirements ✓
    Windows 10

  721. Deathwish (17 Jul 2017, 17:11)

    Those of you who got the error: D3Dcompiler_43.dll and xinput1_3.dll is missing, you should download DirectX. You can download it from softonic, but there is already a setup located in the the folder where you installed the game.
    Dark Souls III folder -> _CommonRedist folder-> DirectX folder
    After you install it the dlls won’t be missing anymore.
    This worked for me, hopefully it will work for everyone else.

  722. Kazoo (06 Aug 2017, 4:27)

    dude can’t open help me i have a problem the RVTFiX.nfo Was either deleted how do i fix this

  723. ISdone (23 Sep 2017, 1:18)

    ISdone error…. Fuck u codex.

  724. goorkaas (23 Sep 2017, 17:29)


  725. bear (02 Jan 2018, 22:09)

    why in the game menù i see “FDP Menù text” in all lines ? i cant play it without words

  726. bear (03 Jan 2018, 11:28)

    plz help me

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