Dark Souls III Update v1.03.1-CODEX


Dark Souls III Update v1.03.1-CODEX


DARK SOULS™ III continues to push the boundaries with the latest, ambitious chapter in…



DARK SOULS™ III continues to push the boundaries with the latest, ambitious chapter in the critically-acclaimed and genre-defining series. As fires fade and the world falls into ruin, journey into a universe filled with more colossal enemies and environments.

Genre: Action
Developer: FromSoftware, Inc.
Publisher: FromSoftware, Inc., BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Release Date: 11 Apr, 2016

ChangeLog => Here

You need the following releases for this :

Dark Souls III Update v1.03.1-CODEX
Size: 120 MB





































    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 64bit, Windows 8.1 64bit Windows 10 64bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 / AMD® FX-6300
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 750 Ti / ATI Radeon HD 7950
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 25 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 11 sound device
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection required for online play and product activation


    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 64bit, Windows 8.1 64bit Windows 10 64bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 / AMD® FX-8350
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 970 / ATI Radeon R9 series
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 25 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 11 sound device
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection required for online play and product activation

Dark Souls III Update v1.03.1-CODEX
- Extract
- Burn or mount the .iso
- Run setup.exe and install
- Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
- Play
Posted by Skidrow


  1. lololol (18 Apr 2016, 12:18)


  2. ximz (18 Apr 2016, 12:21)

    will this affect the online fix?

  3. atef (18 Apr 2016, 12:26)

    thnx alot <3 love your work

  4. Hell_rise (18 Apr 2016, 12:35)


  5. SoGuH (18 Apr 2016, 12:35)

    Online works? Really?

  6. Ferraz Brazzers (18 Apr 2016, 12:50)

    Vamos ver como essa delicia ta

  7. reibo (18 Apr 2016, 13:30)

    i can’t use it on offline version ??

  8. Drakien (18 Apr 2016, 13:33)

    Damm.. lost my savefile when updating.

    Have to start all over now 🙁

  9. Anonymous (18 Apr 2016, 14:03)

    Thank you very much, now it run much better. The people that have low fps this is like a fix for that.

  10. A (18 Apr 2016, 14:07)

    you really lose your saves if you install this update ? can anyone else conform this please ?

  11. online is good ? (18 Apr 2016, 14:19)

    gays the online is good now ?

  12. VicGal96 (18 Apr 2016, 14:22)

    I get the ISDone.ill Error when trying to update it… any clues as to why?

  13. vvd (18 Apr 2016, 14:25)

    Online works after update

  14. DkS4ever (18 Apr 2016, 14:46)

    Hi, thx for the update but i cant play online anymore, someone have the same problem ?

  15. IncognitoAnonymous (18 Apr 2016, 15:15)

    @Drakien: If you were using the online fix, apply the online fix again and you will be able to play with your old save.

  16. Karel (18 Apr 2016, 15:35)

    Are my saves will working on it ?

  17. L.S.D25 (18 Apr 2016, 15:54)

    what is the this update fixes ?

  18. Juice (18 Apr 2016, 16:07)

    is it normal to lose the savefile when updating?

  19. Bedo (18 Apr 2016, 16:20)

    For everyone asking if you downloaded this you wont be able to play online so stick with your version

  20. Dragonbon (18 Apr 2016, 16:54)

    You save file is in another folder in appdata/roaming/darksoulsIII. Copy the original one to the new folder and after updating copy the crack from the online fix and network fix and it should work again!

  21. khaax (18 Apr 2016, 17:09)

    Lost my whole progress… Thank you very much…

  22. Sh4kk4L (18 Apr 2016, 17:33)

    Just install again the online fix to recover your save ^^

  23. wadie (18 Apr 2016, 18:43)

    Thanks, been waiting for this

  24. Bender (18 Apr 2016, 21:21)

    How does this update interact with the REVOLT online fix, i have been having a lot of fun with friends and i dont want to do anything to screw stuff up…..

  25. Hansmagz (19 Apr 2016, 6:45)


  26. vivek (19 Apr 2016, 8:13)

    not able to login with update v1.04 it launch with steam but login failed pls check network setting

  27. leonardo (19 Apr 2016, 11:43)

    i cant load my save,i copy before install update,and now don’t work,i’ve tried to install online / network fix but doesn’t work… -.-

  28. Nig (19 Apr 2016, 12:50)

    Copy the online crack back into your ds3 after applying the patch & you’ll be able to play online on 1.04

  29. Matlechat (19 Apr 2016, 20:29)

    I reinstall the online fix and my save as recover

  30. koles (19 Apr 2016, 22:09)

    Do you really need to Network Fix too? I dont care about online so I dont want that, will this patch work without Network Fix?

  31. BrothersInArms (20 Apr 2016, 1:09)

    It works but still not fix framerate issues and crash

  32. MetatronCubensis (20 Apr 2016, 7:51)

    all my saves gone thanks a fuck ton 😀 with ur shitty fucking instructions. How about putting all the files together in one fucking .rar with well written instructions next time instead of having all this shit scattered all around in different links, and fucktards telling you o just reapply the online fix works like a charm…NO IT FUCKING DOESN’t DUMBFUCKS. Now i gotta restart, and trust me i’m good at following instructions that fucking make sense

  33. vivek (20 Apr 2016, 8:53)

    reapplying the online patch dosent make game online @nig why you said that I tried multiple times if I put rvt online crack after update patch game just dosent launch its stays in task manager and do nothing applting steam_api patch only do nothing game do launch by steam but it says check your network setting there is nothing wrong with my network setting as I was able to go online with 1.03 version

  34. Verde (20 Apr 2016, 18:39)

    Thank you Skidrow&Reloaded.

    Can confirm this update works perfectly fine both with the old saves and the Online Fix.

    These are the steps I followed:

    1. Installed the Update
    2. Copied and pasted the Crack
    3. Copied and pasted the Online Fix
    4. ???
    5. Profit.

  35. Caleb (20 Apr 2016, 20:05)

    I have a problem.
    I can’t hit enemies or take damage.
    DirectX, Visual C++ and Framework are updated.
    I tried to solve this with your fix but it didn’t work.
    Do you have a solution?

  36. CyrexZ3 (21 Apr 2016, 4:29)

    How do i find my offline save file and transfer it to online

  37. jack (21 Apr 2016, 6:37)

    can i apply this patch if I dont using online fix? (sorry for my english)

  38. Hope (21 Apr 2016, 7:41)

    Here is what I did to fix the issue for lost saves. You need to know the save location for DS3
    which type search on start then type %appdata%. Go to DS3 Folder. There will be a bunch of numbered folders in there. basically you need to find the latest folder modified for me it is the bottom one. The older folders is your “old saves” if you open them you will see a file called DS3000.sl2 that is your old save. You need to replaced the new save with this one. But first you need to go create a new character in DS3 then quit game then press load game but don’t load it yet. Then it is now time to replace the save then press load. Hopefully it works for you!!!!

  39. hobomaster (21 Apr 2016, 8:57)

    @ jack : Yes you can. Simply install it and play with your old offline saves.

  40. Elda (21 Apr 2016, 12:19)

    Having some odd problem with the ISO, I mount it then run the set up executable. Then it will never go past 15.1% and crash. Does anyone know why?

  41. Hellpie (21 Apr 2016, 14:19)

    voy a probar actualizar y crackear online,me corto la pija si no funciona,tengo como 70hs de juego…

  42. reivag (21 Apr 2016, 14:46)

    The online works ? someone can explain the steps to follow Thanks!!

  43. Janos (22 Apr 2016, 9:10)

    I want to move my save from one crack to another, or move from crack to original game.

    Navigate to %APPDATA%\Roaming\DarkSoulsIII

    Look for the save you want to copy (ends in 666 for CODEX).

    Copy the “DS30000.sl2” to a safe location. (This file contains all your save data)

    Copy your new crack into your GAME folder, start a New Game, create a new character, and exit the game after the cutscenes.

    Then go to Load Game, switch to Windows Mode (by pressing Alt-Enter).

    You should see your newly created character on the screen.

    Navigate back to %APPDATA%\Roaming\DarkSoulsIII

    There should a be new folder with a different ID created by the new crack.

    Copy the contents of your old save and overwrite your new save, while still on the Load Game screen.

    Switch back to Dark Souls III, you will still see the new character, but when you actually load the character your new character will be uploaded to the Dark Souls III servers and will take the place of your new character from here on out.

    This works ! :d

  44. Paskudek (22 Apr 2016, 10:08)

    Before u install go to your %appdata% dark souls 3 folder and copy save it should be named DS3000. Then install the update, copy fix, i copied network fix first and then online fix from the orginal ds3 realease, not sure which one is needed. Next run the game, create new character and exit game. Replace the newly created save in your %appdata% ds3 folder with your old save. Im not sure if this works with saves that weren’t played online before.

  45. Nig (22 Apr 2016, 11:21)

    Can’t invade anymore, it says ” failed to join session” like all the time?

  46. Marcus (22 Apr 2016, 19:56)

    I have not installed the patch to play online, then just have information offline.
    I can install the update and follow with my save ???
    I’m afraid of having to start all over again 🙁

  47. Bialooki (22 Apr 2016, 23:28)

    My game keep crashin yay

  48. Spike (23 Apr 2016, 1:47)

    Hi guys. Anyone is having the “hitbox glitch” problem? Where you can’t hit or be hit by enemies? Both hitboxes stay at their spawning point. The game isn’t fun that way.

  49. VKeifan (23 Apr 2016, 10:47)

    Can anyone do a detailed instruction for offline players for this patch? Like does your old save file still be able to replace or not, stuff like that. Thanks a bunch!!

  50. salam (23 Apr 2016, 14:39)

    online play doesnt work properly after this update and network fix, i installed both and now i cant see any animation when im playing coop with someone, the mobs are just stantind still and he too. and nobody invades me and when i try to invade someone it spams failed to join….. this update ruined everything, or the network fix im not sure which one caused this ..

  51. Kassadin (23 Apr 2016, 21:40)

    after doing the online patch… when i open the game i get the revolt message after i press ok nothing happens……… Did i do something wrong?

    the game works without the online i just wanted to play with some friends

  52. SINO (24 Apr 2016, 10:29)

    working for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks a lot skidrow
    online working with cracked players only

  53. LEE (25 Apr 2016, 17:24)

    THX, skidrow. 😀

  54. Ed (25 Apr 2016, 19:12)

    Online mode works BUT…. cant invade or summon anymore.. NO CO-OP for you -.-

  55. OMG (26 Apr 2016, 17:40)


  56. Kindred (26 Apr 2016, 19:35)

    I can’t start the game… i get the revolt box telling me to join the community, and that’s it. The game doesn’t start. I would be glad if someone could help 🙂

  57. lovender (27 Apr 2016, 14:29)

    I’ve got a warning:

    INVALID ACCOUNT DETECTED, Regulation v1.04, whatever…
    How to fix this btw?


  58. Coradini (27 Apr 2016, 19:10)

    how invade players?

  59. DARTHxIKE (27 Apr 2016, 23:56)

    online fix please, v1.04 update please !!!

  60. sagigush (28 Apr 2016, 10:11)

    please update 1.04 requiered

  61. humbleguy (28 Apr 2016, 12:06)

    online 1.04 fix plss we cant online anymore sir

  62. Gottwaldo (28 Apr 2016, 12:11)

    V1.04 UPDATE for online pls ! hope is gonna be soon and the invading/summoning is gonna be fixed .


  63. Oriano (28 Apr 2016, 13:19)

    Doesn’t work online since V1.04… :/

  64. DARKO (28 Apr 2016, 15:36)
  65. voodoochild (01 May 2016, 9:23)

    Tried all of the above for save fixes but will not load my old save, I back out and swap new save for my old one at the Load save game screen (TBH tried it on every random screen to see if I got lucky) but it always loads either the new save (no idea how as I just replaced it) or starts with a Knight on default at the start.

    I have made sure to make a new save with two char as my old.

    Tried all this on 1.03 where saves were made, and on 1.04

  66. YEE WAY (07 May 2016, 14:15)

    Hi my dark souls 3 goes into a black screen and nothing happens when i launch it. the mouse pointer does change to the dark souls 3 design but the screen is just black. when i click it will stop responding. Can someone please help me!! I’m a poor dark souls 3 fan!

  67. yee way (07 May 2016, 14:22)

    hi when i launch dark souls it just does into a black screen. the mouse pointer changes to the ds3 one but the screen is just black. when i click around it hangs and crash. can any kind souls help me please? I love ds and really wana play!!!!

  68. Potato (26 May 2016, 17:32)

    When the 1.04.2/1.07 will be avaliable? And thx skidrow.

  69. Begerk (28 May 2016, 21:47)

    is anyone else’s game crashing shortly after loading up a save?

  70. AaronW (16 Dec 2016, 18:11)

    this update fix something but not all ~ not my main problem… i cant kill enemies, they cant kill either. I only have one way to kill them.. by slashing their spawn point ZZZZZZzzzzzzz.. its boring if i can only do that.

  71. ben (13 Mar 2017, 13:19)

    idk what happened but i get no input at all so i cant even play the game and it is so fucking annoying

  72. saul (31 Aug 2017, 14:31)

    There is no a .iso file in what i downloaded. Please any help?

  73. Retro230 (17 Jul 2018, 6:34)

    I new at this and I did what I know(with is shit) and I got it to say entry point not found someone help plz

  74. asdf (17 Dec 2018, 21:00)

    don´t install it, because its full of virus that fuck your computer, and disable your anti virus, you can´t even open chrome and spam windows with 1111 all over the place, please fix this shit, and don’t stop your anti-virus when the program ask you.

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